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Prepaid Visa
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I don't like to use my bank account and credit cards online, that's why I purchased a prepaid Visa card from a Regions Bank back on December 2008. I asked them "can I use it online and if I cannot use it, is it possible to return it", both answers were YES. There I purchased it. Boy, with that didn't I brought a big headache into my life... First, I couldn't purchase the item and went to bank to return the card. They said "sorry you can't". Now, I'm stuck to use this card. I went back home activate a PayPal account since I paid for this card I can put that money into my PayPal account and shop from there.

One more time I was wrong. I went back to Bank. They said because I'm trying to send money to another country it won't work. I called a friend of mine and asked him that can he use this card and forward the same amount of money to my PayPal account and I can send this money and purchase my stuff. He calls me back says it is not working for him either.

Then I called the 800 number. They said because there is no address entered, PayPal cannot see the account and he was gladly entered my information. I went back home thinking finally I will be able to use it. Of course it didn'€™t work. I thought maybe it needs time. A few days passed still don't work. Meanwhile $75 is missing from my account and they don't work weekends. I had to wait till Monday to figure it out.

The explanation of that was because it swiped at the pump bank, holds $75 of the card amount. "The money will be return to the account after 7th day or the 8th day" I was told. Now, I'm very aggravated. Finally on the 10th day the money put back into my account. I went out start shopping just to get rid of this darn card and never ever buy it again. I went to a gas station walked inside (just like they said) guess the amount of the gas that I planned to buy and went back to pump. Darn, I guesstimated almost $5 more than what I had. Went back inside to make the adjustments and left.

Same night I checked my balance. They took the bigger amount. The difference wasn't reflect to my account yet and also one charge wasn't reflecting at all and there is an extra $54 charge that I had no clue... I called again (not to mention I had to wait next day because they are close). It turned out that $54 charge is purchase + %20 one of my purchase that I had that day. They didn't only took $45 off my account, also took $9 more. I was shocked. I cannot believe the way they operate. I will never ever buy another prepaid card. It is my money and also paid extra $3.95 to get into this aggravation.

Also if you don't use it quick there is a $2.50 charge every month. My $5 will be returned to my account by next week. Today is February 24th and I activated this card in mid January. Since then it is just a pain in the neck. I don't recommend anyone.

Regions Bank - Inept Again!
By -

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- Update #3 - 02/04/11 has been added at the end. Update #2 - 01/24/11 has been added at the end. Update #1 - 01/20/11 has been added at the end. This time they have shown my son how inept they are. Several months ago my son used his Regions Bank debit card to pay his Geico insurance premium. About Nov. 3, 2010 he closed his account with Regions Bank. No items were outstanding at the time of the closure.

A change was made to his insurance policy which resulted in a $26.49 refund due from Geico. He instructed Geico send a check via the US Mail. On Nov. 18, 2010 Geico refunded the money to the closed account. So, at this point Geico has initiated the problem.

Now enter Regions Bank to compound the problem. Regions cannot post this money to a closed account. They do not return it to Geico. They hold it and wait for my son to contact Regions (This is according to a Regions CSR). My son would have had no reason to call Regions - the account was supposed to be closed! A month passes - no check from Geico. He calls Geico. Geico spends an hour trying to find out what has happened. Now he finds out that Geico has mistakenly sent the refund to Regions. Geico says they will retrieve the money from Regions and send him the check.

Now, here is where Regions really screws things up. Geico requests the return of the money that could not be posted to a closed account. What does Regions do? You guessed it! They debit the closed account on Dec 23, 2010 for $26.49 (Regions CSR states they do not officially close an account for 30 days in case there are outstanding items that have not cleared). Problem: This account has already been closed for 50 days!

The only way he finds out about this disaster is Regions sends him an overdraft notice. So, he calls Regions and appears to get a solution figured out. They found the money but they cannot just erase the overdraft condition. They state they will send a check and then he can go to a local branch and deposit the check to clear the overdraft. Well, two weeks and no check. Update will follow.

Update #1 - 01/20/11. Went to the local branch. The story is now they will honor ACH debit card transactions for an indeterminate amount of time after an account has been closed. That's right, at some point they will refuse them but not to any time frame they will disclose to the customer. As it stands now the account will not allow any posts of any kind. Not even to clear this overdraft condition. The branch manager says they should have this straighten out within a couple of days. My confidence level is about 75%. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Update #2 - 1/24/11. The check Regions stated they would send was finally received. It was taken to the local Regions branch in an attempt to clear the account once and for all. The Regions cashiers check was signed and accepted for deposit. I presented the manager with a letter stating that the depositing of this check would clear the account and result in a complete closure. She refused to sign the letter.

The reason is they must be certain there are no other outstanding transactions that might need to clear. Two times I was asked if I was sure there were no more outstanding checks to clear. I could never get her to understand that only Regions had done anything with the account since it had been closed. At this point they absolutely refuse to acknowledge the closure of this account. I don't think this is over yet. I will keep this updated.

Update #3 - 2/4/11. Four emails have been since Jan 25th in an attempt to get written confirmation that the account is, in fact, 100% closed and no other transactions can possibly take place. The last one was sent today and finally received this response: "Your account is closed and nothing else will come through it unless you've authorized it."

As you can see Regions leaving the door open for anything to happen and CLAIM he authorized it. They refuse to acknowledge that the last transaction after the account was supposed to be closed was NOT authorized. Regions Bank has proven complete incompetence through this entire process and steadfastly refuses to confirm the absolute closure of this account.

Seizing of Pension Check
By -

CLINTON, ILLINOIS -- On 03/03/2010 Regions Bank allowed a non-wage garnishment to be placed on the individual checking account used for receiving ACH's from pensions in direct violation of Illinois Statute. Regions Bank did not bother to see what was presented for deposits in this account and whether or not exempt from any form of garnishment. I realized the problem on 03/04/2010 when I checked the automatic teller 1-800 number.

I contacted the Clinton Branch of the Regions Bank, found out exactly what had occurred. I stopped off at home and got the pertinent copies of the pension deposits being exempt but the Branch Manager, who seemed not to understand nor would do anything at this time. I finally got the garnishment removed by court order on 03/24/2010. But Regions Bank decided to charge me $2,100 in insufficient check charges for the checks I'd written prior to this event but were attempted to be cashed after the non-wage garnishment was activated and returned.

Consequently, having no pension check for the month of March and the obstinate refusal of the Regions Bank, Clinton, IL branch, I was not able to make a mortgage payment, utilities, vehicle, water, critical medicines, other due monthly payments and now I stand to loose my residence, car, and everything else I've worked towards for 35 years in this community.

I wrote protest letters during the evening of 03/26/2010 to the various Regions Bank offices and they should have gotten these. I have made an appointment with an atty. in Decatur, IL in reference to this tragic event and will have answers in the next few days. I've also proceeded processing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy as that previously mentioned non-wage garnishment was only for $167,000 from a catastrophic medical event several years ago. What really got me upset was the Clinton branch manager of Regions Bank lied to me and attempted to convince me it was all the Levy-Garnishment Dept. responsibility.

I called the Levy-Garnishment office in Birmingham and learned what the truth really was; it was a local call by the facility manager and not as so indicated to me by the Clinton Branch Manager who obviously trying to toss the blame off of his shoulders and onto others. I asked as well as to what reasoning the bank manager was using to deny the return of the pension funds and with his distorted logic and he indicated it was not a bank error. I asked for his supervisor's name and he refused to indicate who that would be at the Decatur, IL main bank regardless of several attempts to inquiry on this name since it was a secret!

When a Bank decides to do this to an extremely ill pensioner with severe medical conditions causing a slow and painful death because I could not get the critically needed prescription medicines and shows no ethics or compassion in doing what is correct, then such a bank has no business in the financial world but doing what it does best - shylocking the unfortunate client suffering from the aftermath of a brain aneurysm. There seems to be a continuing pattern for Regions Bank in this type of operation to increase profits, employee bonuses on the backs of customers using who have used this shyster financial institution.

Applying Overdraft Fees When They Shouldn't
By -

SEMMES, ALABAMA -- My wife and I with our 3 children recently moved. Before doing so, being so close to the end of the month, meaning the 1st of the month was right around the corner, we carefully budgeted ourselves for this move so we wouldn't cut ourselves short for the 1st of the month. Every penny at this point counted therefore we counted each. Not knowing at the time Regions was too (For their own purpose).

Here it is the 31st, my direct deposit posted today. We were supposedly still doing good (by our records). The 1st is looking better than we thought. I get online to go on with my reconciliation of the month, budget the upcoming month, when lo and behold my account is negative 51.00. When my direct deposit went through, I was negative $560 and some change. I couldn't believe it. Screamed for my wife - (her being a bookkeeper) asked her to review.

Of course she couldn't make heads or tails of the entire situation not for sure if it was the tears or the shock. She quickly grabs the calculator, goes through our records - then the online register - then prints out a bank statement. Back on the 22nd of Oct, Regions charged us $105 in NSF when we had a positive of $14.99. Granted we knew it was going to be low, On the 23rd a debit charge of $9.03 was posted and yet another $35 NSF was charged.

On the 24th my Direct Deposit was posted, and the negative was withdrawn. Now on the 28th I was charged $280 in NSF then on the 29th another $70 in NSF and on the 30th yet another $70 in NSF!!! I am not a rich person. My wife and I happily live just a little better that paycheck to paycheck, but only by sticking to our budget. My entire paycheck for one week went straight to NSF which clearly snowballed only because of the $105 in the beginning.

So my wife and I, race to the bank before they closed. Make it (my wife is fired up with foot tapping - when she gets like this she usually doesn't give in so I thought, "I sure wouldn't want to be that teller). We get in the bank, my wife whips right past the tellers and straight to an office, tells the lady our situation and wants her to review our account. The lady does, and then explains that it was pending charges, and we should pay extra special attention to those pending charges. My wife left her no way out, explaining how good you charge NSF on a positive balance. The woman does not proceed past pending charges.

My wife explains that when the $105 was applied that our negative was only $90. So that itself shows their mistake. But nope, the woman is still blaming us and pending charges. Now I do not have any money at all. I am outstanding $51 to Regions, with 2 other checks coming through. My records show I should have $667 to the good. I worked an entire week for nothing. Only to pay Regions who is supposed to be working for my money.

There has to be something legally we can do. But how can we afford it now? I have no money for food for my children, and not for sure how I can even afford to get to work for a week. Not to mention the bills that are due on the 1st. I am closing my account - this is for certain. I am going to see the Branch Manager Monday. I will get my money back so short of way. I have to. My family will not survive!!!

Do Yourself a Huge Favor - Find a Small Bank
By -

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- My husband and I had both our family banking accounts and our corporate accounts at Regions. We had left AmSouth several years ago when we could not get good service for our small businesses or our rental properties. Unfortunately this past summer (2007) Regions and AmSouth merged. From almost the first day everything seemed to fall apart. Our online banking had so many problems daily that between me getting calls from my bookkeeper and my husband getting calls from his bookkeeper almost hourly, we realized from a customer perspective that something had gone terribly wrong with this merger.

At one point the bank put thousands of dollars in our 16 year old daughter's account, of course we called. At another point, we went online one day and all the accounts were simply gone. Bills paid online either did not post or posted twice. A branch manager even tried to make a payment in the branch and it did not post correctly. Payments mailed ended up at strange places (one Regions manager said Regions had accidentally posted an old incorrect Regions payment address online that no longer existed so payments were lost there for a few days).

The bank incorrectly posted a non-payment notice to our credit bureaus and adversely affected mine and my husband's credit score right as we were refinancing a rental property for term and rate. It cost us thousands. They corrected it but FICO scores have still not totally recovered. My husband and his three partners have moved their banking to First American Bank (only to learn that they are being bought out by Royal Bank of Canada). But our personal accounts are still at Regions. Regions has made it almost impossible for us to move them.

We have now learned that many, many of our friends and business associates have left the bank. Regions was a great bank and always made us feel very welcomed and served each and every time we went in our branch. All of the people at the branch have turned over. When we go in the Vestavia Branch we sometimes see or hear people yelling at staff. It seems out of control. Regions was absolutely vital to both of our company's success. Now, the bank has lost this wonderful blend of professional knowledge and personal relationships culture completely.

Regions has some very talented upper management and officers but they seem blind to what has happened to this institution in just one year. It is amazing to me that I can see the problems from the outside. What are these leaders doing? The part of AmSouth's culture we attempted to leave is clearly the culture that prevailed in the merge. It is apparent to us that AmSouth did not have the capacity needed during the merge to absorb Regions' customers or some of its functions. AmSouth also seems to know little about which products and services Regions' customers loved the most - many of them changed for the worse.

The most incredible part of this autopsy is the lack of cross functioning between departments. Literally, we call internet banking and hear one story, we call the branch and hear another, we call the money market manager and get another, and we talk to the equity department and get another. There is very poor (or totally absent) systems communication between this bank's departments internally. We were asked by the Vestavia branch to bring them a copy of a company notice to customers relating to online banking problems (we received it but the staff at the branch knew nothing of it!).

It is literally like calling some international help center. Finally, and the most incredible - managers do not return calls or do not follow up on services. One manager of all the branches called us and offered to solve our issues and then we did not hear from her again. We contacted the corporate office number she gave us and learned that she "is no longer with the bank". I have lost all confidence in this bank's ability to effectively manage my money or to offer any services to me as a small business owner.

We are currently searching for a small bank and hope we can locate one that is not likely to merge. I have decided I am willing to go through the work of transferring all these accounts and setting up new debits, loans, and online banking. The Regions we loved is gone and doesn't look like it is coming back.

Meet the Flintstones
By -

LONGWOOD, FLORIDA -- Hi all - glad to have the opportunity to vent. I started calling Regions "The Flintstones Bank" a while ago, when I started realizing how antiquated operations are, and how unsophisticated and unprofessional many of the staff are.

The "little" things that grated on my nerves were issues such as telling me, after not returning many calls when they said they would, that *I* would have to call Birmingham (headquarters I believe) to get information to resolve my problems. "Oh, you'll have to call wire transfer and find out," or "You'll have to call RegionsNet to find out" -- how about my bank officer gathering the information FOR ME? Why do I have to call around? Plus, if they do it, they'll learn about the various procedures and policies the bank has in place.

But that's not my problem now. Here's what happened: We were overdue on an equity payment. As I dialed Regions to make the payment, I looked at RegionsNet, the online service, and saw that the account I would normally pull from was overdrawn by 14 dollars. When I got the representative on the phone I told her I would transfer money into that account immediately. I transferred $500 while I was on the phone. She said she "saw" it come in and would pay my equity payment with that money. I took her name, confirmed, and hung up.

A few minutes later I decided to transfer money into that account in order to have some more "cushion". I wanted to transfer another $500, but I purposely transferred $490 because I knew from previous experience that Regions will DELETE what they think are erroneous duplicates. Later that afternoon I went back on RegionsNet to check the activity. Nothing had changed! I called RegionsNet and spoke to someone -- again taking a name -- who said that everything I had done that morning had posted fine and just hadn't shown up. OK.

The weekend came and went and then the following week we received a letter from Regions. They took the equity payment from an entirely different account (my daughter's custodial account!) and also took a $200 penalty with it!!! I went back on RegionsNet and to my dismay I saw that they had also charged my account $93 in overdraft fees!!!!

The next day was Thanksgiving, so on Friday we spoke to the only person in the bank, the bank manager. She said she was alone and could not get to this until Monday, and would call me back then. She did not. Late Tuesday I had to call her, and she said, "sorry I was out yesterday." No, "I'm sorry" or "I should have had someone call you." OK, fineeee. Then she says, "Well there is nothing I can do. Since this went through RegionsNet you will have to call them."

So I wasted ALL THIS TIME with a bank manager who could not help me. I waited for her call and then was told she could do nothing. AND she wanted ME to make the call to resolve. Lovely. I called customer service, spent a long time on the line (38 minutes), and then they spoke to this bank manager while I held. Then they came back on and told me I should call HER BACK so she could help me resolve the situation!!!

I called the bank manager back. She said to me: "Mrs. **, I will remove the 93 dollar charge, but this is the last time I will do anything like this for you." (!!) I said, "OK and what about the extra $200 penalty the bank took?" I asked. She said, "What $200?" I asked, "Did the customer service person brief you on this whole situation?" (Even though I had briefed this bank manager myself the week before). She says "yes." I said, "well it's right there. An extra $200 was taken from my daughter's account!" She said "I don't know what you are talking about!"
So I said, "Do you have the account information in front of you?" she said, "No"

I said, "Can you pull up the information?" Well, she freaked out at me, and I said, "You are the bank manager! Why can't you help me with this whole thing? And why can't you get all the information in front of you so we can talk about this whole thing intelligently?! She then told me she was through taking my "abuse". I asked her to please not interrupt me and I would not raise my voice. She hung up on me!!!!

I called back -- this was yesterday morning, Monday -- and she said she would have her supervisor call me back yesterday. I called today and she was at lunch. I left a message saying that I still had not heard from her supervisor. It is now 9 pm and I still have not heard a peep from anyone.

Suggestions for Improvement of the Bank's Checking Services
By -

LITHIA, FLORIDA -- Earlier this week, at the age of 52, I experienced for the very first time in my life the humiliating experience of having three checks on my account returned to the payees for insufficient funds. First of all, I am guilty. As such, I do not want a letter of explanation regarding your policies and why you returned my checks. I assure you that, having nearly 30 years of banking experience myself, I fully understand your policies and procedures. I also understand why the checks were returned according to those policies and procedures. According to your current policies and computer procedures, you had every legal right to do so, and I was in the wrong for trying to be sure my bills were paid when they were due. Unfortunately, I didn't count on Paytrust, my online provider, delivering the checks three days before their published estimated delivery date. But that's my fault, not yours.

The true purpose of this letter is to suggest changes in your computerized check return procedures which would be of benefit to your customers and probably more profitable to your stockholders in terms of lowered costs and greater customer retention, if not actual satisfaction.

  1. In my recent experience, three checks were returned to payees for insufficient funds. This is because the four checks presented for payment on 11/28/06 were listed by the bank in the order of highest amount to lowest amount. Whether this was by design, or by coincidence, the order resulted in three checks being returned unpaid. If they had been listed in order of lowest to highest, a process requiring a simple sort function in your computer system available since computers first appeared, only two checks would have been returned unpaid.

The result of this would have been: a. An NSF fee to me of $72.00 instead of 108.00, b. The need for me to only have to deal with two unpaid checks rather than three, c. Savings to the bank in terms of the costs of returning an additional check, d. Savings to the bank in terms of the reduced time and effort spent by the local branch staff assisting an irate customer to correct two NSF problems instead of three, e. The bank would have extended payment on two checks totaling $265.00 instead of the one check for $321.00, which they paid instead. This would have resulted in $56.00 less expended by the bank.

  1. While the checks were presented, I believe at midnight on 11/28/2006, my husband's paycheck hit the account AND WAS AVAILABLE for use at 12:01 AM on the morning of 11/29/06. Yes the payment was late, BUT on the date the checks were returned, the funds WERE in the account and available. Those funds could have been used to pay the overdrawn checks. A simple computer program to check the available funds before final release of the NSF checks on 11/29/06 could have prevented return of the checks.

The result of this would have been: a. Overdraft fees charged. This would still result in the $72.00 - $108.00 income to the bank, b. Savings to the bank for the costs involved in returning the NSF checks when it wasn't necessary, c. Significantly reduced time and effort spent by the local branch staff assisting an irate customer to correct NSF checks that didn't have to happen. Trust me, a customer is much more likely to accept the overdraft fees, without significant complaint, if the checks were not returned.

Finally, and perhaps most important, in this day and age of mega-banks, with total computerization and dehumanization of the entire process, the above changes could be viewed as returning a bit of that humanity to a very humiliating struggle for consumers to have the right to some control over their own finances. Since local branch managers, like ** at AmSouth Bank - FishHawk Branch, no longer have any control or leeway to assist customers in this manner, perhaps the humanity could be installed into the computer.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this letter. Again, I do not expect a reply. However, I would appreciate your careful consideration of the above suggestions and your filing of this letter with your Community Reinvestment Act files for access by other consumers at their request.

Southwest Little Rock Branch Scamming Elderly Customers
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- My elderly mother has been scammed by several staff members at the Southwest Little Rock Regions Bank. This has resulted in my mother paying more fees than she would have to pay and she is on a low fixed income. This is outrageous and criminal. My Regions branch in Birmingham, AL is great. I am sure that there are good and bad branches and a bad branch to avoid is in SOUTHWEST LITTLE ROCK, ARK.

Bank Fees Are Killers
By -

C -- Well after a day like the one I have had, I now have joined a blog site like this... Where to begin - Regions has just charged me over $350.00 in NSF fees for a $1.00 mistake. YES $1.00. It seems that due to computer programming, and the desire to make money off of you, the customer, Regions operates in the following manner. All transactions that occur after 2pm are held in a PENDING status until the next Business day, (No not Saturday) Monday. And all transactions are deducted from your account, EVEN IF it doesn't show on your web account or ATM balance.

Now here's where it gets fun, ALL transactions that happened after 2 pm Friday go into the computer after business hours on MONDAY. And if your account balance does not equal or is greater than the drawn out balance, you pay over draft fees... Banking 101 right. RIGHT!!! BUT, and this is the fun part, if the previously stated occurs (balance does not equal or is greater than the drawn out balance) YOU PAY overdraft fees on EVERY single TRANSACTION!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that Regions computer system is not set up to take transactions in the order that they occur. Instead it compiles all transactions and deducts them as one, but separate transactions taking the highest dollar amount first. So even if the $29.00 you spent ordering pizza on Friday night is higher than your credit card payment of $25.00 you made online Friday at 4 pm, guess what gets paid first (that's right, wouldn't want your credit report ruined over pizza).

And by the way if you had $53.00 in the account now, you're 70.00 negative in your account cause Regions charged you for both transactions as NSF even though you had enough money to cover at least one transaction. So again you pay $35.00 for each transaction. It would seem to me that a company as large as this should be able to afford a computer program that can organize transactions by the Date and Time they occur, just like the ATM automatically shows you your new balance once you take out $20.00 from the ATM.

And Yes, someone will write and tell me that this is how all banks do it and I should be better at math, DUHHHHH!!!! So yes I didn't do proper subtraction and missed a buck somewhere. But if Regions would simply configure the system to identify date and time of transactions, and deduct from your account as actions happen, then maybe I would have seen I was getting close to overdrawing and would have put the fishing lure or the bananas back and saved myself a whole lot of money.

Regions decides instead to shotgun blasting the deductions and pay for all the new branches going up everywhere. So long Regions Bank, Hope you go bankrupt and all your banks get robbed, Just like you robbed me......

High Fees With Terrible Customer Service
By -

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I am about to close out my Regions Bank, not because of those fees, but the combination of excessive fees, failure to update online bank information in a timely manner, poor customer service e-mail response, long delays when calling customer service, long wait when waiting to talk to branch employees and my pet peeve - unable to answer questions and failing to follow up with phone calls.

The most frustrating problem was manipulation of daily deposits and withdrawals so that the maximum fine could be charged. Not once did Regions try to work with me and whether it was a weekly unemployment check back in 2010 or this year with a direct deposit of $1750/week. They always charged a "just in time" fee. For instance, I would check my Thursday night balance and see I have maybe $400. But Friday morning even with $1750 posted they would fine me $70 for a Thursday night overdraft. When I called them they would claim, "Our online service does not guarantee the amount posted is available, and you agreed to this when signing up for online banking".

The other excuse was, "We do our last batch processing at MIDNIGHT". So at midnight a $12 overdraft includes a $36 fine and then at 6 AM Friday morning (6 hours later) the direct deposit is posted and available. Whatever way they can legally and unethically take money from you they went out of their way to exploit this. I recall going to a Title Loan/Payday Loan and telling them, "The difference between you guys and Regions Bank is you tell me up front what the fee will cost". When I can trust and turn to the local Title Loan/Payday Loan company as opposed to Regions Bank that makes my point.

I am tired of them and as they claim to "be listening to their customers" and this was a lie. The reason Regions ended Debit Card Fees is because Bank of America and Wells Fargo had already announced they cancelled their debit card fees. I do not believe Regions would have cancelled any fee if these other banks didn't do it first. As for Wells Fargo, they may charge fees, but their customer service and their branch staff always addressed my concerns in less than 10 minutes.

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