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Failure to Notify Contract Expiration via Email
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Rating: 2/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Each time my Stream Energy account has come up for renewal, I have received a notification email. We receive our billing electronically, as well as paper, because we travel frequently and want to make sure we do not miss important notices. My online account is set to "receive new documents" via email as well.

Today, I was shocked to see my bill jump almost $100 from the previous month, and called to inquire. I was informed that my contract expired, that I was now on month-to-month at a higher rate, and offered a renewal contract. I first asked why I never received my renewal offer/expiration notice and was informed that it was sent via paper mail in April.

I explained that while that very well may be true, I was traveling almost half the month of April, and I paid that bill online -- and thus probably never opened the envelope, which is specifically the reason that I have the "send me new documents electronically" option selected in my online account. Note: Stream has not once, ever, failed to send me an electronic notice that my bill was due.

I explained that while I was happy to stipulate that they probably did send a paper notice, they must in good faith acknowledge that their failure to send me the notice electronically -- as optioned in my online account -- and their inability to explain WHY that e-notice was never sent would dictate that I not be penalized for missing the renewal. Not when every single other renewal notice in my 3.6 year history with the company was sent electronically.

Rather than pro-rate my bill to the old rate (about $85/$90) and renew my contract retroactively to the renewal expiration, they let me go off and find a new energy company. Which I was happy to do, given their terrible excuse for customer service today.

As Indifferent as They Come...
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- This the worst customer experience of any service, bar none, I have ever experienced. From navigating their website, to speaking with people directly. The indifference oozes from these people. Their employees have all the passion for helping people of an IRS employee. For months I attempted to get my bill's due date moved two days later, so I can pay it on the day I get paid. It was a simple "help me give you money," kind of thing. Not rocket science.

This a pretty common, simple request any utility provider will accommodate. But not for these people, this is like asking for China, or to move a continent. It took five months to accomplish this, meanwhile I'm getting late charges every month that I have to contend every month. Each time the excuse is "it's an automated system... it does that when you don't pay the whole bill every month." Yeah people, get my bill right and I'll pay the full amount. Pretty simple.

One time I asked them to reverse an automatic debit because it was grossly off and I couldn't afford to pay them twice that month. They said they couldn't do that, and to call my bank. OK fine, so I did it through my bank. A month later I called them up to inquire about what was the 2nd or 3rd "accidental" disconnects (which they charged me for, mind you) and they asked me if I'd like to pay my $330 electric bill for my 1100 sq ft apartment.

Apparently, when rejecting a payment through your bank, their system blacklists your payment method. Now each payment gets rejected every month. It's either this, or pay their $2.95 payment over the phone fee every month, on top of their ridiculous charges. I'm not destitute, but it's the principle.

So I cancelled the service August 30th, and knew I still had a last invoice. So I found out it was two; one for my regular bill, the other for a reconnection I got charged for they were supposed to wave. So once I learned that my last payment was rejected (Sept 18th) I send them a check. I look online to see if it was received, and it was credited to my account.

So I call to make payment arrangements, and the kid on the phone tells me they received my last payment on Oct 1st, and sent me to collections on October 15th, and kept pushing me to call the debt collector. I asked his supervisor what would happen if I walked across the hallway (there in my business complex) and made a payment, and he said it would still be in collections with a zero balance with the other company until I pay it through them.

So after 14 years of paying my bills on time, I now have a mark on my otherwise perfect credit, all because I was dumb enough to give this company my business. This company has absolutely NO desire to work with, accommodate, or even provide reasonable service to their customers. Biggest mistake I've made in a long time. This is the worst company to do business with, hands down.

Very High Billing, Two Months to Change My Rate Led to High Bills and Service Interruption
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- An acquaintance of mine was putting some pressure on me to be a Stream Energy representative in Ga. After overcoming all of my objections I reluctantly agreed to be a customer, it was more to save a social relationship than because I thought it was a good idea. It had all the earmarks of a pyramid scheme and red flags were going up but I was in an awkward position and felt what could the harm be to use their gas service. I felt pressure to sign up another family member who also felt it wouldn't really be a big deal to have a different gas provider. Boy were we wrong!

My family member called right away to say she thought the billing was very expensive in comparison to her old provider, I was paying around 50-60 a month so I felt alright about the service. The bill crept up and up. I started getting bills for 150 then finally 245. I called and it turned out they raised my therm rate to the variable and I was paying a month to month of just over a dollar/therm. My fault I guess I must have missed that. I called to change the therm rate and the locked me into a year long contract at about half what I was paying, the operator said, "this should make a big difference in next month's bill."

We'll next month I was still billed at a dollar per therm, I called and was told that although I was locked in for a year it would take them two months (two billing cycles) for them to process my rate change. Now I was stuck paying a dollar per therm for 4 month (December, January, February, March). My bills were huge and although I kept calling they were still "processing" my therm rate change. Really?

My bill for March showed very high consumption compared to all my other usage, I wonder if it was an "estimate" which they are allowed to do if they "can't read the meter." I can't know for sure but it seems like more than a coincidence that there was so consumption the last month of the high rate. So, my bills got very high and we got behind, they shut off our gas for being $86 behind. I never saw a final termination notice or anything stuck to my door, just all of a sudden no hot water.

I called and paid them $100 the next day, still no hot water. I called them back and found they had not scheduled a reconnect even though they had received payment online. I was told they could get my gas reconnected by Monday (gas was turned off Tuesday night). I was floored that they shut off service for $86, no one knocked on my door to ask for payment, and it is so punitive that they have my family living with no dryer or hot water for 6 1/2 days. When I think of all the payments I have made to them for very moderate gas usage it is just horrible.

Again, a day after I paid them they had still not even scheduled a reconnect with Atlanta gas light, so if I hadn't called how much longer would I have been made to wait for service for the lousy $86 (which they had received in spades for the two extra months of overcharging me). Horrible experience, I feel so ashamed I put my other family member through this as she has had loads of other trouble with her bill from the beginning.

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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Beware of Stream Energy, they are crooks, they're ripping people off by what they call cramming, adding more unknown charges on your bill and lying about what the meter readings are. I had a simple transfer from the house I was moving out of, to the new address I was moving to. OK, so I had two accounts, the old address and the new address. The old address, I told them to leave the account active for two weeks so I could have light and air while I was moving, which by the way was only on weekends and during the weekdays no one was there, lights off no air or anything.

For two weeks only on weekend I did my moving, so normally my bill was about $125.00 a month. So I finally got moved and they sent my bill from my old address. For two weeks they charged me $434.00 and said "that's what the meter read." I cussed all of them out and switched to someone else. Watch out for those crooks, they start you off good and then they rip you off in the end. Now my credit is bad until I pay that BS THEY CHARGED ME, LOOK OUT!

Be Sure to Look at the Dates of Compliments or Complaints
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Rating: 5/51

BRIGANTINE, NEW JERSEY -- Although I noticed some negative reviews for Stream Energy in reading the discussions following them it seems often the person complaining didn't understand something about the process or how to accurately read their bill. When I had the chance to take advantage of energy deregulation to get a more competitive rate a friend introduced me to Stream Energy. The process to switch was fast and easy and can be done online or over the phone. I received a confirmation letter welcoming me as a new energy customer confirming the rate plan I had selected.

My previous utility continues to deliver the energy, read the meter, provides the only bill, and emergency service if there were an issue outside of my home. The only differences I see are a lower rate and both utility names on the bill now, one Stream for the generation and other Atlantic City Electric for the delivery. I pay Atlantic City Electric like I always have and they take care of payment to Stream.

I am saving money and helping a friend by being his energy customer, a bill I would pay anyway, and it is now less - thanks to him. I think sometimes some of the complaints on forums like these may be planted by competitors. The switch to Stream Energy was fast and free and I have had reliable service at a better price ever since.

Customer Service Problems
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TEXAS -- I became a Stream customer about 2 months ago. I am now looking for an alternative and here is the reason why: We live on a very bad country road. The PO has stopped delivering our mail in May. In order to get our mail all the residents had to travel about 20 miles round trip to get their mail.

I, unfortunately have no transportation due to an estate case that I am involved in, so in order for me to have gotten my mail I had to find a way of getting there (a ride). Therefore, I was not getting my mail on time. We then put all our boxes at the end of the road so now we get mail. I still have to walk about a 1/4 of a mile to get it. I finally got my bills and nowhere on them stated that I was to be disconnected.

Yesterday, the 2nd of Sept, the truck was out in my driveway and I was told that I was to be disconnected then. Now I have a severely disabled husband. He requires cool conditions inside and oxygen 24/7. I even have a sign on the window. The men told me that I had to call my provider (Stream). I did and was told that it should have been disconnected on the 25th of Aug.

After waiting 20 minutes on hold I finally got to talk to someone. I explained the situation and all I got from him was there is nothing I can do about it. I told him that my husband is on life support and again I got the same response. I finally got so frustrated that I said "If my husband passes away because of no oxygen, I will send all the bills and sue you". I hung up while he was still talking. This is not the way to run a business. No compassion and respect, I'm changing.

Watch Out for BOGUS Early Termination Charges!!!
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DALLAS, GEORGIA -- Stream Energy customer NON-service is the worst. I got a deal for a good fixed rate for a year. I called their customer NON-retention line and they would not even try to match it. Their rate is their rate. Just deal with it. So I did. My contract was up in late August. I switched to a new provider effective October 1st. They billed me $100.00 for early termination! After calling customer NON-service, I paid the portion of the bill that excluded the BOGUS early termination charge. They were supposed to drop the charge within 48 hours. So I forgot about it.

Then in early December I received a collections letter for $100.00 to Stream Energy. Needless to say, I went ballistic. They had not dropped the charge as promised. They had not sent me a bill showing the BOGUS early termination charge as still due. They simply called in the attack dogs. More stellar customer NON-service!

I called customer NON-service again and read them the riot act. They finally dropped the BOGUS early termination charge as showing due on their billing web site. I also demanded that they contact their attack dog and cancel their collection effort. I have yet to hear any more from them but it has only been a few days. If anything gets posted to my credit score pertaining to this, they will be sorry. Stay tuned.

Stream Disconnected My Service With an Agreement on File.
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Rating: 1/51

MESQUITE, TEXAS -- I have an issue with "Stream Energy". This company has ill trained employees who advised me incorrectly, and misquoted my kilo rate per usage. I called into Stream customer service to request an extension on my bill. The customer service rep, ** told me that it was possible and that I had an extra 10 days to pay my bill that was past due. I was told that I needed to pay by the 22nd of October.

I woke up Thursday morning, the 18th of October with no ELECTRICITY, what the ** was going on? I called and was told that there was no agreement and I'm responsible for paying reconnection charges plus 2.95 for processing my payment by phone. I immediately asked for a supervisor, and was placed on indefinite hold, I called back, placed on hold, over, and over again. Stream Energy needs to be investigated, this seems like a ploy to extort money out of their "valued" customers.

I Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate them... They Are So Difficult to Communicate With
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- All I had to do was switch my apt address to another apt (in the same complex) and it has been a headache ever since. First I had 2 light bills, they never canceled the first one b/c they don't transfer services Idk… Then they changed my service plan (that was ridiculously priced) for no reason. All I wanted to do was change my address!!!

And when I called to fix that idk what they did but eventually I had 3 accounts with them. Then I called again and it was finally fixed except they charged me an early termination fee and a start up fee. So I called again and they finally fixed it... But it shouldn't take me calling wasting at least 5 hours total of my life trying to explain to different people what's going on and why they messed up.

Why I Am Dropping Stream Energy
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The letter I wrote to Stream. When I first got my notification that my contract would be expiring, I went online to re-enroll. I noticed a. 05/therm discrepancy between what my paperwork stated as the rate and what the website stated as the rate. I called customer service to get clarification and was on hold for 40 minutes. I put the phone on speaker and continued to work but come on – 40 minutes? Listening to a recorded voice telling me how important customers are? Is the intent to frustrate customers to the point where they hang up and give up?

When a human finally came on the phone, the man could barely speak English and indicated that the prices had gone up since the letter was mailed and that the lower rate in my mailer couldn't be honored – I'd be renewed at the higher rate. I sent an email requesting further clarification and heard nothing back – nothing, nada, zip.

Another notification came in the mail yesterday, advertising the higher rate. Your website advertises the lower rate. I am not even going to elevate my blood pressure by dealing with your "customer service". You have lost a customer, one who intends to share my Stream "experience" with whoever will listen. Apparently my experience is not unique, a simple google search brings up hundreds of hits with people complaining about the God-awful customer service they experienced with Stream. "Stream Energy appreciates my business!" Yeah, right. Good riddance.

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