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Everything About Qwest and Now... I Cannot Even Email Someone There, Wow, What a Shocker!
By -

Recently my internet was shut off for nonpayment. I called to see if there were payment plans avail but there were not. I begged to at least have phone service as I had sent in enough to cover that at least. They left my telephone on. (Uhm because I sent $75 a week prior.) Later I called back to humbly beg and ask for some type of help as much of my University homework is done online as well as my banking and other business (items for sale, my only income). My daughter has online work as well. Nothing could be done and no one was able to help me.

Finally my mother helped - she had the credit card and I scrambled to find some money and paid the entire bill - I owe her now. Either way. The internet was restored. I was able to use it for approx. one day. I was behind in my homework and business dealings online (due to the original problem, but able to catch up IF Qwest restored service like they said they would).BUT... the next day, the Internet was shut off again! For nonpayment!!??

I called Qwest only to be linked to some guy in the Philippines. I could not understand him. Nor do I understand why if you want our American dollars to pay for your American business, you would outsource to some poor sap that can hardly communicate with your customers. It is a slap in the face as I see it.

Especially after your automated system repeatedly tells me what a valued customer I am or when one of your representatives tell me 'we appreciate your 7 years of loyal service' (considering they keep shutting me off) EVEN after I begged, borrowed, and stole to PAY YOU and you had no other options for me - a struggling single mom, going to college, trying to save my aunt's home, mortgage and taxes (as I live here) etc...

It seems arrogant and thoughtless, redundant even to have an automated system continually tell me that I can 'easily go to the wonderful website to fix any quest issues', WHEN IN FACT THAT is the reason I am calling to start with. So I finally call back, but this time I get smart. Instead of pushing 5 for tech support or help, I push #1 (purchasing ordering new products and services) knowing that if there is money involved (incoming accounts rec) someone WILL answer and it will be someone who speaks English.

So I do get some decent help (again the good help seems to come from Logan Utah). I am not partial by the way, I don't particularly love Utah, but your call center up there in Logan - ROCKS and I am sure it has nothing to do with you or Qwest. Either way he tells me that there is a problem with my account for nonpayment. I tell him that even though I have used the library, computers at school etc... I paid for the Internet and was depending on it for several reasons, DEADLINES FOR DESPERATELY needed scholarships and entries that I CANNOT MISS... but now have, as I waited all night hoping they would turn it back on as promised.

You see... there was NOT or at least no longer a problem with my account, it was indeed PAID. The problem was on your end, it seems 4000 people were referred to collections today and no one knows why or how, but several reps told me after several calls that I made to them - that my account should be fine and it will be restored soon. 2-24 hours. But that 24 hours would be almost out of the question and not to worry.

Don't try to sell someone something if their account is supposedly in default??? Or if they are having serious issues with services, there has got to be some discretion don't you think? I see that if you are tech a nonpaying customer (on your comp records at least) one will be sent to another country for crappy service. And don't it just beat all hell that you would continually suggest using the web, OVER and OVER again when the majority of people are trying to call and get help with just that?

Another thing, your automated system sucks. I am a mom with kids and dogs and TV's going, homework and cars that pass by on the street, so if or when I breath deep, or the automated phone system hears the neighbors dog bark it gets the wrong message and forwards to wrong departments, starts the menu all over again or simply hangs up on the person. Can you imagine how frustrating that is on call 5 or 6 and you are really trying to get someone before 5pm, or you have already been patient for 30 minutes and heard enough 'buy Qwest, buy big, buy now, go to the website, we value you, so buy Qwest and buy it now, bla bla bla."

Of this crazy stressful insane and sad week, I have spent approx 6 hours wrestling with your company, your automated system, your reps and their fake apologies and AND their suggestive selling as well as reps that I cannot even understand, nor do they understand our language and slang - not even some of your own terms. I think you owe me, really! I think you owe me a paycheck and one for damages as well.

One of your reps offered me free 'faster' Internet service for ONE MONTH. That was funny to me - there is nothing free with you people, heck even what I paid for I can't get today and I know... oh boy do I know... that if I DID accept that offer and was unable to CANCEL it at the right time (you know... between 3 and 3:10, on Sunday) I would end up paying for it one way or another.

On top of that, even though I used other computers and recourses, I missed out on several thousands of dollars for scholarships, awards and the like because I was dumb enough to believe Qwest, to believe that when I paid you good American cash money that when I got home I could finish my much needed requirements for school and the scholarships/awards.

The bill was paid on or about the 28th of this month, and today, this morning, the 31st it worked so why would I even imagine it wouldn't (that it would be sent to collections AGAIN and shut off) be able to use the same Internet 3 hours later? Losing all of those potential opportunities and monies???

You are so out of touch with reality, so out of touch with your actual customers and the view from this end of the business transaction. You are greedy or too busy or something. You must be listening to 'advisors' and statistics and advertisement agencies all of whom are out of touch as well.

Just the thought of calling Qwest for help is overwhelming and a pain in my ass!! You are probably losing so much money for the transfers, the outsourcing that we Americans will refuse thus calling Qwest again several times that day and adding to the workload of others etc... It probably takes 7 outsourced employees to do the job of one American - really!! So in effect you are losing far more than you think in my opinion. Just no one is telling you that because they are profiting off of you somehow.

Don't tell people they are 'valued' if you will not work with them on a payment plan. Don't thank them for their loyalty before during or after you are denying them service they have paid good money for. Don't use the same 'sell sell sell' recorded message on your damn automated 'on hold' recordings - it really doesn't help, it makes people desensitized and angry. I have a few better Ideas that would double your profit in 2 years.

By the way, have you ever heard the ''Xerox, Bill Gates Microsoft'' story? I am sure you have, you haven't heard though that my grandmother worked for Xerox in those days (one of the first female techs) anyway, she was a direct witness - rather primary source of information concerning that terrible mess. I just wonder how many up and coming people you are really patronizing and irritating with your spearmit-ment.

I have lost much due to you and your company this week, even AFTER I busted my butt to make sure the money was in your pocket and I was doing what was required of me. I don't have any other place to go in order to get my work done, apply at these deadlines, submit the required things AND I spent most of my time on the phone with your people (scratch that) with your computer systems and foreigners as well as your automated system and 'on hold' message...

So it is about 10:00 pm and I am watching a lot opportunities go down the drain - I cannot even send this to you (It is in word pad and I will send it via email when - IF my Internet is restored). My problems are monumental, just in general and I cannot believe this is happening.

Cut to this morning... Feb. 1st, still no internet and I had to call AGAIN, and be on hold, AND talk to the financial dept AND be apologized to as well as have someone try to SELL ME SOMETHING AGAIN!! Making me late for school. Is there no common sense in your company? Do you skip that part when you are training them to sell sell sell, apologize, 'understand' sell sell sell? AGAIN I am told there was yet another mistake and that she would make sure it was turned on today.

I come home at 1:00 and yes, it was on, but not after missing several homework assignments, only after my bank account gets in trouble as I could not manage it from the online account I set up. Only after my daughter missed a few of her homework assignments and we both missed deadlines. Most extremely important as I NEED the grants for college (I live below the poverty level and what I did have for gas money and school needs, was sent to your pocket - I get that, I really do, business is business right?).

So let it be that, business and keep the financial and social advise to those experts, I don't need your reps telling me to borrow money or take out loans, first of all: Uhm like it was a news flash to me that borrowing was possible, second it's none of their damn business and three, if it is obvious I cannot pay bills, do you suppose it should be the advice of your Christian based company to tell me to go into more debt? Or... the worse and later, try to sell me something after 4 days (2 weeks actually) of not being able to get the basic services from your company that I ordered in the first place... having them shut off for nonpayment twice, after the bill was paid.

Yes there are 'glitches' in the system, in life for that matter so you may want to just blow this whole incident off and blame the glitch, but meanwhile, what unfolded while trying to fix the glitch should be your major concern... Long story short - You guys really aren't paying attention and your technical stuff it is only costing you money, your scripts are bull and unwillingness to work with people in hard times will be remembered for eons.

I write for a local paper, a good one and I am moving up in the 'world' :) getting my degree and I have written in the past about charity, forgiving of debts, good companies that help the community, where and how to contribute, who to pay attention to etc... I am just a 'little head' on the totem pole right now, a single broke mom going to school and still succeeding (even though I had to deal with you all week). I thought some of you might like to actually know the real statistics, the real story and how it sounds on 'our' end, the customer, and what your lack of actual business sense is doing to so many people. Is someone playing games?

Resolution Update 02/04/2011:

well it seems enough people at quest have read this and addressed it. so I say it is resolved. but I don't know how to find the 'contact us' or 'talktous at quest' whatever - another hour or so of my time .... so, and ... yes ,my account is challenging (rocky history) always struggling to pay the bill .... at least I was heard. I complain (not for ego sake) but because I assume companies want to know where there are issues. Some of the answers I have heard are just more 'lip service' some are excuses like - 'well if you press #1 you will get the wrong dept." and I am like : well DUH... did you not see my whole entire point? the small business dept at quest was very helpful :) very helpful. He seems to be a smart guy and really actually did something that helped ME.
so yes... I guess it is resolved .
PS The people/reps in the Logan Ut office ROCK ! They are sincere, courteous, and get things done without 'ego' games or taking a call personal (yes, omg some call centers do that... use customer irritation as a way to get their rocks off for the day) but Logan rocks :)

Company Response 02/04/2011:

Dear Patty,

Please accept my sincerest apologies and I want to let you know we do appreciate your patronage. Although with out your account information it is challenging to comment on your specific situation and I would LOVE the opportunity to address it and get a fix in our process that obviously failed you in your time of need. If you will email me at “Attention Rich” in the subject line, I will contact you directly and review all the details personally for full resolve if you are willing to do so. As a company obviously we want to grow our business but recognize that nothing is perfect and there is always room for growth, thank you for bringing your situation our attention so that we can do so.

Rich @TalkToQwest

Wrongfully Turned Longtime Customer's Account Over to Collections Agency.
By -

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- I cancelled DSL service with Qwest in February 2011. At the time that I cancelled, I was told that I would not have to return the modem because I had purchased it. This made sense to me, as I had easily paid for value of the modem several times over during the many years I was a Qwest DSL customer.

However, a couple of weeks after I cancelled my service, Qwest sent me UPS shipping labels to return the modem. I dropped off the modem at UPS on March 28, 2011. I have delivery confirmation from UPS that states that the package was delivered to Pueblo, CO April 4, 2011 at 1:34 PM and signed by **.

On May 13, 2011 Afni sent me a letter stating that they were a debt collector attempting to collect a debt on behalf of Qwest. When I called Afni to discuss the letter, I was told that the debt was owed for the modem mentioned above. I told Afni that I would like to dispute the debt and provided them with the UPS tracking number, which shows proof of delivery. I received another letter from Afni May 24, 2011; which stated that Afni had verified the debt was valid, and intends to continue to pursue collection of the debt.

On May 24, 2011 I contacted Qwest customer service and talked to someone who gave me the ID **. She told me that she worked in Qwest Billing, and that she could not find a record of the returned modem; and that there was nothing else she could do.

I am finding that in every detail in this matter, Qwest has shown poor customer service ability. From telling me that I would not have to return the modem, to turning the account over to a collections agency to denying that they had received the modem, despite the clear UPS paper trail from me to the Qwest facility in Colorado; it is difficult to find anything that is not disappointing about Qwest in this matter.

I have begun to pursue legal options with Afni. The federal government is very clear about what those options are. It seems that I could pay the amount requested, but I returned the modem and I believe the facts are clear in the matter. I would have no reason to lie under oath regarding such a thing, particularly because Qwest sent me shipping labels; but also because the modem is essentially worthless, not only to me, but also in the general sense the value of the device in question in year 2011. The federal government has various mechanism in place to protect honest consumers like myself from being harmed in circumstances such as this.

How To Get Screwed By Qwest 101
By -

I've been with Qwest for 6 years and more or less had no problems with them until I decided to order a high speed Internet. I place an order online on March 9th and purchase supplemental equipment with that which I pay for on the same day with my credit card. A week later my modem is not there. I call QWEST, they tell me "there was internal error, we apologize and all, you will get it in 3 days." OK, deep breath... Three days later, no modem, call again, a lot of sorries, this time will send for sure - expect in three days... Double deep breath, ooooookk... Three days later, my goodness!

It's still not there - well by now I am ready to sue the whole Oregon - they promised this time to send it on the same day and expect it the next day. Well, the big news - IT WASN'T THEIR NEXT DAY BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER SENT!!! Finally, it took like 5 representatives, multiple calls back and forth and emails, it got there 20 days later. And 5 days later showed up a bill that had charges on it for the equipment I already paid for online like 25 days ago. I call yet another representative and he tells me basically I will be charged twice but refunded once, half the price. And, he hung up on me.

I talked to another representative and asked for the manager - she assured me she can help me - sounded like she did, but hey! - I haven't seen the changed bill yet. How many people and days did it take for the company to send me one little modem?

Who does business like that I wonder? Chicken house has more order than that! And to think that I waste my money and time on business like that! What gets me the most is when they screw me over like that repeatedly and then have the guts to ask me if I want to buy TV and cellular services from them. To that I say, 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!'

Qwest Doesn't Deliver, Except for Early Termination Fees
By -

I had had telephone service with Quest for 19 years. I would think I would be exempt from any early termination fees. Then I changed my service and eventually deleted the telephone altogether and used only their Internet services, but every time I asked for a change on my services they set themselves up a whole new contract, which would make me eligible for an early termination fee. So I got wise, and on that last change I told them I would pay more per month so I would not have the early termination fee.

I had a whole lot of trouble with their signal for Internet. I was knocked off at times or had very low signal almost all of the time. I called many times and talked to their tech support. Each time I called it took an hour or so, at least. They would often do something on their end which bumped my signal up for the rest of that day, then the next day it would be down again. I was calling day after day. They sent a tech out to check the computer and lines 3 times, and none of those times corrected the problem.

Then they told me my modem was now old in comparison to the new technology they were using so talked me into purchasing a new modem, for around a hundred dollars or so. That didn't do it either. I was fed up and by then we were planning on moving. So I disconnected the service, and what to my amazement - an early termination fee appeared on my bill. I called and they told me that when they set up a new contract for the Internet line they did set me up to pay the full amount without the contract, but he second time I called tech support I was set up for the lower amount and the contract took effect.

I did not know about this, and now that I have moved and am living with someone else, and have no need of their services they are billing me, after 19 years of service, for an early termination fee and it has gone to collections. And considering their billing - don't even get me started. I had to call them every month for mistakes they made.

High Speed Internet???
By -

The ad on TV says that Qwest has 'Heavy Duty, High Speed Internet Service'. Not true! I have had their so-called Heavy Duty, High Speed Internet Service since just before Christmas(2010) and I have to say that there is nothing Heavy Duty OR High Speed about it. It's much slower than the Comcast service I gave up due to high price. It has been freezing-up several times a day for nearly a month and when I call to complain I get the run-around, left on hold or hung-up on. They have burned a bridge with me. I won't continue with their service since it's perfectly clear they don't care about their customers.

Qwest DSL Service
By -

I have two DSL lines for my business -- so that if one goes down I can keep operating on the other one. Two days ago, both went down. I got on the phone -- no help at all. Best suggestion -- "both modems, entirely coincidentally, went down at exactly the same time". Next day, both came back, all by themselves. Actually they weren't totally down. If I waited long enough, then clicked "view source", I did get some content. On rare occasions, I could get something to show up on the screen.

Then tonight, same problem. Very snippy Qwest representative told me that the problem is that the static IP address I've been assigned is wrong, and tomorrow morning I need to get it switched to another static IP address. This is, of course, absurd. And, two of the people I talked to said again that both modems, very coincidentally, went down at the exact same time. Problem is, it's a monopoly. There's nobody else to talk to.

The Worst Company I Have Ever Dealt With
By -

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with! Unfortunately, there's not many choices in this area for an affordable internet. You would think that in a country that prides itself on being the world leader you would have more choices. A free internet is available to the citizens in some less "technologically advanced" countries, but here I am left with no choices but a terrible company named Qwest.

Where do I begin? From the start they screwed up my order. I ordered the service without the modem, for which they were trying to charge almost $200. I said, "No, thank you", and went and bought it in the store for $50 bucks. But Qwest still sent another modem and promptly charged me for it (plus $19.99 for shipping). When I called, they said "it was a mistake, just send it back, and we'll issue the refund, BUT FOR NOW it's best if you pay the amount in full so it doesn't appear that you missed the payment." I said "okay" and foolishly paid the amount.

It's took me over 5 months after I shipped the modem back to Qwest to get my "partial" refund. You know that this company has one of the most confusing billing practices. I had to spend countless hours to get some of the money back. The way they were calculating the refund was outrageous. I could not figure out if they were mathematically challenged or if they were doing this on purpose. And there's much, much more to complain, I just don't want to go through the entire list.

Deceptive Practices
By -

I have dealt with Qwest internet service on 3 separate occasions. Every one of them was a living nightmare. If you have to cancel Qwest service, forget about it. They'll hound you, promise you lies after lies to stay with them and if everything fails--they will cancel your service and continue to bill, hoping that you are an idiot and will pay. You have to do more work to get even more people involved before you can successfully walk away.

I bought a modem and returned the rental ahead of deadline. It took them six months to issue me the $50 gift card for the modem purchase. They kept saying they never received my rented modem and charged me for it. I had to involve 5 different people, provide my UPS tracking and delivery information and finally was "promised" a credit will be issued... still to come.

Their bundled billing is another scam to confuse the heck out of you when you try to review your statement charges. DirecTV and Verizon are their co-conspirators in the bundled billing scam. Their prices are outrageous for the speed you get, their 6-month promos are simply a dangling carrot to soak you later with much higher charges and their customer service agents are well trained to confuse and argue with you--so the issue never gets addressed or resolved. Comcast is a much better option for anyone who wants peace of mind and ethical business practices with their service provider.

Qwest Is Terrible.
By -

The internet service provided by them is terrible. First, I had 1mbps. That was OK - mediocre at best. Then I upgraded to 20, and they didn't bother to tell me I would need a different router. After weeks of frustration, I called and they said they would send one. They sent the wrong one. 2 weeks later, the correct router arrives. But it wasn't working, and a repair specialist had to come out and fix it and set it up. EVEN AFTER ALL THAT, my internet is incredibly slow, unreliable, and is hands down one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I'm moving to Comcast. At least for the money, they will actually give me service.

Company Response 02/07/2011:

I am really sorry to hear about the situation here with the sounds of the multiple contacts and still not recieving what you subscribed to. We do apprieciate your business and would love to keep your patronage. If you would send an email to I am sure we can rectify the situation. Rich @TalkToQwest

Stay Away From Qwest!!!
By -

We have been a customer of Qwest since 2007. When we first moved into our apartment we were told we had to use Qwest. No big deal, right? Wow, if I would have known how horrible it would be to deal with Qwest there is no way I would have signed a lease to move in the first place. They are absolutely unresponsive, rude and terrible.

To begin, we first used Qwest internet in our home office. The internet was constantly down, and it would take forever to get someone on the phone, and if you could sit through the 20-30 minute wait you would typically get transferred around to several representatives that "were sorry for any inconvenience" but couldn't help you with any solutions.

Further, we also bundled my business phone line through Qwest. Since then we have discontinued the phone service because of the terrible representatives. We continuously had billing errors. And when I did finally disconnect the service, they tried billing me twice. Thank goodness I kept good notes.

They also decided in 2009 to provide our complex with a "complimentary internet upgrade", but what they didn't tell us was that it would take 5 visits to get it right, and that you didn't have a choice. Our internet was down for several days, which they said they would reimburse us for (still haven't seen that credit), and I had to take 2 days off of work to sit at home for a 4 hour period waiting for them to show up. The first appointment of which they showed up an hour and a half late to, but tried to justify by saying "they were with other customers."

Not too long ago my husband bought an HD TV. Since we utilized DirecTV for our television services this wasn't an issue. Come to find out that for HD TV there were centralized dishes around our apartment community that we had to use. Oh no, call Qwest for TV too. Well, unfortunately we didn't have a choice and now our TV is through Qwest as well. We had never before had a problem with DirecTV, until now. Qwest yesterday provided our complex with a "complimentary upgrade" and needless to say our TV isn't working today and the quickest they can get someone out is on Tuesday of next week, and we have to be home between 8-12.

So once again I get to take time off of work so Qwest can fix another problem. The first representative I spoke with this morning was rude, wouldn't give her name, and hung up on me. I spoke with our leasing office who also called Qwest and told me that she fared no better. She was also a product of the Qwest solution of "I don't know what to do and I don't want to deal with this, even if it is my job, so I will just hang up on you."

I called back a second time and spoke with a gentleman, **, who was pleasant and put me in touch with his manager **. ** assured me he would look into it and would get back to me. He did call back to say that they had to switch out the boxes at our home (which we have had less than 2 months), but he didn't know when they would be doing that and that he would call me back later. However, it has now been 3 hrs without a call back. ** has left for the day, and there is no manager on duty.

I spoke with another rep, **. in Boise, ID who was absolutely worthless, and kept trying to tell me my problem was with Qwest not with him and not to take it out on him. Someone really should explain to him that he works for Qwest and is a representative and all the customer is asking for is solutions. I didn't raise my voice, but did repetitively ask "what they were going to do to make this right" and all he kept telling me was that he wasn't authorized to do anything, and there was no one working at that time that was authorized.

Fortunately, we are moving into a house in less than a month. There is no way I will use Qwest for internet, phone or TV. I can't wait to go back to Cox for internet and phone service and DirecTV for TV. I can't wait to get away from this terrible company, with their terrible customer service. If you have a choice... stay away from this company. They will give you nothing but headaches, and cost you money. Thanks for letting me vent.

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