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Possible Online Auction Fraud
Posted by Olb on 04/15/2007
I recently won a bid @ Sam's Club Online Auction on a 1 ct Asscher Cut Diamond Ring. It was a successful bid closing @ a good price for me, the consumer, but apparently not for them, for on the following day instead of receiving an email regarding shipping of my item I received an email advising me that due to human error that the item was not available. I feel that this may be a case of auction fraud with the seller refusing to sell an item on a successfully won bid due to the winning bid amount being less than they anticpated. I am extremely disappointed as I monitored this item for hours bidding back & forth until I finally one my ring. It was such a stressful bidding process but I was so excited since my husband had agreed that it was okay to bid on it. We've been looking at buying a ring for months now but was unable to afford any of the ones we really liked. Then to find this beautiful ring & actually win the bid was unreal. It was our blessing so to speak. I still have faith in Sam's Club in that this issue will be corrected/resolved for Sam's Club is a retailer in which I have trusted and patronized for a number of years. disappointment both verbally & also written. I have now mailed a letter to the corp office as well as emailed the auction team, no response yet. I am cautioning anyone who's bidding with Sam's Club to be careful-especially with an item that you really want because if it's a big ticket item where your winning bid may have closed at a good price- just be aware that if the price is too good you may not receive it after all.

extremely wronged as I monitored this item for hours bidding back & forth until I finally one my ring. I feel that this is a case of auction fraud with the seller refusing to sell an item on a successfully won bid due to the winning bid amount being less than they anticpated.

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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-04-15:
I had no idea Sam's Club had a web-auction site... thanks for the warning. This type of thing happens on ebay when the seller doesn't put a reserve price up but in reality they have a reserve price in mind.
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-04-16:
"WON" your ring, not "ONE" your ring.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-04-16:
Was this the 2 carat ring where the high bid was a dollar two eighty seven? I'd be disappointed too.
Posted by jdhdwill on 2007-08-17:
Same thing happened when I won an auction for some boots. Not available due to supplier. Voila, they are on the auction again, same size and brand/model.
Posted by PO32775 on 2008-03-26:
I "Won" Bid for a GREAT price for a .48 ct. t.w. Princess Band 5 diamonds set in a 3mm platinum band, my bid? 558, a great price for the platinum band alone!.. tho I won the bid, never got an email or any further contact , I have called daily for 2 weeks and a different excuse each time! I now hav e a great bid in on another ring and the auction was supposed to end on the 24th, imagine my surprise to see that the auction NOW ends on the 28th! there is most definately fraud affot with samsclub auctions!
Posted by I Love Auctions on 2008-05-14:
I thought that only happened to me!!! I also won a vanity at a great price and after waiting to be notified I get an e-mail notifying me that the supplier was out of vanities...the day after the vanity was up for auction. I sent a complaint and the response was to bid on the item again and they would honor the original winning price...it's all b--- s---...they just want you to bid to bring up the price.
Posted by AnnesLimo on 2008-06-03:
I suspect there are also fake bidders as I've been bidding for days on a certain laptop computer but I never win the bid and evidently the winning bidder always seems to be one of two other people. Ironicly enough every time an auction ends another item pops up as a new listing??? I find this rather curious since the only other explanation would be the winning bidder(s) reselling but my searches online turned up no similar items on ebay or elsewhere...
Posted by Bid to Buy on 2008-10-12:
This happen to us also! We won the bid for a 10pcs Kings Size Bed Ensemble and was so excited that we had gotten it at a great price. The next week, I got a call from my secretary that I had a package delivered to my office and was very shocked to see a very small box from Sam's., upon opening it I discovered 4 rolls of duct tape! We contacted Sam's about the shipping mistake and was told there wasn't anything that could be done except a refund because of it being an auction there was no other replacements. We are currently waiting for our refund and hoping that the shipping charges of $25 will be included. Buyer Beware of this auction site!!!
Posted by Andy_CO on 2009-12-02:
I am convinced that Sams Club Auctions is a complete FRAUD!!! When you are bidding on an item, and place a maximum for a proxy bid, mysteriously some other bidder raises the bid to just a $1 short of your bid. This has happened so many times that is just impossible that it is only a coincidence. They either have people working on this scam or is some kind of automated script that squeezes you for more money. I will investigate further and gather more evidence and will report Sams Club to the DA's office in their local jurisdiction. If they think they are untouchable, they a dead wrong!!!
Posted by jdrabe on 2009-12-23:
A similar thing happened to me when attempting to purchase a television on Sams Club Auction. I won the tv at a very good price and then got an e-mail stating that they were out of stock. This happened more than once. Also, some other items that actually arrived had dents or other defects such that I suspect they were display items. I must also say, by far the majority of purchases I made there went through flawlessly and with no other problems. I have bought a lot of stuff there, and most of it was at excellent prices
Posted by bill520 on 2010-11-10:
I also suspect fraud at Sams Club auction site. I won a laptop computer at the lowest price for that model in any other auction. I received an email that said more information was needed. I called the number they provided and they asked me to confirm information that they already had. They thanked me and said they would process my order. I have called back 3 times and sent 3 emails. They always tell me it is in "shipping". It has been 12 days since I won the bid...still no shipping notice. The are JERKS !!!
Posted by bmwsav on 2011-01-04:
This is still happening as of 01/04/2011.
I won a Lexmark all-in-one printer and was emailed 2 days later it was canceled due to supplier out of stock when there were others being auctioned there after my winning auction.
Now, I'm considering starting a membership with their competitor COSTCO when my membership expires.
Posted by june on 2011-11-06:
I'm wondering if ANYONE has EVER gotten a truly great deal with Sam's Club auctions?!!
Posted by Shelly on 2011-12-02:
I have been biding on SAMs Auction for 4 years and can honestly say 4 years ago I got great deals on items! Even a diamond ring but after that it has sucked. Something's go over the actual price, (I look up items and some are selling in your local sams club clearance section)! So anyway I have a strong feeling SAMs has people bidding against you to make the bids higher. Plus hub just won diamond earrings a week ago and they cancelled order blaming him for credit card error. He won them at $253 and same ones are bidding for $350 now. So far I have seen these earrings appear 4 times. Do they really have more than one pair? Doubting that now!
Posted by Shelly on 2011-12-02:
By the way hub called to verify credit card info and everything was correct! 4 days ago they said they would process and nothing yet! They just lie to get you off phone and hope you don't call back.
Posted by JD on 2012-04-22:
In the past you could get some deals at the auction. Now you can bid without even having a membership all you have to do is register at Sam's as a Guest and "whalla" you can bid at the auctions too. I don't know if these people don't know what the prices are at Sam's or can't look at the price at Sam's .com (I know that all of them are not there), but I know that things that I can buy for $6 in the club can go got $12 then you have to pay shipping $6 bucks and thing that I pay $10for can go for $24-28 and ypu pay the shipping - COME ON??????????
Posted by MrBor on 2012-04-22:
I have bid and received several items to include a watch which never worked, a toaster that defective and then finally a master remote that also could not seem to be programmed with anything but one tech item. Sams took back the watch and assured me a replacement, but that too never materialized.

When I attempted to return the master remote to the local store, they refused saying it was an auction item. This too came after I called the auction customer service and was told to return it to the store.

Terrible Service. I will NEVER use their auction site and will not renew my membership to Sams. Costco has it all over on them!
Posted by disappointed on 2012-10-03:
The popcorn bidding is a pain. When I think I am a winner then it add time on the auction. I am sure it is to increase the price. It reminds me of a penny auctions. Is that legal?
Posted by convinced of sneakiness on 2012-11-27:
Twice now I had the high bid for hours and within the last 5 min of the original close time 2 bidders start bidding. still got a great deal on what I got but ticks me off that I had to fork over another $10 each in the last couple of min. The first time didn't think much of it, but second time was instant thought of sneaky cheating on Sam's part
Posted by JQZ on 2013-02-05:
I won a bid for a Vizio TV and received an email the next day saying it had been shipped, but the FedEx tracking number was not in the FedEx system. After emails and phone calls to Sams Club, I finally got a call back saying that the delivery would be in two days. One day later, Sams cancelled the order, blaming the vendor for being out of stock.
Posted by DD on 2013-03-10:
Most assuredly a rip off site...unless you are willing to pay store price plus shipping...you are mysteriously outbidded...joke and a waste of time...check "overstock.com" for a better price!
Posted by Mb on 2013-05-09:
Just bought a carat and a half ring from sams club auction got a great deal and they canceled it because they said I did not respond to there emails.. I NEVER GOT AN EMAIL. Now they said I can try to bid on it again. Can we say FRAUD!!!!!!
Posted by JCR on 2013-06-17:
It took me 88 minutes on 3 different occasions and 4 customer service reps to try to return an item to Sam's Club auctions within their 30 day limit. Their system was unable (?) to send me a return label
Posted by LBM on 2013-09-05:
Half of the auctions are bogus. I won a lamp that was going to be a gift. They notified me that I won and sent me a confirmation email. Then 2 days later cancelled the order and DIDN'T EVEN NOTIFY ME!!
Posted by LCS on 2013-09-09:
I see items that are bid on well above the retail price. Some people don't seem to research prices before bidding. I just saw a weather radio go for twice as much as it had been in the store.
Posted by Rh on 2013-09-18:
I Won a 1.5 Carat diamond ring, I got the emails that I was the High bidder. After a few days I never received a shipping email so I called them, It took them a while to find the Problem. They told me it was out of stock. Really?? They list items they do not have?
Posted by BAW on 2013-11-12:
I "won" two jewlery items on the same day. The items are at this time are in Sams Club stores (and online). The day after the auction I received an email that they are not avaliable. My order was cancelled, Sams club auctions is a scam, you only win if they like the amount you bid. How do I know this. On low winning bids I have received a dirty ripped down pillow, cracked old memory foam floor mat, food still in used expensive food processor..you get the picture. This is called FRAUD. Sams uses the auction site to get rid of the old, used, returned items that did not sell in the store
Posted by Glen on 2013-11-13:
I find the auction to be very fair, when you place your bid it tells you what shipping will be,but if you head is up and locked , I suppose it would be hard to see.
Posted by txreviewer on 2014-01-18:
Electronics - mostly old/outgoing/did-not-sell-well models, returned items.
Cancelling/not honoring a winning low bid is common practice for this club then blame the vendor for not having the stock even though the same item is still being offered for auction.
Remember, if you use sams auction site winning a bid is not a guarantee you're getting the item and if you do get it don't expect it to be in pristine condition.
Too many complaints of the same things that management should address if they care but i guess it's none of their concerns.
Posted by Jason Tesdal on 2014-02-25:
Not surprised, you are actually bidding against one or several employees of theirs. I have seen products sell for more than what it is offered in the store itself (yes almost all items are for sell in their store). You will have better luck buying the same item on Ebay for less and it is now guaranteed.
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Tire Department
Posted by Sidewinder_2001 on 05/21/2009
ROGERS, ARKANSAS -- I went to Sam's Club to have four new tires placed on my 2004 Dodge Pcikup. I dropped my vehicle off and gave instruction where not to park the vehicle when done.

I cam back later and noticed my vehicle was parked exactly there. I went in and got my keys and went back to truck and found the vehicle unlocked on the parking lot.

I went back in and complained. All I got was sorry about that sir......

I checked out a few items and went back to my vehicle and noticed that there was over 5 oz weight on t he front passenger tire over 3 oz on front driver tires and the same on the rear tires.

I went in to complain and got no where was told that it was because my truck was out of alignment. I tried to get the tire dept to look at it and he stated sorry about that sire and refused to look at vehicle or try to rebalance the tire. I don't know a lot about tires but do know that is a lot of weight. I left upset.

While driving home I almost lost control of my vehicle and went into a sideways skid on the interstate. I made it home and checked my tire pressure. 90 pounds in driver rear 80 in passenger and 60 in the front tires. My truck recommends 50 and 80

I drove truck to a local tire shop and have the tires checked. (Again driving 40 miles an hour there the truck was unsteady and as if driving on ice. almost had accident several times from vehicle swaying)

Tire shop check my alignment and found it to be good, found the tires to have run out in all tires. I was told that who ever did the tires at Sams Club had to known they where bad and dangerous. I called 4 tires shops also asking about the weight issue and they all stated the same thing.

I went back to Sams Club and they repaid me the 100 $ took the eh tires and checked them, they replaced one tire and sent me on the road again

drove down interstate again vibration and swaying occurred again. I went back and argued over returning the tires. they finally agreed to upgrade them but I had to pay difference. no big deal except I spent over 14 hours trying to get tires on my truck between the two days. I was stuck at Sams today for over 6 hours. When they went to replace the defective tires (which they finally admitted all where bad) I was told I was 3rd in line...!!!!!!!! I have been there 4 hours at this point!!!!!! They where rude and acted like they where doing me a favor paying me the 100 dollars for the balance and wheel work they refused to do on NEW TIRES.

I will never buy from Sams Club Tire Department Again.

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Posted by TGT101 on 2009-05-21:
I know that you know it now but it never pays to go to wal-mart/sam's club to get auto work done.
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Sam's Club Complaint
Posted by Dlsutton4211 on 12/21/2010
I was bidding on a diamond pendant and won the bid at a very good price. I later received an email telling me that the item was not available any longer. "Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the below listed items from your order due to supplier availability." I did find it still available on the regular web site and called their service support. After explaining what had happened I was told that the thing that are on the auction are items that are not available any longer in the store or regular website. I advised her that I did find the pendant and that it was sitting in my cart on the regular website. She indicated that she would send a service request over to the website and that someone would contact me the following Monday (12/20/10) I did not get a call and the pendant is no longer in my cart on the site. After reading about another person's order being cancelled for the same reason I am suspecting that Sam's Club is not being honest in their dealings with their customers. Buyer Beware!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-12-22:
It does look a bit suspicious.
Posted by bmwsav on 2011-01-04:
This also happened to me recently 01/04/2011.
Seems that Sams doesn't run an honest auction site.
Posted by dlsutton4211 on 2011-01-18:
Update to my post - Sam's did contact me and offer to correct the error for the same price as what I won the bid. I did decline as I had found a better deal.
Posted by Mighty76 on 2012-01-11:
I won a 10ft market umbrella just before Christmas. They cancelled the win the next day citing an inventory mistake. I called and they said they would set up a private auction for another color. I won that and they cancelled again. This has happened three times in row now. This is a scam they have several umbrellas in various colors on the site now selling for 4 times what I won the first one for. Don't trust Sam's auctions.
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Tire Purchase And Warranty
Posted by Zowie on 04/27/2008
SEEKONK, MASSACHUSETTS -- In April,08 I returned to Sam's Club located in Seekonk, Massachusetts to have my tires rotated and to repair a pending flat tire (a screw embedded itself in my tire) under warranty.

The tire is on a 1993 4WD pickup. Here is the short version of my complaint.

Sam's Club tire center agreed the tire that has been damaged by a screw was unrepairable because the screw was in the sidewall and I was entitled to a new prorated tire under the warranty. The damaged tire was on the right front of my truck.

Sam's Club said the new replacement tire has a tread depth of 16/32 of an inch, and the undamaged left front tire the has 6/32 of an inch remaining. Therefore, it is against their policy to have two tires on the same axle that have more than a 5/32 of an inch difference. They would not replace the damaged tire unless a bought a new tire for the left side too.

As far as I was concerned the left front tire had much useful life left. This tire is legal in Massachusetts until it goes below 3/32 of tire tread depth.

I asked the tire person to produce this policy and more importantly show me where it states this in the tire warranty. He could not. He could only say it was because the tire is on a 4WD and that mechanism could be damaged. I asked to see the manager.

A female manager appeared and I told her I dis- agreed and only wanted one tire replaced under warranty. She would not allow this. I then asked her to prorate the undamaged tire and if they would allow me this credit on the undamaged tire I would buy the second tire. She agreed.

I left the garage and went into the store and got the 2 new tires off the rack. As I proceeded to the register to pay I was approached by this same female manager. She said after further conferring with the tire installer I would have to purchase two more tires for the rear of the truck because they measured 7/32 in depth and once the two new tires were installed on the front that measured 16/32 there was now a difference of more that 5/32 between the front tires and rear tires which is against there policy. She further said it was for my own safety. The tire person added it was because the truck was a four wheel drive and again the mechanism could be damaged. I told him that might apply to newer models that are full time computer controlled 4WD vehicles but not my 15 year old truck.

I said I would not buy another two tires
especially since the rear tires have just under half their tread left on them.

I asked to speak to the store manager and this female manager said there is no one who will over rule me on this matter.

The manager then said I could buy the two tires and take them from the store and have them installed else where but not at Sams. I then said so I guess my safety is not really your concern after all!!!

I left the store with a screw still in my tire. I went to another tire dealer and had no problem replacing the damaged tire.

So, keep this hassle and ploy by Sam's Club in mind when deciding to purchase a tire or a set of tires.

Your warranty turns out to be more comprehensive than you can imagine.I feel Sam's Club implements policies to make more sales for them, as you can see from my experience.

I intend to file a complaint with the BBB to recover my monetary loss on the damaged tire they refuse to warranty.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-27:
I have to side with Sam's on your complaint. Even though they may not have a written policy they are correct when it comes to tread depth on tires. On a 4WD or all-wheel drive vehicle all the tires need to have the same or very close tread depth. Otherwise the transmission can and probably will be seriously damaged due to the 'unbalanced' nature of the tires. There can be handling problems as well. All the tires need to be the same style as well. Read your owners manual or call the manufacturer and they will tell the same.
Posted by zowie on 2008-04-27:
Thanks for your comment. The tires are exactly the same in size and dimension. I asked other tire suppliers and they said if the tires were of a different size it would pose a problem. The truck owners manual said the same, emphasizing the same size tire. You have to look at the tire depth which is in 32 seconds of an inch, Sam's Club is insisting A 5/32 difference is dangerous. Lets be logical here, that amounts to about 1/8 of an inch. Do you really think that would affect anything at all. However, my point is that whatever Sam's Club may claim, it is not anywhere in the warranty and their warranty has many conditions. Sam's Club did not fulfill their written warranty on the tire unless I bought additional tires.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-27:
Yes the difference is small. But I think that Sam's was simply trying to protect itself in case there was transmission damage. However, they still should have replaced the tire under warranty, just not mounted it on your truck. The sensors on 4WD are sensitive and the tread depth difference might make it 'think' that one or more wheels are spinning slower than the others. It will then try to correct the power to all wheels which may cause damage to the system. May I suggest that you contact the manufacturer and see what they tell you.
Posted by zowie on 2008-04-27:
Well, PassingBy I am just flabbergasted by your latest comment. You seem to be a pro business poster here. You are agreeing with Sam's and you do not comprehended the facts of the complaint. I say this because your comments are in direct opposition to the facts I have stated in my complaint. I will repeat it again, My truck is a 1993,it does not have any sensors. I have to manually lock the front wheels and shift it into 4WD. My truck has no idea what type of tires are on it and 5/32 of an inch tread depth difference between the tires makes no difference. I have just under two hundred thousand miles on my truck. How many different tires do you think I have had on it over the 15 years with different thread depths? There is still nothing wrong with my transmission or 4WD system.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-04-27:
regardless how old your truck is, PB is making a good point of contacting the manufacturer of the tires and the truck to get the "official" decision whether or not it could make a difference.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-27:
You have failed to notice that I said Sam's should have replaced the tire under warranty. In no way am I protecting them as I am drawing from my own experiences.
Posted by zowie on 2008-05-18:
Well, a BBB complaint filed. I requested a $24.73 refund. Now, at this point,it is up to Sam's Club to respond to the complaint filed with the BBB.

If Sam's Club does not respond I will send a copy of the BBB Bureaus decision to the corporate office.

My next step will be to file a claim in small claims court against Sam's. There is a $30.00 filing fee but, I can ask for reimbursement for the cost of filing a claim in my complaint. Of course I would have to succeed in the court action to get reimbursed.

Incidentally, the owners manual for my truck addresses replacing a tire. It does not mention tires being within 5/32 of an inch at all. It does say replace a tire with one that is of the same size, weight capacity and same thread design.
Posted by Buffygirl on 2008-05-31:
I'll never buy tires from sams ever again we know how you feel about the warrenties Sams will never stand behind anything and the claims department is also owned by Wal-Mart they will never stand behind any thing if everyone stops going to Sams & wal-mart they will go under and we might get better stores but make sure walmart or sams don't own them
Posted by Betina2 on 2008-08-04:
I have nothing against Sams as I have not experienced anything negative so far.... but whenever i complain about a business, I take it up with their management and if I do not get results I just file the complaint directly with my State Atty General. If the practice is questionable, the Sate Atty gets results. Also, b4 I file the complaint I advise the business that I plan to do so with the State Atty and just hearing that is often enough to resolve the matter.
Posted by msm4u2i on 2008-09-03:
This is common of 4wd trucks and all wheel drive cars. As the tread wears down,the overall circumference of the tire is reduced. therefore, a tire with 16/32 has a greater circumference then one with 5/32. Its a problem on 4wd trucks.That means that the tire with the least tread is gonna spin a little faster. both axles must spin at the same speed, meaning all the tires MUST be same size. the transfer case will be damaged. I have seen it. Sams was not wrong. its just the down side of having a 4wd.Most tire shops who have a brain in there head would rather not fix or sell tires that may cause damage to the transfer case, then to have possibly pay out thousands for a new transfer case. if you have a 4wd, you should by tires in sets of 4.
so it may seem like bs, but it is what it is.
Posted by rotacar on 2010-02-26:
It seems to me that you could have brought in the mounted wheel and had them perform the work. They are obligated to follow through with their warranty, per chapter 93 of MGL. I will maintain that they could consciously object to securing the wheel on your vehicle on the reasonable argument of safety (transmission failure with subsequent freezing to death waiting for AAA? I dont know...), however its a tough argument since you ended up having to drive away with a screw in your tire. If it was so that you would not have grounds to sue them due to negligence in contributing to a hypothetical future transmission failure, then again, see potential lawsuit from screw driver in tire leading to any number of legal problems, or simply warranty laws per chapter 93 of MGL. I suspect that it is simply a matter of corporate actuarial calculation... how many tires can I sell before I get sued and will it be worth it.. Kach$hing!
Posted by bill on 2011-07-08:
sams tire sare junk
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Sams Club Tire Road Hazard Policy
Posted by Grjoe on 02/02/2007
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I bought a set of Goodyear tires at Sams Club back in April.Yesterday I had a flat so after changing the tire I went to Sams to fix. It turned out the sidewall was cut and tire needed to be replaced.The purchase price included road hazard however I found out that if they don't have the tire in stock it will take 5 to 10 days to get one.Also they will not order replacement unless I pay in full for tire and only after they get the tire will they make adjustment for mileage.It's the middle of winter here in Michigan and they don't care that I have to drive on the donut spare till they get the tire from THEIR source.It's a Goodyear tire and I know they can get locally in Grand Rapids.What if I was on a trip,I guess I'd just have to wait till tire comes in.

I'd think twice about buying tires at Sams Club.I know I'll NOT be renewing my membership.

I got ahold of a manager the next day and he agreed to provide me with a tire until my replacement arrived.A week later replacement arrived and change over was done and I had to pay around 50 dollars because of prorated mileage.
Those of you who said put on another tire would not work.These are Goodyear High Mileage designed for snow,ice and water.
My whole point was to advise you of Sams Club policy.Which most of you missed that point.Remember the old saying " don't kill the messenger".I really found this site worthless!
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Posted by FloridaLizardQueen on 2007-02-02:
Like you said, it's the middle of winter in Michigan. Sometimes the delivery truck is slow in getting to the store on time. Have a little patience, maybe something happened to the truck on the way, but I agree that the tire should have gotten there sooner.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
For crying out loud, just get a similar tire of another make!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
Don't pay attention to the guy above me (PWP) he really doesn't know what he is saying. To get anything but the same tire you are asking for trouble, they don't match.
You might want to get a matching tire from somewhere else so you can drive safely and save the one they get you for a spear. Good luck to you sir.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
Lid, I beg to differ with you. If the tires are "similar" and are rated the same, it'll make little difference. We're not talking nascar here.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
Pirate you may beg as you do, but you are wrong.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
You make a good point, Pirate.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
As always !
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
This makes maintaining the vehicle manufacturer's recommended tire inflation pressures and using "matched" tires on all wheel positions necessary procedures to reduce strain on the vehicle's driveline. Using "matched" tires means all four tires are the same brand, design and tread depth. Mixing tire brands, tread designs and tread depths may cause components in the vehicle's driveline to fail.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
Let me add that if the vehicle has All Wheel Drive then the tires must match. A 'similar' tire will cause transmission damage. I found that out the hard way.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
Lid, you're talking the exception and not the rule. Good point PB, that might make a difference in all-wheel drive.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-02-02:
Maybe on your 72 Pinto you can mix tires pirate, but todays cars that working people buy mandate matching tires. You're not only giving bad ( even dangerous) advice, but you're belittling the poster as if it was some common sense thing to do. Too funny!
Posted by BobJohn on 2007-02-03:
I was reading my owner's manual, I have an AWD, and it said the tires must match in size, width, rating etc but it doesn't have to be the same brand. I think tire stores make a killing telling people that.
Posted by grjoe on 2007-02-15:
See My Update
Posted by Betina2 on 2008-08-04:
I have nothing against Sams as I have not experienced anything negative so far.... but whenever i complain about a business, I take it up with their management and if I do not get results I just file the complaint directly with my State Atty General. If the practice is questionable, the Sate Atty gets results. Also, b4 I file the complaint I advise the business that I plan to do so with the State Atty and just hearing that is often enough to resolve the matter.
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Another Cancelled Winning Bid and Order Confirmation
Posted by Fsbvi on 10/29/2012
I won an auction for a flat screen TV and received the "you won" and "order confirmation" emails. A week later I checked my account and found it had been cancelled. I called and was told they were out of stock yet they sold three more several days after I supposedly won mine but for higher prices. They either cancelled mine and sold it later for a higher price or were selling things they did not have physical possession of. Both are violations of auction fundamentals. I asked for something with similar specs and was told no.

They have no reserve on their auction items. Since this posting Sam's Club got involved after my phone call complaints and set me up with 3 "private auctions". In theory they located the item and held it for me alone to bid on. They had me place the same bid they could not fulfill previously and I won all three but they were not able to fill the orders after all that. I can't believe their customer service got involved to that point and still could not come up with the item they claimed to have.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-10-30:
You might not of met the reserve price

From their website :

Q. What is an auction reserve price?

A. Reserve price is the lowest price at which an item will be sold in an auction-style listing, even though the opening bid amount may be much lower.

If the highest bid does not meet or exceed the reserve price, which is never disclosed to bidders, the item will not be sold.

They are very vague about out of stock items though

"Q. What if my auction item is out of stock?

A. At Sam's Club Auctions, we make every effort to ensure that the items listed are in stock and available to our Members.

Occasionally, items are unavailable because of concealed damage, inaccurate inventory counts or incorrectly labeled merchandise."

I guess that means they just give you your money back.

"Both are violations of auction fundamentals. "

Their auction, their polices.

Posted by fsbvi on 2012-12-15:
I know what reserves are and this was higher than the minimum. If a reserve was not met they should not tell you your bid won and shipping will be in a few days! Besides, read my update - customer service tried to sell me a set 3 times after getting a promise from the vendor that one was available. This violates the essence of what an auction is - you only auction what you have physical possession of - not the promise of what others might deliver. Their "Occasionally, items are unavailable because of concealed damage, inaccurate inventory counts or incorrectly labeled merchandise." is a cover story for a lie. Its what they used at first till I escalated my complaint and got the real story - they never had it to begin with - and got the offers of a private auction with only me bidding at the same price that wound up failing too!
Posted by leeford on 2013-12-20:
This happened to me once before. This time I got the same thing. I got a notification that I had won the bid. That the item status was " being processed". A day later the status it was listed as "exception". I emailed customer service and asked them what do you mean by "exception". After a couple of days and no response. I called the customer service and asked what the term exception meant. After being put on hold he said he had taken care of it. So after a couple more days, I checked the status online again an now it shows "Canceled". Not by me but by them. No explanation has been given to me.
Posted by BillyDale on 2014-01-21:
Same thing happened to me in early December, 2013. I won a 70" Sharp LED. I received the emails that I had won, and that shipping info would be forthcoming. I was also offered information about obtaining an Extended Warranty. I then received and email about 3 days later saying my order had been cancelled with no further explanation. I called the toll-free number and was told that the unit might have been damaged in preparation for shipping. They gave me an incident number and said that there would be more auctions on that particular TV and that I should bid them up to win no matter what and then they would credit the difference after the order was placed. I recorded the entire call just to be sure I know what I was told. The same TV has not ever been offered since, in almost 2 months. I was able to see where they were for sale at the Wal-Mart store. I'll bet if Sam was still around he would have a fit that his company was operating this way. I think the experience has tainted my attitude for all of the Walton related companies (Sam's Club and Wal-Mart). In the long run, they loose as I have always been a pretty regular customer. Not no more! And I have quite a few more "buying years" ahead of me.
Posted by tomy on 2014-03-28:
The same thing has happened to me 3 times in 3 months this year. Someone needs a class action lawsuit.
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Sams Club Survey
Posted by Celtec on 12/29/2009
Your readers should be aware that if they complete (or even start) the Sams Club survey they will be immediately inundated with numerous spam messages, as well as possible text messages on their cell phones. Sams says "We value your opinion", and to "please complete a survey about today's club visit". If you do this you will be asked to give your address, email address, and cell/home phone number. Step two offers numerous "offers", which requires you to select at least two of the "offers".
I immediately ended the "survey" and found a confirmation on my email site. After unsubcribing I found 9+ emails that I believe were linked to this "survey", as well as a commercial text message on my cell. I can deal with the email messages as I will treat them all as spam, but the text messages cost me.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-12-29:
We are looking right now at this new text blasting form of marketing for a particular venture. It sounds like it would get old real quick but we think it's a bit ground floor and worth a glance. From what I understand, you are not charged for these text ads as your carrier sponsors it and receives revenue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-29:
Once again Slim is on the cutting edge of modern day spam. Very good comment.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-29:
Giving a survey does not require you to give this info. No one held a gun to your head. You can skip this info you know.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-12-29:
LOL, that's me stew. Hey, back in the day, email blasting was a great (and free) form of advertising. Today it's luke warm at best with spam filters and general reception. Phone text messaging will no doubt, begin annoying people soon enough (see complaint above). You have to ride the wave in bizzzness though. Early bird gets the worm, play the hot hand, etc..
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Another Outrageous Episode in the Sorry State of Sam's Club Auctions
Posted by 1310210118964 on 12/08/2013
BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS -- The moral of my experiences with Sam's Club is that I'll never taker part in any of their auctions ever again. They are not real, nor are they run by a trustworthy merchant. Late in Nov 2013 I bid on an item on the auction site and was notified via e-mail by Sam's Club that my bid had won and that I was going to be advised of the detailed shipping charges once the item is shipped.

That was the last I heard from the Club about the item I am supposed to have won. On Dec 7, I called customer service to find out why I did not receive the item, nor heard from the Club about when it was going to be shipped. As it appears to be the case with all Sam's Club employees, they are trained to be arrogant and discourteous with consumers when it comes to dealing with complaints. This one began by falsely claiming that they could not verify my credit card which resulted in canceling the order.

When I pointed out to her that I had other orders go through with Sam's Club.com before and after this auction item without any problem and that I NEVER received any advise from Sam's Club that there were any issues with the verification of the credit card that needed to be addressed, she plead ignorance about why I did not hear from the Club. Judging that it was a total waste of time continuing to deal with her, I asked to speak to her supervisor. When the latter came on the phone she gave me an entirely different story. Now, she claimed that when they went to pull the item from their inventory they discovered that it is damaged and decided that it could not be shipped to me and the order was cancelled as a result. When questioned about why another item was not ordered from their supplier and sent to me? she responded by saying that the items offered on the auction site are DISCONTINUED items that are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.

Once again that was a false claim because I bid on a camera that is still offered in the Club in my area. She had no answer when I referred her to the case of the camera. She could not explain to me either why I was never notified by the club of the cancellation of the order which resulted from my winning auction bid, nor the reason for the cancellation. And that is from a multi-billion dollar company that appears to present itself as one that does not seem to know how to run its business based on my experience. All she could offer me was a suggestion that I continue to monitor the auction site in anticipation of the return of this item to the auction block and re-bid on it. She forgot that she had already mentioned that the item is "DISCONTINUED" and that's how it ended up on the auction site back toward the end of November in the first place.

In turn, I told her that Sam's Club Auctions are a total waste of time and are not worth wasting the energy on, based on two experiences of such extremely poor service, and that I'll seriously consider stopping doing ANY business with Sam's Club as an unworthy merchant.

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Cruelty of Employees and Lying to Customers Advantage
Posted by Sherfy50 on 09/13/2012
YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I have kept quiet enough in regards to Sam's Club/Walmart Corp. I have never worked ANYWHERE where they treat their employees just like white class sweat shop workers. Sam's Club store 6405 YUBA CITY is a joke they are uncaring and don't care about us at all. I was told by management that the sale of products is the least of their concerns.

We get yelled at and written up if we don't sell a certain number (10) a day of Advantage Plus Memberships and sign people up for Discovery Credit cards because that is where the kick backs from the company come from. They even tell us to lie so we get customers to sign up and yet when a customer wants to down grade they get mad at them. I was not brought up that way and when I talk to customers and see how their day is going and what the deal is really all about. I get written up for spending too much time on them and telling them the truth.

I've been in customer service for over 30 years. Customers always come first, but not at Sam's Club. Why am I sharing all this because people need to know their true colors. WAKE UP AMERICA THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE KILLING OR COUNTRY. Let me tell you exactly what they did to me.

On June 18, 2012 my son was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. he is paralyzed from mid chest downtown, broke every rib, collapsed lung, damaged liver, in a coma and multiple lacerations. When I called work Samantha the membership manager said "I guess you're not coming in today". are you frigging kidding me. No compassion at all. I told her I had an 8 hour horrifying drive by myself and and had no idea when I would be back. Her comment "I guess I will take you off the schedule." No can I help in any way no bucket to help with living expense since Sam's Club is known for only giving a max of 10 -15 hrs a week if you're lucky and yet they make them selves look good by giving away $50,000 and Walmart giving the same to people on TV's"extreme weight lose edition" only to make them selves look good.

They think they look great when all the while they treat their employers no better than upper class sweat shop workers always yelling at us and belittle us in front of customers. Oh yea they said I still have a job but conveniently can't find a place for me. So I have a very sick son, bills I can't pay, no job, no food. Thanks to the WONDERFUL people at SAMS CLUB /WALMART. We make them rich while they make us poor. WELCOME TO CORPORATE AMERICA PEOPLE.
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Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-13:
"White class sweat shop workers" ?
I've heard on low/middle/upper class but I have never heard of "white class"
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-09-13:
I'm sorry to hear about your son. Does your job offer any type of paid FMLA? If they don't, then they are not obligated to help you pay for living expenses/ food. My brother was in a car crash in July and broke his back. He is on unpaid FMLA. His job is not offering any paid assistance either. Again they are not obligated to do that. I hope things get better for you.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-09-13:
I'm sure that Sam's does offer FMLA, it's a big enough company. But most places don't offer paid leave outside any vacation time you may have accrued. The only benefit to FMLA is that they have to hold your job for you for a max of 12 weeks.
Posted by Sherfy50 on 2012-09-13:
I was told I don't qualify. Bottom line they are just playing games and don't care AT ALL about their workers. The only ones making the money are the ones giving workers a hard time and the more hours they cut from us the bonus they get. While I worked there I heard EVERYDAY from at last 10 people "if there was a Costco in the area Sam's Would go out of business. I say amen to that.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-09-14:
YaYa, I'm so sorry to hear about your Brother...
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-09-14:
Thanks Basher.
Posted by TIRA~MASU on 2013-01-03:
I am so sorry for your family troubles. It sounds like my neice's motorcycle accident all over again. I am aware of the nitemare you're going through. That sickens me that even though they don't have some type of policy to help you it doesn't mean they can't be human beings. Every job I've ever worked at big or small, if there was a family crises we pulled together as a family and helped. PERIOD! Yesterday I shopped at Sams's and even though we have the Plus membership the lady insisted we need the upgrade @ $56 to chart our shopping and we should receive coupons. If we're not satisfied we are supposed to get our money back. Is this for real? I'm glad you shared that info. And we are was closer than to a Costco or we would have shopped there. Just moved here. Good Luck to your family
Posted by Somebody on 2013-02-05:
Sounds like you are angry and disgruntled, Sam's Club is a membership warehouse, it should be no surprise they expect you to sell their membership and I get asked about credit cards at nearly every major retailer. If you were told to lie, I know Sam's Club has an ethics line, why not use it? What was the lie you were told to tell?

I'm sorry about your son, of course the manager has to clarify what it means in terms of staffing the business and serving customers (that you say you care about so much) but she could have shown more compassion. Sam's Club isn't gonna pay you for not working, they do have an 'Associate in Critical Need' fund that salaried managers voluntarily donate to for situations like yours, that's a step up from most companies I've worked for.
Posted by Ann on 2013-06-25:
Sam's Club does have money available for people going through a hardship they can help you pay your utilities and bills like that. I do think there's a limit to the amount of money though. Just call another Sam's in your area and talk to their HR person and they should know what you need to qualify for that assistance. In my part of the country it is the same here. I always get marked down on my review because I refused to push credit cards. because it goes against my moral and values.But I go over and beyond in everything I do at work ( that does not matter). My boss told a member that but something that needed to be taken out of the steel to come backback the next day to get it. Needless to say he returned it and went to another store and had it that day.
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Return Policy and Extended Warranty
Posted by Jeanine.hunt on 07/13/2012
MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a ring from Sam’s jewelry department in the amount of around $3500.00. The ring needed to be sized and the representative informed me it would take 4 to 8 weeks. I informed the Sales Rep Amy that I wanted it sooner than that. Amy replied telling me I could take my ring to Jared's and they would size it for me all in the same day. Amy also stated Sam’s sends rings to Jared’s for sizing and this would be where she would take it.

I had questions about the warranty and she explained to me if I purchased the extended warranty I would be covered at a 100% in addition to the fact that I had 90 days to return the ring if I was not satisfied with the Sam’s return policy.

I took my ring to Jared's as advised and had it sized. Around 40 days later my ring was completely turned in color and looked terrible. I took the ring back to Sam's expressing my concerns and desire to return the ring. The representative called over the manager Marcus telling me she could not return such a large purchase without manager approval. When Marcus the manager approached me he stated that the sales representative Amy had informed him that I took my ring elsewhere and had it sized. I told him that was correct and that I had been advised to do so by his representative Amy who sold me the ring to begin with. The representative Amy agreed that she had recommended I take the ring to Jared’s for sizing. The manager proceed to inform me that my warranty was no longer valid including my extended warranty which I had purchased and that he would have to call the manufacture to determine what he could do for me. He told me not to worry at this time as he felt a solution could in fact be reached. He called me back the next day and told me there was nothing he could do for me, that I was no longer covered by the 90 day money back guarantee or by the extended warranty I had purchased. I asked him how could this be when I was advised by the sales Rep who sold me the ring to take my ring to Jared’s to be sized and was never informed it would void my warranty. He stated to me he understands my frustration but there was nothing he could do for me. I asked to speak to the GM and he said he was not there that I would have to call back the next day.

I called the next day and the GM said he would like to speak to the sales representative first and he would call me back. When he called me back he stated that the sales representative Amy stated she did refer me to Jared’s but also informed me that if I took my ring to Jared’s if would void my warranty. He told me he believed her and that there was nothing he could do for me. That my ring was no longer covered under any circumstances at all. I informed him that the representative Amy had never told me taking my ring to Jared’s would void my warranty and explained to him had she in fact informed me of such I would have left my ring with Sam’s for sizing due to the importance of having a valid warranty for such an expensive item.

I asked him why from a consumer's stand point would I still purchase the extended warranty, then take the ring to Jared’s for sizing if I had truly been informed it would void my warranty. Explaining to him that I was very adamant about ensuring I was covered and had an extensive conversation with Amy the representative about coverage which is why I purchased the extended warranty to ensure I was covered at 100%. I asked many questions about the warranty to the representative Amy. With all my questions and my deep concern why would she refer to me to a place that would void my warranty.

The ring has a 2.1 karat diamond and anyone in their right mind would ensure all measures would be taken in order to protect/cover the ring in case of a loss stone or any damages. Which is why I purchased the extended warranty. The representative changed her story with each manager. When we first spoke and she called the first manager over she never stated that she informed me this would void my warranty. It was not until the GM spoke to her alone that I was told that she had stated she had informed me of the void in warranty in addition to advising me to take it to Jared’s. If I had been informed it would void both my 8 year warranty that I had purchased in addition to the 90 money back guaranteed that was automatically offered with the purchase then I would have waited any amount of time in order to get my ring sized through the proper channels.

I asked him to take a step back and look at the picture logically and tell me if he thinks I would have purchased the extended warranty knowing I was only going to void it by taking the ring to Jared’s. I also asked him why would she even refer me to Jared’s in the first place if she knew it would void my warranty. I also asked why would she not tell me up front that anything done to the ring must be completed by Sam’s or it would void my warranty and NOT mention other options as they should not be followed for complete insurance of warranty coverage for my purchase. The GM did not want to here anything I had to say and said he could not do anything for me. My ring was purchased Mother’s Day weekend. I was in Sam’s June 24 speaking to a manager about my concerns. My 90 money back guaranteed is still valid at this point, but no one is willing to help make this right.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-07-13:
I found your review very helpful but I have to ask, did you bother to read the warranty? I don't doubt that Amy gave you incorrect information but it is your responsibility as a consumer to read the warranty. I do think Sam's Club should be held liable since Amy admitted what she did. Verbal communication should never be trusted, it's what's in writing that counts.
Posted by frak on 2012-07-13:
What makes this particularly bad is that Sams did not just rip off any ol person who walked in off the street -- they ripped off a MEMBER.

Somewhere along the line, sales reps need to be held accountable for what they say. I know the written warranty trumps the oral claims -- but somewhere along the way something has got to change. Like what? Well, for starters: I should be allowed to record any conversation with a sales rep, and let that trump the written word. That would go a long way to preventing these liars from getting away with all this *expletive*.

I know Sams Club is an offshoot of Walmart, I just didn't know they held customers in the same low regard.

Jeanine, you would probably lose, but file a small claims suit against them. See what happens.

Here's a link that may help you:
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-07-13:
Well put sam....
Posted by FLLDIVER on 2013-08-03:
Posted by Disgruntled member on 2013-08-19:
While my experience does not relate to yours, I just wanted to reach out and say that is horrible customer service. I own a large manufacturing plant...and I would never treat a customer that way. You should take this up the ladder. While corporate may not lend a listening ear, it is worth their attention. If you are a loyal member, they will lose far more than the $3,500 in replacing the ring. This is just low-level management with little education, corporate should look at th proposition not only from a P and L standpoint, but should be dealing with the ethical implications as well. I have been dealing with the Pineville location and have experienced much difficulty after a ring was damaged and I lost an earring. I am trying to find a contact number to see if I can find the vendor to buy a replacement earring and or repair solution for the ring, but the contact numbers they keep giving me lead nowhere. The value of these items were over $3,000. What a circus! I buy tens of thousands of jewelry every year, next year's spending will warrant everywhere buy Sam's.
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