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Simply Wireless Rebate/Cingular Service Motorola V3 Razr
By -

I have been rebate scammed by The Simply Wireless salesperson told me that all 4 of the phones I was purchasing qualified for rebates and they would ultimately cost $50/each (after rebate). I double & triple checked that the plan I signed up for (a family plan with a 2 year contract with Cingular) qualified for rebates on all 4 of the phones and I was assured that it did and my end cost was $200.00.

When the phones arrived via DSL delivery, they failed to include the Cingular "welcome package", the accessories and the wrong rebates were included (Nextel rebates rather than Cingular). I called customer service and was assured that I could use the Nextel rebate for Cingular - I refused, once again went over my qualifications for the rebate and required that they send the correct rebates, and the welcome kit.

The new set of rebates came. They were for Cingular but now they had the wrong date of sale. Once again I called and was told that they would be fine and accepted because that date is generated by the computer and they couldn't change it and I have my dated receipt. When I asked about the welcome kit, I was told to call Cingular directly to get that.

I called Cingular and the young man basically said I should deal with a local Cingular store front, not simply wireless - they do not stand behind any online store front sales. He said he would do me a favor and send the welcome kit, never did receive the welcome kit. The accessories never came and I had all kinds of problems canceling the order. Then my Cingular Bill comes and it is ridiculously expensive - YIKES - I know for sure now that I have been scammed.

Just to add insult to injury, I believe the phones were refurbished or used. They didn't look "new" and one stopped working for a day (it was stuck in camera mode) then for some reason started working again. Another of the phones was already replaced by Motorola as the screen stopped appearing. In the 15+ years I have had cell phones, I never had a problem with them or the company - reception problems yes but this is fraud.

In November of 2005, it is time to collect on the first set of 3 month rebates. I mail all the typical "Rebate" stuff and having a "bad feeling" about all this, I send it via registered mail, return receipt so that I can't be told that they didn't receive it on time. I get the return receipt, I wait, and wait and it is now February 2006... and I still don't have the rebate. It says that the rebate would take up to 10 weeks. It is 12 weeks now.

Simply Wireless sales people verbally confirmed with me many times that the family plan & all 4 phones qualified for the rebates. I confirmed that my end cost would be $200.00. I called the rebate department as I did have "further questions". After much complaining on my part she offered to rebate another phone. So now, supposedly 2 of the 4 phones (for this round anyway) will get a rebate. Of course I haven't seen one cent yet.

Lies, Scams, Used Phones, More Lies
By -

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I decided to buy a cell phone for my son and to migrate my phone from ATT to Cingular and get a new phone for myself. I stopped at one of the Simply Wireless booths at Landmark Mall in Alexandria, VA. He had a deal for me! I could get the hottest MP3 phone for my son for $150 and a V3 Razr for myself for 69.99 and get a rebate of $50. I also got a free bluetooth headset. I could get a 700 min. shared plan for $59.99 no extra charge for the second line. So I bought the phones and some accessories. I paid them $271.

The next day while looking at my razr phone I found that the address book was loaded with phone numbers. They sold me a used/returned phone. I had specifically asked if they were new. They exchanged the phone and apologized. That evening... when looking at the usage, I saw that they had only given me a 550 min. plan. Well I was mad. I had more min. on my old plan. I further looked into it and they had signed me up for $23 of additional monthly charges that I had not asked for nor been offered.

I called cingular and they took off those charges but said I had to go back to the store to get the rate plan changed. I called the store and the manager who answered stated they don't have that rate plan, I could bring everything back. I said "can you give me my old AT&T account back?" He said "yes but it would take about an hour" - that I should call. I said "I would wait". I decided that they were shady and I had better call.

I called cingular and told them everything. They gave me the migrations dept and they changed everything back right away with no trouble. I took the phones back to Simply Wireless and when I told them I had already changed my phone back, he said, "that's impossible. Once you change you can't go back". I said "then why did you tell me that on the phone?" He said "I didn't tell you that. I don't know who you talked to". I said "well my phone is working". He tried to tell me that I was stuck with the two phones. I said "OH no I am not and if you would like me to tell every customer standing here what you did to me, then give me some more trouble".

He went and called cingular asking them why they reverse migrated my phone and he was furious. He was counting on telling me I couldn't go back and then I would keep the phones. They told him something cause he came back and refunded all of my money. It just so happened a Cingular rep was there and she got all the lowdown on what they had done. Later that day, I found that the phone I paid 150 for, Radio Shack had for 49 with a 25 instant rebate. Live and learn right. Go to the Cingular Stores!

Beware of Simply Wireless
By -


Because that my active acct. with AT&T Wireless was due to expire and that I was going on an extensive vacation during the time my contract would be expiring, I did a search on the Internet for wireless phone companies and started making some inquiries. I called Simply Wireless on March 13, 2004, to inquire about the plan options and phones they had to offer. I had intended on using Simply Wireless until the salesman I was speaking to told me it would take 10-14 days for me to receive the phone. I told him that it would not work out because I was going on an extensive vacation, a cruise and a trip to Las Vegas, and wanted the phone several days prior to leaving to make sure the reception would be good beings I live in a very small town and many of my friends had complained they had bad reception with their phones. Also, it was important to me to get a new phone right away so I could have the opportunity to try the new phone out while my service with AT&T was still active in case I had any problems.

The salesman offered to have the phone shipped to me over night express at my expense with an approx. cost of a $17.00 (my previous servers had shipped the phone to me overnight express at their expense and I assumed this was pretty much the practice of all servers). I told him that I did not want to pay that expense, I would just continue using my current AT&T service (enclosed copy of my AT&T service contract for your reference). I did tell him that I would check in with them another time and see if they still had any good deals going. He was not real happy about the situation and tried to talk me into paying the overnight express charge (he implied that I was just cheap) I was firm and said no. I did not want to pay the additional shipping charge since my AT&T service was still active and working fine. I was not going to allow him to talk me into paying for a phone that would arrive while I was on an extended vacation.

When I returned from our extended vacation, mid April 2004, I noticed the package left at my front porch. I opened the shipping box (please note that I opened the shipping box, but I never and have still never opened the phone box) and was shocked to see it was a phone. I'm shocked that Simply Wireless would ship an activated phone and have it left on the porch, where it could have been stolen. I read the invoice and realized that the Simply Wireless salesman had activated an account for me without my permission. In fact, I told him NO I did not want to do business with them at this time. Now having just returned from an extensive vacation and trying to get myself ready for a major surgery that I was scheduled for on April 28, 2004, I had to take my time to call Simply Wireless and get their scam straightened out. I called the customer service number, which I found on the invoice in the shipping box, on April 12, 2004 not April 1 as Ms. XXXX stated. I spoke with a young lady and told her I was unhappy about them starting an account for me without my permission, and then I explained the whole story to her. She apologized and said she would stop the service immediately. I also told her that I needed to get the phone back to them and did not feel I should have to pay the shipping. She said she would send a mailer. At this point, I figured it was all cleared up. The account, which I did not give permission to set up, would be nullified immediately and I would send the phone back to them once I received the mailer.

Ms. XXXX stated in her letter that I said I forgot to mail the phone back. This is not a true statement. I tried to explain to her that I set the phone aside while waiting to receive the mailer, which I never did receive. Beings I was having surgery on April 28, 2004, with a six-week recovery, the phone was the last thing on my mind.

When I received a bill from T Mobile for $274.11, I immediately called T Mobile and told them the whole story about how an account was activated in my name by Simply Wireless which I DID NOT give permission to do. The customer service lady apologized and cancelled the bill. I mentioned to T Mobile about the phone (which I had not opened, used, or even looked at) and that I had not received the mailer that Simply Wireless said they would send me. She said T Mobile was not the one that would be mailing the mailer. She told me to wait a bit longer because she was sure I'd be receiving the mailer soon. Mind you this all was taking place while I was at home from the hospital recovering from major surgery.

Every time I would get a letter or a call from Simply Wireless I would call T Mobil and give them the information so they could note my account. I am in the process of trying to obtain a copy of the notes on my T Mobil account.

After all this had transpired I still had not received the mailer to return the phone to Simply Wireless. I tried on several occasions to find out from Ms. XXXX how they could activate an account without my permission and that I would like to send the phone back to them but I hadn't received the mailer. Ms. XXXX states she informed me that they would not be able to accept the phone at the late date as the manufacture would not give them credit, THIS IS NOT TRUE. At the suggestion of T Mobile I mailed the phone back to Ms. XXXX, at my expense, to end this problem. If Ms. XXXX had told me she would not accept the phone I sure would not have wasted my money mailing the phone back to her at my expense.

Ms. XXXX has mailed the phone back to me and has turned my unauthorized account over to a collection agency. I am really blown away by the fact that I have been scammed and am having to spend so much of my time clearing up this problem. I'm now out the shipping cost, my time, and am being harassed by a collection agency. I would not do something so foolish. Ms. XXXX said I stated I would die before I pay this bill, she is accurate, I refuse to allow Simply Wireless to take advantage of me this way, and I do not appreciate their scamming tactics.

I have copies of my surgery bill my cruise itinerary and hotel bill plus my AT&T phone bill which was active until late April. My cruise started March 21, 2004 to April 5th, 2005, we we in Vegas April 5th, 2004 to April 9, 2004. The phone was left activated on my porch March 24th, 2004.


I'm not sure if I could use the Customer Service Managers name so I used XXXX's

By -

After 13+ months of haggling with this company to deliver on the 3 rebates offered with this purchase I have finally lost my head. As an example, the rebate information I submitted postmarked Oct 13 was finally paid (received by me) on March 19. They are refusing to pay on the second submission after agents from the company which represents them have repeated told me to continue to be patient, etc. I don't hold out much hope for the third submission.

Simply Wireless Is a Fraud
By -

Do not buy from this site. A total rip-off. Poor Customer Service. Will never return any rebates nor tell you the truth about rebates when calling over by the phone. There is always a catch. Beware!!!

Simply Wireless Cell Phone Rebate Scam
By -

VIRGINIA -- In June of 2005 I purchased 2 phones from Simply Wireless on the Cingular family plan. The ad and all paperwork was very clear that there were a series of 3 rebates for each phone - $25 at 3 months, $50 at 6 months, $50 at 9 months. At 3 months I submitted for the rebates at 3 months for $25 for each of the 2 phones or a total of $50. After hearing nothing I contacted them and they said they never received it.

I submitted for the rebates at 6 months for $50 for each of the 2 phones or a total of $100. I have received nothing, but their rebate status website informs me that the rebate is ineligible on one of the phones because it is an add-on. They have unilaterally changed the provisions of their contract with me apparently. They refuse to respond. I'm sure they are counting on the notion that $50 or $100 isn't enough for anyone to sue over.

I wonder how they would feel about a class action suit? If you read this and are the victim of the Simply Wireless rebate scam send me an email at **. If you read this and are contemplating buying from Simply Wireless understand that they may not honor their rebate promises. Avoid them.

Simply Wireless Rebate Scam
By -

Buyer beware. They will tell you that you qualify for rebates but will not honor what they say. I ordered multiple phones and they assured me that EACH phone qualified for the rebates. However, they changed the rules and state that each phone must be on a $39 rate instead of one $39 rate with phones added on. I did ask over and over to make sure all the phones qualified with the plans I BOUGHT through them and they assured me they did.

They are misleading consumers and pocketing your money. I talked to Vivian ** and I consider the company a liar and NOT living up to what they promised. Website showed the following when ordering: Two phones 199.99 each.
Total: $0.00 after rebates.

Stole My Money
By -

LINDSTROM, MINNESOTA -- I signed up for Simply Wireless, and they had a 30 day grace period. On the 29th day, I lost my job and so I cancelled my service. I called the correct number and then I asked, “What do I do with the phone.” Lady said, "Keep it, it is yours". So like a fool I kept it. Then I get the bill for $500.00 saying I did not follow the correct procedure. I did exactly what they told me to do. I was under the 30 day grace period.

They said that I should have sent the phone back in the original box, so I sent the phone the phone back and the nasty lady said, “That is too bad, you did not send the phone back under the 30 days.” I said, “The gal told me to keep it.” “Too bad, you us 500.00.” I said, “I sent the phone back,” and she said, “It will be sent back to you because you did not follow the rules.”

The phone came back and I refused to accept it. She then sent my 500.00 bill to collections. What a rip off that company is. They cannot follow their contracts. They cheat people and send their bills to collections so we have to pay. Never ever use Simply Wireless or listen to what customer service says. They lie!!!

By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- I am a Simply Wireless customer who did receive the rebate. Their rebate department was a little difficult to get through initially, but I did finally speak with them. They were kind and explained that there were some errors in processing their rebates. They reviewed my rebate and told me they would process it. I just received the check this morning. Simply Wireless is true their word.

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