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Ripoff Report; Ripoff Report and What to if Attacked by Them.
By -

ARIZONA -- I have been watching Ed Magedson from Ripoffreport come onto these sites and attack people who have legitimate claims against his site. Whenever one of these people, who are simply defending their name, writes up their story of being libeled by Ed Magedson, he and his staff immediately work to have any negative remarks about Ripoffreport removed.

I find it hypocritical that Ed even as Ed is having negative postings about himself removed, he refuses to remove any negative postings from HIS site, even when they are obviously lies because he states that "they are anonymous postings and he has no liability" according to some 1996 Act. A Wisconsin court ruled that they had no place in a lawsuit against Ed, not because of some 1996 Act, but because they felt they had no jurisdiction because Ed was in St. Kitts.

Well, he was never doing business in St. Kitts, but simply used the offshore address to try to defer any legitimate lawsuits that he knows he would lose otherwise. Luckily for me, and EVERYONE that has been maliciously and falsely attacked on Ripoffreports, Ed is indeed based in the US and any lawsuits against him are under the jurisdiction of US courts, as long as you have the right information. Ed Magedson is not in St. Kitts, he is in Arizona. If you have been maliciously and falsely attacked by Ed Magedson, then this is the name and address that you need **.

As you can see, in an attempt to slither under the radar and be "above the law", he lists only a P.O. Box and cell phone number as his business contact information. (What legitimate businessperson uses a P.O. Box and personal cell phone as business contacts? I can only think of drug dealers, hit men, thieves, and any other slimy, crooked individuals that luckily I've only seen in movies.) Several lawsuit papers have SUCCESSFULLY been served to Ed Magedson. Here is one of them: In the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial Circuit In and For Broward County, Florida Case No: 04-17721-21. Go look it up!

There are also formal complaints filed against Ed Magedson at the Office of the Attorney General of Arizona because of the CRIMINAL nature of his site: CIC 04-21090. Call them about it! Voice your complaint! (602) 542-5763.

Also, the companies that provide the services for Ed Magedson, and enable him to ILLEGALLY attack you, try to hide behind the fact that Ed is "only a customer." Any court will find them responsible because they are the ones providing the service. It is no different than a getaway driver for bank robbers. The driver is just as guilty, even if he doesn't know about the robbery.

These companies admit nothing except that "Ed is a customer." But, these companies DO know about Ed's illegal activity, he simply pays them to let him be. When you do press for more information about their relationship with Ed, and get through the circles of BS, these companies' lawyers will tell you some BS about some 1996 Act, but that is simply to discourage you.

TALK TO A LAWYER! This Act does NOT protect them. (Look at the service agreements for these companies. They do know that they are liable, and they have provisions to allow them to stop any service if they feel it makes them liable for lawsuits and/or criminal acts. They will shut Ed down, if we push forth against them. Unless they are in bed with Ed and his criminal empire.) They cannot win a countersuit against you, it is obvious to anyone who reads his site that he libels hundreds of different people and companies. All you are going for is the truth, and that is what courts are for.

Also, contact your local BBB, they are well aware of Ed's activities, and welcome any new information about his illegal attacks against innocent people. Ed Magedson believes that he is all knowing and that he alone should have the power to be the judge, jury, and executioner. Watch this posting. Ed will probably have it removed, even though he would refuse to do the same on his site. But this posting is all true, and his site is full of lies.

And remember, Ed is illegally using your company name to advertise his site. He includes your company name in his metatags for search engine submissions so that his site full of lies will come up under a search of your business name. THIS IS ILLEGAL. He CANNOT use your licensed company name to advertise his site, unless he has your expressed written permission.

The Straight Story
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- First, let me tell you my real name, unlike other posters who hide behind a pseudo name. I'm Maria **. I have been the attorney for the operators of Rip-off Report website for over six years, but I'm not writing this at their request or on their behalf (I'm not even billing them for it). I'm writing this because after months of reading the postings on the internet written by Federated Financial, attacking me, Rip-off Report, Ed Magedson, attorneys in Florida representing Rip-off Report, and others who provide services to Rip-off Report, I wanted to tell the straight story. No mudslinging, no name calling, just the facts.

About me: If you have read the postings by Federated Financial, you've seen a picture of me and you know my home address, my home phone, and my property tax information. This is all public information that you could find elsewhere on the internet.

What you don't know is that I have an amazing husband, two school-age children, and two Bichon/Poodle mixes. You also wouldn't know that I recently had to explain to my children why their Mom was being called a “blatant liar” on the internet and that they have to be real careful when they answer the telephone or the door because some guys that are mad at my client have put all of our home information on the same website where they vilify me.

About Federated Financial: Federated Financial is a consumer credit counseling company. There's a non-profit company and a for-profit company. I haven't researched the difference between the two, but they seem to both be operated by Steve Miller and Chris **. ** is a disbarred attorney who, under oath, couldn't remember why he was disbarred. It seems that something like that would have left more of an impression on him.

About Rip-off Report: Rip-off Report is a website where people post complaints about companies. Ed Magedson started the website so that businesses were accountable for their actions. The internet is a powerful tool. He figured it could be used to put pressure on businesses to provide good customer service. If customers complain and those complaints can be read by anyone with a web connection, then businesses will be more likely to address the complaint rather than get a bad reputation.

In most cases, it has worked really well. Sometimes, though, the business would rather attack Rip-off Report than change their business practices. Today, Rip-off Report is operated by Xcentric Ventures, llc in Arizona. Ed Magedson is the manager of the llc.

There are over 140,000 main reports posted on Rip-off Report, many of which have follow-up reports, and the hit counter is at well over four billion visitors. As popular as the website is, it is also the subject of much controversy. Xcentric and Ed are threatened by companies every day. Some threats are violent and come in emails, phone calls, voice messages, and letters threatening to kill Ed and “those who help him” if he doesn't remove a report. Some threats are technical, like attempts to hack the website and denial of service attacks on the website. Most of the threats are legal.

Almost every day, companies and their attorneys threaten that if a posting is not removed, they will sue the website. Many companies do file lawsuits and, although federal law prevents the court from treating the operator of the website as the publisher or author of content it did not create, some companies try to circumvent that law by claiming that Xcentric or Ed Magedson wrote the reports. In reality, Xcentric's agents have not written any reports or titles for many years for exactly this reason.

Federated Financial on Rip-off Report. In 2000, two reports were posted on Rip-off Report by someone claiming that Federated didn't do what they promised and ruined their credit. Another complaint was posted in 2003 and two more were posted in 2004. That is actually not a lot of complaints for a company that has many customers. Federated Financial posted a well written, well reasoned rebuttal to the reports. It could have ended there and everyone would have saved a lot of money and aggravation. Instead, Steve Miller called Ed Magedson and physically threatened him if he did not remove the reports.

I was not a party to the conversations, and I am relying on Ed's version of it. I did listen to tapes and read emails where Ed Magedson confronted Steve Miller about threatening him and Miller did not deny it. After the threats, Magedson then took the position that someone who threatens him does not get to use his company's property for free, so he removed the rebuttals posted by Miller. From there, things spiraled out of control and since then both Miller and ** have spent an enormous amount of time and money attempting to destroy Ed, Rip-off Report, and anyone who provides services to them.

Federated Financial filed a lawsuit against Xcentric and Ed in Florida. We moved to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction in Florida and they have filed many motions and forced numerous court appearances that have resulted in attorney fees far beyond any of our other cases at that procedural stage.

** threatened our local counsel on the way out of the courtroom (told him he better watch his back) and when the judge indicated that she was inclined to grant our motion because this case should have been filed in Arizona, they filed a motion against her, accusing her of being biased. She recently recused herself and the case has been re-assigned to another judge.

After the lawsuit was filed, and after Federated began its internet campaign against Rip-off Report, Magedson, and those who provide services to the company, more postings appeared on Rip-off Report about Federated, Miller and **. These postings are as vicious as Federated's postings about Magedson. Miller and ** are convinced that these postings were authored by Ed because of the content and timing. What they haven't considered is that Rip-off Report and Ed are very popular and there are tens of thousands of people who are fans of Rip-off Report.

Anyone of them could have made these postings in response to Federated's attacks on Rip-off Report and Ed. Ed also has enemies who could have made the postings, knowing that they would infuriate Miller and McFarland and escalate the attacks against Ed. Ed has sworn under oath that he did not author those postings or ask anyone else to make them. Miller and McFarland refuse to believe him. The postings on Rip-off Report about Federated Financial have harmed Ed, not helped him, and if Miller and McFarland considered this rationally instead of emotionally, they might realize that.

In Summary. So there you have it. If you have been reading any of these many postings about me, about Ed's other attorneys, and about Ed, maybe you have wondered how much of it was true and what's behind it all. I will tell you that I am not Ed's partner or his shill, I am his lawyer. Also, I did not “blatantly lie” to the court. I represented to the Court that Ed and Xcentric do not do business in Florida because they don't. They provide services to two Florida companies, but all of those services were provided here in Arizona.

I hope this has answered some of your questions. I am going to attempt to post this on Federated Financial's website. If you read it there, then we all should give them credit for being willing to post it. If you don't see it there, then you know that they would not publish it.

Correct Information
By -

There have been so many inaccuracies and misportrayals of Federated that it is hard to know where to begin addressing the tales. Since coming across all of this rhetoric about Federated I have done some independent research and wish to share my findings.

Federated has served thousands of clients yet the only place you find complaints about their service is on Ripoff Report. They have helped many, many people through a tough time in their lives with assistance from certified professionals. Federated is ISO certified. That means they have gone through a tough process of internal audits, uniform quality standards metrics and fulfilling requirements for ongoing training of staff and self monitoring of quality standards. In addition, the monitoring entity conducts its own assessment at least annually if not semi-annually.

If there were any truth to the claims of impropriety they would have lost their designation. In addition, Federated is a member in good standing with the BBB. Personally, I don't see much value in the BBB, but many people feel it is one more measure of a reputable company. What the critics don't say, is that there are actually TWO BBB's to belong to.

One is the regular BBB there in that area. The other is the BBB ONLINE. Since he was not made aware of the difference between the two, he was using the BBB logo on his website much as others use the logo on stationery as status of a reputable business. As soon as he was informed of the difference he, being an ethical business person, removed the logo from the site. However, one call call confirm that Federated is indeed a business in good standing.

Some people have asked me why I 'have it in' for this guy, Ed. I don't, it is nothing personal. I don't know him personally. Neither do I know the owners of Federated or Hy-Cite or any of the other companies Ed has targeted for his scam. I just don't like what he is doing. I feel it is important for people to stand up and not allow self-styled journalists to lie to them, or consumer watch groups (or individuals) to profit from making false claims.

The problem with Ed's site is that there is no way to truly address issues the complainants have. Most business owners are anxious to right any perceived or actual wrongs. In the case of Ed requiring the business owners to pay for the right to rebut the complaint is just plain wrong.

The other problem is that since Ed posts everything anonymously, there is no way for the business to know if it is a legitimate complaint, neither is there a way for the business owner to address the person's issue and resolve the problem. And Ed will not cooperate in that regard, as, again, he requires a fee to himself as a condition of the owner addressing consumer complaints.

I have seen copies of the letters Ed has sent people who wish to resolve a complaint. He requires a minimum of $5,000 and then a monthly fee. Federated has the original copy they would be happy to share. A recent newscast also showed the same type of correspondence from Magedson to another company and there are complaints from others as well.

I hope this will help the blind followers of Ed to see more clearly. Instead of imitating the Enquirer, these people who consider themselves journalists should do some checking around before they go maligning others without just cause. Get your facts straight. You go messing around on other people and pretty soon you'll have stink on you.

The Rip Off Report
By -

This guy's site needs to be restructured and/or shut down. The Rip Off Report is a money making machine and there is nothing positive about it for anyone other than Ed and his bank account. Anyone can post anything bad about your company, whether it's true or not. So if you are a business owner in a competitive market (especially if you're a consumer based online company like us), your competition can post a few negative comments that could severely impact your business. That's what happened to us.

We spend over $500,000 a month to market our site and the ROR is severely impacting our business b/c a competitor is posting false claims on ROR. Ed has a search engine optimization (SEO) team to code his pages by placing a company's name in Meta tags among other SEO tricks (Big bold letters so that they come up first in search engines results when someone Googles your company). He knows that we are in a 'Google' age and he can and is making a ton of $$ from selling his ROR book for $19.95 and through extortion masked by 'donations' to 'bury' the posts about our company.

I sent him a long and detailed email explaining the situation and asked politely for a way to resolve it. All I got in response was an auto-response stating that I could donate money if I wanted. This guy could care a less about consumer complaints...this is a big business for him. All he cares about is free advertising and generating revenue. Really this guy and his site are not that far off from the Wendy's 'finger in the Chili' case.

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