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98 Saturn SL2 $390 service for $6 lightbulb
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SAN JOSE, GEORGIA -- It all started with a smog check requirement. Unfortunately, my engine service light was on and must be off for the smog check. I took the car to Saturn of Stevens Creek. They diagnosed it as a burnt out "fuel low" warning lightbulb. I could not believe a light bulb was tied to my service light which is tied to my smog check. The labor to replace a light bulb that is similar to a Christmas tree light bulb would have purchased 4 new tires! Thanks a lot Saturn engineers. I think there were some gulf coarse discussions between my Senators and some GM execs when the smog rules were written. I don't think this is the best way to win repeat customers.

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MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a 1999 Saturn brand new on 3/99 I was told how being in the Saturn Family, is a car company that cares.After paying off my car 9 months ago my engine seized. Not to mention a new battery the second year into having the Saturn my winshield motor was gone also. Saturn in Tennesse told me that I may of used it to much.
I have purchased new tires exhaust system etc.
Now that my engine is gone Saurn tells me that my warranty is over and because I have had my car serviced somewhere else but them they cannot help.
I have been told it will cost me $ 5000.00 for a factory car engine used by Saturn. So I will have my car serviced by someone else other than them.
I say to everyone Saturn is a very poor company that just uses excuses of not helping out their customers. I have also sent my letters to the news station and local papers. Maybe someone will do something on the losses all of us Saturn loosers.

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