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Remit2india Cheating Customers
By -

AUSTRALIA -- This is an experience I wanted to share with a broader community about the ripoff I had when transferring some funds overseas using Remit2India service whose funds transferer is Citibank. These companies have been taking customers for granted and fooling them with advertising false exchange rates and transferring money at much lower rate than advertised on the website.

I transferred $2001 using their service to my NRE account in India on 8th November. However the funds got converted on 13 Nov and they have transferred the money at 34.38 when it was advertised on the Net at 35.16. Upon following this with their team they accepted the mistake over the phone but sent a email telling that they won't transfer the balance.

This is just a rip off of innocent customers who falls prey to fraudulent companies like this. I would not recommend Remit2India service to anyone and I would be taking up legal actions against this company so that it doesn't trap any other customers with their false advertisement. They take Australian customers for granted and don't provide customer service.

I have been reading loads of complaints about this company online and its time that some action needs to be taken.
I would strongly recommend ICICI Bank's Money to India service as they don't rip off customers like this and provide a much better level of service. DON'T SEND MONEY OVERSEAS USING because next time you wouldn't even know if your money would reach to your loved ones. This company does nothing else except for promising to give better exchange rates and advertise crap on their website.

Cheating the Customers
By -

This company is cheating the customers they are putting different info on their website and converting the money on different rates. On the day of converting the money they are not telling the customer at what exchange rate they have converted their money. The rates shown on their site for the exchange rate does not match the rate they are converting the money. They says that the exchange rate applied to the transaction will be the rate on their site on the day of conversion, but they are converting the money to less rate.

On June 22 their site was showing the exchange rate of 40.39 but they have converted the funds for NRE account at 40.32 so cheating the customers. Be aware. Check before doing any business with them. Thanks.

Horrible service
By -

MUMBAI -- Very bad exp. Never transfer in 1st attempt. Never give promised exchange. You have to call 10 times for one transaction, will not tell hidden fees, promise one amount but deposit less amount. Strictly do not recommend to others.

By -

MUMBAI -- Never go to this company. It fraud company. First, they never do it in 1st attempt. 2nd they will tell you one amount. But beneficiary receive less amount in India. Horrible customer service. Invariably same answer. Never recommend to anybody even to enemies.

Is "Money2India" A Government Organization?
By -

Is "Money2India" a govt. organization??? I hope it is true. I requested for money transfer of $500.00 on 30th Sept. I had sent the SSN copy on 5th Oct. Till now there is no progress in my transaction that I made. What are the people doing there? Are they sleeping like Govt. employees?? How many days do they need to verify my SSN?? When I call to Customer care they are telling that usually they will take 24-48 hrs for verification.

Normally Customer care will work 24/7. But Remit2India Customer care works like normal office hours. Normally other banks will take maximum 1 week to complete the transaction. What happened in my case?? Do I need to transfer more than $500.00?? Sorry for that I am poor guy, I can transfer the amounts like this. Please try to process my transaction. Or else shall I have to give any bribes to fulfill your wishes?? If so I need do lot of hard work here. You know here the market very bad. To give bribes to you, I need to rob here.

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