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Treated Unfairly
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I am a professional young woman, a national sales manager for a high end home decor company. I have to dress nice and professional for my job. Saks Off Fifth was my favorite place to shop for basics. I usually get a couple of things and go home to try it on with my own shoes etc. Anyway, I got home with several items that I had purchased and on this particular trip I decided that I really didn't need another black dress. So back to my local Off Fifth store for my return.

On this particular day I was working from home so I am in my Juicy Sweats, glasses and no make-up. I pulled out my receipt and was ready for my return however I was greeted by the most unfriendly and mean sales clerk that I have ever seen and I shop a lot! She looked at the dress and immediately accused me of wearing it and trying to return it. I was stunned, I had never done that before although I know it happens, and didn't know what to say. She claimed that there was makeup on the dress, kind of hard to see that on a black dress, and that there was deodorant on the bottom of the dress and in the armpit area.

I was staring at the dress and although there was a little deodorant on the bottom (there was no zipper or buttons on the dress so it had to go over your head) I couldn't see any in the armpit area. She said that it was unacceptable and could not be returned because it looked worn! I argued for a minute but I was so embarrassed that I left the store, got in my car and called the store manager. She backed her up without even asking me to come back in so she could look herself. Once I calmed down and got home I took another look at it, there is nothing wrong with the dress.

I don't know why she accused me of this, all I know is I have never been treated this bad in my life. I have spent thousands of dollars at this store this year and out of all that, may be returned 2 things this year. I can understand if I was in there all the time buying things and returning them but 99% of the time I keep what I buy. What is the world coming to. Maybe she should get a job where she is happy because obviously she isn't. They just lost a loyal shopper, I hope it was worth it!

To respond to a couple of comments on my post, I did try the dress on in the store and again at home, and it doesn't matter why I decided to return the dress if the tags are on it, I have a receipt and I return it in 30 days, I have the right to return the dress. I don't think that there is one women out there that hasn't gotten some deodorant on a garment when trying an item on. If you haven't then you don't wear any because even the "little black dress approved kind" still gets on clothes.

The amount that was on there you would have needed a magnifying glass to see it. I did not mishandle, damage, or wear this dress before returning. I do not think that I am "privileged" I work very hard for what I have and it shouldn't matter how I look everyone should be treated fairly. This is a factory outlet store, not Saks Fifth Ave. This is where the clothes that didn't sell within the season go. Grossly enough most of the clothes have been tried on so many times at the store level then the factory level it is hard to believe that they could be that strict.

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