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Saturn L200 2.2 timing chain failure
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My 2001 Saturn Lw200 has a serial number that falls in the Recall 06074A issued January 2008 for a defective timing chain. My chain broke Nov 30th 2009. Initially Saturn Service could not find the RECAL. I offered to fax it to them. At that they mysteriously found it. Saturn now claims only select VIN numbers are included yet they fail to give me a list of those included or to give me the number of who decides which VIN numbers are included. Tier two customer service agent Latasha had me call the National Highway Traffic Safety and the Main GM number of 313-556-5000. All attempts to get a list of included number or how VIN numbers were selected fell on deaf ears. One has to wonder if a list exists or if the recall had any real substance. I guess it is OK for them to take my tax dollars but they are not obligated to honor their customers. This was my first GM. Saturn was billed on their customer service. Do you think I will even consider another one? I’ll let you be the judge.
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dan gordon on 12/14/2009:
it looks like you waited almost a yr after being notified of the recall and even then you didn't do the repair but waited for the timeing chain to break. Don't understand why you wouldn't have fixed it first? I'm not sure GM is the guilty party here.
Slimjim on 12/14/2009:
How can you not get the details of what cars are included in a recall. That's preposterous. Aren't recalls public records?
Anonymous on 12/14/2009:
Have you tried googling for the VIN numbers? And I agree with Dan. If you knew of the recall, you can't wait until you have a problem to complain.
JR in Orlando on 12/14/2009:
Don't think you will have to worry about buying another Saturn:
There's shocking news from GM: the company has put a stop to the production of all new Saturns as of October 1st.
GM had counted on selling its Saturn brand to Penske Automotive Group. When that plan failed, the company quit producing the vehicle.

On September 1, 2009, Saturn had a total inventory of 14,700 vehicles. Presently, it's at 12,000 units. Saturn representatives estimate four more months of inventory, but at a rate of 1,303 sales per month, it's likely buyers will still have about nine more months to get their hands on a new Saturn.

Wilber13 on 12/15/2009:
To answer Dan regarding the yeat wait. I was never sent a recall notification. I Googled the internet and found it. I am the second owner and GM did not have my address. If I had received a recall notice, I would have acted on it.
Anonymous on 12/15/2009:
Wilbur that is NOT Saturn's fault.
Wilber13 on 12/16/2009:
Which is not Saturn's fault: That they post a recall with no substance or that their engineering will not even go 100,000 miles? This is the first car I have ever had that would not go 100,000 miles and I take meticulous car of my vehicles. My personal car has 231,000.
Anonymous on 12/16/2009:
You are the second owner. It is not Saturn's fault that you did not get the notice. It wold have gone to the original owner. You bought a second hand car. Assuming you bought it from a dealer, they would have been notified of any recalls.
Wilber13 on 12/17/2009:
Even if Saturn had sent me the notice they would not have replaced the timing chain prior to the engine failure. They told me that. The whole point is that my VIN was not linked to the recall in their computer even though the recall VIN range included mine. They have a recall that they will not honor and will not provide a list of applicable VINS, leading me to believe there is not one car in that VIN range (including mine) that they would honor.
Anonymous on 12/17/2009:
Then it sounds like your car was not included in the recall. Or you simply wait too long. Ignorance of a policy or law does not excuse you.
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timing chain broke
Posted by on
The timing chain on my car broke. When it broke it cause damage to the engine which has cost me over 1600.00. I tired to work with Saturn. They tried to say it was caused by not having the oil changed. I bought the car used 4 months ago. I have all the receipt from the previous owner who had all oil changes done at the dealers. I did research and have found a TSB on the oil nozzel. which has been redesigned. The NTHSA has started an investigation into this. I have filed a complaint. If you have has this problem please file a complaint.
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 02/04/2006:
How old was your car? How many miles did it have?
Sparticus on 02/04/2006:
I see you have the year in the title (2002). That seems a bit soon for a timing belt to break. But if you had tons of miles, say over 90,000, that might be the reason it broke down so fast.
Anonymous on 02/04/2006:
We've seen similar complaints. Be it a chain or belt, I suggest changing it at 100k miles, cheaper than the repair you're experiencing.
miketech on 02/04/2006:
I think that's just what Saturn's do. My ex-wife had one and loved it till the motor blew. My uncle has a used car dealership loved them till he started getting complaints of the motors blowing around 100k or less. I think it's mostly the timing belt but it's not cheap to replace the timing belt.
Anonymous on 02/04/2006:
Death, taxes, and Saturn timing chains!!! The only sure things in life
greg on 09/04/2013:
my timing just broke tonight. the car has 135,000 miles on it. will it be OK to change the chain and gears, or is there going to be other engine damage internally, like smashed valves?
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Saturn L200 series timing chain breaks
Posted by on
VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I recently received the message below. However, when I called I was told I was too late to join the class action. Anybody else know of another class action suit?

"My name is Jim. I am a consumer protection attorney that receives many complaints from I received your complaint in which you ask for an attorney to contact you regarding your Saturn. I understand from your complaint that you have experienced a timing chain failure. We have received many similar complaints regarding this defect. As a result, we filed two class action lawsuits regarding this issue and are still investigating whether additional class actions are warranted. "

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Anonymous on 12/07/2007:
I found nothing on a class action but I did find the following notice that was posted last week: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is recalling a handful of the Saturn cars and SUVS troubled by faulty timing chains. Federal regulators have concluded that some of the links in the timing chain in the 2001 Saturn L Series equipped with a 2.2 liter 4-cylinder engine can separate causing the timing chain to fail. If a timing chain link separates while the engine is running, the engine will stall and will not restart increasing the risk of a crash, according to federal regulators.

NHTSA reported that 20,514 Saturn vehicles are included in the recall.

Dealers will replace the timing chain free of charge when the recall begins in January of 2008.
jktshff1 on 12/07/2007:
PB..what's for supper?
Principissa on 12/07/2007:
jk I made chili if you want some.
jktshff1 on 12/07/2007:
Thanks, knew you'd have something. Takes me all day for chili..hadn't figured out what me and the better half are going to do. Still working.
Anonymous on 12/07/2007:
Pork chops (but don't tell the rabbi)
jktshff1 on 12/07/2007:
It's Friday...the rabbi don't care but the priest only!!
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Faulty timing chain
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- I, along with many others, have just had the timing chain on my 2002 Saturn go-There are 78,000 miles on the vehicle which has all of its oil changes on time. The engine is now history and I'm being soaked for $3000 to install a used engine which Saturn will not even help me pay for. The Saturn corp and GM are telling me it's my fault-apparently, that is the Corporate line to shift the blame. I'm filing complaints with NHTSA, BBB, Consumer Affairs, NYS Attorney Generals office and calling all my local newspapers and TV Stations- I urge everyone who's going through this to contact NHTSA, BBB, Consumer Affairs and anyone else they think can help. Let's all look into a class action lawsuit.
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Anonymous on 04/09/2007:
The timing chains on Saturns has been a "character flaw" since their inception. It has to do with a poor oiling system to the chain with a combination of an interference engine equals destruction. So many people have complained to the NHTSA over the years that I doubt they are going to do anything about it. Since you are way out of warranty I would not expect a whole lot of help from the other agencies you mentioned. You should really consider not spending 3K for a used engine as the same scenario is likley to happen again. It may be best to cut your loses now and trade the vehicle in. Good luck
ricketstar on 04/09/2007:
With over 70,000 miles on it, the manufacturer can't be responsible. Do you know how many people would come up with problems for their cars when they aren't covered by warranty? Bad timing chains typically come from insufficient oil changes. This may not have been the case with you, but how can they really know? A class action lawsuit is a little ridiculous. Car problems happen, and no car manufacturer is going to take a problem like that under its wing. You help one, you have to help em all no matter how bad of shape the car is in.
LennyGuy on 04/10/2007:
Most mechanics I've talked to (and even in some owner's manuals) it says to change the timing chain/belt at 60,000 miles. Not use Saturns but any car. 70,000 miles does sound a little low for a failure though. Class action - I don't think you'll have a chance. You could try small claims court if you want to go through the legal process.
JohnDoe1962 on 04/29/2007:
Sorry guys, this does not work. A timing chain is supposed to last the life of the engine, whereas a timing strap has to be replaced at regular intervals. My timing chain broke at 72,000 miles, and my Saturn dealership paid for most of the repair. (I paid $500 of a $3600 bill. Saturn covered the rest) Saturn is taking the possibility of a class action suit very seriously as I had to sign a waiver stating that I would not take part in any such action, and in that document, they also admitted that there was no way that I could have avoided the problem on my own. (My engine was very well maintained with synthetic oil changes every 6000 miles) In this case, the manufacturer does bear some of the responsibility as there is a defect with the timing chain oiler mechanish at low rpms. The NTHSA has opened two investigations, and they are accepting complaints about this on their website.
Gmtech on 07/31/2013:
I have had several Saturn of my own. The early ecotec engines are at fault for this. Do not confuse those with the LLO or LKO 1.9 liter for they do not have this problem. That being said cobalt a and late model cavaliers are also subject to this. This all started in 2003 when GM took over Saturn. Saturn 1.9 timing chains are OK although the 1.9 does have a tendency to burn oil due to valve seal wear in high mileage.
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