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Best service in the lifetime of all my Saturns!
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TEXAS -- Saturn of Mesquite, and everyone who works there go out of their way to make sure that everything is done correctly. They strive to be the very best and to treat all fairly. I would not want to deal with anyplace other than Saturn.
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NATIONAL CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a large Saturn SUV and was prevented from taking possession of the vehicle on the sales lot. Sorry all paperwork was taken from me at the time. I want my moneys returned or a like vehicle under the same terms replaced. It was in National City and was previously reported.
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Skye on 09/29/2009:
What reason did they give you, for not allowing you to take your SUV, that you just purchased??

And why did you let them take away the paperwork. Something is very fishy here.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/30/2009:
There has to be more to the story...
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Saturn Engines
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MOSINEE, WISCONSIN -- I own a Saturn 1994 SW2, from the time I bought the car , used, it has lost oil, slowly, but does lose enough that have to continually add. I have a close friend that owns a 1999 Saturn SL2 that has the same problem but a lot worse than mine, we have not detected a leak or that its burning it, I would say that like I read in another review that they produced a defective head.

Also, mine as is with hers the power windows now lock up while opening or closing. I have not been very impressed by this car, the engines have some zip to them but the oil loss is annoying.
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killerklown on 12/02/2007:
My '94 SL2 leaks a bit of oil, but a thirteen year old car with 250k miles on it is more than likely going to start exhibiting problems...
runaway on 12/02/2007:
I had a '94 for 8 years; loved that car, and never had an issue with it the entire time.
Augustus2099 on 12/22/2010:
My 99 SL2 uses oil like there is no tomorrow. ALL Saturns have this problem.
houston jm on 06/17/2013:
I have a 2001saturn sl2 1.9 dohc bought cherry from dealer. Kept up with service maint. 4 , 5 year warranty. Car has never let me down.automatic over drive trans. I drive 15 miles one way to work on 45 south for past five years at 75, 80 mile an hour and hitting passing gear at that speed.never had aproblem I gas up at chevron or shell only.lm at 127380miles the only thing that worry me is should I get I on borrowed time?
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If it can go wrong it will
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KANSAS -- Well, lets see where to start. I have the last year of the SC series and now I know why they stopped making it. After the car was 3.5 years old, it got a vaccuum leak and I had to spend $600 dollars to replace the intake gasket (parts were only $80). Just two weeks ago the power locks went out (the key fobs went out about two years ago and new batteries didn't help) so now we get to manually lock and unlock the doors. The side mirrors also went out and I'm trying to figure out how to get the dome light cover off to change the bulb to see if that's related. Everything on the car already rattles. The seatbelt locks when I'm excelerating onto the highway (and going over RR tracks). Also, it blocks the back window so I can't see out it when changing lanes (hello blind spot). Well, I'm sure there is more, but can't think of it right now. With all of these problems and I got a five year loan so its not even paid off yet!!! I will never own another Saturn again!!!!!
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Anonymous on 05/23/2007:
Don't feel to bad about the door locks. Only one of five still works on my Ford truck.
runaway on 05/23/2007:
If you want to know how well made a vehicle is, look at the warranty; they use statistical averages to find out when the problems are usually going to begin, and end the warranty before that point. Example; if they warranty the drive train for 75,000 miles, then 98%+ of vehicles will go that long without issues- after that point, who knows. Electrical issues are not covered that long, because of the multitude of problems that can occur.
You are at the point where you need to ask around and find a good mechanic with decent prices (DON'T just go for the cheapest!) and start fixing the issues. It's a fact of life with any vehicle that problems will crop up as they age, and these days, anything over 3-4 years is considered an older vehicle.
geisergirl on 05/29/2007:
I know, I was just hoping that my car would start these after I paid it off. lol And with the warranty, yep, it their 3 year 39000 mile warranty from 2002. Not to mention, I should have known not to get the vehicle they were not going to make anymore.
fleecedbygalpinsaturn on 09/04/2007:
Saturn does not stand behind their cars-sell it and buy something besides a GM.
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Saturn cars are horrible - DO NOT BUY
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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I am writing this after watching my daughter go through years of ridiculous and costly repairs on her what was once new Saturn. She got caught up in the "customer service" promise like so many have before and since her. Ha! She has had nothing but headaches with that car. It stalls out when she turns corners if the gas tank is 1/4 full. It doesn't start. It stalls at stop lights. Saturn can't find anything wrong with it. But they keep "fixing" talking her into major tune ups when it's not even time for them. This girl is anal about getting her car serviced on time (even before time). She has NEVER missed an oil change or scheduled service. Saturn cars are crap. The car is in the dealership right now because it stalled and she had to push it to the side of the road. Called her with a $500 estimate to fix a few things. What recourse does she have??? NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER SATURN EVER. I've had my Honda for 4 problem EVER.
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Anonymous on 06/06/2006:
File a bbb complaint (Saturn of HB has 1 unanswered problem). That loose wire is probably a loose alternator cable. Again "Auto dealearships are not in the business of repairing cars on selling them" - So find a reliable auto shop and use them, just buy the parts at the dealership and take them to your new auto shop. Get your oils changed at a good indie oil changer.
Good luck
Anonymous on 06/06/2006:
That should be "Auto dealearship's are not in the business of repairing cars ONLY selling them"
Anonymous on 06/07/2006:
I concur. (tr)
Doc J on 06/07/2006:
Very truthful Jay. That backdoor of a dealership always generated more revenue than the front door. I have a friend who is a GM dealer that told me that. A dealer often makes as little as $200 on the sale of a new car. Try getting a minor repair done at a dealer for that amount.
Anonymous on 06/07/2006:
nice post J
Anonymous on 06/07/2006:
Rodijo, when you buy an automobile from a dealearship. The majority of them would rather see you and your automobile on the side of the road so you'd buy another they'd rather milk you for every dollar. My argument and I've been through this before, which is why I stand behind my words. 1. How do you know the repair is being done? Having a manual isn't enough. 2. Some won't give you the parts back, oh we need that alternator to rebuild it. 3. Clearly - Don't ever take your new auto back to the dealer. Find a good mechanic (listed in the BBB) and take it there. I've never a problem, with a dealership, because "I don't give them one thin dime of money" for all of the ripping off they caused me in the past. Don't ever frequent that Saturn Dealership either for parts, find another. And most of all have a nice day! :) :) :)
dmjar863 on 06/08/2006:
If the dealers repair shop keeps screwing you over and not fixing the problem WHY DO YOU KEEP GOING BACK?? Go to a different repair shop or two of them to compare and see what they say the problem is.
irate1 on 09/01/2006:

A lot of the service on Saturns cannot be accomplished by even the best independent shop. Saturn has you tied down somewhat. Try to have an ignition switch replaced at an independent shop. If you have the serpentine belt replaced at an independent dealer you void any power train warrant left on your vehicle. Going independent is not that easily done.
Anni on 02/05/2007:
You are crazy! Saturns are wonderful. I've owned 4 and have NEVER had any problems. GREAT CARS!!
fleecedbygalpinsaturn on 09/04/2007:
Saturn dealerships are out to make money regardless if the car needs a repair or not. I was just told by a Saturn dealership I needed new tires when thet are only a few months old. Plus they never checked what I asked them to. I will never go to a GM/Saturn dealership again. Sell your Saturn and buy a something not made by GM.
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Another Saturn Sob Story...
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PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Watch out for L300 series, I found out hard way, bougth one new, lots of electrical problems, flickering headlights, voltage issues, buzzing noise, radio turns off and on, heater turns off and on. Saturn has a corporate bulletin issued in 9/14/04 that was not disclosed to me before purchase that states this is a "normal operating characteristic" and no service is required! Lost a lemon law hearing! Looking for class action participants-anyone out there with similar issues?
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ejack053824 on 05/10/2007:
Here's my advice...Don't buy Saturn's!! They are pieces of shyt!
grandma005 on 05/10/2007:
That is the first thing that you said that I agree with.
poppapia on 05/10/2007:
ejack, your points are usually well taken, but lay off of the cursing, it makes it sound like you are extremely immature.
Ponie on 05/10/2007:
In addition to ejack being extremely immature, he seems to have a perpetual 50 pound chip on his shoulder. An attempt at being Macho Man?
ejack053824 on 05/10/2007:
Immature? Bite me! How's that for immaturity!? Course I'm a Macho Man...I fly combat fighters in the Air Force. All of us are hot shot macho man jocks. You didn't know that? LOL!!
wolfn on 07/09/2007:
I bought a 2003 Saturn L300 with 62,000 miles on it, in just 2 weeks of owning it on a road trip I experienced a complete power outage and this was at night while in a 65 mile an hour hwy curve.
My 12 year old son and I was driving from CA to OR, before leaving CA a warning indicator came on in the dash (car with wrench symbol), well I called Saturn from my cell they assured me it was OK to drive the 800 miles back home to OR. Well the stereo was on (AC may have been on) all the lights were on, headlamps, dash etc. Going along the hwy it was dark with no moonlight and the road started into a curve and at 65 miles an hour all of a sudden!! "POP" a loud pop came from the stereo and all the power went off!! Lights out! I’m not sure if the engine went off or I let off the gas, we were coasting into a curve in the road and couldn't see anything. In just seconds (seemed longer) the power came back on. Scared the sh_t out of us, we thought a UFO was scanning us or something LOL
Anyway the car has a 3month 3000 mile warranty on it and I called Saturn service and they will look at it tomorrow. After hearing all theses bad complaints I sure hope I didn't buy a money pit/piece of cr_p!!
JennStrez on 09/02/2007:
November 2003 I bought a 2003 Saturn L300 with the V6. I loved the car but hated the problems...before it left the lot the lights on the dash board went out! In the first 500 miles it was at the dealer 3 times for the lights. When I was explaining the problem to the service manager, I told him that I thought there was a problem with the alternator ...headlights & dashlights blinked constantly...especially when using the defrost or AC. He told me in so many words that I did not know what I was talking about that men usually bring cars in for service. I immediately reported him to Saturn Corporation. This was the dealer in Jenkintown, PA.

Faulkner Dealer in Trevose, PA handed me the "Normal Operation" publication about the headlights blinking. At the time they gave it to me, it just came out from the corporate office....

At about 20k miles, the brake booster failed. It was a real treat stopping the car at 50 MPH approaching the intersection and the car was not stopping...I could have killed my family or someone else. The dealer in Doylestown, PA would not have the car towed to them. They told me to drive it in.

I had the silver metallic color...the roof had pieces that peeled. They had to repaint them. At first they tried to say I was using a scrub brush to wash my car... I had a good time with the service manager on that. (Saturn of Doylestown, PA)
the car visited the dealer 2 times for the brake booster...they forgot to put the firewall back in the car after they put the new booster in. That was a real treat to feel the heat of the motor on my feet, and they would not tow the car (Saturn of Doylestown, PA).

I loved the car, not the problems.
I paid several times for rental cars, I was only given a rental 3 times, the other times I paid. Typically I had to get a bit pushy with them to get the rentals.

After the brake booster, I was fed up. The 3 local dealers in my area all had seen the car, and all three were not capable of fixing the problems.
I called 1-800-Lemon-Law... I talked to an attorney, and filed a Lemon Law Suite against Saturn.

About 6 months after I filed my suit the check engine light came on in the car...I traded it in. The lights were still blinking...

My day in court was around June of 2006 (about 1 year after we filed suit)the day before Saturn settled out of court. No where near the equity I lost to trade in the car (with a car fax report as long as 2 arms long, nobody would give me a decient trade)...
How I won my suit was the documentation I kept. I had all receipts for repairs and maintenance. They questioned whether I maintained the car (like an oil change makes lights flicker, window motors to go real slow, and a brake booster to fail)...anyway....I had all my documentation, including for all the rental cars I paid for.

Previously I always owned all General Motor vehicles...I went and bought a Suzuki. Best choice I could have ever made. To this day, I have only had to oil change, rotate tires, and brakes... I love my Suzuki. The dealer close to my home does not try to pull quick ones for more money.
Worst part is my Mother-In-Law had a 2003 Saturn L300 and hers starting having major mechanical problems at 70k miles. I traded mine in at about 26k miles, owned it less than 2 years. Never again. Saturn lost my business forever. Lawsuit Settlement or not, I lost confidence in GM.

fleecedbygalpinsaturn on 09/04/2007:
I feel for you- they will get you any way they can. Steer clear of the service department and take to a reputable mechanic instead.
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Great Experiences
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DUNDEE, ILLINOIS -- I just wanted to say I have purchased 3 automobiles from Saturn of Dundee, in Dundee Illinois and they have been wonderful with me all 3 times. I had some bad experiences with traditional dealerships including a Used car manager who took my keys and woundn't give them back until I threatened him! But Saturn has been such a blessing not to have to haggle! I will never buy a car from a traditional dealership again, because I just don't wanted to be treated that way. Thank you Saturn.
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power windows
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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- My four power windows in my 92 Saturn sl 2 have all been repaired at least once and some as many as 4 times. Why hasn't there been a recall?
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Anonymous on 12/16/2002:
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