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A Solid Gold Company Complaint
Posted by on
I contracted "A Solid Gold Sound's" services to videotape my wedding on July 12, 2008. Everything went well on that day and the videographer was wonderful. Immediately after my honeymoon, I called the company and they told me that it would be ready in four to five weeks. Approximately 6 weeks after my wedding, I called "A Solid Gold Sound" and asked when my wedding video would be ready. They told me that the national average is 12 weeks but it usually never takes that long. Also, they told me that the computer system showed that my video was currently being edited. I felt that the 12 week time frame was extremely long but decided to be patient. At 10 weeks I still had not received a call from them so I called and they stated that my video was still being edited and it should only take them a couple more weeks (which would have been the 12 week mark). At 12 weeks I received a call from the contracted videographer that taped my wedding stating that he still had my video because "A Solid Gold Sound" had never paid him. I couldn't believe it since I had been told for 6 weeks that my tape was currently being edited.

When I called the company to confront them about this matter, John, the President of the company, stated that the video was being edited until I brought it to his attention that they didn't even have my tape to edit. John then apologized and told me that my tape would immediately be edited and assured me that it would not take another month to get it to me. Also, John told me that he doesn't give out his last name. Now on October 8, 2008, the month mark that I was assured would never come, is a couple of days away. I talked to John today and my video still isn't ready. Today, October 28, marks the beginning of a patient customer standing up and saying enough is enough. This company is not professional at all which is evident through their consistent lies, inability to pay their contracted videographers, and nonchalant attitude about this situation.

I finally received the edited DVD of my wedding ceremony and reception 19 weeks after my event date and it was very disheartening to view the video in such poor quality. There were numerous errors throughout the video including sound echoing, screen jumping, etc. I contacted the company for the now countless time and requested that the errors be resubmitted to the editor, corrected, and returned to me expeditiously. After two weeks with no response, my lawyer contacted him. John told the lawyer his last name and promised to either fix the problem in 10-14 days or refund the money.

Today, 12-18-08, John left a message on my phone and stated that he would not do either. John said that the video tape was beautiful and he was flabbergasted that I would want to sue him. I regret ever using this company and hope that this review will help you make a decision about which video company to use.
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mlow on 01/28/2009:
Reading this review makes me not feel alone! I videotaped a wedding in Westlake, Ohio back in June for A Solid Gold Sound. They contacted me THE DAY BEFORE the wedding to see if I would be free. I had never heard of them or worked for them before. I checked out their website. They seemed legit so I agreed. I wanted the money for an upcoming vacation so I accepted about half of what I usually charge. They required me to shoot with one camera at a low angle and mount a second camera on a tripod. That's all. I went the extra yard. I videotaped the ceremony with three cameras. I hired a helper to make sure the balcony camera was more than just mounted. I put a wireless microphone on the groom. I shot countless video between the ceremony and the reception even though I wasn't required to do so. I sent in all the paperwork and copies of my tapes. As of today, January 28, 2009, I have not been paid by A Solid Gold Sound! I have left countless messages. I've sent emails. I've been asked by guys on the phone to email different accounts. I've heard every possible excuse. I have my attorney and good friend on this case pro bono because he agrees this is crap. DO NOT HIRE OR WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!! They are liars. They are deadbeats. They never return calls! They never follow through!
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Complaint BBB Wedding
Posted by on
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Below is the BBB complaint that I submitted back on October 7th, to A Solid Gold Sound. It is now November 11th and the only response we have received was an e-mail to my wife, apologizing for the delay and offering us two additional DVDs to make up for it.

"This complaint, first, is a complaint being submitted by two individuals. The first being myself, the second being by my wife, Filanthi. We are submitting this complaint on 10/07/08 nearly three months after our wedding day. We contracted this company for the sole purpose of producing a video for our wedding, and to provide DJ services for the event, which was July 26th, of 2008 @ 6:00pm PST. My complaints follow, and I apologize that they are in a scattered order, but they are accurate none the less.

To date we have received no video. My wife was informed that we should receive it at least four to five weeks AFTER our wedding. That would have placed it no later than August 30th being the date we should have received our video. The date now, again, is October 7th, almost eleven weeks after our wedding. That's twice the time it should have taken to produce.

During our rehearsal, which was two days prior to our wedding, we received a call from the DJ. This lasted appx 30 min, and cut drastically into our rehearsal time, and he had advised us to bring a CD with our wedding song on it. During the time we had initially set our services with A Solid Gold Sound up we were told that they THEMSELVES would be the ones to locate the song we had requested. They also failed to remind me or the wedding coordinator that I was to provide the disc for the ceremony, and so prior to our first dance I had to run and grab the CD to give to the DJ, and afterwards he was going to keep the case that I had the disc stored in, which was highly inappropriate.

During the time that myself an the groomsmen and bridesmaids were walking down the aisle, it was agreed upon that the Elton John song "Tiny Dancer" was to be played, which it was not.

After the wedding my wife has tried contacting the company that provided the services to see when we would receive our wedding video, and once, after at least a dozen or so calls had been made and not returned, they said we should be receiving a tracking number via email. We have still yet to receive this information as well. They have only returned one call to our several, and frankly I would honestly never do business with them for any other event if this is how they handle all of their affairs. The call they did return, they left a voicemail that simply stated that they check their voicemail nightly and would return future phone calls within 24 hours lie they do all of their calls.

I have done some research on the web and found several negative reviews towards this company, and have decided to include a few links to these complaints as well.

http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=27820 is the first one

Ripoffreport.com also has 39 complaints against them as well.

In closing, I wish for nothing more than what the agreement was for in the first place: My wedding video. In addition, since this has taken nearly three months, and we still do not have our video, and they even had the audacity to charge us for a second DVD, I would like to receive 75% of the payment back. The initial payment was well over $1,200. So I will accept a refund of no less than $900. Simply because we have extremely high phone bills from calling our family in Greece to give them updates on the current situation with our wedding video which we were supposed to send to them back in August."

To be honest, I felt that this was a simple enough complaint that was going to be handled professionally, but so far it seems as though things are at a standstill...
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spiderman2 on 11/11/2008:
""This complaint, first, is a complaint being submitted by two individuals." What is this about? Usually a wedding does involve two people. You seem to have a valid complaint, your demands may be a bit excessive though. I don't think you can charge the company because you are calling your family in Greece, that could be handled by email or writing a letter. The telephone is not the only way to communicate. I hope you get your video.
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
You need to file a suit in small claims. But be aware that your calls to Greece will not be compensated. I seriously doubt that phone calls to update relatives in Greece were not a part of the contract.
bill on 11/11/2008:
I agree with Spiderman2 about the complaint being submitted by 2 individual. It was one wedding so it's really just one complaint. Also, you said "We contracted this company for the sole purpose of producing a video for our wedding, and to provide DJ services for the event" That's actually 2 services you hired them for not one as implied by "sole purpose".
My wedding was also in the summer of 2008. It is now March, and we have seen nothing despite countless emails and phone calls. Be careful if you are considering this company. We have now read many complaints about this company, and may end up having to file a lawsuit for specific performance or a refund. This is a very frustrating experience and I hope that no other couples have to go through this.
Anonymous on 03/06/2009:
Here's a thought: Ask them if a partial refund and the raw footage being handed over is an option. Editing a wedding takes many, many hours. If they are behind, they may be happy to take you up on this. Then, you at least have the footage to view. You can later take it to a reputable company to edit it for you, or maybe you will be happy enough with the raw footage at this point. The option will always be there to edit it later.
Anonymous on 03/06/2009:
I vote sheriff "Best Answer".
RoxyB on 06/02/2009:
Your story certainly is a sad one. Hopefully others can learn from your unfortunate experience. First make sure that you contract locally with the actual vendor(s) who will be providing the services you are requesting; not some national Mc DJ/Videographer service like Solid Gold Sound that is notorious for ripping off both clients and vendors. Second do some research regarding standard rates for the specific services you are requesting.$1,200 may be a lot of money to spend but you seemed to be expecting an awful lot for that price. If I understood correctly you seemed to expect to have a DJ perform on 2 separate dates (1st for the rehearsal , then for the ceremony,&I assume a reception as well) in addition to videography services! costhelper.com listed typical costs to be:videography "* A basic package, which is best for couples who just want to be able to watch the wedding ceremony in the future, costs between $400 -$900.
* An enhanced package will run from $900 -$1,200 for coverage of the ceremony and reception.
* Deluxe packages, for couples who want different angles of their ceremony and reception with some on-screen titles and music, cost between $1,200 -$1,900.
* Couples who want their wedding video to be viewed like a professional movie or documentary on DVD, with interviews and special effects will probably opt for a premium package, generally run $2,200 -$3,200.
* Luxury packages run from $3,500 -$6,000 and higher, and are best for couples who want every part of their wedding captured, from the rehearsal through the final song at the reception, edited like a documentary or movie."
and for DJ services:
"Professional DJ services range from roughly $100 to $300 per hour, depending on the location and amount of time requested and type of equipment requested. Most expect a 50% deposit upon reservation.
RoxyB on 06/02/2009:
continued.... I would say that the adage "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" seems to apply except that 1st you have to be able to recognize what is & isn't "too good to be true"
AMANDA.OHIO on 11/18/2009:
sarbyrd on 12/06/2009:
I hired a DJ from A Solid Gold Sound for my wedding and the DJ never showed up!! The company refused to give me a refund. I have already reported them to the BBB and I am in the process of taking them to court. My guess is you will never get your DVD so take them to court.
PepperElf on 12/06/2009:
actually I've heard a lot of bad stuff about solid gold
including that they are very bad about paying the dj for the work too
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Fraudulent DL service
Posted by on
I hired this DJ company for my destination wedding for 5/2/10, both for the wedding ceremony (on the beach so I needed music and a wireless mic) and the reception. I did everything they asked and paid $600 in advance. Then the DJ never showed up! Minutes before my wedding me, the bride, is frantically calling. You can imagine how that felt. No one from this company answered or contacted me the next day even after a million calls, and I called them every single day for 10 days, sometimes calling 5 times a day, and each time if I actually got someone they told me I had to talk to some guy Ryan who apparently was never there and never returned any of my many messages. No sorry, no nothing. I am now disputing the charges with my credit card company. I could not believe their disregard for what they did to me on my wedding. Sometimes mistakes happen, but ignoring me and avoiding me is unethical business practice and evidence they do not stand behind any part of the fake guarantee. I did considerable research on this company nationwide (after the fact unfortunately) and found that this company has an F rating with the BBB (the worst). In fact, according to the BBB, A Sensory Sound reported it was out of business, and has a sister company Solid Gold Sound, which has tons of complaints. On top of that, I found that the guy that sold me the package (Jessie) goes on all of these websites and writes fake good testimonials, so how can you trust any testimonial? All of his fake comments were listed on his yahoo account I corresponded on him with, and that is how I tracked each of these locations. If they were that good they would not need to have their own employees write fake comments across cities nationwide. By the way, the supposed good comments are all the same on each of these sites. It is not worth the attractive discounts to take even a slight chance with your wedding; pick someone local with a proven reputation and do your research! I have taken time to go to any site I can find on this company with my story so this does not happen to other couples on the biggest day of their lives. Do not make the same mistake I did!
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Deplorable Service
Posted by on
MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, OHIO -- I am an active duty member in the military and A Solid Gold Sound has made unauthorized withdrawals from my account. I have called and spoken to them about it and get no where. When I ask to speak to a supervisor the Sales clerk says he is the supervisor, when I ask for a manager he says he is the manager. When I ask to speak to the owner he is never in. They contacted me about having their DJ service perform at my wedding. I told them as I told every other DJ service, I wanted to see a DVD and meet with the DJ prior to booking anything. I also told the salesman (Jesse, who is extremely rude) that I do not have a definite date, the only thing I know is where I want to have the wedding.

I never received the video, about a month later my bank statement came in and there was a $200 charge on ym account. When I called they kept telling me that I would need to speak with a sales manager. Guess who called me back and told me I was wrong. Jesse, he said that we wrote down notes. I am in Boston MA, he is somewhere in OH. Not really sure how we wrote down anything together several hundred miles apart.

I was then told to get a refund on a charge that was never authorized, I needed to fill out paperwork and they needed my signature, this struck me as extremely funny seeing as how they could charge the account without even verbal permission.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, please spend the extra $500 or so on a DJ and make sure your wedding turns out the way you picture it. This company is not located locally and there is no way to ensure you will get what you want. And if they call you just hang up because they will start charging your card and make it a nightmare to get your money back. I have given up dealing with them and have contacted my bank to file a fraudulent charge report.
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jktshff1 on 07/30/2009:
How did they get the information to charge your account if you did not sign some sort of contract?
If you signed no contract or agreement, do a charge back on the account. You might also explain that your first step would be to file a police report for theft. IF you had no contract and IF you gave no authorization.
PepperElf on 07/30/2009:
heck why piddle around with my3cents
go to your legal officer
Anonymous on 07/30/2009:
You fail to mention that you gave them your account information which made it possible for them to charge you.
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Do Not Hire Or Work For This Company!!!
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This company degrades the entertainment service that a professional DJ provides. I was in a rough place and decided to take a gig with them for a very low rate (any Decent DJ should be in the $1200-$1500 range) we are professional people who you can count on to perform and entertain for you!

I went and did all I know to do and that is provide my professionalism, enthusiasm and energy to create a memorable event for my client. Unfortunately this was not my client (yet) as I was there on behalf of this group A Solid Gold Sound.

I was told that I would be paid within 12-14 days from the event and we are now nearly 2 months after the fact and I have YET to be paid...

After researching the company I am finding that people are really unhappy with them as clients too. I believe that you do usually get what you pay for and that is why I deliver the best possible experience that I can for my clients..

If you are thinking about using this service, DON'T! If you are looking for a DJ, I would recommend starting with a professional association like the American Disc Jockey Association - they will have a list of qualified members in your area. Never deal with a company that does not have local representation!!!

feel free to email me if you have questions, I will be happy to help you find a REAL DJ.
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Soaring Consumer on 03/21/2009:
I have seen this company get sued on television before by a customer and they lost, and I have seen so many complaints similar in nature, so I absolutely believe you.

I think you would need to sue Solid No-Gold in small claims court to get what they owe you. They need more negative publicity.
Stevemyfavoritedj on 04/01/2009:
I have no doubt that your DJ was very professional Annamay as am I. I received race reviews from the one gig I did with the company and that is because I am a professional. I would not let the client see that there was an issue, I performed just as if I would have booked the gig myself.
But keep in mind these are all subcontracted gigs. I can promise you this I will not be working for them again. They devalue the service that a true professional provides!
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Out of Business
Posted by on
Wellm my nightmare started 46 days before my wedding date. I was contacted by a lady, whose husband was an ex employee of Solid Gold. She stated that Solid Gold had gone out of business and that her husband and herself had started a new company and would be handling my event. Their records showed that I had a balance of $375.00. When I told her that I was paid in full and that I had copies of the checks, she said that they had stolen my money.

They say that they are going to show up to my wedding but refuse to give me a contract because I'm not paying them anything and neither is Solid Gold. So for now I'm trusting them to show up and hoping to hear from them soon, I have 25 days to go. I am making other arrangements just in case.
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idontthinkso on 06/14/2010:
You really need to contact the Attorney General's office on this. You are entering into a verbal contract and giving yourself stress that won't end. If the business has closed their doors, they are required to fulfill or refund standing contracts. Plenty of people cut and run when they decide to go out of business, but the law isn't like that. You may not be able to force the original company to refund your money, but you need to document the attempt for legal reasons.

The missing $375 is being called stolen. Have the police been contacted?

IMHO, if you have the extra $375, pay it in exchange for a contract. You don't need to be worrying if someone will show up and essentially work for free. Make sure that the new contract acknowledges that you replaced a stolen payment and require it to be returned to you if the authorities obtain the funds.

Remembering my own wedding, I'd write it off as a loss and be free of the drama.
goduke on 06/14/2010:
The guy is right. If he's not acting on behalf of Solid Gold, and is not getting paid by you, they he's essentially doing it out of the goodness of his heart. At that point, even if you had a piece of paper, it wouldn't be a contract. It would only be a promise, as you are not giving anything of value (it's called consideration legally) to the person performing the services.

That being said, I'd be really nervous about it. Expecting someone to show up for free out of the goodness of his heart on a very special occasion is, well, a roll of the dice. You may just want to make other arrangements for music, and tell the guy you appreciate him, but you've gone a different direction.
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If you didn't get a video from solid gold sound I may have your tapes!
Posted by on
I worked for the very bad company A Solid Gold Sound/Sensory Sound. They owe me about $750 for video editing work I did for them. I have a few weddings that I never edited because they could not provide me with the bride/grooms information to contact them to get their address. I have first/last names only. I only have 3 weddings and would list the names on here if I could but I don't know if I can do that. email me at
and I will let you know what names I have. unfortunately I cannot even tell you what state they are from as I have no idea. I can view the tapes and find out the names of the churches, but that would be about it.
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User Replies:
goduke on 06/09/2010:
Hopefully you'll be able to connect some folks to their memories. Thanks for reaching out. These Solid Gold folks sound like really classy people....
Ihavetapes4someweddings on 06/12/2010:
The dates of the weddings that I have are
June 2, 2009
July 25, 2009
aug 1, 2009
if you were married on one of these dates and your wedding was filmed by solid gold sound/sensory sound. please contact me. I am not a scammer as "bargod" states. I helped many customers of this bad company get their weddings-AND IM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY-I JUST WANT TO GIVE THESE PEOPLE WHAT THEY ALREADY PAID FOR- if you or someone you know was married on one of those 3 dates, let me know - and ignore the ignorant people like bargod who apparently cannot believe that there are honest people in the world. These wedding tapes have been sitting in my basement for over 6 months - either I throw them away or I try to find out who they belong to...
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We waited over 7 months for our wedding video!
Posted by on
Our wedding took place September 2,2006.The DJ was very professional, as was the videographer. The only problem I had with the company was the fact that we had to wait over 7 months to receive our wedding video! I kept leaving messages with the company and never got a response. Finally, I threatened to contact a local news channel's investigative reporter if I did not receive the video. Another month passed and I contacted the person from our local news channel. He must have contacted A Solid Gold Sound because a few days later our videos arrived in the mail. But there was never any apology or refund of money. I would not recommend this company for any special events.
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goduke on 06/09/2010:
Aren't they out of business now?
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DJ and videographer for my wedding
Posted by on
I have read a lot of bad things about this company but I think that they did an excellent job on my wedding.

I prepared for everything and the videographer and the DJ came when they were supposed to.

The other reviews I was looking at seems like these people were waiting for a wedding planner and failed to plan theirselves.

I don't think those comments are fair to the company because it seems like they only strive to please their customers. I would definitely recommend them to someone else because they were affordable as well. They delivered everything they promised.
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Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
You work for them don't you?
goduke on 08/05/2009:
I don't think the other complaints were asking them to plan the weddings. The ones I saw asked them to actual show up at the wedding, and they failed to do so.
goduke on 08/05/2009:
I got a star!!!
DebtorBasher on 08/05/2009:
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
GOGOGO GODUKE! Big congrats..well earned.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/05/2009:
Congrats goduke
Soaring Consumer on 08/05/2009:
I bet the people that did come were subcontracted. I suggest calling them to make sure that they actually got paid. I bet they didn't.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
I noticed I have a star. How are they earned?
DebtorBasher on 08/05/2009:
By people voting your comments 'helpful'...and helpful reviews, that sort of thing...Congrats!
BokiBean on 08/05/2009:
Congrats justthefaxx!! Great! This has been a huge star day.
Anonymous on 08/05/2009:
just, congrats. As for the stars, it's a mystery that no one can really clarify. The stuff in writing on the "site rules" doesn't seem to jibe with reality.
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A Solid Gold Sound of Elk Grove Village had this bride in tears hours before the wedding.
Posted by on
ELK GROVE VILLAGE -- Worst DJ service EVER! Everything they promise online is a sham. I was NEVER contacted by my assigned DJ weeks before as they promised. I had to call them 3 days in a row. When they finally DID have a DJ call me back, he was a DJ from another company that they outsourced me to and he had NO IDEA what songs or dances I wanted. He had no lights or anything else that was "included" in my "special package".
Now I'm trying to get my money back and wouldn't you know, they won't return my calls!!! Funny how they called my 3 times in a row months before the wedding when they wanted me to do an early payment in full.
They require full payment 30 days before the event. This is NOT GOOD!!! You will have to fight and fight, and probably take legal action, to get your money back when they back out on all that they promise.
Do yourself a favor... DO NOT book A Solid Gold Sound. They ruined what was supposed to be a very happy time for me.
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Anonymous on 07/23/2009:
There's so many complaints about this company. They should change their name to Solid Gold Broken Promises, or Solid Gold Crap, or Solid Gold We Will Ruin Your Wedding, I could go on and on.
goduke on 07/23/2009:
Solid Gold Cow Patty? Maybe Gold Plated Sound?

Congrats on the wedding. Best of luck to you and your spouse to be. I hope that you find another DJ who can make the event as special as you anticipated.
Anonymous on 07/23/2009:
(vh) review. come back and let us know if sgs refunds your money. and don't let this ruin your wedding.
Anonymous on 07/23/2009:
"...special package..." *tears*
Keep us posted regarding this matter and good luck.(VH)
Soaring Consumer on 07/23/2009:
This company is a big scam. Either they don't show and ruin the wedding or someone shows and that someone doesn't get paid. Their business license needs to be revoked.

You will need to sue them in small claims court to get your money back. They got sued on TV and lost recently because they did the same thing, and yet they still keep doing it.

Voted helpful.
MichaelinSeattle on 07/26/2009:
Good luck on getting your money back. They owe me for gigs that I performed for them in August & September of 2008. Yes...they owe me money from a year ago. They have hundreds of unresolved complaints with the BBB...and I've had at least a dozen DJs call and complain about not being paid also. A terrible company by anyone's standards.
kcoh24 on 08/12/2009:
Michaelininseattle worked for the company under the other ownership.He is a dirtbag. He make empty promises and never came through.If you want to get your money from John kruer then you need to sue him.The problems are not as much as before.They do a great job trying to fulfill everyones requests.Sometimes you come across a bad apple.With refunds you have to send a complaint to a website and then they send it to the dj or videograher and then they resolve the refund complaint.
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