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Supervisors and treatment of employees
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Rating: 2/51

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- I was at your Sam's club this week. Your employees were working extremely hard trying to get orders out and I was waiting for a whole pizza. It was obvious they needed help because there was only 2 employees. I made a point to look at name tags (Carmen and Davon). There was a cashier but obviously did not belong in that department because the employees were being distracted from their duties with questions as to how to ring items up. While waiting, a manager with a name tag (Aja) entered the cafe in all the chaos and all she could say was, "what have you been doing here? It looks like you have been doing nothing!!!"

I have been there several times when this person has been there. She enters for a few minutes and leaves while they are still in chaos. You need more help, especially in the evening hours. I have been there both day and night. You usually have 4 to 5 daily and but 2 in the evening. Doesn't make sense the way you treat your cafe employees, they work extremely hard. I without a doubt know they are underpaid. Both employees maintain control in all the chaos, but you can see they are overwhelmed and so polite in all this groups of customers while waiting are encouraging them, praising them for their hard work.

It's a sad experience to see this when this is a new Sam's club that's opened. I have heard stories about cafe employees being treated unfairly and through my experience I totally agree. Employees should be able to express their opinions for improvements in all departments. All employees should definitely give evaluations on their managers. It should not only be a requirement for managers to give evaluations to employees. You have your managers and supervisors that abuse the position they have and take it for granted.

I have become a regular customer in the cafe. I enjoy the 4 berry sundaes. I will be going to Sam's Norfolk often in the future 3-4 times a week and will see if writing this letter has made a difference. I am retired in my 60's. My compassion for these cafe employees is beyond what any manager can have. Why? Because I have ran a multimillion company and have made it my priority to reward my employees for excellent service. My heart goes out to them.

Everyone focuses on the customers, but our employees are just as important. We have to keep them extremely happy. I don't see any reason to have a continuous conversation or call about this. What I have expressed is sufficient enough. So with that being strongly expressed I hope and expect to see changes sooner and not later. I expect that this will be brought to the attention of your club manager, not department manager. If I don't see changes, I will contact President of Sam's. Thank you.

Another Outrageous Episode in the Sorry State of Sam's Club Auctions
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Rating: 1/51

BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS -- The moral of my experiences with Sam's Club is that I'll never taker part in any of their auctions ever again. They are not real, nor are they run by a trustworthy merchant. Late in Nov 2013 I bid on an item on the auction site and was notified via e-mail by Sam's Club that my bid had won and that I was going to be advised of the detailed shipping charges once the item is shipped. That was the last I heard from the Club about the item I am supposed to have won. On Dec 7, I called customer service to find out why I did not receive the item, nor heard from the Club about when it was going to be shipped.

As it appears to be the case with all Sam's Club employees, they are trained to be arrogant and discourteous with consumers when it comes to dealing with complaints. This one began by falsely claiming that they could not verify my credit card which resulted in canceling the order. When I pointed out to her that I had other orders go through with Sam's before and after this auction item without any problem and that I NEVER received any advise from Sam's Club that there were any issues with the verification of the credit card that needed to be addressed, she plead ignorance about why I did not hear from the Club.

Judging that it was a total waste of time continuing to deal with her, I asked to speak to her supervisor. When the latter came on the phone she gave me an entirely different story. Now, she claimed that when they went to pull the item from their inventory they discovered that it is damaged and decided that it could not be shipped to me and the order was cancelled as a result. When questioned about why another item was not ordered from their supplier and sent to me, she responded by saying that the items offered on the auction site are DISCONTINUED items that are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.

Once again that was a false claim because I bid on a camera that is still offered in the Club in my area. She had no answer when I referred her to the case of the camera. She could not explain to me either why I was never notified by the club of the cancellation of the order which resulted from my winning auction bid, nor the reason for the cancellation. And that is from a multi-billion dollar company that appears to present itself as one that does not seem to know how to run its business based on my experience. All she could offer me was a suggestion that I continue to monitor the auction site in anticipation of the return of this item to the auction block and re-bid on it.

She forgot that she had already mentioned that the item is "DISCONTINUED" and that's how it ended up on the auction site back toward the end of November in the first place. In turn, I told her that Sam's Club Auctions are a total waste of time and are not worth wasting the energy on, based on two experiences of such extremely poor service, and that I'll seriously consider stopping doing ANY business with Sam's Club as an unworthy merchant.

Return Policy and Extended Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a ring from Sam's jewelry department in the amount of around $3500.00. The ring needed to be sized and the representative informed me it would take 4 to 8 weeks. I informed the Sales Rep ** that I wanted it sooner than that. ** replied telling me I could take my ring to Jared's and they would size it for me all in the same day. ** also stated Sam's sends rings to Jared's for sizing and this would be where she would take it.

I had questions about the warranty and she explained to me if I purchased the extended warranty I would be covered at a 100% in addition to the fact that I had 90 days to return the ring if I was not satisfied with the Sam's return policy. I took my ring to Jared's as advised and had it sized. Around 40 days later my ring was completely turned in color and looked terrible. I took the ring back to Sam's expressing my concerns and desire to return the ring. The representative called over the manager ** telling me she could not return such a large purchase without manager approval.

When ** the manager approached me he stated that the sales representative ** had informed him that I took my ring elsewhere and had it sized. I told him that was correct and that I had been advised to do so by his representative ** who sold me the ring to begin with. The representative ** agreed that she had recommended I take the ring to Jared's for sizing.

The manager proceed to inform me that my warranty was no longer valid including my extended warranty which I had purchased and that he would have to call the manufacturer to determine what he could do for me. He told me not to worry at this time as he felt a solution could in fact be reached. He called me back the next day and told me there was nothing he could do for me, that I was no longer covered by the 90-day money back guarantee or by the extended warranty I had purchased. I asked him how could this be when I was advised by the sales Rep who sold me the ring to take my ring to Jared's to be sized and was never informed it would void my warranty.

He stated to me he understands my frustration but there was nothing he could do for me. I asked to speak to the GM and he said he was not there that I would have to call back the next day. I called the next day and the GM said he would like to speak to the sales representative first and he would call me back. When he called me back he stated that the sales representative ** stated she did refer me to Jared's but also informed me that if I took my ring to Jared's if would void my warranty. He told me he believed her and that there was nothing he could do for me. That my ring was no longer covered under any circumstances at all.

I informed him that the representative ** had never told me taking my ring to Jared's would void my warranty and explained to him had she in fact informed me of such I would have left my ring with Sam's for sizing due to the importance of having a valid warranty for such an expensive item. I asked him why from a consumer's stand point would I still purchase the extended warranty, then take the ring to Jared's for sizing if I had truly been informed it would void my warranty.

Explaining to him that I was very adamant about ensuring I was covered and had an extensive conversation with ** the representative about coverage which is why I purchased the extended warranty to ensure I was covered at 100%. I asked many questions about the warranty to the representative **. With all my questions and my deep concern why would she refer to me to a place that would void my warranty? The ring has a 2.1 karat diamond and anyone in their right mind would ensure all measures would be taken in order to protect/cover the ring in case of a loss stone or any damages which is why I purchased the extended warranty.

The representative changed her story with each manager. When we first spoke and she called the first manager over she never stated that she informed me this would void my warranty. It was not until the GM spoke to her alone that I was told that she had stated she had informed me of the void in warranty in addition to advising me to take it to Jared's. If I had been informed it would void both my 8-year warranty that I had purchased in addition to the 90 money back guaranteed that was automatically offered with the purchase then I would have waited any amount of time in order to get my ring sized through the proper channels.

I asked him to take a step back and look at the picture logically and tell me if he thinks I would have purchased the extended warranty knowing I was only going to void it by taking the ring to Jared's. I also asked him "Why would she even refer me to Jared's in the first place if she knew it would void my warranty?" I also asked "Why would she not tell me upfront that anything done to the ring must be completed by Sam's or it would void my warranty and NOT mention other options as they should not be followed for complete insurance of warranty coverage for my purchase?"

The GM did not want to hear anything I had to say and said he could not do anything for me. My ring was purchased Mother's Day weekend. I was in Sam's June 24 speaking to a manager about my concerns. My 90 money back guaranteed is still valid at this point, but no one is willing to help make this right.

48 Inch RCA Smart TV
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Rating: 1/51

OHIO -- I purchased a 48" RCA TV from their auction. When the TV arrived the box looked as if it had no damage to it so we choose to not open it right away as we still needed to transport it to our summer home. The TV was purchased to watch college football with all of our friends on Saturday's. We got it to our home and was unpacking it as I said before the box was in perfect shape. My husband put it together (the base). We then set it up to do the setup on it. When we enter to turn it on there was a bubble with a crack right at the bottom of the screen. This TV was packaged with this cracked screen.

We called Sam's Club and was told they would not replace it, but they would pick the TV up and refund our money. As I have said before we purchased it for our football parties on Saturday. I really wanted to keep the TV so I started calling RCA.

For 3 days, I tried ever RCA number listed on the web. Finally got a hold of a person who said he would send me a new TV in 3 working days. Then he said his supervisor would verify all my information and we would be done.
When he transferred me to his supervisor he ended the call. I tried to call back and got a salesperson who was selling alert buttons. So I tried the next day the same thing. So disappointed with both RCA and Sam's Club Auction.

Extend Warranties
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Rating: 3/51

NEW JERSEY -- I bought two Vizio 42 inch smart TVs. As for their extended warranties, they told me I had full coverage on two TVs. The warranties are covered from soup to nuts. I asked what is not covered, they told me everything is covered. If I have a cracked screen, something spills on the TV, I am covered. I got home and called the warranty company and all the information Sam's Club's store manager told me was wrong. Yet, they charged $50.00 for what? If a picture tube breaks they will fix it. I could go out and buy another TV than keeping this contract. I have one year contract on each TV. So, why give false information to customers when they don't know what the contract covers?

Stay Away From Sam's Club Auction
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Rating: 2/51

Purchased 3 items from Sam's Club auction, on the last one I won a bid on a camera. But 3 days after winning the bid, I received an email from Sam's Club stating that the item was no longer available. But, they continue to auction the items. I contacted them several times and every representative I spoke to had different story to tell me. One of them suggested that I bid again because they had 14 of them left. I won again and didn't get any response for 6 days.

When I called them they told me another false story and that someone will contact me on the phone within 24 hrs. And after 4 days I received an e-mail saying that they couldn't fulfil my order. Just a week later they have the item up for auction again. I guess they didn't like the price or they don't care about their customers. Looking at the review it looks like an ongoing problem. It is time to move to Costco.

Standing up for my rights at Sam's Club
By -

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- A few weeks ago my wife and I went to Sam'€™s Club for our bi-weekly shopping excursion. As usual after we checked out, we had to present ourselves for a search on the way out of the store to make sure we were not stealing anything. Once we got to the door, the lady nabbed the receipt out of my hand. I spoke up and said, "€œBefore you begin, can I ask you something€?" The lady put her arms down at her side and looked at my face as if to give me her full attention. I asked, "If I refuse to let you search me, will my membership be revoked€?" The lady looking rather surprised at my question said, "€œNo"€. I then said, "€œI refuse to be searched".

I tried to take my receipt back, but she grasped it very hard and it tore as I took it back. Feeling victorious we left the store and made our way back to the car. My wife and I agreed at this point that we would just refuse to be searched on subsequent visits. Today, my wife made our usual trip to Sam's Club. She spent about an hour gathering items and finally made it to the checkout line. After emptying the contents of the cart on the belt, they scanned her card and informed her that her membership was expired. My wife told the cashier that was ridiculous that she had already paid to renew the membership.

The cashier told her she needed to go talk to Customer Service to straighten it out. My wife then went and stood in line at Customer Service where she was told that the membership was revoked because her husband was drunk and belligerent when leaving the store. She then demanded to speak to the manager. When the manager arrived, he pulled up our records and said that the "Loss Prevention"€ manager revoked our membership because her husband had purchased and was consuming alcoholic beverages and was belligerent to the lady that was trying to search the cart.

My wife explained that this was ridiculous that her husband had politely asked if our membership would be revoked if we refused to be searched and that she clearly said, "€œNo". The manager had a record of our last purchases and my wife asked him to show her the alcoholic beverages that we supposedly purchased. He replied that we had many items, but when we get a membership we agree to be searched when leaving the store.

My wife replied that their rules do not supersede the United States constitution. He replied by telling her that only her husband was banned and that she could still purchase a membership. The implication being that as long as she behaved herself and submit to being searched there would not be any problem.

A few weeks ago, I felt empowered that I stood up for my rights and freedoms. Now we know that the price for this was slander, embarrassment and a very big hassle for my wife. Both Sam's Club and Wal-Mart lost a customer today because of this too. Maybe someone else hearing this story will be inspired to stand up for their rights. My guess is that Sam's Club can'€™t accuse everyone being a belligerent drunk for not following their rules.

Tire Department
By -

ROGERS, ARKANSAS -- I went to Sam's Club to have four new tires placed on my 2004 Dodge Pickup. I dropped my vehicle off and gave instruction where not to park the vehicle when done. I came back later and noticed my vehicle was parked exactly there. I went in and got my keys and went back to truck and found the vehicle unlocked on the parking lot.
I went back in and complained. All I got was "Sorry about that sir..." I checked out a few items and went back to my vehicle and noticed that there was over 5 oz weight on the front passenger tire over 3 oz on front driver tires and the same on the rear tires.

I went in to complain and got no where - was told that it was because my truck was out of alignment. I tried to get the tire dept to look at it and he stated "Sorry about that sir" and refused to look at vehicle or try to rebalance the tire. I don't know a lot about tires but do know that is a lot of weight. I left upset. While driving home I almost lost control of my vehicle and went into a sideways skid on the interstate. I made it home and checked my tire pressure. 90 pounds in driver rear 80 in passenger and 60 in the front tires. My truck recommends 50 and 80.

I drove truck to a local tire shop and have the tires checked. (Again driving 40 miles an hour there the truck was unsteady and as if driving on ice - almost had accident several times from vehicle swaying.) Tire shop check my alignment and found it to be good, found the tires to have run out in all tires. I was told that who ever did the tires at Sam's Club had to known they were bad and dangerous. I called 4 tire's shops also asking about the weight issue and they all stated the same thing. I went back to Sam's Club and they repaid me the 100 $ took the tires and checked them, they replaced one tire and sent me on the road again.

Drove down interstate again vibration and swaying occurred again. I went back and argued over returning the tires. They finally agreed to upgrade them but I had to pay difference. No big deal except I spent over 14 hours trying to get tires on my truck between the two days. I was stuck at Sam's today for over 6 hours. When they went to replace the defective tires (which they finally admitted all were bad) I was told I was 3rd in line!!! I have been there 4 hours at this point!!!!!!

They were rude and acted like they were doing me a favor paying me the 100 dollars for the balance and wheel work they refused to do on NEW TIRES. I will never buy from Sam's Club Tire Department Again. SAM'S CLUB IN BENTONVILLE/ROGERS ARKANSAS.

Tire Purchase And Warranty
By -

SEEKONK, MASSACHUSETTS -- In April,08 I returned to Sam's Club located in Seekonk, Massachusetts to have my tires rotated and to repair a pending flat tire (a screw embedded itself in my tire) under warranty. The tire is on a 1993 4WD pickup. Here is the short version of my complaint.

Sam's Club tire center agreed the tire that has been damaged by a screw was unrepairable because the screw was in the sidewall and I was entitled to a new prorated tire under the warranty. The damaged tire was on the right front of my truck. Sam's Club said the new replacement tire has a tread depth of 16/32 of an inch, and the undamaged left front tire the has 6/32 of an inch remaining. Therefore, it is against their policy to have two tires on the same axle that have more than a 5/32 of an inch difference. They would not replace the damaged tire unless I bought a new tire for the left side too.

As far as I was concerned the left front tire had much useful life left. This tire is legal in Massachusetts until it goes below 3/32 of tire tread depth. I asked the tire person to produce this policy and more importantly show me where it states this in the tire warranty. He could not. He could only say it was because the tire is on a 4WD and that mechanism could be damaged. I asked to see the manager. A female manager appeared and I told her I disagreed and only wanted one tire replaced under warranty. She would not allow this.

I then asked her to prorate the undamaged tire and if they would allow me this credit on the undamaged tire I would buy the second tire. She agreed. I left the garage and went into the store and got the 2 new tires off the rack. As I proceeded to the register to pay I was approached by this same female manager. She said after further conferring with the tire installer I would have to purchase two more tires for the rear of the truck because they measured 7/32 in depth and once the two new tires were installed on the front that measured 16/32 there was now a difference of more that 5/32 between the front tires and rear tires which is against there policy.

She further said it was for my own safety. The tire person added it was because the truck was a four wheel drive and again the mechanism could be damaged. I told him that might apply to newer models that are full time computer controlled 4WD vehicles but not my 15 year old truck. I said I would not buy another two tires
especially since the rear tires have just under half their tread left on them. I asked to speak to the store manager and this female manager said there is no one who will over rule me on this matter.

The manager then said I could buy the two tires and take them from the store and have them installed elsewhere but not at Sam's. I then said "So I guess my safety is not really your concern after all!!!" I left the store with a screw still in my tire. I went to another tire dealer and had no problem replacing the damaged tire. So, keep this hassle and ploy by Sam's Club in mind when deciding to purchase a tire or a set of tires.

Your warranty turns out to be more comprehensive than you can imagine. I feel Sam's Club implements policies to make more sales for them, as you can see from my experience. I intend to file a complaint with the BBB to recover my monetary loss on the damaged tire they refuse to warranty.

Improved Customer Service and Improvements Needed in General
By -

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE BELOW ARE SHARED SENTIMENTS BY OTHERS. Referring to my Sam's Card I called your number and was advised, it is no longer in service and the email is no good also. What is going on? My name is ** and I am a Sam's Club member for more than a decade since residing in Georgia prior to relocating from Philly. I reside at **. My Landline: **. I patronize the Sam's on Jimmy Carter Blvd, near Interstate I-20, below Lawrenceville Hgwy.

Please take into account the below and know that these suggestions represent dozens if not hundreds of Sam's Store's customers. If need be I will have them submit the attached suggestions. Your Suggestion Box in the store with cards is not working. Step up your game.

  1. Sam's Club need to erect an overhead (canopy) cover or rain shield so that customers like myself after parking do not have to walk in the rain between the entry door and exit door.

  2. In the Store at the Food Court, improvements are critically needed. Too often we as customers are told we need to wait 10 minutes for hot dogs to cook. This is ridiculous. Do some research, check with Wendy'€™s, sell sandwiches with lettuce and tomato and a sauce, Be competitive at the Food Court. Servers need to be more organized, aware as I am that the demand for after church groups and others on Sundays and on other days want prompt service; there is no excuse for not better planning to have cooked hot dogs, pretzels ready etc.

  3. Cashiers are too slow moving customers through. Sam's need hand-carry baskets for customers shopping for a few items. The Sam'€™s Club stores are overdue for this accommodation. Everyone does not buy on each visit in bulk, duh. Some only want a few items.

  4. At the Gas pumps, too often the receipt machine runs out of paper; this in inexcusable.

  5. At the pump, you need paper towels, water and squeezie handheld tool for customers. You used to have this for your customers convenience.

  6. Sam's need to step up its game with gas pricing and post prices near the entry street. The QT Gas Station nearby is often cheaper than Sam's - too often. At Kroger, you get gas price discounts and the price is lower than Sam's which is inexcusable taking into account that Sam's Club members are bulk purchasers and deserve a lower competitive price when we gas up at Sam's.

  7. At the Service counter finally improved with new counters, you need to upgrade your computers, get rid of the old outdated Monitors and CPU's to improve efficiency. The quality of ID photos on the member's cards need to be improved.

  8. Most importantly, Sam's must recognize that you need to have special or discount cards etc so that you are competitive with other wholesalers/retailers (like BJ). Remember, everyone does not need to purchase in bulk and some look for deals. Sam's, consider selling cakes with chocolate on 1/2 and lemon on one 1/2. It makes sense. When you post buy two (muffins) for the price of one, you must cut in half the price if one is purchased. Sam's does not do this which is outrageous. You are a part of Wal-Mart and you need to step up your game.

Are you aware that sometimes you get better pricing at Wal-Mart than at Sam's in many cases? Have your people check this out. Presently, I know of say 100 or more individuals who share the concerns I have raised and I suggest you give priority to these concerns. I look forward to your reply or you can call me. You have my address and other contact information. I AWAIT YOUR REPLY.

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