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Cashiers at Publix
By -

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- I am sick and tired of the lack of service at the checkout stand, especially at the Publix in Delray on Federal hwy. Almost without exception, the cashiers act as if they were given a choice. You can spend the rest of your life in prison, without the chance of Parole, or you can work at Publix as a cashier. Once you make that choice, there is no going back. Most seem to regret the awful choice they made.

I know, I could shop elsewhere, but I have memorized the locations of the items I purchase and it is a convenient location for me. I just wish that I didn't have to endure a conversation between the cashier and bagger, usually in Creole, unless Publix could train them to talk and scan at the same time and to maybe say thank you for vacuuming out my wallet to make their payroll.

Publix Going Downhill
By -

WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA -- The Publix store in Warner Robins (2 of them) and the one in Perry (brand new) have terrible produce sections. The romaine lettuce, not only is very dirty, but most of it is wilted and spoiled. Same for the fresh green beans. Most of the time there is still mud left of the green beans. Their fruits are old and either moldy or mushy. Publix used to be the best grocery store in town; however, that has changed drastically since the economic downswing.

To make matters worse, our local Publix has started their penny item on Wednesday's now starting on 06 January 2010. But, there's a catch. You must either subscribe, or buy the Wednesday copy of the Macon Telegraph to get the coupon.... no exceptions I was told today. This is not fair to those of us who do not subscribe to, or want to buy a Macon Telegraph. Why would I want to spend $1.00 for a paper to get a penny item at Publix. Doesn't make a lot of sense.

When I questioned Publix employees about this, I got my usual response. Corporate office said it had to be a coupon from the Macon Telegraph and no exceptions to get the penny item. All I can say, is Bye Bye Publix. There's too much competition out there for me to play games.

Taking the G out of ORGANIC
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I like to feed my family organics. I go to a bunch of different stores to get what I need since no one store has it all. I used to buy some organic produce at Publix and I tend to check out the packaging because I want to also be aware of my footprint on the planet. Lo and Behold Publix has suddenly been selling organic produce - wrapped in thick plastic, individual pieces, and it's the kind of stuff you have to HEAT to seal.

So umm... what is leaching into the produce? How am I supposed to recycle that stuff? On the Greenwise page they talk about the best containers to use - glass first, and plastic wrap is the LEAST favored but they wrap their ORGANIC (G is for GREEN in my book) in plastic wrap! What is up with that???

Publix Has Poor Customer Service and Spoiled Food
By -

WATKINSVILLE, GEORGIA -- Organic produce is never fresh. The organic salad is sold on the expiration date. I have purchased tangerines that were rotten. Publix Greenwise milk of often not as fresh as it should be. Because of its location and convenience, I opted to shop there anyway for other items. Today, their customer service department decided to single me out and humiliate me. They refused to accept my check without a valid reason. The customer service representative stated that I wrote a bad check back in 2005 and that it was already taken care of, and she was unsure why the computer system would not accept a check from me.

She went on to say that possibly I wrote a bad check at another store other than Publix, but had no other information. She grilled me asking where I had written checks and where did my check bounce. According to my bank statement I did not have any outstanding dishonored checks. Any transactions I had with other businesses was none of their concern. I will now be spending my money buying my groceries somewhere other than Publix.

By -

OALM COAST, FLORIDA -- I have been buying fish for many years and I think it's horrible, the price of your flounder. It was $11.99 then went to 12.99 then went to 13.99. Now it is 14.99 which is outrageous.

Publix - Not So Great!
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Everyone rants and raves about how "GREAT" Publix is and how terrible the others are. Let me share a story: I go into a Publix (in Florida). Store looks pretty good until I get to the produce dept. What a joke! Romaine lettuce -Wilted, bag potatoes - Empty, bag of oranges - Moldy. Decided to just get some ice cream. Then I had to waited in the express lane (I was the tenth person - Yes! 10th!!!) while the cashier tried to figure out was money was.

Where is this great service everyone talks about?? I just put the ice cream back and went to Winn-Dixie. Sure, they have a few problems, but I got my fresh romaine and potatoes. And checked out at the service desk and was home in time for the game. You can keep Publix. They are not as good as you think.

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