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Great Company
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Rating: 4/51

SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- I ordered the OJC Plus formula after a friend of mine tried it. I was sent a shipment and only had to pay for shipping. After that I received the auto shipment. I wasn't sure I was going to use it so I called to cancel. The representative on the phone offered to reduce the price and delay the next shipment if I considered keeping it. I agreed to it and am glad I did. I love the juice cleanse. It is easy for me to keep up with juicing by doing it this way instead of trying to juice fresh everyday. I'm a nurse and I work long days. It's very easy for me to take my juice with me now. It doesn't go bad like fresh juicing can.

I think the people in the customer service department are very friendly and helpful. I love the website too. It's very easy to use and navigate through. I think people here complaining are being very negative or just had a bad experience. It happens with every company you deal with. A few bad apples can spoil the bunch. Just give Purity Products a chance. I am waiting to see what kind of results I get as far as pounds lost. I will post an update.

Reordering Issues
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Rating: 5/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I have read a bunch of these negative reports here and I'm kind of dismayed because I have not had any issues with this company. I tried the free bottle of Green Tea CR and was pleasantly surprised that after 10 days I noticed a lot less joint pain. I ordered another bottle, used their coupon and paid exactly what I ordered nothing more nothing less. My point is, there are boxes to check for repeated shipments at a lower price, but I chose not to do that because I want to make sure it really works well and I'd much rather pay a few bucks more and order at my convenience. So for me it's all good!

Unauthorized Credit Card Charge
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- Purity Products charged my card July 4th, 2017. I canceled all future orders with them in March 2017. When I called this morning a representative Katheryn said they couldn't cancel because the order shipped out yesterday. I told her yesterday was a legal holiday and it couldn't of shipped. Katheryn was rude and started to argue with me and said there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was disconnected. I called back and spoke with Courtney who transferred me to Brandy. Brandy also said there is nothing they can do, they need to review the tapes from March.

This company will stop at nothing to shove vitamins down your throat. I called Visa to find out how they had access to a new card of mine and Visa said they are a subscriber to software that can access new card information for any customer. This company is pathetic and they need to review the tapes of the conversation from today and terminate their rude employees. This company prides themselves on customer service by being rude and processing unauthorized charges and refuses to credit. Terrible and illegal.

I Did Not Sign Up for Purity Products Super Saver Program
By -

On 12/29/07 I heard an infomercial about Purity Products' HA Joint and Skin Super Formula. They advertised a free trial as long as you paid for shipping. I called the number, ordered and as the Customer Service rep went through my order, she mentioned that I would be enrolled in the company's Super Saver Program. I stopped her and asked for details. She said the program would allow me to receive the product I was trying for a discounted rate that would be received in a 3-month supply amount. (3 bottles @ $39.95 each in one shipment) I informed her that I did not want to be in the Super Saver Program.

She tried to get me to consider it as I would be afforded great savings. I told her that I would be giving the product to someone that I thought could use it and if, upon using it, he found it to be effective and a good product, then he could order it on his own. After going back and forth several times on this I finally was satisfied that I had gotten through to her and even made sure at the end of the conversation that I was NOT enrolled in the Super Saver Program.

On 1/19/08 I received and email from Purity Products informing me that my credit card that I provided was about to expire and that I needed to contact them so that I could make sure that my next Super Saver shipment was not jeopardized. It said that 3 bottles of the HA Joint and Skin Super Formula was scheduled to be charged to my credit card and shipped on 1/21/08. On 1/21/08 (which was the next business day from when I received the email) I called Purity Products first thing in the morning. The man that answered the phone told me that I was scheduled to be charged for the 3 bottles as stated above and that it was also scheduled to be shipped that day.

I informed him that I did NOT want to receive the order. He told me that I would be receiving a tremendous savings by being on the Super Saver Program. He also asked me if I wanted to order other Purity Products instead of the one I had ordered and a few other things that I am unable to recall - to which I kept saying that I wanted to be taken off the Super Saver Program and not be charged or shipped the product. I felt like he was not listening to what I was saying and kept trying to get me to order something else or stay on the program.

Needless to say I was frustrated and finally raised my voice to say once more that I wanted to be taken off the program and not charged or shipped the product. HE got rude with me and said to me: "Ma'am, I'm not the person who took your order." To which I said again what I wanted. He then gave me a cancellation number. 1/22/08 I decided to check my credit card to see if Purity Products charged my account anyway. Sure enough - THEY DID! I wrote an email to them that day and got an auto-response saying that someone would contact me in a few days.

1/24/08 I received an email from ** who told me that it looked as if my inquiry was handled so if I needed further assistance I could contact customer service via email. 1/25/08 I received a box in the mail from Purity Products. It sits here unopened and I am furious at the fact that they charged my account and sent me the product. I wrote to the company and ** and am awaiting a response. This company's consumer practice is less than ethical and I expect a full refund and don't expect to have to take my time to send back their product that I did not want in the first place.

They have cost me time, money and they have cost themselves a customer and then some as I will make sure to share this with everyone I know. I am the editor of a natural health magazine and so welcome any emails from consumers out there who have had similar experiences with this company. As I plan to look into their ethics and fiscal practices and will no doubt publish my findings if they turn out as I think they will.

Cannot Cancel Automatic Shipments
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I have an account with these folks, but was shocked to discover that I CANNOT cancel the SuperSaver automatic orders on-line AT ALL. Even when calling into their frustrating automated customer service line, all the options are to change delivery dates, or quantities, etc... No way to cancel, except remaining on hold for a person. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes, the guy kept selling the product. Asking me how I used it, when I last used it. Kept telling me how much it would help my health.

Basically, kept arguing with me, about my decision to cancel. Unbelievable! I had to additionally wait on hold after all this 'discussing,' to get a confirmation number. Then he came back telling me his 'supervisor' wanted to extend a free offer for another product. I got another 3 different sales pitches before I was finally granted a cancellation number. Absolutely ridiculous! Avoid at any price.

I'm So Glad I Read These Reports Before Buying
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Rating: 3/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I heard the radio advertisement about the free bottle of Green Tea CR, just pay for shipping so I thought I would try the product with such a small investment, couldn't hurt. I checked online to find out if there were any problems with the company and I came across so many stories of people having unauthorized money taken out of their bank account after signing on to the "free" bottle of various products. I will not order from these people. And I will spread the word. Yes I will prefer to buy at a vitamin store where if I buy a product once that doesn't work, at least that is all I have invested into it.

Returns and Cancelations
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Rating: 4/51

Give these guys a break, folks. I have had nothing but fantastic customer support from this company. They are direct marketers and they do their job exceedingly well and with the utmost professionalism. They give you free product in exchange for the opportunity to sell you more - you should know that before you sign up and you should also know that they will fight for your business.

You should be HAPPY about that, not pissed. However, if your intent is to cancel, just politely listen to their pitch and if it doesn't work for you, they will happily cancel your account and accept the return of any unopened product, as they did for me. In fact, I was so pleased with their professionalism, I felt compelled to write this review. Moreover, if I thought supplements would benefit me, I would not hesitate using Purity.

I Was Not Told The Truth
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Rating: 1/51

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK -- I ordered green tea and had a free bottle, which I had to pay $4.95 shipping and in two weeks when I get my order I can cancel. I received the bottles September 13th and I had a doctor's appointment September 14 and I went to see my drs. He saw the bottles and he said I cannot take them and he threw them away so when I gotten home I called and I knew had 2 weeks to cancel.

So I called and talked to a sales representative which he was nasty. I told him my bank statement and it has a charge for those bottles of tea. I was lied and when I told him I want my money back on my card he told me something that I was not getting it back and that's how the company works. I will keep writing and I will find others this has happen to and we will get a lawsuit for this company.

Company Response 12/08/2016:

We are sorry to hear you had this experience. We would love the opportunity to take care of this issue for you. Unfortunately, we do not have enough information from your post to locate your account. Please call 844 713 7181 or email us at Please include your name, address and zip code along with any phone number associated with your order. We look forward to assisting you in resolving this issue. Thanks, Purity Products.

Stomach Aches
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Rating: 3/51

After several of days I noticed I had terrible bathroom issues on the soft side of things. The only thing that had changed was I had ordered the ** and they gave vitamin c melts in addition only to pay the shipping. I stopped one then the other. It turned out to be the vitamin c that was doing the job. I cancelled that by automatic phone voice, and then decided to cancel the **. But then they offered me another discount from super saver $39 down to $24, so I continued taking it and changed the date so I could keep trying to see if it was worth it.

It does kind of suck that you have to threaten to cancel to get a better price, while others who are happy continue to pay a discounted price they think because they are on super saver. They should have one price for all. That does put me off the company because a lot of people are pay way more than they have to and I wish they would try to cancel so they could get a better price too.

It isn't fair. You pay for 3 months upfront. You should pay the cheapest price. They obviously are still making money or they wouldn't offer it. I wish you would be more sincere, because I thought you were more of a more quality company than that. I'm yet undecided to keep my super saver.

A Little Bit of Bait and a Whole Lot of Switch
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- Here is what these people do. They offer a "Free Sample Bottle" where you only pay for shipping and handling for $4.95. Then when you call in, you discover that the bottle is enough for.... 15 days!!! Not even enough of the product to enable the buyer to do a trial equal to the time frames they presented in their radio pitch. Soooo when I asked to buy a second bottle so I could actually purchase have enough product to do a fair test, they quoted an astronomical price and would only offer the product at a normal price if I committed to their quarterly shipping program where you have to buy $125 worth at a time.

"But I just want to buy enough extra of the product to do the test which you want me to do...!" "Sorry but to actually receive that much of the product you have to sign up for our quarterly auto ship, or pay $2 a day!!!" I was so surprised at the utter stupidity of their marketing reasoning that I decided to write this and call my station.

Hey Purity, you just spent the precious goodwill that you advertised, promoted and spent money to earn. A new client calls in.... what an opportunity to have someone pick up the phone wanting to give a fair trial to your product (and your company) and then... you blew it. Instead of making it easy for people to fairly try it out, you instead immediately want to expand the sale and sink a deep long term hook. Shame on you!

Company Response 02/09/2015:

Thank you for your comments. We aspire to create a win-win relationship with our special free bottle offer and with all of our customers. We are sorry that your experience was not what you had expected. That is unfortunate, as we are devoted to creating very satisfied customers. Please know that even one displeased customer upsets us. Below are a few points that we hope will clarify our position, and we look forward to helping you in the future if you are so inclined.

  • When you dial into one of our 800 numbers that offer a free bottle, we will sell the free bottle only with no prerequisite to go onto any continuity program. The customer merely pays for shipping.
    o If you should choose to save money and try our advertised product on the continuity program we do invite people to join our super saver program – and you can cancel anytime.
    o On our auto-ship program, the product typically costs about $1.25 a day.

  • We have a dedicated, well trained customer service team standing by to please our customers. Any questions or comments can be easily managed thru customer care at 1-888-769-7873. The hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm ET, Friday 9am-7pm ET, and Saturday 9am-5pm ET. With an A+ rating from the BBB, we can assure you we take customer satisfaction very seriously.

  • We are proud to do business in America, employing many people locally here on Long Island. We is quite charitable as well. We are devoted to product innovation and do not compromise for quality. We embrace good values such as integrity, respect, consideration and more. We serve our community and sponsor events to raise awareness for health and charity.

  • We donate money locally, nationally and globally – taking our civic responsibilities seriously.

  • We has a mission to make America a healthier place to live through health aging. We enjoy incredibly high customer satisfaction ratings, and we are dedicated to providing elite nutritional supplements, which follow the science.

  • Our superior quality vitamin formulations are scrutinized by our leading Quality Assurance department. We follow all cGMP regulations and guidelines.

  • We believe we offer people a terrific opportunity with our free bottle offers. Some are 15 days and some are 30 days. You just pay for shipping, and get to put the supplement to the test. We feel this is a very fair arrangement. Win-win. If a customer is not fully satisfied, we are pleased to provide a refund or cancel all future orders. We're not sure why this is being perceived as a “bait and switch.” It is perceived by most of our customers as a fair and generous offer. And that is our motive.

We have legions of very satisfied customers, and hope by better understanding our approach to conducting business you will see it as a wholesome, fair, friendly way to introduce our products to customers. We hope you might even consider one of our supplements in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to call me direct at 516-301-5023.

Thank you,

Joel Joseph
Customer Care Coordinator

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