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Sprint Sucks!
Posted by Jtmichaels on 07/17/2007
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- That IS the bottom line...SPRINT SUCKS! We ALL need to post our thoughts, comments, and experiences we've had with Sprint ONLINE so that the search engines will pick them up for everyone to see what a LOUSY company this has become!

My girlfriend, my entire family, and myself all closed our accounts last night with Sprint. We went over to the Verizon store and got AWESOME new phones we are VERY happy with, will be saving money each month, and hopefully won't have the HORRIBLE customer service full of lies, silly games, and other crap we had with Sprint!

I urge you to drop Sprint service if you still have it. There is NO logical reason to stay with Sprint! Their website is constantly having issues. I've not been able to login to pay my bill in nearly 6 months!!! What about hold time? Try calling sometime and seeing how long you will have to wait!

They have gone downhill and because of it, they are losing GOOD loyal customers to other carriers. They lost at least 6 more just last night! Verizon rules! Sprint SUCKS!

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Posted by Sprint_Supervisor2121 on 2007-09-16:
Sprint is the best!!!!!! I love Sprint! You must have gotten on their nerves, because they don't like you. If they did they would have made you an offer you couldn't refuse so they can keep your business. Now you are screwed because Verizon's network is not as good as Sprints and they are very expensive.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-16:
seems sprint gets on a lot of people's nerves.
Posted by Bmballa023 on 2007-09-19:
Wow. 6 phones huh? You act like its gonna break them. Good luck with Verizon.
Posted by Sammy on 2013-07-04:
Sprint_Supervisor2121 are you serious. I was on hold for an hour only to have the rep hang up on me. You are HORRIBLE!
Posted by Tommyboy on 2013-08-07:
I've been with Sprint for 8 years and they always gave me great service, until lately. My signal was sporatic, I called and was told they are updating one tower in my area and it will be cleared up by 7:30 pm Saturday. Sunday at 7:30 the problem still exsisted, I called again and was told two towers are in need of repair in my area and it should be resolved by Monday. Tuesday my service is still a mess....I'm out of contract and I'm giving sprint a little more time to have this fixed...while in contract, I was given a two day credit for signal problems, but now being out of contract I wasn't offered didly....guess maybe they don't care anymore....vorizion you say?....hmmmm.
Posted by ChefDeb on 2013-09-07:
@Tommyboy-Had the same problem you've encountered with Sprint. No signal and roaming in my living room. Really!!! In any case, contacted Sprint and told them I was extremely unhappy and would be switching carriers - been with Sprint since it was Nextel. Told them was looking at AT and T or Verizon. Well I got a credit of $120 ($30 for 4 months) and a free Airave signal booster. I now have service in my house. Call them and tell them you are seriously thinking about leaving but wanted to give them a chance to make it right. Tell them you want the Airave signal booster for free since you have no service. Not that I think Sprint is the best but all of the cell carriers are horrible and Sprint does give true unlimited data service unlike Verizon or AT and T and I use a lot of data.
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Posted by Any-integrity on 07/11/2007
MICHIGAN -- I and my sons have all of these problems with Sprint.

We should start an on-line petition for people across the country.

Sprint has several locations and countries taking "customer sevice" calls and they don't keep any records of any conversations and this is all in an attempt to confuse, confound and wear out the customer so they just give up and to let them know that their request for fairness is futile. After all who has the power to pull the plug on you if you don't hand over the money? It's all about the money! And of course you must pay or it goes immediately to your credit report.
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Posted by rnick821 on 2007-07-11:
There was an article in the Kansas City Star today (or maybe yesterday) about how Sprint/Nextel is cutting customers who complained to customer service too often. The letter they sent out said, "While we have worked to resolve your issues and questions to the best of our ability, the number of inquiries you have made to us during this time had led us to determine that we are unable to meet your current wireless needs."

As someone who used to work in customer service, I find this an interesting tactic. We'll see how it plays out.
Posted by adzidek on 2007-07-11:
rnick, here's the link to that letter:

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-11:
wow... maybe a good way to get out of your contract Rnick??
Posted by rnick821 on 2007-07-11:
I don't have a Sprint contract...I use Cingular. I just happened to notice it on the front page of my newspaper (I live in Kansas City) and saw this complaint, so I thought I would interject it as an interesting point. I don't know how many companies actually would tell paying customers to hit the road. I know that Southwest has done it on occasion, and an office supply company that I used to work for would tell its most difficult customers to find a new supplier, but in general, I think it takes a lot of balls for a company to simply tell 1000+ customers to get lost.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-11:
Let me begin by saying that I do sympathize with the customer. I have AT&T service.
Doesn't take that amount of balls when you have several million customers, 1000 will not make a dent and might improve service for the customers that aren't such a pain.
From what I have read, these people being removed are people that have called 26 or more times on average per month. I think that is excessive.
We have seen "customers" like this posting and ranting and raving many times about what most poster see as irrelevant.
From the link to the letter ADZ posted, it seems as if Sprint is doing everything to make the transition as smooth as they can.

Posted by warddw1526 on 2007-07-11:
When I worked with T-Mobile, they reviewed the call in records for the top 100 callers in to customer service, and got rid of some of them. People who would use their minutes up fast and call for bonus minutes 5 times a day, or people who would keep calling for un-needed credits. Yes the 1000 are paying customers, but I will bet that they are not huge paying customers either.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-07-11:
'...should start an on-line petition...'
Instead of writing about it, why not *do* it? Of course it's all about the money. If a company doesn't make money, they're not in business for very long.

Re: Deleting customers. I have my own business and have refused many new projects from clients who demanded services above and beyond the contract. Of course, there are those who will get a little more from me on occasion. I can be easily bought by a Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. :)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-11:
Good point Ponie, I do the same.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-11:
Any-integrity, What's the matter? You have loose brains? First you slam us with all caps, then launch right into a demand for a class action suit. Are you not ware that the only people who win class action suits are the lawyers? If the lawyers who takes your case does happen to win against Sprint's lawyers, you might just accidentally get back cents on the dollar for your award. The lawyers for both sides will split the proceeds, then go out and have dinner on your dime. Forget Sprint, go to Wal-Mart and buy a Tracfone Motorola V170 for $18.43, then buy a card for about $19.00. That will give you over an hour to start your Tracfone account with, and the Tracfone will work where the Sprint never would. Take the money you saved over what Sprint would charge for a month, go to a decent restaurant and have a nice dinner and chill out.
Posted by renhen55 on 2007-07-14:

Recently me and my husband had had a sprint account and nextel. The representative and manager we spoke to both told us they would merge our account over to the new billing system and it wouldn't change our contract. They lied. I now have a phone that will be over 3 yrs old when the contract expires. I now have been trying to get my account credited for $167.48. I had put the shared unlimited text on my phone for $20.00 a month. They charged me $18.67 x5 prorated and $20.00 x5 for current month. They still have not refunded this. I want out of this contract so bad. I feel so trapped and robbed. Can anyone help?????? I am so stressed with this company I recently had to start taking antideppressants just to survive the hell they have put me through and time they have taken me from with my kids. I wish someone will just shut them down. The FCC needs to investigate there charges and services that they provide. I can understand extending someones contract when they get a new phone, but changing billing systems and telling customer there will be no change in rolling over to new system and going from the 700 a month to 2100 min plan then 2 months later wam a extended contract. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD is all I have to say about this company anyone that suggest to go to this company I will tell to turn around and run as fast as they can.
Posted by Bmballa023 on 2007-09-19:
If nobody is smart enough when calling customer service to get the employee I.D. then you can't complain. If you want to hold that person responsible, at least you have a way to track them down. Don't take an attitude with someone different because they have no idea what you are talking about in the first place. I'm sure if I came to your job and started telling you that you suck after one of your co-workers told me something wrong, it wouldn't make you non too happy. So shut up.
Posted by earlfredenburg on 2012-07-06:
I think it's a great idea because Sprint owes me $277 and will not pay. Instead they are telling me I owe them the $277 from the two weeks of crappy service I got. This is all going on because the Sprint salesmen lied and said he could get one plan for the same price as the other and couldn't. Now they refuse to give me my money. I have been on the phone for three months arguing to get nowhere. I think they should have to pay me all of my money back and pay me for the time spent on the phone trying to get it back!!
Posted by Disappointed customer on 2013-02-07:
I switched from Sprint because I liked a phone from another company. I patiently waited for my contract to expire and cancelled on that day. Sprint then charged me for the entire next month. I thought they made a mistake, still feeling amicable toward them, but after several phone calls and promises to reduce the bill from various associates, they insisted that I pay for a month in which I didn't have any service. Before I had cancelled I was open to the idea of returning to Sprint if in the future they offered a phone I'd like, but now I'm so totally never going to go back to that company and I'm going to shout it from the rooftops my extreme displeasure with how Sprint treats their customers. If you are planning to go with Sprint, my advice to you is do not do it, because they will add unfair charges to your final bill and no amount of pleading with them will help. I'm so thoroughly disappointed in Sprint.
Posted by Dave on 2013-05-31:
No need to add to the same. Its no wonder Sprint is not at the top of the list of cell carriers, given how hard Sprint tries (not) to win back or keep their customers. Old saying, " fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me".
Posted by carrie on 2013-06-06:
I signed up with sprint 14 days ago. I got an LG. The screen blacked out on me so I took it back for a HTC evo. It wouldn't work. I then took that back for a Samsung galaxy S3. It wouldn't download apps. Mind you, the nearest sprint store is about 110 miles away. I'm sure you can imagine the gas costs these last two weeks. I couldn't afford to make another trip within my 14 day allowance, so I called. I was in the phone for over an hour. Getting the run around from sprint. Toward the end of the call they began to claim that I am out of their coverage area. My response, So how am I talking to you? Finally someone actually helped me fix my phone, but made sure to tell me that due to my not being in a coverage area I may not get the help needed in the future. So where is my refund for the phone in the plan and the refund for my first bill? Please help me.
Posted by duh on 2013-06-13:
You do realize that the only one who makes money in a class action lawsuit is the lawyer...right
Posted by Steve on 2013-06-15:
Had sprint every time you go to get the phone checked out it was wet !
Every 6 months new phones a Activation charge plus the new phone
So we paid the Early fee to get out a contract and went AT and T
Posted by ag on 2013-07-15:
Since sprint took over nextel, I didn't realize how bad there service was, for two months straight I kept calling the sprint customer service line and always got the same results. The system is being upgraded, will check the area your in, there probably working on the cell site, the wanrted to put some type of device in my home for better reception, after dropping so many calls i gave up and switched to verizon. The day I went to the sprint store I was standing in line I asked the guy behind me how he like the sprint phone, I should have paid attention to what he was saying and walked right out. He said it sucked! This is a company that needs to get there act together, because after so many complaints they offered no help, just excuses. Happy now with Verizon phones and service.
Posted by aymara mangual on 2013-07-30:
I hate sprint how can u sue this gready company I pay 170 for two phones and talk land line its not even unlimited now I am moving my phone dont work on my new place and they dont want to terminate my contract I have little ones and they told me to go out side to talk and basically leave my kids bythemself my baby get sick a lot so if I need to make an emergency call just leave himand go out side to call the ambulance really nice gready they suckkkkkkk madddddd
Posted by Carlos on 2013-08-01:
Lets do it
Posted by donaldblanton on 2013-08-06:
It is sad that I used to get 3G in my home. Noe I get extended then this little o. I call and the tell me tower is or I need to reconnect to the network even better they tell me they are upgrading. Funny that if they are upgrading that I am getting worse signal strength for past three months and they tell me it can be three months more. Sprint sucks and if I can stand it, last day of contract I will switch. Keep your sanity, run from Sprint. Not worth it.
Posted by Cecelia on 2013-08-12:
I am all for starting a class action suit against Sprint/Virgin Mobile/Nextel.
Posted by JKaglic83 on 2013-08-22:
Me and my gf both have sprint I drive truck and have lost over $4000 in loads because of the crap service sprint provides I alone call 3 times in one day over dropping 22 calls in 30 min all I want is my service dropped no charge but like the rep I talk to said and I quote we don't guarantee service everywhere well what if your stuck on the side of a road in need of emergency help and oo wait no service she was speechless I hate sprint so bad
Posted by Yenisei on 2013-10-16:
I agree I just got off the phone with these stupid idiots for overcharging me extra things for months that I never gave authorization to !!!!! I AM REALLY ALL FOR STARTING A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST SPRINT
Posted by JimB on 2013-10-16:
Since first getting our phones, nearly a year ago, we have had virtually little to no service and Sprint refuses to do anything about it, won't let us leave and plain insults our inteligence each time we've tried to talk with them. Their own store reps are fed up with the complaints. We have 5 phones in our family plan and our service consists of dropped calls, incomplete calls, no text messages or text that delivers hours after being sent. In most cases I'm very lucky to have a single bar on the status meter. Sprint best response to-date is they are withing industry parameters. It's time they fix it, let us drop our plans without penalty or we all file the largest, single class action suit ever. Of course I don't know how they would ever be able to let us know because my phone sure wouldn't be able to handle a call or text message.
Posted by dilyajona on 2013-10-30:
Posted by Aida on 2013-12-03:
Frequent dropped calls ,And delated txt mesg. I live in Hubbard, ohio, zip 44425 at home over last 8 months spring has dropped about 80% of calls witting the first two minutes, nome of my call can last longer then 2 or 3 mnts, its incredibly, frustrating and embarrassing to have services that performed so poorly, since October i been complaints several time a month w the company, i been asking then to a fairly adjustment on my bill as I'm not getting the full and complete service promised as our contract said, seemed like they r not resolving the problem so far and continuing billing me every month for a services,not delivery, its so bad in my case other nite need to go wk, then i realized my car was dead, i have a roadside services that i need to call to fix my car, i was unable to complete the phone call requesting the services, i made the call several time and each attempt wasn't successful, need to use the phone of somebody else, is very frustrating, i have two line, 2 iPhone and a service of $140 per month and i cant be trusted on the services, i don't know what else i can do, i cant go to,other supplier cus I'm on contract w this fouls company, and they don't let me go either, any suggestion for my situation? Will really appreciate.

Posted by Jackie on 2013-12-13:
we have had sprint for almost a year and have had nothing but dropped calls and no service we are also in a two-year contract, I agree with a lot of the comments they make us pay for being in a contract no matter what the service is on their end and the contract says they will give us service really we pay over 310.00 a month between 5 personal phones and 1 business phone. there has to be something we can do to get what we pay for
Posted by Name on 2013-12-20:
As several people stated....you won't get jack out of a class action lawsuit. You would be better off filing in small claims. Usually costs $50 or less (if claimis less than $10,000. (Sorry for the typos....using a defrctive sprint phone with defective keyboard). You also should check if recording your phone call to customer service is legal (it is if you notify them like they do you in some states). If it is, do so. Have records of their lies. Get ID #'s EVERY time you talk to them. Be polite. You getting bent makes you look bad in court, even if you are right. Get video of everything! Make several copies. Never open ANYTHING from them without video taping the labels on the outside of the box. Then video tape opening the box. Then video tape opening the inside packaging and verifying everything is as it supposed to be. ALWAYS get a receipt at the post office if returning anything to them. Keep in mind the fine print of the contract you signed (you need to request a full copy of your contract, as the one you sign is not the full contract. ANY reception of service within a billing cycle is considered monthly usage, even if just three seconds. Do not let a manager at a store bully you. You as a customer do have rights and should be treated fairly (you did sign the contract, so any problems related to something you are at fault for or sprint is at fault for is a legal binding contract). Always verify anything they tell, email, text, etc. You should look up local and state laws for free at your library that may pertain to your contract and sprint. As stated earlier, in some states you are alowed to record your phone calls with sprint, as long ad you notify them of this. Other states will fine you and you could face imprisonment. When dealing with a Large company, many people will make mistakes. Make sure it is you documenting their mistakes.
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Padding The Bill With Extra Charges
Posted by on 01/24/2013
KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- Sprint is horrible for charges. I originally signed up for the $79.99 plan. $69.99 then $10.00 more for the unlimited data. They said I would also get a 10 percent discount, which took 4 faxes over a 5 month period to receive and they would not credit me the prior months discount because they stated they just received it!! I did them at a corporate store each time and had them make me a copy of when it was faxed.

Well, the first month was fine, my bill was correct. The next months after for 10 months I had to constantly argue with them about my bill because I never received a bill under $130.00!!! I was told my bill would not even go over $85.00 to $90.00 because I had the triple A discount plus the plan was the 79.99 unlimited!!!! I had nights and weekends free, supposedly. I was suppose to have cell to cell free...supposed to! NOT!

Every time I called to complain they would say I didn't have detailed billing and they could add that for another $10.00....These rip-offs were padding my bill. I WOULD HAVE DROPPED CALLS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SALE!!! Not only that, but my taxes were escalating monthly! I finally got so [snip] off, I was able to get through to a "Manager" in the customer service who after an hour of me complaining and trying to pull it out of him HOW much do I pay for taxes!?!?!?! They gave me the run around twisting and turning my words like corporate rats then I said what is the percent...I want you to tell me what percent taxes you are charging???? Finally!!!! He still could not give me a definite but said "uh, no more than 12% to 17%. I said then why the [snip] is my bill being charged 30% on taxes!!!!!!!??????? He tried to twist and turn the numbers with me but I said you people are nothing but liars and cheats and you people can shove this up your butt!!!!

I hope to God there is a class action law suit with them because I also had them years ago and switched because they wanted to charge all these charges for not letting them take out of my account to pay my bill...as it stands my buyout would have been $350.00 and I cancelled service before my contract and had my bill coming up to pay the 79.99....you would have thought the final bill would have been around $450.00 tops to get them out of my wallet...Wrong! They sent me a bill for $750.00!!!!!! I'm not paying or dealing with them! They can kiss what I can't reach and they have been calling my new phone(because I ported my number) at all hours and days trying to speak with me!!!! But I am using caller block to block them with my new android new better priced plan! Sprint is hell! Do not sign a contract!!!
Signed: got you pegged Sprint!!!!!!!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-25:
As for your feeling that Sprint was dealing with you in a way you felt was dishonest, they may have. Of that I couldn't say. My ultimate concern is your current position of cancelling service and then ignoring them. With absolute respect, handling your Sprint account in such a fashion is likely to not come out as you think.

I deal with situations like this indirectly on a very regular bases. Sprint will report the debt negatively to your credit. Eventually you'll be forced to address the debt and it is nowhere near as likely to dispute at a later date. By that time interest, collection fees are added on.

I'd get a copy of your contract and the en compare it with the actual charges.

Best of luck.
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Sprint Won't Let You Cancel Phone Service
Posted by Nicole.scott7 on 04/12/2014
BOISE, IDAHO -- I have not been under contract with Sprint for several months and I tried to cancel my service and they still want me to pay $180 for the next two months of service. I have had to call them 5 times and they tell me my service is cancelled, but then they don't cancel my service. They will give me no confirmation that my service will be cancelled and in turn I have to wait a month to see if they ever cancel my service after I pay them 180 dollars .. even though I don't have a contract and my bill is current. WORST PROVIDER EVER!

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Had to buy out of a product that never worked
Posted by Allsop92003 on 03/25/2014
EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN -- We have a cabin in northern Wisconsin. We signed a contact and purchased a Sprint Hot Spot for $30.00 a month to get internet there. We pointed on a map to the exact location of our cabin, and the Sprint salesman guaranteed us we would get service. We tried unsuccessfully for 3 months, going back and forth with our local Sprint store, and finally tried to turn it back in after NEVER being able to use it. After calling Customer Service and telling our story, being disconnected and transferred to someone that could not help us, we were finally told that we signed a contact and had to pay almost $200 to get out of it. We called and complained to our local store, and was told that because Sprint had upgraded to 4 G, remote area like ours lost their coverage....did not matter, we had signed a contract and had to pay to get out of service that we never received.

Yes, worst customer service of any business I have dealt with! We have changed to T Mobile.
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Lying to Customer to Get Your Business
Posted by Sun7shyne on 03/24/2014
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a Sprint customer since 1998. Always felt loyal to the company due to the great service. I purchased a new phone paying 299.00 out of pocket and still owe 599.00. I signed up for the family plan, since I was denied the option for just a contact. When setting up the account, was told my discount would began immediately.

First bill came no discount would be at least two billing cycles. The family plan is a rip off, at any time people drop from the plan, your bill goes up. No control of your own bill, that's why they denied my signing up for the contact. We won't talk about the dropped calls or the poor Internet signal.

The great company that I was loyal to has changed into a greedy company that don't keep their word and continuously cheats the customer. Please don't listen to what the sales associate says, read the fine print in the contact. Sprint sales associates work like car salesmen. A shame for the customer.
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Crazy Bad Tech Erased All My Pictures.
Posted by Tjwilliamstj on 03/02/2014
TUKWILA, WASHINGTON -- Went to Sprint Tukwila store re my phone has very weak Wifi, said they would reboot the phone to its initial state to try to fix this. Despite my detailed request that they put all my contacts and photos onto the mini sd disk while they did this the idiot who did it corrupted all the pictures, did not check to be sure they were on the card as requested. .. Just corrupted copies. .. Then flattened the phone loosing my pictures. Sales guy then says well these things happen, sorry about that etc. The word Technician has a much narrower meaning in Tukwila WA
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-03-05:
YOU should always have a backup of the files you don't want to lose. The pictures on my phone are moved to my computer, an external hard drive, and either my iCloud or my SkyDrive.
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Terrible Customer Service, Do Not Get or Keep Sprint Wireless Service
Posted by Plattmeg on 02/13/2014
For over one month my cell phone number 3387 has not been able to successfully place voice calls to 3389. To our knowledge no one else is having trouble placing voice calls to 3389. The 3387 number is in Michigan and 3389 is in Virginia. It does not matter which region of Michigan I am in I still cannot successfully place a call to 3389, however I can FaceTime and text message without any issue. The 3389 number can call 3387 without any issue.

I have had several experiences with Sprint Business since January 5th when we sought help with this issue from Sprint directly. Prior to seeking Sprint’s assistance we did hard and soft resets on our iphones and deleted each other as contacts and re-added them.
January 8th Sprint opened a ticket to fix the issue, they did not work on or progress on the issue until 1/15. I had to call them for updates.
I got my business account manager involved and he did not offer advice and he said he would try to move the issue along.
3387 has called 3389 daily without success. I have spoken to Sprint on the phone 35 times since this issue began. I have clear and concise documentation of each issue and have left messages with business support 6 times with the designated person to assist with this issue. He is not returning my calls.
Today (2/13) I have called account services and requested termination without fees because of the service issues. The representative offered me $25 for the inconvenience. I declined stating I wanted termination because of the terrible service and that the issue hasn’t been fixed in well over a month.
I seriously discourage anyone from selecting Sprint as a carrier. They do not value their customers and are not able to provide proper support and return service for them.

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Posted by Lloyd K@sprint on 2014-02-26:
Upon learning of the customer's issue described above, Sprint investigated and determined that the problem was caused by a network software error, which has been corrected. We understand the customer's frustration -- the problem took longer to get fixed than it should have. We have apologized to the customer for the error and we have taken steps to prevent the issue from occurring again -- to this customer or any others.
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Horrible, dropped calls all the time, poor data service
Posted by Jwatkins6448 on 02/07/2014
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- "Don't be fooled by promise of unlimited data--can't hardly receive the data anyway. Reception was horrible. Sprint told us we were in the shadow, so they provided an mini transmitter that plugs into the internet. It does not work outside, and did not work well inside. Calls constantly dropped. Data reception poor. I would not NOT, use Sprint. We now have AT&T and are very pleased. We can actually use our phones. Rarely do we get a dropped call or dropped data"
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Awful Customer Service
Posted by Song_bird_88 on 02/03/2014
I called Sprint to dispute a bill that charged me in excess for a phone I used for 12 days. After being hung up on twice and an 18 minute hold I was told that the best they could do was a six dollar credit. I don't have the plan anymore, so I'm not really sure what good a six dollar credit is going to do. I was a customer for 5 years and am really glad to know that loyalty doesn't mean anything.
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