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Problems With Filing My Medication, Not Going by Label on Bottle
Posted by Anthonynrspct on 10/19/2013
COLLEGE POINT NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I take Dilantin for a seized disorder. Now even though I have insurance, I prefer to purchase the mess right out so that I can get a sealed bottle of 100. As you probably know through insurance you only get the exact dose you take, in my case that would be 2x daily which comes to 60 pills per month. I like to have extra on hand in case some are not good or I misplace them which years ago I lost a pill case with about 12 in it. Now my medicine is very important to take daily, because skipping doses can bring on life threatening seizes called status epilleticus, which can be fatal. What I like to do and have been doing since 1982, is to keep one bottle ahead meaning that for every 100 that I use, I always have another 100 on hand. The problem has been recently that when I finish a bottle, I bring the empty one to the store and they are supposed to fill it according to the label, like 2 refills left, one left and so on. When I reach no refills left, I am due to see my Neurologist for a checkup and a new prescription. I see him 2x per year. Since he enters the prescription into his computer and sends it to the store, I guess to go "paperless" as they say now days, I was informed my the pharmacist that everything is in the system, just call and prescription is filled. But that is not the case.

Every time I get a new bottle it has conflicting info on the label. Example, one bottle read 80.0 units or pills left till July 2014 another said, one refill left till August 2014. Now which is right July or August?. I was told that he would have to call my doctor for a new prescription. He did and now the new bottle reads, 2 refills left until October 2014. Yet the bottle I am working on now reads 1 refill until August 2014. What will happen when I bring in that bottle?. Will I be told that I already have that prescription as it has happened in the past, and will they fill the order using one of the October 2014 refills, supposedly short changing me meaning another call to the Doctor for a new prescription way before my summer appointment which is in August.

By the way, my winter appointment is in February. I cannot see my Doctor making all these mistakes on his end. I believe something is "Rotten in Riteaid" and I will probably look into the matter further. At one time I had a Pharmacist there who was very reliable. I am now seriously considering switching Pharmacies because of this. Enough said.
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Late Opening
Posted by Lucabrocci on 06/20/2013
BROAD N WYOMING, PENNSYLVANIA -- Arrived at 7:55 sign says open at 8am, I was waiting for bus which comes at 8:12 saw three employees go in after 8am doors didn't open until 8:10?! I missed my bus of course! If you are not going to open until 8:10 then put that on the sign! May not seem like a big deal but it is to me! If I'm late I lose money so the same should apply to business, open late and get your purchase 50% off! Sounds fair to me! OPEN ON TIME!!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-06-20:
I agree that they should open on time, but 10 minutes late isn't egregiously late or anything. And they actually did or at least had the potential to lose money as customers expecting them to open at 8:00 could've gone elsewhere.
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The manager treated me as a beggar!
Posted by S2c26303135 on 04/02/2013
FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK -- I just got my Rite Aid wellness card few months ago and just earned 250points, which is a 10% shopping pass last week. The Edge saving cream was on the flier last week and I used the pass to purchase them. An Edge saving cream original price is $3.69 and it has a $2 off coupon in the store ad. I bought 7, which supposed to be $3.69 X 10% off -$2 coupon= $1.32 each (and 0.37 off per shaving cream). After the cashier scanned my coupons and 10% shopping pass, I got my receipt and about the leave the store. I saw that 10% discount was not applied. I asked the cashier and she agreed with me, so she asked the manager to come. The manager looked at the receipt, insisted that I got my 10% off, because the bottom of the receipt shows "Your BONUS saving": 80cents (which I believe it's the chocolate discount, I got 2 Twix, original price is 99 cents and on sale is 59 cents). She insisted and walked away. The cashier looked at me because she understood the situation but she has no authority to fix the problem. I stood next to the counter......what the....? The manager walked back 10 sec later, still insisted that each shaving cream would only get $0.17 cents discount (because 3.69-$2 coupon= 1.69, and 10% applies to $1.69, not $3.69). I was like ok, if what you said was right, I would get more than 80 cents off, she did the math, 0.17*7=$1.19. Then she said ok, 30 cents different, you know what, I have a quarter in my pocket, let me give it to you.

Did she treat me as a beggar?

I screamed and said "I don't want YOUR money!" She even asked "Why...that solves the problem." I repeated myself firmly. She said "call the number on the back of the Rite Aid card." I left the store with anger and disappointment. I seriously wonder how could she become a manager when a cashier could provide better customer service than her.
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Posted by Anna Molly on 2013-04-02:
This could have been handled better, on both sides. Next time, use your 10% shopping pass, before using the coupons, and see if that makes a difference.

Posted by ok4now on 2013-04-02:
I can see your point and agree that they short changed you with the shopping pass/coupons. Having said that is it worth an argument over $.30 cents? The manager may have thought this to be so frivolous and offered a quarter to end the dispute.
Posted by yo on 2013-06-20:
You get the 10% or sale price which ever is cheaper. Not both.
Posted by my1972olds on 2013-07-14:
The 10% discount is only applied to items that are not on sale. If this incident happened the way you say, evidently the manager nor the cashier explained this to you correctly.
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Employee With an Attitude
Posted by Dansr on 03/29/2013
W. OCEAN VIEW AVE STORE IN NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- Day before yesterday I went to Rite Aid in Ocean View to pick up a prescription. My complaint is not about the pharmacy. I picked up a two liter Coke, a Skinny Cow candy bar, and a 14 oz. Pepsi. In the meantime, one of the girls who man the checkout counter picked up the same kind of Pepsi and a bag of chips. There was a man working on a laptop at the same counter where her stuff was placed. I guess he was a salesman or something. I put my stuff down at the other checkout to be rung up.

Maria, one of the checkout girls, started to ring my stuff up and kept putting my Pepsi aside, thinking it was the other girl's. She refused to ring up the Pepsi, saying it was the other girl's. I said, That is Mine. No, it wasn't. I said, yours is THERE. The man on the laptop said that THAT one is yours.

I am a senior citizen and I find their attitude insulting. I believe they thought I didn't know what I was talking about because of this. I have run across this attitude before. After that, it was honey, baby, something I don't like either. Senior citizens are a big part of the population. I think my money is as good as a younger person's.
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Got Screwed
Posted by Jeremy.vanegmond on 02/26/2013
MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA -- Needed blood pressure medicine after having child. They only were able to fill partially and gave it to me without having to pay. I was told to come back two days later to get the rest.

I went back two days later and my medicine was not in the shipment. They gave me a little more, still without paying.

Next day, the doctor prescribed a new kind of medicine, no longer needing the original medicine. I went to fill that new prescription at drive thru. When I got home, they had put rest of original prescription in the bag and on my bill without telling me.

So now I have 70% of a prescription I don't need...they won't give any store credit or anything saying "they did me a favor" by letting me have 30% of the prescription without paying for anything.

I say, it will be a favor if I ever go back to Rite Aid.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-26:
This is an odd situation, and I'm not sure how a pharamacy would handle it. Your doctor, on your behalf, submitted two prescriptions, and they filled them both.

Can a partially filled script be cancelled? I don't know. Did you attempt to have them not fill the remainder of the first one before they actually did it?
Posted by yoke on 2013-02-27:
Not sure the pharmacy did anything wrong. There are many times that doctors give one med and when it doesn't work will put you on another even when you have plenty left of the old one. The pharmacy may have done you a favor by charging you for the entire prescription rather than for each pill that you were given.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-02-27:
Right, they did you a "favor" by making you go back 3 times for a few pills to get you by because they didnt order enough pills to supplement all their customers, and then CHARGED you for the whole bottle anyway. Gee Thanks. Im not a fan of Rite Aid. I avoid the store near me because the manager has a serious attitude problem when I had a problem the one time I went there.
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New Packaging for Rite Aid Latex Gloves 100 ct and 50 ct
Posted by Jasmine0001_2000 on 11/13/2012
N/A -- A few weeks ago, Rite Aid repackaged their latex gloves which where great into a smaller package about half the size of the original. As it is, the original package just barely fit all gloves, now trying to get them out is a mess especially for those people who don't want these latex gloves scattered all over the floor just trying to pull them out! It's absolutely cheap! The price is still the same, and frankly the company can't be saving more than a few cents using the smaller box. If you agree please send them an email to return to the old packaging. There aren't too many good options out there, and this product was great to begin with, now it's like CVS latex gloves: pricey and lousy!!
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Posted by Dukemom on 2012-11-13:
A few cents times millions of boxes (just guessing, have no idea how many they sell) adds up quick. As a solution, you could remove temporarily (and store elsewhere) enough to make them pull out easier, then refill the box? Good luck!
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-11-15:
In this economy, businesses are tightening their belts wherever possible. An empty kleenex box is great for storing gloves.
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Bait & Switch Tactics
Posted by Tobyfent on 08/25/2012
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Walked into the SE 39th & Division Rite Aid store where I bought several items allegedly on sale. One item was on display at the front and center of an aisle: Rite Aid brand allergy and pain relief medications/ $1.00 so I selected the ibuprofen and went to the cashier where I paid for it, along with two other one dollar items I selected. Admittedly, I wasn't paying much attention and in retrospect I distinctly remember the cashier telling me that the total came to $6 and some odd cents. But it din't register with me because for one thing I had a splitting headache - plus my cell phone rang... whatever. I handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill and he did give me the correct change for a 6 dollar some odd cent expenditure.

Just outside the door, I ripped open the ibuprofen, swallowed 3 of them and then just as I was stuffing my change in my pocket, I realized that the total I paid was more than I knew it should be. Later the cashier told me, and I verified by sight, that the front and center display of on sale meds also contained packages of higher priced ibuprofen mixed in with the sale items. I think it was a deliberate Bait & Switch tactic which I bet tricks enough of Rite Aids customers to make it worth while. No, they would not accept the item back in Exchange for the one I wanted but instead told me that I shouldn't' have been so stupid. True, I'm not the brightest rock in the river, but all the other stores where I spend my money - paltry as my funds may be - are a lot more accommodating than Rite Aid.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-25:
Take this experience into a car, and it becomes obvious why cell phones should not be used during driving - way too distracting.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-08-25:
I honestly doubt they purposefully put higher priced meds in with the sale items. From experience, I can tell you that it's far more likely that another customer was going to buy the higher priced ibuprofen, saw the sale display, and ditched the one they decided not to buy, in the same bin. Happens all the time.

Posted by Viki Herring on 2012-12-09:
I don't doubt they did on purpose one bit. I have never been in a business where the entire staff was rude and hateful. They don't seem to care whether they get your business or not. I hate this store.
Posted by Zz on 2013-08-29:
they constantly are out of items on sale and if you don't really watch what you are purchasing, you will get taken to the cleaners. The stores in outer SE PDX and Gresham are continually empty of customers..Gee, I wonder why...They don't have a clue..Not sure how they stay un business
Posted by 5sally on 2013-09-02:
Gee, do you think that if you weren't so rude by answering your phone while the cashier was trying to wait on you, that you would have paid attention???? Stay off your phone and stop whining about your own rudeness!!!!
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Poor Management and Poor Customer Service
Posted by Cinnamoncone46 on 03/08/2012
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- My review about this company is their poor management and poor customer service at certain locations. I have gone into a Rite-Aid; and there would not be a manager in sight or there was not a security guard present. There is never anyone to help service you and long lines because they always have one cashier on site. They need to inspect their store and provide better customer service, and protection. Seeing the quality service of this Rite-Aid, I no longer patron their establishment.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-08:
Your best bet is to take your business elsewhere. Is there a Walgreens or CVS near you? Hit 'em where it hurts - their pocketbooks.
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Posted by B _tim92 on 02/06/2012
I had to go to the restroom and when I went in there I was shocked there was a water leak and toilet seat was nasty and looked like it has not been cleaned in a long time. There was rust in there. I have been to a lot of stores It was the
nastiest in all stores I have seen.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-02-08:
Report this location to Rite Aid either by calling 800-748-3243 or http://www.riteaid.com/contact_us/
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Rite-Aid management
Posted by Buffyslayer on 01/08/2012
NORTH CAROLINA -- I worked at a Rite-Aid near Asheville, NC. The manager was the worst I ever had. Actually, a micro-manager. As a grown adult, he had me stand in front of the door when I wasn't busy with customers, and greet people and had me say this stupid greeting. I had one customer say: This isn't Wal-mart it's a drugstore. Oh really, then tell that to my manager. He had this dumb memo from corporate asking all employees to do this welcome greeting to every customer. They are the worst company to work for. Miss Vice Pres CEO came in there one day when we weren't busy and I had already dusted counters, swept, cleaned the glass windows and organized the front, so per my managers orders I was standing up front waiting for customers to greet. Well, she comes in there, and not ever having met her before, she say's to me : Geez, I wish I could just stand there and get paid for it". I told her my manager wanted me to stand at the front and greet customers. She told my manager"Why is she just standing there? Give her something to do. She never said anything else to me, let alone look at me the whole time she was there. You are never thanked or appreciated for anything you do at that store. They only comment on what you need to do or could have done even though you are doing your best, while keeping your eye on the register till a customer comes up, especially when you are the only front end employee and cashier in the whole store. I am glad I quit there. The pharmacists were rude to me as well.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-09:
About the only thing you can do is send a note or give a call to Rite Aid's corporate office (30 Hunter Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011--(717) 761-2633 [you may want to send Attn: Human Resources or ask for HR Dept.)
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