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Rating: 1/51

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- It takes something of great magnitude to get a complaint out of me and Rooms To Go really stunned me today. I read mixed reviews prior to visiting the Baton Rouge, LA. showroom. I am really kicking myself for giving them a chance. They have a wonderful selection for kids arranged in a beautiful setting. The saleslady was extremely nice. I found the perfect sets for my 15 y/o son and 5 y/o daughter. I didn't want the furniture immediately so waiting a few weeks for delivery was not an issue.

I am not one to flash my money but I spent $4,000.00 on a full/twin bunk bed set with desk/storage attachments, daybed with trundle/matching desk/accent chest/canopy, lamp, 2 desk chairs, 4 mattresses, and an additional desk. Well that is what the saleslady and I discussed and how my order should have been. In translating my a la carte receipt later that day I noticed a desk chair was left off.

I made another 30 mile round trip visit and waited 2 hours for the saleslady to add/charge me for the chair since ordering online required another delivery/setup fee. The bulk of the delivery was today and so many things went wrong starting with the delivery guys getting lost by going exactly where I stated not to go. One desk chair was broken so the guys are returning it and ordering another one, the second desk chair was put together backwards. I received 2 mattresses instead of the 4 I thought I paid for however Customer Service insisted I did not order them and advised me to visit my original saleslady.

The purpose of the entire purchase was to provide space for my children to have friends stay the night so not purchasing the additional mattresses is absolutely absurd. The pins to assemble the bunk beds were not included therefore the entire set remains disassembled. Customer Service informed me they will be shipping them Monday and I will have them Tuesday so that I may assemble the set myself despite having paid them to assemble it.

Customer Service for the online store is not a pleasure to do business with either. I ordered a bedding set for my daughter that should have arrived within 7-10 business days. On the 10th business day I emailed a request for delivery status, in response I was informed they were out of stock and that an email was sent to me shortly after I placed the order. I did not receive an out of stock email from them. If I had then I wouldn't be questioning delivery status. Bottom line this company is an absolute NIGHTMARE to conduct business with!

Appalling quality and no Customer Service
By -

NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- Do not buy from Rooms to Go Kids! At the beginning of May 2009, we purchased an “Ivy League Twin/Full Step Loft w/Desk” from Rooms to go Kids – value $1,200, not a trivial amount for Kids Furniture! Link to items: **. Despite our paying cash upfront for the furniture, it had almost a month wait on it. The associate processing the order bungled the delivery so instead of it being delivered second to last week of May, it got delivered first week of June, and then the real fun began.

The quality of the furniture was appalling. The stain was uneven through all the pieces. There were serious imperfections in the wood with it being damaged in some places; shaved and not even in others (it looked like the piece of wood was bad so they took off the damaged area and left the ‘square' plank uneven. There were areas where there was no stain at all!

Some parts of the wood had splintered where the bolts went it and was broken to pieces. The draws inside had huge splinters of wood about to break off into a child's fingers if they happened to run it along the top of the drawer(!). The screws were finished with rubbers in the store to protect the wood when bolted together but when I asked the delivery people where they were, I was told that they were not provided (?). I went back to the store to look at the floor sample and it looked NOTHING like what I had in my bedroom at home. Nothing like it!

After complaining to Customer Service about the poor delivery, I was told that they would send a technician out to inspect the furniture, who diligently came out a week later and all he did was touch up some of the areas of poor stain, not even all of them, and when I spoke to him, he told me that the quality of the furniture was to manufacturer's specifications and that kids furniture was not made the same as adult furniture???? When then did I pay adult prices for the furniture…

So after much complaining, RTGK said they would replace the imperfect items two weeks later after first inspecting it at the factory prior to delivery. The items came and were equally dissatisfactory as the original pieces. After more complaining, RTGK said they would send out another replacement for the furniture a week later, to the same deplorable quality and really not any sort of improvement to the terrible quality already in hand.

When I send the third attempt back, Customer Service said they would not send any more replacements and that there was nothing wrong with the furniture because “the technician said so”. If you are wonder why I didn't just get my money back, is because I had already purchased the rest of his furniture in his room to match that style and color, plus a twin and full mattress, so could not turn back at this point.

After 2 months of waiting, calls and time lost in trying to get mediocre quality replacements, RTGK Customer Service eventually offered a 10% settlement discount to keep the furniture as it – however, the caveat… “BY ACCEPTING THE 10% DISCOUNT FOR THEIR SUB-STANDARD QUALITY FURNITURE, YOU AGREE TO VOID THE REMAINDER OF THE MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY PERIOD (1 year)". This is disgraceful Customer Service and really seems to be the store version of Bait-and-switch tactics.

I am still waiting for the agreement that I have to sign before I can get my 10% refund on their second-rate furniture, and thereby accept their junk furniture as-is from this moment on. PLEASE, take my ordeal as a warning so that you don't go through the same thing. It is not worth the time or effort. Their furniture is not up to any type of decent specifications and because it is kids furniture they think that they can get away with even lower standards than that. PLEASE go buy your cherished child's furniture anywhere else by at Rooms to Go Kids.

BE WARY of their 'credit'
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Rating: 1/51

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I am a young person and my oldest credit card is only 2 years old. That being said, my payment history is perfect and I do not have any collections. The sales associate who assisted me at the local store told me there were 3 levels of approval, the first being the best with 27 month's no interest and the only down payment being the tax and delivery cost. The second was for 6 months no interest and a 20% down payment. I don't recall the third level.

The issue here is what they DON'T TELL YOU. They work with SEVERAL different lenders. If you are not approved for the 'Premium' level of lending, they will run your credit AGAIN through another lender to try for the second and third levels of approval. This means TWO inquiries on your credit and they are hard hits. As I am just starting out, my credit is easily affected by having multiple hard hits.

I was extremely frustrated with this and let me tell you- they DO NOT CARE. Their goal is to make the sale. I even told the sales representative I worked with that I had come back after looking at several places and he asked if I'd tried to apply anywhere else. I told him that I didn't want to have a bunch of hits on my credit and that I wanted to only apply when there was something I really liked. He still did not relay this bit about two hard hits and he was not a new salesman so it can't be that he just 'didn't know'.

Also, I called the store in town and spoke with the manager who did not care in the least. I then called their Customer Service department and after explaining that I wanted to make a complaint I was transferred to an automated line that just looped. I called back and explained this and was given their real customer service number. I talked with a woman that did not care either and just explained repeatedly that they couldn't do anything and she kept angrily asking me what I expected her to do about it. Customer service is garbage and they're very inconsiderate. BE AWARE!

Slick and Easy Sales - Poor Delivery - Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I believe Rooms to Go buys factory seconds and palms them off on customers as quality furniture. Store policies are not customer friendly and customer service is extremely poor. I will never buy anything from this store again. The items on the sales floor were good quality and well constructed at a reasonable price compared to other local stores. The sales went quickly and easily as we paid in full at the time of ordering.

Everything "had to be delivered by them" and each set had a separate delivery fee (dinning room, living room, office) even though they may be delivered together at the same time. We were not allowed to pick up anything at the store and take it home ourselves. Their delivery people texted, phoned, and emailed us relentlessly. The day of the first delivery, they phoned me 3 times telling me they were "on their way to my house". Those calls were 2 hours apart starting at 10 am.

They delivered a China hutch (minus the glass shelves which they did not point out or even realize??), the dinning room table (leaving screws underneath after they left - had to have a repair man come figure out where they belonged), 4 dinning room chairs (3 had front legs which were wobbly and not able to be tightened - had to be replaced), living room end table (slate top was chipped and the table had to be replaced), and the living room coffee table which was fine.

It has been two weeks since the first delivery and they told me today my glass shelves for the China hutch are "on order" but still have not been shipped and may not be for 90 days. They won't even look into it until it has been 30 days. ** the sales person is supposed to call me today and I want him to take the China hutch back and fully refund my money. Any bets on that happening any time soon??

The second delivery date for the office desk and chair they again phoned, texted, and called. After my bad first experience, I had asked them to check the items prior to loading them on the delivery truck to be sure they were complete, fully assembled, and in good condition. The customer service phone person told me they could not and therefore would not do that.

The office desk was not made correctly at the factory and could not be assembled correctly at my house. The desk chair was also not able to be assembled correctly due to poor workmanship. Refusing to accept delivery, I had them put them back on the truck and now am pursuing a full refund of my money. We will see if getting my money back goes as quickly as they took my money up front.

Don't Expect Delivery Within Several Months
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Rating: 2/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We bought our 4 year old a complete bedroom set, which was about $3000. It looked like nice furniture she could keep several years. They scheduled delivery for about a month later, stating that's when the truck would be coming through our area. Their delivery crew consisted of non-English speakers unable to follow specific directions. My house is not difficult to find, but GPS is not accurate in our rural area. I told them that, and gave very specific directions. They still got lost, and proceeded to try to repeatedly call my cell phone along the way.

I work in an operating room, and can not take phone calls at work. The first time they called me along the way, I gave very specific and detailed directions. The driver clearly did not listen to what I said. I also told him I would not be able to answer the phone any more that night, and he would have to call my wife's cell phone, but he failed to listen to me then too. (Or since I didn't say it in Spanish, he didn't understand me). My wife finally called them and got them to our house. But they were driving an 18-wheel tractor trailer, which has no chance of making it up my 1/4 mile long rural driveway. So they unloaded the furniture in my barn and left.

When we moved the furniture to our house, it was missing the headboard and footboard to the bed. We had the rails, but no head or foot. I had to call them 4 times to get it arranged to be shipped to me. They refused to use a private carrier like UPS or FedEx, which would have cost them more than using their non-English speaking delivery people, but would have reliably gotten the missing items sent to me.

They scheduled to have the missing items sent to me in 3 more weeks. So 2 months waiting for them to complete the order. And that's assuming they don't screw up with that one, which would surprise me if it's right next time. Probably will be the same Mexicans in their semi-truck who won't listen to directions, because they think the GPS will bail them out. I wish we had never purchased from them at all, and I would recommend finding some furniture you like somewhere else.

Deceptive Salesman, Dismissive Management, Horrible Experience
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- We visited our local Rooms To Go store in Wilmington, NC to purchase at least two rooms of new furniture. Before my visit, I'd printed off several items I was interested in. **, was our salesman. He greeted us when we went in the store, advised he could help us, and promptly disappeared while we looked around. After we'd decided on the pieces, I went to find **. We discussed our furniture and then looked at the living room set. It was the Angelo Bay set, sale priced advertised at approximately 1000.00 as a 3 piece set. The room setup showed a recliner, end tables, sofa with chaise and ottoman.

During our conversation, we expressly asked if the recliner was included in the price for the set. We were told it did. It was advertised that you could get a television as well. At no time did ** mention that the TV Package was an additional 688.00. His sales info was extremely deceptive. This turned out to be a major issue- of course, when we received the furniture, there was no recliner- it was NOT included in the package, and there was nothing that could be done.

The second issue was with my nightstands. I'd previously purchased a bedroom set from RTG and needed more stands. ** told us that the original set was discontinued, but he could get comparable nightstands. I mentioned to him that my set is black and would need black. He stated he could get them with no issue. When my furniture arrived, the truck had wooden nightstands, in the wrong finish.

When we contacted ** and ** to advise - we were told that the stands didn't come in black (and they also asked "Can't you use the walnut stands?" No, I can't. It's not what will match, what I wanted, or what should have been ordered.) We had to call the store multiple times with absolutely NO resolve. ** told us at least twice that there is nothing that can be done about our errors... his suggestion? Use the money we spent on the stands to buy the recliner! No thank you. I will never order anything from Rooms to Go in Wilmington.

The sales experience with ** was absolutely horrible. Such a shame, because my last order with ** at the same store was wonderful. If this is how they treat a 5500.00 that was paid, in full, on purchase... I would hate to see how they treat customers who purchase only one or two items at the time. This store and this company, it seems, doesn't care after they get the money in pocket.

Worst Customer Service & Delivery EVER!!!
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I ordered a Tempurpedic mattress, bunkie board, and mattress protector to be delivered to my home. I was told they would arrive from 1-5 on a Friday. At 4PM I received a call asking how my delivery went. I had yet to have my items delivered. They told me they forgot to put the mattress on the delivery truck and that apparently I told the delivery driver when he showed up at my door that it was okay. I never told anyone this nor did anyone show up at my door. All lies. The store, North Dale Mabry and 275 location, said that they could not just go back to the warehouse and re-deliver on the same day. I had to take the afternoon off from work to wait around for nothing. Then they tried to redeliver on Saturday morning at 8AM, except they were trying to deliver to the wrong apartment. They said that I refused to answer the door. They never came to my door. When they finally arrived they did not bring the bunkie board for the bed to be put on (in place of the box spring) and wanted me to accept a mattress that I could not trust was the correct one without it being in place on the bed frame. They took the mattress back and told me they would not go back and get the missing parts and would not redeliver. I decided to cancel my order and wanted my money refund. They told me they could not do this while my mattress was still in delivery status but they refused to redeliver. I went to the store and the manager Marc refused to return the money to my card and I would have to wait until corporate to take care of it. Then the manager went on to blame me for the delivery problems. I will never shop at any rooms to go. The customer should never be blamed for the incompetence of its own company. They are shady, liars, and down right thieves. Beware of this company, you will become a victim too.

They Are Robbing The Consumers
By -

Rooms to Go is a furniture store that sells furniture that they don't have. It seems like we as consumers are being forced to invest our money in their company with no return on our investments. I purchased $3900 worth of furniture from Rooms To Go in February 2010. I paid delivery fees of $159.00 plus warranty. However, I was informed that I wouldn't get my furniture until April 21, 2010 two months later. When I inquired about picking up the furniture they said I still had to wait until April 16, 2010. I decided to wait because it was only five more days for delivery.

On April 19 I received a call from Rooms to Go stating that the delivery truck will be in my area delivering furniture on April 21, between the hours of 3pm and 9pm. On April 21 at 3:15 I received a call from the delivery guy stating he was in my area about to make the delivery. I asked him if he could make the delivery closer to 3:30 cause my husband didn't get off until 3:00 and it takes him 20 minutes to get home. He said he would try but he couldn't make any promises. when I hung up I phoned my husband immediately and he was driving through the gate at my complex. I asked my husband if he noticed a delivery truck and he said no.

So we thought all was good. I tried to call the delivery guy back but I did not get an answer so I left a message that my husband was already home. My husband waited a couple hours then called me letting me know that no delivery had been made. I called the number again and the deliver guy answered. He said they couldn't bring the furniture back I had to wait for them to take the furniture back to the warehouse and Rooms to Go had to send it out again. I asked if I could pick it up and he said I should be able to once they took it back to the warehouse.

On April 22 2010, I called Rooms to Go customer service inquiring about my furniture with intentions of picking it up and Rooms to Go customer service said that they would let me know one the furniture got back to the warehouse. I didn't receive a call after a few days so I called them and that's when they told me that I had to start all over again since I wasn't available for delivery. They said that my furniture went out to the next person in line for the same type of furniture. I told the customer service person what happened on the delivery date, and how they never delivered the furniture and they told me the only thing they could do is reorder the furniture.

At that point, my delivery day was moved back to July or August. Six months after purchase was made. I pleaded with them because my son was graduating on May 21, 2010 and I had invited my family to my house and there was nowhere for them to sit. They said they couldn't help me and they suggested I come into the store and choose something else. We went in and choose another living room set and they still couldn't deliver it until June. We went ahead and waited.

The sofa made a squeaky noise from day one but we thought it was because it was new and it would stop after a while and it did alright. It stopped once it fell apart six months after we got it. Good thing it is still under warranty so we called them and they was supposed to send out a technician. Two days before the technician was supposed to come out we got a call stating the technician had a death in the family and we needed to call and reschedule.

On March 13, 2011 we decided to give Rooms To Go Outlet a try since a friend bought a dining room set from there and she said that she went and bought her set and carried it home the same day. We went and looked at new stuff and scratched and dented stuff. Then we asked them if they had extended warranties on any of the furniture and the answer was no so we decided that we should get new in the box furniture.

We choose the furniture the sales person said that he had the furniture new in the box but after we paid and went to pick we found out that they didn't have it. We went to get our money back and they wouldn't give our money back. They told us we had to wait ten business day and they would mail us a check to the address in there computer. So here we are again walking away with $450.00 invested in Rooms To Go for 14 day with no return on my investment. That should be against the law.

Rooms to Go, Go to Hades!!
By -

Excuse my French but Rooms to Go in the biggest piece of s**t furniture store around. They couldn't care less about their customers. The story begins...

I eagerly walk into a Rooms to Go store to purchase the Belmar Gentleman's Chest in green as an accent to my bedroom decor. The saleswoman was great, in and out, $700+ paid in cash. I inform the saleswoman that I would be back to purchase a furniture set for my son.

The furniture was delivered on time but to my surprise there was a huge hole at the top of the chest. Being the nice person that I am, I saved the delivery man the trouble and bringing the broken furniture up two flights of stairs and denied the delivery.

As soon as the delivery man leaves, I receive a call from Rooms to Go asking how the delivery went. I explain to the customer service representative that the piece of furniture was broken and I denied the delivery. She then informs me that the delivery man has told her the same. So, thinking that we are all on the same page, I ask for another delivery date. She drops the bomb explaining that I must wait 48 hours until I can schedule for a new piece of furniture and that I should have wasted the delivery man time by having him bring the furniture into my home.

48 hours later I call to schedule for a new delivery date and the my pleasure (sarcasm) it will be another week until I can have my furniture. Keep in mind that had my money on the spot. Yay!! It is delivery day; I wonder what awaits me now. This time the delivery man (dm) is late but at least the chest does not have a hole on top. The furniture is brought up and assembled. Then, the dm leaves to get the door for the furniture. Well, Rooms to Go will never let you down, the door is not in the delivery truck! Learning from the previous experience, I kept the chest without the door.

By this time I should add RTG customer service to my Fav 5. I explain the door situation, ask that the door be sent UPS because I am not taking of work to wait for a door. Customer service says they will send the door UPS.
Today the door comes but I did not know that the UPS man wore a RTG shirt!!! Luckily my brother was home, for I was at work trying to make up for the money wasted with RTG. Well guess what else this time, the doors here but there is not hardware to assemble to door!! Now I know that my brother a logical person and doing the logical thing he denied the delivery. So yes, I will have to wait another 48 hours until I can schedule for a new door.

I hate to break my word to that nice saleswoman but I will not be back, also I will tell any and everyone not to purchase furniture from RTG. I am a hardworking, young, single mother, I do not fork over $700+ to just anyone. I am disappointed with the way Rooms to Go conducts business.

Poor Customer Service
By -

FRISCO, TEXAS -- I purchased a queen size sofa sleeper from Rooms To Go in Frisco. Once I made my selection, the salesperson said that she was going to go to the computer to see if that item was in stock. She returned with what appeared to be a printed invoice. She said that it was in stock and pointed to the total. I happen to be pretty good in math and had an approximate total in my head already, so I quickly noticed that the amount was approximately $100 more than I had anticipated. When I asked what this was for she stated that it was for "fabric protection" I immediately asked her to please remove that item because I did not want it.

She seemed slightly irritated and went on to tell me how I really should get it because that the sofa was dark in color and my trying to clean it myself could cause discoloration. I told her that I am very familiar with micro-fiber fabric and that I did not want the protection. She went to the computer and reprinted the invoice with a deliver date for the following day because she had placed my order before the 2pm deadline. Later that evening the salesperson called my home and said that she forgot to add the delivery charge and said that if I wanted my sleeper delivered the next day as scheduled, I had to return to the store before 10pm.

I called back to the store, requested to speak with the Store Manager but was told that he was not there. I spoke with the Office Manager regarding my situation of not being able to drive back to the store as well as the manner in which the salesperson responded when I told her that I did not want the fabric protection. The office manager said that she would relay the information to the Store Manager and have him call me. Ten or fifteen minutes later I received a call from the salesperson. She was very angry and said, "I got called into my Managers office..."

I told her that I did not leave a message for her to call me and that she had no business calling me in such a rude manner. She immediately handed the phone to the store manager and instead of instantly apologizing for her unprofessional behavior, he started explaining to me the manner in which he trains his sales people. He asked me, ma'am what is it that you want and I told him that I want the delivery charges waived. Why should I have to be inconvenienced due to her error.

The next day when the delivery guys arrived at my home they were unable to make the turn in the hallway even after taking the legs off the sofa. Needless to say, they had to return the sofa to the warehouse. Today I called the store to ask them to please refund the total to my Visa card only to find out that they are going to credit my Visa with 80% and issue me a store credit for 20%!!! Why am I being penalized because the sofa did not fit!!!

Buyers beware... if you are going to purchase an item that has to be delivered, make sure that it fits, otherwise 20% of your money is going to be issued in a gift card. The manager that I spoke with today said that their other stores charge 20% as a restocking fee as If I should be grateful that they are issuing me a gift card. I will never shop at the Frisco store again!

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