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The Worst Company I have ever dealt with
Posted by Sdsd on 03/24/2010
DENVER, COLORADO, COLORADO -- I have had Qwest Communication for 37 years. In October, I received a really good offer for both phone & TV from Comcast. I changed on 11-5-09. Comcast told me not to tell Qwest about changing until it is done, because they get really mad when you leave. I notified Qwest on that day, and the woman said that because I had just paid for November, and since I pay for the month ahead, I would receive a check for November back in the mail. I did get a check back from DirecTV for their half of the bill paid ahead, but from Qwest Communications, I received a bill for another $112.... I was flabbergasted. I wrote Edward A Mueller, Chairman & CEO of Qwest and he had a really "nifty" woman call me and she just kept saying, Well, you really do owe us money". And I just kept saying "No, I really don't, you owe me". So I went to my bank, got copies of all the past 6 months checks, corresponding with the last 6 months bills, all of which clearly state that the Flat Fee Bill is paying ahead. My services included unlimited local and long distance service plus 2 other services. I had no other charges on any of these bills. There is tax for the service, but that is all. After hours and hours of searching for all these records, and putting it all in order and writing a lengthy letter to Edward A. Mueller, and adding all the copies from the bank and from me, I get a letter from a guy in Cody, Wyoming stating that he had reviewed my file and that to the best he could ascertain I was not paying ahead for everything and I still owed $47..... Obviously, he couldn't grasp the concept that I paid ahead every month for a long time. So, now I am really angry. I am sending everything to the AG office, however they have never been of any help to anyone that I know of, and I want to know if there is a class-action lawsuit for me, too? I will give up the phone all-together before I will ever use Qwest again. It is hard to believe that they choose to harass senior citizens like this. Their statements state quite clearly that I pay for the month ahead. They have now sent me to a collection agency. I have sent them a bill for my time, and they have not paid me for either the bill for my time nor the November re-payment. Maybe if we all ban together, we can put them out of business. I have found several other great phone companies that do not do this bilking of senior citizens. I do work for a law firm, so I already have legal help.
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Qwest Survival
Posted by Halk on 12/07/2009
DENVER, COLORADO -- I read with interest the Bloomberg News article in the 12/5 edition of the Denver Post concerning Qwest. Their CFO was in New York Thursday trying to explain their slumping stock price. He seemed to indicate if the stock price were higher it would solve all their problems. I've got a news flash! Qwest will not be with us in 10 years. Most likely they will merge with some other ugly company and consume themselves out of existence. It's no secrete the world is rapidly moving to wireless and wired disconnects from all wired phones are accelerating. Qwest has replaced some revenue with Internet access (DSL) and forming partnerships with satellite providers and others. That game is in the 9th innings. As an indication of their stressed circumstances they issued a news release that stated their executives will be asked to accept a pay cut! They deserve a pay cut but it's rare in Big Business to have it announced.

I've noticed they've resorted to sleazy business practices as their phone business has imploded which will only hasten the timeline until they self-destruct. Consumers will need to keep a sharp eye on their bills or separate themselves completely from the company as they fight for survival. I would suggest that users of their services not commit to long term agreements or joint billing arrangements as they become increasingly desperate. The incidences of Slamming and Cramming being reported are increasing and can be expected to get much worse.

"Caveat Emptor"
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Customer service FAIL
Posted by Mystiphied on 03/26/2013
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Thank you for using CenturyLink.com. A CenturyLink Sales and Service Consultant will be with you in just a moment. Your account information is confidential and protected by law. Advise our agent if you prefer that we don't use it to market products or repair your services. This has no effect on the service or offers we provide you. CenturyLink offers a bill block at no charge which prevents some 3rd party charges from appearing on your bill. This chat may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance.
Thank you for contacting CenturyLink. My name is Mike T. (20652). How may I help you today?
Michael G: My phone service died last night.
Michael G: ----, South Tucson, AZ 86713. it died around 9:00 P.M.
Michael G: I tried to file a repair ticket online, would not go through.
Mike T. (20652): Hello Michael. Thank you for being a loyal CenturyLink customer. If your service is not working then you will want to put in a repair ticket.
Mike T. (20652): I am sorry we cannot bridge a conference call with our repair department, but let me provide the number for you to contact them. To request repair, please dial 1-877-348-9007 from any working phone. Phone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or, please click here to log in to your MyAccount. Under the "My Services" section, click on the Phone tab to select the Phone Repair link. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Michael G: My phone is not working. That means I cannot call a number to report an outage.
Mike T. (20652): You can use a different phone if possible or report it online.
Michael G: I tried reporting it online numerous times last night.
Michael G: Can you tell me if it is a service problem in my area, or just a problem in this building?
Mike T. (20652): Unfortunately I do not have access to that information. What happens when you try to put in a ticket online?
Michael G: I get an error message, saying a ticket cannot be created.
Mike T. (20652): Did you log in with your username and password first?
Michael G: I work from home, answering phone calls, and lost an entire shift due to this problem.
Michael G: No, I didn't.
Mike T. (20652): That is probably why it did not work. You must first log in with your username and password to submit a repair ticket.
Michael G: so I have to register before I can tell your company that my phone isn't working?
Mike T. (20652): You must log in to put in repair tickets.
Michael G: it would have been helpful, if the error message had stated that.
Michael G: this is the first time I have tried to use the site.
Mike T. (20652): I apologize for the confusion.
Michael G: I am moving later this week; can I arrange a transfer through this medium?
Mike T. (20652): I can put in an order to move your service if you like.
Michael G: that is something, at least.
Michael G: the new address is:----- --- --, Tucson, AZ 85711.
Mike T. (20652): I will start an order.
Michael G: thank you.
Michael G: now, I'm trying to create an account. it is asking for a security code.
Michael G: when I was able to call customer service, this was the last four of my social. I am getting an error message.
Mike T. (20652): Yes, the security code is only used for your online profile so the call centers would not ask for it. We just started adding security codes to the bills so it might not be on yours yet. It would be on the right side of the first page in a green bubble. Otherwise we did send one in your welcome packet. We can send you the code in the mail, we can have an automated system call the billing number with it, or we can send it via e-mail to the e-mail address on the account.
Mike T. (20652): You should know there is a $27.50 fee to move your service.
Michael G: I have a bill here, no green bubb;e.
Mike T. (20652): We can send you the code in the mail, we can have an automated system call the billing number with it, or we can send it via e-mail to the e-mail address on the account.
Michael G: fine. getting service will be good. can this be done Thursday evening?
Mike T. (20652): Are you referring to the move?
Michael G: yes.
Mike T. (20652): I am not able to see the schedule for your area yet. I will know that soon.
Michael G: waiting for the code to arrive in the mail seems like a poor way to get the phone fixed. I am losing work, and income, as we speak.
Mike T. (20652): Mailing the code is one of three options available. We are now offering an @Ease warranty service for the Internet. There are 4 tiers available and I will send you a link with them so you can select one.
Mike T. (20652): For more information on what our @Ease plans offer, please click here.
Mike T. (20652): If you subscribe to one of our paid @Ease tiers, you will receive $5.00 off per month for the first two months. After two months, the price reverts to the normal pricing. No contract is required.
Mike T. (20652): Typically I recommend an upgraded version of @Ease at your new place at least for the first month to make sure your inside wiring supports the full speed. If not, then we would rewire without a fee (normally $99).
Michael G: well, I am concerned with getting the phone working. that is my immediate priority.
Mike T. (20652): I understand that. Would you like me to cancel this order?
Michael G: no, as I am moving Thursday regardless.
Mike T. (20652): Then I will continue with the order for you. Did you make an @Ease selection yet?
Michael G: I wish that this were easy.
Mike T. (20652): Please let me know once you have made a selection.
Michael G: Put me down for the Great plan.
Michael G: why can't you inform whomever that my phone does not have a dial tone? I am disabled and this is causing me hardship.
Mike T. (20652): I apologize, but I am not able to submit repair tickets. I can e-mail you the security code if you like.
Michael G: sure. hopefully I can get into the account.
Michael G: this is frustrating, to say the least.
Mike T. (20652): It has been sent.
Michael G: you are a live person, aren't you?
Mike T. (20652): Yes I am.
Mike T. (20652): Are you going to receive mail at your new location?
Michael G: yes. do I need to repeat the address?
Michael G: -------, Tucson AZ 85711.
Mike T. (20652): That is not needed.
Mike T. (20652): We can move your service as soon as 4/1 and your presence is not required. Would you like us to move your service on the first?
Michael G: this just gets better and better.
Michael G: if that is the first day that I can resume working, then by all means.
Mike T. (20652): What is your contact number on the first if needed?
Michael G: this job requires that I answer calls from a landline.
Michael G: this is my only phone.
Mike T. (20652): Currently we have 520------- as an alternate contact number for you. Is that number not good anymore?
Michael G: you can try it, I do not have that phone with me.
Michael G: if you can, perhaps that person would be so kind as to call you guys back and submit a repair ticket?
Mike T. (20652): Currently you have Bobbi as authorized on your account so she could contact us to submit a ticket. I can add another person if you like.
Michael G: that phone does not have internet, so contacting it by I'm is pointless.
Mike T. (20652): We will not send text messages.
Michael G: I did send an I'm last night to text the phone, no clue if it was received.
Michael G: I wasn't asking you to.
Mike T. (20652): The contact number is for our technician to use if they need to reach you on the first.
Michael G: so leave that alone. They will come by to help me move.
Michael G: If I am still stranded here without a working phone, that will be the first time someone is coming by.
Mike T. (20652): The order to move service is T 42366533 and we will move it on the first by 5 pm. Your presence should not be required. Do you have any more questions?
Michael G: how can I be in contact with a live person, and not be able to report that my phone is not working?
Michael G: This is a crazy setup.
Mike T. (20652): You can call us at 1-800-573-1311 to submit a repair ticket over the phone to talk to a representative
Michael G: If my phone was working, I would not need to call.
Michael G: We've been over this.
Mike T. (20652): Yes, I understand that. However I cannot submit a repair ticket for you. I e-mailed you the security code and you can use that to crate an online profile to submit a ticket online. You can do that or you can call. Those are the two ways you can put in a repair ticket.
Michael G: How about a supervisor, can they do what I need done?
Mike T. (20652): Our supervisors are not able to submit repair tickets either. Basically only one place can and that is our repair department. They are not available in chat.
Michael G: I'm sorry that my situation does not meet the usual criteria for help, but this is a serious problem.
Michael G: Sending emails has not worked to get me in touch with anyone thus far.
Michael G: I have 2 cell phone numbers I could call for help, if I had access to a phone.
Mike T. (20652): I recommend getting at least a pre-paid cell phone in the future in case of situations like these and other emergencies.
Michael G: Yes, I will be sure to do that, now that I have seen how inefficient this service is.
Mike T. (20652): Another suggestion is to create an online profile before it is needed. That makes situations like these a lot easier as well.
Michael G: can you send the code to another email, that I can access today?
Mike T. (20652): We can only send it to the e-mail address on the account.
Michael G: the person that has that cell phone is the one who changed the password after it was hacked.
Michael G: to get into that email address, I have to call them.
Michael G: which is currently not possible.
Michael G: I'm grateful that the internet is still working, but this is ridiculous.
Mike T. (20652): We can change the e-mail address on the account, but we will not be able to send the security code to that address for 30 days.
Mike T. (20652): I have not heard from you for a couple of minutes. Do you still need me to keep this chat conversation open for you?
Michael G: what kind of way is this to run a business?
Michael G: please help me!
Mike T. (20652): The security code process was set up to comply with a FCC mandate on line security and it does help us protect our customers accounts online.
Michael G: I am trying to find a way to get my phone working, so I am not cut off from contact with anyone, and can continue to earn money.
Mike T. (20652): You can put in a repair ticket through an online profile or by calling the 1-800-573-1311 number. I cannot put in a repair ticket for you.
Michael G: please escalate my call.
Mike T. (20652): I can try to locate a supervisor for you. Before I do that, do you have any questions regarding the order to move your service?
Michael G: I am disabled. With my phone down, I am not able to contact anyone.
Michael G: What if I have a personal emergency, aside from losing a weekn of pay?
Mike T. (20652): That is the reason why I recommend getting at least a pre-paid cell phone for emergencies. Having a back up plan is never a bad idea.
Mike T. (20652): That is also why I recommend getting your online profile set up and making sure you provide us with good contact information before there is an emergency.
Michael G: Yes, I should plan for having my service fail, and not being able to get your company to care in the slightest.
Michael G: I will be posting this chat online, so others can see what kind of service they can expect.
Mike T. (20652): Having back-up plans are always a good idea. Unfortunately our management are not available in chat at this time. We are a small group so this can happen. I can put you down for a call back if you like.
Mike T. (20652): Actually it looks like we do have someone available.
Michael G: Yes, do put me down for a call back, to the phone that ISN"T WORKING.
Michael G: that will be helpful.
Mike T. (20652): I will transfer you. One moment.
Michael G: great.
Please wait while I transfer you to an operator at NOHD.
You are now chatting with 'Jackie C' in CenturyLink Escalation.
Michael G: hello?
Jackie C: HI Michael
Michael G: why can't someone, anyone, inform your repair department that my phone stopped working? I am disabled, and no one is coming by here until Thursday.
Jackie C: Hi Michael My name is Jackie and I am in the escalation dept. How can I help you?
Michael G: Did you read the chat, or did the representative inform you of the situation?
Jackie C: I am reading thru the chat now. Can You please provide your phone number? Thanks
Michael G: 520--------.
Michael G: it stopped working, shortly after I started my shift last night.
Jackie C: Are you at the new address or old address?
Michael G: The old address.
Michael G: I move on Thursday.
Jackie C: Please hold on I am going to contract repair thanks
Michael G: thank you!
Jackie C: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Jackie C: I am holding for repair thanks
Michael G: I'm glad that someone cares enough to take care of this.
Jackie C: Not a problem. Repair is looking into the phone thanks for waiting.
Jackie C: When a tech goes out will he have access to the phone box?
Jackie C: Where is located on the property
Michael G: I guess so, they set it up without incident.
Michael G: It's an apartment building.
Jackie C: If a tech goes out and the line tests ok to our outside wiring (phone box) there could be a $85 charge.
Jackie C: We have to disclose this. If not there is not charge.
Michael G: I have no idea why the phone stopped working, it is a new phone.
Michael G: Is there an outage in my area?
Jackie C: At this time there is no outage in the area.
Michael G: I know there was a shooting here last night, don't know if that affects anything.
Jackie C: One thing tech support suggest is to unplug your phone
Michael G: unplugged and replugged. checked all the connections.
Jackie C: Great thanks
Jackie C: The tech can be out tomorrow before 7:30 pm. That is the earliest we can get someone out to the property.
Jackie C: Michael are you still there?
Michael Gr: it's a start.
Michael G: yes, still here.
Jackie C: Thanks
Michael G: could it be an issue with the modem/
Jackie C: No
Michael G: I just want to be sure that I have done everything possible to correct the issue, losing income as I cannot work without the phone.
Jackie C: You may want to try unplugging the modem and plugging it back in when we are done here.
Michael G: Okay, I will do that, and if it works, then I can call you and let you know.
Michael G: or whomever answers the phone, anyway.
Jackie C: Sounds great.
Jackie C: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Michael G: Yes. I am most displeased with the demeanor and attitude of the representative who was 'servicing' my call, and I hope that he is reprimanded for it.
Michael G: I do not like having to inform people that I am disabled, and usually I can find a way to take care of issues myself.
Michael G: Couldn't he have asked for help, before I had to request escalation?
Jackie C: Michael thank you for the feedback on the Rep. I will provide feedback to him to let him know.
Michael G: thank you. normally, I will give compliments for good service, as I believe in positive feedback.
Jackie C: That is a good question. I am not sure.
Jackie C: I will have to find out.
Michael G: it is thankfully rare that I have to go up the chain of command in this manner.
Michael G: Is there an address that I can write to, regarding this incident?
Jackie C: I understand. We really value you business.
Jackie C: Yes let me provide the address.
Michael G: thank you.
Jackie C: CenturyLink, 930 15th St, 11th floor, Denver, CO 80202.
Michael G: is a record of the chats kept, on your end?
Jackie C: NO there is not sorry.
Michael G: I am copying and pasting as we speak.
Jackie C: Sounds great thanks
Michael G: I can email a copy, as this was a 'fail' before you addressed the issue.
Michael G: all right, not trying to run it into the ground, just want to make sure no one else has to go through this, trying to get help.
Jackie C: Sorry Michael I do not have email address for you to send the letter to.
Michael G: thank you again for your help.
Jackie C: Thanks you so much and have a great day.
Michael G: you too!
Jackie C: Thank you for using Click to Chat. To close this chat, please click "Close" button at the right of your chat window.
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Will Not Refund Charges
Posted by Rbawvl1 on 08/02/2012
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I signed up for one year of long distance for $40. When the year ended I was never notified and was charged another $40 which I didn't find out about until I got my credit card bill. Since I now have long distance with Verizon I called to cancel which they did but will not under any circumstances refund my $40!

When I tried to press the issue further they hung up on me! Even for the year I did have them I was double billed for some services. I would not recommend them to anyone.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-08-03:
Don't deal with these toads. Call your C.C. company and dispute the $40 charge. You will win.
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Posted by Toroam on 07/02/2012
LONGMONT, COLORADO -- First off I waited on phone line for 6 minutes which wasn't a big hassle but then when I finally get somebody on the line the lady was super rude to me. I right away asked to speak to a supervisor, who seemed a bit rude as well. My husband left to the Navy boot camp for 3 months and wrote everything down for me to cancel and yet I couldn't. The "manager" pretty much told me that I'm screwed with the bill even though I'm moving. They could make a cancellation a lot easier especially for a wife with kids who's husband has left to serve their country. No RESPECT from this company!
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Incompetent and Uncaring Idiots
Posted by Mandycat74 on 10/04/2011
When we moved from Arizona to Florida last spring, I canceled my bundled phone/internet/Direct TV service through Qwest. I received a final bill that included Direct TV service for the month after our move. When I called Qwest, I was instructed to send them a reduced amount, which I did. For the next five months I heard nothing from them although they had a forwarding address and a cell phone number. This week I got a threatening phone call from a collection agency, insisting that I still owed Qwest money. When I called Qwest I told told that I had been given incorrect information about my final bill and the only way they could assure no further dunning phone calls was to pay with a credit card or a debit card.

Obviously I'm not going to give these crooks my checking account information, so I paid with a credit card. (Oh, and there was a $4.00 service charge.) The charge hasn't shown up on my online credit card account so I called Qwest back. They tell me the charge has been removed from my account but I have to wonder since they STILL didn't have my new home address or new land line number on record.

Do these people keep records on 3 by 5 index cards? Maybe they try that new "computer" thing. It can't be worse than whatever they're using now.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-10-04:
If I understand you correctly, the last thing that Quest told you was that the charge that was sent to collections was removed from your account, and this explains why your credit card was not charged.

I would stay on top of this. What about the collections issue? Is this on your credit report?

I wouldn't assume this is going away completely until it has.
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2011-10-04:
I always have such a hard time reading a review where people are called "idiots" and "morons". JMHO.
Posted by CenturyLinkHelp on 2011-10-10:
Due to the deconsolidation and timing of when the bills post, this can be a legitimate charge or an n unfortunate miscommunication. We do not want it to impact you negatively and would happy to take a look and let you know that status.
Please send your account inquiry to this address: TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com include the address and number where service was located and an email where we can respond, we’ll take a look and let you know either way.
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Buyer Beware
Posted by Darthman9941 on 09/28/2011
Since the day I signed up for the Direct TV and Qwest (now CenturyLink)bundle through Qwest it has been nothing short of a nightmare. I got an email confirming my order and that a Qwest representative would arrive on a day two weeks later any time between 8am and 4pm. Well that day came and went, and I then spent three hours on hold with Qwest as they tried to figure out what went wrong.

Another week went by before they would come out and actually install this time, and two days following Direct TV would install as well. So I think that my woes are over and that I have no more issues. Well once the Direct TV installation representative leaves we discover that he installed a regular receiver and not a DVR one, something that I specified we wanted at least three times while on hold for three hours.

One more week goes by.

Two months after the initial debacles our TV signal starts going out, we only get certain channels, and there is a "searching for signal" box in the lower right screen. We try and fix the problem per FAQs and the on screen message but to no avail. We then call Direct TV and spend yet another hour on the line as they simply ask us to perform all the tasks we had already done to fix the signal. Finally they agree to send out a rep, and that it will be in two days, from 8 to 12.

At 11:50 the representative arrives and informs us that he cannot do any work because his "hands are tied" because the complex has Qwest satellites and that we must now call Qwest in order to get it fixed. So now I'll just be paying for no TV for yet another week.

This has been hell, both companies are unhelpful and will not hesitate to put you on hold for literally hours. I understand that call center personnel have to deal with petty complaints but they still act as if our legitimate ones have been no real concern and do little to address the concerns or complaints.

I wouldn't wish this nightmare of prolonged frustration and un-helpfulness on my worst enemy. If I wasn't bound to pay a contract cancellation fee I would have severed ties with both companies.
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Posted by jonthethird on 2011-09-29:
It appears Quest is a reseller of DirecTv, and, as such, is responsible for the maintenance and service issues. All DirecTv is doing is providing the signal. Such arrangements are common in Apartment Complexes. The costs are usually higher then if you had DirecTv on its own, with your own dish.
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Service charge
Posted by Budcat on 07/08/2011
CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO -- I noticed that my phone was not working and called Qwest with the problem on June 19th 2011. I was told that I would not be charged $85 if no problem was found outside my home. I was told this more than once. I asked again more than once if I would be charged if the technician would not have to enter my home to confirm what I was being told. The technician did not have to enter my home but I still have this charge on my bill. The technician even told me that I would not be charged since he did not enter my home. This charge is now on my bill. Why? I was lied to more than once and when I called customer service I was told that I was read a disclaimer that said I would be charged for having the technician come to check the connections outside my home. I don't remember being read this disclaimer stating that this charge would be billed even though no home entry was made. The technician said that I would not be charged. I would like to hear the recordings telling me I would be charged even though no home entry was made. I don't believe I was told the truth up front. I WAS lied to.
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-07-08:
You need to confirm exactly the problem the technician discovered. In most instances if you subscribe to phone service and the company connects you with preexisting lines they are not responsible for that wiring. Their responsibility generally is for the connection from the telephone pole to the building unless they actually installed the wiring for the home itself.
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Fraudulent and Unlawful Fee by Qwest
Posted by on 06/22/2011
DENVER, COLORADO -- (03/29/2010)
We had been a customer of Qwest for the last 8 (eight) years and we've always paid our bill on time and we have never missed a payment.

Problem: We are being charged for a $200 fee as part of a "2-year Internet plan" that we NEVER signed up for or agreed upon. We called in to disconnect service and it was WAIVED by an employee named EMMA, but it seemed like that fact was totally ignored and then they're still charging us $200 the early termination fee.

Details: On Monday, February 15, 2010; at 11:50a PST, my husband, Ryan, spoke on the phone with one of Qwest' Customer Service employees, Emma, to let her know we were moving out and needed to disconnect our phone and Internet service. She mentioned the $200 fee as a penalty of early disconnection, my husband told her he never agreed to such a contract. She spoke with her manager, who AGREED to WAIVE the erroneous fee. Emma then told my husband an updated bill would be sent to us reflecting the correct final charge. We never received it. (If they are a reputable and such a reliable company they can access the recording of this call, it will prove that she WAIVED the fee for us.)

After emailing them again a couple weeks later, we received a reply from "Nancy" on 03/04/10 apologizing and informing me that the revised final bill would be sent immediately. We finally received the bill for $248, still incorrect! We chatted online with Customer Service again with "Juan" at the "Idaho office". After explaining everything to him, he informed us that no one there could help me, and that we would have to wait until the next morning to speak with the billing department.

On March 16, 2010 @ 9:38a, my husband contacted the billing office and asked for the manager. Darren at the Boise office answered. Once again, my husband explained everything to him, including his conversation with Emma. The manager argued with him about this $200 fee for about ten minutes, insisting that it was valid and justified, even though we have NEVER signed up for any yearly plan! The manager then continued to say that we were sent information about this multiple times, which we were NOT!! My husband told him this a number of times, but the manager wouldn't listen and continued to insist that my husband just doesn't remember, and treated him like he was either making it all up or didn't know what he was talking about. The fact is, Emma had already waived the fee!!

We are completely furious and frustrated with this company! The $200 charge is unfair and UNWARRANTED! He has been a customer of Qwest for years, but if this is how we are going to be treated by them, we will have no hesitation to look elsewhere for professionalism, competence and decent customer service.

Reply #1 from Qwest:

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 16:59:38 -0500
From: Qwest. Support@Qwest.com
Subject: Re: Qwest.com Customer Support (KMM16888259I15977L0KM)

Dear Ryan,
Thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry to Qwest in regards to the 200.00 early disconnection fee. There is not a paper agreement you would have signed to set this up. It's done as a verbal agreement. At the time the service is ordered we send you a thank you letter confirming the changes that have been made to your account. In this letter it explains that you've entered into a 2 year agreement and it provides you the terms of the agreement. We also remind you every month when the bill prints that you are receiving a reduced monthly rate because of your 24 month term agreement and the date the agreement expires.

The discount you have received every month based on this agreement is 10.00. In some cases when an agreement is being disputed we will remove the 200.00 fee but go back and bill you for the months you received the 10.00 discount in error. In your case you had the service for 20 months and received a 10.00 discount per month. Unfortunately the amount of discount you received totals the amount you are being billed for with the early disconnection.

I can go ahead and remove the 200.00 early disconnection fee but we will need to go back and bill you for the 10.00 discount you were receiving monthly because of the agreement you did not sign up for.


eService Supervisor
Qwest Customer Care
Consumer Markets

Our reply:


As I've stated many times before, I never agreed to any such contract - verbal or physical - nor have I ever received any letter about being in such a contract. As for the $10/month discount on my bill, that was from packaging two services - phone and internet - NOT because of a 2-year contract I had supposedly signed up for. So yes, you can go ahead and get rid of the $200 fee since I was never in that agreement in the first place (as you stated). I was told it was already waived anyway.


Reply #2 from Qwest:

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 10:16:55 -0500
From: Qwest. Support@Qwest.com
Subject: RE: Qwest.com Customer Support

Dear Ryan,
I understand your frustration with this issue, howerver both You and Qwest are responsible for making sure you are getting the services you requested at the price you agreed to. We provide you a detailed bill each month in case there was an error made on our part. Up until you disconnected your account there were no calls questioning the discounts you were getting or why your bill stated you were in an agreement that expires in 2010.
I can meet you half way on this as you have been an excellent customer with Qwest and adjust 100.00 of the 200.00 fee. You may not have received the thank you letter that was sent but the information has been provided on your bill every month since the service was connected.
You were receiving 2 different discounts on your phone bill for the Internet service. You were getting a 5.00 bundle savings discount and a 10.00 Promotional Discount.
It appeared on your bill each month as follows:
Your savings this month
Thank you for being a valued Qwest customer with Savings for Bundling.-Internet Service. Bundle Savings based on the 1 product(s) you currently have is $5 per month. This bill includes a Bundle Savings of $5.00.
You are receiving a reduced monthly rate for your Qwest Connect service because of your 24 month term commitment. Your agreement expires on 06-19-2010.

Bundle Savings Discount
Qwest Connect SLVR w MSFT (01/17 - 02/16) $5.00

Total Bundle Savings $5.00

Promotional Discounts Discount
Qwest Connect (01/17 - 02/16) $10.00

Total Promotional Discounts $10.00
Total savings this month $15.00

eService Supervisor
Qwest Customer Care
Consumer Markets

Physical & emotional damage (Updated 06/22/2011):
We are still receiving letters from the collection company saying that he still owed Qwest $175 and his credit is completely ruined because of this fraudulent and unlawful fee. Years and years of good credit down the drain because of this.
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Posted by Sophia Marie on 2011-06-22:
You can argue this until you're blue in the face but the fact remains that Quest/CenturyTel is correct. You were in a verbal contract for phone and Internet service and as such are required to pay the early termination fees. Said fees are not fraudulent or unlawful - - somewhere along the line your husband agreed to the terms of service and signing a written contract is not required - - end of story.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-22:
Sophia, a verbal contract is only worth the paper it's written on. That being said, I would think at some point, Quest sent written correspondence that included their terms and conditions.
Pay the bill, it's already cost you that much in time, effort and worry.
Good luck
Posted by Fufu487 on 2011-06-23:
I feel you DO owe this money. And Quest justified the fees and explained where the additional amount owing came from. They are willing to waive the fee but you still owe just short of $200 for the discount you received. Had you not received the discount, you would have paid that amount.
Posted by oldisgood on 2011-06-23:
You got the service at a reduced price and, I believe, you knew that. Qwest is correct in charging you, I think. It pays to read everything you get in the mail.
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How much more will it cost for fiber-optics for the web?
Posted by Antieroo on 06/09/2011
DENVER, COLORADO -- My router quit so I called Qwest and tried to get it working. They said router was bad, so I went to Cherry Creek office and got a new router. It worked for 1 day, I called and was told this time I needed a new router I said "I just got one". Qwest did a up grade to the area you live in so new router for fiber-optics. Back to Cherry Creek office and get another router. I am 60 and use a cane and the bus, by this time I was tired and hot in more ways than one. I asked about any price increase and was told no price increase! WELL lets see how long before the price goes up.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-06-09:
You know, they could have mailed it to you, instead of having you come in. Sorry they did not tell you this.

Shame on them.
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