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Correct Information
By -

There have been so many inaccuracies and misportrayals of Federated that it is hard to know where to begin addressing the tales. Since coming across all of this rhetoric about Federated I have done some independent research and wish to share my findings.

Federated has served thousands of clients yet the only place you find complaints about their service is on Ripoff Report. They have helped many, many people through a tough time in their lives with assistance from certified professionals. Federated is ISO certified. That means they have gone through a tough process of internal audits, uniform quality standards metrics and fulfilling requirements for ongoing training of staff and self monitoring of quality standards. In addition, the monitoring entity conducts its own assessment at least annually if not semi-annually.

If there were any truth to the claims of impropriety they would have lost their designation. In addition, Federated is a member in good standing with the BBB. Personally, I don't see much value in the BBB, but many people feel it is one more measure of a reputable company. What the critics don't say, is that there are actually TWO BBB's to belong to.

One is the regular BBB there in that area. The other is the BBB ONLINE. Since he was not made aware of the difference between the two, he was using the BBB logo on his website much as others use the logo on stationery as status of a reputable business. As soon as he was informed of the difference he, being an ethical business person, removed the logo from the site. However, one call call confirm that Federated is indeed a business in good standing.

Some people have asked me why I 'have it in' for this guy, Ed. I don't, it is nothing personal. I don't know him personally. Neither do I know the owners of Federated or Hy-Cite or any of the other companies Ed has targeted for his scam. I just don't like what he is doing. I feel it is important for people to stand up and not allow self-styled journalists to lie to them, or consumer watch groups (or individuals) to profit from making false claims.

The problem with Ed's site is that there is no way to truly address issues the complainants have. Most business owners are anxious to right any perceived or actual wrongs. In the case of Ed requiring the business owners to pay for the right to rebut the complaint is just plain wrong.

The other problem is that since Ed posts everything anonymously, there is no way for the business to know if it is a legitimate complaint, neither is there a way for the business owner to address the person's issue and resolve the problem. And Ed will not cooperate in that regard, as, again, he requires a fee to himself as a condition of the owner addressing consumer complaints.

I have seen copies of the letters Ed has sent people who wish to resolve a complaint. He requires a minimum of $5,000 and then a monthly fee. Federated has the original copy they would be happy to share. A recent newscast also showed the same type of correspondence from Magedson to another company and there are complaints from others as well.

I hope this will help the blind followers of Ed to see more clearly. Instead of imitating the Enquirer, these people who consider themselves journalists should do some checking around before they go maligning others without just cause. Get your facts straight. You go messing around on other people and pretty soon you'll have stink on you.

The Rip Off Report
By -

This guy's site needs to be restructured and/or shut down. The Rip Off Report is a money making machine and there is nothing positive about it for anyone other than Ed and his bank account. Anyone can post anything bad about your company, whether it's true or not. So if you are a business owner in a competitive market (especially if you're a consumer based online company like us), your competition can post a few negative comments that could severely impact your business. That's what happened to us.

We spend over $500,000 a month to market our site and the ROR is severely impacting our business b/c a competitor is posting false claims on ROR. Ed has a search engine optimization (SEO) team to code his pages by placing a company's name in Meta tags among other SEO tricks (Big bold letters so that they come up first in search engines results when someone Googles your company). He knows that we are in a 'Google' age and he can and is making a ton of $$ from selling his ROR book for $19.95 and through extortion masked by 'donations' to 'bury' the posts about our company.

I sent him a long and detailed email explaining the situation and asked politely for a way to resolve it. All I got in response was an auto-response stating that I could donate money if I wanted. This guy could care a less about consumer complaints...this is a big business for him. All he cares about is free advertising and generating revenue. Really this guy and his site are not that far off from the Wendy's 'finger in the Chili' case.

ROR Caught Making Up False Postings for ROR
By -

I am one of the corporate officers who used to run KMS Investigations Inc of Delaware until we sold the corporation in February of 2007. Enjoying retirement I still check various sites for comedy including ROR. Well what do I find under KMS Investigations Inc but false postings made up by Ed himself. Some joker stating on 8-15-07 he was unemployed and KMS Investigations took his poor $315.00 unemployment money and didn't perform the service. Well Ed, how do you explain this one my friend. KMS Investigations Inc has been out of business for almost 7 months now. Think before you write your own material.

Also this supposed victim posts an address KMS Investigations Inc never had. KMS Investigations Inc was a Delaware corporation and not in California at all. My god Ed what do you do sit in front of the TV with food stains and crumbs all over your shirt and think of what you can make up for your site. They have also tried to connected KMS Detective Agency with the former KMS Investigations Inc and posted lies about this other firm when there is no connection whatsoever. This lunatic has to be halted but the trouble is what kind of job will he find in the private sector when his ROR is shut down pretty soon?

Most Telling Information I've Read
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- At least once every 3 months or so a complaint about the website surfaces here. A couple people rush to its defense and most others agree with the complainant. Seeing what I've seen, I have no doubt the operator uses it as an a crafty extortion vehicle, but yet some die hard fans think he's so on "the consumers" side.

Anyway, the Phoenix News Times just did a lengthy article on Ed and the site. It parrots every bad thing you've ever heard about him or it and added some new stuff. It's a little long but a good read to anyone who has a liked or disliked interest in the website. **.

Notice the part where after a settlement with the George May company, he agrees to give up all his anonymous relative posters. That's got to make you think before complaining there no? I got a kick out of him deliberately parking in a handicap spot too. Screw the disabled so his walk is shorter.

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