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Pharmacy Customer Service Nightmare
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Rating: 3/51

DOVER, DELAWARE -- Was in Dover Delaware over Memorial Day weekend and needed my ** prescription filled as I suddenly had an episode that required it. I called the nearest Riteaid and a lady with an Indian accent answered, took my name and date of birth after I told her that I needed a refill and was out of town and do business with Riteaid. So you would think that all they would have to do was look me up and fill it. She didn't even ask me to hold but I knew that I was put on hold for the music started... I waited 20 minutes and she never returned so I had a friend call the store to check if they were extremely busy in the pharmacy of which he was told no and was connected immediately.

He asked the pharmacist if they were busy because a friend was on hold for 20 minutes and hung up... Suddenly, the Indian accent lady came back to talk to me and acted as if though she didn't know who I was and handed the phone over to the pharmacist of whom I verified that he knew who I was! Told him that I was a Riteaid customer and didn't appreciate being put on hold indefinitely and he informed me that they were OUT of ** however, the other store on DuPont HWY had it in stock!

I then called the next Riteaid on DuPont HWY and was told that they didn't have it so, I called yet a 3rd store and they didn't have it. I asked why it was that no store seemed to have ** in Dover and the pharmacist barked at me that it wasn't something commonly dispensed so they didn't have it! I was on my way to Rehoboth so I called a store there and again, NO **. So, I decided that I'd have to just suffer the remainder of the vacation...

I'm finding it very difficult to understand why it is that I was put on hold by the 1st store for 20 minutes, only to be informed that they didn't have a prescription medication that I needed filled and the rest of the Capitol City of Delaware and tourist city of Rehoboth didn't have it either! Were they telling the truth or was I singled out because I needed this for a HSV flare up or maybe some other reason? The way I was treated on the 1st incident with the Indian accent lady has me wondering... My professional friends in the industry have told me of the headaches involved in working Retail but aren't happy with the way I was treated.

I Am Done with Rite Aid
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Rating: 1/51

PLUM/PENN HILLS, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been a regular customer of Rite Aid for over five years now; dealing with the McKnight Rd store in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA. They were wonderful. Then I got transferred to Plum. I have had nothing but terrible experiences with this pharmacy. Either they don't have the medication that was prescribed, or they haven't gotten the doctor's ok when I arrive, or any other number of problems at the drive through — including one evening when an obvious intern couldn't even figure out how to open the door and told me I'd have to come back another time!

Anyway, my main complaint is that every time I order a refill the automated voice asks for my phone number — every time. And yet, they have NEVER ONCE used it to call me to tell me my prescription would not be ready at the time I was told to come and pick it up. And never once an apology for that either!

The only apology I ever had was from a girl who said she was sorry to hear that I was leaving Rite Aid. And her co-worker stood there and he NEVER SAID ONE WORD TO ME AT ALL! It was as if he wanted to hear what I said, but not acknowledge that I even existed. What happened to customer service? This is the absolute worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with in my life.

Disdain, Arrogance, Judged, Embarrassed - Will Never Go Back
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Rating: 1/51

BARBOURVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I want to say I am a manager myself dealing with public daily in the hotel industry. I am educated as well. I went to Rite Aid to pick up my prescription. I had just left the doctor's office where my medicine was counted and the number of days needed was called in. I went to pick it up and was told give us 20 min. I did so. I went to pick up window. They said my insurance said they would not cover it until Sunday and I could get it Monday 16. I said, "No Ma'am, I just came. I have one day left."

The pharmacist (a female 30+ on shorter side medium-length auburn brown hair pulled back in pony tail) told me I had 25 days worth. I said, "No Ma'am I just came from my Dr. They count my medicine, it is policy. I am out tomorrow." She said, "You need to go home. Count." I realized she had judged me by the type of medicine I was prescribed so I went back to the Dr office made sure again my prescription was for 12-10-13 and for 2.5 per day.

I returned to pharmacy where I asked if she could check it. She said nothing she could do. I brought a coupon my Dr office gave me. Another employee tried to use (tall blond hair, northern accent, I seen her before several times). This employee very nice. However they would not let me without buying so much. I tried to get the original lady to look at my chart to see. She refused, talked to me with disdain. I had to drive 20 miles home to call WellCare + my Dr. They called the pharmacy and somehow my med had been put in computer by Rite Aid wrong # of days and wrong dose.

After WellCare fixed the issue, I had to drive all the way back to town 20 miles both ways to get my prescription. I was treated like I done something wrong. I left very hurt, and embarrassed at the complete lack of respect for another human displayed toward me. It ruined my whole day. On top of all that, I was shorted 2 strips of medicine.

When I called, I was told I couldn't count, they were right. Her voice and attitude was unprofessional, pathetic, and condescending. I had cancer and was prescribed strong pain med for years and that is why I take Suboxone now. I feel like I need to explain myself to the employees at Rite Aid in Barbourville because of 1 ignorant lady.

She could have just looked at my prescription instead of dismissing me as an addict. I was told by WellCare the pharmacist said "Oh if I known that was the problem, I could have fixed it." I lost my day off to running to town and calling govt agencies unnecessarily to still be shorted. I am not making an extra trip up there to be treated that way again. I did nothing to provoke this on myself. I would think that Rite Aid would have professionalism to deal with public better than this. Even though it was 1 employee, I will be taking my business, along with my family's, elsewhere.

Rudest Pharmacy I Have Ever Been To...
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Rating: 1/51

GOOSE CREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My nightmare encounter started when I walked up to the counter to give my prescription to the associate and she, in terrible broken English, just looked at me with the most disgusted look and said "Just hold on..." and walked away. Strike #1. Once the associate returned, she looked at my order, hit some keys on her computer and after having to apologize for making her repeat it three plus times because it was evident English was her second language, she tells me in no certain way "We no have enough" and literally handed me my script back and walked off. Strike #2.

I proceeded to wait till she walked back over to the counter, trying hard to remember I am a mother standing there setting an example for my children who were with me at the time, asked if she could please check the other local Rite Aid pharmacies to see if they had enough in stock because I needed it filled that day. I want to add, I know from being a loyal platinum customer that this is easily done by simply checking something in the computer. If I thought she had to physically call each one, I would never impose on her to do that because she does have other customers to wait on other than me.

After asking about the other stores, she said to me, puzzled look and pointing at her chest, "You want me check other store, we no do that but you welcome call them you self" and again walked away. Strike #3 I'm out. I would have asked for the pharmacist and or manager at that moment but in my opinion, I shouldn't have to. Not to mention that employee set the tone of that day's interaction and it could not recover. I drove across town to my old Rite Aid store I've used for years with no issue.

I just built a $300,000 home just 5 minutes from that store I just poorly reviewed and it irritates me because I now feel I have to spend an extra hour of my time to go across town to get good treatment. Just an FYI, the next week my husband went to fill his script and was told by the same pharmacy that the dosing instructions weren't "clear enough" for them because the Dr wrote "use as needed" and handed it back and the pharmacist walked off with a "Sorry, call your Dr to get it corrected" and the employee if front of him at the register, literally looked around him and asked the gentleman behind him if she could help "next in line."

I did later take his to our old Rite Aid and the pharmacist immediately explained the issue with a smile and an apology and called the Dr's office for us, cleared the issue, and had it filled for me in 30 minutes flat. I did use this location I poorly reviewed a couple more times due to sheer convenience and had a problem every single time and it was handled rudely every single time as well. I have been a customer service manager for 15 plus years and this is NOT how you treat people you hope to keep as recurring customers. I hope to be completely transferred over to another pharmacy and a happy customer again. Your loss Rite Aid.

Where Have the Good Caring People Gone?
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DOWNINGTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I wanted to write a review on my experience this morning, and this one will be the first of many that I post out on the web. People should be aware of the maltreatment happening at this Rite Aid drug store. I went in this morning to pick up my antibiotics that I had dropped off two days prior, and to get Monistat, which every woman knows is embarrassing enough to have to buy. For some reason they did not have my insurance information on file, even though I had used the same pharmacy for 5 years.

Well, I could not find my insurance card, so I had to request one before I could go back and get my meds. I printed a copy of the temporary card right off my Benefits Website at work. I walked up to the counter greeted by a woman who clearly had no interest in welcoming me, or even cracking the smallest of smiles. I felt as though I was an instant inconvenience. She said, "Pick up?" I said yes and gave her my name. She then looked in the pouch and threw it over the other counter yelled over her shoulder "Re-bill!" So now I'm pretty confused because I don'™t what that means, but had already handed her my insurance paperwork.

So another lovely bundle of happiness goes over and picks up the prescription and is typing something into her computer. I walk over 3 feet and stand in front of her. She looks up and says, "Can I help you?" I am now thinking to myself, "Am I missing something, what's wrong with these people?" I tell her she working on my prescription paperwork. She says, "You need to stand over there," pointing to the next stall (maybe a foot away). So I take one step to the left where she insisted I needed to stand. Now 2 minutes go by and she screams my name out like I'm not standing in front of her. She says "I cannot get your insurance information in here, it isn't working."

Well now I've reached my wit's end. I ask her politely to retrieve my prescription and I will take my business elsewhere. She goes and retrieves it, and hands it to me. I turned to walk away, leaving the Monistat on the counter, and one of the ladies makes a remark about me and the product and the entire pharmacy broke out in laughter. Please put yourself in my shoes and tell me this isn't the most humiliating situation. I couldn't do anything but run for the door. I was so embarrassed.

I plan to take this as far as I can to ensure that no one else experiences what I went through today. I am appalled at the lack of humanity. I researched Rite Aid online and found it funny that their "Code of Ethics" is easily found. Have these people read this? Should they be serving the people of our community? When one walks into a pharmacy it is likely they are ill, and on top of feeling bad, they have to deal with incompetent staff who couldn't care less about us as customers or human beings.

Needless to say I took my prescription to Wegman's Pharmacy, was greeted with a smile, treated with respect, and there were NO ISSUES with my insurance. I had my prescription in 10 minutes. This company will also receive reviews from me, in the highest of praise. Rite Aid should be ashamed of the people they hire. I am writing a letter to Corporate, and to my local newspaper. I was humiliated and I won'™t stand for it. Thanks for reading this.

Problems With Filing My Medication, Not Going by Label on Bottle
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Rating: 2/51

COLLEGE POINT NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I take Dilantin for a seizure disorder. Now even though I have insurance, I prefer to purchase the meds right out so that I can get a sealed bottle of 100. As you probably know, through insurance you only get the exact dose you take, in my case that would be 2x daily which comes to 60 pills per month. I like to have extra on hand in case some are not good or I misplace them which years ago I lost a pill case with about 12 in it. Now my medicine is very important to take daily, because skipping doses can bring on life threatening seizures called status epilleticus, which can be fatal.

What I like to do and have been doing since 1982, is to keep one bottle ahead meaning that for every 100 that I use, I always have another 100 on hand. The problem has been recently that when I finish a bottle, I bring the empty one to the store and they are supposed to fill it according to the label, like 2 refills left, one left and so on. When I reach no refills left, I am due to see my neurologist for a checkup and a new prescription. I see him 2x per year.

Since he enters the prescription into his computer and sends it to the store, I guess to go "paperless" as they say nowadays, I was informed by the pharmacist that everything is in the system, just call and prescription is filled. But that is not the case. Every time I get a new bottle, it has conflicting info on the label. Example, one bottle read "80.0 units or pills left till July 2014", another said, "one refill left till August 2014." Now which is right, July or August? I was told that he would have to call my doctor for a new prescription. He did and now the new bottle reads, "2 refills left until October 2014." Yet the bottle I am working on now reads "1 refill until August 2014."

What will happen when I bring in that bottle? Will I be told that I already have that prescription as it has happened in the past, and will they fill the order using one of the October 2014 refills, supposedly short changing me meaning another call to the doctor for a new prescription way before my summer appointment which is in August.

By the way, my winter appointment is in February. I cannot see my doctor making all these mistakes on his end. I believe something is "Rotten in Rite Aid" and I will probably look into the matter further. At one time I had a pharmacist there who was very reliable. I am now seriously considering switching pharmacies because of this. Enough said.

Beware! Check Your Medicine Before Taking
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Rating: 1/51

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- I had 2 prescriptions refilled at the Rite Aid on Cedar Ave in Fresno. One for Lovastatin (cholesterol) & the other was Lisinopril (hypertension). The next morning when I opened the bottles I noticed the pills appeared to be exactly the same in each bottle. I took them back to the pharmacy & informed them that they had made a mistake & had given me 2 prescriptions of the same medication. The gentleman working in the pharmacy examined the tablets from each bottle & assured me that no mistake had been made & the tablets were indeed different from one another.

Over the next week I took both prescription medications as prescribed. I began having terrible pain, tingling, burning & swelling in my left arm & neck area, and a few days later, my feet & ankles were swollen & painful, too. I couldn't sleep without elevating my arm. The pain was unbearable & I thought perhaps I was having heart problems. My wife still suspected the prescriptions so I dumped both bottles of tablets out & examined them. I found that the Lisinopril bottle had only 8 Lisinopril tablets and all the rest were Lovastatin!

We immediately called the pharmacy & again explained their error. The pharmacy clerk told us again that no mistake had been made and it would have been impossible for them to make a mistake like this. Our concern fell on deaf ears with a complete denial of fault! I called my personal physician & he had me come in. He wrote another prescription for Lisinopril which I filled at a different pharmacy, and within just a day or so, the burning & pain began to lessen.

I HAD been taking double doses of Lovastatin all along! Rite Aid had given me Lovastatin in my Lisinopril bottle. My concern with this pharmacy was not that they had made a mistake, but their absolute refusal to look into it and accept responsibility for it. Needless to say, I filed a complaint with the State of California Pharmacy Board, mailing them photos of the tablets.

The Pharmacist Gave Me the Wrong Medication - Could Have Killed Me!
By -

CINNAMINSON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I went to get my 1st prescription of Tramadol for pain filled at the Rite Aid in Cinnaminson, NJ. The pharmacist I saw could barely speak English, so I am also guessing she couldn't read the RX well either. I take Cymbalta which is an antidepressant as well. I pick up my prescription and notice that the pill looks like another medication I had taken years before for depression.

Instead of giving me Tramadol, the pharmacist filled my RX for Trazodone. I went in and confronted her and made her pull my RX and you could tell she knew she made a big mistake. Trazodone combined with Cymbalta can cause seizures and other complications. She kept asking me if I took any. I should have told her yes, but I told her thankfully I always am keen on what medications I take look like and didn't take any. I did call their customer service department that handles issues with the pharmacy department and they took my complaint.

I received a phone call from the pharmacy manager the next day apologizing for the mistake. I am happy that I received a call, but I am not happy that I could have taken something that interacted badly with my other medications. I switched my RX's to another pharmacy after that. I hope everyone who reads this takes a lesson to double check your RX's when you get them. You can look up what a pill is supposed to look like online, according to the manufacturer. Be safe! Pharmacists can and do make mistakes!

Best Pharmacist and Store Manager
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Rating: 5/51

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- Every 28 days, I have the privilege of being a customer at the Rite Aid located on 1004 E. Michigan Ave directly across the street from a wonderful institution, Sparrow Hospital. This Rite Aid Pharmacy and store faces the challenges of being in an area with many homeless people and those whose intentions are to be shoplifters. The manager of this store does a great job of dealing with this situation and if caught, the police are going to be called. This shows those who shop there they are in a safe environment. Also, it should be mentioned that the pharmacist ** opens up at 8:00 am and is the best one could have.

I personally take in 6 prescriptions and this man has me out of there in 20 minutes or less. If you are a customer at any Walgreens, forget about it. You will be waiting for hours. Good advice, find yourself a Rite Aid. Get to know your pharmacist and store manager and remember wasted time is wasted life. Also a tip, Rite Aid stock is a bargain. Go out and enjoy shopping at Rite Aid.

The Rite Aid Pharmacist Is Very Rude. He Acts Like He Is God's Gift. He Has a Bad Attitude.
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Rating: 1/51

HESPERIA, CALIFORNIA -- I dropped my prescription off because they said they didn't have the pain pills (Vicodin). I called the next day to see if they had them. They said yes and they were preparing it now. They kept telling me to call back. I called back for 3 hours. They kept lying about it. Finally I said I am coming to pick it up. She said it would be ready in 15 min. When I got there, I waited in line. When I got to the window, she said it was almost ready.

Meanwhile, she was taking other people that had just got there. She was taking them in front of me and just kept me standing there waiting. I complained to her. I said, "I was here first, why are you taking everyone else?" The pharmacist came over and glowered at me in a threatening manner. He said "I'm just finishing up with yours now." I said, "Yeah, I've been hearing that for 3 hours." He didn't like me complaining. He was very rude.

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