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Oak Bedroom Suite leaves buyer yelling timber
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CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- I'm not a tree topper or a woodsman but a Queensize oak Torreon Bedroom suite has left a city girl like me yelling timber (It was firewood they sold me). I purchased this seeming perfect suite 02/28/2010. it was delivered March 4, I left town the same day and returned ten days later (March 14) and climbed into my seemingly comfortable bed by March 18/2010 I heard something slide while I was laying in it. The panel in the left side of the head board slide down exposing the unfinished wood. I called for a technician who finally after waiting a week (no return call from Slumberland) came out when I called on the 23. The tech put the warped middle draw of the dresser on track because the delivery men never did retouched a spot he left and observed the left hand side of the bedpost at the foot board which was so warped you could actually see the nails in it. After this the attempt to send out another foot board (which was also defective) was made on the 2nd of April. but due to it being defective, it was returned and two more Queen Torreon (head board, foot boards were ordered) I went in to inspect them before delivery they were deffective as well, not to mention at least three other Torreon head boards they had in the clearance room for 176.00 each all warped or falling apart. After trying to substitute another suite for the Torreon and quietly noticing defects in other suites or being told it would take two months to get a single mirror for a suite. I picked another oak suite but then noticed a few defects, I decided I wanted to keep my box spring and mattress and just return the suite for a full refund of a lump sum in cash I paid out. Guess what Slumberland picked up their wretched pile of lumber (which they are still selling to people at a higher price knowing its defective) last Tuesday April the 13/2010. I was allegedly going to get a refund check in the mail for the full balance they owed me that I paid in cash. I called corporate offices today to get a nice nasty attitude from an employee who basically lied and claimed he'd cut and mail me a check tomorrow which is Wednesday (02/21/ 10) because the store in cedar rapids (five days after receiving their defective merchandise back) never sent the paper work to coroporate offices so they could cut me a check. The store manager in Cedar rapids hung up in my face two times (as soon as he heard me call him by name and then lied and said the speaker phone accidentally disconnected the call. finally after another bold face lie (the computer was down as if any business would have that problem for five days including Saturday) he lied and said he'd call corporate and call me back. He never did so my spouse called him and he in turn lied to my spouse and told him he would send my refund by Fedex on the 22nd. The gentlemen (only because this is the only thing I can legally say about him) at corporate had nerve enough to tell me he'd cut me a check Wednesday and mail it out never did call me back so I'm guessing I'll have to handle this in court because like any one else in my shoes would assume these people have no intention of giving me my money back. IF YOU HAVE SENSE ENOUGH SPEND YOUR DOLLARS WISELY DO NOT SPEND THEM AT SLUMBERLAND. ALTHOUGH MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES AND I'LL BE DAMED CAUSE I WASN'T BORN A BEAVER, BUYER BEWARE OR YOU TO CAN FIND YOURSELF YELLING TIMBER!
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Messed Up Order & Poor Customer Service
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NORFOLK, NEBRASKA -- My wife, my son, and I recently purchased a headboard and a dresser for our son. The dresser was ordered wrong and we were told that it would arrive in a week to 10 days. We waited for nearly 2 weeks to get the item. This was the first major item my son ordered. He was very excited. We decided to pick both items up ourselves, and in trying to get help for the item when it came, we had to wait 20 minutes at the back desk just to get someone to help us. Both items fit into my vehicle, so my son and I brought them home - 15 miles from the store. When we unpacked the dresser the next day, we discovered that it was a chest of drawers. The next day, my wife called and complained, and they did apologize indicating that the item received and the item ordered was 1 number difference. So now we have to wait another two weeks to get the dresser. The salesperson was very nice, but the other help we received was less than satisfactory. We were told that the store manager would call us, but he never did.
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Do NOT buy a Tempurpedic from Slumberland
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BEMIDJI, MINNESOTA -- We purchased a $2700 bed from Slumberland. We had to buy a $70 mattress cover so that if we didn't like our mattress, we could exchange it. They did not have it in stock, so we had to wait to get it. I had to pay over the phone the day they delivered it, and they did not bring a receipt. (so if the return policy is on it I have no idea, but they gave no paperwork to us when we bought it what the return policy was) I hated it from day 1. I was told to "give it more time, it needs to be broken in". Tempurpedic gives a 90 day trial time. So, I contacted Slumberland to tell them I wanted to exchange it, and was told "Sorry, our return policy is only 60 days"!!! They don't even give the manufacturers time frame! DO NOT BUY FROM SLUMBERLAND! We are now stuck (because Tempurpedic won't do a thing either) with a $3000 purchase and the couch is way more comfortable. Please, please do not buy major items at Slumberland, you will have zero customer service and they won't clearly tell you up front. If this can save even one person from a similar experience, it was worth it.
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madconsumer on 06/02/2009:
try contacting tne maufacturer, maybe they will honor the 90 night warranty.
knips on 10/14/2010:
Oh my gosh - I wish I would have seen this earlier!! We are now going through a similar situation with Slumberland - different city, different mattress set (Stearns and Foster) - same customer service!
Cynda Aves on 05/30/2012:
Better yet, don't buy any mattress from Slumberland, or maybe anything. We had the same problem. I don't understand their policy of, "Our satisfaction guarantee is 60 nights for mattresses provided a Protect-All mattress protector is purchased with the mattress." Maybe it is legal to require you to purchase something you may not need or want to warranty a product you do want, but, it sure does not sound ethical to me. Any store that has a policy like this should be avoided period. And, why should you, the customer, who they claim to want to please, have to contact the manufacturer to return a mattress you just purchased! The hagling and shipping, etc. would probably wind up costing more than the mattress.
1BullyMommy on 06/11/2013:
We bought a Tempurpedic direct from the company. Two years later, it has become soft and unsupportive (we specifically bought this model because it was supposed to be firm). My back now hurts terribly, no matter what position I lie in. It is difficult to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

ALSO, we have purchased other furniture from Slumberland. IMHO, they suck to put it bluntly. SEVERAL issues with their customer service:

1. The salesman sold us bookcases. Lied and said pressed board/MDF was a stronger material for shelving and would not sag under the weight of books like solid wood would. I was skeptical (who wants to pay over $800 for particle board? It's cheap crap!) but my husband wanted the shelves so we got them. We paid for delivery and installation. They were delivered, but not put together. After they delivery guys left we realized we were missing 2 sets of legs to hold the shelves an entire shelf! Called the store we bought it from. They said to call the distribution center. Called there, was referred to a different store. Got the run around FOREVER. Finally went into the store and asked to see the salesman who sold the shelves to us. Not available. Refused to give up, despite the manager being extremely rude and telling me he could not help me, but offering NO suggestions how I could get help. There was a decent soman answering phones at the store who had pity on my plight and gave me a # to call after get manager abruptly walked away from me. Finally got in touch with some lady at corporate. She said she would send a shelf. Did not get it for approximately 6 weeks. At this point we had gone over a year with a missing shelf on our $800 bookcases!! When I opened the package containing the shelf, guess what!?! Wrong darn shelf!!! Went through several phone calls and people until the inventory manager at yet another Slumberland store was kind enough to get us a shelf - even though the situation was in no way his problem.

2. Two other items we bought that day were a cream colored leather sectional and matching ottoman (sofa was on display, so we got a small discount). The ottoman was shipped directly to us, but we had to pick the sofa up ourselves from the store. Rented a Uhau, drove to the store. It took us over 30 minutes to find someone to help us load it (despite our calling ahead, like we were asked to do). When the two jerks they had loading stuff (we weren't allowed to just load it ourselves. Company policy was voted as the reason) showed up they seemed pissed they had to help us. Like, if pesky customers wouldn't buy crap then they could sit around and still get paid, without the hassle of actually working. But, I digress. Anyway, we asked for some kind of plastic wrap or protective covering to protect the cream colored leather. The "in charge" guy acted very pit out by that request - like we were asking him to throw in a bedroom suit or something - and said they didn't have anything like that in the store. Give me a break. Then, they proceeded to take the sofa out to the loading area, turn it on one end ON THE ASPHALT, and SCOOT it toward the truck. I almost puked when I saw my brand new sofa being scratchedike that!!!!! They were very rough with both pieces of the sectional. Terrible experience.

3. Their stuff is overpriced junk. We also bought a recliner that day. It looked cute with the sofa. When they got it to our condo and put it together (the guy had to borrow tools from me!), he either did a terrible job, or the chair is total junk, because when you sit in the chair it feels like the arms/sides bulge out are very lose and wobbly. I will not be shocked it the whole think folds up and collapses on itself (and it's occupant) someday!

I will NEVER shop at another Slumberland. EVER. They are super nice until the sale is made and then you're just a nuisance. Even when it's completely and 100% THEIR FAULT. Never. Again.
Brenda Zempel on 01/27/2014:
Slumberland isn't only furniture store with similar issues. The ball is dropped after purchase and problems belong to customer. No commission correcting mistakes!! Do your homework, make sure all policies are in hand. Maybe a call to BBB ??
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Customer Service and Furniture Quality
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BARABOO, WISCONSIN -- My boyfriend and I purchased a bedroom set and had it delivered to his house. The total cost was about 2000.00. The day it was delivered we came home later on and found that the touch lights did not work and that the men had set up the bed so we could not access the thermostat. We tried to move the part of the set and two of the boards that were supporting the bed broke. The woman who sold us the bed also told us that this particular model did not need a box spring if we purchased the drawers that go underneath. For two drawers we paid 250.00 and they barely hold two pairs of jeans or two sweatshirts a piece. Also, the drawers do not even touch the underneath of the bed therefor not giving it any support! We called customer service and the men came back to fix the lights about two weeks later and they said they would have to order parts and they would also replace the support boards. By this time the mattress is starting to sag in one area. They came back again and fixed the lights, but now they all turn on at once!! They are touch lights (3 total) that light up either the dressers or the middle of the headboard at three different settings. ( dim, medium, bright) We called again and they basically told us we would have to fix them ourselves. We called them back again and mentioned the mattress sagging and the broken boards again and they didn't call back at all. They wanted us to "lay a broom across the mattress and take pictures to show the sagging of the mattress".

They still have done nothing to rectify the situation so we went ahead and called the Better Business Bureau and corporate headquarters and let them know that they would be receiving a written complaint which we sent out. We are waiting for a response and even though Slumberland most certainly received the notice, they still have done nothing.

I would have to say that they have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.
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Everything Was Wrong
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MINEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I almost purchased a bedroom set from them. They told me they broken the mirror I ordered over 5 times, so they say. They finally got me a mirror that was cut on a slant and cracked at the bottom. The night stand was not completely varnished. The bedpost were to long for the size mattress, therefore the space between the foot and headboard had a 4-5 inch difference. I told them to take the nightstand right back out the door. they did and brought back another one, but failed to deal with the other problems associated with the misery set. The display showed a fine product, but they delivered something from MARS. The sales person was not caring,they gave me a gift card to resolve the matter, but when they could not come up with the proper parts to the sets, I told them to come and get the entire set. So they canceled the gift card. The salesperson in Fridley that took my order was curt. I would have attempted to make another purchase, because I felt it was a fluke, but now I see I was almost fluked. They kept my delivery fee, and I am not happy. Therefore, I will write a corporate letter. because the delivery fee was for the delivery of a product I ordered. They did not deliver the product I order within a reasonable amount of time. DON"T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. AND if you do, check every piece thoroughly, and if anything, I mean anything is wrong, make them take it back on the same truck they brought in on, IMMEDIATELY, do not let them talk you into calling a service rep, or a later exchange, tell them to take it back in the same space they used to bring it in.

Husbands, let your wife send it back, and please be there when they deliver your order. Joe, you are the nicest person I've met. Customer Service training is needed for some of the sales people, and they are aware of who they are.
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NORFOLK, NEBRASKA -- I purchased a bedroom set and furniture total cost of about $5000.00 I live 227 miles away from the Lincoln NE store and 93 miles away from the Norfolk NE store. I purchased the set in Lincoln but picked it up in Norfolk-we were 18 miles out of their delivery area. The night stands did not fit in the room and were still in the shipping boxes. They would not take the night stands back because I was 2 days past their 30 day return policy.

I think this is ridiculous when I spent that amount and live the distance away that I do. I would not recommend this company to anyone!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/21/2009:
You should have done some measuring before you made any purchases
Anonymous on 04/21/2009:
Absolutely, littleyaya.

How far away you live from them has nothing to do with this complaint.
Anonymous on 04/21/2009:
I agree with yaya and MM....

also policy is policy...sorry
dori1 on 04/22/2009:
In this economy, I think a business would do everything possible to keep their customers. The attitude you are expressing sounds like you would fit in with the Slumberland Company, I will choose a more customer friendly business for my next purchase. I doubt you live in a rural area when you don't feel distance matters.
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Great furniture store!!
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CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- I have spent much time and money in Slumberland, Cedar Rapids. I have always been satisfied with their service and product. I have checked around many furniture stores, and for the money, this store is the best!!

Keep up the good work.

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User Replies:
TrudyR on 12/10/2010:
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