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Looking For A Better Solution
By -

Hello again, this time I like to share a few recommendations for the next time you dial the customer service number on stream...

First of all we everybody know from the beginning that you need help, and always for security purposes we need to verify the customer information, so for the next time calling, if you say "you already know who I am, you don't need to check my information" honestly THAT'S WRONG and you are losing your time it is the procedure and is part of our job, imagine that you are with the doctor, and you jut say "you already know, I'm sick give me those pills" without letting the doctor work. verifying customer information helps to update an old phone number, email or anything else AND be sure that nobody wants to access your personal information, a representative is taking care of the account and he need to keep all in order.

Now, only the account holder or the spouse is authorized to dispute something on the account, if you are the friend WE ARE SORRY we can only give you basic information and that's it.

Sometimes the boyfriend is calling very upset, trying to defend his girlfriend or his uncle, screaming and not letting talk, that's not the solution, we want to solve the problem inmediatly but most of the times we need to look deeper on the account, SOMETHING IMPORTANT HERE!!! the only person who knows the consumption is YOU as a customer, every time that you call we need to search, and based on the training and experience along with techology (of course it is different from a representative to another)we can see what's going on, sometimes it is really hard even for us, honestly if you say "WHY MY BILL IS SO HIGH?" is basically because you used more electricity or you have an estimated invoice (about estimated ill talk about it later)

Is better for you (and me) if we all get informed about how much electricity is using the new flatscreen TV, the AC cooler, the fridge or maybe we had a party last weekend with loud music all night...I don't know
and I don't care we need to pay what we used, sometimes I can't buy things for me because of my bills, this is normal and of course irritating most of the times.

Remember, by producing electricity we are using wind, water and solar resources and there is some gas emisions on the excavations, those ones are affecting so much our planet, if your paying more for electricity is because WE NEED TO SAVE ELECTRICITY SO WE CAN SAVE OUR PLANET or at least for a little bit more, this is the KEY.

If somebody read this, I remind you this is only to be informative and is not under stream energy, I'm sharing my experiences focusing on help only.

I do apologize but somebody needs to say things as they are, because bleve it or not I care about it.

Good bye, take care everybody

Not A Happy Customer
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had an account with stream energy electric company but I canceled my account recently due to the bad customer service I received. I spent a lot of money with stream energy monthly. My bill ran me about 300.00 to 500.00 monthly but I never complained about the bill because I knew electric was something I needed and couldn't go without so I paid my bill every month, It would be late every month but I paid the full amount monthly.

I got hung up on, interrupted when trying to talk, talked over, no respect at all and when trying to speak with managers, got hung up on over & over and some of the managers treated me the same way as the representatives did. The managers kept apologizing over and over and wasn't doing anything but making the situation worst, it wasn't a resolution to the problem because if it was I would still be a customer right now.

I am a collections representative myself and I don't treat my customers that way, I treat them with all the respect because I put myself in their shoes and treat them the way I would want to be treated. What do that tell you as a company for a customer to leave your company paying that amount of money per month. The bad thing about it, they wasn't trying to do anything to keep me as a customer, they was willing to let me walk right out of that door without trying to save my business, and that's what I did, walked right out that door into another company that customer service is what I expects because I had them before.

I will never recommend anyone to stream energy nor will I ever go back to that company as a customer. Some advice to your company, I hope you guys get yall stuff together because the way you guys customer service people are, yall are going to loose a lot of customers because no one wants to spend a lot of money with a company and nobody treats them with respect or appreciate them as a customer. I would call in to try to make a payment arrangement on my bill when I was having a hard time paying my electric bill but they would not give me a payment arrangement because of a disconnection notice I got within a month but what do they expect, we are in a recession and people are having hard times right now.

By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I called them to get a rate and deposit QUOTE. I was told they could not give me a quote without going online and filling out a form with my information, so they could make sure they serviced my area and pull my credit to see if I would have to pay a deposit. So I did that while I was on the phone with them, it didn't take long. Then, after I did that, they transferred me to customer service. THEY SIGNED ME UP, UNBELIEVABLE!! So I told them I just wanted a quote, and that I did not want their service, and they told me it would be 150 dollars to cancel! I was still on the same phone call, I hadn't gotten off the phone with them yet. I had no idea what my rate was or anything... The customer service was rude and they would not cancel the service that I didn't want. I was railroaded and now stuck, I live paycheck to paycheck, I had no money to cancel. So 3 weeks later, I still have never gotten anything in the mail, nothing at all. So I called them to get my contract info so I could see what was going on. That's when they told me I had a late fee and they were sending a cancellation notice out!! It had not even been a month yet. I told her I never got the bill and how could it be 50 dollars for 1 week! I have a small one bedroom apt that I am rarely at. They were rude and now I have to pay a let fee or they will disconnect me and report to my credit and send it to a collection agency. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY, WHAT THEY ARE DOING SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!! IF I DID THIS TO PEOPLE AT MY WORK I WOULD BE FIRED!! RUN RUN RUN!!

Will Not Be Staying With This Energy Company.
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Rating: 2/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have been with Stream Energy for roughly two years. Yesterday, (02/03/15), I logged into my online account to make a payment and was directed to re-create my password for better security purposes. This included adding an uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character such as !, @, #, etc. This highly annoyed me, as I do not appreciate being told how to create MY password.

Upon entering my account, I went to pay my bill as I always do and realized that with their whole website change- they, without notifying me, added a convenience fee of $2.95 whether I pay by bank, or debit/credit card.

I have been paying my bill online with no convenience fee and all of a sudden, without warning, they implement it. Absolutely unacceptable and for this reason I will be finding another provider.

I called their customer service and was told the only way to Dodge the fee is by enrolling in their automatic bank draft option. Well that's great, except for the fact that it takes 1-2 billing cycles to actually take effect.

Maybe they should have considered their customers by sending a respectful email- allowing enough time to enroll in the bank draft to avoid the future convenience fees.

Avoid At All Costs
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA GA -- I used Stream Energy because it was recommended by the apartment complex I moved into. Little did I know, it would be the worst customer service experience of my life. Sadly, this is not an over exaggeration. If you want to never talk to a real person, accrue outrageous expenses on your bill for no apparent reason, and be charged a service fee ON TOP OF the service they are already charging you for in order to pay your bill (if their wonky website actually lets you pay your bill--or they decide to pick up the phone) then you want Stream Energy.

Seriously, one of the worst decisions I have ever made. I hope/know this company will go under.

Rating: 5/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Bottom line...every single energy company has the exact same bad reviews.... they can all be summed up by one sentence...

"It's not my fault."

If you sign a contract then put the date on your calendar and be a responsible consumer. When it's up, make another choice. Don't wait for someone to hold your hand.

I've had Stream for over 2 years and have saved an average of close to $200 a month. I let my contract expire once and yes, because Stream follows the law, I was put on a variable rate and my next bill was higher. Being a responsible consumer I immediately locked into another contract at a lower rate. I certainly didn't blame them for my mistake.

There are no gimmicks with Stream and that's what I like. Simple, honest and great rates. I've saved a fortune.

Stole Money From Me When I Wasn't Looking
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I got suckered into Steam energy in PA by a cousin who was selling them through their Multi Level Marketing scam Insight. I wanted to do him a favor and I thought I would get regulated rates. Was I wrong! I was too trusting and got ripped off bad. Before I realized what was going on I overpaid for our electricity by $1,100 over about 12 months. They were charging me $0.13 per kWh when the market is at $0.08. They are saying that they sent me a contract renewal which I don't recall receiving. I have been through their customer service, they won't do the moral / ethical thing. The TX BBB was no help at all. I have pending cases now with the PUC and PA attorney general. I will not stop until I get the money back they stole from me.

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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- First of all the payments were always very high, I felt like they were charging me more then they should have been. Secondly when we would move they would continue to charge us for the old place we lived in and I had to contact them several time and tell them I did not live there anymore and I wouldn't pay for someone else's electric bill. And lastly, when we decided to switch over to a different electric company, I talked to two different representatives, two separate times and they both told me I would be getting my down deposit of 150$ back. So when the time came and went for me to be getting it back in the mail I emailed them and asked them why I hadn't gotten it and they told me I wouldn't be getting it back because it had been applied to a bill several months ago. Which was a lie. We were never late on a payment or anything so for them to make up that they had basically given us free energy one month is a complete load of crap.

Never use Stream Energy because they will just screw you over the entire time and no matter how good of a customer you are, you won't be getting your deposit back.

Changing Rates and Ridiculously Expensive
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Rating: 2/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- My husband and I live in a small one bedroom apartment. We go to college and both have jobs so we are rarely home. During the month of December, we were gone constantly, we do not have kids or much other reason to be home other than to sleep. We were gone for over a week and a half from our apartment, kept our heater/air conditioner off along with all the lights. Our bill was $200. Even though we were rarely home, we froze our butts off half the time we were there because we feared having a high electric bill. We are poor, and barely make enough to pay our bills, when I talked to one of the customers support people, he told me that their meters are working and that we used that much electricity. They were not willing to work with us or listen to what I had to say about not being here the majority of the month. This is not the first time this has happened either. It seems like the electric bill keeps going up every time we sign a new contract. This will be the last contract we sign with them.

Stream Is Run My a Group of Rich Pricks
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Turned power on for a friend in 2004 using Stream. He paid the bill for at least 5 years, he broke his leg had to move out to his moms in a different state. I called Stream told them the situation and gave them a forwarding address so I could pay the final bill. Got the bill and paid it. One month later I get an early termination bill for 250 dollars. Tried to resolve it but got no ware ever though we fulfilled the contract.

Now it is still in collection, they will never get a dime out of me! I will not advice anyone to do business with this company.

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