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98 Saturn SL2 $390 service for $6 lightbulb
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SAN JOSE, GEORGIA -- It all started with a smog check requirement. Unfortunately, my engine service light was on and must be off for the smog check. I took the car to Saturn of Stevens Creek. They diagnosed it as a burnt out "fuel low" warning lightbulb. I could not believe a light bulb was tied to my service light which is tied to my smog check. The labor to replace a light bulb that is similar to a Christmas tree light bulb would have purchased 4 new tires! Thanks a lot Saturn engineers. I think there were some gulf coarse discussions between my Senators and some GM execs when the smog rules were written. I don't think this is the best way to win repeat customers.
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Sparticus on 07/13/2006:
I have both of my fog lights burned out on my Toyota 4-runner. Every time I go in for oil change or whatever they ask if I want them to fix/replace the bulbs. They quote me like over $100 due to the labor of actually getting to the bulbs. I guess they have to take apart the front of the car. Not the best design in my opinion. Hence my fog lamps are still not fixed...
Anonymous on 07/13/2006:
I have the same problem on my Mazda I didn't think to look for burned out lights. Thanks for the info.
Doc J on 07/13/2006:
Seems it was one of the "poor man's Porsches" of the late 1970s that required the engine to be partially removed in order to either change the oil or change spark plugs. Such design flaws result from "committee engineering" where each task force designs without knowing what the other committees are doing. But, seems a necessary evil with complex machines...still, not a comforting thought when you are "human cargo" in an airliner. ;-)
Anonymous on 07/13/2006:
Interesting and disturbing at the same time.
Anonymous on 07/16/2006:
Would you feel better if your $1500.00 ECM was the problem?????
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MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a 1999 Saturn brand new on 3/99 I was told how being in the Saturn Family, is a car company that cares.After paying off my car 9 months ago my engine seized. Not to mention a new battery the second year into having the Saturn my winshield motor was gone also. Saturn in Tennesse told me that I may of used it to much.
I have purchased new tires exhaust system etc.
Now that my engine is gone Saurn tells me that my warranty is over and because I have had my car serviced somewhere else but them they cannot help.
I have been told it will cost me $ 5000.00 for a factory car engine used by Saturn. So I will have my car serviced by someone else other than them.
I say to everyone Saturn is a very poor company that just uses excuses of not helping out their customers. I have also sent my letters to the news station and local papers. Maybe someone will do something on the losses all of us Saturn loosers.
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Mad Eye Moody on 02/04/2005:
DealerDirect will always have a better answer than anything I could come up within this area, so wait for him to respond, BUT - out of curiosity, what were the terms of your warranty?
indygirl08 on 02/05/2005:
Couldn't help but respond to this one. Saturn is a GREAT company. Your car is 6 years old, what do you expect them to do for you??? No car company would do anything more for you without purchasing an extended warranty! Biz is right, maybe you got a lemon, or maybe you haven't taken the best care possible. Btw...your car isn't even worth $5000.00 at its age, so to alleviate yourself from any more stress, I wouldn't suggest paying that amount for a new engine.
Slimjim on 02/07/2005:
I must somewhat agree with the Indigo Girls above. You would hope to have more than 6 years from a motor, but it's still not exactly new. I am curious as to the mileage and, of course, was the oil changed as scheduled.
CLR on 01/05/2006:
Indigo: 6 years old? How about almost 3 years old? That is when my car engine failed after all the scheduled oil changes and maintenance requirements were done by Saturn and Saturn alone. Now my car sits in my parking lot. I am still paying on it. Yes, I bought the extended warranty. Maybe its a lemon? OK, so, if it is what do I do? Lemon law? No help. I didn't have the chance to take the car three times. It failed once. Is Saturn standing by their product? No! If the company is so great and their product is so awesome why not keep a customer happy? Maybe great has lost its meaning? Since its easier to not help the customer because there is always another someone to buy the product, today the phrase "Doing good business" no longer has meaning. I don't think I was being unreasonable when I asked them to replace the engine at their cost. I didn't ask for the towing fees, the money spent still paying on the car, the insurance costs, just an engine (used or new) How much can that be for them? Not no $5500 instead I will tell all of my friends and as many people that read this and they have lost much more. I was thinking of putting my name on the list for the Saturn Sky. No! Not anymore lets see another $24,000 down the drain. So when people say what a great company it is, that is just lip service not real service.
Good that you have a great experience Want to buy my car? Its a Saturn :)
Carolyn Reyes on 05/19/2011:
I bought my Saturn SL2 brand new in February 1999. I now have 225,000 miles on my car and I just recently blew a head gasket and found the rings are bad. I have loved every minute driving my Bella car. To fix my car it will cost $3,000, for another engine because in 1999 Saturn decided to attach the engine to the chasis. Why is this? I don't know hardly anything about engines but I am learning tons.
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