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Rooms To Go
11540 Hwy. 92 East
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Poor Customer Service
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FRISCO, TEXAS -- I purchased a queen size sofa sleeper from Rooms To Go in Frisco. Once I made my selection, the salesperson said that she was going to go to the computer to see if that item was in stock. She returned with what appeared to be a printed invoice. She said that it was in stock and pointed to the total. I happen to be pretty good in math and had an approximate total in my head already, so I quickly noticed that the amount was approximately $100 more than I had anticipated. When I asked what this was for she stated that it was for "fabric protection" I immediately asked her to please remove that item because I did not want it.

She seemed slightly irritated and went on to tell me how I really should get it because that the sofa was dark in color and my trying to clean it myself could cause discoloration. I told her that I am very familiar with micro-fiber fabric and that I did not want the protection. She went to the computer and reprinted the invoice with a deliver date for the following day because she had placed my order before the 2pm deadline. Later that evening the salesperson called my home and said that she forgot to add the delivery charge and said that if I wanted my sleeper delivered the next day as scheduled, I had to return to the store before 10pm.

I called back to the store, requested to speak with the Store Manager but was told that he was not there. I spoke with the Office Manager regarding my situation of not being able to drive back to the store as well as the manner in which the salesperson responded when I told her that I did not want the fabric protection. The office manager said that she would relay the information to the Store Manager and have him call me. Ten or fifteen minutes later I received a call from the salesperson. She was very angry and said, "I got called into my Managers office..."

I told her that I did not leave a message for her to call me and that she had no business calling me in such a rude manner. She immediately handed the phone to the store manager and instead of instantly apologizing for her unprofessional behavior, he started explaining to me the manner in which he trains his sales people. He asked me, ma'am what is it that you want and I told him that I want the delivery charges waived. Why should I have to be inconvenienced due to her error.

The next day when the delivery guys arrived at my home they were unable to make the turn in the hallway even after taking the legs off the sofa. Needless to say, they had to return the sofa to the warehouse. Today I called the store to ask them to please refund the total to my Visa card only to find out that they are going to credit my Visa with 80% and issue me a store credit for 20%!!! Why am I being penalized because the sofa did not fit!!!

Buyers beware... if you are going to purchase an item that has to be delivered, make sure that it fits, otherwise 20% of your money is going to be issued in a gift card. The manager that I spoke with today said that their other stores charge 20% as a restocking fee as If I should be grateful that they are issuing me a gift card. I will never shop at the Frisco store again!

Rooms To Go Collects Customer's Money and Then Does Not Deliver
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DULUTH, GEORGIA -- Rooms To Go collects customer's money and then does not deliver accurate furniture or furniture in good repair. Order value was approximately $8,000. No refund or cancellation possible according to customer service. Order placed June 24th with delivery scheduled for July 12. July 12th order was “bumped” or re-scheduled to July 22 (10 days later). July 22nd order was delivered with a broken bedroom cabinet ($699 value) and two incorrect night stands ($599). Both the broken and incorrect furniture were left on property as the delivery drivers informed my spouse they could not take it back. I cannot park my vehicle in garage due to broken furniture.

July 28th I called customer service and asked to speak with a manager and explained problems. I was informed that no delivery service refund would be made or could I cancel the order because the furniture had been delivered. I object to this corporate response because in fact the furniture was either broken or incorrect and I did not accept the items. However, because the items were left on property according to Rooms To Go I had accepted the items and delivery was complete. No offer of immediate repair or replacement was made and replacement was scheduled for nine days out. No offer of reimbursement for delivery charges was made.

July 30th - Expected re-delivery of bedroom cabinet and two night stands. Interaction with customer service: I was informed that I am not entitled to any return, cancellation or reimbursement for damaged or incorrect furniture and that I had to wait for repair or replacement. Further I was informed that the company really did not care whether I choose to do business again with Rooms To Go or not because that was my decision. If furniture is delivered on the 30th it will be five weeks from date of order. I feel this is unacceptable and had we known we would have NOT placed the order. Rooms To Go takes your money and delivers (maybe) when it's convenient for them - not you.

Your Furniture Is Of Very Bad Quality And You Don't Care About Your Customers To Make Things Right!
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I got a microfiber dual electric recliner sofa and a love seat from you on March 9, 2013. As of this time since the cushions are all out of shape, flat, and you can feel the springs in them. Also the stains in this 2 pieces of furniture won't come off. I was never given the special cleaner that I was supposed to be given at the time of purchase at your store per your ForceField Exclusive Fabric Protection 3 year Warranty Certificate that I was given with my purchase receipt.

It is obvious that this furniture was never professional treated before delivery as it states on the warranty paper. If I would have been given the cleaner I would have been able to get all the stains off as they occur. When contacted you via email at about this problem a technician was scheduled to come to inspect it. When he came he took pictures of it and was told will hear from you in 3 to 5 business days. Your response to this was: "Set overall soiled and requires professional cleaning. Once this has been done to give you a call to schedule a technician again to re-apply the bond."

I replied back asking about the cushions and comfort of the set in which I received a replied telling me that I never told you about this. I replied again sending you my original email to you so you can see this is not true. I received another response telling me that it didn't matter since nothing it can be done until I get it professional cleaned. I contacted you again via email and told you that it will cost me hundreds to have this done.

I received another response telling me that until I get the furniture professionally cleaned nothing could be done. All this emails were replied by **. It clearly shows you don't care and you are not willing to solve the problem at your expense but at my expense. And only thing you are doing is reapplying the bond. Nothing about the condition of the cushions. I also called your customer service department and I was told a different story. Was told that there was nothing you can do about the cushions/comfort of the set because is no longer under the manufacturer's warranty.

This all clearly shows that you sell very low quality furniture and is not worth it. I had furniture in the past that I have purchased from other places and have lasted years with no problems. This is not the first time I purchased furniture from you but it will be my last. As told you in my emails I will be posting my experience with Rooms To Go in any sources I can find to let everyone else know to be careful about buying things from you and better not to and buy it somewhere else!

Misleading and Rude
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SPRING, TEXAS -- I purchased my furniture from the woodlands store on Saturday 11/23. The delivery was then scheduled for Monday 11/25. Before purchase the sales representative told me the delivery people would not call before they delivered the furniture and they would show up anywhere from 7 AM till 10 PM that day. Because of this I asked if it was OK if I had my 13 year old nephew sign for the delivery so I would not have to miss a full day of work just for the delivery.

The sales representative said that was fine. Then when Monday came around my phone must not have had signal for a little while because all of the sudden I had 4 voice mails saying I had to have someone of at least 18 years of age to sign for the furniture and they provided a different number in 3 of them for me to call back.

The first one I tried never even went through, the second was an automated system for the woodlands store that never went to an actual person or ever told you to press a number to do anything, and finally the last number was, I believe, the personal number of the sales representative I had. It was not until the second time I called that third number that I was even able to talk to anyone.

After talking to the rep, she told me to call the second number, so I told her I already did, but it never gave me an option to do anything. She told me I actually had to press 0 to talk to someone. This is something I would not have known unless someone told me. This number got me in touch with the woodlands store where I asked to speak to a manager.

The manager told me there was nothing he could do to help me other than call me the next day at the earliest with the next possible time they could deliver the furniture (which would be next week at the earliest). On top of not being helpful, the manager's voice was obviously being rude. After not being helped by the store I called the first number again.

After 15 tries the number finally worked. This was the customer service. The customer service also said they could do nothing for me, but at least she contacted dispatch to see if the drivers were still in the area. This was about 2 hours after the delivery men came. If I would have had help when I first sought it out it would have been about 45 minutes after they were there and they may have still been in the area. For a company that says they are so interested in customer satisfaction, the process to get any kind of help was way more than it should have been.

Squeaky Furniture Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I recently purchased the Dumont King Bedroom set from your store in Charleston, SC. However, within the first night the bed was loudly squeaking any time anybody moved in the bed. As I am a light sleeper, this is absolutely not acceptable especially considering the price of the bed. I immediately contacted Rooms To Go Customer Service in order to have a technician come look at the bed, and was told nobody could come look at the bed for another two weeks. That unfortunately meant another two weeks of sleepless nights with continuously getting woken up throughout the night.

To make matters worse, when the technician did finally arrive at the scheduled 4 hour time window he was by himself. He proceeded to look at the bed and confirm that it did indeed squeak very loudly, but that it was a two person job and we'd need to schedule yet another time window where we would have to set aside another 4 hours to sit at the house. Our order showed the size of the bed we had, and the problem we had so there is no reason why two people should not have been sent the first time, the reassembly of a king size bed of that size is always going to be a two person job.

After setting up another appointment we waited the entire time window and nobody arrived. Upon inquiring we were told the driver called and when nobody answered, he chose to not leave a voicemail and just not show up at all. Once again we scheduled another 4 hour time window and yet again nobody showed up and not a single missed call this time.

At this point I am done dealing with customer service and inquired about just having the defective furniture picked up for a refund since Rooms To Go is too incompetent to rectify the problem, but was told we couldn't do so without a technician looking at the furniture. Well a technician did look at the furniture already the first time and confirmed the problem, we just can't get a technician to come to correct the problem.

Damaged Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- After spending approximately 5500.00 with your store I can say it has been a very horrible experience. I received my first delivery of my two ticket order numbers ** on 3/19/13. I came to the store and made an exchange of some pieces. Pick up and exchange occurred on 4/2/13. TV chest delivered on 3/19 was damaged. Server delivered on 3/19 was damaged. Console delivered on 4/2 was damaged. Repair man came on 5/7 and further damaged furniture.

I submitted photos to RTG was told I could exchange all 3 pieces except the server was discontinued so I would either need to pick out a new one or receive a 15% discount = 67.50. Next delivery scheduled for 6/27 to replace TV chest and console. 6/27 TV chest and console delivered- TV chest in good condition, console once again damaged. Sent back with truck.

Contacted RTG discussed damaged console said order would be flagged and warehouse supervisor would inspect prior to delivery. Would offer 20 % on Server and no more 90.00 I had 30 days to decide. I informed I had been to the store and can't find another I like and that 90 dollars doesn't pay to repair what I have. 6/19-deliver console- box sealed- not inspected- back corners smashed damaged as before. Sent back to truck and not accepted. Spoke with April. Tried to negotiate rate on server. Rate not accepted. Promised warehouse supervisor would open console box and inspect console prior to delivery.

7/26- received call from driver they were on their way at approx 7:45am. Received voicemail from ** at 8:15 stating her driver was at the end of my driveway and could make it down my driveway to deliver. I returned the call to dispatch. ** was very rude. Obviously RTG has delivered here many times before. I won't even get into the rudeness of the dispatcher at this point. My brother met the driver. The driver was expecting my brother to drive him along with the console once the box was opened. The box had not been inspected. The box was opened. The console was once again damaged. This time on the back lower corner with exposed wood.

As far as I'm concerned you can come pick up the entire order. You can't get what I have right. I paid a decorator to get a certain look for my home and now I have damaged furniture. Come get it ALL. I've read RTG reviews on line. Shame on me! I'm posting here just for starters. I've been very patient. 5 deliveries later not so much.

Company Response 07/31/2013:

We do apologize for the experiences you are having. We have seen your posts on other forums and have responded. Again, we would like to look further into this for you and see what can be done. If you would like for us to do so, please contact us at "Attention My3cents". Again, we apologize and look forward to assisting you with this matter.

Poor Quality, Poor Service, Awful Finance Option Gigantic Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to Rooms to Go searching for living room couches. Initially I went in because it seemed like everything was reasonably priced. I found some cute couches that I liked that were going to cost me about $1500. I put a good amount down and convinved myself that financing would be OK. First the young gentlemen that helped me ended up putting the wrong address for my bills to be sent. I started getting a little concerned after I had not received a bill after the 60 day mark the gentlemen who sold me the couches had said.

I received a phone call from GE Capital who I financed with and they had told me I was behind 3 months! This of course upset me telling them I had not received a single statement. We then figured out that the address was incorrect, but that I still had to pay late fee and 3 months. This was ridiculous to me since it was not my fault they had received incorrect mailing address

I ended up paying it anyway, and I received my statement for the next month, but after that month started not receiving them again. I called GE Capital and man said that mail was being sent back. He said they would not charge me late fee and that my statement would be received in 6-6 business days. Of course it was not received. I tried setting up my account online and it did not work. I was beyond frustrated. 2 months pass by and I have now received a phone call from GE Capital telling me I am 3 months behind and I need to pay it now.

I explain my problem and man apologized and says it looks like our records were not updated. RIDICULOUS!! I don't like to exchange any of my credit card information through phone so I told him I would pay the amount once I saw a statement in front of my face. I will NEVER be recommending Rooms to Go or ever step foot in that building again. The threads on my couch are coming off and feathers keep coming out of my pillows. Do NOT do business with Rooms to Go.

Company Response 07/17/2013:

We apologize that you are having so many issues with GE Capital. Unfortunately, they do handle the financing and all payments internally. While we cannot change that information, we can have our finance department look into having GE Capital contact you. In regards to your living room furniture, we would like to see if there is anything we can do to assist with that. Please email us at "Attention My3Cents" along with your order information and we can look further into your account. Again we apologize for the disappointment and look forward to hearing from you.

Requests for Under Warranty Products Are Ignored
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Rating: 2/51

GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI -- In July 2013, I purchased a bedroom set and mattress ($2, 250.00 approx) for my son. It was delivered with multiple but small scratches. Knowing how hard it is for me (due to work schedule) to arrange for pick up and delivery, etc... I decided to allow them to "fix it" (Bad decision). The work is sloppy. The small scratches were less obvious than the marks/spots on the furniture after they are finished "fixing it". I took a deep breath and although upset, I let it go.

By Feb 2013 the drawer runner had almost disappeared (the wood had "shaved" and the drawer was not staying centered). I was very busy at the time and did not call them to come fix it until the beginning of May 2013. Two weeks later (mid May), the technician came and said he couldn't fix it due to not having the parts needed (I understood although I did not understand why I wasted time describing over the phone what was wrong with the dresser if the technician was not going to come prepared). He said it would take 2 weeks and he would give me a call. I let him know, it would have to be a Saturday (day off) and he seemed perfectly fine with the request.

Two weeks later, a message was left on the answering machine (by the technician himself) letting me know he would be coming the next day (weekday) at 8 am. I called him back but there was no answer so I left him two messages (at different times) to let him know a weekday was not possible for me. I never heard from the technician again.

I called Rooms to go again at the beginning of June. I was mad and I have to admit, also rude because I was very frustrated with their service. This was complicated by a condescending attitude from the customer service staff over the phone. I was told there is nothing they can do and I just need to wait for their call. I wanted to established another complaint about their service but I was denied the chance because I already had a complaint and there was nothing for them to do for me.

Tomorrow is June 30th and no one has called me from Rooms to Go. The product is still under warranty plus I bought extended warranty on everything but they literally behave as if they do not care and have no intention to fix the defective product. I have had other problems with them in the past. Seems that there is always something wrong but has taken me 3 purchasing "tries" to complaint online.

Please, do not believe their commercials or their sales staff. They will tell you what they know a customer wants to hear. When the moment comes to make it right to the customer, they turn away and let you sink. The products are not of good quality and the customer satisfaction experience is dreadful.

NO Return policy!!!!
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Rating: 2/51

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Bought a mattress from Rooms to Go. Don't do it!! It's been a nightmare! Slept on it for 2 nights. Very uncomfortable my hips and back hurt! Called customer service wanting to exchange it. Very, Very rude customer service employee told me they have a "NO RETURN Policy" and I was "stuck with the $1300 purchase". She claimed it was all in the paperwork which I read and never found!! The store saleswoman claimed she was told not to tell the customer about this fact unless specifically asked!

The store FINALLY did make good and replaced the mattress after making me keep it for 2 weeks and then incredibly delivering a wrong second mattress! Finally a month after purchase (and $152 more delivery fee) the right mattress was delivered and I'm sleeping well but I will not never again shop at Rooms to Go! Sad because I've been a very long term customer!

Don't buy furniture from Rooms To Go!!!
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I bought a leather living room set from ROOMS TO GO about 2 years ago and now the leather is cracking. I also purchased a protection plan when I purchased the set so that if anything happens it would be taken care of. So, I called to get my leather set repaired, but they said that my protection plan was only for spills. I can't believe I wasted over $160 for a protection plan that could never be used.

I also purchased a dining room set a couple of months after I purchased the leather living room set and now the chairs wood is wobbly. I barely use my dining room, so how can something that's barely being used break down this quickly?? Please DO NOT buy a thing from this company, because you are not getting your money's worth!!!!!!!!!!!! Room TO Go are crooks and they charge way over price for poor quality furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!

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