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Posted by Ktoombs on 03/28/2008
ONTARIO, OREGON -- I recently switch to the Rite Aid pharmacy due to a gift card offer they were advertising and have numerous problems ever since. I have been given, charged and eventually refunded for a medication that was not mine. I had been told my physician was not authorizing my medications and when I called my physician they had already sent over the required documentation. Most recently, I have had an experience that has caused me to terminate my relationship with Rite Aid. I called in my pain medication refill and was told that they had not received authorization from my physician. Since it was Friday and did not look like my physician was going to respond, the pharmacist suggested that they fill a prescription for a pain medication that I had on file and had not used for a few months, until they could get the authorization from my physician on Monday. I agreed and paid for the medication. The following Wednesday I was informed that the Pharmacist was concerned that I would take both medications and felt he needed to consult with my physician due to this OR I could bring the pain medication that he filled on Friday in to him and he would give me the pain medication that I originally was needing.

He then informed me that he could not credit me for the unused medication that he was requiring me to return to him before he would give me the other medication. I am a 40 year old male that does not require parental oversight. I truly feel that the Rite Aid pharmacy financially took advantage of me to say the least and I question this request to return the medication. I shared this with the Pharmacist and he became rude and started over talking me.

I informed him I wanted all my prescriptions transferred back to my original pharmacy and he informed me he would not do this and I would have to call my physician and request all of them again. I switched back to my pharmacy and they called the Rite Aid Pharmacist and were informed that I did not have any pain medication order on file. Very Mean Spirited and I really feel unethical.

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Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-03-28:
Go here to file a complaint about that Pharmacy:

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-28:
You should also write a polite, calm, detailed letter to RiteAid's corporate offices. Sounds like this guy needs a smack-down.
Posted by kyke on 2008-04-10:
That is unethical might i suggest u file a complaint with the state board of pharmacy or something of that nature? I mean if you had any controlled substance transferred from another pharmacy to Rite-Aid, the pharmacist from Rite-Aid is NOT allowed to transfer it back because that's a law, but he can't lie and say nothing is there. What medication was it for and was it transferred from a prior pharmacy to rite-aid first?
Posted by minaminamina on 2010-08-09:
I guarantee you 99 percent of the error is due to the doctor's bad hand writing. The doctor write tramadol like trazodone. They write nifedipine like nisoldipine. They write lantus like lancet. The list goes on...
Any one who works inside the pharmacy or having to deal with doctor's order will tell you..THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD YOU CAN READ THEM!
In a pharmacy that fills 500 prescriptions by one pharmacist and 2 techs. Out of the 500 prescriptions you can only read clearly 80 prescriptions. The rest the pharmacist relied on her educated guess and making at least 50 phone calls to verify with doctors the drug name, missing drug dosage or how many times you want the patient to take a day. Doctor's license number missing, How many tablets do you want the patient to get?... The pharmacist spend at least 2 hours a day on the phone with doctors to verified hand writings and missing information in order for the pharmacist to fill the prescription. That is the reason why a prescription take so long to fill. Also the patient's insurance company took forever to process and pay which further delay fill time. When you tell the patient I can't read your doctor's hand written. The patient acts dumb and looked shock.
Posted by Dan on 2013-07-02:
This is worth looking into I also experience thier rude judgemental and seems more times then i can count theyll have to order my medicine or they say its the drug manufacture issues ect. recently ive been waiting 5 days so far to get on long lasting pain med that i unfortunetly been on for 1.5 years happens to me alot. going to be switching back to harris drug. im fully disabled which is a bumer. no need for rite aids crap there newest policy is not to let the customer have there meds picked up 2 days early instead of three. . its not my doctor its not my insurance company there more than willing to pay three days early understanding customer serves. think about that new rite aide policy playing games with peoples health it is effecting peoples well being im one who suffers because of incomp.from rite aid many more problems then i care to get into right now hang in there support you local drug stores ps ive noticed some right aids are alot better then others when it comes to helping customers. thought id leave positive .
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The pharmacist gave me the wrong medication-Could have killed me!
Posted by Jenni106 on 04/15/2010
CINNAMINSON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I went to get my 1st prescription of Tramadol for pain filled at the Rite Aid in Cinnaminson, NJ. The pharmacist I saw could barely speak English, so I am also guessing she couldn't read the RX well either. I take Cymbalta which is an anti-depressant as well. I pick up my prescription and notice that the pill looks like another medication I had taken years before for depression. Instead of giving me Tramadol, the pharmacist filled my RX for Trazadone. I went in and confronted her and made her pull my RX and you could tell she knew she made a big mistake. Trazadone combined with Cymbalta can cause Seizures and other complications. She kept asking me if I took any. I should have told her yes, but I told her thankfully I always am keen on what medications I take look like and didn't take any. I did call their customer service department that handles issues with the pharmacy department and they took my complaint. I received a phone call from the pharmacy manager the next day apologizing for the mistake. I am happy that I received a call, but I am not happy that I could have taken something that interacted badly with my other medications. I switched my RX's to another pharmacy after that. I hope everyone who reads this takes a lesson to double check your RX's when you get them. You can look up what a pill is supposed to look like online, according to the manufacturer. Be safe! Pharmacists can and do make mistakes!
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Posted by drugdoc121 on 2010-04-15:
"Be safe! Pharmacists can and do make mistakes!" Thanks for spreading the word! FYI- All Pharmacists practicing in the United States of America have to taken at least two exams to practice AND they are written in English.
P.S. Ever stop to think that the handwriting of your doctor may have played a sorry role in this?
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2010-04-15:
I know everyone's human and mistakes happen but God, these are the kinds of mistakes you just can't afford to make. In Ontario, one single error can cost the pharmacist their license. I'm not sure what the laws and regulations are in the state of New Hampshire and I would never want to see anyone lost their livelihood, but you may want to pursue further recourse. The next error this pharmacist makes could be with an elderly or confused patient and wind up killing them.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2010-04-15:
As for the sloppy handwriting, I think if there was ever a shred of doubt as to the name of the drug or the dosage, the pharmacist should be on the phone with the physician promptly to verify it. And don't fill the prescription until they do.
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2010-04-15:
I am canadian - I agree with you on the handwriting. Let me ask you this. Ever been to a retail pharmacy and see how 3/4 of the customers act when the pharmacist tell them that exact thing? I have.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-15:
One mistake can kill a person, they need to train the pharmacists better.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-04-15:
There is NO EXCUSE for a pharmacist, regardless of country or business, for making a mistake.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2010-04-15:
When a person walks into a pharmacy with a prescription, they are not simply a customer purchasing a blender, they are a PATIENT. Meaning that the pharmacist has an equal responsiblity for their health and well being to that of their physician. So let them yell, let them stomp their feet, whatever. I don't care if it took two hours, I wouldn't let them leave until I knew they had exactly what they needed.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-04-15:
yeah it's always good to have a pharmacist who is on top of things.

i'd recommend, if you can, try using a pharmacist who's attached to the same medical center your doctor works at. sometimes that way, it's easier to get prescription errors fixed, especially when the pharmacist knows the doctor by name.

and... getting one that REALLY knows the medications. there are some out there who actually know medications better than the doctors do. and those are the ones you want filling your 'scripts cos they really look out for you.

i had one who did that for me. i was getting 2 scripts filled (in my teens) - one for allergies and one for being sick. the pharmacist made a SERIOUS point of "do not take these together!" and if he hadn't said that... i probably would have.

a few years later the allergy medication lost its FDA approval, because when you take it with that specific antibiotic you can induce a heart attack.

i had to do a survey once of the medical center
i mentioned him by name as being awesome because of that. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-15:
There are so many protection mechanisms in place to assist the pharmacist and to reduce errors, but the sad fact is that that these mistakes happen due to human error. There are scanners to check the NDC's on the bottles, vs. what was processed in the computer but if the pharmacist reads the original prescription wrong, then all bets are off. Now that e-prescribing is becoming more common hopefully even those errors will go down.

I am VERY glad that you are so aware of your medications, what they are suppose to look like and that you caught the mistake before you ingested the medication. Hopefully others will read this review and will become more vigelent about educating themselves about their medications as you have about yours. Excellent review!
Posted by old fart on 2010-04-15:
My grandson is now a doctor of pharmacy.... I double check EVERYTHING with him!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-15:
That is great Old Fart.

People should NEVER hesitate to question their pharmacist. When I was still in the retail pharmacy we made MANY calls per day to the doctors offices' because we could not read their writing. There was one doctor who's writing was so bad that we called on EVERY prescription that he wrote.

One important note to make is when you are in line at the pharmacy and your wait is over 5 minutes, it may be YOUR prescription that they are verifying. Remember, being a pharmacist is not as simple as just counting pills and putting them in a bottle. Old Fart, ask your grandson. You may have already heard the pharmacy stories.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-04-15:
drugdoc...it is the responsibility of the pharmacist to insure that they understand the instructions of the Doctor. If they have any doubt at all, they should concact the Doctor. How hard is that?
Posted by old fart on 2010-04-15:
Pro... it's amazing what I've heard about some of the places...
No names have ever been mentioned but I have a pretty good idea where NOT to get my drugs...
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2010-04-15:
I never said it was hard to contact the doctor. You said there is no excuse for a pharmacist....for making a mistake. Are doctors allowed? Or are they also expected to be non-human? Anyone else not allowed to make a mistake? It is one thing to consciously or maliciously make an error but a mistake sometimes, is, an unintentional error.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-04-15:
Great advice to always double check a prescription when picking it up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-16:
I worked in the medical field for 22 years and some doctors write horridly. We had to call to get x-rays orders verified many times, and sometimes got hollered at for bothering these doctors and it sucked having to wait for a call back. I am of the belief that doctors should use block lettering, no cursive, on their scripts and in charts so that all involved can clearly see what has been written there, or that all drugs should be assigned a number so that a name never has to be written. The two drugs the OP mentioned are close in name. I can see how it happened, but it shouldn't. People are human, mistakes get made-they could be prevented by a little more time and care from the doctor, the pharmacist, and the patient. PS My brother is a pharmacist and these are his ideas.
Posted by goduke on 2010-04-16:
I think that we can all accept that the places that dispense pharma (be it Rite Aid, Walgreens, Kroger, Mom & Pop, etc.) have multiple layers of check in place to ensure that Rx's are handled properly and filled properly. But I think we have to take a reality check and recognize that no system is 100% accurate -- doesn't make it right or acceptable, but it makes it real. The savvy consumer, therefore, is going to check their Rx when they get. 9,999 may be right, but if you are the 1 out of 10K that might be wrong (I made that ratio up, don't jump all over it), you want to catch it and bring it to the attention of the pharmacy.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-04-16:
+10 goduke
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-04-16:
ddoc, I never said mistakes were not allowed, it's gonna happen, but in the business of people's health and welfare, be it a DR, pharmacist, fireman, police officer, nurse etc..all highly trained positions, there is no excuse, gonna happen, yea, but no excuse.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-04-16:
are doctors allowed to make mistakes you ask?

well you know I just saw a news clip online about a hospital that performed a C-section on a woman who wasn't pregnant.

i've read news stories where a doctor amputates the wrong foot.

the problem is when these people make mistakes, the patients pay for it.
Posted by MRM on 2010-04-16:
There was an article in the local news recently that the doctor was fired for aborting one of the wrong twin fetuses. (he aborted the healthy fetus instead of the defected fetus)
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2010-04-16:
The combination of trazadone and Cymbalta probably wouldn't cause you to have seizures. Trazadone used to be used for depression, but is now used as a sleep-aid. What most likely would have happened is for you to become overly sleepy and MIGHT lower your respirations. It's highly unlikely a one-and-one doseage would do much else since trazadone is a fairly benign medication. That being said, WOW. This is the second time in a week we've heard on this site about a pharmacy dispensing the wrong med. Always check your script before leaving and always question anything that is amiss!
Posted by minaminamina on 2010-08-10:
I guarantee you 99 percent of the error is due to the doctor's bad hand writing. The doctor write tramadol like trazodone. They write nifedipine like nisoldipine. They write lantus like lancet. The list goes on...
Any one who works inside the pharmacy or having to deal with doctor's order will tell you..THERE IS NO WAY IN THE WORLD YOU CAN READ THEM!
In a pharmacy that fills 500 prescriptions by one pharmacist and 2 techs. Out of the 500 prescriptions you can only read clearly 80 prescriptions. The rest the pharmacist relied on her educated guess and making at least 50 phone calls to verify with doctors the drug name, missing drug dosage or how many times you want the patient to take a day. Doctor's license number missing, How many tablets do you want the patient to get?... The pharmacist spend at least 2 hours a day on the phone with doctors to verified hand writings and missing information in order for the pharmacist to fill the prescription. That is the reason why a prescription take so long to fill. Also the patient's insurance company took forever to process and pay which further delay fill time. When you tell the patient I can't read your doctor's hand written. The patient acts dumb and looked shock.
Posted by pazyfe on 2010-10-07:
I can relate I had the same experience at a Rite Aid in NYC: I just had a lumpectomy and was given Tylenol with Codeine for pain, I am not a pill popper never liked meds, but because this was serious surgery not your everyday superficial procedure, I thought pain meds were needed. Thank God that He has my back, He is always in the mix, and I am the daughter of THE MOST HIGH GOD, I read the bottle info just to inform myself.

Low and behold, this was someone else's prescription, medication for blood pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I took it upon myself to call the person whose name appeared on the bottle and make sure she did not have my medication, she was oh so thankful, and it turned out she could not pick up her meds because they did not have a trace of the prescription that was "called in." So Rite Aid you screwed up, in some areas there is ZERO ZERO ZERO room for error, please remember this!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by 13YEARSINRETAIL on 2011-05-08:
I once had a script brought in late at night by a dad for his daughter. The doctor wrote so badly, I could not read it. When I asked the dad what is was to be used for, he got irritated and said his wife was the one that took her to the doctor. I asked if we could call the mother and ask her. He then called me a name I can not repeat and wanted the script back. If the script cannot be read, the pharmacist must take steps to clarify it. We don't want to inconvenience the patient but it is better than dispensing the wrong drug. But some patients are just plain rude because we want to be sure, but if they get the wrong drug, they say we should have clarified it.
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Rite Aid Pharmacy Is a Joke!
Posted by Kellywarren1 on 08/09/2013
SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Okay, once a month I go to Rite Aid to have my prescriptions filled. I am a regular customer for many, many years. So, why then, each month when I go to have my prescriptions filled, they do not have the product! Seriously, it's not like they don't know I'm coming in!

Better yet, I dropped two scripts off yesterday morning, and here it is, 24 hours later, and the scripts are still not filled! And they are only giving me a partial on one of them, with instructions to come back three days later to pick up the rest! I am done with this horrible company. CVS, here I come!!
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Posted by Melinda on 2013-09-01:
Ask to be put on courtesy refill that way your refill comes up before it's due giving them time to order it OR call them three days before you're out so you know they have time to order it. Stop waiting until the day you need it. Whine whine whine
Posted by marana on 2013-09-02:
Bravo Melinda! Why oh why do people wait until the last minute to get their refills?? The insurance will pay (on most rxs) 3 to 4 days in advance. Yes, the pharmacy does run out of meds, usually before order day and sometimes when dr's write for the same med all day long for every patient!! Be kind, order ahead, especially when you take them every day and know when you are going to run out!!! Give them a chance to order and fill!!! And not on a weekend or holiday.....really.
Posted by Ms Tina on 2013-09-08:
I worked in pharmacy for years. People take same medication everyday but they come in after they run out and have no refills and we have to fax the dr and they take 3-5 days to a answer and their Rx needs a prior auth from insurance another 3 days and the medication is back ordered.
Doesn't anyone take responsibility for themselves and plan ahead?
People run into the pharmacy and want 4 refills and their plane leaves for Europe in 3 hrs ! Don't tell me you wake one day and decide to go to Europe that afternoon!
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Posted by Markm on 05/26/2013
I have given them chance after chance. No change. The last ten transactions at the pharmacy. ALWAYS A PROBLEM, NEVER Fails.

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Pathetic Service
Posted by Subba.sudesh on 12/29/2012
ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- This is for Rite Aid store at 142 South Main St, Alpharetta, 30009, Ga. I went to the store to get my wife's prescription refill on 27th December 2012.

The pharmacist said that the tablets weren't available and they would have to order it, promised it would be available by the next day around noon. I went at 4 pm the next day and the pharmacist said they were very busy and didn't even know if it was ordered. Thankfully, the tabs were prenatal vitamins hence not life threatening. But their lackadaisical attitude could cost someone their health. I am never going nor recommending Rite Aid to anyone. I am moving to another pharmacy.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-12-29:
For future reference, you do not need a prescription for prenatal vitamins, you can buy them over the counter. They are with the regular adult vitamins. No need to bother with filling a prescription, just grab them off the shelf yourself :)
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-12-29:
Sometimes people will get a script for them in order to have it covered by their prescription plan.
Posted by olie on 2012-12-29:
I can't buy any vitamins any more with my Flexible Spending Account. Bandaids, yes. Neosporin to put ON the Bandaids, no. I now need a prescription to buy normal OTC stuff like burn cream, Neosporin, ASPIRIN, the prep for my colonoscopy.

Samanthasmom is right that one can purchase prenatal vitamins OTC. It's a dazzling display,that vitamin aisle, but you can buy these OTC. And, prior to 2012, you could use your flexible spending account on these and the full variety of OTC meds for every age group and symptom.

The problem is that Obama's plan now requires a prescription for any "medication", OTC or "prescription". So in order for me to be able to Flex my frickin' ASPIRIN, I'd have to waste my time and the doctor's time, by getting an appointment so I can get a prescription. Not to mention upping my employer's insurance usage.

Alpharetta must have more than one drug store. I'd loudly insist on having my prescription returned to me and announcing my intention to go to...Other Nearby Pharmacy That Is Open.

Congrats on the baby!
Posted by Alain on 2012-12-29:
Since the lax attitude of the pharmacy seems to be the most disconcerting problem here, switching to another drug store sounds like a very good idea. Also, drop Rite Aid a note via http://www.riteaid.com/contact_us and let them know why they've lost a customer.
Posted by yoke on 2012-12-29:
Pharmacy's are on overload right now with all the sick people needing medication. Since prenatal vitamins are not a priority to get in it is possible that they did not have the time to order them. They should have directed the OP to the section with vitamins and explain you can get them over the counter also.
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Worst Pharmacy Ever!
Posted by Vikihasty on 08/04/2012
ADEL, GEORGIA -- This pharmacy is absolutely awful. If you have an alternative drug store that you can use, I highly suggest that you do so. They could care less about consumers and always have a rude and hateful attitude. This is not just one workers there but seems to be the norm for them all. Even the pharmacist. Customer service is terrible and their prices are triple the pharmacy across the street. I have never had a good experience in this store and it seems to be the same in other Rite Aid locations as well. I HATE THIS PHARMACY! (Prescription errors, very poor customer service, ridiculous prices and the list goes on). Doesn't get much worse than this.
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Beware! Check Your Medicine Before Taking
Posted by Durhamzoo on 03/31/2012
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- I had 2 prescriptions refilled at the Rite Aid on Cedar Ave in Fresno. One for Lovastatin (cholesterol) & the other was Lisinopril (hypertension). The next morning when I opened the bottles I noticed the pills appeared to be exactly the same in each bottle. I took them back to the pharmacy & informed them that they had made a mistake & had given me 2 prescriptions of the same medication. The gentleman working in the pharmacy examined the tablets from each bottle & assured me that no mistake had been made & the tablets were indeed different from one another.

Over the next week I took both prescription medications as prescribed. I began having terrible pain, tingling, burning & swelling in my left arm & neck area, and a few days later my feet & ankles were swollen & painful, too. I couldn't sleep without elevating my arm. The pain was unbearable & I thought perhaps I was having heart problems. My wife still suspected the prescriptions so I dumped both bottles of tablets out & examined them. I found that the Lisinopril bottle had only 8 Lisinopril tablets and all the rest were Lovastatin!

We immediately called the pharmacy & again explained their error. The pharmacy clerk told us again that no mistake had been made and it would have been impossible for them to make a mistake like this. Our concern fell on deaf ears with a complete denial of fault! I called my personal physician & he had me come in. He wrote another prescription for Linisopril which I filled at a different pharmacy, and within just a day or so the burning & pain began to lessen.

I HAD been taking double doses of Lovastatin all along! Rite Aid had given me Lovastatin in my Lisinopril bottle. My concern with this pharmacy was not that they had made a mistake, but their absolute refusal to look into it and accept responsibility for it. Needless to say, I filed a complaint with the State of California Pharmacy Board, mailing them photos of the tablets.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-31:
It's always a good idea to look over your meds before taking them. The bottle and the little pamphlet you get with your prescription should tell you what the pills look like. Good for you for switching pharmacies. Hope you're feeling better now.
Posted by whythelongfaces on 2012-05-14:
As they are human, they are always subject to making as mistake, regardless of all the security and safety measures involved in filling. You should always check your meds before you leave and ask any questions since once you leave with the drug it becomes yours.

In our pharmacy, we scan the bottle of the desired medication, it will either accept the scan (on a match) or deny it (on a mismatch). Then we verify # of pills, count, bottle, label, and pass to pharmacist who again verifies the drug, quantity, and labeling.

Some drugs (generic)have different manufacturers of the same drug and may look similar to others, but if they are the same they need to be corrected at verification.
Posted by whythelongfaces on 2012-05-14:
Oh, and what MG were they? They both come in the blue packs...so wondering why/how you got the loose pills.
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Rip off?
Posted by Shirley.berlin on 02/24/2012
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I am still trying to understand if this was a major rip off or a mistake by the pharmacist. Contacted Rite Aid and no response so far. I had a new prescription, the Rite Aid price for 3 months was $255. It was a life critical prescription so I gulped and paid the price. When the renewal time came up, I shopped around and found the same prescription at Costco for $25. Holy #!~@&!. My mind still won't get around this kind of price difference. Are they really that horrid? Since they won't reply, I will assume they are and bad mouth them everywhere I can find...

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Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-02-24:
Did you speak up at the time you were paying for your first prescription? That would have been a good time to do so. Most Rite Aid pharmacy departments are more than willing to work with you, if they are aware of a problem up front.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-02-24:
Please make sure that the $25-version you found at Costco is the correct item - dosage and quantity. You might be surprised at how many variances of the same drug you can find, which, of course, affects the cost.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-24:
Is it a matter of brand v. generic? Go back to Rite Aid and ask. That's the quickest way to find out.
Posted by Exterminator's attractive neighbor on 2012-02-25:
"Are they really that horrid? Since they won't reply, I will assume they are and bad mouth them everywhere I can find..."

There are two choices. Personally I would want to get to the bottom of it by going and asking, but bad mouthing them everywhere you can is another option. Good luck.
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Pharmacy sucks!!!
Posted by Nnsantiago1 on 09/08/2011
I have lived in this area for about eighteen years, and I have to say that I have had several issues with this rite aid pharmacy.

Last issue was when I dropped off two prescriptions, one was filed and the other wasn't, nothing was said to me about the missing medication, the bag was simply handed over to me as if both meds were in the bag. When I realized this and questioned the manager Ms. J, I was told that the prescription was no good and they could not verify the Doctor, Crazy if you ask me, I have been there many times before, but they did fill the other prescription both from the same Doc.

Tired, taking your meds is serious business, can't afford to risk my health.
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Posted by BEJ on 2011-09-08:
If there was an error with the prescription such as dose, quantity missing or if they could not fully read the prescription, then yes the prescription needs to be verified with the MD. If they could not verify it with the MD then they cannot dispense to you.

It would have been nice if they explained this to you upfront without you asking but they did not. They did nothing wrong in not filling the prescription.

Did they tell you they were trying to contact the doctor to clarify the prescription? Were they still waiting for the MD to call them back. Did you call your physician to let them know about the prescription.

It is just not a RiteAide issue. There are certain regulations that must be followed when dispensing medications.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2011-09-08:
Ditto what BEJ said. A location would be helpful, as well.
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Horrible Service
Posted by THazee on 05/18/2011
STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Pharmacist always give me attitude and make me feel uncomfortable. My prescriptions are never filled on time and they seem to "lose" my information from time to time. I do not have any insurance, however my mom does and we both went to fill our prescriptions at Rite Aid. I sent mine in an hour before, my mom had just given hers in, I went to the counter for pick-up and they had given me my mother's prescription. Then they continued to say the prescription I had dropped off over an hour ago wasn't written up yet...but the prescription my mom handed in ten minutes ago was already filled and given out. Right. Then because I had no insurance I had a discount card and I had to convince them I had no insurance and when they went to check the card with my prescription they told me it was "expired" the paper they gave me had my mother's name on it and I tried to explain to the pharmacist that's not me. She told me it's right and my name "pops up" under my mother's. How would it pop up if we have different (in my case no) insurance? The attitude from them was horrible and I refuse to go back there anymore.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2011-05-18:
It probably pops up because you're both using the same phone number or the same address? I mean do you live with your mom?

Also the point about filling prescriptions is a moot point, unless you have the exact same prescription that is.
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