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Can they do anything they promise?
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Recently I decided to hook cable up in my apartment for my husband who is a HUGE hockey fan. I have heard a lot of bad things about RCN in the past, but I thought it would not hurt to give them a chance. My husband called RCN one day not too long after setting up our service to add the NHL Center Ice Package to our account. We were already almost half way through the season and he asked the representative on the other end if we can have a prorated amount for the service. We were surprised at how easily this could be done. We were also informed by this representative that the package would not only be prorated but broken up into 4 installments. We confirmed with the agent several times before hanging our call up that we would be receiving the NHL Center Ice Package for $120 total and pay that by 4 installments of $30, one installment for the next 4 bills. Thinking this was reasonable and not too good to be true, we happily accepted and not too long after the call my husband was plopped right on the couch watching the Washington Capitals.

A few weeks later the RCN arrives in the mail and I almost hit the floor when I saw the bill. It was $90 more than what I expected!!! They had charged me the whole $120 right then and there! My husband who is much more reasonable and even tempered than me handled the task of calling customer service to square this mess away. He spent nearly 2 full hours on the phone with several different people. He first spoke to a young lady, she reviewed our account for him and did advise my husband that, yes, in fact the package was added incorrectly and our account was not billed correctly either. However, she explained to my husband that she cannot change the feature now and that we would have to pay the entire amount our or services will be shut off for lack of payment. Of course my husband politely fought back on this and eventually she did place him on hold to speak to a supervisor. After 20 MINUTES, yes MINUTES! she came back explaining that neither she or her supervisor can make the adjustments. My husband calmy escalated to her supervisor.

Now my husband is speaking with a gentleman who is the first representatives supervisor. He begins to explain to my husband that when sports packages are added to a customers account they are NOT able to be broken up or there will be double charges. My husband could not understand how on earth you could be double charged if you are making a certain number of payments of a specific amount that will equal to the total cost of what you are buying, how you may be double charged. This supervisor however did offer us a $5 credit on all of our bills for a year. Rather than arguging with this supervisor he escalated over him. He held for 43 minutes this time.

Now my husband was talking to a manager who really seemed as though she wanted to help. She was able to make adjustments to our account so the total amount will be broken up as follows. On the next bill we would be paying 1/3 of the cost of the package, and on the next bill we will pay the remaining balance (2/3 of the cost of the package) along with the $5 credit for the rest of the year (which we did not ask for). Exhausted but happy with some sort of solution where we were able to meet them halfway, although I do not believe we should have, we agreed and though the nightmare was over.

Now I am looking at my RCN bill that I just pulled out of the mailbox no more than 1 hour ago, and I swear if I were Mount St. Helen I would destroy earth! I am about to blow! Not only do we still owe the whole $120ish for the package but we did not receive that $5 credit we were promised. I working for customer service for a cell phone company have a understanding of how billing works. Maybe this bill was produced before the issue was allegedly resolved. I gave them a benefit of the doubt and just called into the automated system to hear my account balance. I was assuring myself the whole time I punched in my 13 digit account number that I would not hear the same amount printed on this paper, it would be lower and I could just kick off my shoes and relax.... I was wrong.

Nothing had been fixed! I'm fuming mad, I filed a complaint with the BBB. I am calling RCN first thing Monday morning and they will not be speaking to my husband. They will get the wrath of the account holder and I will make sure I get what I was promised. If I do not, I will rip all of their equipment from my entertainment center and return it right to their customer service office and cancel my service right then and there. They will not see a penny from me, but they will get a taste of legal action.

My advise, if you have a choice, do not choose RCN.
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Rating: 2/51
DREXEL HILL, PENNSYLVANIA -- My RCN Bill was just increased to$121.00 a month effective 1/1 15. I paid my first Bill on Jan 15th. Today I received a bill in the amount of $214.00. When I called customer service I was fed a line that I called to decrease my service and this bill was printed before that request was made. They said they would prorate my bill to $121but for this month I have to.pay $137????. I never made the call they said I made and refused to answer me regarding why I have to pay $137. Customer service is not good and not knowledgeable. What a waste of time!!! How does a bill increase that much in a matter of weeks? $121.00 is my bill and should be what I pay for February.
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RCN Email
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Rating: 1/51
VIRGINIA -- RCN. COM has to be one of the worst companies ever. We're completely held hostage to this company. Horrendous customer service, technical support and products. For over two months now they have been returning my email as SPAM and then today they started blocking all mail as being blacklisted by me. They have no clue on how to fix a problem after 6 phone calls that go on for hours. Problems never get fixed.

Tonight I talked to a supervisor pertaining to email issues and was told that he had no IT experience that he was just a supervisor. Now how is that. They hire people to supervise so-called IT staff and the supervisors have no IT experience. This is one reason problems don’t get fixed. You call RCN to report a problem and they never get back to you on the problem of get it fixed. Call back a week later and have to go around in a circle going over the samething you had to tell them the week before and it goes like this week after week.
Typical Complaint, with TWIST - (Actually a positive outcome.)
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UNKNOWN -- Due to a problem on their behalf RCN cut off my email yesterday morning, and I spent a day and a half on 30 minutes hold --> disconnect, multiple 10-20 minute holds, listening to a recording raving about how great their service is, especially on line, with occasional semi-conversations with virtually incomprehensable, incompetent, rude customer service people, 4 call backs not received, on and on and on. . . to the tune of at least a day and a half of wasted time, only to be told that may be it would be fixed tomorrow, ( after one tomorrow came and went with no resolution)

Finally, I called the Headquarters in Herndon and talked to a lady in their executive escallated resolution team, who had a terrible cold, and was obviously not feeling good while she was listening to someone "straining to be civil" after all I had been trough. She asked if I could give her a few minutes and that she would call me back in 10 to 20 minutes. . . Within about 15 minutes I got a call that said she had sent me an email and asked if I got it, I told her I would check, and found that it was the first email received since they capriciously cut off my service. ( I had sent myself "test" messages 3 or 4 times from another account -- all of which "bounced" as undeliverable within 1-5 seconds.

She obviously got the problem resolved in 10 minutes where everyone else I had been attempting to deal with for 1 1/2 days had been unable to do so.

So the moral of my story is Please for your sake, and sanity if you have a problem you can't get resolved call their headquarters and talk to the executive escallation team and give them a chance, if all of them are like the lady I dealt with, I would bet the can solve your problem without being short, rude, incomprehensable, or wasteing your time.

It was GREAT to deal with a competent, pleasant person for a change!!!!!

RCN is the worst company out there!
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100 BALTIMORE DR, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been with RCN for 10 years now because they are the only company that offered the phone/cable/internet bundle. In that time, I've been SO unhappy! One may say "Why don't you just switch", it's because RCN is a monopoly in this area and I have no choice. They have horrible customer service. I set up a password 7 years ago on my account. Today they tell me a can not access my account without a NEW password and I can't set it up today, I have to fill out the letter they were going to mail me and then I can find out some information.

They gave us converter boxes a few months ago....charging us $3 per converter box, I needed two. They came out, set them up and I had a pixelated picture for a week. After asking for a credit, the gave me (hold on to your socks) $2.37! Oh and another thing, my very expensive Tivo didn't work like it used to due to only one tuner in the NEW converter box that I did NOT want in the first place. I was forced to buy a new HD Tivo for $300!

Since I had a bundled package, I had 5 phone features. Well, that was thrown out the window and then they started charging for the features that used to be free and then raised my package price without my knowledge.

The internet is constantly slow and often disconnects due to the router they have given me (for the price of $3 per month for renting it).

Last year they took away channels I had gotten for free and added them to the premium package that you have to pay extra for (like TruTv).

I am going to buy a house someone in a different area just so I can move away from the endless crap that I have dealt with for all of these years. If you were smart, stay away from these crooks.
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LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK -- I had the RCN account for almost 2 1/2 year. I then had to move out of city in July so I needed to close the account. I called customer services to cancel it and they directed me to the billing department for cancellation of service. I had to wait for almost 35-45 min every time I tried. I am a busy person and can't hold phone for more than 30-40 min. So I could not get hold of them. I got that RCN connection from a person seating in the lobby of my building claiming himself as RCN agent. Almost all the residents who had RCN in that and surrounding buildings bought connection through him. His name is Zareef. I tried to call him to let him know that I need to cancel this connection as I was moving out. He never responded. Till the day of my moving, I was trying one or the other way to know what am I supposed to do with the modems. At last I left modems in the apartment and informed the owner of the apartment. After reaching my new place which is in different state, I tried RCN again to let them know that this is the case. A customer representative would take the call but would not help me to resolve my problem stating its job of billing department even after knowing that billing department won't take "cancellation call" before 45 mins. I stopped trying further as I did my bet enough. In October I got a phone call from RCN asking if I still live in the same apartment because someone called from that address for new connection. I told them the whole story and they then canceled my account!!!!!!! Let's say if no one would have come to occupy that apartment, RCN would never know whether I am still there or not. Ridiculous. They charged me with good amount of money for not returning modems. I told them that I tried what I could but could not get hold of them. That's not my fault. No one has time to hold phone for 45 minutes to cancel the service. I demanded explanation and told them that I am not going to pay this money because its not my fault. If their claimed agent is not responsible to call me back, I am not supposed to pay for their carelessness. Now I have received a letter stating that they might inform the credit bureau which will spoil my credit history. This is sort of harassment. I don't have any other choice but to pay that money. Additionally they have added some service charge strangely for using their service which I have stopped using for last 6 months. This is really ridiculous. This RCN company is very careless and don't care about customers. I WOULD RECOMMEND NOT TO TAKE THEIR CONNECTION BECAUSE SOME OR THE OTHER WAY IT CAUSES TROUBLE.
Awful customer service & representatives lacking knowledge & professionalism
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WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I'm not sure even where to begin but just want to be sure my opinion of this absolutely awful customer service is logged onto the web somewhere. I had called in the beginning of July to request a shut off date of 7/31 because I was moving.
I came home on 7/17 to no channels above 11. Called the technical support # on my bill & was told that I had no cable because of a pending work order for termination & I needed to call billing in the morning because they may have terminated it early in error. I called billing in the morning & was told that my acct looked fine, I'd need to call technical support. I called technical support again & spk with someone who went through LOTS of different steps to try to correct my issue. From unplugging everything, making sure things are "tight", holding my power button for 5 seconds, waiting for it to turn on & off (which it never did) sending a signal to my box, then sending "the strongest signal" to my box which could take 15 minutes to 2 hours to work. I'd have to call back in 2 hours if it didn't' work & start the explanation process all over again. Oh & by the way, once we tried all her special tricks I ended up with no channels at all never mind only 11. She also told me that "they removed the most important part of your package. The premium channels" I explained nothing should have been removed & this was an error. She rudely came back at me stating she could put it back for a $48 activation fee. She said I'd need to speak with billing about the fee if I didn't agree but there'd be a charge. I then called billing & was told that this person did see something on my acct not the premium issue but that I was on the recent "crush list." (a list of people with analog boxes, which I did not have) She said "you were part of the crush, but shouldn't have been part of the crush, but actually haven't been crushed yet. I'll email the team handling this." She couldn't give me a timeframe that I'd have my cable back on. Since this was 7/18 (no cable for 2 days already)and I was scheduled to move & end service on the 31st anyway, I then asked to terminate service effective immediately instead as it wasn't worth waiting to see when they could fix it. I then had to speak w/"Darla" in the termination dept who was really helpful & understanding. She said she'd "end the billing as of 7/18 & then put in a backdated adjustment for 2 days back to the 16th." She told me to return the equipment asap so there'd be no problems receiving credit. She gave me her # & I forgot to write down her extension. BIG MISTAKE! Returned everything the next day, Saturday.
Received 2 more bills after this even though I had already paid through 7/20 before any of this even happened. I called today & was told to speak with billing. The billing rep couldn't do anything for me because I "was being billed still because there is a 10 notice required for service termination requests" so when asking for a supervisor she said she'd call her "lead billing team" After another lovely lengthy hold came back to tell me that they'll credit my acct $23 which will go back to 7/19 the date that I returned my equipment. "Leaving a balance of $23." Not understanding how I could have a balance due & was not due back $, I had to ask for a supervisor. "Only 2 were taking calls so it will be a long hold." After quite sometime then got the rudest person yet. She claimed to "not be stupid" and "when she was able to read notes that matched what I was saying she'd then be able to help me" "You've already received a lot of credit. They even credited you for your prorated month 7/28-8/20"
She kept saying there was "no call on 7/16"...I know this but she couldn't get past that to even understand the problem that existed. I asked for her supervisor's name..."we don't give that information out." After rattling off rude, attitude filled remarks and comments she then was angry enough to give in & "get another supervisor because we really aren't going to get anywhere with this." I then spk to Moe the "lead supervisor" who was helpful. He calculated what 3 days of service would be & rounded up to give me "a $5 credit onto my account bringing my balance to..." YEP!! Still not understanding I've already paid through 7/20, no service as of 7/16 & still owe $????? It REALLY doesn't take a genius here!!
Finally, he realized my point & took additional time to review further & came back advising that he "brought the account to zero and cleared the balance due." Mind you I still paid 4 days of service that I didn't have! Yes it adds up to be a small amount of $ but its more the principle. AND never mind the minutes used making all these calls!! I spent well over 4 hours all together. Just today & the 18th's calls took over 3 hrs!

Worst Service Ever
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WATERTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is an actual email I sent to RCN CEO/few board members. Here are their email addresses below.


I'm sure by looking at the subject line you know what this is all about. Well I will start from the beginning and I will try not to bore you too much.

About 5 months ago I signed up for a Static IP Service with you people. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_address) This is the definition of static IP, but I will sum it up for you. It means that that your IP address is Dynamic and does not change for any reason at all.

About a week into the service my internet service went down, I called your support line 1-800 RING-RCN, I spent about 2 1/2 hours on the phone, they said they were vary sorry this will be resolved and will never happen again.

Two weeks go by and sure enough it happened again. This actually coninued to happen for about 5 months every 2 weeks.

I was credited money back on the service twice, once they gave me a full month of services for free because I got so fed up and wanted to cancel the service. Another time I had to stay home from work because you sent out and " Lever 3 Engineer" who wasn't even sure why he was there.

But finally what drove me to write this email, was my experience with 1800 RING RCN today. Here is a brief outline of what happened.

I called RCN around 8:30am I waited for about 15 minutes before talking to anyone, which is actually pretty quick because normally it's about 30 minutes before you actually speak to someone. Someone picks up, I get connected with the canceling services dept. I explain to them that I wish to cancel my static IP address. They said, I'm sorry we don't handle that cancellation, I will have to transfer you to our tech support dept. I said fine and they put me on hold....for 36 minutes and 42 seconds before my call was just dropped.

So like an idiot I decide to call back. This time I called back and requested tech support directly, I explained to them that I wanted to cancel my static IP service, they said ( you guessed it)" I'm sorry we don't handle that" " Let me transfer you to our billing dept.

This went on for about 2 hours, one dept transferred me to another, the other dept said, " Sorry this is not our dept etc.. You get the picture.

Finally someone had the heart to tell me. " I'm not really sure who I can transfer you to,, her name was Phyllis I remember this because in the midst of get stuck in you massive phone system I got transferred to her twice and she remembered me and said " I can't believe you still haven't talked to anyone" and she was right, 2 1/2 hours later I had not talked with anyone.

All together I think I have spent about 40 hours in 5 months talking to you customer support and still nothing gets resolved. At this point I am letting know that I will never ever use RCN again.

I should have done my research before I signed up. Here are some more websites you can read about the horrible service your company offers, I will also be posting on those websites.


Wiring always a problem. Tech Service- idiots. Customer Service- useless. Cost of useless service $150.00
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CHICAGO -- I have had technicians out multiple times. the service will just stop working and it is always a problem with their wiring, their converter boxes, etc.- I have never been charged for a visit because it has always been their equipment or wiring. Having said that - there's only so many times you can deal with horrible service no matter whose fault it is.

So I came back from out of town and figured that I must have forgot to pay the bill because the broadband and cable weren't working. I called tech service as it was too late to call customer service as they only have 9-5 hours (which are useless for working people- but I digress), so while speaking to a tech rep they told me that they weren't able to send a signal and getting no response so they would have to schedule a tech visit that there was something wrong on my end. I told them it would have to be a Saturday since I work for a living. That was on a Monday or Tuesday so the next day I got one of those automated calls- your service has been suspended for past due amount of $150.00, so I called and made the payment. The guy at customer service told me that there wasn't a technical issue that the service was suspended because I didn't pay. The rep then cancelled the tech visit.

I went home that night and guess what? No service. So I called tech support (customer service was closed of course) and the girl says your payment just didn't go through yet, give it another day. So guess what happened the next day? Right, NO SERVICE! So I went to work, and called customer service. I gave her the whole story. She tells me there have been multiple outages in my area (the first time I heard that) she told me that my service was down prior to the payment being late or service being suspended so that had nothing to do with the problem (first time someone gave me that information) and she told me she couldn't help me refresh or send a signal to the converter until I was home, even though no one else was home and the TV was off. I told her when I'm at home- so are all of you! She said I would have to wait and call tech support then. I told her to reschedule my appointment that was cancelled errorneously by the RCN tech support because more than likely someone still needs to come out. She said, that Saturday was now full and I would have to wait another week until another Saturday would be available! I said, surely since I wasn't to blame you can squeeze me in- I mean your people cancelled it because they didn't know what they were doing. No dice, too bad lady, deal with it!

I have premium service, all movie channels, plus broadband wireless service, I order pay per view once or twice a month- I would think I was a valuable customer- but none of that mattered. They treated me like crap, none of them seemed to give a rats...., one rep could hardly speak English, and uuhhhed and ohhhhed so much they sounded like a moron. Not exactly award winning, loyal inspiring customer service, in fact there was no customer service at all. and all of them were aloof and obtuse.

Oh and during all my calls I asked for the 800 or 888 number where I can automatically refresh or have the system send a signal to my converter boxes- without talking to someone- but no one could ever give me that number. Don't that have computers, access to RCN numbers? what kind of place are they running?
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Poor Service and Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
WOODSIDE, NEW YORK -- Do not use RCN if you want good service. It is a waste of money.

I recently upgraded to TIVO to save money and the quality has gone way down. I was told that my computer and television would work better and the opposite is true. Now I have trouble with my phone, internet and TV. I want to go back to the old way and they said that I can't. The service representatives are rude.

I am looking for another service.
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