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Startec Is A Fraud!
Posted by Plath on 08/19/2008
Hi friends!

I recently bought Startec prepaid calling card,thinking its going to solve a lot of my problems regarding long-distance calling.I was fooled by the constant advertisings that Startec is bombarding everyone with nowadays. The experience till now has been pathetic. The calls never get through.I had people back home in India waiting for my call and here I was all messed up after buying this service. Finally I had to buy the same calling card which I earlier used to.

Secondly,these people fool us by saying there are no hidden costs but the truth is far from true. They charge quite an amount!I just don't understand what makes these people have such poor business sense?I mean if they cant give a quality service why advertise and promote so much?ultimately the truth's going to be out anyway and nobody is going to buy their services.

And last but not the least,their customer care department is equally rotten. No one ever picks up the calls.Its very frustrating to say the least. So I would really ask you all to exercise your discretion while buying the services of such hoax companies.


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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-08-19:
why not use your cell phone? manyget free long distance, even global calling.
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Rip off
Posted by Songsofgideon1 on 04/18/2012
This company is a rip off, I cancelled my account to them
only to find out they're still charging me a monthly fee in my account. I called the customer service, they said it was not cancelled, so eventhough I have not used any service from them, they're still charging!!!! Customer service did nothing, she said she'll cancel my account which I already did long time, very poor customer service. I have friends planning to sign up for this --i will definitely warn them about rip off.
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Posted by Irvine on 2013-08-05:
STOP using STARTEC NOW! They are ripping everybody and charging their customers left and right without legitimate reasons. On the phone, they seem to resolve your problems by canceling your service, and one month later you go back and check your account, they not only didn't cancel, they add several charge fees to your account. Don't be a fool! STOP using Startec once and for all.
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Startec is a scam
Posted by Sweetheart_4aday59 on 10/08/2011
Please do not give your debit/credit number to Startec. When I first open up my account with them almost 2 year ago I asked them if there was any monthly fee, they they said no. For cell service is just as you go that you can only pay the minutes you used, no monthly or other charges. Afrer carefully look through my bank statement last seven months before I cosed my account in Jun they had been charging me an extra amount. They managed to take 27 dollers to finally close my account. Surprisingly I received the statement today from Startec even though I closed my account in Jun and have not been using them since. I immediately called them to have him explain the charges. He said My account is not close and I need to pay monthly fee and because I have not been pay that there are late charges. I told him to close my account he refused saing not until he receive money from me. PLEASE BE AWARE WITH THIS COMPANY. PLEASE MAKE OTHERS AWARE!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-09:
Challenge the charge with either your bank or credit card company. File a complaint about Startec (they have a corporate office in Rockville, MD) with http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml
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Dishonest Company
Posted by Joseph1979 on 05/14/2011
One of the worse phone company I've ever seen. they just charged me for minimum usage fee when I canceled my service for couple months without any notice! I got a bill after months I canceled my service! I called them but they said I have to pay that, also he was a very rude person! they are looking for rob your money not giving you service! I don't recommend this company.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-16:
If I'm reading this correctly, you cancelled the service and they continued to charge you. Do you have any proof/confirmation of the date when you cancelled? If you do then they may be willing to negotiate a refund of some sort.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-05-16:
When you canceled, did you pay off any last service charges?

I ask because - I learned this the hard way - canceling a service doesn't mean you won't see any more bills. There's usually one final bill for the remainder of what you owe.

Posted by Maria on 2012-04-23:
Joseph, I had the same horrible experience with them. They keep charging you for a "minimum usage fee" whether you make calls or not. And don't call to complain - they are very rude and you will get nowhere. I finally told them Im not doing business with them anymore, and they actually thanked me!!!
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Bad Company - Stealing Your Money, Beware
Posted by Mahert325 on 08/30/2011
Made some calls using Startec calling company, nobody answered. They charged my account & refused to give me credit, bad customer service. Talking to me like I'm garbage or trying to get some money, bad bad bad company, don't trust them at all. Keep away.

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They Opened an Account Without My Permission
Posted by Imanea on 01/09/2014
TORONTO, CALIFORNIA -- I received a bill for an account that I never opened.
I called customer services and the explanation that they gave me was that "the account was opened by the SYSTEM" when I dialed 1012428. I don't think this is legal.
I have been with Bell for many years and every time I called long distance I dialed in front one of those VoIP number and I was getting billed a reasonable amount as part of the bell bill.

Is it legal for them to "open an account" like this?

Thank you
Ion M.
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Rip Off Fraud Co.
Posted by Shbz on 10/07/2013
I have opened an account with Startec 3 hours ago. Later when I read the customer's complains I have changed my mind. I called to cancel my service that I had not used. Startec told me there is a charge to cancel the service, but the representative told me there is no charge. These guys are a rip off. Do not deal with them.
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Startec Is a Scam
Posted by Bierwirth on 03/21/2013
ROCKVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS -- This company is a scam. I had technical issue and they couldn't fix it for 3 weeks. When I tried to cancel my account I finally got a supervisor. Nice Guy - He told me the Problem was with my Local phone Company and offered me a different plan; I had to pay upfront for this plan. He assured me that it would be no trouble going forward.

Sure enough next time I tried to make a call I had the same issue. I cancelled the account and asked for my money back. The response was - this account is not refundable. The nice supervisor never told me this!!! I sent the complain to BBB. Like I said - scam!

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They are rip off!! They will over charge you 5 times for the calls!!
Posted by Lara_7_7_7 on 07/06/2012
You need to keep log of all of your phone calls, only to find out that they over charge you but yet they don't want to do anything about it!
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Not Working
Posted by Sshahsav83 on 09/26/2011
I got a prepaid account from Startec. The access number is not working and the customer service is terrible!
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