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Employee Complaint
Posted by Silentloki on 06/26/2008
MAINE -- To start off I am a current employee and I have to say this is one of the worst companies to work for. First of they have this survey that print on the receipts. These suck because that is the companies way of telling customer reactions. As an employee if myself or family or friends call that number I will be terminated. A nice way to say you are good enough to work here but you or anyone you know can't shop here. I was on vacation three states away, called that number from my cell phone. When I got back I received a written warning that if I did it again I would be fired. I also had the district manager tell me I was not to shop in his stores.

Now I myself am a store manager, what BS. Needless to say I am now looking for a new job.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-26:
If you're a store manager, you must be pulling in some decent money. Why would you risk that by calling a customer service survey number when you know your employment can be terminated for doing so? BTW, every retail company I know of forbids staff from calling those numbers under threat of dismissal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-27:
What a dog stupid policy. Gonna fire somebody for participating in a survey. Give me a break. You're doing the right thing looking for employment elsewhere.
Posted by TGT101 on 2008-06-27:
Employee's can not complete their own company's surveys, almost all companies have this policy.
Posted by babybear62005 on 2008-07-10:
That's crap. You were 3 states away and did a survey (for another store in the chain I'm assuming) and got written up for it??? You're still a customer. I don't work for Rite-Aid but do work for a pharmacy chain...we have those survey's as well. Everyone in my store has called those numbers before and have never gotten in trouble. That's absurd.
Posted by mustbcrazze on 2012-01-08:
rite aid is a very arrogant organization,very political and other things i can't say cause this site is probaly read by them
Posted by simplycrystal17 on 2013-03-02:
Check this one out.... How would ya like to be the ex employee that had while working knew that her/his boss did nothing but talk crap behind your back with other employees that was not only her friends but her employees. pretty sad when a manager stands around and gossips on a constant basis and gets away with it. have you ever had a boss at rite aid that is a loose cannon???? this is what i had to deal with... she was write up happy and what i mean by this she could not and still can't run a good store so she finds ways to write up employees for her own mess-ups in the store. she makes up her own rules along the way and the manager of human resources is to dumb to see this and because of this this store has lost a few goooood employees. very sad that they can not wake up and fire her butt.
Posted by WorkerBee on 2013-06-07:
Hate this company. Poor management from the leads all the way to the top. Play games and it is a game of popularity when it comes to promotions. They talk about integrity, but have none. Don't let them fool you. If you are disliked, you will be fired for something. Prorep is just a document to be used against you. Doesn't matter what you do, or how hard you work. Management plays a he said/she said game all the time. I see a revolving door with good workers leaving. Too much time is spent hiring instead of doing the right thing. Glad they have the money to keep this game up.
Posted by Bubs84 on 2013-07-01:
Absolutely awful place to work for. Gave me nothing but crap while I was pregnant (mind you I was a Brooks employee so I had been there about 11 years at the time). When I came back from leave I was demoted and put to 15 hours or less a week (was full time) because my schedule wasn't as open as before. No wonder everyone who has worked there has such awful things to say - they're all TRUE!!
Posted by my1972olds on 2013-07-14:
Not surprised at what happened to you. Most Rite Aids have so little payroll hours that unless you are available open-close 7 days a week, it's just about impossible to get any hours. At the store I manage, the manager on duty is the only front end employee on duty around 80% of the time. In our pharmacy, we only have 48 tech hours, so the pharmacist is the only person working 29 hours per week. With this few hours, they have to be delegated at specific times, and if you aren't available, then unfortunately the hours are given to someone else. I've managed stores for 6 different retailers and all of them are like that.
Posted by John Wilson on 2013-08-12:
I came to San Diego for vacations and i decided to purchase some items at Rite Aid when i heard this unprofessional Rite Aid associates ( Joseph and Mitch) laughing in the seasonal section. Meanwhile the cashiers are working hard those two associates are laughing and showing pictures to each other with there cell phone. I totally had a horrible experience because i couldn't find what i was looking for and having to encounter lazy associates is totally disappointed to me..
Posted by John Wilson on 2013-08-12:
All this happen in the Rite aid in Hillcrest. Sorry i don't know the address but is at Hillcrest..
Posted by reya on 2013-08-26:
When are we going to get a increase in pay I have bean working for this company for 7 years now and haven't got a increase in salary in 4 years I don't even make $10 an hour I need to start looking for another job single mom with 2 kids :(
Posted by DD197 on 2014-03-19:
I know of two employees that have committed several violations of Rite Aid policy. One of them is a store manager, she has actually handed me discarded receipts to take these surveys. Now that I work for Rite Aid I'm really stuck because I know of all the violations these two people have done over the course of 3 years.
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Tired Of Being Ripped Off
Posted by BLHENSLEY1962 on 02/02/2014
ASHLAND, KENTUCKY -- I do not know why I keep going into rite aid, every time I do I get ripped off. Something needs to be done with such horrible management and brought to their attention they act like they could careless. When you purchase an item and there is a price under that item that is the amount you should pay for, then when you check out it rings a higher price as usual. Their prices are so ridiculously high and on top of that they know they are ripping people off. Will never be in this store again but something needs to be done.
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Quick Response, Action Taken By District Manger: Thank You Sir!
Posted by Christyhensley48 on 12/13/2013
BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I placed a complaint about the awful experience I had at Rite Aid in Barbourville Tues Dec. 10. I was happy to receive a call from the District Manager. He was professional, courteous, and kind in apologizing for this incident. I want to thank him for making me feel like I matter as a customer. Also, I hope this incident may educate people on suboxone. There are many elderly, disabled, and addicted people trying to fix there lives from the misery of taking opiates a little too long. If anyone has ever seen a person in full withdrawal they would understand. Many people are against it, but it works and people are able to function without diarrhea, vomiting, sweats, heart racing, insomnia, bone aches, muscle spasms, jerks etc that happens to you when you stop taking your medicine daily. I have enough life experience to know and I can tell you being judged when you are trying to improve makes you very angry. I needed to hear an apology from someone and I know he took me seriously instead of dismissing me like the store employee did. Thank you Sir, I am sorry I couldn't hear your name that well due to my cell signal when we talked but, you did your job perfectly.
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Disdain, Arrogance, Judged, Embarrassed--Will Never Go Back
Posted by Christyhensley48 on 12/11/2013
BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I want to say I am a manager myself dealing with public daily in the hotel industry. I am educated as well. I went to Rite Aid to pick up my prescription. I had just left the doctors office where my medicine was counted and the number of days needed was called in. I went to pick it up and was told give us 20 min. I did so. I went to pick up window they said my insurance said they would not cover it until Sunday and I could get it Monday 16. I said no ma'am I just came I have one day left. The pharmacist (a female 30+ on shorter side medium length auburn brown hair pulled back in pony tail) told me I had 25 days worth. I said no ma'am I just came from my Dr they count my medicine it is policy I am out tomorrow. She said you need to go home count. I realized she had judged me by the type of medicine I was prescribed so I went back to the Dr office made sure again my prescription was for 12-10-13 and for 2.5 per day.

I returned to pharmacy where I asked if she could check it. She said nothing she could do. I brought a coupon my Dr office gave me another employee tried to use ( tall blonde hair northern accent I seen her before several times) this employee very nice. However they would not let me without buying so much. I tried to get the original lady to look at my chart to see she refused talked to me with disdain. I had to drive 20 miles home to call well care + my Dr. They called the pharmacy and somehow my med had been put in computer by Rite Aid wrong # of days and wrong dose.

After Wellcare fixed the issue I had to drive all the way back to town 20 miles both ways to get my prescription. I was treated like I done something wrong. I left very hurt, and embarrassed at the complete lack of respect for another human displayed toward me. It ruined my whole day. On top of all that I was shorted 2 strips of medicine. When I called I was told I couldn't count they were right. Her voice and attitude was unprofessional, pathetic, and condescending. I had cancer and was prescribed strong pain med for years and that is why I take Suboxone now. I feel like I need to explain myself to the employees at Rite Aid in Barbourvill because of 1 ignorant lady. She could have just looked at my prescription instead of dismissing me as an addict. I was told by Wellcare the pharmacist said "oh if I known that was the problem I could have fixed it. " I lost my day off to running to town and calling govt agencies unnecessarily. To still be shorted. I am not making and extra trip up there to be treated that way again. I did nothing to provoke this on myself.

I would think that Rite Aid would have professionalism to deal with public better than this. Even though it was 1 employee I will be taking my business, along with my families elsewhere.

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Posted by christyhensley48 on 2013-12-11:
It is a shame this experience ruined my whole day, lost rite aid a customer, and all because 1 educated professional has no life experience or compassion for people having to go to doctor on their day off. Do not go there if u have any self worth.
Posted by christyhensley48 on 2013-12-13:
I must say I was contacted by a professional district manager from rite aid who apologized for the treatment I recieved. This gentlemen had reviewed what occured and pointed out to me I had even went to verify my medicine which rite aid should have done for me, and came back to store again where still I recieved no help, and all they had to do was review my dosage but would not. The District Manager was prompt on returing my call and listened to me explain my comment. He was very sincere, and told me it would not happen again. I will think about going back but I will ask for the pharmacist if I ever fill anything there again. I also was made aware the pharmacist was not there. The person I dealt with was a tech. I am still not over the way I was made to feel on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013. I just wanted people to know Rite Aid did contact me about this.
Posted by hardsun1 on 2013-12-14:
This is a sad thing that happens more and more. The standard of quality of people in the job market continues to decline due to lower intelligence and poor work ethic. It is a shame. I hope these people got fired but I doubt it. Customer service has been lost to profit margin.
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Rudest Pharmacy I Have Ever Been To...
Posted by Tattoochick74 on 12/08/2013
GOOSE CREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My nightmare encounter started when I walked up to the counter to give my prescription to the associate and she, in terrible broken English, just looked at me with the most disgusted look and said "just hold on...." and walked away. Strike #1.

Once the associate returned she looked at my order, hit some keys on her computer and after having to apologize for making her repeat it three plus times because it was evident English was her second language, she tells me in no certain way "we no have enough" and literally handed me my script back and walked off. Strike #2.

I proceeded to wait till she walked back over to the counter, trying hard to remember I am a mother standing there setting an example for my children who were with me at the time, asked if she could please check the other local Rite Aid pharmacies to see if they had enough in stock because I needed it filled that day. I want to add I know from being a loyal platinum customer that this is easily done by simply checking something in the computer, if I thought she had to physically call each one I would never impose on her to do that because she does have other customers to wait on other than me. After asking about the other stores she said to me, puzzled look and pointing at her chest, "you want me check other store, we no do that but you welcome call them you self" and again walked away. Strike #3 I'm out.

I would have asked for the pharmacist and or manager at that moment but in my opinion I shouldn't have to, not to mention that employee set the tone of that days interaction and it could not recover. I drove across town to my old Rite Aid store I've used for years with no issue. I just built a $300,000 home just 5 minutes from that store I just poorly reviewed and it irritates me because I now feel I have to spend an extra hour of my time to go across town to get good treatment. Just an FYI, the next week my husband went to fill his script and was told by the same pharmacy that the dosing instructions weren't "clear enough" for them because the Dr wrote "use as needed" and handed it back and the pharmacist walked off with a "sorry, call your Dr to get it corrected" and the employee if front of him at the register, literally looked around him and asked the gentleman behind him if she could help "next in line".

I did later take his to our old Rite Aid and the pharmacist immediately explained the issue with a smile and an apology and called the Dr's office for us, cleared the issue, and had it filled for me in 30 minutes flat. I did use this location I poorly reviewed a couple more times due to sheer convenience and had a problem every single time and it was handled rudely every single time as well. I have been a customer service manager for 15 plus years and this is NOT how you treat people you hope to keep as recurring customers. I hope to be completely transferred over to another pharmacy and a happy customer again. Your loss Rite Aid.
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Poorest of Poor Selection of Detergents / Softeners
Posted by Bena8040 on 11/12/2013
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The selection of laundry detergents and softeners and the amount of those that are available are so poor that one would think it's not a busy Brooklyn corner but a mom-n-pop store in a dying town far away from a remote road. Not just on one visit but very frequently. I asked the cashier and she just shrugged "that's all we have." Shame on you, Rite Aid. How reliable is a company that doesn't take advantage of the absence of a Walgreen's of a CVS nearby?
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Receiving Robo-Calls From Rite Aid
Posted by Llaitner on 10/26/2013
ASHLAND, OREGON -- This morning I got a robo-call promoting the Rite Aid Pharmacy, particularly flu shots and other products for seniors. Usually robo-calls come from anonymous credit card companies. It is exceptionally rare to get one from a company you even know. Apparently they got my phone number from the stores "wellness card" application. I don't think I ever gave them permission to call me at home with spammy robo-calls.

Their robo-call makes me way less likely to enter their store again.
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Problems With Filing My Medication, Not Going by Label on Bottle
Posted by Anthonynrspct on 10/19/2013
COLLEGE POINT NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I take Dilantin for a seized disorder. Now even though I have insurance, I prefer to purchase the mess right out so that I can get a sealed bottle of 100. As you probably know through insurance you only get the exact dose you take, in my case that would be 2x daily which comes to 60 pills per month. I like to have extra on hand in case some are not good or I misplace them which years ago I lost a pill case with about 12 in it. Now my medicine is very important to take daily, because skipping doses can bring on life threatening seizes called status epilleticus, which can be fatal. What I like to do and have been doing since 1982, is to keep one bottle ahead meaning that for every 100 that I use, I always have another 100 on hand. The problem has been recently that when I finish a bottle, I bring the empty one to the store and they are supposed to fill it according to the label, like 2 refills left, one left and so on. When I reach no refills left, I am due to see my Neurologist for a checkup and a new prescription. I see him 2x per year. Since he enters the prescription into his computer and sends it to the store, I guess to go "paperless" as they say now days, I was informed my the pharmacist that everything is in the system, just call and prescription is filled. But that is not the case.

Every time I get a new bottle it has conflicting info on the label. Example, one bottle read 80.0 units or pills left till July 2014 another said, one refill left till August 2014. Now which is right July or August?. I was told that he would have to call my doctor for a new prescription. He did and now the new bottle reads, 2 refills left until October 2014. Yet the bottle I am working on now reads 1 refill until August 2014. What will happen when I bring in that bottle?. Will I be told that I already have that prescription as it has happened in the past, and will they fill the order using one of the October 2014 refills, supposedly short changing me meaning another call to the Doctor for a new prescription way before my summer appointment which is in August.

By the way, my winter appointment is in February. I cannot see my Doctor making all these mistakes on his end. I believe something is "Rotten in Riteaid" and I will probably look into the matter further. At one time I had a Pharmacist there who was very reliable. I am now seriously considering switching Pharmacies because of this. Enough said.

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Late Opening
Posted by Lucabrocci on 06/20/2013
BROAD N WYOMING, PENNSYLVANIA -- Arrived at 7:55 sign says open at 8am, I was waiting for bus which comes at 8:12 saw three employees go in after 8am doors didn't open until 8:10?! I missed my bus of course! If you are not going to open until 8:10 then put that on the sign! May not seem like a big deal but it is to me! If I'm late I lose money so the same should apply to business, open late and get your purchase 50% off! Sounds fair to me! OPEN ON TIME!!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-20:
I agree that they should open on time, but 10 minutes late isn't egregiously late or anything. And they actually did or at least had the potential to lose money as customers expecting them to open at 8:00 could've gone elsewhere.
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The manager treated me as a beggar!
Posted by S2c26303135 on 04/02/2013
FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK -- I just got my Rite Aid wellness card few months ago and just earned 250points, which is a 10% shopping pass last week. The Edge saving cream was on the flier last week and I used the pass to purchase them. An Edge saving cream original price is $3.69 and it has a $2 off coupon in the store ad. I bought 7, which supposed to be $3.69 X 10% off -$2 coupon= $1.32 each (and 0.37 off per shaving cream). After the cashier scanned my coupons and 10% shopping pass, I got my receipt and about the leave the store. I saw that 10% discount was not applied. I asked the cashier and she agreed with me, so she asked the manager to come. The manager looked at the receipt, insisted that I got my 10% off, because the bottom of the receipt shows "Your BONUS saving": 80cents (which I believe it's the chocolate discount, I got 2 Twix, original price is 99 cents and on sale is 59 cents). She insisted and walked away. The cashier looked at me because she understood the situation but she has no authority to fix the problem. I stood next to the counter......what the....? The manager walked back 10 sec later, still insisted that each shaving cream would only get $0.17 cents discount (because 3.69-$2 coupon= 1.69, and 10% applies to $1.69, not $3.69). I was like ok, if what you said was right, I would get more than 80 cents off, she did the math, 0.17*7=$1.19. Then she said ok, 30 cents different, you know what, I have a quarter in my pocket, let me give it to you.

Did she treat me as a beggar?

I screamed and said "I don't want YOUR money!" She even asked "Why...that solves the problem." I repeated myself firmly. She said "call the number on the back of the Rite Aid card." I left the store with anger and disappointment. I seriously wonder how could she become a manager when a cashier could provide better customer service than her.
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Posted by Anna Molly on 2013-04-02:
This could have been handled better, on both sides. Next time, use your 10% shopping pass, before using the coupons, and see if that makes a difference.

Posted by ok4now on 2013-04-02:
I can see your point and agree that they short changed you with the shopping pass/coupons. Having said that is it worth an argument over $.30 cents? The manager may have thought this to be so frivolous and offered a quarter to end the dispute.
Posted by yo on 2013-06-20:
You get the 10% or sale price which ever is cheaper. Not both.
Posted by my1972olds on 2013-07-14:
The 10% discount is only applied to items that are not on sale. If this incident happened the way you say, evidently the manager nor the cashier explained this to you correctly.
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