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Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- My husband and I began searching for new furniture several weeks ago. Our first day of looking we went into several furniture retail stores with the same experience at most. We would tell the associates that we were just looking and would ask for help if we needed. I know most furniture store associates work on commission and I did not want them to waste their time on us unless we were making a decision and I knew we were not ready to make a final decision that day.

We then went into RTG and began browsing. We told the sales associates the same thing that we told all the others. The first day we went to RTG (a Saturday) they were too busy to pay much attention to us. That was fine with us because as I mentioned we were just browsing at this point but it did make it a little more difficult to really look so we decided to come back.

We went back on a Monday morning when it was substantially less crowded which made it difficult (nearly impossible) to browse without associates coming up trying to talk us into a more expensive sofa than the one we were looking at or printing out pages of information on living room sets that we had no interested in. We mentioned again we were just browsing and we were not ready to make a decision.

My husband and I were attempting to discuss among ourselves what decision we would make and the associate would not give us the time or space to do so. We then decided to leave the store to go home and look online and discuss. The associate got visibly frustrated that we were leaving without purchasing (despite us saying upfront we were just browsing not ready to purchase) so we decided if we did order it would be online.

I placed an order on RTG online after a few more days of online browsing and was asked to complete a bizrate survey at the end. I completed the survey expressing my dissatisfaction with the in store process and was also asked how long I was having to wait for delivery (3 weeks). The 3 week wait was frustrating but dealing with the associates was much more so. I received a call about my bizrate survey and my "dissatisfaction with delivery time" and was told there was no sooner delivery time available. My dissatisfaction with customer service was never addressed. So we began our 3 week wait for furniture.

On the day of delivery I called RTG to find out if the 4 hour window might be narrowed down at any point (perhaps by the driver calling as has been the case in most major deliveries or installations I have received the last couple of years). The customer service representative told me it would not be narrowed down and if no one was there within 15 minutes of the driver arriving then the furniture would not be delivered. While I understand the policy the way the information was given to me was with little care and I later found out there was an option to "perhaps" receive a call an hour before although it was not guarantee.

However, this representative did not give me that information. I then called back the customer service representative (Melissa) who originally called about my bizrate survey. I thought that after reading the survey and seeing the frustration with the associates in store, the fairly long wait time, and then the frustrating dealing with the customer service that morning she might care to know more about a customer's experience. I could not have been more wrong.

As seems to be the norm with RTG customer service she had little interest in my concerns. At this point I began to get very frustrated. My frustration was with the lack of service and/or caring exhibited by the customer service representatives. She told me the drivers could not call ahead because they could not call while with a customer and could not call while driving. Both excellent points but as I told Melissa, many other companies manage to do so by perhaps calling after finishing with one appointment but before leaving for the next.

She said she could not speak for anyone's policies except RTG but then went on to say that she has "never received a call ahead from any company" (which to me seems to be speaking for other companies' policies). I told her the delivery was only part of my frustration and I was more frustrated with the lack of care any customer service representative has shown about the negative experience I have had with the company. She responded that SHE was not being rude and because I did not know the names of the representatives in the store there was nothing she could do.

She also expressed multiple times she could not help me because I was angry (I never cursed, yelled, or name called simply expressed my strong dissatisfaction that grew stronger as the lack of service from the "customer service representative" continued). I expressed that I was looking for some acknowledgment that I am a customer and some caring at my dissatisfaction or an apology would be great. She then said if I was looking for compensation she could not offer me that. The final resolution was she could offer a non-guaranteed call ahead from the driver or cancel my order.

My furniture arrived well within the four hour time frame and I even received a call 20 minutes before arrival (although it didn't really help as a non guaranteed call still means I had to miss work whereas if I would have known of the call I could have easily gone to work and returned home in time). My husband and I spent lots of time emptying/cleaning/preparing the rooms where the furniture would be going and removing hindrances to the process of bringing in the furniture (including moving other pieces of furniture that might be in the path and taking baby gates off of the hinges).

The living room furniture was placed haphazardly into the room with the pillows left thrown on the floor still in plastic. The delivery crew then moved on to the sofa that was going downstairs and I was promptly told the furniture would likely not fit through the door frame. And he then spent a few more minutes expressing how difficult it was going to be (I thought we paid for delivery for a reason). I showed him the much larger sofa we had just moved into the garage a few days before that had been moved through those same door frames to which he replied it was a different type of sofa.

The sofa we ordered did in fact fit through the door frames and was placed into the room (in less than 10 minutes mind you so not too difficult). He then got me to sign saying I received my furniture. After walking out he then knocked back on the door asking for a disposable fork to eat his lunch (I didn't have a disposable fork but I gave him a plastic one out of my dishwasher that he then asked to wash in the sink). When leaving this time he left the door leading outside open continuing to show little regard for the customer's home.

No representative of Rooms to Go has expressed any regret over the fact that a customer is dissatisfied and has decided to no longer be a patron of your establishment. My issues are not with RTG policies and procedures themselves but how I have been treated by every person who is supposed to represent RTG (sales associates, customer service representatives, and delivery crew).

I understand that we all have bad days so if it was just one experience with one representative I would not feel the need write this but every person I encountered that represents RTG was at the least disinterested in my satisfaction and at the most outright rude. I would hope a company would feel the need to make sure a customer is heard, even if they cannot satisfy every desire, which is the exact opposite of what happened. I did not feel my complaints were heard, acknowledged, and definitely not addressed.

3-Year Old So-Called Leather Sectional Fell Apart
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- Rooms to Go is short for "ROOMS TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE TRASH"? This place has the customer service quality of a brothel. You walk in, they're all over you... friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. However, as you go back to let them know their furniture is falling a part, they want NOTHING to do with you..

We bought an off-white LEATHER sectional 3.5 years ago for about $2000. The salesperson told us that it was made out of patches of leather as opposed to one big piece. 3 years later, the leather on 3 sections started to crack and peel gradually. I called RTG to see if they could replace the sections. Nope, no go on that one as they discontinued selling and dealing with the manufacturer in Shanghai, China. They asked me to send pictures. I did.

Three months later when I didn't hear back from them, I called and they told me they'd be giving me the depreciated value in the form of a voucher that could only be used in their RTG showrooms (not discounted pieces.. not that I was tempted to set foot there anyway). The value was a whopping $230.73 AND they would also be coming to take the sectional too otherwise, we do not get our big voucher.

We went to the store to see the manager because surely, they would understand our dilemma. The manager was reading my email on the computer and commenting on it, thinking I was one of his salespeople not the customer that just got royally shafted. He was smacking his gum and going, "WTH else does she want after 4 years?" I coughed to get him to realize that his foot was just inserted in his gum-smacking hole. He was fine with that.

He told me there was NOTHING he could do, that it was the way I was using the couch that led it to disintegrate and that there was nothing else he could do. Crappy company, crappy work ethic and for sure WE WILL NEVER EVER SET FOOT IN THAT PLACE!!! I'd get better quality and service at Goodwill than this scam of a business.

Horrible Quality And Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- It started in 2011. We purchased a living room group. Everything was fine until summer of 2014 when the material on the leather furniture started cracking and peeling. I contacted customer service and they requested that I send pictures which I did. They did not call me back so I followed up about a week later and was informed that I have been approved to replace the furniture.

In July of 2014 I went to my local store and began the process of picking out new furniture. This became a nightmare because when you are replacing only 2 pieces they do not allow you the same cost/money since it was in a "package" originally. So I got screwed there. I ended up having to pay a couple hundred more for the new set because of course the set I had purchased in 2011 had been discontinued.

In addition, because it was "out of warranty" I was told I would have to pay yet another delivery charge. To say the least I now know I got played. I should have been more assertive and told them it was their issue not mine and refused to pay but I digress. The new furniture was delivered in July 2014.

December of 2014 the fabric on the sofa of the NEW furniture is now fading and becoming discolored. The other pieces, recliner and loveseat are fine. I call the customer service line and schedule a tech to come out on 12/23/2014. He arrives and seems very uncaring to have to be doing a job. He sees my concern and retrieves his camera to take photos and said it will take a couple of weeks to hear back due to the holidays.

I wait until the week of 1/2015 and finally call customer service. I am told that it has been approved to replace the sofa. GOOD. No, wait customer service says... we cannot replace the sofa because this furniture has been DISCONTINUED! I tell her that I have not even had it for 6 months! WOW. So now she tells me that it has been approved for me to replace the 3 piece set AGAIN!! I am not happy. This is getting to be a pain in the butt. So I go to my local store, again and again the sales guy hands me off to the store manager. He pulls up my account in the computer and says we have a very similar set let me show you.

When we get to the set it looks EXACTLY the same as the set I have. He tells me it's a different manufacture. The quality of the bonded leather seems much better. He does his thing in the computer says okay we can do this and there will be no charge for you. REALLY?? Like I would spend any more of my hard earned money with this place! So I tell him fine, we will try this again. This was a Saturday 1/17/2015... he calls me Monday 1/19 to tell me that the furniture is on backorder until March. I am beyond frustrated. I sit on this for a couple of days because I am so angry.

I call the store and customer service because I want to know if due to the frustration that I have been through and crappy furniture if RTG will comp me an upgrade to a reclining love seat since the grouping is now on sale and I am told no that is not how it works. Then I tell them that's fine I just want to return the bad furniture and get a full credit and I will go buy furniture somewhere else.

I am once again told no... they do not do refunds. WOW! At this point I am beyond angry and I tell the store manager I want contact information for management above him because I want to file a formal complaint. He tells me all he can provide is for me to once again call "customer NO service" and ask for "presidential" information.

I do this today, 1/28/2015, and I am put on hold numerous times and hold for more than 10 minutes only to be told that she cannot locate a supervisor at this time and will have to write it up and have someone call me. Like that will EVER happen. So I told her to put it in her computer on my account that I will find every consumer website out there and will write this up. I have been a customer of RTG for over 20 years and had never had this experience before.

But I can tell you that I will never purchase anything from them in the future and would advise that no one else purchase furniture from them either. I will use every resource on the web and social media that I can find to make my experience known in hopes to prevent others from the same anger and frustration that I have and am currently going through.

UPDATE: 1/28/2015 they called and said they found the set and could now deliver as early as 2/3/2015 (after I had to raise my voice and ask for higher ups to file a complaint) AND a ** from corporate (I assume) called and said the best she could do would be to split the cost to upgrade the loveseat but that they would not comp the whole $200.00. Wow... they don't care they just lost a customer of 20 years over $200.00. I am not paying them another dime of my money so they lose not me.

Don't Shop Here! Worse Ever
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- They have the worse customer service ever! Don't give them your business. I purchase 2 bedroom sets for Christmas. 1 for my twins and 1 for my oldest son. I purchase these items on Nov 4th. They are schedule to be delivered on Christmas eve Dec 24th. Rooms to Go called me the week before to confirm my address and the shipping address. They called my husband today... A day before Christmas Eve... the delivery date to tell us that our Headboard is out of stock for my oldest son and that it won't be in until Jan 24th. They told my husband that the country that they are receiving it from didn't ship it in time. So it will be a little delayed.

Needless to say I was extremely upset so I called into customer service. I spoke with ** in Tampa Florida at 1:47pm. He told me that he couldn't assist me because it was an online order and that he would have to give me the online order number. I told him that I didn't have a pen or paper at the time so I wanted him to transfer me and he said that he doesn't have the ability to transfer calls. I find it hard to believe that a big company like Rooms To Go can't transfer calls between depts. He tried to explain that my headboard won't be in until Feb. At that time I got real upset because they told my husband Jan. NOT FEB. So I asked to speak with a supervisor.

He said that he can write it up and someone will call me back within 48 hours. I told him that was unacceptable and I want a supervisor. He said that no one was able. I offer to hold until someone became available and he said that he would have to hang up on me because he can't wait 48 hours on the phone. I took his information down and proceed to call online support. I received ** in Seffer, FL. He told me that my headboard won't be in until Feb 11th. He confirmed at the time that I placed the order the headboard was available and in stock. I told him that I needed him to fix it.

He gave me two options... to keep my order, everything else will be delivered tomorrow and my headboard will come on Feb 11th or to cancel my order and get a refund. I explained to him that this was a Christmas gift for my oldest son and that I cleaned out his entire room yesterday to prepare for the delivery. I don't understand why they waited until the day before the order was suppose to be delivery to tell us that it won't be complete. I asked for a credit and he told me that they can't. I then explained that I also purchase bunk bed for my twins at kids Rooms To Go and spent $2k on their set.

So between both bedroom sets I spent almost $3k and that you are messing up my son's Christmas. I also explain that if they called us sooner we would have been able to keep his old bedroom set and wait for everything to be delivered in Feb (which is his birthday month anyways) but they waited until the last minute to notified which took away all of our options. I asked for a supervisor and received **. She told me that she was ** supervisor and offered me a $40 credit. Which I think is an insult. The only other option she provided was do cancel this order and do another order but she doesn't know if it will be in stock and that I will have to look online to do a swap.

I asked to speak with someone higher than her and she said that there is no one in her call center that is above her and that I can't talk to anyone else. I asked for the President's name and she told me that I can do my independent research. This is the worse customer service experience ever. All the reps were condescending and rude. With the amount of money I have spent and that this is a Christmas gift for my kids. This is horrible. I have to wait 3 1/2 months for a headboard.

This is unacceptable. I feel like they waited until the last minute so I wouldn't have any options. I can't cancel it because my son won't have anywhere to sleep. It is impossible for me to find another bedroom set and have it delivered by tomorrow. I will never never do business here and I will tell everyone I know to never do business here. So unprofessional and rude. I wish I could cancel it but it would be heartbreaking to my kid. He will think he was bad all year if he has to live in an empty room with no bed, nightstand, or dresser. I would like someone to call me back and offer a valid solution.

Terrible Service, Terrible Quality
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Rating: 1/51

JENSEN BEACH, FLORIDA -- In approximately 2011, I purchased a "leather" living room set. I used the leather protectant liquid to clean the couches regularly and took great care of my furniture. I have no kids and the furniture was not abused. Recently, I have noticed my leather was separating and that I did not have real leather but some type of fake leather appearing plastic film that gives the appearance of leather. The furniture is lightly used and it is in terrible condition.

I contacted customer service because I never expected I would have to purchase new furniture during the time I was still paying for it. I spoke to Millie ** from customer relations and she was extremely sweet and helpful. Millie reviewed pictures of my furniture and replied in an email that she was crediting me with $447 of in-store credit towards "a selection of your (my) choice."

I called Millie and asked if I could purchase a loveseat by itself and she told me I could, as long as the loveseat was $447 or greater. I specifically asked her if I could purchase one item and she told me I could with the understanding that Rooms to Go would be picking up three pieces of my furniture and not just one or two after the reselection was completed.

I visited the Jensen Beach location and dealt with Patrick. I like Patrick and found him to be a very good salesman. Patrick sold me the original set of furniture and he is a familiar face. I explained to Patrick my situation and he reviewed the notes from Millie. Patrick told me I could purchase my choice of a loveseat, a walnut colored loveseat from the Santa Monica collection, with no issues. Unfortunately, Patrick became busy and referred me to Eric.

Eric was nice and also reviewed Millie's notes. Eric found no problem in completing my order of the loveseat for the reselection. Eric was great until I realized on my way home that he charged me for a Force Field Protection Plan without ever mentioning anything about it. I realized I agreed to a contract he never talked to me about.

The frustrating part of this was that I asked Eric at the end of the transaction, when Eric was folding the Force Field Certificate and placing it into my envelope, what I was being charged for. Eric told me I was only getting charged for the balance after store credit and for delivery. He lied. I was also getting charged $63.91 for something he never told me about.

I turned around and went back to the store, approximately twenty minutes later, and was told Eric was off work. Brad then begin to sell me on the product that Eric neglected to do. I told Brad I just wanted the charge removed. Brad referred me to David, the store manager.

I told David what Eric did and David could not care less. David pointed to the back of the store and told me to go to customer service and started to walk away from me, in the opposite direction of where customer service was. I asked David to please show me where customer service was and to perhaps be present when I had to explain to them what happened. David again seemed unphased and not shocked by his employee fraudulently trying to sneak money out of customers. David walked me back to customer service and then walked away.

I explained to Susan what happened. Susan was not friendly at all and told me she credited 63.91 towards my layaway. I told her I did not have a layaway account and I became confused. Susan said I had a balance and she just put the 63.91 to my balance. I then realized the amount she was talking about was actually the amount that Rooms to Go agreed to be responsible for with the $447 store credit. Susan was basically paying Rooms to Go $63.91 from the $447.

I attempted to tell Susan that the $63.91 amount should be returned the same way it was paid just minutes before, on my MasterCard. Susan said she was just going to credit my Rooms to Go credit card. I asked her to not do that and Susan asked me, "What, are you not paying your Rooms to Go credit card?" This is extremely offensive and none of her business. I proceeded to tell her that I have NEVER been late on a payment and I am a responsible debtor. I told her she could look at my payment history, if necessary.

Every time I attempted to explain to Susan what was going on, Susan cut me off and said multiple times, "Let me start over again so you understand." Again, Susan found a way to be offensive, condescending and mean. I eventually asked her to review the notes on Rooms to Go and was able to explain to her what happened without her cutting me off. Susan said she understood and then credited the $63.91 to my MasterCard.

Now, this afternoon, I received a phone call from the Jensen Beach location. Londa said she was not going to honor my reselection because I had to purchase a full package of furniture. I asked Londa to review the notes from Millie and Londa said she sees where Millie wrote, "a selection of my choice" over $447 and where Millie said I would be responsible for bond fees, delivery and any costs over $447. Londa said Millie made a mistake by not emailing me that I had to reselect a whole new package of furniture. Londa said she was canceling my order and I would not be getting my loveseat, which was set to be delivered on Wednesday, as previously agreed.

I have had bad customer service in the past and there is this. I have never felt like I have had to defend everything I do before like I have had in this experience with Rooms to Go. This experience is without doubt, the worst. I have nothing good to say about this company and as it is right now, I will do everything I can to make sure my friends and family never step foot into a Rooms to Go.

Requests for Under Warranty Products Are Ignored
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Rating: 2/51

GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI -- In July 2013, I purchased a bedroom set and mattress ($2, 250.00 approx) for my son. It was delivered with multiple but small scratches. Knowing how hard it is for me (due to work schedule) to arrange for pick up and delivery, etc... I decided to allow them to "fix it" (Bad decision). The work is sloppy. The small scratches were less obvious than the marks/spots on the furniture after they are finished "fixing it". I took a deep breath and although upset, I let it go.

By Feb 2013 the drawer runner had almost disappeared (the wood had "shaved" and the drawer was not staying centered). I was very busy at the time and did not call them to come fix it until the beginning of May 2013. Two weeks later (mid May), the technician came and said he couldn't fix it due to not having the parts needed (I understood although I did not understand why I wasted time describing over the phone what was wrong with the dresser if the technician was not going to come prepared). He said it would take 2 weeks and he would give me a call. I let him know, it would have to be a Saturday (day off) and he seemed perfectly fine with the request.

Two weeks later, a message was left on the answering machine (by the technician himself) letting me know he would be coming the next day (weekday) at 8 am. I called him back but there was no answer so I left him two messages (at different times) to let him know a weekday was not possible for me. I never heard from the technician again.

I called Rooms to go again at the beginning of June. I was mad and I have to admit, also rude because I was very frustrated with their service. This was complicated by a condescending attitude from the customer service staff over the phone. I was told there is nothing they can do and I just need to wait for their call. I wanted to established another complaint about their service but I was denied the chance because I already had a complaint and there was nothing for them to do for me.

Tomorrow is June 30th and no one has called me from Rooms to Go. The product is still under warranty plus I bought extended warranty on everything but they literally behave as if they do not care and have no intention to fix the defective product. I have had other problems with them in the past. Seems that there is always something wrong but has taken me 3 purchasing "tries" to complaint online.

Please, do not believe their commercials or their sales staff. They will tell you what they know a customer wants to hear. When the moment comes to make it right to the customer, they turn away and let you sink. The products are not of good quality and the customer satisfaction experience is dreadful.

Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- Our reclining "leather mix" sectional fell apart within a year of purchase. I am shocked at the poor quality of both the material and the reclining mechanism.

No Return Policy. Beware
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Rating: 1/51

FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Ordered a bed, waited 6 weeks. For delivery and set up. Arrived on Sat 10/11/2014 at 2pm. Was informed that hardware to assemble no with bed. Called store, was promised someone would come that day with hardware and assemble. It's Monday and still no one. Called store to ask them to pick up and was informed of their no return policy. They said they could ship hardware and I could assemble (Ya right ). I was informed I could go to arbitration.

Your Furniture Is Of Very Bad Quality And You Don't Care About Your Customers To Make Things Right!
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I got a microfiber dual electric recliner sofa and a love seat from you on March 9, 2013. As of this time since the cushions are all out of shape, flat, and you can feel the springs in them. Also the stains in this 2 pieces of furniture won't come off. I was never given the special cleaner that I was supposed to be given at the time of purchase at your store per your ForceField Exclusive Fabric Protection 3 year Warranty Certificate that I was given with my purchase receipt.

It is obvious that this furniture was never professional treated before delivery as it states on the warranty paper. If I would have been given the cleaner I would have been able to get all the stains off as they occur. When contacted you via email at about this problem a technician was scheduled to come to inspect it. When he came he took pictures of it and was told will hear from you in 3 to 5 business days. Your response to this was: "Set overall soiled and requires professional cleaning. Once this has been done to give you a call to schedule a technician again to re-apply the bond."

I replied back asking about the cushions and comfort of the set in which I received a replied telling me that I never told you about this. I replied again sending you my original email to you so you can see this is not true. I received another response telling me that it didn't matter since nothing it can be done until I get it professional cleaned. I contacted you again via email and told you that it will cost me hundreds to have this done.

I received another response telling me that until I get the furniture professionally cleaned nothing could be done. All this emails were replied by **. It clearly shows you don't care and you are not willing to solve the problem at your expense but at my expense. And only thing you are doing is reapplying the bond. Nothing about the condition of the cushions. I also called your customer service department and I was told a different story. Was told that there was nothing you can do about the cushions/comfort of the set because is no longer under the manufacturer's warranty.

This all clearly shows that you sell very low quality furniture and is not worth it. I had furniture in the past that I have purchased from other places and have lasted years with no problems. This is not the first time I purchased furniture from you but it will be my last. As told you in my emails I will be posting my experience with Rooms To Go in any sources I can find to let everyone else know to be careful about buying things from you and better not to and buy it somewhere else!

Be Wary Of Their 'credit'
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Rating: 1/51

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- I am a young person and my oldest credit card is only 2 years old. That being said, my payment history is perfect and I do not have any collections. The sales associate who assisted me at the local store told me there were 3 levels of approval, the first being the best with 27 month's no interest and the only down payment being the tax and delivery cost. The second was for 6 months no interest and a 20% down payment. I don't recall the third level.

The issue here is what they DON'T TELL YOU. They work with SEVERAL different lenders. If you are not approved for the 'Premium' level of lending, they will run your credit AGAIN through another lender to try for the second and third levels of approval. This means TWO inquiries on your credit and they are hard hits. As I am just starting out, my credit is easily affected by having multiple hard hits.

I was extremely frustrated with this and let me tell you - they DO NOT CARE. Their goal is to make the sale. I even told the sales representative I worked with that I had come back after looking at several places and he asked if I'd tried to apply anywhere else. I told him that I didn't want to have a bunch of hits on my credit and that I wanted to only apply when there was something I really liked. He still did not relay this bit about two hard hits and he was not a new salesman so it can't be that he just 'didn't know'.

Also, I called the store in town and spoke with the manager who did not care in the least. I then called their Customer Service department and after explaining that I wanted to make a complaint I was transferred to an automated line that just looped. I called back and explained this and was given their real customer service number. I talked with a woman that did not care either and just explained repeatedly that they couldn't do anything and she kept angrily asking me what I expected her to do about it. Customer service is garbage and they're very inconsiderate. BE AWARE!

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