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Run!!! Do Not Walk Away From These Disgusting Crooks!!! Bill Went From $200 Over $1100
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I was actually recommended to this company by a co-worker and friend. She is a "Stream Energy Rep" and I was in the market for a new energy company. I had just recently moved to my current home, which was an upgrade. I needed a better rate, so she showed me the numbers, but I was still very hesitant. I was with my former electric company TXU for over 25+ years. However, they were steadily raising their rates and my last bill got up to over $600 so my spouse and I said enough is enough!

Anyway, I still wasn't totally convinced on 'Stream' so I drag my feet a bit longer. Finally, she cornered me after work one day and wouldn't let me go home until I signed up. I believed her to be an honest person, and a good christian woman so I gave in. Well signing up was very painless (although there was one surprise, I had to give her my SSN, which I'll be honest I wasn't totally comfortable with, but I trusted her).

The next month my Stream bill dropped to only an incredible $217.00. WOW!!! Now that's what I'm talking about, I thought! Well the honeymoon was over by the next billing cycle. Now I'm going to preface my next comments by saying, "I was totally sold on this company, in that not only did they keep their promise by massively reducing my rate, but I began to tell others about them.

Well in November 2012, they dropped a Hydrogen Bomb on me! My wife called me at home completely livid!!! She was skeptical of changing to this 'unknown' company in the first place and now her worst fears were realized. She was so angry she wouldn't tell me what was wrong. She just said, when you get home they'll be a letter on the bed waiting for you!

I got home and saw it was a Stream Energy bill, I opened it and to my complete shock and horror our next bill was $1100.00. THAT'S RIGHT, ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! I literally freaked! I was in such disbelief I didn't know what to say. My wife was so angry she couldn't speak! No yelling, no screaming (the silence actually disturbed me more) she just looked at me like FIX THIS NOW!

I immediately got on the phone with Stream, customer service absolutely NO HELP, I called my friend the rep and she was in total disbelief! She said, " I never had a customer have this happen before". She immediately went to work and got someone from her Stream Energy 'upline' to investigate. I spoke to them and they were also in disbelief. I do give them some credit, they were totally outraged as we were, but they couldn't get any results. I had to call the Texas Utilities Commission to investigate, my pole and lines, no results. I even called ONCOR to investigate my meter (of course they weren't gonna find anything, its their meter) so duh. No results.

Finally, after another month and another almost as high December bill of $900.00, I was frantic and very angry! I did everything short of pulling out light bulbs to keep the usage down to nil. Which was not the issue anyway, we did absolutely nothing different from the previous month, November, to cause this bill to be as ridiculously high as this one. So by this time NOW with TWO bills, late fees, etc. we ended up owing over $2600.00!

Only by the grace of God we did get a decent gentlemen in the Sales Rep area of Stream to have pity/compassion on our case. He got them to suspend bill & to work out a (high priced) repayment plan. They divided the $2600 plus dollars we owed into 12 payments to be repaid!

Now get this, on top of each new bill we would receive! In other words, every new bill, no matter the rate would have to be added to and repaid each month or the agreement was null and void!! Plus they put a lock on our meter so we could even dump these devils without forfeiting electricity period! We couldn't switch to another service without repaying these blood sucking vampires every penny.

Well in conclusion 2012/2013 was the longest most financially challenging years we've had in a while. Needless to say we absolutely will NEVER AGAIN go under contract with theses devils. We have been using them month to month which seems to suit our purposes. They have been somewhat reasonable prices until today! December 2016, $680.00. Today, January 2017, $900.00+.

POOR Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- First, as someone said: They are a typical energy company UNTIL you have a problem. I've been using Stream Energy since 2008 without issues because I've never had a problem. On 11/22/16, I requested to move my service from one address to another. I called back in on the same day to correct the address and was assured by the representative Jose that he would update and "not to worry". Well it turned out I had plenty to worry about!

On 12/23, I got a bill for my new apartment and an apartment that I never lived in and that bill was twice the amount of the apartment I actually live in. Once discovered, I called into Stream Energy and encountered the rudest, non-listening, most aggressive representatives supervisors and managers -- Diego, Evelyn, Meagan -- that no paying customer should encounter. Not only did they tell me that I've lived and have been paying for a unit that I've never lived at for one year, they refused to take an incident report and have it investigated to remove the charges as it was in my opinion "a company error."

I have since then contacted the PUC, BBB and Attorney General for TX and will write review after review about how HORRIBLE their behavior, willingness or ability to provide quality customer service to the public has been. What I have learned is NOT to expect much from these type of companies and you won't be disappointed! They are POOR listeners and problem solvers and seek only to throw the blame on the consumer to avoid doing their job. What's amazing is they violated their own rule of "a consumer can't have utilities at two locations in their name" yet they were willing to bill me for just that? If I could give the a ZERO, know that I would have.

Excellent Experience With Stream for 4+ Years
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Rating: 5/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have had 3 electricity accounts with Stream for over 4 years and have been delighted with their service. When I first switched, I saved more than 30% over the TXU service I'd had for decades. Sometimes a problem is not a Stream issue, but is something you take to the "delivery" company, the one that owns the poles, wires and meters. If that's the case, just call Oncor or whomever else delivers your energy and handle the issue with the people who are best qualified to help you. Don't blame Stream. And don't call them when your power goes out; they can't help you with that. But they do give you the number you should call. Keep that in your cell phone like I do.

For those who complain that Stream didn't beat your doors down to make sure you renewed your contract on time or to stop you from switching providers before your contract expired, again, take responsibility for yourself and pay more attention. Stream includes info about contract status and renewal reminders on your paper bill and on the online payment portal. If you do not renew your contract or switch providers when the contract expires, your account automatically rolls to a month-to-month deal where rates vary and are often higher.

Readers should realize that people come to a review site like this mainly to complain. Sadly, those like me who are happy, long-term customers, or who have had problems that were successfully and courteously resolved don't typically bother to write reviews. If you're sampling a restaurant's food by only looking at what's in the restrooms, you are certain to find a lot of stinky things.

I can't explain those horror stories of $1000+ bills with no apparent resolution. But just remember there are two sides to every story. I have a friend whose TXU electric bill was between $700 and $1000. I looked at her bills. Yes, her basic energy rates were pretty high with TXU, but her usage (KWH) was also sky-high. She called an electrician who discovered that her older home's wiring was messed up causing a massive energy drain. She had the wiring fixed and her bills went way down, but she was still responsible for paying off the previous high bills.

Stream Allowed an Unauthorized Person to Change the Account
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Rating: 1/51

WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS -- We entered into the Secure Choice Plan - 12 Month Plan with Stream Energy. But when the expiration date came and went; we were surprised by another bill being sent to us. Our contract was supposed to end on May 10, 2017. We contacted the Stream Energy customer service to resolve the issue. They were of absolutely no help. They claimed that we had called in March 2017 to renew for another 24 months! We were put on hold multiple times, informed that customer service was too busy to assist us, and the representative called us liars after we said we never called to renew.

At this point we were beyond frustrated. We told the representative to check the call/voice records to prove that we had not renewed. He told us he was busy and he didn't have time to do that. YOUR JOB IS CUSTOMER SERVICE. THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT THEY PAY YOU FOR. We told him we would wait on hold while he went to go check on the voice records. After 10 minutes of holding, he came back and told us that a "Lori Ann **" had called to renew the plan for a further 24 months. So I thought it was a done deal, obviously they mixed up the account number.

It's an easy fix, just go back to renew the right account and cancel our service the day it was supposed to expire. WRONG. The representative then said that doesn't resolve anything. We told them it was obviously their mistake. They allowed a person, who is neither the account holder nor an authorized user, to make decisions/changes to the account. How is it right that Stream Energy is telling us that they aren't going to resolve the issue they created? We were then told to call the general service line back at a later time.

We told them that we want to be able to contact a specific line in order to get this issue resolved. We didn't want to waste another hour explaining this entire situation again and possibly be told that "Stream Energy is unable to resolve the issue right now, you'll need to call back at another time". How is that customer service?! Besides complete failure at addressing the issue, the representative just kept repeating the same script over and over again. It seems like the only requirement for Stream Energy customer service representative is reading comprehension skills of a 3rd grader. As of 5/24/17 the issue has not been resolved.

Renewal Incentives Severely Delayed
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Rating: 2/51

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- When I bought my house I took a friend's suggestion and decided to go with Stream Energy. Their prices weren't amazing but they were about the same as everything else and the referral bonus would help my friend out so I went ahead and did it. Right from the start I had issues with them double billing me because for some reason my account got duplicated so I was being billed for my house twice. After months of that I still have two accounts but they now only bill me for one. It adds to the confusion every time I have to call customer service but as long as they don't double bill me I'm done messing with getting it fixed.

After a year it was time for me to renew and as I didn't want to deal with the hassle of switching and they were offering some great incentives to renew I decided to go ahead and renew at a better rate plus I would be receiving a new smart thermostat. Not only did the renewal process somehow mess up my billing (got it sorted out finally) but it has been nearly two months of trying to figure out when I'll be getting my thermostat and I've been told that I won't receive it until 4-6 weeks after I "make my first payment" which is supposedly at the end of this month.

I've made 2 payments for bills that had the new contract terms listed yet according to them I haven't made a payment on the new's a load of BS. If what they're saying is true I'll receive my thermostat nearly 4 months after I renewed my contract. I was completely locked into my new contract from the moment I clicked "accept" online yet they don't have to hold up their end of the contract for nearly 4 months? A total double standard and their customer service representatives are willing to do nothing for you.

Stream Energy Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Stream energy has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I've used Stream for over a year and every problem I've come across they've found a way to bungle and frustrate me at every turn. They cut my service off without warning NOT because I didn't pay the bill but because in their computer system they managed to lose track over whether my service was commercial or residential, never mind the fact that my service had been residential for my entire history with the company going back 10 months at that point. The service was cut off and my apartment complex kept the service on as if I had moved out.

I had to call Stream and to get the service cut back on in my name. I couldn't deal with Stream. I had to deal with their parent company Encore. Then when I was sent back to STREAM to correct their mistake, I had to renew a contract that I just renewed months ago for another fee. SO in reality Stream is just a middleman for billing and they can't handle anything else.

So, two months later I'm moving apartments IN THE SAME COMPLEX, and I can't get a email from them indicating that I've moved service from one apartment to another which I need in order to get the keys to move into the new apartment. It's an email, pretty standard, should be to get that the moment I move the service because for YOUR convenience all their business is over the phone, if I could have done this online I'd have the request that I could print myself.

Whatever ever savings they claim is not worth the heartache and frustration that comes with dealing with a customer service that cares nothing for you once they've got you on a contract. I will be dropping them the moment I can afford the disconnect fee. Which is supposed to $50 but I'm sure will be double if not triple that amount by the time I'm actually able to do it because I expect them hit me with all sort of hidden fees because that's the vibe I get from them. They are horrible, stay away. Go with somebody else, even if it's more money.

Gas Company That Takes Over Charges and Unreasonable
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Rating: 1/51

SNELLVILLE, GEORGIA -- After being with Stream Energy for since July 2014, I have never experienced such dissatisfaction. I always have had a 6 month contract with a fixed therm rate. I have always received reminders in the mail that do not come with the bill as well as multiple phone calls to remind me of the renewal of my contract until this year. The use of gas has been the lowest I have ever seen in the last few years. Stream Energy claim to have sent me two notifications saying that my contract was ending as of Feb 2017 and that I would need to renew my contract. I never received any notice of renewal nor a phone call, which they claim is a courteous call.

Seeing as before I have received multiple calls and only one notification in the mail in the past I was very upset that the same customer service was not given this time around. I called their customer service line and spoke to a representative. She explained to me that they would submit my bill for review and see if they are able to adjust it. I never got a call or a new bill notifying of any changes. I called back again to follow up on the billing adjustment request and they told me that it was denied because they claim they sent me two request. I explained to them again that I did not receive the notifications nor did I receive a phone call.

My rate changed from a .49 per therm to a .98 per therm, which raised my bill from 90.00 dollars to 180.00 dollars for one month. I am a single person. I live in a single family home by myself and believe that this is a disgrace. There is no integrity in this company and they have very poor customer service. I have repeatedly asked to speak to a supervisor and she was no help. She was very combative and was not helpful at all. I asked could I speak with her supervisor and she said that she did not have one and that there was no else for me to talk to. I have never experienced such poor customer service and unreasonable accommodations.

I called back once more to see if I could speak with someone else who may be able to understand and try to do something on my behalf. Instead I got on the phone with another supervisor who asked me about the situation again, even though the situation was annotated on my account. She only continued to be combative with me and repeat the annotations on my account.

Only when I threatened to transfer my service did she reluctantly offer to submit another request to her billing adjustment department, but continued to tell me that it would not help. I cannot stress how discouraging that was. This is a true example of a company putting the consumer at a disadvantage and poor customer service.

They Keep Turning Off My Gas With No Notice Even Though I Paid My Bill.
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Rating: 1/51

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA -- I have been a customer of Stream Energy for over 10 years. I always faithfully paid. In June I was a few days late. They came and turned off my gas. I had out of town people coming the next day but they refused to help. Since then I have not received a statement but I pay online anyway to make sure it didn't happen again. Well guess what? They have done it 2 more times. NO notice no nothing. I checked my account online and they are taking my money. I have even overpaid. Luckily my husband has been able to override their lock. I wrote to their customer service and the CEO and I have not heard anything. If you know anyway I can rectify this I would be very appreciative.

Stream Is ** Terrible!!!
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Every time I have to call Stream Energy, they have no answers to help you, NEVER!!! I was promised a SkyBell a month after I renew my account with them, it's been 6months and their solution??? Wait 3 months more, so when it's time to renew again I will get the promised item. This review site says a representative may try to call you to resolve issues, HA!

What is not realized by Stream is that this is a BREACH OF CONTRACT and I will get more than a SkyBell is worth. Oh and if you get placed on hold to talk to a supervisor, the call is not answered, I spent 1 hr and 45 min waiting and same old music, So ** STREAM ENERGY and all their lying REPS and Ghost Supervisors that can't resolve any problems I have always had.

Fee Was Removed Then Secretly Added Then Sent to Collections Company W/o Notice
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Rating: 1/51

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- Do not use Stream. They are deceitful. Just got off the phone with a second level supervisor who admitted through their audio review that their customer representative told me she would remove an early termination fee and to pay a certain amount. I payed that amount and then a month later without any notification I received a collection letter asking for the remainder. I called after getting the letter and a supervisor said she would submit a review and someone would call me in 24-48 hours.

As of today no one called. I called today and spoke to the upper level supervisor who confirmed the fee was removed but it was added back. The 1st supervisor did not put in the notes to call me with the results even though I specifically asked her to. This all started with an automated call saying my service had ended so I switched services unknowingly a month early. The 2nd supervisor also said there is no one else to talk to that there is no higher level. We shall see.

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