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Why Is Gm Selling Cars With Known Problems Then Avoiding Them
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ANYTOWN -- I have a 2004 Saturn Ion 2 and so do a lot of other people. THE PROBLEMS ARE:THE IGNITON WIRING IS WRONG AND YOUR CAR WON'T START IN THE WINTER, THE BLINKER/HEAD LIGHT ASSEMBLY KEEPS GOING OUT, THE SWAY BAR LINKS AND BUSHINGS KEEP GOING OUT, WINDSHIELD WIPER ASSEMBLY BRAKES, WINDOWS WILL OPERATE WITH CAR SHUT OFF. Now all these problems are happening to these vehicles, not just mine. If you do a few searches on the items I mentioned, you will find a boat load of people who have been complaining for years. I contacted GM several times and got the run around and finally got hold of someone who told me that there are NO RECALLS FOR THE PROBLEMS I MENTIONED. So basically GM is saying there are no problems to have a recall. But I noticed in my researching online that they did have recalls for different vehicles and years with the same problems. This tells me they really didn't check ALL THERE VEHICLES OR THEY JUST KEPT USING THE SAME DEFECTIVE PARTS. HOW CAN THESE CAR COMPANIES GET AWAY WITH THIS YEAR AFTER YEAR. How come someone can't sit down and do research on these problems on the net like we do and see there is a problem?? BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW THESE PROBLEMS EXIST AND THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH DOING NOTHING!!! I WILL NEVER BUY A GM CAR AGAIN AND I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!! THEN AGAIN, THE GOVERNMENT WILL JUST BAIL THEM OUT AGAIN.

The government right now is on Toyota's butt about their problems, maybe they need to take care of the UNITED STATES CITIZENS WHO ARE GETTING SCREWED BY GM!!!! I REPEAT-I WILL NEVER BUY A GM CAR AGAIN!! FRICK'N LOSERS AT GM!!!
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Saturn of Bellevue Washington Jack Fox
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BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- Beware of this dealership. The president of this company has little (if any)integrity in his treatment of partners, employees and associates. The president of this company, a former GM executive, treats his partner with disdain and disrespect. If he would do that to someone who helped him in his business, what would he do to a customer?
The president of these dealerships has sought to remain a dealer with the new Saturn. He was with General Motors and shall we say, he did not retire because of "irregularities". He has fired employees because they had endured serious illness, compromising medical insurance premiums he would pay. He has been "hostile" in his treatment of his partner's widow. He has failed to report operation results in a timely manner to his partners.
If this is the operational philosophy of the company leadership, what is the cultural treatment to customers? The old GM operated with arrogance and it seems this former GM executive has carried that forward in his Saturn franchise for the Seattle market.
We are in an environment for change and what a great opportunity to be a "Different Kind of Company".
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Don't even THINK about dying if you own a Saturn
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ORLANDO, FL - ALL AIRPORTS (ORL), FLORIDA -- My mother passed away recently. I was her only child, so it was up to me to wind up her affairs. One thing I have to do is to dispose of her 2004 Saturn Ion. She died in the hospital and no one seemed to know what happened to her car keys.

I thought, no problem, I'll go to the dealer with the VIN and get a new key. No way, they told me. They flatly refused to make a new key unless the car's owner was "physically standing in front" of them. What was I supposed to do, bring in her ashes??

I called the Saturn customer service number and they backed up the dealer. It didn't matter to them that I had the death certificate in hand and that my mother died without a will.

So, in addition to the trauma I was already going through, I was getting jerked around by these pinheads. They should be ashamed.

And they probably wonder why no one wants their crappy cars and the crappy service that goes with them.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 06/19/2009:
It is not just Saturn dealers. Every MVD has severely tightened up security procedures since an actress was murdered by a freak who paid three dollars to obtain her Driver's License information. When my wife''s former husband got killed by a drunk driver, he owned a Honda motorcycle. It was registered and titled in his name only, and she had a heck of a time trying to get the paperwork changed so she could dispose of it. While it does not help the OP, others can help make it easier on survivors if they take steps like having a second set of keys in a safe deposit box, or have paperwork in more than one person's name. It is very unusual that a person will know when they are going to pass away, so they can get articles disposed of first. BTW, a certified copy of the person's death certificate goes a long way to smoothing out this type of problem.
Soaring Consumer on 06/19/2009:
Did you bring proof that you were the executor of the estate as well? My condolences for your loss.
madconsumer on 06/19/2009:
we had to do the same with my mother's vehicle when she passed. all we did was show proof of death, and all went our way.
Soaring Consumer on 06/19/2009:
According to the review, the OP did have the death certificate in hand.
jktshff1 on 06/19/2009:
Sorry for your loss, you need a good estate lawyer. Been through it with brother, mother, father, inlaws etc. that's the only way.
In his lifetime a guy needs a good
1. lawyer
2. dr
3. insurance man

All mine are younger than me and have been with me for over 40 yrs. Trust them like family. I will die before they do so I won't have to look for another one.
msnanny on 06/20/2009:
I understand that everybody has rules but what what they are putting you through is just crap. I hope you can work it out and I'm sorry for your loss.
MaggieMcT on 06/20/2009:
I understand you are upset, and this was a terrible time to have to deal with this. But, if they had made the key, and then it turned out you were some scammer who had gotten the death certificate illegitimately, they would have been liable for your mother's loss of the car. They weren't doing this just to jerk you around, they were doing it to protect themselves.
moneybags on 06/20/2009:
Call a local locksmith. Explain the situation and provide the proof. He should be able to help. However, some keys have chips that only the manufacturer can provide. You may have to write to the manufacturer, provide the proof a nd be prepared to pay about $100 to obtain a computer chip key. Been there......
tnchuck100 on 06/20/2009:
In many states if the estate is less than a certain amount ($70,000 in FL) you do not need a lawyer. You can file the probate papers yourself. Have the court appoint you as the executor of the estate. With that documentation in hand the dealer can honor your request.
Anonymous on 06/20/2009:
I'm sorry about your loss. When my mom died, I was the one who had to close all of her credit card accounts. Most of them, save Dillard's, were good about me showing my driver's license, her obituary and closing the account. Dillard's gave me crap, so I asked for a pair of scissors, cut the card in half in front of them and said, "The account is closed." I like the idea of the locksmith above. Good idea. Oh, and it's good advice to all of us to have a will.
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The Biggest Piece Of Junk I've Ever Owned...
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UNITED STATES, VIRGINIA -- I am at my wits end with my car, a 2005 Saturn Ion 2 Quad. Here is the ‘short’ list of my problems and dealer visits;

#1 – 600 miles – brake lights didn’t work, IP didn’t work; repair harness and IP.
#2 - 900 miles – radio quit working, doors leaked in the rain; replaced radio and adjusted doors
#3 – 4100 miles – Stranded, car wouldn’t start; replaces ignition switch
#4 – 8700 miles – clunking in front end when cornering; replaced bushings
#5 – 9342 miles – radio, gauges and lights malfunctioning; replaced BCM (body control module)
#6 – 13160 miles – Stranded, car wouldn’t start; replaced ignition switch
#7 – 21000 miles – car shook while braking and at freeway speeds, also radio malfunctions and steering makes clunk; replaced wheel bearings, rotors, steering shaft and BCM
#8 – 52000 miles – clunks while cornering and gauges malfunction; replaced BCM under ‘goodwill’. Told the swaybar bushings are ‘wear items’ and are not covered
#9 – 53000 miles – Stranded, key will not turn and steering is locked; replaced lock cylinder and was told it was from normal wear and tear. I had to pay $190.

The best part is, I got it home from #9 and it now takes 3-6 key turns to start. And the nearest dealer is Saturn of Harrisonburg, which is over an hour away and over a mountain (seriously). There is something wrong with this car, both mechanically and electrically. I think the latter stems from the initial short that caused the brake lights to fail.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/15/2008:
Buy a Ford.
Anonymous on 11/15/2008:
bakedlays on 11/15/2008:
Honda, Nissan and Toyota. You can't go wrong. Saturns are junk. Always do research before you buy a car. Check the recalls etc.
MRM on 11/15/2008:
Don't forget Jeeps!
Anonymous on 11/15/2008:
There are lemon laws to cover your car. Google them. You paid good money for a new car and it's a piece of junk. Saturns are not cheap cars, either, but unfortunately, cheaply made. And GM wonders why their sales are down? My ten year old Toyota has never had a problem, other than wear and tear, and when I say none, I mean not one thing. It's not luck, it's a well built little car.
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Poor gas mileage
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HURST, TEXAS -- I purchased a 2006 Saturn Ion a year ago. It has now been in the shop 7 times for the fact that it only gets 18 miles per gallon of gas. A fact determined by logging the miles and dividing by gallons purchsed, you know, the same way we all calculate it. Saturn howeve, claims they have done sone type of in house test and their test says I am getting 37 miles per gallon. In spite of the fact that I have logs to prove otherwise, they now refuse to take any further action to reolsve the issue and say they stand behind their tests. Well of course. But all it would take is even one person to fill the car up, clear the trip, or log the mileage, drive it until its empty, fill it back up and do the math. Yet they now say they have dismissed the issue, basically too bad soo sad, we claim it's gets 37 miles per gallon so you are SOL.
Do not purchase a Saturn Ion, it's a 4 cylinder car when he fuel economy of an 8 cylinder! And worse Saturn won't do what is right for its customers. I discussed filling the lemon law with an attorney and am told my logs will not hold up with a judge as I could have altered them. And that fuel economy is a tough one to prove due to all the variables such as the way a person drives etc.
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Sparticus on 12/02/2006:
That really sucks. I would try to go over the dealership's head. Try to contact the Saturn corporate office directly. Here is their corporate office with VIP contacts:

Jill Lajdziak, General Manager
Saturn Corporation 100 Saturn Pkwy.
Spring Hill, TN 37174
Phone: 931-486-5000
Fax: 313-667-8902
Toll Free: 800-553-6000
Sparticus on 12/02/2006:
Also, I would check out the following link. They offer a free service where you can send a question to a team of lawyers:

Hope this helps!
Anonymous on 12/02/2006:
It does seem rather unlikely that a compact car such as this is only getting the mileage of a typical SUV. Is the vehicle running rough, smoking or not operating correctly? Are you towing something? It's just doesn't seem credible unless there is a fuel leak or some major engine malfunction.
Shortcut on 12/03/2006:
No not pulling anything- car has always felt like you were pulling a trailer form day one , but the mechanics at Saturn say they cannot find the problem. I did go to Saturn Corporate who then told me they stand behind their mechanics and basically I am SOL. Every time I fill up I reset my trip, then when I fill up again I write that number down and divide the gallons I just put in, into that trip figure- isn't that how you do it? The trip says I am never getting more than 220 per tank with a 13 gallon tank. Is that not the way you clock mileage?
Sparticus on 12/04/2006:
You seem to be calculating the mileage correctly. My 7 year old SUV gets better mileage than you are getting. That is just plain ridiculous.
Shortcut on 12/04/2006:
It burns me that Saturn has blown me off and I did contact lawguru and my own attorney and poor fuel economy does not fall under the lemon law either. My only option is to try to trade it in on something other than a Saturn, but I have only owned it for a year so I have no equity or resale value in it at all. Probably could not even get what is owed on it. I hate Saturn.
Shortcut on 12/05/2006:
My attorney says you cannot file Lemon Law with regard to poor fuel economy. Law Guru says the same thing. Thanks for the advice though, sorry for all your troubles with them as well. on 06/17/2007:
I had a 1981 Chevy Citation with a small V6. I got 13 miles per gallon! I will never again buy a GM car with their awful real world gas mileage! In your case sounds like you might have a slipping transmission, incorrect ignition timing, dragging brakes, worn out engine cylinders, bad oxygen sensor or map sensor, clogged catalytic converter, or all of these combined!
crux on 11/19/2007:
That's pretty weird, I have a 2006 Saturn Ion and it gets amazing gas mileage, I couldn't be happier with it. I also get great service at the dealership, but I guess that's something that could definitely change from business to business. I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience with Saturn, I absolutely love them (and the Ion).
The Thrill on 12/27/2007:
Man I'm in the same boat. I'm 19 and I received my stupid Ion 06 for my 2006 grad. present. This is my first car and I am well intelligent enough to know when I have a piece of junk. On the other hand, I'm blessed not to have had in car troubles, but the gas mileage is ridiculous horrible. I agree 100% w/ you, it does fill like your dragging something w/ you while driving, and when trying to get the right speed especially on the interstate.
What now? on 03/12/2008:
I am having the same issue with my 2007 Saturn ION. In fact, my mileage got worse after I told them about it and took it in. I was getting about 23 mpg, now I am getting 19-20mpg.

The EPA estimate on the sticker claimed 26/28 city 34/35 highway... but when we took it on a 2,500 mile highway driving only vacation, we averaged 27.4 mpg.

I noticed the new stickers have a lower EPA estimate now, (good thing I saved mine), still not accurate but lower.

I am going to take it in again this week... I will take it in again if I need to. I will pursue the lemon law if they can't fix it after the third try.

As far as I'm concerned, this is false advertising. Especially in today's market when gas mileage is one of the first things we look at. It is grossly misrepresented!

Is anyone interested in looking into a class action suit? In all seriousness...

The service department said that this is a problem across the board with the ION's. That customers are only getting 18-20 mpg, on average!!!

They told me that Saturn is not responsible for this because the government/EPA tests the cars and provides them with the information... it is government regulated. This is ridiculous!

I used to swear by Saturn. My 1998 Saturn got excellent gas mileage and I traded it in for my ION. I am so sadly disappointed in this car in so many ways. It does not hold up to the Saturn standard of auto making that I am accustomed to!

They must be held accountable.
What now? on 03/12/2008:

I just read all the responses and your further comments. I can't believe this. There has got to be a way... it is at least false advertising.

There just has to be a way to hold them accountable.

I am in the same boat with not being able to sell or trade my care in because I have only had it for a year and don't have enough equity in it... as well as the value of the ION's going way down because of this problem... seems they depreciated over $5k in less than one year!

I have resorted to parking my ION in the driveway and driving our old junker 1994 Kia that gets 30 mpg. It's embarrassing to drive but I don't care! Our 6 cylinder 1999 Ford Explorer got better gas mileage... My brother has it now and said it still gets better gas mileage!

I have to add the note that I love the service department at my Saturn dealer. They are great. And, my last Saturn was a dream, until it got old and started needing repair due to wear and tear. I felt I had moved up in life and deserved a new car with all the bells and whistles. Now I wish I would have spent the $2,000+ that it would have taken to fix my old Saturn... or gone down the street to the Honda dealer as I was contemplating. So much for loyalty.

Oh and yes it does feel very sluggish, as if it is towing something.

What a rhut!!!

Wish me better luck with the dealer...
and I'll keep you posted.

What now... ?
saturndown on 06/01/2008:
Same problem with the Saturn, mpg not as stated, only getting 18-22 not the 23-32 on my paperwork. Anyone find out about a class action for false advertisement. They should still be responsible even if it was from the EPA they put it on the car.
dmtjma on 06/27/2008:
I have an 05 ion with 85000 miles. I periodically calculate and my mileage is always between 31 and 33. About 70% of my miles are highway.

Try another Saturn dealer. I had a bad vibration and one dealer gave me a BS line about how all saturns do that. The second bent over backwards to try to find it (and they did).

Can I also ask a silly question... Have all you guys complaining about poor gas mileage been regularly verifying your tires are properly inflated? Underinflated tires can take a massive bite out of your fuel economy.
clintv on 07/30/2008:
I own a 2006 Saturn Ion. I arrived at home late at night one day last week and could not turn off the ignition or the car. I ended up pulling the ignition fuse to get it to shut off and had it towed to the dealership the next day. They replaced the ignition and a cable in the shifter and charged me $750. I had purchased an extended warranty from them at the recommendation of the sales person and the finance manager. This GE warranty did not cover the repairs and after researching this online I see that this is a common problem with Saturns. I complained to the dealship and to the District Specialist, who offered me a year of free oil changes only if I would drop this complaint. I refused and have contacted the NHTSA and the local BBB and filed complaints against this dealership and Saturn. Ignitions do not wear out especially on 3 year old cars.
Shortcut on 01/28/2009:
Thanks all- but I finally just gave up and sold my Saturn Ion. I will never buy another Saturn that's for sure.
tonijo on 10/26/2009:
Hmm.. I've been having a lot of issues with my ignition also and wondering if I should get it looked at. My key sometimes gets stuck in there and I have to jiggle the steering wheel and usually can get it out pretty quick. Sometimes it does take awhile though. I remember trying one day for about 10 minutes before I got it! I hope it doesn't turn out to be anything more than that.
MAD MECHANIC on 08/21/2013:
I have been servicing vehicles for over 35 years,purchased a Saturn Ion in 2007
because of the polymer panels,
Fuel econmy was not even 50% of what GM stated on window sticker(still have it sealed in plastic. My sons 1992 Accord still got
35% better fuel economy with 160000m on odo. Tail pipe has been black coated from
about 8000 mi mark. I believe GM knows what the issue was with these vehicles but will not comment. It now has devolped the bad hesitation and jerking which other owners have experienced.
Disapointed and will not purchase GM vehicle again.
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Employee Mistreated
Posted by on
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- To whom it may concern,

I would like to share my frustration with someone that might listen. My brother is getting married this weekend and one of this best friends works for Saturn. He is a Finance Manager in Riverside area. He is the best man in my brothers wedding (Feb 26th, 2006) and was threatened with termination if he went to the wedding. He asked for 2 days off a month before the wedding and was given the days off. He has since bought a tux and hotel room. Not to mention that his best friend was counting on him for the wedding. Now his manager refuses to give him the time off because they are having a big sale that day. I understand business is business but I am at a loss for words. What would you think if this was you? Would you like you're boss treating you like this?? He works 12-17 hour days and sometimes goes weeks without a day off. That just shows his dedication to the company. Now to repay him for his hard work he was given the option. Either go to wedding and lose job or keep job and miss most important day of friends life. Me personally I would have quit even if I didn't have the money. I know this e-mail will not change anything but would like to communicate to corporation office how their locations are treating their employees. I will never buy a Saturn and will make sure I share this story with every person I come in contact with. Also will post a copy of this e-mail on myspace and all Saturn forum chat rooms. I am the brother of groom and felt this e-mail was necessary. I hope you took the time to read this and I appreciate your time.

Kind regards,
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User Replies:
tander on 02/23/2006:
I would leave and report it to the higher ups.
Hugh_Jorgen on 02/23/2006:
Before you go out there bashing an entire corporation, keep in mind that Saturn dealerships are franchised - that is, independently owned and operated. If you have a problem with a particular dearler, name them. But don't bash Saturn as a whole.
dsmith68 on 02/23/2006:
"Me personally I would have quit even if I didn't have the money" Principles do not pay bills.
ejack053824 on 02/23/2006:
I agree with JayD on this one. Tell the GM to take the job and stick it in his ass. I would have been looking right away for another job as soon as he denied my time off.
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2004 Ion
Posted by on
My wife and I own 04 Saturn Ion and we've had nothing but trouble out of it. We had the Ingnition Switch replace 2 times, cooling fan, steering column, Electronic power steering, sway bar bushings 2 times and the front end is doing this again.

I will never own another one.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/31/2010:
Saturn is no longer in Business Gm discontinued them.
GenuineNerd on 03/31/2010:
GM is still providing parts and service on Saturns for the next few years, although you may have to take it to a Chevrolet, Buick, or Cadillac dealer for warranty work if your Saturn dealer closes. GM and other car makers have typically made parts available for vehicles up to 10 years old; more if it was a popular model.
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Roof Rack Installation
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GREENFIELD, WISCONSIN -- I had a Saturn roof rack installed buy Saturn of Greenfield Wi. The Technician took an hour and a half longer than he should have. When I went to purchase a bike attachment I notice the technician installed the rack in the wrong locations. Technician left his install instructions in my car and noticed he installed the brackets when when they clearly state not to attach in this location $367.79 for what?
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