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Beware of the SaksFirst card!
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I have the Saks Fifth Mastercard and use it rarely. I've only accumulated enough points to receive a giftcard on two occasions over the past few years (rather than cash back or other rewards, Saks rewards can only be used toward purchases from them). Both giftcards have proved to be incredibly frustrating to use online. Once a small item is purchased with the points, I've in both cases had to pay the remaining small amount (under $2.75 both times).

However, that's where things get tricky. Rather than just putting that small amount onto the Saks Fifth card, they put it onto a hypothetical "SaksFirst" card. This is not a card that I've ever physically had, and then when I try to pay it I've experienced the worst customer service of my life. Inept chat personnel who don't understand that I want to pay the balance online, but have no way to access the "SaksFirst" account since I have no idea what my account number is (I only have the Mastercard!), etc.

The last straw is a statement that I just received charging me 0.2 - that's correct, 2 cents, of interest on the $2.67 I paid last month. I've never paid interest on a single credit card in my entire life up to this point, and although it's a very small amount, this is absolutely the last straw. I would be remiss if I did not very strongly warn all others against any involvement in this ridiculous store scheme for confusion and grief!

Saks Makes Me Sick
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Rating: 1/51

N CHARLEDTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My friend is visiting me from Moscow. This is her second time. Both times she spends most of her days shopping at the local outlet mall for bargains - professional work clothes etc. to bring back to Moscow (where the prices are ridiculously high). On this trip she bought many many items from the Saks outlet, including a few pairs of high end sunglasses. She decided to return one pair of Prada sunglasses. Saks would not allow her to. I think they took advantage of her English skills and just sort of sized her up. Well too bad. I won't shop there again.

In Moscow she is a professional woman. Here she was just dressed in casual tourist clothes. I won't do business with a company like that and I am sure she won't either.

Poor Service and Dishonest Sale
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Rating: 1/51

ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY -- My husband and I shopped at the Saks Fifth Ave men's shoe department in the jersey garden outlet. The department was poorly staffed with only one service person. We were interested in a pair of shoes on the shelf with a sale sign clearly marked additional 50% off clearance price. We waited over 30 min for the sales person who lost the shoe box and mistakenly got the wrong size twice. We confirmed with the sales person on the 50% off and there was no dispute since the sign was clearly marked.

When we got to the checkout counter, however, the discount did not ring up. We asked to speak to a manager and waited for another 15 min since the manager was in the bathroom. We asked the manager to honor the discount. The manager and the sales person went to check it out and only the sales person returned and informed us that the discount only apply to a few style but they did not mark the selected styles yet. We were very disgusted with Saks' service and decided not to purchase the item.

We were very disappointed by Saks' poor service and failure to honor their own sale sign. It was clearly their inefficiency and poor management that led to the sale sign confusion but they refuse to honor it. The manager did not even have the courtesy to return and explain the mistake to the customer. We believe this store is grossly mismanaged. We will never return to this store again.

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