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Bad Service And The Worst Customer Service Imaginable
Posted by Notgivingthisout on 06/12/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Honestly, the WORST customer service I have ever dealt with in my entire life. If you would like to be charged for services you're not even signed up for, spoken down to over the phone on a monthly basis, and burdened with having to call EACH MONTH to fix numerous shortcomings on RCN's end, then this company is perfect for you!

I moved into an apt on the East side in November and in the past 7 months, I have only received a correct bill ONCE from RCN. Some of their mistakes entail:

1) Several months, we were charged for services we didn't even have/sign up for

2) One month, our wireless box died and we were instructed that we had to wait "2 weeks for someone to come out or travel to an RCN store to pick up a new one" (which we inevitably visited since we rely on wireless for our work) and were promised a discount for our services that month... which we never saw.

3) We called to program the RCN remote to our new TV and instead of walking us through the instructions, the RCN representative cancelled ALL of our services and then apologized as she transferred us to someone else so he/she could fix HER mistakes (we were, no joke, on the phone with RCN for 1.5 hours fixing the mistakes she made that night).

4) One day, we were called and told that we needed to update our phone. Fine. We signed up for the 11AM-2PM window and the RCN representative came at 8 AM! Once I was informed of this by our doorman, I called the company and informed them of their mistake, to which they apologized and offered to send someone else out. The next person begrudgingly paid us a visit and insisted that we needed a new phone number for the new phone cables he was installing (we were never told about this in advance). Fine. He replaces the phone and instructs us to call RCN sometime later that month to ensure we're not getting billed for 2 phone lines... really? This is our responsibility?

5) We recently switched the main name on the account since a roommate of mine was moving out and RCN DOUBLE-BILLED us! When I called and asked why we received a bill for the same amount the following week (we had paid the total last week under my roommate's name since we are very punctual about bill payments) assuming this was the last bill under her name, we were told that we would have to pay the second bill we received, that RCN would not cancel our old checks (we would have to wait on them to issue us a refund check.. like THAT would ever happen.. or pay out of pocket to cancel our checks when all we were doing was following orders!), and that we would be charged a late fee if we chose to wait for the refund before we paid that month's bill. The representative also warned us that we may have to call RCN and remind them next month since "they're likely to forget" even though she wrote this down in the notes section of our account!!!! Essentially, RCN mistakenly double-billed us, we responsibly paid the first bill on time, and they threatened US with a late fee if we didn't pay the "correct" bill on time. They refused to transfer the funds over to the new account. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

6) Our last bill was FOUR TIMES higher than it's supposed to be, and we added ZERO services nor did any promotion expire. Why are we suddenly being charged more? Your guess is as good as mine.

All in all, YOU will be penalized for RCN's shortcomings. The company is absolutely horrendous and the customer service is appalling. We are desperately searching for a new cable/wireless provider because dealing with RCN has proven to be more of a nightmare than any of us would've ever imagined. Please, spare yourselves the trouble. Even if it costs a bit more money to track down a different provider, it will be well worth it in the end.

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Posted by jfk on 2014-02-13:
Worst provider ever. Long story short: I cancelled my FREE rcn account and switched to a paid one. That's how bad they are. Just all around worst
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Posted by Rbongio on 04/13/2011
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- RCN Web Mail is simply terrible.

I have been a customer for 15+ years (Before RCN) purchased Erols. The past few years web mail service has been literally atrocious.

About 1 month ago, I got into an email conversation with a customer service representative who finally relented and said she knew of the problem because many customers were complaining and that they were aware of the latency problem for some time and were working on resolving it.

It got so, that I recently mailed a letter to the President and CEO complaining about the so-called "service". In the letter I told him RCN's service was literally driving me away to another ISP.

I got a phone call back from his assistant who said they were working on fixing the problem. No Cigar!!!

After being a customer for 15+ years, I'm gone!!!

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They should be left out on a log to die!
Posted by Steven4839 on 01/18/2011
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I am still holding with RCN and it has been 53 minutes so far waiting for a sign of intelligent life.
I had my wallet stolen and called RCN to change my credit card number with them so they would automatically charge me each month. It was my misfortune that I spoke with remedial woman who screwed something up and I fell out of auto pay and lost my monthly billing rate and now they are trying to charge me almost twice as much for service as well as a $10 penalty for their incompetency.
When I signed up for RCN internet the lying sack of crap told me that their wireless router was the only one that would work with the RCN system. I was one of the Carnival suckers that believed her and have since learned that that was a bold face lie.
Several times I had called the RCN office because I kept getting an error message from Netflix that there was insufficient band width to steam a movie. The unsound mind of Frankenstein kept running tests on the modem telling me it was working well and that it must be Netflix. I had a friend take me to get a different wireless router and I have never had that problem again. For four months I had lived with this problem.
Once this problem was brought to their attention I was issued a credit for what I had spent on the router rental. This would have been fine except that they keep forgetting to credit my bill and was given every excuse in the book as to why they were unable to refund my money.
So here I still sit on hold clocking in 64 minutes waiting for the next idiot to try to insult my intelligence. I only can hope and pray that Comcast will be better.
It feels good to dream.
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RCN illegal charges and technical support
Posted by Zueltto on 09/28/2010

On the 24th of September I made a payment arraignment with RCN also known as Starpower Telecom: I was going to pay $119.00, which I did with an electronic check in their website. Before I made the payment I confirm with the RCN billing or financial dept who assure me that if I pay the same day the $119.00 my service was not going to be disconnected or interrupt and that I was not going to be charge any reconnection fee.

Four days later I found out that I was charged $290.00 from my checking account to cover the past due balance I had in my RCN account. After endless calls and discussions with supervisors they that “they did not know what happened”.

I find out the same day taking with a supervisor that in addition to the illegal money they took from my account, they charge me $20+ for the disconnection of the system.

I work at home so I know that the internet and or the telephone, was never interrupt, but according to the supervisor from RCN, I was disconnected and immediately connected again and charge $20.00 behind my back. Even if I had payment arraignment with the company.

While this was happening two technicians, in different occasions, were trying to work on how to repair my internet and phone system, because it did not work properly and was constantly interrupted.

This technical problem occurred at the same time that RCN was taking the $290.00+ and also was charging me the $20+ for the "disconnection" of the system that never happened.

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Posted by leet60 on 2010-09-28:
If you were behind you were talking to someone in their collections department. NEVER believe a word a collector tells you and NEVER give them your credit card or checking account information.
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Embarassing New York City Ineptitude
Posted by Rcnsucksmoose on 01/30/2010
Hard to believe but several hundred customers have had serious internet problems for DAYS in the heart of New York city. They don't tell you anything about what is or will be done. After the long outage they tell you that they will be gracious to not bill you on these days (wow, as if I needed to call six times to know I wasn't paying for these days!) They don't have any plan to fix the Internet in any expeditious fashion - in New York City? Are you kidding me? Try to cancel service - they have limited hours that this department is open, M-F only, of course.

I've never seen anything like it. Shocking but true. This is why I have to run out now and get broadband cable because RCN has no clue when the problem will be fixed. They are offering to send people out later this week. A week outage?
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Don't trust their Cancellation of internet via phone service
Posted by Fleet on 12/08/2009
Before moving, I canceled the internet service three months ago via their automatic phone call, after pressing this button or that for almost 10 minutes.

But I still get bill from this great company for the the pass three months! And they told me not to use their phone cancellation! And they can't do anything for that.

It is really ...
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Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-12-08:
Is this a complete the sentence quiz? "It is really ... my fault for not sending a certified, return receipt letter verifying I cancelled the service" or "It is really . . . my fault for not noticing the billing was still coming the following month."

Does anyone else have a completion for this complete the sentence quiz?
Posted by laklisa on 2009-12-08:
"It is really...crazy that I did not talk to an agent to confirm that I cancelled it through the automated system."
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Worst Service
Posted by Z123456 on 12/17/2008
MASSACHUSETTS -- I ordered RCN internet five months ago and everything was working fine until two week ago. It was down for one weekend and then it is occasionally down for night (I am not at home during the day time though). Even when it is working, the speed is slow (~800K out of claimed 1.5M) and doesn’t support the VPN connection to my company any more. While the worst part is that you can’t find people to help. I called the tech support number (1-866-832-4726) three times during 6pm-10pm in three days and had waited for 20, 50, and 30 minutes respectively but only heard the recorded message and no live person picked up the phone. I have given up my hope for this company to fix my problem.

The only worry I have right now is whether I could find a live person to cancel the service tomorrow.
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Terrible Company
Posted by BRICKslayer on 11/11/2008
They do there best not to provide reliable service. Tech support in a foreign land fake name's included. Not to mention hold times exceeding 30+ minutes.

Buyer Beware-

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Billing Dispute
Posted by Tae on 01/29/2008
DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been with RCN since 2003, I change from basic plan for phone services to Unlimited Regional and Unlimited Local package in 2006. With the basic plan I was charged for every local call I made, so in an effort to save money I contacted RCN and sold on the bundled package which included *UNLIMITED REGIONAL & UNLIMITED LOCAL* calling. I have made several calls to RCN complaining about the service. The problem, I am unable to dial my cell phone number or my daughters cell phone number from my home phone. The cell phone numbers are within my *UNLIMITED CALLING AREA* I have spent more then 6 hours trying to correct this issue.

I was able to get a tech service rep who was willing to listen to me and the CODES that are required to make the *UNLIMITED REGIONAL & LOCAL SERVICE* work were added to my account 01/2008 the codes should have been added to my account when the service was changed in 02-16-2006. I was told to contact the billing department and report the findings and that my account would be credited.

I contacted the billing department and was told by *RACHEL* that there was nothing that could be done. The mistake was discovered more then 30 days later, which will not allow them to credit my account. However, I have been billed for more then 2 years for a service I did not have.

I am sure that there are others out there that are paying for this package and not getting the service. If you are one of them send me an email.

I am in the process of writing a letter to all the RCN executives, the following information can be found on the following link which is open for the public:


I have added the names below:

Peter Aquino , 46
Chief Exec. Officer, Pres, Director and Member of Exec. Committee

Mr. Michael T. Sicoli , 37
Chief Financial Officer and Exec. VP

Mr. John D. Filipowicz , 49
Pres of Residential Markets

Mr. Richard Ramlall , 52
Sr. VP of Strategic and External Affairs

Mr. John S. Dubel , 49
Chief Operating Officer

The only address that I could find on-line is:

RCN Corp.
196 Van Buren Street
Herndon, VA 20170

Phone number: 703-434-8200
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Godawful service, terrible customer service
Posted by AMF on 09/07/2007
Don't call tech support unless you want to hear that there are no outages (first call), still no outages (second call), okay, outages but only on my account (third call), and finally system-wide outages (fourth call) but they have no idea when they will be fixed.

You also get to spend huge amounts of time on hold and get put to people who don't speak/understand English that well.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-07:
RCN may go under before the end of the year. A few weeks ago their biggest investor withdrew support.
Posted by Keiko on 2007-11-09:
Apparently RCN outsources to the Philipines so I'm guessing it takes a while to get word in the Philipines that there is a service outage in Chicago. But try and ask for a local customer service number and they repeat how can I assist you? YOU CAN'T from the Philipines!
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