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Never Ending Repairs
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LANGLEY -- We have a 2002 Saturn Vue with 77,000 km on it. In December last year we started having electrical troubles with it. While driving all electrical assisted functions shut down - we had no power steering or power brakes. We drove it to the shop and left it. We were told it was the battery and paid $150 for a top line battery. We drove it home and it was fine. The very next time I drove it, we again lost all the electrical systems.
Back to the shop. It took a week to diagnose. We were told it was the BCM module which never breaks down. The bill was $1400.

The fix lasted 2 months. Upon starting the vehicle, we received a "reduced power" warning light. The car would only go 5 km/hr. Turning it off and restarting would usually clear the problem. This happened 3 or 4 times. We made an appointment for service the second day this happened. When we took it back in February, I received a phone call an hour after dropping the vehicle off. 'We don't know what's wrong with it. What do you want us to do?' I said unless they wanted it as a trade in they should find and fix the problem. No they weren't interested in it if it wasn't running. An hour later they said it was the ECM - the part would take 4 days to come in from back east - $1300. The day they were to replace it, I got another phone call. 'terribly sorry, but when they replaced the ECM they discovered the Throttle Body Module was fried (apparently couldn't diagnose that with the bad ECM) that'll be $2200 more. (We were told THESE parts also never break down.) Total bill with taxes etc. $4,200 which they graciously dropped 20%.

That repair lasted 28 days, one tank of gas, less than 1,000 km. Suddenly the vehicle was refusing to start. We called the dealership and the service person told us over the phone that he thought it sounded like the passlock system. The security system was not recognizing the key and not letting any fuel through to the engine. Bring it in.

When I took it in, they told me this part never breaks down (so how could he recognize and diagnose it on the phone?) About 2 hours later I was told that it was indeed the passlock system and for only $500 my problems would be solved. I refused and went and picked up the vehicle. The work order recommendation said 'intermittent problem - recommend starting with replacement of the passlock system and retesting.'

As we pondered what to do with our lemon, a friend said to see if we could order the part as he had a friend that might be able to fix it. My wife called the dealer and was told it needed a passlock system AND a water pump which would be another $800. When I called back and asked about the water pump, the service manager couldn't explain why it didn't appear on our work order, why we'd never had a puddle on our driveway, or had to replace fluids. He insisted that he was there when the VUE came in and he remembered there was water spraying all over in the service bay.

At this point, I called Saturn Canada. The operator I talked to, listened to me vent for an hour and promised to get back to me in 2 days. Four days later she called back. She had talked to the dealership, and Saturn Canada was confident that everything was being handled properly. I had to realize that my vehicle was getting older and I should expect a few repair costs. The dealer was sure that if I just got the passlock system done everything would be fine. But they realized I was unhappy with the vehicle; so if I wanted to trade it in AFTER paying for the repairs, they would give me a very good deal. She couldn't explain the water pump situation but was sure it was an honest recommendation.

So we called Springmans back and made an appointment to take the vehicle back in. We were told it would take 10 days to get the passlock system part from the US (as this part never breaks down and is rare in Canada.) Would we like to make an appointment in 3 days? When I asked what the point of making an appointment a week before the part came in would be I just got silence until I said to call me when the part came in.

Five days later we got a call that the part was in. My wife took the vehicle in and was met by the service manager. He asked what the problem was. She told him she had an appointment to replace the part they had brought in for us and he replied with 'but what's the problem?' When she described it to him; his response was 'Well I can tell you right now, it's not your passlock system. You've bought a cheap key somewhere, it's broken down and you have metal filings in your ignition.' My wife told him we have never bought a key from anywhere but that dealership, so if we got a cheap key, it was from them. He told her she was a liar, that the ignition was the problem and we had gotten a cheap key somewhere else. Saturn keys are good quality and never break down. She left the key and walked out. (We did have one key that was worn. It was original with the car and was the one we had replaced about 1 1/2 years earlier with a key we bought at Springmans.)

About three hours later, she phoned me. The dealership had called and said the vehicle was ready, she was going to pick it up. They said the first part they put in was faulty and they had to replace it a second time. They just wanted her to know that they had done that free of charge. I immediately told her there was something wrong here. They waited for the part to come from the US, they shouldn't have had a second part to replace it with. Sure enough, they replace the ignition housing, not the passlock system.

Now my wife was faced with a tough decision. The car is working. They hadn't replaced the part they were supposed to replace, but the car is working. Does she make them replace the other part, too? Does she complain about them replacing the ignition housing? But the car is working. So she took it. $492. No mention was made of the faulty water pump.

The wonderful trade in we were offered was a $500 cash back bonus advertised in the front window of the dealership. We really don't think we want to sign up for another 5 year term of Saturn ownership, especially after reading all the posts on sites like this one. We decide to keep the Saturn and only use it for emergencies.

We have now put another 400 km on the vehicle. It's outside in the driveway and won't start. It seems that the battery is not charging....
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Anonymous on 07/28/2008:
Have you had the alternator tested? When one of those starts to fail it can cause all sorts of electrical system troubles. And if all the repairs you've listed have been performed by one shop, it'd be a good idea to change. Doesn't sound like you've gotten competent service.
vermont patriot on 10/26/2008:
this is so typical of Saturn,I've had a few issues myself with them.
Ross on 01/12/2013:
You have got ripped of by dealer many times. Sorry to hear that )).
Jon on 07/21/2013:
I had the BCM replaced in my 2002 vue and it cost under $500.00,
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Avoid Saturn, and Saturn of the Valley, like the plague
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I purchased my Saturn Vue in late 2003; and it was in the shop before the first payment was even made with engine block issues.

Between 2004-2009; the car was at the dealership over 20 times for problems; not basic service, but problems.

The main problem started in 2006, when the transmission started acting up; the car wouldn’t accelerate quite right, it had trouble going up hills (I was terrified it would roll backwards every time I came across a hill) and didn’t quite work right when trying to shift on the freeway.

Every time this would happen, I would take it to my closest Saturn dealership, Saturn of the Valley.

They were no help. They had techs drive out with me, who HEARD the problems; yet, could never find any problems. Because my warranty came with the rental car option, they were always in a hurry to get me out of there, never being able to find anything, of course.

The final straw came when, in 2008, the transmission suddenly decided not to work on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Los Angeles. I got the car to Saturn of the Valley, and they, ONCE AGAIN, couldn’t find anything wrong with it. When I told the manager of the dealership that I didn’t feel safe in that car, and could they please keep it a bit longer so keep looking, and I would just use the rental car another day, he responded with:

“If I let you have the car for another day, you’ll just want another one.”

Thank goodness, Saturn of Santa Monica opened. When the Hazard Light broke shortly after being sent away from Saturn of the Valley, I took it to Santa Monica and I am so glad I did.

Brien, the AMAZING manager there took ONE look at my service history, even though I brought the car in for something else, and knew exactly what was wrong with my car. I literally started crying with relief when he told me that the transmission had actually been recalled and that he would replace it for me ASAP.

That transmission worked for about a year and a half. I don’t blame Santa Monica for this, and am very sad that they closed (the service I received at Galpin-otherwise known as Saturn of the Valley-is much more indicative of how I’ve been treated by this company; Santa Monica was an anomaly).

This time, the transmission died on a busy street-no warning, no lights, NOTHING. It just wouldn’t drive anymore.

Given my service history, and the class action settlement, and the warranty extension, I THOUGHT they might attempt to help me. They did nothing except the following:

1. I called on the day it happened to find out my recourse and spoke with Dennis-who was no help. He reviewed my service history, and told me the car needed to be evaluated at a Saturn dealership. I understand this, but when I asked who would pay to get the car there, I was told I would have to do this.

2. When I disputed this, he immediately said that he can’t help me and would be elevating my issue to a “district specialist” but that they weren’t in on the weekend. He wouldn’t give me their names, wouldn’t give me their phone numbers, and wouldn’t give me the names to the district managers of the Saturn dealership I would be taking my car to…nothing.

3. On Monday, Jamie, a district specialist, called. She, like Dennis, literally, did nothing. She said that she would not (her words) authorize a courtesy tow to the Saturn dealership so they could “evaluate” my car nor would she even indicate that they might pay for the repair on a faulty, new, transmission.

When I asked to speak to someone above her she said, and I quote “There is nobody above me.” When I asked who she reports to, I was told that their department reports to nobody. When I asked to speak to her supervisor she said “my supervisor will tell you the same thing.”

When I asked, once again, for the name of the department she reports to, I was told “I am empowered to make these decisions; there is nobody above us.”

Given my service history, I am appalled at the way Saturn, and GM, are treating their customers. According to the Kelly Blue Book, my 2003 Vue, with 93000 miles, because of the transmission, even though the body looks great, and I took very good care of the car, has “No Value.”

I’ve only had the car for 7 years and it now has “No Value.”

I will never, ever consider another Saturn, nor, ever use any of the Galpin dealerships that Saturn of the Valley is affiliated with again and am shocked at how Saturn has no respect for their customers, allowing them to remain, in may case, car-less and stranded.
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redmx3racer on 02/03/2010:
It will be hard to sell any Saturn, period, now that they have gone out of business.
While most of your complaint dealt with the transmission, you mentioned engine problems as well. Interesting/"Fun Fact"-if your Saturn has the 3.5L V-6 that is actually a Honda engine.
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2007 Saturn Vue
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POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK -- I purchased my Saturn Vue from a dealer in Amarillo, Texas approximately two and a half years ago.

I have had probably a dozen cars in my life, but this was my first [and perhaps] last brand new car.

At the outset, I would say that I chose Saturn, for the most part because of the reliability others had expressed in their vehicles and their award-winning customer service reputation they had established over the years, OR SO I THOUGHT.

I have had multiple problems from the start; from annoying non-essential things like a key buzzer that would go off indiscriminately to the radio controls on the steering wheel which broke 5,000 miles in; to essential things like strut mounts which have had to be replaced twice. [you'd think we take the thing off road 4- wheeling]. As well as the car falling out of gear when its still in gear.

(Did I mention the fact that our '07 Vue has only 37,000 miles on it)

This Monday, I went to the dealer ( in Poughkeepsie, NY) yet again to find out why the ignition key sometimes needs to be turned with a plumber's wrench to move and the manual transmission reminds me of the good ol' days when I had to drive an old diesel truck!

The repair manager told me I needed a new ignition [ $342 + tax] and the "cables" that apparently make the car (manual trans) shift were not covered under the power train warranty[ $380 + tax] and "front sway bar" links [$260 + tax], also not covered under warranty. I'm sorry, I thought drive train would include whatever makes car go from reverse to 1st gear would be part of the deal.

Apparently NOT!

Our miles put on this vehicle are as follows: the first 10,000 miles were around town in the city of Amarillo, Texas. we then drove 1,500 miles across the country as we moved to the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. I'll give you that the Catskill mountains are not as urban as Amarillo, but with the stress that the shock mounts and other things have taken, you would think we go through downtown Kabul every day!

I remember with fondness the day we said this little cheer with the sales team at the dealership. Looking forward to driving my new Vue, not having to worry about things breaking down all the time. (yeah right)

For the most part I love my Saturn. I just wish there was an express lane to the service and parts department, because I am there so frequently and the dealership is 60 miles from my house. ( not your fault, I'm the one that moved to the mountains.)

I've been to the dealership more often with my (NEW) car, then I ever was with my old Toyota that I drove until it had 150,000 miles on it, then the muffler fell off. The only repair other than normal maintenance and oil changes.

I told my husband that it was pointless to complain, since the 3 yr/36,000 mile warranty has expired ( by all of 1000 miles). Yet, I write this in earnest that someone will acknowledge my plea and not pound on the delete button or this note hits the recycle bin faster than parts seem to go bad on my car. All kidding aside, I am rather disappointed in your vehicle and should someone ask, I will not hesitate to give my informed unbiased opinion and share my experience with your product.

Sincerely yours,

Michelle Goedecke
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Bad transmissions/service
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I have a 2003 Saturn Vue that I purchased used in June 2005 with 37,000 miles on it. I have always maintained the appropriate oil changes and check ups that come with owning a vehicle.I had to replace the same part (something to do with the passenger front tire). That was around $55 each time along with the fee for putting it on. During the summer of 2006 it started making some weird sounds. I took it in to the dealership (Saturn of Grand Rapids 28th St.) which stated that they could not find anything wrong with it. I ended up paying for the visit and walking out with no answers. My fiancees friend had a neighbor that was a mechanic at the Saturn dealership. He wanted us to bring it in because it most likely was the transmission. They were finding that at around 75,000 the transmissions were going out in them and at which that was the same time the warranty just happened to expire. So, my fiancee got fed up with the noises and took it back to the same dealership (the closest one to us within an hours drive) which in turn checked it all out again. I received a phone call from my fiancee that it was for sure the transmission. They could get it fixed for about $5,500. The manufacturers warranty expired at 75,000 miles of course which we had already learned beforehand. The mileage was just over it. I wanted to fall over. We didn't have that kind of money on hand. I drove and met him there. One of the saleswoman had been talking to him about some options. I introduced myself and began talking about what to do now. She instantly started talking about other vehicles they had on the lot and walked us over to a car on display in the store. I told her I had a lot on my mind now because I owed a little over $14,000 on the Vue still. She walked away for a few minutes then returned. She stated that she and her boss had discussed some things and they could get me in the car for around $450 a month and that they could only give me around $4,000 for the Vue. I said absolutely not. I would be stuck with $10,000 added on top of the cost for the car. But of course, she started talking about how the original problem would be taken away and we would have a new running car, and not have to worry about trying to take care of the bill. I was so angry that she said that. HELLO!!!!! I would have a bill STILL! A much higher one and owe a whole lot more in the long run. I walked out. A few days later I had a voice mail from the woman wanting to know if I had thought about and/or made a desicion about the car. The one she insisted on showing us.I nearly blew a gasket at the nerve of her. In the beginning of November my fiancee was leaving my inlaws house luckily with myself following behind him when the vehicle stopped and wouldn't move. We towed it back to my inlaws (les than a block away). It has sat at their house ever since and it is now April. We have been down to one vehicle the whole time trying to get the kids to the babysitter and both of us to our jobs vand trying to raise our children and maintain a home. We have absolutely no way of coming up with that kind of money to fix that piece of junk. I always let people know about what happened and that I would never recommend or buy a Saturn ever again. Please if anyone has had a success with getting help with their junk of a Saturn transmission please... let me know
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tpet1967 on 06/12/2007:
Hi Mad Mommy,

Your story is mine 100% except the dealership I purchased my Saturn at was, a Ford dealer and after pretty much the same exact thing of the trans going and them offering us the same deal about trading in our broken down car and only offering us $4000 and leaving us a balance of $10,000 I didn't stop there. I wanted to talk to the owner of the dealership (who by the way never did speak to me) about how I thought their dealership frauded us (because the difference in our stories is that besides the SATURN warranty, we purchased a FORD warranty, (we weren't told there was an existing 75,000 warranty and we purchased a FORD 75,000 warranty). Guess what, FORD cannot work on SATURNS, so I too had to drive my vehicle 1 hour away for oil changes, service on noises, the steering column was making a clicking noise that was covered, I also brought my vehicle in several times for a delay, when I would put it in gear, at both the FORD and SATURN dealerships(I would first have to take it to FORD to get permission for me to take it to SATURN so that the FORD warranty would cover any cost). In the past 15 years we have purchased 5 cars from the same dealership and the same salesman who told us the the 75,000 mile warranty would cover us to over 100,000 miles because there was 32,000 miles when purchased. After many attempts to get the FORD dealership to pay for the transmission I thought I was going to have to get an attorney, when suddendly the SERVICE Manager called to let me know that they were willing to make a deal. (They would pay half and we would pay half on what he first told me was a used transmission and the cost would be $2000 each. I was offened at first because the NEW transmission would of only cost $4750.00, so I called him to ask why it was so much, he at first rudely told me that was what it was and that was the deal. The next morning I received a phone call apologizing for a GIANT misunderstanding, the $4,000 was for a rebuild, their new offer is a used transmission they pay half and we pay half of $2250.00, which as the MONTHS go by now , without finding a used transmission is still a nice gesture, but since I've realized, we had a SATURN Warranty all along and didn't need to purchase the FORD warranty and the fact that I had to put miles on my vehicle to go to SATURN 1 hour away attributed to the overage of the 75,000 miles. I am scared to call and push the issue now because there isn't anything in writing for them to keep the deal about paying half, if I were to fight and lose in court, because I feel we were frauded into purchasing a FORD warranty when there was already and existing warranty I would be screwed. So MADMOMMY that is my story if I learn of anything I will be sure to post it. Everyone I tell our story too thinks we should fight for a new transmission free of charge, because firstly the vehicle was brought in several times for the delay when I would put it in gear and I was told by FORD and SATURN that it was a computer chip and it was supposed to do that, neither place never recorded my complaint for that because both places told me that it was supposed to be like that and never looked at my transmission, secondly the salesman (who by the way is no longer there) told my husband we would have coverage to over 100,000 miles, THE WARRANTY situation, if that isn't considered fraud what is, how do you sell a good 15 year customer a warranty they don't need (which we purchased after 3 attempts by the salesman to get us to purchase it for only and additional $13.00 per month and coverage to over 100,000 miles. Thirdly the fact that FORD could not work on Saturns and it had to be driven back and forth over an hour away attributed to the WARRANTY overage which is only 4000 miles over. The more I talk about it the more I want to fight the dealership, we were good customers for 15 years, my husbands family buys their vechicles there and my husbands Company buys their vehicles there every year I do have a legitimate complaint and know lots of people to tell it too. Thanks Toni Williams VINELAND NJ
fleecedbygalpinsaturn on 09/04/2007:
My expereince with Saturn service department has been that they will try to sell your repairs that don't need to be done. Sell the car, buy something not made by GM.
Anonymous on 09/04/2007:
My expereince with Saturn is that Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter. Along with the planets Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune, it is classified as a gas giant (also known as a Jovian planet, after the planet Jupiter). It was named after the Roman god Saturnus, equated to the Greek Kronos (the Titan father of Zeus) and the Babylonian Ninurta. Saturn's symbol represents the god's sickle . The day in the week Saturday gets its name from the planet.
RCawdor57 on 11/18/2007:
I am assuming that the people posting about Vue transmission problems have the VTI transmission. The VTI transmission is a wonderful piece of crap that fails continuously. My Vue has the FWD 5 speed manual which is not a new design and has been around for ever. It should last to 500,000 miles or more if taken care of. I currently have 105,000 miles on my Vue (4 cylinder engine, 5 speed FWD manual) with no problems so far.
KymH on 12/27/2007:
Well I can definitely feel your pain. I am a single mom and my Saturn Vue is only four years and I'm having transmission problems already! Of course when I called the dealership, there wasn't a powertrain warranty on my vehicle. Up til now I was very satisfied with my Vue, now I'm VERY UPSET! I don't know what I'm going to do, the car only has 60,000 miles, this is ridiculous.
Momthreetimes on 01/11/2008:
We have a 2003 Saturn Vue, bought in 2005 with 46,000 miles on it.
At 59,000 the transmission went, the company told us the transmiission had been recalled and replaced it. However they would not cover our towing or car rental charges.

It is now, 2008 and the vehicle has 117,000 on it, 2 and a half years and 59,000 miles and guess what the transmission went again. The dealer wants 5225.00 to repalce it!!!!

How it it possible that we are having to put a third transmission in????

There are postings all over the internet about problems with 2003 transmissions, and Saturn acted like they had never heard of the problem before.

We are fixing it, and trading it in, worst car we have ever owned.

Don't they relize, that they have lost us as a customer, our kids, our families, our co-workers, and anyone else I can tell, as potential customers.

WARNING: Don't buy a SATURN!!!!!!!
PittsburghMom on 04/11/2008:
My husband and I also had many issues with the transmission on our 2003 Saturn Vue. In September 07 we were able to trade it in after months of anguish. During the time that I was fighting with Saturn (I involved a zone rep and would encourage you to do the same), I did some online research and found a law firm that has filed a class action lawsuit against Saturn for this very reason. They are making some progress now, so if you are interested and have questions about the class action suit, contact Ron Hoover at Lakin Law Firm. His email address is

Good luck!
jessicax08 on 06/27/2008:
I just bought a used 2003 Saturn Vue, 4 cyl. It had 78,000 miles on it. I bought it on a Monday, and we were starting the car up on that Thursday, and the car was acting horrible. Thankfully, we have a limited warranty, that lasts 30 days, 1000 miles. The dealer ship was a Chevy dealer, so they were not excatly updated on how excatly the Saturns are, but I loved everything about the vue, until it acted up.. just three days after I bought it. Heads up, don't buy the vue.. unless its a 2004 or up, and make sure its a 6 cyl, or greater. The engine of a 4 cyl. for that big of a car works the engine too hard, and that's why there are so many problems.
Heather V. on 01/14/2009:
Oh my goodness. I am absolutely speechless that so many others are having the exact same problem with their Saturn VUEs as me and my husband. Long story short, our 2003 Saturn VUE 2WD, bought new off the lot, has been nothing but trouble since we bought it in September 2003. I'll only focus on the transmission problems we are having. The original transmission went bad in 2007, of which we paid ~$6,000 to replace. Now, less than 2 years later, the VUE had to be taken in due to a strange noise. The dealership called us to let us know that the 2nd transmission was now bad and needed replacing. The 2nd transmission is under warranty, but much to our dismay, Saturn will only pay 75% of the replacement costs - which leaves us without of pocket expenses of $1200 to put a 3rd transmission in the car. I am so mad that I don't know what to do.

Needless to say, we will NEVER own another Saturn or GM product. We need the bailout - not the piece of )@#($&* automakers.

--Pissed off in NC
Lynnatl on 12/02/2010:
Your story is mine too. I bought my S2004 aturn ION quad 3 used in 2006 and found out later that the Saturn dealer I bought it from had just put a transmission in it knowing the problems with the transmissions on those cars. They sold me a car knowing there was class action lawsuit pending on it. Two years later the transmission went out. The dealer paid for the transmission and I paid for the labor costs $500. They only helped because I asked for it....nobody offered it...this is when I found out about the class action lawsuit. Here it is two years later and the transmission has gone out again. I have 1 payment left on this car and now it is sitting in my garage and cannot be driven. I called GM's customer service to find out what they could due to help me considering this will be the 3rd transmission for this car. I know it needs a transmission. Duh, everything else works but when you put the car in gear it won't move. I've been here before. I also had a transmission specialist look at it and they confirmed it. But, GM insists on making me pay to tow the car to a dealer ship that would cost me in excess of $50, get the car inspected by the dealer and pay $100 for that and after I put out over $150 they can then tell me how they can help me. They are being so unreasonable and insensitive to my situation especially considering they know this car has a history of transmission problems. They insist on making me pay for towing, making me pay them to tell me what's wrong with the car ($100 inspection fee) and I have no clue how much they are willing to discount the service if I let them repair it. I hope this is helpful to someone. PLEASE DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE UNREASONABLE AND DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!
JUSTINA ADKINS on 06/20/2011:
mike in ct. on 09/10/2012:
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Vue This!
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- To Whom it May Concern,

My husband and I purchased this Saturn Vue 2002 from his mother almost 2 years ago. She had the maintenance done through the dealer and is methodical about up keep on her vehicles. A new battery was installed and the 50000 mile check was done. We figured we were buying a very reliable car, boy were we wrong. We have had all the maintenance done since through our mechanic. First problem we had was the fuel pumps had to be replaced 1800 dollars now the throttle body needs replacing. My mechanic said he couldn't get the parts from Saturn till mid March I found this hard to believe so he towed it up to Saturn for me to see what they could do. They said the same thing and that it needs a new battery, positive terminal bolt throttle bodyJ5490, engine wiring harness and to recall the PCM about 2200. I start reading on line how many people have had similar issues with their Vue's, it's a lot. I spoke to someone at a GM dealership and asked why would a part be back ordered on a 2002. My understanding is that reserves of parts are kept for cars for 10years.

He said that was standard if the parts are depleted that it could be a problem. so I called corporate and Terry passed me off to Crystal in financial assistance She basically told me that that was normal wear and tear on a perfectly maintained car with 68000 miles on it. My husband then spoke to Jennifer at sales, since we don't have a car what would we get if we traded it. My husband said that he didn’t want another Saturn she came back with a 2500.offer and said that since 2003 the problems with the Vue's have been worked out. Funny Mike in the repairs department said that there are no problems and we are lucky that another customer has been waiting 6 months for a part. I have owned several used cars with 2 or even 3X's the mileage and never had these kinds of issues or service. Now I open up the Yahoo page and guess what, I see part of GM’s bailout package is to sell or close under performing brands and there doesn’t seem to be a company interested in buying Saturn. Help what do we do, we can’t find a salvaged part; we need another car do they even intent to find a new manufacturer for the part? Where do we go from here?

I would love your input.

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helpfullhand on 08/20/2009:
Penske bought Saturn.
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Don't Buy Any Vue
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ROGERS, ARKANSAS -- I own the 2003 V-6 AWD Vue and it has its own set of problems. Uneven tire wear, mainly the right rear, bearing failure and moisture getting in the rear differential, causing the clutch drum and inner bearings to go out. I didn't find out about the differential until the warranty was out, even though I had taken it to them with the wear problem and noise in the rear in 2006. Due to being talked down to at the dealer, I started taking it elsewhere. The dealer told me the noise was caused by the tires being worn and so did everyone else I took it to. The noise and vibration DID go away with new tires and always returned when worn. The last time on the tire replacement they found a broken axle and when they replaced it, the noise and vibration were worse than ever. The dealer told me it was the differential and it would cost $1200 to fix. I showed them the old axle and they said it it literally came apart, not broken. Apparently the loose axle kept the pressure off the rear with new tires so the need for repair of the differential was overlooked.

But, I just found out there has been a service bulletin out on this since 2004, so they should have known. In all, I have had 5 sets of tires, a bearing assembly ( think I need another now), replaced faulty hood latch, driver door latch doesn't open from inside properly, cracked (for no reason) driver outside mirror, cap blew off roof rack so it whistles, and the rear differential clutch drum and bearings needing replaced. I am going through the corporate office to see if they will pay to fix the differential but they were supposed to call me yesterday and didn't. Looks like lawyer time.

Advice to all: Don't buy any Saturn Vues. They all have issues and the service department will play games with you until you are out of warranty. They have knowledge of the issues and should fix them free, no matter what. It's the right thing to do.
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madconsumer on 07/02/2008:
after 5 years, I would have already repalced the vehicle.

tire wear can be from not balanced wheels and rims.
hadenuf on 07/03/2008:
I don't recall stating that I drove like a maniac or drove off road. As far as taking care of my car, regular maintenance was done, and replacing tires, balancing and alignment was done EVERY year. This car has Never been off road, highway miles only, and has never been in an accident. The problems I am having are the same as a lot are having with this model. Comment was uncalled for without the facts.
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Poor gas Mileage
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OCEANSIDE, NEW YORK -- In January 2006 I purchased a Saturn Vue FWD V-6 after extensive reseach to buy a car with good gas mileage. I was promised 20 city and 28 highway because it had a proven Honda engine as a result of a joint venture with Honda Motor Co.

I immediate began testing the mileage and found it only got about 13 mpg. As part of the 30 day exchange policy offered by Saturn I requested a different car. I was denied because they claimed it took 3-7 thousand miles for a car engine to break in.

I brought the car in at 3000 miles because the mileage had not increased much above the 13 mpg. They tested it and miraculously it got 32 mpg but they had a hand written receipt from the gas station where they filled my car up.
I drove the car another 4000 miles but the mileage remained extremely low. I brought it back and this time the dealer got 26 mpg again with a written receipt. I had dozens of calculations with pump generated receipts which calculated an overall 15.5 mpg for city and highway combined.

I brought the car back one more time and this time they calculated 20 mpg with a gas pump receipt with all highway mileage which was still 8 mpg below the promised 28 mpg. Their calculations continued to go down from a high of 32 now down to 20.

I looked the service manager in the face and asked him to teach me how to drive the car so I can get that mileage. He said since they couldn't duplicate my low mileage they couldn't do anything for me, but asked me to have my children drive the car while I was away on vacation to see if it was my driving habits creating the poor gas mileage.

We did this and my daughter got 15.64 mpg all highway and my son got 11.74 mpg with local driving around our town.

The end result is I'm SOL according to the dealer. I got an area manager involved and she too told me I'm SOL bcause they were unable to duplicate my low mileage even though I had dozens of receipts proving the low mileage.

I currently own three GM products in my family but based on my treatment they will be our last. I am telling my kids no more American cars. Detroit is losing another generation of car buyers because they treat their loyal customers like dogs. TOYOTA HERE WE COME.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/30/2007:
I just don't understand how it is possible that you were 'promised' a certain gas mileage.

You are referring to an SUV, correct? I can't think of ONE that gets wonderful gas mileage.
poppapia on 03/31/2007:
To Echo emt, who exactly promised you this mileage? I have never been promised mileage, but usually given a range. If you been paying attention lately, the federal government has confessed that the mileage rating on the stickers is not accurate, and they are in the process of changing how mileage is calculated so it is more accurate. If you were concerned about this, you should have done some research on the internet where actual customers rate and review vehicles.
Slimjim on 03/31/2007:
If the car has a Honda engine and it's not delivering the economy you expected, why are you swearing off American cars? Who says our vehicles aren't fuel efficient that you had to buy one with a foreign engine to start with. Heck, doesn't a 400hp Corvette get over 20 mpg highway today?
Anonymous on 03/31/2007:
I have a big Ford truck with a V10 and get 14.5. It's all in how you drive just like JayD says.
LennyGuy on 04/10/2007:
Consumer Reports says the Vue gets (in their tests) 12 city, 27 highway. That is straight highway driving - on a 150-mile trip it got 23. So, it seems your Vue is getting about what it should. I'm curious too, who promised you it would get high mileage - it wasn't a salesperson was it? Always check independently.
RCawdor57 on 11/18/2007:
I have a 2002 Vue with 5 speed manual, FWD only, 2.2 liter 4 cylinder engine. This vehicle DOES get 31 mpg on the highway and around 23 city. Of course I drive it easy and don't gun it plus I take excellent care of the engine, brakes, tires, etc myself. I do my own oil and filter changes and install my the brake pads and rotors myself. My Vue has just over 105,000 miles on it and drives like a dream. Oh, I also installed the new Bosch dual prong platinum plugs a few days ago to see if the mileage and performance change any.
Egrain on 06/08/2008:
I have the 2003 w/5spd manual and a 4 cylinder. We have gotten 32 on highway for long trips even with the air on at 107 degrees outside (Aug in CA). If hubby is doing city driving he gets between 18 and 22. If I am driving city I get between 23-26. Driving style makes a huge difference in this vehicle.
joe on 03/14/2014:
I have a 2007 Saturn vue hybrid that only gets 13 mpg no matter who drives it. my guess is gm discontinued it because they couldn't back it up. thank god they made hondas.
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Saturn Vue Premature Battery Failure
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MILAN -- I own a 2007 Saturn Vue 3.5L with 22,300 miles. I had a dead battery at 6pm on a Friday. I called the closest dealership on Saturday and was told they had no batteries for this vehicle, instructed to bring it in on Monday morning and they would 'order' one for me. When I told them I had to go to work on Monday, they told me there was nothing they could do about it. I wound up spending most of Saturday trying to find anyone with a replacement battery. It appears GM/Saturn uses a 'special' battery for this vehicle and 1) the model is too 'new' for most replacement suppliers to begin stocking, and 2) because it is special, no one wants to stock a slow moving item.

Nice product quality and service Saturn, this will be my last American vehicle.
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User Replies:
MRM on 02/01/2009:
This is why it is wise to buy a popular vehicle or the most bought vehicle because the parts are in demand and in stock.
Anonymous on 02/01/2009:
If you think that foreign vehicle parts are cheaper/easier to find than domestic, you're in for a big surprise.
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2003 Saturn VUE - Absolute Crap
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MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- Apparently despite Saturn realizing that there are significant problems with the CVT transmission they put in the 2003 VUE, they refuse to accept responsibility or help consumers. My vehicle is now effectively totaled because of this transmission that will cost more than $5000 to repair. That's more than the car is worth. So now I am stuck with a vehicle that is completely undriveable after having only owned it for two years, and a $3500 car loan still on it. On top of that, when I ask the Saturn dealerships what I should do, their advice is to "figure out some way to dispose of the vehicle." They will give me nothing to trade it in, not even a few dollars for spare parts.

I had absolutely no warning that this was a problem with these cars or that it was something I should have had checked out. There is no way to repair the transmission without flat out replacing it, and Saturn makes that such a complicated experience that only their dealerships can do it, so there's no way to get a more reasonable price.

I'm flabbergasted, furious, and never, ever buying a Saturn product again. Please save yourselves the excruciating aggravation and don't purchase a Saturn product either. Detroit wonders why they're having problems with giant revenue losses, right here is their answer.
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Anonymous on 01/15/2009:
There's a Saturn board called You're not a fan, of course, but the Vue message boards might have some useful info for you. There even be a way to put in a used standard trans in place of the CVT.
helpfullhand on 08/22/2009:
Saturn extended the warranty on that particular transmission and will even honor special coverage if the car is past the extended warranty. the first thing to do is contact saturns customer assistance center and start a case. the dealership can even get the ball rolling by contacting there gm rep. and he/she can approve or deny the case.
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My 2008 Saturn Vue Has Already Had Problems
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LANSING, MICHIGAN -- My brand new 2008 Saturn Vue has already been to the dealers service dept seven times & it hasn't even had its first oil change. I took three visits for them to figure out there was a defective tire sensor. Then the vehicle failed to start on three separate occasions. Two of those instances it had to be towed. The latest problem involved corrosion of the right upper strut mount plate. I have no idea why anything would corrode on a brand new vehicle.

The saddest part is that previously I had a perfectly good vehicle. I had a 2005 Buick Rendezvous. I should have purchased it, but instead I leased it. When the lease was up I purchased the Vue.

On several occasions I've mentioned to the people in the Saturn service dept, that I just want my Rendezvous back.

I just went back to the dealership today. The strut on the other side needs to be fixed. They said there was some sort of regulation that wouldn't allow them to automatically fix the other side the last time they fixed. I'm not sure I believe that, but even if it's true they could have asked me the last time I was there.

Now I have to wait for that part to come in & go back to the dealershio again. UGH!!

I've spoken to a couple of people at GM recently. They are going to give me a "maintenance package" for all my trouble. It sounds like it will pay for routine items such as oil changes. At least that's something. I still won't buy another Saturn & I still would prefer my 2005 Buick Rendezvous over this 2008 Saturn.
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Anonymous on 01/01/2009:
The 2008 Saturn Vue has 27 technical service bulletins issued. The service techs at that dealer apparently aren't reading them because some of your complaints are covered by a TSB. None of them concern corroded suspension parts.
Anonymous on 01/01/2009:
Dang. Well, there are lemon laws. I believe 18 times in with documented problems and you can legally go after these people. Save all records of service. I feel bad you bought a piece of junk. People wonder why Toyota and Honda are top notch in America?
clutzycook on 01/01/2009:
Yeah, Saturns stink. They're relatively cheap to buy, but expensive to repair.
hubbard53 on 01/02/2009:
whew...good thing we're bailing 'em out...
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