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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I went to Saturn of Madison yesterday because an indicator light on my dashboard was intermittently blinking. I mistakenly thought it was the battery light, so that's what I told them and they said they'd check out the electrical system. Later they told me that they never saw the light come on but they tested the alternator, and it took a long time, but after testing it for a while, they found that my alternator was at only 70% power. They replaced the alternator (for $385 including labor), I drove off and the indicator light immediately came back on.

I returned immediately to the dealership, and they asked me to come back the next morning. The next day they found the blinking light, and said that it was actually the coolant light. They topped off my coolant and said that it was fine now and the light was off.

I asked if I could get my old alternator put back in, but they said that it was bad anyway, so they recommended that I keep it. I asked them to put the old one back in again, and they said that they couldn't refund the labor (about $200). I told them to leave in the new alternator and give me back the old one. They charged me $30 to keep my old part, but I paid it anyway.

I made a few calls and quickly found a nearby company that does nothing but repair and rebuild generators, drove straight over there, and had my old alternator tested. They were very kind and didn't charge me for the test. There was nothing wrong with my old alternator!

I went straight back to the Saturn dealership and told them about the test and they quickly agreed to put the old alternator back in the car and give me a full refund.

The refund will be by check even though I paid by credit card and it will take two weeks. I don’t know if I’ll actually get the money or not, but in any case, I know that they would have done nothing if I hadn’t gone right away to have the old part tested. Replacing a car part that isn’t broken is not something I would expect from a reputable car dealership.


Saturn did refund my money right away, and after I complained to the head office I received a certificate for 4 free oil changes. The only problem with that is that I have to go back to that same dealership to have my oil changed. They always tell me that I need hundreds of dollars worth of things done to it, even things that I've just had done elsewhere. Oh well. Three more oil changes to go and I'll never have to walk in there again.

Ordered Car Under Customer's Name, Selling to Someone Else.
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Early October 2006 This Dealer actually called my client to say they could order the rare car she was looking for. After several calls and messages the car was "ordered" and a print out showing my clients information was then given to her. She was given an MSRP much lower than 3 months later this car would go for. After a couple of weeks of OK communication the updates and phone messages went unanswered. After much research on this rare auto, the 2007 Sky, it is our understanding that many dealers can NOT just order this car for their dealership but must order it for a customer.

The price for said auto has gone up many times since my client was given the order, yet she was promised that her price would not increase because the Dealer's would not.

The auto was to be produced on 12/4, during the week before and there after there was little to none communication by this dealer to my client, although she had placed calls to find out an update on said auto.

11/27/06 Out of no where and what we suspect are lies from my clients Sales person to save face the GM then called and extremely unprofessionally called my client ranting and raving. Stating he would not sale her this car and she was not "Saturn Material".

My client called Corporate on this date to where they were able to speak to this person & he agreed he would sell my client this auto but she should take delivery at another location.

12/4/06 2:47pm Myclient called the Corporate headquarters of Saturn to find out to whom at the dealership she would need to speak with to get her updates. At this time Corporate did speak with John and he did state that he would be the point of contact and the auto would still be hers.

12/12/06 Today my client called John to find out this week's update as this is normally done when ordering this auto, and he stated he would not sell her this auto and became very aggressive with her.

We contend that this dealership used my client's good name by means to order this auto so that they will be able to sell this auto at a much higher mark up by thousands. That the dealership to include John and David have discriminated against my client for being an educated female. That John became aggressive towards my client because she knew inside information that would hurt his career and that of this dealership.

Timing Change
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The following is the complaint that I sent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
I was driving home at approximately 9:30 PM on a very busy highway(RTE 695 - THE BALTIMORE BELTWAY) and was approaching the intersection of Interstate 70 when my car (Saturn 2000 L-Series) cut out with NO warning - no "idiot lights" - nothing. I was almost rear-ended by a semi and was fortunate to coast to the shoulder without and accident. Fortunately a Maryland State Police Vehicle stopped and provided flares for more visibility while I awaited a tow to the Saturn Dealership. My complaint is similar to a pending NHTSA case (PE06-006) in that the source of the failure is attributed to a timing chain that skipped. The Dealership refuses to recognize this wide spread problem as does Saturn Headquarters in Tennessee. They offer no mitigation to the $3,200 estimate for repair. If circumstances had been different, i.e., going up hill, rain or snow, I and my family could have been seriously injured in this Saturn with this KNOWN defect that DIED on the road with absolutely NO warning. Does someone have to die in an accident before this known defect is corrected? - end of complaint to NHTSA

I urge anyone who has had this happen to file a complaint with NHTSA ( to help build a case to cause a recall. Additionally, file a complaint with you State Attorney General's Office... MAKE NOISE or Saturn will continue to cover up this defect and we, the consumer, will foot the bill for their error.

Timing chain repair
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I have a 2001 Saturn Sedan with less than 37,000 miles on it and it just stopped last week, of course 30 miles from home. I was informed that the timing chain broke with repair to be over $2,000.00. The Saturn dealership disowned any problems with the issue. Saying I must not have changed the oil properly. Well, I have a record of oil changes and maintenance so that is not the reason. On getting it repaired the new part has been improved from the original and there is now an Oil valve (or something to that effect) that helps lubricate the new timing chain. This diffently tells me something. I am in the process of getting the car repaired and plan to pursue this further with Saturn Company. Has any one else had this problem.

Sold wrecked car as new
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PLANO, TEXAS -- In May 2000 my wife and I bought a 2000 LS from Saturn of Plano in Plano TX. This is the third Saturn I bought from them.
The LS was a demonstrator with 4,000 miles on it but they said they would treat it as a new auto. At the time we purchased the car we found that the rear bumper was damaged on it so they replaced this before we receive the car. Shortly after we receive it I noticed that the car had a bad vibration when it reached 70MPH. I took it back and they replaced all the tires on the car. But it still had the same vibration and it started to make a strange noise when the car was turned. So I took it in again and they found that a part on the front suspension was broken they also found that the coolant reservoir was cracked. After they replaced this it fixed the problem with the vibration and noise. Next I noticed that the car was making a funny sound when it was idling. I looked under the car and noticed that the muffler was not mounted on the rear of the vehicle as it should have. When I took it back to get it fixed they said that it would cost over $700 to fix it. As I explained to them that this must have been damaged before we bought the car for the following reasons.
A. damaged rear bumper.
B. Front suspension was damaged.
C. Coolant reservoir broken.
All of these occurred before we bought the car and was fixed by the dealership. They said that we must have done it by backing into something (as was done to damage the rear bumper before we got the car) and that they would have noticed it when they worked on the other problems.
I contacted Saturn Customer Assistance Center and stated that they could not do anything because they did not own this dealership and the dealership would not fix this problem unless I paid for it.
I sold the car because I could not trust it as it must have been in an accident before I bought it.
I just want to warn people about this dealership.

1997 & 99 SL SERIES
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FLORIDA -- Before I married my wife her sister owned the 97 SL. Every other time she took it to Saturn for an oil change they would write up motor mounts on the service invoice. I'm a mechanic by trade. The motor mounts going out every 6000 miles sounded fishy, especially since my wife now owns this lovely piece of $*@#. (She owned it before we met.) I looked at the mounts and they were fine even after another 30,000 miles on the car since the last mount change. Now the sister owns a 99. Oil change time, well it is cheeper at Saturn. But the things they will tell you. You guessed it, motor mounts again. They called me about this new problem, so I had them come by the shop. No abnormal movement of the engine, nothing visualy was incorrect, didn't shake going down the road. If you are told you have this problem go and get a second opinion from someone you trust.
Now back to the 97. Oil is escaping the engine, but where? My .wife complained that her oil light was on only after getting the oil changed at Saturn two weeks earlier. I was fumed. So I carefully inspected the engine. No oil leaks anywhere. But where is it going, its not burning it or is it? I found that another shop had done 6 of these 97 heads in the past month. Its not a quick and easy job. The head alone is about $850. The head gets a small hair line crack on the inside, it goes through to the outside to let oil burn off, just not egnough to see. Saturn has not re-called this part. The 97 only has 65,000 miles on it. It hasn't been hotrodded. There is no logical awnser to this except for a manufacturer defect. Guess the styrofoam they used to cast the parts needs to be changed. Saturns suck! Everyone who ever bought a Saturn new or used should get together and over throw the company and get back our money. Of course at the price when it was still on the lot.

Best service in the lifetime of all my Saturns!
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TEXAS -- Saturn of Mesquite, and everyone who works there go out of their way to make sure that everything is done correctly. They strive to be the very best and to treat all fairly. I would not want to deal with anyplace other than Saturn.

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NATIONAL CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a large Saturn SUV and was prevented from taking possession of the vehicle on the sales lot. Sorry all paperwork was taken from me at the time. I want my moneys returned or a like vehicle under the same terms replaced. It was in National City and was previously reported.

Just Plain Dishonest
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FISHERS, INDIANA -- I have had my 2001 SL in and out of there for nearly a year for the same problem. I have given them well over $600.00 so far, in several different trips, to fix the same issue.

An honest shop gave me the bad news that the main computer brain needs to be replaced, and only Saturn dealerships are allowed to make this repair. I took it back to the dealership and told them that, but instead they changed the oil and told me that it was fixed. They even charged me an $85.00 "diagnostic fee" for changing the oil. Needless to say, it is still not fixed, and I can't even get a return phone call.

I have a complaint in with Angie's List and with the BBB, and still no attempt to resolve this issue.

Don't buy a Saturn, and if you've already been sucked in like me, DON'T take it to Saturn of Fishers for service!!

Forgery Of Warranty
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MESQUITE, TEXAS -- I purchase a used car from Saturn of Mesquite (SOM), and when a warranty for paint finish and fabric was denied by the warranty company, they sent me the original warranty paperwork from SOM. My wife's signature had been forged. After talking to SOM and demanding to look at my file, I found that the "free" tire warranty given to me had also been added to my contract. This was all slipped by me because the Finance Manager had my wife sign a blank paper with only the words "no trade-in" written on the left of the paper. The file showed that paper now with the list of amounts including the warranties. Get the picture? Fraud, and forgery!!!

Examine your papers and contact me if you have experienced the same. The Mesquite police will not handle, and two government offices will not deal with. Possible suit?

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