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Purity Products
200 Terminal Drive
Plainview, NY 11803
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I Did Not Sign Up for Purity Products Super Saver Program
By -

On 12/29/07 I heard an infomercial about Purity Products' HA Joint and Skin Super Formula. They advertised a free trial as long as you paid for shipping. I called the number, ordered and as the Customer Service rep went through my order, she mentioned that I would be enrolled in the company's Super Saver Program. I stopped her and asked for details. She said the program would allow me to receive the product I was trying for a discounted rate that would be received in a 3-month supply amount. (3 bottles @ $39.95 each in one shipment) I informed her that I did not want to be in the Super Saver Program.

She tried to get me to consider it as I would be afforded great savings. I told her that I would be giving the product to someone that I thought could use it and if, upon using it, he found it to be effective and a good product, then he could order it on his own. After going back and forth several times on this I finally was satisfied that I had gotten through to her and even made sure at the end of the conversation that I was NOT enrolled in the Super Saver Program.

On 1/19/08 I received and email from Purity Products informing me that my credit card that I provided was about to expire and that I needed to contact them so that I could make sure that my next Super Saver shipment was not jeopardized. It said that 3 bottles of the HA Joint and Skin Super Formula was scheduled to be charged to my credit card and shipped on 1/21/08. On 1/21/08 (which was the next business day from when I received the email) I called Purity Products first thing in the morning. The man that answered the phone told me that I was scheduled to be charged for the 3 bottles as stated above and that it was also scheduled to be shipped that day.

I informed him that I did NOT want to receive the order. He told me that I would be receiving a tremendous savings by being on the Super Saver Program. He also asked me if I wanted to order other Purity Products instead of the one I had ordered and a few other things that I am unable to recall - to which I kept saying that I wanted to be taken off the Super Saver Program and not be charged or shipped the product. I felt like he was not listening to what I was saying and kept trying to get me to order something else or stay on the program.

Needless to say I was frustrated and finally raised my voice to say once more that I wanted to be taken off the program and not charged or shipped the product. HE got rude with me and said to me: "Ma'am, I'm not the person who took your order." To which I said again what I wanted. He then gave me a cancellation number. 1/22/08 I decided to check my credit card to see if Purity Products charged my account anyway. Sure enough - THEY DID! I wrote an email to them that day and got an auto-response saying that someone would contact me in a few days.

1/24/08 I received an email from ** who told me that it looked as if my inquiry was handled so if I needed further assistance I could contact customer service via email. 1/25/08 I received a box in the mail from Purity Products. It sits here unopened and I am furious at the fact that they charged my account and sent me the product. I wrote to the company and ** and am awaiting a response. This company's consumer practice is less than ethical and I expect a full refund and don't expect to have to take my time to send back their product that I did not want in the first place.

They have cost me time, money and they have cost themselves a customer and then some as I will make sure to share this with everyone I know. I am the editor of a natural health magazine and so welcome any emails from consumers out there who have had similar experiences with this company. As I plan to look into their ethics and fiscal practices and will no doubt publish my findings if they turn out as I think they will.

My Experience With Purity & Their Products
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Rating: 4/51

CALGARY, ALASKA -- As a company Purity Products has screwed up in their service to me. They've occasionally sent me stuff I've either never ordered, in a way I did not order it, and during periods when I've voluntarily suspended my shipping. The later was usually due to not taking the prescribed daily amount daily while being on the Super Saver program with auto shipments. Each time any of the above happens I find it a pain to have to deal within the first place. On the other hand, each time I've contacted them regarding these matters they have corrected the situation in an agreeable manner. I've dealt with them for years.

These so called "pain" incidences might occur a couple times a year. They should correct these shipping situations so they don't happen. Regarding their product HA (Hydraluronic Acid). Speaking of pains: Years back I would awake in the middle of the night with a sharp stabbing pain in my knee. The regular routine was to get a frozen gel pack from the freezer, go back to bad, put the gel pack on my knee, and eventually go back to sleep. I bicycle and, since knees are important to cycling, I wanted it fixed. I went to my GP, physio therapy, chiro, had infrared radiation, but they didn't work. (No disrespect intended toward people in these respected professions.)

Eventually, I came across HA as a potential solution. I signed up with Purity Products Super Saver. In two or three months no more pain. I've since bicycled across the continent on a loaded bike. Never have I had a recurrence of that sharp pain, or anything like it, since taking HA. I realize this is designed to be a whining site. I think it's better to solve a problem. Yes, I too would like Purity Products to de-bug their shipping issues to absolute perfection. As it currently stands, I have to ask their customer service agents to fix these things - and they do. HA tablets probably do not cure baldness or poor life choices, but they did fix my issue.

(Speaking of bugs that can be fixed, I think this very site could easily accommodate Canadian addresses.) With respectful regards.

Purposely Make It Difficult to Cancel Automatic Shipping
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Rating: 1/51

It is almost impossible to cancel their automatic shipping/billing. You can tell it's a scam when: You send them an email, and they tell you can't cancel by email - why not? You can't cancel by calling the "order" number - why not? The only way you can cancel is by calling the "customer service number". The automated customer service system will allow you change your automatic shipping quantity, etc, but it won't let you cancel. For this you have to speak to a "customer service rep". I was on the phone for 15 minutes before anyone picked up. I'm sure this delay is purposeful also.

The customer service representative wouldn't stop talking - told me all sorts of BS: account was fully customizable (who cares?). Told me they just wanted to make sure that I got all the CO-Q10 I needed, and since it was a "natural" product. I may need more than the free 30 day supply for it to take effect. I said no thanks. Then began all the other offers and discounts. I had to be rude, and said I want to cancel and I don't want to buy anything! This is the worst high pressure, dishonest experience I've ever had with Internet/Mail Order products. My advice is don't do business with these people.

Purity Products HA Formula Scam: Credit Card Billing Fraud
By -

MICHIGAN -- These people are liars. We tired this product one time, called them back and said thanks but no thanks, it did not help with the joint problems ad advertised, and we told them in no uncertain terms to not ship us any more product. Months later, out of the blue, they shipped again, and billed our checking account 80 bucks! Now we have to wait two weeks to get our money back and they have the gall to lie to us and tell us that we authorized delayed shipping which is total BS, and an outright bald face lie.

The customer service department told us that we would have to pay for return shipping if we wanted to get our money back. What a bunch of liars. This company engages in highly unethical and in my opinion illegal activities - if they take out money from someone's checking account without permission that is nothing less than stealing. We have to waste valuable time on the phone trying to get our money back and waste more time going to UPS to ship back product. Don't trust these telemarketing scammers, if you call them after hearing their ad radio ad as we did, you will be on their list and they will lie and ship your product you never ordered if you choose to not order again.

Sent Unauthorized Automatic Shipment
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Rating: 1/51

For the last few years I had been managing my mother's and my sister's Purity Products accounts. Neither of them really take the product anymore, but wanted me to keep their options open for later and preserve their pricing (which you only get if you are on auto-ship). Purity wouldn't let me suspend the auto shipments, so I had to move the shipping date every 3 months. In the beginning I had to call in and talk to a representative to do this... a hassle... and then later I changed the date online. My shipping date was August 5th and I went online on July 28th and moved the date ahead as usual.

This morning I was awoken by my bank telling me I was overdrawn. I don't keep much money in that account, but I knew I wasn't overdrawn. I went online and saw that Purity had sent my order even though I had changed the date. When I contacted a representative (and then a supervisor) they said I hadn't changed the date and they sent out almost $130 worth of products. They offered me 25% off or a shipping label to send it back. All fine and dandy, but that means a refund weeks from now and no reimbursement of the $70 bank fee they caused.

I usually take a screen shot of every time I move the date but this time I didn't. Of course... they told me that their system tells them when someone logs in and it didn't show that in July. Well, if that's the case how come only one of the orders shipped, my mom's, and the other order, my sister's, was accurately canceled????? Sorry guys, that one obviously doesn't fly. So anyhow... I finally got them to cancel my accounts and they are sending me a return postage. Refund hopefully to follow in a few WEEKS (If not I will post it here). SOL on the bank charges.

Told them I would review the company - they didn't care - so here it is for what it's worth. Just remember folks, any company that lures you in with a free sample and then requires you to do auto-shipments is usually not reputable and you WILL get sent something you don't want sooner or later. Save yourself a lot of hassle, and possibly bank fees - go down to a good health food store and buy what you need, when you need it. I have no indication that their products are superior to anyone else, or that their prices are better. Save the hassle, the unwanted shipments and possibly the bank fees.

Company Response 01/30/2015:

We apologize for this experience. We hope everything was resolved. If not, please call our Customer Care Coordinator, Joel Joseph, directly at 516-301-5023 or our customer care line at 888-769-7873.

Beware of All Mega-Potency Products!
By -

Most companies selling nutrition supplements create marketing programs to exaggerate the potency and usefulness of their products. For example, this morning on the car radio I heard a Purity Products "expert" waxing eloquently about the multi-health benefits of AFX. He stated that this product has 6,000 times the antioxidant value of vitamin C! If that is factual, then this product is possibly poisonous to your body! Whatever antioxidant potency nature created in food for your body is what is RIGHT for your body! That goes for ALL nutrients! Do not ingest multi-potency anything. Need extra vitamin C? Eat more foods containing vitamin C.

The supplement industry mostly sells you synthetic nutrients. They are chemicals. The FDA authorizes the industry to claim ascorbic acid as being vitamin C. It is not! That is a lie. It is merely a single factor of the vitamin C complex. When you consume 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid as vitamin C it acts as a drug in your body. It might make your infection symptoms cease, but it won't answer your body's deficiency and need for vitamin C complex. All symptoms are the body's communication that you have a deficiency, or toxic overload.

Self-disciplined people who do detox programs twice a year, eliminate addictions to carbs and sugar, and consume wholesome foods, tend not to have disease. There are genetic issue exceptions, of course. "Eat to live--not live to eat." "Eat only food that spoils, and eat it before it spoils." This Purity AFX product, and all others in the industry similar to it, are counterfeit - all their study claims notwithstanding. American society has a "disease"-care system, not a "health"-care system. Do you know that the FDA is registered as a private corporation? It is not a people's regulatory agency. It's management staff mostly all come from the industry it supposedly regulates.

Speak to your congress representative about that. He or she may or may not be on the take, but speak up anyway. The entire system is in serious need of detoxification!

Company Response 10/18/2010:

When it comes to antioxidants – the more powerful the better. Like Vitamin C, the AstaREAL Astaxanthin in our new Asta FX formula is derived from natural sources such as salmon and shrimp. Our formula contains 4 mg of Astaxanthin per serving and has also been proven to be up to 6000 times more effective than Vitamin C and significantly more potent than Vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, EGCG and Co-Q-10! Why is this so important? Antioxidants are nature's way of fighting “free radicals” in our bodies. Free radicals are molecules that are destructive to our cells and tissue. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, so the more potent the antioxidant the more beneficial it is to our bodies.

As for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, we agree with you that a person who eats a well balanced diet every day would most likely not need to take nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, for most, eating a well balanced diet is not always possible or practical. For example, according to the Vitamin D council, many people have Vitamin D levels in the winter months that are 1/3 of what they are during the summer months due to a lack of sunshine, which is a natural source of Vitamin D. That's why nutritional supplements are so important, they help fill in the gaps when we fail to get all the nutrition our bodies need every day.

Yours in Good Health,
Lori Michel
Quality Control Manager

Cannot Cancel Automatic Shipments
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I am trying to cancel an automatic shipment and it is nearly impossible. It cannot be done online. It cannot be done by telephone unless the person on the account calls. If that person is no longer able to communicate by telephone, there appears to be no way to stop these deliveries short of closing the bank account they are being charged to.

Satisfied Customer
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Rating: 5/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I've been a customer of Purity Products for a couple years now and I think their products are of far better quality than any local drug or vitamin store, as evidenced by the way I feel when I use them. As a health care professional, I'm aware of the importance of taking daily vitamins and supplements. I must admit that I did stop using their brand of vitamin D and C, and Omega 3's, opting for the cheaper ones at The Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, but I didn't get the same results. Those vitamins in your local food market and drug stores are full of fillers, which is why they don't cost much. I had one small billing issue using the super saver program but it was resolved promptly.

The company offers incentives to keep your business by sending the super saver coupons to use towards a free bottle and $20.00 off coupons to used to purchase a new product. Side note, I am not an employee or affiliated with this company in any way, but I felt led to write this because I believe in the product, not to minimize or rebuke anyone else's opinion or complaint.

Even They Know Their Prices Are High!
By -

Yesterday I called to cancel my subscription for their Omega3 and Vitamin D supplements. After trying them for a month, I decided they were not worth the $55 per month cost and I could do better elsewhere. The customer service representative put me on hold while she got a confirmation number from her manager. When she came back on the phone, she said that they really wanted to keep me as a valued customer, so her manager authorized a special lower "super-saver" price for me. I declined, and then another, even lower price was offered, which I again declined.

Finally, because they really wanted to help me so much, I was told I would be given the vitamins at the same, even lower price, that employees pay. I said I don't like dealing with companies that keep lowering the price when you want to discontinue their products, I would rather deal with a company that offers the same always-low price to everyone, all the time. And I feel incredibly stupid for paying the inflated price for the 3 months I had already purchased. If you want to do business with a company like this, just be aware that they have many different price scales and you probably aren't getting the lowest without considerable dickering. Good luck!

They Say" You Get a Free Trial, Pay for Shipping Only" That's Just So They Can Reel You In
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Rating: 1/51

MANTENO, ILLINOIS -- They said they were giving out a free trial offer - if you liked it you could make future orders. But to receive the trial, you only have to pay for the shipping. How dare they!! The method they use here is to get a hold of your credit card number. They took my credit card and ordered numerous amounts of their product that I did not approve!! And debited my account for something I didn't even order. When I tried to cancel no one would pick up for a long time - 24/7 hour service is just an answering machine. I tried to delete my credit card information and cancel this order and their online site would not let me do neither!!!

SHAME ON THE RADIO STATIONS FOR ADVERTISING THEIR PRODUCT. People are sick and looking for alternative methods hoping they will get some relief of their illnesses with these products. Tired of getting prescription medicines that are toxic to our bodies from doctors who won't take the time to fix the root of the problem but only to cover up the symptoms. People are really sick!! It's sad that professionals take advantage of the weak and who are hopeful...

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