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1.5 Hours On Phone & Still Being Charged For A 2nd Box I Turned In
Posted by CharlesM on 10/15/2008
I moved across the street. RCN technician, when hooking me up, picked up a 2nd box I would no longer need.

2 months later still being charged. 1.5 hours on phone did not resolve it! I am being accused of still having the box.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-15:
Maybe the tech kept the box. Do you have anything in writing to show the box was taken?
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No Wonder RCN is Bankrupt!!!!
Posted by I LOATHE RCN! on 09/04/2008
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- When we moved into a bldg. in NYC, we got cable TV, high speed internet & phone from RCN. The phone has been out for WEEKS. They refused to even try to fix it. Said it was our phone. I tried one last time to get them to fix it, wasting 30 minutes on hold to have them say. on a Thursday, that Monday was the first day they could come out. Finally, I called to just CANCEL it. Their response was to punish me by making me wait for another 30 minutes just to cancel. They made me jump through all kinds of hoops to cancel, which they SAY they can't do for over a week. I said I wanted credit for the time the phone has been out. I had to call BILLING, which was closed. (Another 30 minutes on hold, no doubt.) I PROMISE RCN, I AM CANCELLING THE CABLE & INTERNET ASAP, TOO. As my husband said after the ABUSE I took from RCN, This is what is WRONG with America! I am calling the building to BEG them to cancel RCN contract. They are a DISGRACE to themselves, to their customers. Hookers, garbage men & E. Coli bacteria have more pride in their work than RCN does. I'm MAD AS HELL & I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Does anyone know which govt. agency controls RCN? It's PAYBACK time!!!
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Posted by SBee on 2008-09-08:
I am having almost the exact same experience in Boston right now. Yes, waited for 30 minutes to cancel. Then last week over 40 minutes to talk to someone in billing. Today? Over an hour.

They lied about the charges and then charged me. Oh, and I love the tactic "Well, that was between you and her/him" as I've now heard that several times.

I have the copy of my work order and it doesn't reference the charge. They say "OUR copy shows that you agreed." I have requested a copy. Good luck to me receiving it.

I filed with BBB and am going to talk to Attorney General. Heard there's a class action in NY, wish there was one in MA.
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Releasing phone number
Posted by Kellymnyc on 08/01/2008
My wife and I have been loyal RCN customers for 10 years but recently moved into a building that only allows Time Warner. RCN refuses now to release our phone number and Time Warner will not schedule an installation visit. We have therefore been without phone service for almost a month and RCN will not tell us when they will release our phone number.
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Posted by SoFlaDiva on 2008-08-01:
I can appreciate you dilemma having woked in telecommunications for many years. The fact is RCN may not ever release the number for a variety of reasons - for example, a company I worked with, if a customer moved into a new service area, the phone number remains their property, not the customer's. And even if they do move the number, it's a lengthy process which can take well over 30 business days.

A possible workaround - if you insist on keeping your number, check to ensure that RCN can call-forward (redirect) your number. If so, have Time Warner issue you a new number. Then, place an order with RCN to call-forward the old number to the new number. Essentially, anyone who calls your old number will be forwarded to the new number - you need never give out the new number unless you want to or want to transition people to your new number. This will work until you cancel the call-forwarding order or have your old number moved to your new premise.

Be aware that extra costs are involved - the monthly fee to have the number forwarded and the new number (line) charges from Time Warner.

Hope this helps and good luck!
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Worst Service In My Life
Posted by MicheleR on 10/11/2007
ILLINOIS -- I ran an entire construction project to remodel my home and the MOST difficult piece was getting RCN to take care of my PHONE! I am right now on the phone and have been for 45 minutes for the 5th time since October 6th, trying to get my phone turned back on. NO ONE there can help me. First they put the order to turn back on my phone in wrong, then I call back and they tell me technical support can't help because I have internet, phone and cable so I have to call customer service and their hours are 8-5. So I call back the next day at 4 p.m. Chicago time and wait 20 minutes and they tell me they are closed. Then I call back this morning and they tell me they will have it fixed by the end of the day and here it is 6:17 p.m. and I have been on the phone 30 minutes and NO ONE will get a supervisor on the phone and no one will do anything ...... the first person put me on hold 12 and 1/2 minutes I finally hung up. Now they are TRYING TO GET someone. Will I ever get my phone back?

When I went on vacation hold (at their suggestion) it took 4 hours on the phone. I've made decisions about thousands of dollars of construction expenses faster than this.

This is the worst service I have ever experienced in my life. I am going to tell EVERY PERSON I KNOW HOW HORRIBLE RCN IS, starting NOW>...

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-11:
Thanks for the information.
Good luck.
Posted by Keiko on 2007-11-09:
How can they help you when the customer service people are in the Philipines. :( I've been a customer since RCN came into the area and ever since they went mandatory digital I've had nothing but problems. What other recourse is there?
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More RCN troubles
Posted by AMF on 09/27/2007
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- So after my previous ordeal with RCN, I decide to switch over to AT&T. Since AT&T needs to send over a tech, I schedule the switchover for October 4th, when I can be sure to be in.

RCN, when they get the notice, IMMEDIATELY switches off my phone service, ten days ahead of time.

So I email them, call, etc. and get the complete runaround. Finally, after 35 minutes on hold, I talk to somebody who promises that they'll have it turned back on in "about an hour." That was four hours ago...

I also have to fight to get them to credit me for the missing time.

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Posted by Keiko on 2007-11-09:
I just found out that RCN technical support is in the Philipines. How can someone in the Philipines support me technically. I asked if there was someone local I can speak with... no maam... may I speak with your supervisor... no maam... is there anyone there that is NOT reading from a script?... I am not reading a script Is there someone there that is not speaking from a memorized script? No maam

Thank you for NOT helping me!

Unfortunately Comcast is no better in my area. What am I to do?
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Very bad bad customer service phone number
Posted by Monicat on 08/06/2007
NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I just moved to a new location and want to give RCN a try. They came and set up the services (the triple play) very promptly. My TV cable is not always work. I was promised 2 free month of HBO but I could not get to it. Every time I try to watch a program on HBO, the error appear on the screen and instruct me to call Customer Service. I was also promised 2 free month of the bundle services but a week after the services was installed, I got a bill from RCN demanding payment. I continue to get disconnected with the TV cable that I fed up and switch over to Comcast.

I try to call RCN to cancel the service with them and with the life of me, I could not get to a human customer service. As soon as I chose the cancel option of the greeting menu, I was put on wait for 30-40 minutes without anybody picking up the phone. I have tried to call them 2 times on Friday, August 3: one in the morning and one in the afternoon, same result: no one pick up the phone for 40 minutes. I have to hang up both time so I can get back to work.

I try to call back again on Monday, 8/6 and the same thing happen, I dial the number at 1:35 and still waiting on the line. This is the most ridicules business I have ever encounter in my life.
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Captive Phone Number
Posted by Cardinal72 on 03/08/2007
I moved to an area not serviced by RCN. It is RCN policy is not to release a phone number to the new servicer until 15 days after the disconnection request. THIS MEANS YOU WON'T HAVE ANY SERVICE FOR 15 DAYS AT THE YOUR NEW ADDRESS, NOR CAN YOU LEAVE A FORWARDING MESSAGE! By the way, it took RCN two days to transfer my number from SBC to RCN when I signed up.
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