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Princeton, NJ 08540
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RCN is a SHODDY provider
By -

ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We had RCN for less than 1 year. ON July 1, a Thursday, our on-demand went out. I called RCN. They took the call. The next day, I called again, they took the call. I called every day, July 1-5. Of course being a holiday weekend - I did not get any response on my service call July 6th. We then canceled our service on July 22nd for RCN's non-ability to provide service.
They then are billing us for 1 week of service after we canceled. We have tried calling. To no avail - No on the other end of phone can help you or resolve your problem and supervisors who can resolve the problem are not reachable!!! Our problem is not resolved, and we don't know how to resolve it.

DO not get service with RCN.

Less Product For The Money
By -

MORTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Is it me? Are we the only household with three or more TV sets? RCN recently went digital in our area. We received our "free" converter box. ($2.99 for each additional) Won't go into the hours wasted and anxiety levels in getting the unit working.

( Hello? RCN. . You've got to get more people on the phones for cable service support. The wait times are inexcusable. )

So step back a bit. I went from four TV sets. (Living Room, den, kitchen, bedroom. ) to one. Oh yeah, forget the days of recording on one channel and watching another. Unless you fork out for another converter box, that convenience is out the window.

I haven't made the leap of faith as to how to add more converter boxes. The cable modem is one split for my feed. Add two more converter boxes and you've split the signal even more. The field tech said my signal was marginal for the one box that I installed. Blamed it on the quality of the cable I was using. OK, so what kind should I get? No help there in that department.

I envision a bundle of cables flying to the house from the utility pole to feed my insatiable thirst for entertainment. One for each box.

Speaking of entertainment. Now that we're "digital" I have more channels than ever to sift through to find ones that will work using my basic package.

Hello? RCN Are you listening? It it too much to ask that only the directory listings of operational (active) channels for a given cable package be downloaded to that customer's converter box? And it's not like you can picture in picture scroll down to the ones that do work.

Clever marketing on your part. Make me cave in for the full-blown package so ALL the listed channels will work. Stick it. And it's not like I had a choice. It was go digital or NOTHING.
It's subtle but we have to adjust our mindset into learning that the cast is already made and you will pay for each and every device connected to the system.
Makes me re-think the awkward question. "Do I REALLY need TV?"

RCN is horrible
By -

ILLINOIS -- When I first moved to Chicago from Ohio, I went and called RCN to get internet and cable for me and my 3 roommates I was living with at the time. When the tech. first came out it was impossible to understand anything they were saying (not to say its there fault) but they were very rude as well. Throughout having RCN, it was like playing musical chairs, because every week it was either me, or my 2 roommates that were out of service. Either one of us was SOL and had to use our computer, or which was even worse was when all 3 of us had no service. Needless to say this made our living situation tense just because of all the stress that they caused and calling them up was pointless because you would spend 2 hours of your day trying to talk to some idiot who either gets you disconnected in the middle of waiting or does nothing to help your problem and says they can have a tech come out. Once the tech comes out 4 days later, we get a bill the next month for $250.00. We pay each month, but figured maybe something happened as to why it was so high as usual. Instead of complaining as that gets us nowhere with them, we just decide to go through and pay. No matter how many times we would call to lower our bill, it would never get resolved even if they would say countless times how many "discounts" we would receive and the money that would be taken off. Finally our service was back on, we were happy. Not even 24 hours goes by where everything shuts down both cable and internet. Of course I'm pissed and call RCN in a rage only to find out that they are experiencing an outage in my area. I understand that but when this is about the 20th outage since I've had RCN it gets to be a bit ridiculous. Please save your money and your time and get Comcast. Believe me, its cheaper then RCN regardless what you hear. Good luck!

My special needs under age child was playing with TV and pushed buttons and ordered 3 movies. Called RCN to have them remove they
By -

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- My special needs under age child was playing with TV and pushed buttons and ordered 3 porn movies. Called RCN to have them remove they won't. What should be my next step?

I thought you had to have some sort of clause verifying you you were at least 18 to order. There is nothing like this. Isn't RCN selling Porn to underage children?

Not only am I concerned due to the cost but also what they are providing to children.

Can this even be legal?
By -

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- RCN has now taken to charging people an additional dollar on each bill paid (EVEN if paid on time), if you don't allow them access to your bank account for their auto pay program. Clearly they need competition in order to level the field and force them to behave ethically.

Their services
By -

RCN sucks. How can a city as big as Chicago only have two cable companies, that both sucks by the way? RCN doesn't have many options to choose from, and if you have problems with your services you can expect to be credited O for all your problems. Then the customer services representative don't speak good English and they aren't helpful at all. I wish Chicago will look into having better cable companies here. And they are too high for the lousy services that they provides

Bad services
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- This cable company is terrible. Their services sucks and so do their customer services reps. There need to be more options for cable in Chicago. I'm so tired of these bootleg companies that overpriced the consumers for their greed

RCN sneaks in a fee

For those of you who have service from RCN you may have recently received a notice of rate increases. Most people probably glanced at the back at what looks like a listing of services. Buried in that listing is a notice. Beginning May 1 they will charge $5 per transaction for downgrading any service. So if you are angered at the higher new rates with less choices you'd better downgrade now before they hit you with that fee.

If you change internet speeds $5; cable TV package, another $5; phone service is another $5.

Billing / Customer Service
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- Well, another 40 minutes on hold & why? Because they sent me a letter of service suspension and I want to find out why.I received their latest invoice last week, and the notice of suspension arrived today. Only the current month is owing, nothing else. They have also left phone messages about the non-payment. Their representative told me that it was all automatic and there was nothing she could do - but that I was overdue by 1 day. So the notice of suspension was sent out before the bill was even due!

Their rates are not even that good anymore - time for a change.

10 Day Disconnect Policy
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I've had RCN for the past two years and am moving out of state. Their rude customer service person told me I would have to pay for an additional 10 days BEYOND my regular billing date (which is already 10 days out). They said their final billing process is long and it takes that long to get the technician out to turn off the service. As if that is my fault! I just cancelled my electric service, cell phone and newspaper with no "disconnect policy". When I complained to a supervisor, she said that I "was lucky-- it's usually longer than 10 days." I've also complained to the BBB in MA, where there are already 59 complaints in the last 36 months.

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