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Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I have been with Sprint for over a year and did not have a problem with them until just recently. I upgraded my iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 and in the process had a balance of $397 for the remainder of the iPhone 6, which would be waived once the phone was received. I spoke with a representative on 11/10 to pay for only my phone service bill, then I was assured that my card would not be charged again this month even with the outstanding balance for the iPhone 6, nor would I see late charges on the account, and I could simply send the phone back, and it would be waived.

Then I realized my card was charged once again on 11/18 (which I was assured would not happen). I then started to speak with a representative named Elle to get this resolved and she was sticking to the script, restating herself on why there is a balance (which I knew). All I wanted was a refund from the charge on 11/18 which I stated from the beginning.

After restating that desire multiple times I was told they would back out the payment so I can get it returned and she transferred me to the Finance Department. I then spoke with a lady named Janna in Finance who told me that since the payment was not made today 11/21 she could not back out the payment, since that can only be done on the same day, and I would need to contact my bank. So not only did I spend about an hour on 11/10 making sure this did not happen, I spent over another hour with Sprint trying to fix it today, and now I am told my bank has to fix it.

Since I have been with Sprint for over a year, and I liked them other than this incident, I let the representative know I would stay with them if I could take my card off auto-bill and not be charged the monthly fee for not being on auto-bill, since I wanted to control what is taken out of my account to assure an error like this does not happen again. The representative then told me I would have to contact another department (which I would most likely have to deal with for another hour).

All I wanted was to get the monthly fee waived and I would have been fine, but instead I got poor customer service. Sprint must not care about simple customer service; they make it impossible to have a simple request approved by one person. Sprint decides to make it impossible to change anything unless you are available all day (which no person is; which is probably how they retain their customers).

Luckily we now live in the age where many other companies will buy our remaining contracts and set you up right away. I would gladly pay more a month than pay a company with poor customer service and honestly not the best coverage. I do not recommend going with Sprint.

Horrible Service Should Be Illegal
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Rating: 1/51

MARTINSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA -- NEVER HAVE I HAD SUCH A NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE WITH A COMPANY! Not just this store but Shentel (who operate these stores) and Sprint Corporation. I switched my number to Sprint from AT&T (at their Hagerstown Store). I was told to bring in the last bill and they would take care of sending it in to get my contract paid off. Before I received the bill I moved to Martinsburg. I added a line at that store with an EXTREMELY NICE and PROFESSIONAL Rep named Shane (the only positive thing I can say about the whole experience).

He kindly told me that since I brought my number over at one of the stores that were operated by the same company I could bring the bill there instead to save me the trip, which I appreciated. Here is when things turn disastrous. When I brought my final bill in the sales associate did not provide complete information (as I later found out by another associate). I waited longer than needed for my pay off which I still haven't received. AT&T had sent my account to collections affecting my credit score. I called Sprint, they could find no record at all of ever receiving the paperwork.

After several attempts a Sprint customer service supervisor got me to the Martinsburg store. The manager was apparently unable so I spoke with an associate (when they admitted to the mistake) but could offer no solution except to get yet another copy of my bill (AT&T charges $10 for a reprint plus I had to pay extra to have it expedited) and even then they could not guarantee that I would receive any payment. I called Sprint and complained to several reps. They kept referring me back to the store since it was not a corporate location. I went into the store hoping to resolve the issue.

The guy said they already knew who I was and they were "working on it". I had asked what else do I need to do, did I need to get a lawyer and sue Sprint for the money and defamation of character (as my credit score has been negatively impacted)? The sales associate then threatened me stating that I might as well pay off the AT&T contract myself before I think about suing Sprint. It would be a waste of money as Sprint has billions of dollars and have great attorneys and could easily get out of it.

I then told him I would go to Facebook or off Sprint property outside the store to warn people not to use this store or particular company to save them from what I had been through. He again threatened me again saying that if I did that Sprint would sue me for defamation and that they would take everything I own. I would never be able to afford the attorney fees so I should think long and hard about doing anything like that. I asked to speak to his store manager, he said he was unable. I then asked for his district manager's information. I was told she is a very busy person and it would be unlikely she would get back to me.

I called Sprint again and filed a complaint with them. I was told the back office would call me back in 24-48 hours. I called back in 2 days. There was no record of the call or the complaint against the store. I was told they were sending another back and they promised they would complete detailed notes and to expect a call back in another 24-48 hours. Again I wait, I call back and am told that they do see it in but it can take 3-5 days. I don't even expect a call back now anymore. As the associate said I'm basically gonna suck it up as my loss and pay AT&T off and switch back to them.

I would rather pay their high prices than to treated in the manner I was. I have never in my life been threatened by a company or someone speaking on their behalf. And never have I seen a lack of concern as Sprint has proven over a situation like this. They obviously don't care about the customers. And have so much money that they can threaten people to keep them quiet with their lawyers. If they have that much money they definitely don't need any more customers and probably could stand to lose a few they already have. Shame on Sprint Martinsburg, shame on Shentel, and shame on Sprint. What you guys are doing should be illegal.

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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been a customer for years. I'm not able to get internet, TV, or a phone line where I live so Sprint is as good as it gets as far as having unlimited service to meet my needs since I live on the outskirts of the country. When the service works it's great but when it doesn't it becomes frustrating knowing you're paying all this $ for it to not always work. It ends up being that you're throwing your $ down the toilet & you're not getting your $ worth at that point especially if Sprint's as good as it gets for your area.

I don't experience as many dropped calls only occasionally but when calling someone they often ask what's wrong w/ my connection, to call back using another phone, that they can't understand me or hear me which gets frustrating. I have to tell them it's my crappy service. Sprint is also supposed to have the most nationwide coverage. In regards to customer service & dealing w/ some of the sales people in store there are some cons.

Con: 1. The sales people at the store are slick talkers & don't respect their customers or care that you came in wanting to only upgrade your cell & instead they try to talk you into opening extra lines you don't want or need. They try to make deals w/ you & sweet talk you just to reel you in. They keep talking to you in circles, you're so confused when all you wanted was a simple upgrade & they talked you into ** you didn't want but made the deal sound good. By the time you realize what happened you're standing there over 2 hrs later on a slow night, no one in store but you & having them cancel what they were trying to talk you into.

Con: 2. Called customer service a couple days ago to see what plans they had to lower our bill. They told me the Unlimited Freedom plan would be cheaper & I could use my employee discount. It would be $100 for 2 lines instead of $110 & 5 GB hot spot included. They said I can use the hot spot we already had for it when I asked but didn't tell me the hot spot that's included in the plan is your cell. They also didn't tell me that the hot spot we were already paying for previously at $55 for 6 GB would still have to be paid. Let alone that each cell gets 5 gigs not just 5 in general.

I thought that by switching plans that cancelled that out. The 6 GB would now be 5 & we'd just lose a gig. I asked 2 customer service reps they said we only had to pay for 1st & 2nd line plus tax. They also said if 5 gig's not enough if we call after March 6th we can upgrade to 10 GB.

Sprint's website says differently on their FAQ's page about the prices on Freedom plan & is vague on describing hot spot info. Let alone info on opening 2 lines not just 1 or 3 or more lines like stated. When calling Sprint back about the issues I had w/ this & how no one from Sprint seems to be trained enough for their job because they all say something different, the response I got was "ah huh I see".

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 3/51

YONKERS, NEW YORK -- I had Sprint for 10 years! My whole family has Sprint. I had small issues with them over the years but this one tops it! I was curious to know when I was due for an upgrade. So, I went on the Sprint website so I can review my plan and see when I was eligible. Now, when I have to pay my bill each month, I do not go online, I do not get a paper bill in the mail and I do not receive emails. I get a text message when my bill is due and I then dial *3 and pay my bill. So, when I went onto the Sprint website and saw my plan, I see a charge for $8 a month for a spending limit program and it was added on to my plan. Um...why was I never notified of this???

When was this "added on" to my plan??? So, I called Sprint right away. After trying to get through to a real live person for almost a half hour, I finally got through and was told that this was added on to my plan 3 years ago when Sprint changed their policy. Sprint told me that because I do not have my payments set up each month where they can automatically take the payments from my account, that is why I am being charged $8 a month. Umm...You serious??? That is my OPTION!!! I like to pay my bill each month myself so I can see what I am paying. They also told me because I did not notice this sooner, there was nothing they could do.

ALSO, after verifying my email with them several times, come to find out they had the wrong email address and told me that it was my fault because the letters I'm saying to them sound different through the phone. Isn't that what good customer service representatives do? Shouldn't they confirm my email when they ask me for it??? But no, it's my fault.

Sprint loves to just add on certain things to my bill, and you think I am going to let them just take money out of my account each month?? Yea right!!! 2 years ago when I upgraded, Sprint just added on the Sprint insurance fee!!! I never agreed to that!!! Thankfully I noticed sooner than later. When my plan is up I will be switching carriers. I am done with Sprint. And my family will be switching as well.

Unlimited Is Not Unlimited and Even Their Own Employees Are Shocked!
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Rating: 1/51

After being with Sprint for 5 years and having paid for unlimited data since December, when I finally needed to really use it, I received notice that I'd exceeded 100 MB of data on roaming and my data was immediately shut down without any warning. I was never informed that unlimited data was anything BUT unlimited! When I called to complain, they turned my data back on "just this one time" but then it was shut off again within a few hours.

I switched to T-Mobile whose data IS unlimited and have been getting the services I need while I'm between homes and staying in a campground. After switching carriers, I received a call from Sprint. The gal said there were NO CAPS on their data. Unlimited IS unlimited. She was so certain of it, she put me on hold so she could "fix" my account. A few minutes later, she came back to tell me that she hadn't known there was a cap on roaming and even she had that plan. Then she told me there was nothing she could do for me. I will NEVER, EVER be a Sprint customer again.

Terrible Network for Data and Calls
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Rating: 1/51

BEECH ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I believed the TV ads that Sprint runs regarding the lower cost and excellent network coverage. Before signing up I checked the network coverage map for my area online. Once I was certain that the coverage in my areas were no less than good in some places and excellent in others I dropped my AT&T cellphone plan and signed on with Sprint. That was a big mistake. I have a home in western SC and a condo on the coast. The best I ever got for data service was 200MB...not GB. Calls were constantly dropping or garbled. I called Sprint to cancel my service. Since I was beyond the 14 day window, I was told I couldn't without paying for my iPhone in full. That was fine.

I went to T-Mobile to port my number and move my phone to their network. They informed me that phones purchased with Sprint MUST be on a Sprint network. They cannot be unlocked to move to another network. Fortunately T-Mobile paid off my remaining balance. I now have excellent service for both data and calls for not too much more than I was paying Sprint for their miserable product. My daughter in Cleveland OH has Sprint service and says she is pleased with the performance in her area. My suggestion would be if you try it and it is not up to standards drop it immediately.

Billing Incompetence
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE, IDAHO -- Sprint made misapplied a pmt then after dispute, made an adjustment that resorted in a past due balance and disconnect notice. After numerous calls disputes, I was mislead again by the representative convincing me to make a pmt arrangement on the entire balance (which a huge portion wasn't even due yet) in order to give them time to apply the adjustment without interruption.

That arrangement was only good for a few days. I called the day prior to arrangement day to extend the actual balance due 2 days prior. I was hung up on twice and put on indefinite hold every time. To finally find out... My account had been transferred to the "dynamic" dept. by Corporate & NO arrangement is allowed, total balance due no exception.

Sprint has stooped to the lowest of low. I have been a customer since 2002 & have 6 people on my account. Sprint's mishandling of our accounts are reckless, incompetent and disgusting!! Time for the world to know... Review your bill, they are most likely incorrect and beware of fraud!

They Change the Plan and Increased Bill Without Authorization After We Signed a Contract
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Rating: 1/51

Every month we receive a $40.00 increase on our bill. We will call Sprint, spend about an hour on the phone with Sprint, and they will credit our account. We are under contract for another year so there should be no changes to our account, yet every month there is a $40.00 increase.

This is so frustrating! They wrote the terms of the contract, we agreed to those terms, and they arbitrarily add a $40.00 charge each month. If we try to leave Sprint, we will be severely penalized. It seems with Sprint you will be penalized either way. Buyer beware, Sprint will lie and tell you the plan is one price, but ONCE YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT AND PAY FOR YOUR PHONE THE PRICE WILL INCREASE.

Customer Assistance
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Rating: 5/51

I didn't fully understand what I had agreed to pay for when I set up my contract but that was my fault because I didn't ask enough questions and I was in a rush. When I went to call in about what I was actually paying for (which was the spending limit agreement that they charge $7.99 for), the assistant was very understanding and was very personable. He allowed me to explain what was going on and he restated everything I said to ensure that he knew what I was talking about. He explained to me that I didn't have to pay for the additional $7.99 plan if I signed up for autopay, which I was comfortable in doing.

He also told me I was qualified for a $5 discount on my bill because I signed up for autopay. I was a couple days away from when my payment was due and when I was talking with a chat messenger, they said that I wouldn't see a change in my bill until the next billing period because it was so late. When I called in the man told me otherwise and took it off the bill himself. He was very polite and got the job done quick. He made calling in easy and a good experience. I recommend Sprint because of their good deals, service, and people that are involved in the company.

Worst Experience Ever With This Company
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE REP -- I had the worst experience ever with this company. So normally I am very happy with Sprint. However today it was like dealing with a completely different company. I was trying to set up a plan so that my phone didn't get shut off since I was sick for a week and a half and didn't really get a paycheck since I couldn't work.

So the first person I talked to was very helpful. However they couldn't help so they transferred me to someone else and that person was very rude and disrespectful and completely disregarded anything that I said and at the very end of the conversation set the payment to be processed a week before I asked it to be and then discontinued the conversation right after I stated that they put the wrong date and it wouldn't be able to be processed on that day.

So now I have to take time out of my day to try to contact them and explain the situation all over again to someone else just to get it corrected. This made me start looking into other phone providers since I have never been treated this rudely or had someone so incompetent in trying to deal with an issue.

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