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Sprint Won't Let You Cancel Phone Service
Posted by Nicole.scott7 on 04/12/2014
BOISE, IDAHO -- I have not been under contract with Sprint for several months and I tried to cancel my service and they still want me to pay $180 for the next two months of service. I have had to call them 5 times and they tell me my service is cancelled, but then they don't cancel my service. They will give me no confirmation that my service will be cancelled and in turn I have to wait a month to see if they ever cancel my service after I pay them 180 dollars .. even though I don't have a contract and my bill is current. WORST PROVIDER EVER!

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Had to buy out of a product that never worked
Posted by Allsop92003 on 03/25/2014
EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN -- We have a cabin in northern Wisconsin. We signed a contact and purchased a Sprint Hot Spot for $30.00 a month to get internet there. We pointed on a map to the exact location of our cabin, and the Sprint salesman guaranteed us we would get service. We tried unsuccessfully for 3 months, going back and forth with our local Sprint store, and finally tried to turn it back in after NEVER being able to use it. After calling Customer Service and telling our story, being disconnected and transferred to someone that could not help us, we were finally told that we signed a contact and had to pay almost $200 to get out of it. We called and complained to our local store, and was told that because Sprint had upgraded to 4 G, remote area like ours lost their coverage....did not matter, we had signed a contract and had to pay to get out of service that we never received.

Yes, worst customer service of any business I have dealt with! We have changed to T Mobile.
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Lying to Customer to Get Your Business
Posted by Sun7shyne on 03/24/2014
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a Sprint customer since 1998. Always felt loyal to the company due to the great service. I purchased a new phone paying 299.00 out of pocket and still owe 599.00. I signed up for the family plan, since I was denied the option for just a contact. When setting up the account, was told my discount would began immediately.

First bill came no discount would be at least two billing cycles. The family plan is a rip off, at any time people drop from the plan, your bill goes up. No control of your own bill, that's why they denied my signing up for the contact. We won't talk about the dropped calls or the poor Internet signal.

The great company that I was loyal to has changed into a greedy company that don't keep their word and continuously cheats the customer. Please don't listen to what the sales associate says, read the fine print in the contact. Sprint sales associates work like car salesmen. A shame for the customer.
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Crazy Bad Tech Erased All My Pictures.
Posted by Tjwilliamstj on 03/02/2014
TUKWILA, WASHINGTON -- Went to Sprint Tukwila store re my phone has very weak Wifi, said they would reboot the phone to its initial state to try to fix this. Despite my detailed request that they put all my contacts and photos onto the mini sd disk while they did this the idiot who did it corrupted all the pictures, did not check to be sure they were on the card as requested. .. Just corrupted copies. .. Then flattened the phone loosing my pictures. Sales guy then says well these things happen, sorry about that etc. The word Technician has a much narrower meaning in Tukwila WA

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-03-05:
YOU should always have a backup of the files you don't want to lose. The pictures on my phone are moved to my computer, an external hard drive, and either my iCloud or my SkyDrive.
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Terrible Customer Service, Do Not Get or Keep Sprint Wireless Service
Posted by Plattmeg on 02/13/2014
For over one month my cell phone number 3387 has not been able to successfully place voice calls to 3389. To our knowledge no one else is having trouble placing voice calls to 3389. The 3387 number is in Michigan and 3389 is in Virginia. It does not matter which region of Michigan I am in I still cannot successfully place a call to 3389, however I can FaceTime and text message without any issue. The 3389 number can call 3387 without any issue.

I have had several experiences with Sprint Business since January 5th when we sought help with this issue from Sprint directly. Prior to seeking Sprint’s assistance we did hard and soft resets on our iphones and deleted each other as contacts and re-added them.
January 8th Sprint opened a ticket to fix the issue, they did not work on or progress on the issue until 1/15. I had to call them for updates.
I got my business account manager involved and he did not offer advice and he said he would try to move the issue along.
3387 has called 3389 daily without success. I have spoken to Sprint on the phone 35 times since this issue began. I have clear and concise documentation of each issue and have left messages with business support 6 times with the designated person to assist with this issue. He is not returning my calls.
Today (2/13) I have called account services and requested termination without fees because of the service issues. The representative offered me $25 for the inconvenience. I declined stating I wanted termination because of the terrible service and that the issue hasn’t been fixed in well over a month.
I seriously discourage anyone from selecting Sprint as a carrier. They do not value their customers and are not able to provide proper support and return service for them.
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Posted by Lloyd K@sprint on 2014-02-26:
Upon learning of the customer's issue described above, Sprint investigated and determined that the problem was caused by a network software error, which has been corrected. We understand the customer's frustration -- the problem took longer to get fixed than it should have. We have apologized to the customer for the error and we have taken steps to prevent the issue from occurring again -- to this customer or any others.
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Horrible, dropped calls all the time, poor data service
Posted by Jwatkins6448 on 02/07/2014
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- "Don't be fooled by promise of unlimited data--can't hardly receive the data anyway. Reception was horrible. Sprint told us we were in the shadow, so they provided an mini transmitter that plugs into the internet. It does not work outside, and did not work well inside. Calls constantly dropped. Data reception poor. I would not NOT, use Sprint. We now have AT&T and are very pleased. We can actually use our phones. Rarely do we get a dropped call or dropped data"
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Awful Customer Service
Posted by Song_bird_88 on 02/03/2014
I called Sprint to dispute a bill that charged me in excess for a phone I used for 12 days. After being hung up on twice and an 18 minute hold I was told that the best they could do was a six dollar credit. I don't have the plan anymore, so I'm not really sure what good a six dollar credit is going to do. I was a customer for 5 years and am really glad to know that loyalty doesn't mean anything.
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Posted by Gtho14 on 01/31/2014
BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I signed up with Sprint in butler. When I got the phone home I found I had no service in my area. This after I was assured I did. Sprint even sent me an amplifier which didn't help. So I dropped them because I couldn't even connect with my daughter in the same house. Year goes by. Today my daughter calls me telling me someone called my family claiming to be a police officer. They stated they were trying to find me and couldn't. They gave them a number and a case number to refer to. They told my family that if I didn't respond they would issue a warrant for my arrest!! My daughter was in hysterics when she called me. I called the number and after a run around I was told it was Sprint collections. I asked what gave them the right to imply they were with the police and I was basically told to go to hell!!

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Posted by clutzycook on 2014-02-02:
I believe what they did was illegal. You could report them.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-02-05:
This was a blatant violation of the fair debt collection practices act. File a complaint with your state's office of the attorney general.
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Administrative Charges on bill
Posted by Grandmasandy68 on 01/28/2014
CALIFORNIA -- I am a senior citizen and been with Sprint cell service since 2004. I had have had no contract for years, Had to renew due to unforeseen circumstances. Signed up for the paperless billing to help with my costs. This was a $1.99 savings each month. Viewed my bill on line and saw a $1.99 charge details for Administrative charges. I contacted customer service last month and the young lady took the charge off my bill after I explained I had paperless billing. So this month I have the same $1.99 charge. I called customer service spoke with Maria, explained again. She said the $1.99 was not for the paperless billing but could not tell me what the charge was for. With much frustration later, I hung up. I then called back and requested a supervisor. put on hold for 10 minutes.

Finally got a person, supervisor?, I don't know. She gave me a bunch of no nothing. Then we got disconnected? Watch the Administration charges. you will never get an answer as to what it is for
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Did Not Sign New Contract - Fraud
Posted by Sudharmi on 01/27/2014
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I have been getting the run around trying to cancel my phone service. They keep trying to get me to keep my service after telling several Sprint employee's I want to cancel. They will not take no for an answer. They lie to me after telling me my contract is cancelled then I find out they never deactivated it so I'm still getting billed. Now they're telling me I signed a new contract and I must pay a cancellation fee. I did not sign any contract and when I asked for a copy of this contract they tell me they cannot give me a copy. After looking on the internet about this problem I see where this is a common practice of "Sprint" to extend people contracts without their permission. Pages and pages of complaints from persons who have had this happen to them also.

This is fraud being committed by Sprint on a daily basic. All I want is to cancel my account. I'm in the process of talking to an attorney to sue Sprint for fraud and the salesperson who committed the fraud. I think a class action lawsuit is in order to stop these actions by Sprint.
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Posted by Shaun on 2014-01-30:
The problem you're speaking of is an argument that exists between every carrier, every day.

The point is to place everything in writing. It's nearly impossible to prove what was 'said' when it's just verbal.

In writing, preferably e-mail, ask for a copy of your SIGNED contract. Sprint has removed a lot of links to their e-mail accounts, but I've traced one down for you: sprintcares@sprint.com.

I'd start out by asking them something really simple. Once you get a reply, you're able to show you're making contact with them. Then politely ask for a copy of your signed contract, showing when your termination date is. If they don't respond reasonably, providing you with your signed contract, I'd make a final request again politely asking that the contract be provided within a reasonable time-frame, say 72 hours, or you'll assume there is no contract.

I'd then use this open gateway of communication to cancel their services, assuming you are out of contract, and dispute any further billing and charges. This is another mater entirely, but you're within reasonable rights to do so.

If you need, this is a link to their terms and conditions agreement: http://shop2.sprint.com/en/legal/legal_terms_privacy_popup.shtml

Let us know how things turn out.
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