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Beware! Check Your Medicine Before Taking
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Rating: 1/51

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- I had 2 prescriptions refilled at the Rite Aid on Cedar Ave in Fresno. One for Lovastatin (cholesterol) & the other was Lisinopril (hypertension). The next morning when I opened the bottles I noticed the pills appeared to be exactly the same in each bottle. I took them back to the pharmacy & informed them that they had made a mistake & had given me 2 prescriptions of the same medication. The gentleman working in the pharmacy examined the tablets from each bottle & assured me that no mistake had been made & the tablets were indeed different from one another.

Over the next week I took both prescription medications as prescribed. I began having terrible pain, tingling, burning & swelling in my left arm & neck area, and a few days later my feet & ankles were swollen & painful, too. I couldn't sleep without elevating my arm. The pain was unbearable & I thought perhaps I was having heart problems. My wife still suspected the prescriptions so I dumped both bottles of tablets out & examined them. I found that the Lisinopril bottle had only 8 Lisinopril tablets and all the rest were Lovastatin!

We immediately called the pharmacy & again explained their error. The pharmacy clerk told us again that no mistake had been made and it would have been impossible for them to make a mistake like this. Our concern fell on deaf ears with a complete denial of fault! I called my personal physician & he had me come in. He wrote another prescription for Linisopril which I filled at a different pharmacy, and within just a day or so the burning & pain began to lessen.

I HAD been taking double doses of Lovastatin all along! Rite Aid had given me Lovastatin in my Lisinopril bottle. My concern with this pharmacy was not that they had made a mistake, but their absolute refusal to look into it and accept responsibility for it. Needless to say, I filed a complaint with the State of California Pharmacy Board, mailing them photos of the tablets.

Best Pharmacist and Store Manager
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Rating: 5/51

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- Every 28 days I have the privilege of being a customer at the Rite Aid located on 1004 E. Michigan Ave directly across the street from a wonderful institution, Sparrow Hospital.

This Rite Aid Pharmacy and store faces the challenges of being in an area with many homeless people and those whose intentions are to be shoplifters. The manager of this store does a great job of dealing with this situation and if caught the police are going to be called. This shows those who shop there they are in a safe environment. Also, it should be mentioned that the pharmacist J.B. Parks opens up at 8:00am and is the best one could have.

I personally take in 6 prescriptions and this man has me out of there in 20 minutes or less. If you are a customer at any Walgreens forget about it, you will be waiting for hours. Good advice, find yourself a Rite Aid. Get to know your pharmacist and store manager and remember waisted time is waisted life. Also a tip Rite Aid stock is a bargain. Go out and enjoy shopping at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid Pharmacy Is a Joke!
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Rating: 1/51

SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Okay, once a month I go to Rite Aid to have my prescriptions filled. I am a regular customer for many, many years. So, why then, each month when I go to have my prescriptions filled, they do not have the product! Seriously, it's not like they don't know I'm coming in!

Better yet, I dropped two scripts off yesterday morning, and here it is, 24 hours later, and the scripts are still not filled! And they are only giving me a partial on one of them, with instructions to come back three days later to pick up the rest! I am done with this horrible company. CVS, here I come!!

Pathetic Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- This is for Rite Aid store at 142 South Main St, Alpharetta, 30009, Ga. I went to the store to get my wife's prescription refill on 27th December 2012.

The pharmacist said that the tablets weren't available and they would have to order it, promised it would be available by the next day around noon. I went at 4 pm the next day and the pharmacist said they were very busy and didn't even know if it was ordered. Thankfully, the tabs were prenatal vitamins hence not life threatening. But their lackadaisical attitude could cost someone their health. I am never going nor recommending Rite Aid to anyone. I am moving to another pharmacy.

Worst Pharmacy Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

ADEL, GEORGIA -- This pharmacy is absolutely awful. If you have an alternative drug store that you can use, I highly suggest that you do so. They couldn't care less about consumers and always have a rude and hateful attitude. This is not just one workers there but seems to be the norm for them all. Even the pharmacist. Customer service is terrible and their prices are triple the pharmacy across the street. I have never had a good experience in this store and it seems to be the same in other Rite Aid locations as well. I HATE THIS PHARMACY! (Prescription errors, very poor customer service, ridiculous prices and the list goes on). Doesn't get much worse than this.

Rip off?
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I am still trying to understand if this was a major rip off or a mistake by the pharmacist. Contacted Rite Aid and no response so far. I had a new prescription, the Rite Aid price for 3 months was $255. It was a life critical prescription so I gulped and paid the price. When the renewal time came up, I shopped around and found the same prescription at Costco for $25. Holy #!~@&!. My mind still won't get around this kind of price difference. Are they really that horrid? Since they won't reply, I will assume they are and bad mouth them everywhere I can find...

The pharmacist gave me the wrong medication-Could have killed me!
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CINNAMINSON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I went to get my 1st prescription of Tramadol for pain filled at the Rite Aid in Cinnaminson, NJ. The pharmacist I saw could barely speak English, so I am also guessing she couldn't read the RX well either. I take Cymbalta which is an anti-depressant as well. I pick up my prescription and notice that the pill looks like another medication I had taken years before for depression. Instead of giving me Tramadol, the pharmacist filled my RX for Trazadone. I went in and confronted her and made her pull my RX and you could tell she knew she made a big mistake. Trazadone combined with Cymbalta can cause Seizures and other complications. She kept asking me if I took any. I should have told her yes, but I told her thankfully I always am keen on what medications I take look like and didn't take any. I did call their customer service department that handles issues with the pharmacy department and they took my complaint. I received a phone call from the pharmacy manager the next day apologizing for the mistake. I am happy that I received a call, but I am not happy that I could have taken something that interacted badly with my other medications. I switched my RX's to another pharmacy after that. I hope everyone who reads this takes a lesson to double check your RX's when you get them. You can look up what a pill is supposed to look like online, according to the manufacturer. Be safe! Pharmacists can and do make mistakes!

Pharmacy... Or Lack There Of
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ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Let me back up and start with saying, the first time I took my prescription to Rite Aid, they lost it and I had to wait 4 hours longer than what I was promised to get my medicine.

And it then had someone else's name and address on the label.

So I am very much 9 months pregnant. B/c I am pregnant, I have had high blood pressure and have to take high blood pressure medicine 4 times a day. I noticed on Wednesday that I was almost out of medicine and would need it before Saturday. [And I wanted to be sure to call it in with plenty of time in case something happened, like they lost it..again. and because of Monday being Memorial Day] . I call the automated line, it tells me it will be ready to pick up after 2 on Thursday. I ended up not having time after work on Thursday so would be in after I got off on Friday to pick it up. [With me only having 2 pills left]. Friday afternoon at 6:30, I walk into Rite Aid and notice all the lights are out in the pharmacy.

Me: Me
SM: Store Manager
Me: "..The pharmacy is closed? It's only 6:30. I was under the impression that they were open until 9.."
SM: "Yeah, they are. but I'm sorry, the pharmacist just left.
Me: "..tells her everything above..how I need my meds, how I called. blah blah
SM: "Well really, we can't do anything without having the pharmacist here. The other store needed him, so he left here to help them out.."
Me:" Do you not call people to let them know that you aren't going to have a pharmacist.. I really have to have my meds. That's why I was sure to call it in advance"
SM: "Normally, we would call, but we didn't expect him to just leave like that.."
Me: "Well I really need my medicine. I have about 2 pills to last me..,and I will have taken both of them before the morning"
SM: "Okay, well let me try a different store and see if they can give you a few pills to last till tomorrow. Tomorrow our pharmacist will be here"
Me: "Okay, great."

I ended up driving 15 minutes to another store, for ..3 pills.. I figured OK, at least I can take it in the morning and go to Rite Aid since the pharmacist will be there tomorrow. And it sure was awesome driving 15 minutes with gas prices as high as they are, so gee, thank you for that too.

Got to Rite Aid at 9:30. .. I check the door, pharmacy opens at 9.. Walk in. And low and behold. The lights in the pharmacy are off..again.

I go up to the store manager, different than last night, as she is writing signs to say the pharmacy is closed.

Me: "Hi, so..is the pharmacist here today?"
SM: "No, we aren't going to have one all weekend.."
Me: "Are you kidding me?"
:::tells her story about last night, I'm 9 months pregnant, I have to have my medicine. At this point, I'm sure my blood pressure is high anyway, because of all this.

Basically the lady who helped me, Heather.. She called her general manager, who said they couldn't do anything about it. She also spoke with the pharmacy general managers, who said they couldn't do anything about it.
She called 3 other stores, who didn't have the medicine I needed. And she called the one I went to the night before..who, didn't have a pharmacist. They had the medicine but not a pharmacist.

By this point, I was livid. I'm worrying to death about not being able to have my medicine.

The store manager ended up calling Wal-Mart and having them transfer my prescription there.

Heather was very helpful, the one who worked the previous night..not so much. She was rather rude. but the whole ordeal really got to me. And then the kicker as I'm leaving. She tells me that she is there every other weekend. And every weekend since she's been there [Feb. ] They have only had one pharmacist, meaning that the pharmacy is closed like that all the time. [I never knew that, b/c normally I go during the week]

I think that is horrible service. It would have been one thing if they would have called me or something.

It was such a big inconvenience to have to go through the same thing the next day when the store manager that night told me that someone would be there and I'd be able to get my medicine.

I will never get another prescription filled there.And you better believe I'm telling my friends and family who rely on their meds to never under any circumstances step foot in a Rite Aid.

By -

ONTARIO, OREGON -- I recently switch to the Rite Aid pharmacy due to a gift card offer they were advertising and have numerous problems ever since. I have been given, charged and eventually refunded for a medication that was not mine. I had been told my physician was not authorizing my medications and when I called my physician they had already sent over the required documentation. Most recently, I have had an experience that has caused me to terminate my relationship with Rite Aid. I called in my pain medication refill and was told that they had not received authorization from my physician. Since it was Friday and did not look like my physician was going to respond, the pharmacist suggested that they fill a prescription for a pain medication that I had on file and had not used for a few months, until they could get the authorization from my physician on Monday. I agreed and paid for the medication. The following Wednesday I was informed that the Pharmacist was concerned that I would take both medications and felt he needed to consult with my physician due to this OR I could bring the pain medication that he filled on Friday in to him and he would give me the pain medication that I originally was needing.

He then informed me that he could not credit me for the unused medication that he was requiring me to return to him before he would give me the other medication. I am a 40 year old male that does not require parental oversight. I truly feel that the Rite Aid pharmacy financially took advantage of me to say the least and I question this request to return the medication. I shared this with the Pharmacist and he became rude and started over talking me.

I informed him I wanted all my prescriptions transferred back to my original pharmacy and he informed me he would not do this and I would have to call my physician and request all of them again. I switched back to my pharmacy and they called the Rite Aid Pharmacist and were informed that I did not have any pain medication order on file. Very Mean Spirited and I really feel unethical.

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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- I have given them chance after chance. No change. The last ten transactions at the pharmacy. ALWAYS A PROBLEM, NEVER Fails.

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