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Casino Problems
Posted by on
Just wanted to let any people taking cruises on the Royal Caribbeans' Voyager of the Seas to watch the casino. We played there on the Atlantic crossing fron Barcelona, Spain on Nov. 7th. They still use the older quarter machines and we had a number of the machines short us of money when cashing out. When complaining about it, the floor techs said "their machines are smart and don't make mistakes". He pretty much said we were lying. It turned out $5.00 short. Next night it was different machine with same problem. But this time we called the tech and casino manager over to watch and accompany us to change booth. This time it came up $2.25 short. Couple times it was just a quarter here and there. But if this is happening everyday to everyone for 365 days a year - that can add up to lots of money. Who is it that covers casino's at sea? Anyone know? Just thought I would let others know. Thanks, George.
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Anonymous on 11/27/2010:
One question players often have about cruise ship casinos is “Who regulates them?” The short answer is that there is no independent governmental regulation such as is provided in Las Vegas by the Nevada Gaming Commission or by local gaming commissions in other jurisdictions. The good news for players is that cruise ship casinos tend to be more likely to resolve disputes in the passenger's favor than most land-based casinos. After all, they want happy cruisers who return to sail with them again and again. But in the absence of government regulators, the cruise ship casinos operate under a set of guidelines published in 1999 by an organization called the International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL), whose members include most of the major cruise lines. The ICCL guidelines address the equipment, conduct of games, internal controls, and customer service for casinos on cruise ships. In terms of facilities and equipment, the ICCL guidelines call for all equipment purchased and installed on cruise vessels to meet the regulatory standards of the Nevada Gaming Control Board or other licensed jurisdiction for payback and internal software.

jktshff1 on 11/28/2010:
good info ript
Lifemates on 11/28/2010:
sounds like they could use some new machines.
Skye on 11/28/2010:
Good to know, thanks OP.

All that short changing certainly add's for whoever is in control of those machines.
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Cabin theft
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We had 600 usd worth of items stolen from our 10th deck cabin on Voyager of the seas.
Security checked our cabin and confirmed the items were not there.
The Head of Security agreed to fax the UK Office of Royal Caribbean and assured us that they would refund the value.
I called the contact person on arrival back in the UK and she denied all knowledge of the occurrence.
Three emails and 2 phone calls later they will not even contact me.
I will never use them again.
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Sparticus on 06/05/2006:
I'm pretty sure that if you stayed at a hotel and your items were stolen, the hotel usually is not responsible. I remember seeing signs all over the last hotel room I stayed in stating such. I'm would have been pretty impressed if they did refund you for the lost goods.
Anonymous on 06/05/2006:
The argument here is “you are responsible” even though you paid for so called “security”. In a hotel you have the option of taking all your belongings with you every time you leave the room because the hotel takes NO responsibility for their employees or the passkey’s they are issued or anything else for that matter. But now you are on a boat in the ocean with nowhere to go and they still refuse to be responsible. It is your fault you didn’t put a backpack on and carry everything with you all over the ship. Then again people disappear off of the ships now and of course they are not responsible for keeping track of passengers either. Then on top of everything else you were lied to and on arrival back in the UK and they denied all knowledge of the occurrence. Sorry this happened to you. I think you will get a lot of people saying it is your fault because it is your responsibility but I think it is the security problem and should be paid for by Royal Caribbean. Good Luck
Doc J on 06/05/2006:
Again, Amen Lid. Cruise ships do not report offenses occurring in international waters. Thankfully, it was only 600 worth of property. One can be murdered on a cruise ship and tossed over the side...with no "record" of it happening. Until this is remedied...stay off of cruise ships. They will fix the problem when their bottom line reflects our dissatisfaction with their service.
Slimjim on 06/05/2006:
What was stolen? Coincidently I have been on this boat (10th deck cabin as well), and know all cabins have security safes. Were the items small enough that in hindsight they should have been in it?
Wesley on 07/11/2006:
Doesn't the room have a safe?

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