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Complete Disaster Husband Locked Out Of Room By Attendant For 3+ Hours
Posted by Rebekahfeldman on 05/09/2010
WILMINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We took my mother on a cruise for her 90th. birthday. I purchased an owners suite which cost almost $5,000. for a wk. First day our water was brown (not tan, not yellow, dark brown), the door on the bathroom was broken. We called and they said they would fix the door and that the water would clear up and not to be alarmed. Day 2, water still brown, door still broken and my husband got LOCKED OUT OF OUR SUITE BY THE ATTENDANT THAT WAS CLEANING THE SUITE FOR OVER 3 HOURS. I was out with my mother and the attendant came in to clean the room and my husband told him he would just sit out on the balcony until he was finished. The attendant locked him out. My husband had to yell for help, finally, someone heard him and called security. We were at sea and it was cold outside.

Day 3, they said water should be ok, so I tried (once again) to take a jacuzzi bath, the water seamed ok at first and then turned brown again, the jets stopped (probably from the sediment in the water). The door was finally fixed. Called to have jacuzzi fixed. Day 4, jacuzzi not fixed, called again, water clearing up but still has sediment. Day 5, water still discolored to point it leaves stains on towel after you dry and my blond hair is changing color.

Day 7, called for room service and told we could not get room service (which we were told on and off the whole time) we were suppose to be able to order the same meals that were being served in the restaurants but they never had the menus. Got fed up and went to talk to customer service. Was told that even though security was involved and we had continuously complained to our room attendant, the supervisor of house keeping and the cosier, they did not know anything about it and the best they could do is offer a 25% discount on any future cruises. LIKE WE WOULD EVER BE THAT STUPID AGAIN

This was the worst vacation we ever had, we paid to be tortured. My husband could have had a heart attack from the negligence but no one cares. I got the suite so we could take jacuzzi bathes and have nice room service. And, they feel like they do not have to do anything but offer some discount on some future cruise. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY, THE SERVICE WAS BAD, THE ROOMS WERE HORRIBLE AND WHAT IS WORSE - THEY DON'T CARE. I will try to dissuade any one I ever know from using this cruise line. If nothing more then from a safety point of view.

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Posted by Skye on 2010-05-09:
Wow, this is a horror story. I'm sorry something wonderful you did for your mothers 90th birthday, turned out to be such a nightmare!
Posted by sharpasice on 2010-05-20:
We cruise RCCL all the time and have NEVER had any problem like this. Any little problem we've had has always been taken care of promptly. If this is what happened you should file a complaint in writing. Then try this website if you get no satisfaction www.elliot.org
Posted by jimazee on 2010-05-20:
Wow. Sounds pretty bad. Our experiences with RC have all been good. Maybe it was just this particular cruise, ship or its staff. Not that that is good mind you. I would definitely contact the line with specifics.
Posted by SaMoore on 2010-06-16:
I sailed RC last year on a 5 day cruise. All night every night there was this loud banging noise in our walls. This is supposedly b/c of the steaming pipes to the restaurant. We got no sleep at all in our rooms and I slept 3 days on deck in a deck chair. RC did nothing to rectify the sitch, would not move us to another room and offered no discount. I'm with the OP no more RCCL for me either.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-06-18:
Locking the door while cleaning protects the employee and your belongings.However 3 hours to clean is excessive.
Posted by shayen on 2010-06-22:
I think she said that he was locked out on the balcony. There is no reason for the balcony door to have been locked, unless the cleaner was protecting the room's valuables for the owner himself! Great review! I will think twice before I ever consider "cruising" with these people!
Posted by happynot on 2011-10-22:
I wished I had researched this cruise company before i booked and paid for our holiday - I am shocked at how much they have discounted the fare for new bookings we have paid $4000.00 more than new bookings and when i rang the customer service was very unhelpful and condescending, i only hope that we do not now have issuses with unpleasant smells in our cabins or any other issues.
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Lost luggage
Posted by Vpweiss on 09/27/2004
CALIFORNIA -- My grandsons and I left on a cruise with Royal Caribbean. The luggage handling area was in total chaos with the porters randomly throwing bags into carts. I decided I would rather carry on our luggage but when I went to check in, I was told I had to leave it with the porters it as it was too crowded and confusing for everyone to carry on their luggage.

One of the bags contained my grandsons GameBoys, two-way radios, games, books, etc. The amount of these items totaled $615.00.

Before leaving port I reported this bag missing. The desk clerk refused to check with the baggage area – he said it would show up later. The next day I again requested he call but he said it was too late. I filled out claim forms. Upon returning to the port I checked with the baggage claim in the terminal and was told the cruise line had never even reported it.

The day I got home I called Royal Caribbean who said they would mail additional claim forms. After almost two months and many unanswered telephone messages later I FINALLY received a claim form. I submitted it the same day along with copies of the original receipts for the lost items.

A week later I received a check for $70 specifying that by endorsing the check I was releasing Royal Caribbean from all liabilities. My grandsons were heartbroken - this represented all of their birthday & Christmas gifts for a year.

I have called them five times and written three letters since that date. There has never been an answer and no one has ever returned my messages.

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Posted by Citronelle on 2010-08-08:
I have found Royal Caribbean employees to be extremely cold and unflexible. Not just once - all the time.
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The Run Around!
Posted by Yotaj on 06/15/2010
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I chose to use Royal Caribbean's Choice Air for my 40th Birthday Cruise. What a mistake. Since I made the reservations, the time has changed (3) times and not once have I been notified. Had it not been for another one of my guest who did not book with Royal Caribbean's Choice Air, I still wouldn't know. Not only did the time change, It changed drastically to the point I would have missed my flight. I notified Royal Caribbean via E-mail explaining my concern and I received an e-mail saying "They could not release or amend any information with anyone but the travel agent". Problem with that is, I'm the one who booked the air travel not the agent. And, if that is the case, Why not just correct the problem? I've since tried calling only to be on hold for an half an hour only to be told that there was no supervisor for me to talk to but someone would contact me within 24hrs.
The travel time on their website still had and 3 hour difference from the Airline's website flight times for the same flight numbers. I've cruised with Royal Caribbean before and had not had a problem but their Choice Air department is a huge problem. Take it from me and DO NOT USE.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-06-15:
great advice, thanks
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-06-16:
There's no "Choice Air" operated by Royal Caribbean. The airline that you were booked on had 3 schedule changes. This has nothing to do with RC other than the fact that they should have notified you (if the airline notified them.)
Posted by yotaj on 2010-06-16:
There is a choice air operated by or operating for Royal Caribbean. If you go into the transportation section of the website you will find choice air. That is where I learned of them. If they are not operated by or for Royal Caribbean, they should not be listed in their transportation section as an option.
Posted by peggyc on 2013-07-20:
Cruising 8/2/13...Be careful booking your flight and ground transportation through Royal Caribbean. The Royal Caribbean travel agent made a critical mistake. My flight (Choice Air) arrives 2.5 hours after the train leaves the station (ground transportation from airport to dock). After several phone calls and no resolution, this will be my last cruise on Royal Caribbean. I refuse to pay a hefty penalty to Choice Air to correct Royal Caribbean's mistake.
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Royal Caribbean Robbed Over 3000 Passengers
Posted by Amazon21 on 05/25/2009
Sailed on the Voyager of the Seas from Southampton on a 10 day Med cruise. The ship was a floating building site. We were never informed by RCC, they robbed all the passengers. All looked fine the day we boarded the ship, I guess it had to be this way as the majority would not have got on, work did not start until the following day at sea. We were never informed or even given a choice etc, if we were then like the majority we would not have boarded the ship. This was a blatant con from start to finish, all complaints were met with lies and more lies, the worst of which came from the captain’s mouth.

Huge areas of the upper deck were cordoned off due to new floors being layed with hazardous liquid materials, the workers all had full body suits and full face masks on when these liquids were being poured over whole deck areas to lay new flooring to the walkways, all of the upper deck sun bathing areas needed doing, each day a large area was sectioned off and worked on, this chemical gave off a bad smell and many people suffered from continuous headaches, they were laying this stuff down only yards from passengers who were sun bathing (see pictures) the wooden type floors round the pool areas were being stripped via an industrial sander, they were then re-grooved before being treated with some type of black Tar. The Tar got on clothing and footwear, worst still it was not coming off. Finally industrial buffers were used to finish off.

Royal Caribbean - Ship under construction during cruise - Picture 1 Ship under construction during cruise - Picture 2 Royal Caribbean - new floor being laid during cruise - Picture 3

Dust was every were, on clothing, seating and even inside the ship, this affected asthmatic passengers more than most, I myself am asthmatic, I was bed ridden for 3 days. On sailing all 3 pools were shut, one opened after 3 days two after 4 days and the last pool was opened on the 7th day. Hazardous materials, huge rolls of carpets and construction tools were stored in the children's pools and play area, cordoned off with cheap tape, the children suffered as these areas were out of bounds until the last two days. Passengers turned out of rooms to lay new carpets, overpowering smells throughout the ship. Passengers told not to use balconies as they decided to paint them in the middle of the cruise. No daytime entertainment for first 9 days due to construction work. The captain told me it was because it was too cold. 30 degrees!

Passengers told to stop complaining and threatened with security. After a week the passengers arranged a meeting for the passengers, The meeting went ahead and in the space of one hour some 1000 passengers left contact details and signed a complaints letter written out by an American lawyer who has promised to forward this document via email to all that signed. This was a ten day cruise, the work was full on for 8 days, it stopped for two days for reasons I can not mention. They begin the work again the morning we were leaving this ship, I am talking in numbers of around 30 men working, not 3 or 4. About 8 German dock yard workers included (the ship had been in a dry dock in Germany for 2 weeks).

I really can not believe that RCC had the front to allow this ten day cruise to go ahead knowing what they knew, its unbelievable and unacceptable in fact its criminal, they got us all on board and sailed knowing fine well we had no choice to cancel. We could walk away from a hotel but not this SCAM AND THEY KNEW IT. FACT IS ROYAL CARIBBEAN HAVE NO INTENTION OF REFUNDING ANY ONE, WHATS CRIMINAL IS THEY SEEM TO GET AWAY WITH IT. We Complained early in the cruise, we did not want to stay on this ship and requested to leave at the 1st port of call, we demanded a full refund and requested to fly home at RCC s expense and were told we had no chance. The best she could offer was a bottle of wine, I am not joking here. We then requested a meeting with the Guest Service Manager. We requested this 3 times, 3 times we were told they would get back to us and they did on the 3rd time only because I refused to move until I talked with this man. He admitted the company was liable in certain areas of their contract to us, he fobbed us off and told us there was nothing he could do, he nor no one else can make these decisions. We were told to contact head office in London on our return, Saying that he did up the anti and went one better and offered us $40.00 on board credit but that was only a maybe, again I'm serious. This is the way these robots have been trained by RCC, it one step in a long line of ROBBING its customers.

We saved for a long time and paid £2200.00 ($4,000.00 U/S) for this holiday, we were set up and ROBBED.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-25:
I am appalled that they permitted this and I agree with you 100%. This cruise should have never sailed and every single passenger deserves a full refund for the horrendous experience that they were forced to go through.

Keep at them and good luck, please keep us updated with the outcome.

You appear to have sufficient evidence to support your case and I completely believe you so I am voting this helpful.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-05-25:
This is Adam Goldstein's direct office info:

Christina Vazquez
Executive Guest Specialist
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Phone: 1-888-767-4644 Ext. 11709
Fax: 1-800-886-6485
E-mail: CVazquez@rccl.com

Mr. Goldstein's email is: AGoldstein@rccl.com

Try and email your complaint here. Make sure that it is concise, polite and to the point.

Also add any pics you have.

You may also wish to ask for help from www.cruisecritic.com

Good luck.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-25:
Christopher Elliott might also want to hear about this. His website is http://www.elliott.org/
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-25:
Wow, that sounded like the true cruise from hell. We have had some pretty good cruise horror stories around here but yours is by far and away the worst. I hope that attorney gets some cash back for all of you. The ship had no business leaving port.
Posted by old fart on 2009-05-25:
The pictures pretty much tell the story... good thinking!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-25:
All that should have been done when the ship was docked.

I would have felt completely ripped off...
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-25:
How sad. Voyager has a soft spot for me as we cruised it on our honeymoon when the ship was practically brand new. Unfortunately, these boats rarely ever stop running. Their costs literally prohibit them being taken out of service all but once in a blue moon. The ship stays docked less time during cruise changes then it does at port of calls sometimes. They just never stay in one place more than half a day.
While I'm an RC fan, I do believe you have a legit gripe. For these kinds of repairs, passengers should have known ahead of time and the cruise run at a discounted price for those who would book it. Then again, these repairs may have been scheduled after the cruise was pretty much finished booking.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-26:
at least it was being re-furbished. had it not been done, you would complain it was to old.

cannot please all the people all the time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-21:
Mad, probably. However, i got to side with the OP on this one. I would be mad as heck too if I paid that much for a loud, noisy, reconstructing cruise that I couldn't enjoy.

RCC should have either rebooked ya'll on another ship, or cancelled the trip and either refunded or gave travel vouchers good for a year for the face value of the trip.
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Awful Experience! Avoid At All Costs
Posted by JKHATFSU on 06/04/2008
MEDITERRANEAN -- My wife and I wanted to see the Mediterranean area as a nice second anniversary trip. In the past, we have traveled on land tours and have enjoyed seeing many countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. This time, however, we felt that a cruise would be the best option to see these coastal areas.

Upon arrival in Rome, Italy for our cruise, the problems started. Royal Caribbean reps told us to get our bags and wait for further instructions. Our transfer ticket stated that we would get a orientation tour of Rome if we arrived early (which we had). So, we were looking forward to that. The agents promised us that the tour would begin as soon as we got outside the airport. But, after we were herded into a pack of our tourists, we were informed that the "traffic" would prevent us from doing a tour. This is a strange and unbelievable excuse. We rode on a bus to Citiavecchia.

At the "holding tank" area, we sat for at least 30-40 minutes without being told what was going to happen and when. Suddenly, we were informed that the ship would be opened and boarding could commence. People rushed to the entry way and we were again herded onto the ship in a tiresome manner.

Once inside, our rooms were not ready and we had to wait in the WindJammer cafe and eat. The food in the main cafe (as we found out throughout the cruise) is similar to going to a Golden Corral buffet or perhaps some other American style buffet restaurant. While palatable, the food is mediocre and tiring at best.

The rooms are VERY small and uncomfortable. My college dorm room was FAR better and cleaner than the room we had on the ship. I had trouble sleeping every night and the walls creaked, crackled, and popped all night. Also, the ship turns off the A/C at night and it gets REALLY HOT in the middle of the night. I woke up sweating many nights. Also, there is no water in the room (or nearby) except for expensive bottled water. The shower was VERY small and the curtain was ineffective at keeping water off of the floor. My wife and I constantly had problems with the shower curtain.

The Royal Caribbean excursions were hit or miss. The ones to Egypt, Turkey, and Capri/Sorrento/Pompeii were fairly good. The ones to Rhodes, Cypress, and Athens were awful. In fact, the one to Cypress actually omitted a scheduled activity because we were supposed to visit a castle. Incredibly, we did not get to see this even though we paid for the tour. The guides on the bad tours were also rather bad. They rambled at a consistent monotone as if they were doing a lecture for the 1000th time without concern for whether we could hear. One guide in Rhodes, for example, lectured about everything under the sun to kill time while we waited 50 minutes for people to use the restrooms. So, a good chunk of that tour was outside the restrooms of Rhodes!

When we complained about the bad tours to Royal Caribbean reps, they just said to fill out a form and they'll get back. I thought this was a poor response and asked to see a manager. They were VERY reluctant to even allow us to see a manager. The manager merely parroted corporate policy and seemed to interrogate us as to why we would be upset!

The deal is that if you don't like something, you can file a complaint and you won't hear the result until THE LAST DAY OF THE CRUISE. The reason, I think, is so that you won't cancel any other excursions and won't get any more upset.

On the last day, they refunded us 20% of two excursions for our troubles. This amount seemed arbitrary and was part of a form letter attached to the refund.

Overall, I must say that the tours were well below what you'd see with something like Globus, Trafalgar, Cosmos, Brendan, etc.

Facilities on Board:
The ship itself does not have all that much to keep you occupied for days at sea. The golf course is very small and has a few holes. It might keep you occupied for an hour. The climbing wall was interesting and took maybe 45 minutes (including the line). The library/game room is nice in theory. However, like much of the ship, it is first come-first served. People swarm to the good games and books. So, for instance, the game of Scrabble was usually out. We ended up playing the Spanish version of Scrabble :)

The gym was nice with one big exception: IT WAS HOT. If you plan on running on a treadmill, you will nearly pass out from the heat. There is no fan in the gym, poor air circulation, and no way to get air flow in there. Also, there is no water except for a small water pitcher near the spa (which is usually almost empty). I felt like I was going to sweat to death in there. If you try running on the upper deck, it will be nearly impossible because of people lingering around up there.

The computers and internet on board are acceptable. However, the connection will be worse than most high speed access you use at home. I paid $55 upfront for the privilege of having the $0.37/min package. That goes fast given the slow speeds. I could check emails and correspond well with people back home. However, you cannot really download email attachments or use Word while at sea.

Many of the people at the burser's desk, excursions desk, or any other customer service post simply give a robotic response that no one is available to give an immediate resolution to the issue presented. They never have authority to solve your problem and act rude in light of simple questions. I saw the burser people treat one elderly lady very harshly on the final day of the cruise when she asked them to remove a charge she did not make. They said they could not help her until later. She was upset because she was leaving that day. This did not concern the burser and he replied, "well, we'll be here."

Poor information:
As big as Royal Caribbean is, you'd think their instructions would be crystal clear (after all, their legal disclaimers seem to be!). This is not the case. On many occasions, the tickets had incorrect information about where to meet. On the last day, for example, it said to meet in the theater on Deck 4 for our group to be called for the transfer to the airport. We went to the theater at the appointed time and it was CLOSED. No signs or anything. We went to the bursers desk and asked them and they said to try Deck 5. We did that and no one was there. Finally, a maid told us the transfers just go to Deck 1. When we finally got there, the bus was about to leave without us! I was very upset because our tardiness was due to their own poor instructions.

Medical Center:
For some reason, I got very ill on this trip. I don't know if I got sick on board or from visiting Egypt. I knew to wash my hands and did so regularly. So, it's hard to say. But, in any event, I was so sick that I could barely walk down to the medical area. I was treated with IV antibiotics for two days (which, as I heard from other cruisers, is what they typically do). In the end, this cost us $1,500.00 in fees. The doctors were foreign trained (i.e. Colombia, Poland) but seemed decent. I was shocked, however, at the drugs because they were Chinese made pills in a little envelope. When I got home, I went to my doctor and got a new prescription. These same drugs were free at my local Publix. On board, they cost $161.00.

Waiters: I must say that our waiters were excellent and this was one positive aspect of the trip.

Food: They only serve Americanized food (and 1 Indian dish as Vegetarian). You will NOT get to sample the local foods from the ports!

Security Staff:
The Security people are rude and will literally throw your bags into the x-ray if you do not move fast enough. Also, they confiscate any wine you might buy in the ports and only return it on the last day.

Overall, I wholeheartedly DO NOT recommend this cruise or this company. Please save yourself the money and pain we experienced and try something else.
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Posted by PMSNBC on 2008-06-04:
Excellent review...very helpful!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-06-04:
You did not state the ship you were on, but with the discription, I would say it was a Vision Class (Freedom of the Seas, maybe).

The rooms are small on ALL ships with the exception of the Suites (they cost more).

As to boarding, they (all lines) start boarding as early as possible (11am - noon in most cases). Most of the time, your rooms will not be ready until after 1 or 2 pm (they are still cleaning from the last people aboard).

The food in the Windjammer *is* very buffet style. I have always found it good to very good. The have a American side *and* The Jade that serves Asian style food. There is always Chops Grill and Portofinos (charge $25.00 per person) and Johnny Rockets (charge $3.00 per person)if you want something else. Also free (no extra charge) cafes on the Promenade.

The air eviromnetal contrals are always near the bathrooms or the front door. The ship turns down the AC *but* you can adjust your cabin as you wish.

Your room attendent should have provided a buckett of ice every night for you (if you want ice in am & pm, just ask). Water from the sink is very good.

The showers in the smaller cabins always have the 'curtain problem'. Next time bring a pare of cloths pins to place at the bottom (stops the curtain from blowing out).

You didn't say if you planed your own excursions or bought them through RCI. If they gave you 20% off, that is the norm.

The golf corse *is* very small, that's true. But there are a lot of other things to do on the ships (shows, classes). And it's true that things are first come first served (over 4000 people on the bigger ships).

The internet is slow. They have to use a satalight feed (slower than dial up) but this is true on all ships.

The Med Center is good. The care you received is the norm. They do need to charge for medication and other things. Ask for a bill and you can submit it to your insurance co.

If you decide to take another cruise, please research it in advance. Cruise Critics (cruisecritics.com) is a wonderful site for information and sugestions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-04:
Another extremely helpful review, and an equally helpful post by Mrs. V. How disappointing that the cruise doesn't serve local style foods, especially in the Mediterranean.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-06-04:
I always recomend that anyone going on a cruise do a LOT of homework.

Talk to TAs, go online, ask friends.

You are going to be spending over 1000 per person for this trip so do what you can to make it great ^_^
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My Royal Caribbean Nightmare
Posted by VCAM247 on 01/19/2008
Friends don’t let friends go on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship.In July 2007 I too have had the unfortunate experience of the Royal Caribbean treatment (RCC). In short, I had received acupuncture on-board only to return to my cabin with a needle still stuck in my chest beneath my shirt, which could have punctured my lung. My 12 yr old daughter slipped in unattended vomit (now a days considered a bio-hazard) in the main promenade. A few minutes after witnessing my daughter hitting the marble floor and covered in vomit did a staff member finally showed up to place a warning sign. The cruise line callously dismissed each incident in the hopes that I, but not my wallet, would just go away. Only after I demanded an X-ray for my daughter and threaten to expose them publicly on the Internet with some of the video footage did they realize my frustration. And like many other RCC victims have stated, had the gall enough to send us vouchers for another cruise. Yeah right! Not in this lifetime. Every time I see an RCC commercial it reminds me of the waste of time and money due mainly from the sub-standard treatment and lack of respect that my family has received from RCC. But on the other hand at least the commercials continuously remind me to share my wonderful experience with everyone that I meet and hopefully will spare another family the horrible nightmare that we went through.

Do your selves a favor take a plane to the Caribbean and avoid the nightmare treatment of an RCC vacation. After taking this trip Royal Caribbean’s slogan of “Get out there” should be “Stay away from Here’ and be sure to look for my Royal Caribbean Nightmare video soon to be posted on a YOUTUBE near you.
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Posted by tiffymat on 2008-06-02:
who cares if she slipped on vomit...she didnt' get hurt did she? it was her fault for not looking where she was going! u had a horrible experience in RCC just for that little thing? that can happen anywhere...i can't beleive u actualy made a big fuss about that and got free vouchers ...who CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-02:
Acupuncture needles are very fine guage. It is doubtful that it would/could have punctured your lung. Most likely, it would have bent. At worst it would have broken off and required minor surgery to remove from the skin or subcutaneous tissue.
RCC is only negligent if they knew about the vomit and failed to clean it up. It's a ship...people get sick (due to seasickness, booze, or too many complimentary shrimp cocktails). I agree that your daughter should have had x-rays taken to rule out fractures...particularly if she hit her head. I will label RCC as 'poor' with regard to handling the incidents properly. But negligent...no. I rated your post 'very helpful'.
Posted by seriously? on 2008-07-12:
um, how did you not notice a needle stuck in your chest? I mean... if you look down, you could have seen it, yeah? or did they do the accupuncture while you wore your shirt??
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2008-07-12:
You know why they offered you that complimentary voucher? Don't use it....with all of your complaining....I'm sure you will be the next victim mysteriously lost at sea! Who knows, your family might thank them. lol
Posted by burkett on 2008-09-11:
I could not have said it better myself! Royal Caribbean is by far the worst cruise line I have ever sailed with. I wish I had come to this site prior to my recent cruise with Royal caribbean. I have never been treated as poorly as when I was on a Royal caribbean cruise. Anyone who goes on a Royal caribbean cruise after reading this post deserves a horrible "cruise vacation"!
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Deanna G. on 12/17/2010
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- My mother-in-law purchased a cruise vacation for 7 family members, spanning 4 generations (4 of whom include veterans). We drove 6 hours from Tampa to Miami to catch the Majesty of the Seas for a cruise from 12/13/2010 to 12/17/2010. Both the deposit and remainder of the balance were paid ahead of schedule. This was her first experience with Royal Caribbean, whom she booked with on a referral. Myself, my fiance, and his 7 year old son had never been on a cruise, and we were so excited and had been looking forward to this trip for months. We had issues with our GPS, and were running behind schedule, but we finally arrived at the dock at 4:40, and the departure time was 5pm. We were already checked in (we had done so 2 days before online) and had our luggage tags on our bags. Our documentation failed to stress that if we were not at the port a minimum of 1 hour before departure, we would not be allowed on the ship. The security supervisor explained this regulation, and without much outward sympathy suggested we call customer service. In a state of disbelief that they could do nothing to help us, we got back in the car and drove another 6 hours back home, not getting in the door until midnight. When my mother-in -law called customer service the next day, she was told that not only was she not eligible for a refund, she also was not eligible for a credit to use towards a future cruise. The only thing she can do apparently, is call for a refund of the taxes she paid, once the ship docks back in Miami on the 17th. The customer service agent would not refer her to a supervisor, even though she requested to speak with one. I have worked in customer service for over 10 years, and I have never heard of such a shocking lack of empathy from a company, especially around the holidays, and towards a family of veterans. We were not looking for a refund of the more than $2,000 she spent, we were asking for credit with the company to be used for a future trip. I do not believe it is right that Royal Caribbean should be allowed to keep so much money without providing any services, and such appalling customer service. Neglecting to inform the customer of the importance of the deadline for boarding is one thing, but then refusing to work with that customer to rectify the situation by at least honoring the money they have spent is reprehensible.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2010-12-18:
I'm sorry but its totally your problem. Its such poor planning to try to show up the same day as a cruise when your arriving from somewhere else. $2000 for 7 people sounds like about $300 pp so I'm not sure what type of cruise this was. Cruisecritic.com deals just with this sort of issue but I think you'd be informed on the same thing if you were to post.
Posted by partyhero on 2010-12-18:
Things happen, like traffic and getting lost. But I do wonder if it is more of a case of not reading the fine print regarding regulations. I recently went on a cruise and knowing the port was four hours away, we gave ourselves six hours travel time. But, I think asking for a credit for a future trip sounds reasonable in this case.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-12-18:
I wish people would stop playing the veteran card. I'm thankful for your family's service, but that doesn't mean that you all are entitled to any more special treatment than the rest of us. Yes, it would have been nice if RCC had helped you out, but they're not obligated to. And all of your complaints are addressed in the fine print.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-12-18:
You booked space, were late, so the booking could not be resold, not like you canceled the trip. Poor planning on your part is not the fault of the cruise line, similar to missing an airline flight. Browsing through 6 pages of terms and conditions for the cruise line, I found this:
g. Carrier shall not be required to refund any portion of the Cruise or CruiseTour Fare paid by any Passenger who fails for any reason to be onboard the Vessel or Transport by the embarkation cut-off time applicable to the specific cruise or cruisetour or the boarding cut-off time applicable at any port of call
or destination or point of departure as the case may be, and shall not be responsible for lodging, meals, transportation or other expenses incurred by Passenger as a result thereof. Embarkation cut-off times for cruises are available at www.RoyalCaribbean.com. Boarding cut-off times for any port of call or destination or point of departure are as announced on the applicable Cruise or Cruise Tour. Carrier shall have no obligation to any Passenger to deviate from any scheduled sailing or port of call or destination. You are out of luck.
Posted by werelucky on 2010-12-18:
The only neglect here is following the terms of your agreement with RC. They are in the right keeping your fare. They did everything right. Had space ready for you, but you chose to provide adequate travel time to show up on time. It's a good lesson for the kids to see the consequences of your choices.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-18:
definitely the OP's fault. I would be SURE to be at LEASE 3-4 hours early for departure. Especially if im travelling from far away. Maybe a nights stay in a hotel room would have been better. Expecially if I was dishing out a lot of money.
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No medical treatment available on ship suffered with horrible illness
Posted by Eternity403 on 08/14/2009
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Upon arriving Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas I was very healthy no signs of any medical problems nor did the 8 friends I was sailing with. On the second day while at sea I experienced severe lower abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, dehydration, headaches, lower back pain, and bloating.

That morning I immediately went to the first floor infirmary with my boyfriend to seek medical attention. As we entered the area the door was locked to enter the infirmary. There was a doorbell to ring so we rang it several times waited and waited. No one answered the door I walked out in the hallway by the elevators and asked someone if it was
open and they were very pleasant and said “yes” smiled and walked away. I was not able to receive any assistance in the clinic. My
condition continued to get worse due to no one in the infirmary I had to try to resolve this on my own I tried over the counter medication
in the shops but nothing worked. A few hours later I again tried to go to the first floor clinic to receive assistance. This time the door
was finally open, but the clinic was very unorganized, extremely crowded, and unsanitary. The prices were listed on the wall for
certain procedures. The prices were outrageously expensive, and to make matters worse they did not accept health insurance! I am a full
time college student and do not have over 600 dollars to pay for cruise medical bills but, I was very ill and in desperate need of
medical attention. At this point I did not care, but felt I was going to be taken advantage of.

I needed to be seen by a doctor on board right away! In the clinic here was no place to sign in, no one around to ask for help, no sign
of any nurses, or staff members. People were waiting in the lobby clueless of what they needed to do to see a doctor. At this point I
had no energy and I was very frustrated and too sick to get anymore upset. I waited well over an hour in a small waiting area hoping I
would be able to see a doctor. Without any assistance by now I couldn't wait any longer I had to keep running to the bathroom every
few minutes to get sick. I was very worried about my condition I knew I was very sick and needed help. That night I progressively got worse
I started to vomit blood and continued to have bloody diarrhea, and could not urinate on my own. I continued to ask employees on the ship
for assistance and I kept getting the same thing. "Madam you have to go to the clinic on the first floor". I walked down to the clinic
again for the third time the door was locked again. I continued to ring the door bell and received no assistance again!

I again went down to the clinic for the fourth time the next morning the clinic door was open but I experienced the same problem the clinic
was filled with people with no one around to help me. The entire cruise was a horrible I had a difficult time eating, I was experiencing severe amounts of pain internal bleeding, constant diarrhea and vomiting. The
majority of my time was spent in the bathroom and the stateroom on the ship. I was in so much pain and so miserable all I wanted was medical
attention. My boyfriend could not enjoy any of the amenities on the ship either he knew something was very wrong with me seeing how sick I was and too afraid to leave my side. He also became very frustrated and tried several times on his own to get a nurse or doctor to help
me. I also tried several times again going to the infirmary and was unsuccessful. All I could do was stay in my stateroom try and try to
keep myself hydrated waiting till I was able to depart the ship to get the medical help I needed.

Departing the ship my boyfriend had to rush me to the doctor and I was
admitted that day June 15th to the Hospital. After several tests I was diagnosed with severe Clostridum Difficile and Ulcerative Colitis. I am still being treated by three doctors for this
and have over a 50 percent chance of it coming back. This is a highly contagious infection. If I was still onboard the ship and unable to get treatment it could have caused me to have my colon removed and also is known in some cases to kill you. It hurts and makes me so upset knowing that due to the severity of my illness I still could not be treated or receive any medical assistance on board. I don’t want to see someone else on their vacation severely ill like myself and not being able to be treated. I am being treated at home now on heavy amounts of
antibiotics and no longer contagious. But because of the severity of my illness I am still in a lot of pain and it is going to take me several months to heal. I was extremely disappointed at the lack of care and concern when someone becomes so ill on Royal Caribbean. I would have expected that kind of treatment from a third grade cruise line. It was
sad to see how the focus was only on well passengers; and such little attention was paid too those that unfortunately became so ill with
such a contagious illness.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-08-14:
I'm a big RC fan, so this review disturbs me to see they wouldn't accept health insurance. I've never been sick on a cruise so i guess I don't know how this goes on any ship line. Maybe being foreign registered has something to do with not taking insurance.
Posted by sharpasice on 2009-08-14:
I also am an RC fan. My husband became ill on a cruise vactaion on RC recently. We had to make a trip to the clinic also but did not experience any of the problems you apparently did. The doctor was available and the prices were not too bad including the drugs our bill was less than $80 which was reimbursed by our health insurance when we arrived home. In addition, my husband had to go back a second time, there was no charge and the doctor again was available, no waiting time, no one else in the waiting area.
Posted by Eternity403 on 2009-08-14:
I have traveled on several cruise lines and never received any problems until now. I was so upset that nobody was able to help me.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-08-14:
RCI doesn't (no cruise line does) accept incurance. It all has to be paid upfront and then you are reimbursed by your private health insurance and/or travel insurance.

Also, all medical doctors on the ships (all but a very few lines) are *not* employees of the cruise line. They are contractors.

If you are ever that ill on a ship, you have a few options.

1) One is to go to the clinic. If you can not get the help there (or they are closed-hours are posted on the door) you should go to the pursers desk (or call from your cabin) and explain the problem and ask for a 'cabin-call' to be made by the doctor.

2) Second is to self disembark at a port and go to the nearest hospital.

3) Third is to request that the head of Customer Relations on the ship contact you and explain the problem.

4) Fourth is to contact RCI headquarters by phone while on ship and ask for Cutomer Relations (tell them it's a emergency).

To be honest, with the OPs symptoms, the OP should have been ether air-lifted from the ship or disembarked at the nearest port.
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2009-08-15:
When the post started, I thought it was going to be another case of a standard GI bug on the ship.

As the post went on, it became clear that this was a major life-threatening illness. I am sure that the poster was too sick, and wasn't in the frame of mind to figure out how to get emergency care.

However, there should be some sign on the door to the clinic, explaining how to get emergent care.

She needed to be airlifted off of the ship. There would have been little they could have done for her on the ship.

What if someone was having a heart attack or stroke, and just ringing the door for the clinic.
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Cancellation due to Medical Condition
Posted by Royal_Caribbean_Immoral on 04/18/2007
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- My wife and I booked a cruise on Royal Caribbean with a departure date is May 18th 2007. Today, April 18th, my wife had an ultra sound of our baby and was diagnosed with a medical condition. Our doctor said it is a dangerous condition which complications could cause possible injury or death of our unborn child and/or my wife and gave us a litany of things NOT to do, which included cancelling our cruise.

I called to cancel the cruise, which Royal Caribbean gladly did, EXCEPT THEY ARE CHARGING MY WIFE AND I a $500 cancellation fee. Trish (Royal Caribbean) asked me “Did you purchase travel insurance?” Obviously, we didn’t, and didn’t understand the concept of it. We have life, auto, dental, health, homeowners insurance… The concept of a business charging its customers insurance to mitigate its risk of cancellation appears to be scheme devised by business development specialists and corporate lawyers to milking unsuspecting customers out of money without providing a service or good. A $20 processing fee might be reasonable, but charging a $500 fee for having a medical condition is stealing.

What is sad is that I expected Royal Caribbean to simply cancel the reservation and refund our money, knowing we would later book another cruise and share our experience with friends and family which in turn would increase their customer base. So far, this has left a bad taste in my mouth, and depending on how Royal Caribbean handles this situation it will undoubtedly cost Royal Caribbean more than $500 in lost revenue by my friends, family, neighbors and business associates.

It’s difficult enough to be in the situation with our unborn child, but to have the added hassle of Royal Caribbean stealing $500 from our family on the premise that we should purchase insurance so that they don’t lose revenue is shameful.

This policy is immoral and shows the true character of the Royal Caribbean. If this is how Royal Caribbean treats their customers 30 days before the ship is set to sail, it’s probably a blessing to have cancelled the cruise. They probably attempt to suck every penny from its customers while they are on the cruise liner and would probably not be surprised if there are additional fees at the end of the cruise not mentioned while booking.
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-04-18:
Live and learn. In the future when you travel, buy trip cancellation insurance. I went to Royal Carribean's website and it explained the cancellation policy. There is no rip off or immoral policy here.
Posted by ComradeKarl on 2007-04-18:
Although my sources may be skewed, I'm fairly confident that all cruise lines mandate a similiar policy. Just like Pomona Guy said, live and learn. Perhaps you should look at the brighter side of things - at least you were able to cancel and get a refund (aside from the $500).

I reccommend you don't give up on cruising because of this experience.Cruising is truly the ultimate vacation, aside from all the problems. Good luck with your child and maybe try Carnival. They treated my family spectacularly.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-04-19:
At this point, they will be fortunate if they can resell your cabin to someone else without offering a steep discount. So they stand to lose much more than $500 and they are the ones being unreasonable? Just let it go and enjoy the birth of your new child - that's all that really matters anyway. Best of luck.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-19:
I am pregnant as well and had to refuse a family trip even though at the time they booked everything was ok. ANYTIME you are pregnant you should allow the possibility that something may come up and prohibit you from travelling...regardless of how far along you are. Inquiring about your cancel options at booking time would have been smart and responsible to do. It's not their fault you didn't inquire. Bottomline, you and your wife are making the smart decision so that Mom and baby will be healthy. What's $500 in the scheme of things?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-04-19:
I'm sorry for the complications in your wife's pregnancy and wish you the best. However, travel insurance isn't a difficult concept and I cannot imagine it wasn't offered to you. It is very inexpensive to obtain. It is not immoral for RC to charge you a cancellation fee at this late date.
Posted by bill on 2007-04-19:
I am sorry for your situatiuon but you can't blame RCL. . It's not a scheme devised by lawyers to ripoff customers and it's not immoral. It's standard procedure on all cruise lines. I took a RCL cruise 5 years ago and the cancellation policy and cruise insurance was fully explained to me.
Posted by tonyg on 2007-07-21:
I second the sentiment that you are lucky to be getting any of your $$$ back. Make sure to read the fine print and ask questions next time. I declined the travel insurance when we took our cruise last year, but I did so after weighing the risk and making an informed decision. Cruising is a blast - don't write it off due to one bad experience.
Posted by Royal_Caribbean_Immoral on 2007-07-29:
Please note that, after following up with the CEO and Director of Marketing, RC LLC did the ethical thing by refunding my $500 deposit. In the end they understood there is a difference between decency and legality. I understand previous comments and wish them the best, in the future I will purchase the insurance.
Posted by BooBerry on 2007-09-19:
Yep...buy the insurance. It's worth it and so inexpensive. I'm very sorry about the problem. I hope the baby and your wife are ok. Unfortunately, if you cancel within the 60 days of sailing, they get ya.
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Unresponsiveness Of Customer Service
Posted by Cybermac on 11/28/2010

September 28, 2010

Corporate Guest Relations
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132

I am writing to complain about the unsatisfactory service regarding my attempts to fax a Request For Medical Records form to your Medical Services Department.

After downloading the form from your web site and providing the necessary information, I faxed the form to the number appearing on the form (305) 982-4900. Following up the submission, when talking to a customer service representative, I was notified the number I had faxed it to was incorrect and to use 305-982-2104. However, this number just rings without connecting to a fax. I called in a third time and was told the fax number to use was 954-517-3721. This also didn’t work. Today, I called again and asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was told that the number to use was, in fact, 305-982-2104, I asked her to ring the number to confirm it was a fax. After being on hold, she assured me she had verified it was a fax. After completing the call, once again, I attempted to send the form to 305-982-2104. Not surprisingly, all I got was the phone ringing and no fax modem connectivity.

This dissemination of an incorrect phone number information and the failure of a customer service representative to handle the process correctly is unacceptable. I’m mailing a copy to the Medical Services Department, as well as enclosing a duplicate copy herein. Hopefully, the form will get to the appropriate focal point so that I can receive a copy of my Medical Services Bill as soon as possible. The form on your web site needs to be updated as well ensuring customer service representatives confirm the accuracy of the information they are providing.

Thank You,

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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-29:
Let us know if you get your information.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2010-11-29:
Do you belong to the Crown & Anchor Society?

If so try these numbers:

Phone: (800) 526-9723
Fax: 305-373-4394
Email: crownandanchor@rccl.com
Address: Crown & Anchor Society,
P.O. Box 026053, Miami, FL 33102-6053

I have found that they tend to be better informed.

Good luck!
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