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Beware Of Online Shopping With Saks!
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I had an absolutely miserable experience shopping with SAKS ONLINE. I purchased multiple items for the holidays, and practically the entire order arrived in deplorable condition. Items were missing from the order, Items were damaged, I cut myself on broken merchandise when I reached in the box, and there was so much packing paper in one box it could stretch the length of a house. When I immediately contacted SAKS, they were as "nice" as could be. After a few weeks, I was contacted by a SAKS representative who stated that they were not going to pursue my "claim" because I was a fraud! When I told them I took photos of the damaged merchandise and my cut hand and fingers, they asked me to send them the photos, which I did. I was called back and told the photos were "doctored" was not SAKS merchandise nor blood! They closed the case. I am actively pursuing a dispute with my CC of record and SAKS is fighting the dispute. SAKS never asked me to return the damaged parcels; never offered me a refund, store credit, replacements, nothing! Three months after the fact, I arranged with a SAKS representative to send back ALL of the parcels, since my CC wondered why I did not "return" the parcels.

I explained that SAKS cut-off all communication with me and the boxes of garbage were still sitting in my house. I sent back the disgusting, opened, melted food, broken, bloody (from my cuts) merchandise, empty parcels and all. I have never experienced such inefficient and incompetent service, or lack thereof. At this point, I am stuck with a very large bill and two items that arrived intact. I am not going to be stuck with this huge bill and two items, the cost of which do not even come close to what I spent. I am hoping that my CC company will assist me in resolving this issue, and SAKS will own up to its embarrassing and shameful customer service, as well as its completely horrible packing and shipping. I seem to have no recourse than complain, complain, complain, especially since I have no clue as to what SAKS will do once they receive back their garbage of an order--packed and shipped by SAKS.

It is outrageous that a company of this alleged caliber would attempt to pawn off the merchandise that I ended up with. More disturbing is that so many items were missing--and they want ME to pay for their incompetence? Unbelievable. I suggest anyone shopping online, especially with SAKS, be very aware and keep records of everything.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/05/2009:
If you lose the credit card dispute, sue in small claims court.
DrKatkja on 03/05/2009:
Thanks! Can you believe that was suggested by the CC dispute department before they even opened the dispute! Person even suggested I make a "claim" with shippers. I had to remind the CC that the VENDOR is the one who MAKES THE CLAIMS. Dispute is open; CC wanted me to take the melted, crushed, disgusting (cold packs exploded in box--what a MESS) candy to an "independent source like a bakery or candy shop" and have that source write a letter that the stuff I had was not "edible." The CC would not accept photos. I was so ticked that the stuff was still here and had to track down someone from SAKS (they would not respond to ANY of my communications phone or email), have my spouse call so they would "talk," and arrange for SAKS to finally have a carrier pick up their garbage. CC stated that was a requirement--me to return merchandise--fine, did it even though SAKS never "wanted" it back! I thought the CC was supposed to assist me in these matters, and yes, I commented that if they were not going to assist me, they might see me on People's Court. Now SAKS has the damaged parcels; however, I took several dozen photos of everything so I at least have something.
BokiBean on 03/05/2009:
It kind of boggles the mind that SAKS would take the position that you would order something, pay for it, take pics of the mess it was when it arrived and then "doctor" them so that they could claim fraud on what is a simple refund to your credit card. Shame on them.
DrKatkja on 03/06/2009:
Thank you! I really appreciate all repsonses--this has been an absolute nightmare. When I first complained about this abominable order, "Customer Service" could not have been "nicer." Then I receive a call and the rep. was so non-chalant stating, "You claimed that you threw everything away, and our investigation reveals that you are a fraud therefore it is not our fault." Before this person could hang up on me, I was like--"JUST A MINUTE!!! First, I have the majority of the items right here...and I've taken photos of everything!!!" She said, "Just a minute," came back on the line and said her supervisor wanted me to send the photos, which I scanned and sent to them. Two days later, another rep. called and said that they received the photos, the blood was "betatine" and "it was not a Chanel bottle"!!! That was the END of the convo.! I had taken photos both with a digital camera and a regular camera, so I have dozens of photos. I guess I "faked" the cuts to my fingers and hand, too. I was totally stunned, and I actually re-cut myself several times on my fingers when I had to take more photos of the broken Chanel bottle! The candy that was delivered arrived with both cold packs inside exploded--there was "goo" everywhere, the boxes were stuck together, the candy was in pieces, melted, and absolutely disgusting. Of course I was not going to EAT it! I was like, "haven't they ever heard of product tampering???" C'mon! Another box of candy they shipped contained candy that again was melted and broken apart in chunks and looked like something might have nibbled on it! Give me a break! In one of the large boxes shipped, the box arrived somewhat crushed, there were so many items missing from the parcel I asked if there was another parcel being shipped--they never provided an answer. When I went through the box, it was full of so much packing paper, it could stretch the length of my home; everything else was tossed in the box; several smaller boxes were empty and stuffed with packing paper; jewel boxes were opened, broken, and empty; a box that was supposed to contain a small ceramic dish was empty and when I reached in the box, I sliced the side of my right hand on a sharp edge of the completely BROKEN dish! I was not bleeding profusely, but enough that I smeared blood on some paper and the box. When I opened the purse-sized Chanel bottle, I pulled apart the black container and shattered glass went everywhere and the parfum went all over the box, on me, and stung the h@!! out of my fingers and hand because I was stuck with the fragments of glass! Again, I did bleed all over the Chanel box and smeared it trying to wipe it off. A box of spices they sent was also crushed, and when I opened THAT box, spices went all over me and the floor! My room STILL has the stench of Chili spice and Chanel. UGH. I am still finding shards of glass on my floor. My CC company has not been very helpful and I have been jumping through hoops filling out required paperwork, responding to SAKS' rebuttal that "Items were delivered, photos provided, merchandise not ours." And this from a "SAKS MERCHANDISE SPECIALIST." Now I am gravely concerned because I finally tracked down someone and had to have my hubby call because SAKS blocked all my emails; when I would call to arrange for SAKS to take back their garbage, I would be sent into a phone loop and disconnected; I finally arranged for them to take back their crap--even though it IS a biohazard to send bloody items through the mail...they did not seem to care one way or the other, but they now have the broken merchandise, empty parcels, everything. I do not take much stock in their "merchandise specialists." My CC will not accept photos, instead they wanted me to drive around and find someone to look at the garbage food items and have them write a statement that the "food was not in edible condition." Really! SAKS should be ashamed of themselves for their unprofessionalism and their horrid treatment of a consumer. Additionally, that they sent such dreck is amazing. It really looks like they took it out of the garbage and shipped it--and when I complained they cut me off and expected me to keep it AND pay for it! I guess they are attempting to "save" their bottom line. Thumbs down to SAKS in every way.
BokiBean on 03/06/2009:
To me, none of these details matter, although I understand why you are indignant about it. Saks should be bending over backwards to accept a return and credit your card without explanation. Done deal.

I used to use Saks mail order and that was their policy then...sounds like they have changed and not for the better. Betadine indeed...rubbish.
DrKatkja on 03/06/2009:
Thank you, and you are absolutely right. I just received a phone call from SAKS, who received back all of their garbage--They have gone from "merchandise received, merchandise not ours," to "you have had similar problems with other merchants and we are going directly to your CC to recover our funds." First, they would not provide me with these "other four merchants;" second, and again, this is perhaps irrelevant, I am in business and I live in the boonies--I make literally thousands of transactions a year both business and personal and have extremely detailed records for all transactions, good and bad. When I contacted my CC company, they stated that they had reversed the SAKS charges and if SAKS comes directly to them, as they indicated, they will deal with them. I KNEW that SAKS would pull something like this. They get back their stuff and STILL will not admit that they screwed up! And you are correct...Betadine??? Really, they give me too much credit!
BokiBean on 03/06/2009:
Glad your credit card is backing you! Dump Saks, they sound cuckoo.
IComeFirst on 12/30/2009:
I love shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue. The store always displays their merchandise in a lovely way and the sales people are professional, helpful, and courteous. They seem to come from the school of "The Customer Knows Best and Comes First." I don't mind paying a little more for the luxury of shopping where clothes are neatly hung, aisles are clear of junk, and sales help were not raised in a field. However, Saks Online, just like Bloomingdales On Line, Macys On Line, Lord and Taylor Online, and even Neiman Marcus On Line is NOT THE SAME THING. Haven't you all figured that out yet? On Line shopping has a few of the items the store carries but you're mainly paying for outlet store merchandise, dated merchandise, or merchandise the store cannot move. You rarely get the sales price offered in the store and it's just not the same. Savvy shoppers already are hip to this.
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