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Rude, Condescending, Shipping Scam!
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KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- After paying an extra $20.00 for 2 day shipping, I received an email stating my package would arrive on Tuesday (ordered it on Thursday). I phoned customer service, and oh MY!! Rude, and unprofessional.

Read the fine print ma'am...Fed Ex doesn't deliver on Saturday??? Since when??? BEWARE of what you are paying for before you order ANYTHING from this company!

Digital Photo Keychain
By -

This key chain is defective. bought 2 like many of you and neither hold charge or turn on. this company knows this and should not be selling these but the fact is that most people got it as a gift and won't return it. plus if you pay more than half the cost in shipping to return it, as requested from 1800 374 2744 it is not worth it. especially when you get another defective one shipped out to you. that is what happened to me. Sharper Image is already bankrupt and now I can see why. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT. BOUGHT 2 AND BOTH WERE DEFECTIVE..

Sharper Image Wireless Speakers
By -

CALIFORNIA -- On February 11th I purchased a set of the Sharper Image wireless speakers. After the first week I started having trouble with the transmitter receiving the signal from the stereo and the only way to solve the problem was to turn the stereo to MAX volume. Next problem to happen was the transmitter wasn't receiving power. I had to stand there and hold the plug at an angle inside of the transmitter in order for it to receive power. After a short period of time, that too stopped working. I spoke with the store and asked about an exchange but because I do not have the original box the speakers came in they were unable to help me. This was my fault and understandable and they were very polite and I completely understood. I emailed The Sharper Image and explained what had happened, and they merely sent me a form response asking for the order number and that they couldn't help me until I responded with that information. Basically I was blown off and totally disregarded. I have now spent $161.57 for speakers that lasted approximately 3 weeks, for a total of $8 a day on a temporary use cheaply made product from a company that doesn't even bother to read the emails!

Too Much Maintenance!
By -

I own THREE of these Quadras. These things are more trouble than they are worth!

Although they clean the air (somewhat), they require VERY frequent and VERY thorough cleaning (NOT because my air is any dirtier that yours either).

Cleaning is required almost weekly, never any longer than 2 weeks, and to clean them thoroughly is VERY DIFFICULT. If they are not cleaned regularly, they become very noisy, making highly irritating static and crackling sounds.

To clean them, I remove the grids, take the remaining cases/enclosures outside, and blow them out thoroughly with compressed air. Then I turn them upside down a few times per the instructions, and then I blow them out some more. And then I wash and dry the grid as the instructions call for. What a PAIN!

Also these things do not come back on automatically after a power failure.

I am sorry I bought them, especially considering how expensive they are.

Steinhausen Men's Watch - I Purchased This Watch On 5/26/08
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I returned this watch on June 3, 2008 because I learned that this watch was not being sold in any store and after I contacted the Company that made the watch they stated that it must be counterfeit and all warranties will not be honored. The Store stated that they were in bankruptcy and could do nothing about it. I explained that the watch must be counterfeit and they stated me me that the store is no longer in operation and was very sorry. It seems like if a store sells a product, and the product might be counterfeit as the maker stated they would at least honor the request for a return.

They suggested that I join the other complaints they have and hope for the best. I plan to complain to the attorney general of Florida concerning the probably of selling counterfeit watches.

Replaced Free Twice
By -

Their warranty is pretty good - they pay for the return and delivery of Air Purifiers that quit working. The Five year guarantee is pretty good and I must compliment them on considerable good backing. While I realize that Consumer Reports won a big suit for denouncing their purifiers, they do seem to get a lot of dust out of the air. That is what I need. I just wish that they would last longer. Perhaps other people do get better results.

Now I realize that they are sending more information about how to take care of the machines so that they will last longer - hopefully. I am going to try since my five years expire soon.

Sharper Image promises
By -

I ordered this gift on November 27th. I realized that it was "back ordered" but holiday delivery was promised.

On Dec 19th Sharper Image told me that the item was shipped and they gave me a UPS tracking # (e-mail ). I spoke to them twice, by phone and they PROMISED it would be delivered by Monday, the 24th. When I checked with UPS on line, nothing matched. Turns out, instead of the promised "3day delivery" the item will be delivered on Thursday the 27th.

UPS told me that they have received many calls about Sharper Image deliveries. Sharper Image promised customers that there would be a Dec 25th delivery !!

I cannot express my disappointment. Thursday, the 27th is not the same. Sharper Image does not seem to understand what the meaning of a gift is.

I will NEVER trust them again.

Sharper Image Charges customers to Make Ionic Breeze Safe for Consumer Use
By -

After paying several hundred dollars for these machines that are later discovered to be producing dangerous levels of ozone in my home I then find out that to make these “health threatening” machines safer I have to pay out an additional $39.99 (PER machine) for a grid devise that Sharper Image says should fix the high levels of ozone they produce.

This is an insult to consumers who shelled out hard earned cash for these machines.

Could auto makers have made car owners pay for the parts after they lost a lawsuit over faulty parts noted to pose a risk to consumers? No, they have to issue a recall or offer to fix the defective part for free. So how has Sharper Image managed to get by with being ousted for making an air purifier that emits dangerous levels of ozone, noted to be harmful to our health, but they do not have to pay for the part needed to make their product safer for their consumers?

Offered a refund within hours
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I had purchased two Ionic Breeze air purifiers about 3 years ago. Last fall both stopped working about the same time.

Out of the blue I decided to try to email Sharper Image about replacements. I used this site to look up an email contact at Sharper Image and sent them a message detailing my disappointment in their product lasting only 3 years.

Within hours I received a reply and apologee as well as an electronic UPS shipping label to send my units back for replacement!

Sharper Image has definitely proven to me they care about their customers and stand behind their products.

Gift Card redemption
By -

CALIFORNIA -- There were previous posts about SI no longer accepting their own gift cards due to bankruptcy.

Now they will, but with conditions. You must spend all the money on the gift card in one transaction, and the purchase must be at least twice the value of the card.

Here is an article about this

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