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Beware! They Keep Charging You Even When You Quit Service!
By -

YELM, WASHINGTON -- I had Qwest now called CenturyLink for 5 years and was never late on payments. In August 2011 I decided to transfer long distance service with my current telephone carrier, FairPoint Communications. They offered a decent bundle package for the price so I went with them. I inquired to **, the gentleman at FairPoint - "did I need to call Qwest/CenturyLink to discontinue service?" He replied, "NO, you can stay on the line and we can have a 3-way conference."

After being on hold, he came back on the line with a lady representative for Qwest/CenturyLink on the 2nd line. We discussed why I was changing and she asked all the questions they normally do. "Did I want to discontinue service with them?" Yes. "Did I want it to happen immediately?" Yes. Oh and we can't forget before her speaking, the usual recording of "This call will be recorded for quality and training purposes." She speaks to the FairPoint communications gentleman **, again who was my witness that we indeed cancelled service on that day.

The next day, I had to make long distance phone call. Upon dialing, a recording stated I had no long distance to make that call. Obviously Qwest/CenturyLink disconnected it right away and FairPoint was to start later in the day. However, about 3 weeks later, I received a bill from Qwest/Century link charging me for service AFTER THE DATE I CANCELLED WITH THEM. I had NO LONG DISTANCE, yet now, they were telling me there was no record of me cancelling and my account was still active! How can you have no long distance service from a company - zippo - yet your account is still be active?

I was not getting anywhere with ** or ** from that cheating company because they said there was no record of any representative talking to me or the FairPoint rep Ken. I called Fair Point up now to see if they would call CenturyLink, he read the notes and said, "yes we spoke with them, wait on the line and we can have another 3-way conference call." They proceeded to tell him the same thing. That "I didn't call" and my account was still active. He spoke with a supervisor--no service there either. Basically tough luck, I was still paying. "Where is my recording?", I ask. "Why don't you use it now?"

Finally ** from FairPoint took over and she called a supervisor, she got the same treatment. So now, ** tells me "I'm sorry, I find it hard to believe we didn't get anywhere with them. However, we will give you credit for the bill they are charging you when in fact you had no service from them." FairPoint made good on that and I provided a copy of the thieving bill from CenturyLink.

So what is obvious is this: don't think if another carrier has you on 3-way and you cancel Century Link's service on a conference call, that your account is really inactive. They will keep charging you because YOU DID NOT CALL direct from your phone line. It's a great set up to "forget or have no record" that the customer cancelled and made that account inactive. It gives CenturyLink how many more hundreds of thousands of dollars from how many millions of customers? THEY ARE THIEVES AND NOT IMPECCABLE. BEWARE.

Qwest Landline Service: Rotting, Stinking Dinosaur
By -

In the town where I live, Qwest is an exclusive provider of landline phone service. This is a dying business and what baffles me is that Qwest itself is doing everything it can to accelerate the process. There are countless stories here and elsewhere on the internet of people leaving them in disgust. Here's mine.

It started innocently enough, when I noticed on my bill: "Give us a call for a free account review. See how much you can save with Qwest." I took the bait and called them. Lo and behold, they tell me indeed I had been paying too much, for features I never used. They promise me my next bill should be lower. I get the next bill and it is HIGHER than before. I'm puzzled. Maybe it's just because of the transition to the new plan? No, the bill after that is also higher. I call again. No problem, they tell me, we can fix it all. I get my next bill and -- surprise -- it is higher still!

Over the next several months, I call them repeatedly. Every time I'm told, "OK, there's been a mistake, but we'll fix it all for you. Retroactively." And after every such "fix" my bill continues to increase. I don't know what to think. Isn'€™t there someone at this company --€“ one person -- who can actually get it right?! Can the entire company be so utterly incompetent? I refuse to believe it.

I call one last time. I get a representative who explains to me's actually all my fault! It's quite clear to her that 6 months earlier, I called Qwest and requested that my bill be increased (!!!) for the same service. So there, she explains, you got what you wanted. Certainly nothing will be changed retroactively. I'm dumbstruck. "Does it really make sense to you that I would call Qwest for an account review, so that I could pay more for the same service?" -- "That's what you did", is her answer.

Things only get worse from this point on. "Isn't there someone at your company who can help me?" -- "No, sir." -- "Please transfer me to your supervisor" -- "I can't do that. And he won't do anything for you." After I ask her for the 4th or 5th time, she relents and all of a sudden it is possible to talk to her supervisor. But, there's a trick. They first put me on hold, while behind the scenes she explains to him the situation. As she sees it, of course.

When the supervisor at last speaks to me, he begins with the same premise, that the customer is always wrong and needs to be convinced of that. He launches an intense line of questioning: "Why are you calling now, when the change was made many months ago?" -- "Because to-date I haven't been able to get your company to fix this." -- "I think you've been happy with this change. My proof: I see that you paid you bills on time." -- "I do pay my bills on time. Always. Are you really suggesting I shouldn't have paid my phone bills for six months??" --

"Our system shows that you requested back in January that we increase your rate!" -- "...??? On what planet do you live where customers call and ask to pay more?!" -- "Some of our customers do that!" -- " ....????" Eventually, he says that I've taken too much of his time. To make me go away, he offers me twenty bucks. A one-time credit. This doesn't cover the amount of the overcharges. But that's what His Highness is graciously giving me. Take it or leave it.

I tell him that I will be leaving Qwest. He is completely unconcerned with that. I ask him how his company, which sells an old-fashioned landline service, plans to stay in business with this sort of customer treatment, in the age of iPhones, Droids, Google Voice, Skype, magicJack, and Vonage. He does not understand why I ask this. We conclude, "Can I help you with anything else?" -- "No, I see that you can't."

I've had it with Qwest. I'm canceling my land line, and I swear that I will never again touch any "product" by this company, be it phone, internet, TV, whatever else. Oh, yeah, and I'm getting myself a brand new Droid cell phone. Something I really should've done 6 months ago.

Update: (1) After posting this review elsewhere on the internet, I received a letter from Qwest. "Thank you for being a Qwest customer. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come. [...] Contact us today at 1 866.210.4693 for your free account review". (2) I ordered Droid X. Once it gets here, I'm canceling Qwest. The Droid hasn't shipped yet, because of "exceptionally high demand" for it. Translation: "because we have throngs of people rushing to dump their land line".

Fed Up!
By -

I established an account with Qwest/DirecTV when I moved into a new apartment complex in late May 2010. After receiving an installation date and time with DirecTV, the first installer that came to the apartment was over three hours late. He did not call to inform me that he was running late nor did he apologize when he arrived. He in fact seemed quite put off that he was there at all.

After installing the box and not performing any diagnostic testing, he informed me that my apartment was not wired for DirecTV and that he did not have the time to address this matter. He then told me to call my apartment complex and have the maintenance department come out and wire the apartment. When speaking with maintenance, I was informed that was not their job, but that the apartment was in fact wired for Direct TV and the installer had not correctly hooked up the equipment.

I waited an additional week for another DirecTV subcontractor to come out and he was several hours late as well without a phone call. However he did apologize and was quickly able to set up service. He stated that all three rooms in the apartment were wired for DirecTV and wasn't sure what the previous subcontractor had problems with.

On July 3, 2010 I had scheduled another Direct TV subcontractor to come install a HD box in the living room and install the basic box in the bedroom. The time frame given was between 9 am and 1:30 pm. At approximately 2 pm I began calling DirecTV to see if the installer was still coming. I then had two hours of calling DirecTV and Qwest and six different phone numbers to try to find an agent that could tell me the status of my appointment. I was told that because it was Saturday, they could not find that ticket information and that I would just need to wait at the apartment or call Monday if the installer did not show up.

At that time I went to my apartment complex manager and was given a cell phone number for a local Qwest manager. She was able to contact a DirecTV agent and I was assured that someone would call me right back. No one ever called me and it wasn't until after 6pm that the installer showed up with no explanation or apology.

Now that the installation issues have been resolved, I am confronted with any equally frustrating billing issue. Apparently because I only have DirecTV and no other services, I have been told to call DirecTV with any technical issues and to call Qwest with all billing issues. Each time I have called Qwest regarding my account, I am told that I need to call DirecTV. When I explain my situation, I am still informed that I need to call DirecTV. It has taken a DirecTV agent to call Qwest and explain my situation twice to even have a Qwest agent agree to look up my account.

Each time I give my account number, name, address or phone number, the agents have been unable to find my account. My statement comes from Qwest with all of this information on it and I am perplexed with the multiple conversations I have had, why agents can still not find my account. I have been left on hold several times for so long that I have had to hang up. When I have asked for a manager, one is never available.

I set up bill pay with Bank of America and my first bill of $29.99 showed that it cleared from my account in late June. However, when I received my updated bill, it showed a past due of $29.99. When I called Qwest, I again went through the same procedure of being told to call DirecTV. My bill comes from Qwest; the account number listed on my bill is a Qwest account number, but according to Qwest is incorrect. I have never been given a correct account number.

I finally handed this issue over to Bank of America last week and until today have not been able to resolve this issue. DirecTV and Qwest have wasted 3 days of my time and multiple hours on the phone without an apology. Having phone calls last 40 minutes with close to a 25 minutes hold is unacceptable. It took a conference call with my bank today to receive a correct account number and it is the first time I have been advanced to a manager. If I had a choice, I would not continue my contract with your company. However, with my apartment complex, I do not have a choice.

I am sure you can see my frustration. I am an emergency room nurse and work in a call center as well. In fact, we are taught that the customer, whether it is a disgruntled patient or caller, is always right. I know we do not live in a perfect world and that there can be difficulties finding correct or accurate information. I do not feel that I have been treated as a valued customer.

I expect Qwest and DirecTV to provide the services I have paid for in a timely and professional fashion and up to this point, I feel both companies have failed miserably. I hope that this is not the service I continue to receive. I would appreciate any feedback or compensation for my time that you might have and I hope to correspond with you in the near future.

Answer to the Letter I Got From Qwest
By -

Hello, thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry to Qwest. Thank you also for the rather detailed account of a former trainee of Qwest. I will address that in a moment. First allow me to address the reason for what kept happening. There is a simple explanation and it is this: there are a few older bill that went unpaid that caused a specific department to disallow you to have anything on your line besides basic dial tone.

Every time an agent added the requested features, the review that comes through found the old bills and disallowed the features and removed them. Here is the good news. There were a total of 4 bills involved. The total of them is 2.99. This amount is not reportable to credit agencies, nor collection agencies, so they are mostly off the radar. As of September 23rd, those bills have been zeroed out and you are clear to have unimpeded service now. I apologize for this issue.

Now, speaking to the statements from the former Qwest trainee, I must agree with some of the things he mentioned, namely that the job in which he was hired is grueling and is sales-based. The job title is not Customer Service Representative, but Sales Agent. The 6 weeks of on the phones training is initially getting their feet wet in the office environment and in the early stages is related to billing calls, which are the most difficult type of calls to handle.

The goal is not unreasonable. $600 a day is not hard to reach. If I sold you a 7m internet today, it would give me a net revenue in the tracker of about $390. That is one sale. A single long distance is worth nearly $100. This 6 weeks is also to weed out those that are dishonest and weak. I was in sales for nearly 4 years and I was in the top 3% of the entire company 3 years running, all without slamming or cramming a single order. I am the last of my training class in which only a handful graduated.

Please understand that Qwest is a business and businesses are in business to make money. The only way to do that is to sell products and services to those who need them. It is done every day without negative issues and we have far more happy customers than not. The person writing those statements is dishonest in his own way. In an economy in which 1 out of every 10 people cannot get a job, NO ONE is quitting their job ON PRINCIPAL.

The truth is that he either couldn't hack it or was caught trying to cheat in some way. I sincerely hope that this response finds you well and can lend some understanding to how things happened the way they did. Now that the issue that was causing the problem has been cleared, I invite you to come back to us. If this option is something you would like to explore, please call us at please call 1-800-850-5252. Sincerely, Glenn Qwest Customer Care Consumer Markets.

Letter That I'll Be Sending to Qwest
By -

I am writing you this letter to inform you how I have been mistreated my Qwest over the years. Since the summer of 2001 I was a Qwest customer; and the key word it was. Within one month of ordering service, I had the need to add calling features/services. I called Qwest Customer Service on the phone, and the agent who took my call was extremely nice to me and was more than willing to help me.

All I needed was caller ID, voice mail, line backer and non-published. He explained to me that I could go into a home phone package to save money; so I agreed. Then he explained to me the monthly charges as well as the prorated charges that would appear on my first bill. In 2002 is when the issues started. My services would disappear.

I would call in to have them placed back on, they would disappear. I was fed up and asked customer service and ask them why my services that I'm paying for would disappear after I would call to have them placed back on. I asked them if it was my bill, and they said no. I asked them if it was my bill, and they said no. I also asked them if anyone called in to remove my services, they again said no. I also asked them if there is any record of me calling in to have my calling features/services turned back on, they again said no.

Qwest doesn't keep accurate and up-to-date records even though I was told that it would be noted in my account each time that I would call in to have my calling features/services turned back on. I should keep on calling to have them placed back on after they have been removed. I then called customer service again and asked them to investigate, then they transferred me to another customer service agent who then placed me on a written correspondence only restriction where I could only request changes in writing to the "Channel Support Team". I wasn't allowed to call in about my services.

When I attempted to make my service right, Customer Service would inform me that either: (1) they couldn't find my account, (2) the systems are down or (3) they were unable to access my account. Even Repair was unable to access my account. I couldn't get cell phone service because of my credit score/history and prepaid cell phones are too expensive. I needed phone service with no long distance, voice mail, line backer wire maintenance, caller ID and non-published, and that's all.

Some genie in the sky was changing my services without my authorization and Qwest wouldn't investigate the issue and find out who or what was causing my issues. I spent many, many hours on the phone with Qwest. I've almost had to go to the hospital due to chest pains because of Qwest's issues.

I've posted this same text online, and you find this at I'€™ve also put the address to Qwest'€™s "€œChannel Support Team",€ so everyone will be able to see how I'€™ve been mistreated by Qwest. Qwest'€™s agents are liars because when I was told one thing by one agent and called in at a later date I was told something else about the same issue. When I went to read one of the reviews from a recent and former trainee of Qwest, I was appalled that Qwest is only concerned about making money, which didn'€™t and still doesn'€™t surprise me. Here it what he said:

"€œI recently worked for Qwest, went through the 5 of the 6 months of training and all these complaints I'm reading are all to common at Qwest. Hmm, where to start...let's start with the actual training. It's 6 weeks in the classroom and while in the classroom, we learn of the 20 different computer programs needed to do this job, most of them in DOS-like format. It's a nightmare navigating through them and on most phone calls, we access anywhere from at least 3 to 10 of them.

Be prepared when calling Qwest, you will be on the phone with the representative for a while. Also while in the training, the trainers focus so much on the sales aspect of the job. It's all about the almighty dollar at Qwest and we'll get into that a little more later on.

Once done with the classroom training, we must pass a test to continue on...again a lot of the test is testing you on your ability to sell, sell, sell. Next we have 6 weeks of training on the phones. This is where we started losing our class members, at least one a week. We talk to customers and to be honest not one of us really knew what we were doing. It is a hands-on job and with so many different computer programs and so many different products Qwest offers, no one really knew what they were talking about with the customers either.

So during these 6 weeks on the phone, we have goals that we MUST meet in order to "graduate" from training.. yes we have to "graduate" and meet these numbers if we want to keep our job. The numbers are ridiculous too.. it depended on how many phone calls we took a day in how high our numbers were.

When I quit I had to sell over 600.00 a day while in training (I guess I can see why they focused so much on the sales part of the classroom training). I'm sure you can imagine how hard it is to sell something to someone who is already upset having to call in about other billing issues...and most of the time those issues don't get resolved. It's next to impossible to meet those goals, unless you get a lot of calls that dropped in your lap.

The main reason I quit was because of a number we had to meet that did not allow us to give good customer service...availability. It's an inbound call center and we had to be available to take incoming phone calls. That means no follow up phone calls or no calling the customer back. It is really hard to give good customer service when you have to worry about your availability every day. Heck, running to the bathroom went against our availability!! It is important to me to go home at the end of the day feeling like I've done a good job and I just wasn't getting that at Qwest.

Now while we're in training, our trainers will listen in on our calls from time to time and offer feedback on what we could have done different. Each and every feedback I got was all about how I could have made a sale! What I should have offered that customer and so on. On one call I was talking to a sweet little lady who told me she was 99 years old. All this lady wanted was to change her long distance carrier over to Qwest so that she would receive only one bill every month. My trainer was listening. She came over to me and asked me why I didn't offer to sell her anything. What did she expect me to do? Offer this 99 year old lady a cell phone??

My trainer then informed that once on the floor after I graduate, that if my coach were to listen in on that phone call, they would make me call back and offer We are required to offer on every single phone call!!! Doesn't matter how upset you are about your bill, doesn't matter if you just want to know your balance, doesn't matter if you are disconnecting your services, it just doesn't matter at Qwest unless it involves $$$$.

In my class of 20 people, not one person graduated. The few that did remain come time to graduate hadn't met their numbers and were let go. During my 5 months at Qwest, they had hired another 120 people in our office. This was just in our city...there are Qwest locations all over 14 states. So keep in mind when you call Qwest that it's most likely you are talking to someone in training. When you call in for quotes on back and get them again. I guarantee you it will be different each time.

Another important thing I want to make people aware of is what is referred to at Qwest as "slamming and cramming" accounts. This is where a customer were to call in about something and the representative "slams" their account with products without the customers knowledge. I can't tell you how many times I dealt with this issue, it was just sickening. In a job that we're required to meet numbers and the reps work on commission, you can only imagine how many filthy, dirty reps slammed accounts to meet those numbers or make a dollar themselves.

Every time you call into Qwest, you are opening your account to are giving them the access to slam your account with products you don't authorize. You won't even know it's been done until you get your bill. Then when these people call in about it and state they never authorized this, nothing can be done. Hope and pray when you call Qwest that you get an honest representative. What a nightmare that is getting a phone call on someone who states their account was slammed and there isn't one damn thing I could do about it.

No one to report it to. Even if there was some place to go and report it to, I doubt it would get reported...remember the reps must worry about their availability and get right to the next phone call. Oh and when you request to talk to a supervisor, the representative isn't lying when they tell you one isn't available. Sure we have our trainers and once out on the floor, we get a coach who we can go to but they don't have the authority to do anything the reps can't do.

There is no one to take a complaint to right there on the spot. We filled out a ticket and sent it out and let the customer know that a supervisor would contact them in the next 24-48 hours. However, I've seen all these tickets and I can tell you that there is no way Qwest has that many supervisors doing call backs...don't expect to get called back.

I'm not a bitter, disgruntled employee who worked at Qwest. There was just so much about that job I didn't agree with that I had to walk away. I wanted to help so many of the people who called me but there was nothing I could do to help them. It's a customer service job but I'm here to tell you there is nothing customer service about it."€

Now, this post really confirms to me that Qwest doesn'€™t care about customer satisfaction or whether or not a customer has a billing issue and what goes on behind the scenes at Qwest. You should be ashamed of how you do business. This type of business is unethical, and has to be against the law! In closing I will be posting this entire letter to that same website so everyone will have the opportunity to read it. If you are curious and want to read it you can read it at... Recently, someone was able to use my debit card information and charge $35.00 from Qwest to my debit card.

By -

COLORADO -- Back in the summer of 2001 I needed to get home phone service, and at that time Comcast didn't offer home phone service. So I ordered home phone service through Qwest. My service was fine until I needed to get Caller ID, voice mail, and other calling features. In 2002 is when the issues started. My services would disappear. I would call in to have them placed back on, they would disappear.

I was fed up and asked customer service and ask them why my services that I'm paying for would disappear after I would call to have them placed back on. I asked them if it was my bill, and they said no. I also asked them if anyone called in to remove my services, they again said no. I also asked them if there is any record of me calling in to have my calling features/services turned back on, they again said no.

Qwest doesn't keep accurate and up-to-date records even though I was told that it would be noted in my account each time that I would call in to have my calling features/services turned back on. I should keep on calling to have them placed back on after they have been removed. I then called customer service again and asked them to investigate then they transferred me to another customer service agent who then placed me on a written correspondence only restriction where I could only request changes in writing to the "Channel Support Team". I wasn't allowed to call in about my services.

When I attempted to make my service right customer service would inform me that either: (1) they couldn't find my account, (2) the systems are down, or (3) they were unable to access my account. Even repair was unable to access my account. I couldn't get cell phone service because of my credit score/history and prepaid cell phones are too expensive. I needed phone service with no long distance, voice mail, line backer wire maintenance, caller ID and non-published and that's all. Some genie in the sky was changing my services without my authorization and Qwest wouldn't investigate the issue and find out who or what was causing my issues.

I spent many, many hours on the phone with Qwest. I've almost had to go to the hospital due to chest pains because of Qwest's issues. Just to note: this is a direct quote from the Better Business Bureau - "Following our second notice of the complaint, if the BBB still does not receive a response from the business we will call them as a reminder; four business days from the date of the phone call, if the BBB has still not received a response your complaint will close as unanswered.

The BBB serves as intermediary between the consumer and business and does not have any law enforcement authority to force a company to issue the consumers request for resolution. It is voluntary for the company to resolve and address all of your concerns -€“ we are not an enforcement agency. In the event that the matter is not resolved using the BBB Self-Regulatory process, you may wish to speak with an attorney for further guidance." Also to note: according to the Better Business Bureau Qwest has an "A" rating with the BBB. I feel that rating is a crock and inaccurate!

In closing, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR QWEST SERVICE WHETHER HOME PHONE, INTERNET OR TV SERVICE. Also below you'll find the address to Qwest's "Channel Support Team": Qwest - CST 1005 17th
Floor 4, Denver, CO 80202. Also, I have another Qwest address for you: Qwest Communications Channel Support Team - 1005 17th Street, Suite 430, Denver, CO 80202. ATTN: Mr. **, Supervisor Channel Support. I looked on the Qwest website **, you can email the link for the page is: **.

False and Deceptive Advertising
By -

DENVER -- In response to a solicitation from Qwest Communications International, I agreed to sign-up for Qwest Unlimited (intraLATA and interLATA) residential long distance telephone service beginning January 5, 2005. Initially I had been able to place unlimited, uninterrupted long distance telephone calls, consisting almost entirely of in-state calls. Shortly thereafter I began to experience frequent, unexpected disconnects when calling a friend across the state. On more than one occasion, I called Qwest Customer Service to complain of the regular disconnects.

Concerned that my monthly long distance calls were totaling an average of roughly five to six thousand minutes per month, the Qwest Customer Service representative asked if I had been running a business; I assured them that I was not. For a short time thereafter I was able to once again place unlimited, uninterrupted long distance telephone calls in which four hours or more per call were not unusual. It was not long afterwards that the disconnects resumed. Further complaints to Qwest Customer Service yielded no resolution of the disconnect problem.

Failing to resolve the disconnect issue through Qwest Customer Service I began filing complaints with the local regulatory authority: the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, hereinafter referred to as the WUTC. After several complaints had been filed with the WUTC I was promptly contacted by Qwest Customer Service. I informed them that the regular disconnects had (temporarily) stopped.

Shortly following the calls from Qwest Customer Service, I received a call from a Qwest engineer admitting that Qwest monitors long distance calls and uses programmable timers, as a precaution, to disconnect telephone circuits that they believe may have been accidentally or inadvertently left open for long periods of time. Once again the disconnects temporarily stopped. This was followed not long after by a continuation of the regular disconnects. Each time the disconnects began, I immediately called the WUTC to complain. The disconnect problem continues to this day, with brief periods of unlimited, uninterrupted long distance calling.

Throughout this ordeal Qwest representatives persist in blaming my local telephone carrier, Verizon, the carrier of the receiving party I call most often, CenturyTel (now CenturyLink,) as well as my telephone equipment, which I have long since replaced to no avail. Over the last couple of years Verizon has placed traps on my phone line in an effort to determine if the source of the disconnect problem is the result of Verizon's equipment. According to Verizon, each time the results have shown Verizon's equipment to be operating properly.

Qwest has never explicitly informed me - by phone or in writing - that they have performed similar troubleshooting efforts. After five years the WUTC, adding further insult to injury, continues to accept excuses from Qwest Communications thereby holding Qwest unaccountable for its actions or lack thereof. As someone who is on Social Security Disability and has long suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, depression and other psychiatric disorders, I feel greatly betrayed by Qwest and the local telecom regulator.

I unequivocally believe Qwest is solely responsible for the regular disconnects and that they are not the result of equipment malfunction or any other random act. In other words, as a frequent caller I firmly believe that I am being targeted by Qwest in an effort to coerce me into discontinuing my current, unprofitable Qwest long distance calling plan. It is my contention that Qwest must honor their UNLIMITED calling plan as promoted and advertised. Enduring regular disconnects for five years and counting is simply unacceptable and I intend to hold Qwest accountable.

Qwest Are Liars
By -

I had been bogarting unsecured internet connects for a while and decided it was time to pay for my own reliable connection. I did pricing around town and finally settled for Qwest as they were offering prepaid Visa cards to new Internet subscribers. In my area the only speeds offered are 1.5, 3 and 7. I naturally wanted 7. The promo was $50 for 1.5 and 3 and $100 for 7 and up. I remember the sales guy saying that it was great because I was essentially getting my money back for buying the $90 wireless router. I would receive it in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

In that time, appx. one month later, I hooked up a home phone through them and bundled my internet with it. The cost was actually going to be cheaper to have a phone and Internet together. LOLLOLLOL what a JOKE!!! I have yet to receive a bill UNDER $100! When I have called about it, I'm SO confused that I just give up!

OK back to the prepaid card. So I called in June to inquire about the card, they said it would be here in July. I was fine with that (was planning to use it for "back to school shopping" anyway...). So I waited all of July still nothing. Aug 1st I emailed them and they responded with a link. I went there, typed in my number...nothing, "call customer service" imagine my surprise!! (Sarcasm noted.)

So I wait a few more days just to be sure it doesn't show up then I call. Guess what? My name isn't even down for a promo card!!! So I had to call Qwest and request a 3-way call with the promo place. When I told them my date of service was May 1, 2010, they told me that they were only doing the $50 promo at that time!! I saw with my own two eyes the sales they had online, and heard with my own two ears what the sales guy said to me. I tried to reason but of course it was a losing battle On top of all that I was told I have to wait ANOTHER 4-6 weeks for a card to be issued!!!! I even spoke with a manager!

I am 33 and have had 2 strokes. Holding it together is difficult for me, I managed for 45 minutes. Then I broke and couldn't even speak. My 13 yr old son had to finish the conversation for me!! Bottom line, I think companies are too big and there is no accountability anywhere anymore. I am looking into a small locally owned co. now. It costs a bit more than what Qwest "quoted me" but I know they will be fair and the service will be top notch.

We collectively need to start giving our support and money to small business for this very reason. Their prices go down, the more customers they get to so it's a win-win. we complain about big business and customer service but I guess we get what we pay for discounted prices equals discounted service...

IF You LIKE Your Business, Don't Use These Fools!
By -

I own a cab company in a university town, which means a lot of drunk college students every weekend, who almost all have out-of-town cell phone numbers. Some moron at Qwest decided I didn't need my remote call forwarding OR my long distance anymore, and removed the features from their switch. We didn't find out about it until a Friday night, during bar rush, bam the phone quit working! I called them to find out if it was just an outage in the area, and was told that those features had been removed, and that *I* was the one who requested it!

Right, I've worked hard to build a business that I want to kill by eliminating the way I transfer the phones to my dispatchers, who all live in a city an hour south of where my business actually is. It's been working beautifully for 3 months. Until the moron. So I am naturally way upset that it's bar rush and my customers can't reach us, and the representative put a hard call forward on for me to help out for the evening. Only problem is, it had to be a local number, and it ended up having to go to one of the cab drivers. He was having to both drive the cab AND dispatch all the calls to the other drivers! Safe huh?

In the morning when he got off work, I called Qwest to move the phone to the day driver's cell phone. No problem, the representative did it. THEN when I called in to get it moved back to the night driver's phone again, they REFUSED to do it, stating it was against policy and shouldn't have been done in the first place. So I asked her if I could speak with her supervisor. That witch was absolutely Cruella de Ville on crack, and she stated that even though they COULD do the hard forward again, they wouldn't do it.

So my business phone is now stuck on my day driver's cell phone and it's Saturday night. We even tried forwarding HIS phone to mine so I can dispatch for the night...didn't work because he's got one of those prepaid cell phones that has nothing extra available on it. Now we are going to have to take his cell phone for the night so we can still pick people up who are calling us, in an attempt to salvage my business AND keep those drunk kids off the road, because believe me, if they can't get a cab, they WILL drive home!

Qwest has done a LOT of damage to my business, angering customers that we have worked very hard to get. There are no other options for phone service in town, so they know they have us over a barrel and we just have to bend over and take it. Their whole attitude about the situation is complete apathy, and I know they won't do anything to make it right to me. But, Monday morning I'm going to raise enough Cain that they will regret ever going into business! If necessary I will drive the 2 hours to get to the service center nearest to me, just to kick them all in their sorry pathetic Qwesticles!

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