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Christmas Card Screw Up
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WEST ISLIP, NEW YORK -- Don't use Rite Aid for any photo processing. Not only are they rude and unhelpful but they are extremely lazy and stupid. The company charges your credit card right away and then doesn't care if they lost your order. 1st they tell my wife that it must not be their store and then that it must be that it was ordered for multiday delivery. When they are proven wrong by being shown the confirmation e-mail they say they don't have internet access and that she needs to go home and print it out-WTF is the difference! Do yourself a favor and go to CVS.

Oh and BTW their 25% off coupon code didn't work either.
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Anna Molly on 12/08/2011:
Unfortunately, there is very little communication between Rite Aid online, and Rite Aid in-store. Improvement certainly needs to be made there.
Abby on 04/16/2014:
I was lured into the promised of 50 free photo prints for signing up for an online account. TOTAL BS! Waited that night and the free promo code never made it into cart. Called several representatives all the next morning. Was told to transfer to different departments. Spoke with live people, online chatted with reps only to keep being told they see it going through on their end and that it must be a problem with my server. (never had problems before!) Awful convenient for Rite Aid. Make promises they never have to fulfill. Lost this potential customer who could have given them good business!
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Rite Aid Ruined my film
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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I dropped off a roll of 35 mm fuji brand ISO 400 color film (that has been successfully developed by both Target and Wallmart) at the 1 hour photo area; and when I came by to pick it up, I found out that my film had been Completely Ruined: it was CLEAR and Nothing came out. The clerk who assisted me told me that I had given them some special Clear Color film that could only be developed at studios, which is Not true because both Target and Wallmart have successfully developed this film for me before. The clerk then mentioned that I should purchase some 'normal' 35mm color film, and just handed me back the ruined film with my order bag and did Not offer any reimbursement for my ruined film. I was angry so I told her that someone should have told me that they would not take the type of film I had brought because the photos in it were Very important to me, or maybe they could have put some warning label somewhere. The clerk told me to "Look at the Instructions" on the order form. The order form has No instructions on what brands of 35mm color film it can accept (it has box selections for the film sizes: 35mm, APS, or other ; and then another selection area for type: color prints, slides, or BW ; and then a selection are for the number of exposures. And then the selection area for what type of prints I wished to get. There is a box for me to write "Special Instructions", however, since I had successfully developed this type of film at both Wallmart and Target without needing to note down Any special instructions, I figured that I would not need to write anything down).
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rhondam718732 on 05/30/2007:
OK, but IS IT special in some way that you know of? Would I buy that film for my normal 35mm camera and use it as normal? Regardless, this is passing the buck on their part. Why try to print the film if it is "special" and in the end why would they cahrge you for no pictures? I have never been charged if the pics don't turn out (although this has been years since I am digital now)
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
If your photos are that important to you, why are you developing them ONE-HOUR at a drugstore?
Pomona Guy on 05/30/2007:
What were the pictures of? Space aliens? Elvis? Maybe a government agent had to destroy them?
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
I must agree with rhondam on this!
ejack053824 on 05/30/2007:
Were they naked pictures?
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
Pomona Guy you crack me up.

But in all seriousness I'm going to have to agree with Pirate this time.
rhondam718732 on 05/31/2007:
How else should someone have film developed? One hour versus regulr service you mean?
JasonJD on 12/18/2007:
If you had E-6 film, that is considered Slide Film that cannot be processed in a 1-hr lab, also, there are 3 types of black and white regularly available, only one of which, oxymoronically called color black and white can be developed in a 1-hr lab. This is because the lab is set up for chemical process C-41 only and all other types require a different chemical setup.
babybear62005 on 05/31/2008:
Right JasonJD, as long as your film was C-41 it should've gone through fine. Are you positive that there were pictures taken on that roll? If it was C-41 and it was clear...like see-through clear...there were no pictures on it to begin with.
sammy88 on 07/19/2008:
If your film came out clear it was blank film. Processing chemicals would have turned your film black or discolored not clear. That means they did not ruin your film.
1337 on 08/09/2008:
I work in photo. If your film was clear, there were no pictures on it to begin with. Chemically ruined film, or film processed in a c-41 lab that is not c-41 film will come out an extremely dark brown to a jet black from chemical overprocessing. It's quite possible you bought a defective camera (if it was a one-time use) that had a broken interior advance gear, or that the actual roll of film was defective and not attached correctly to the spindle at the manufacturing plant. These things happen sometimes. Sorry for your loss of pictures, they are precious, I know. But the person at the lab didn't ruin your film.
Xandra on 08/09/2008:
Go after the film/camera company if you can. Its really a quality control slip on their part.
JasonJD on 08/11/2008:
Some BW film will oome out clear and pink. I know because I had a person working under me make that mistake twice, she no longer works for my company.

However, if the exact same film type was done at walmart, it must have been blank seeing as all the box-retailers are c-41 only, if it was blank it would be the normal orange-tanish color but with no images.
wb3ijb on 10/17/2008:
Soulds like there clerk did not know what they were talking about, nothing new. Look at the edge of the film. If the edge printing is processed and readable then the film was process "correctly" and it was on your end if not then they screwed up.
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Can I put photos on a regular CD to get developed?
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I want to know if I can go to Rite Aid with a regular CD with photos and get it developed?
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MRM on 02/09/2009:
Yes, you can. It can also work the same way when you put photos on a memory card.
Anonymous on 02/09/2009:
As long as the photos were taken by you or a member of your family it's okay. But if they are professional such as a wedding or portraits you cannot have prints made without written permission of the photographer or studio.
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For Those Of You Who Do Not Understand What's Available
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Note the 1 hour services that are available.
Note what's available right away (prints in minutes).
Note that 5x7 and 8x10 are not one hour.
Note the digital services available and the time length for processing - do it yourself through the machine they have and receive 4x6 glossy prints only. You save it to a CD up to 512 MB or 120 small images. Anything else is 24 hr service.

We only 35mm film we process IA C-41.
If your pictures are looking washed out, you underexposed the negatives when you took the picture. Look at the developed negative and you'll see theres hardly any image there. One can't create an image from nothing, lol. If your pictures are really dark and shadowed, then you overexposed the negatives when you took the picture. Chances are that its so dark that when the photo technician tried to lighten it to bring out the face, it looks faded. But that's the best anyone can do, trust me.

Faces in the pictures looking yellow? That's usually caused by the lighting you used when you took the picture. Try not to use fluorescent lighting, and avoid casting shadows for your best shots!

See ya round the photo lab - say - in an hour folks!
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jktshff1 on 10/22/2007:
won't see ya round at Rite Aid
Principissa on 10/22/2007:
You didn't have to yell at me! I have this little photo printer that we got as a gift a few years back. If I need to print out pictures I take the memory card out of my camera and put it in there. I have prints in about an hour depending on if they need to be cleaned up or not.
MRM on 10/22/2007:
Thank you for photography 101.
wb3ijb on 10/17/2008:
Who taught you how to read negaitve or print. Negetive over exposed are dark and the print will comoe out light if not corrected. Under exposed negatives print dark unless corrected. There is a limit to how much they can be corrected though. Flourescents light usually give a green cast can be corrected to some extent. Regular household lighting is what will give a yellow cast depending onthe type of bulb.
Not all Rite Aid labs are the same there are 1 or 2 good ones Usually the stores that they took over from Eckerd Pharmacy They actually trained their people and gave them some support.
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Bad photo processing experience
Posted on
SPRINGVILLE, NEW YORK -- Last year in May I took pictures of my son's first communion using an instant camera. I rushed them to the Springville, NY Rite Aid afterwards for the one hour processing. When I returned, I was scolded by the woman behind the counter. She told me that my camera was dirty and that she was afraid that I contaminated the whole tank. I was embarrassed as there were other customers listening. I paid for the few defective pictures that came out, but none included my Mother-in-Law. She died two days later without us ever getting to see her happiness at her last family event. I feel that in this case, insult was added to injury.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Coupon or gift certificate to reistablish good will.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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User Replies:
JasonJD on 12/18/2007:
I'm sorry for the loss of your mother in-law, but if you dropped off a roll of film or camera that had been contaminated, they owe you nothing.
babybear62005 on 05/31/2008:
What did the bad pictures look like? What did the negatives look like?
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