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Unprofessional and Money Hungry
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I've been with Stream since 2009. I'm not sure if someone new came in, but the customer service department is beyond awful. I moved in December and I contacted Stream to advise of my new address change and a transfer services. The Rep that I spoke to made the mistake of not listening me and he placed me on a much higher rate plan. I went from a 2000 square-foot house to a 700 square-foot villa. My bill for Jan and Feb were $170 and $152. My bill was never that high at my prior address. Take note I was living is a 3 bedroom home.

When I called to let them know this was a mistake. I spoke to a Supervisor by the name or MaReno. He told me he could not do anything about the charges. I told him I wanted to cancel my service and he immediately told me "Okay." He could care less. I wonder how many other customers they are going to run off. I called TXU and I was given a very low rate that would not change for a year. I then received a call from a Kerri at the retention department. I explained to her all of the above. She tried to convince me to come back to Stream. I told her I was not going back to be treated so poorly. She told me she would waive the $250 fee for my cancellation and she would go ahead and send the high bill to the "investigation department."

I just received a call from a Manny from the investigation department. He was very rude and told me the rate was correct. I tried to explain to him that I was not a new customer and his response was comical. He told me he could not do anything about the charges. Why is this guy working there?

I had to tell him how to treat customers. When you call someone and leave a voicemail. Speak at an average speed and make sure to repeat your number twice. When I called him his voicemail he did not state his name. Extremely unprofessional. I'm pretty disgusted with this company. Please take note that a contract must be signed for a set rate and they will change it at any moment.

It was a great company when they began. I was treated well and respected. I'm guessing they grew and we are only a number to them. They have become greedy and I foresee customers canceling their services sooner than later. Meanwhile, I cannot get a hold of Kerri. When you hear STREAM run as fast as you can.

Customer Service is Nonexistent
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I just want to warn everybody I know to stay away from Stream Energy! My parents have been loyal customers for years now. But since my Dad (88 yrs) got cancer and had to move in with my sister, they have been trying to charge them a $250 early termination fee. Each time we have contacted them to get the fee dropped, they have given us a different hoop to jump through saying the previous one wasn't good enough. Nobody we talked to in Customer Support speaks English as their first language and some of them you can't understand half of what they're saying and they can't understand you. I have spent several days worth of time working on this and that doesn't count the time my mother spent before me. We were both left on hold multiple times for over an hour and finally hung up. I regret recommending Stream to her. As soon as my contract expires, I WILL be switching to another provider.

Run!!! Do Not Walk Away From These Disgusting Crooks!!! Bill Went From $200 Over $1100
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I was actually recommended to this company by a co-worker and friend. She is a "Stream Energy Rep" and I was in the market for a new energy company. I had just recently moved to my current home, which was an upgrade. I needed a better rate, so she showed me the numbers, but I was still very hesitant. I was with my former electric company TXU for over 25+ years. However, they were steadily raising their rates and my last bill got up to over $600 so my spouse and I said enough is enough!

Anyway, I still wasn't totally convinced on 'Stream' so I drag my feet a bit longer. Finally, she cornered me after work one day and wouldn't let me go home until I signed up. I believed her to be an honest person, and a good christian woman so I gave in. Well signing up was very painless (although there was one surprise, I had to give her my SSN, which I'll be honest I wasn't totally comfortable with, but I trusted her).

The next month my Stream bill dropped to only an incredible $217.00. WOW!!! Now that's what I'm talking about, I thought! Well the honeymoon was over by the next billing cycle. Now I'm going to preface my next comments by saying, "I was totally sold on this company, in that not only did they keep their promise by massively reducing my rate, but I began to tell others about them.

Well in November 2012, they dropped a Hydrogen Bomb on me! My wife called me at home completely livid!!! She was skeptical of changing to this 'unknown' company in the first place and now her worst fears were realized. She was so angry she wouldn't tell me what was wrong. She just said, when you get home they'll be a letter on the bed waiting for you!

I got home and saw it was a Stream Energy bill, I opened it and to my complete shock and horror our next bill was $1100.00. THAT'S RIGHT, ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! I literally freaked! I was in such disbelief I didn't know what to say. My wife was so angry she couldn't speak! No yelling, no screaming (the silence actually disturbed me more) she just looked at me like FIX THIS NOW!

I immediately got on the phone with Stream, customer service absolutely NO HELP, I called my friend the rep and she was in total disbelief! She said, " I never had a customer have this happen before". She immediately went to work and got someone from her Stream Energy 'upline' to investigate. I spoke to them and they were also in disbelief. I do give them some credit, they were totally outraged as we were, but they couldn't get any results. I had to call the Texas Utilities Commission to investigate, my pole and lines, no results. I even called ONCOR to investigate my meter (of course they weren't gonna find anything, its their meter) so duh. No results.

Finally, after another month and another almost as high December bill of $900.00, I was frantic and very angry! I did everything short of pulling out light bulbs to keep the usage down to nil. Which was not the issue anyway, we did absolutely nothing different from the previous month, November, to cause this bill to be as ridiculously high as this one. So by this time NOW with TWO bills, late fees, etc. we ended up owing over $2600.00!

Only by the grace of God we did get a decent gentlemen in the Sales Rep area of Stream to have pity/compassion on our case. He got them to suspend bill & to work out a (high priced) repayment plan. They divided the $2600 plus dollars we owed into 12 payments to be repaid!

Now get this, on top of each new bill we would receive! In other words, every new bill, no matter the rate would have to be added to and repaid each month or the agreement was null and void!! Plus they put a lock on our meter so we could even dump these devils without forfeiting electricity period! We couldn't switch to another service without repaying these blood sucking vampires every penny.

Well in conclusion 2012/2013 was the longest most financially challenging years we've had in a while. Needless to say we absolutely will NEVER AGAIN go under contract with theses devils. We have been using them month to month which seems to suit our purposes. They have been somewhat reasonable prices until today! December 2016, $680.00. Today, January 2017, $900.00+.

Failure to Notify Contract Expiration via Email
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Rating: 2/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Each time my Stream Energy account has come up for renewal, I have received a notification email. We receive our billing electronically, as well as paper, because we travel frequently and want to make sure we do not miss important notices. My online account is set to "receive new documents" via email as well.

Today, I was shocked to see my bill jump almost $100 from the previous month, and called to inquire. I was informed that my contract expired, that I was now on month-to-month at a higher rate, and offered a renewal contract. I first asked why I never received my renewal offer/expiration notice and was informed that it was sent via paper mail in April.

I explained that while that very well may be true, I was traveling almost half the month of April, and I paid that bill online -- and thus probably never opened the envelope, which is specifically the reason that I have the "send me new documents electronically" option selected in my online account. Note: Stream has not once, ever, failed to send me an electronic notice that my bill was due.

I explained that while I was happy to stipulate that they probably did send a paper notice, they must in good faith acknowledge that their failure to send me the notice electronically -- as optioned in my online account -- and their inability to explain WHY that e-notice was never sent would dictate that I not be penalized for missing the renewal. Not when every single other renewal notice in my 3.6 year history with the company was sent electronically.

Rather than pro-rate my bill to the old rate (about $85/$90) and renew my contract retroactively to the renewal expiration, they let me go off and find a new energy company. Which I was happy to do, given their terrible excuse for customer service today.

Very High Billing, Two Months to Change My Rate Led to High Bills and Service Interruption
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- An acquaintance of mine was putting some pressure on me to be a Stream Energy representative in Ga. After overcoming all of my objections I reluctantly agreed to be a customer, it was more to save a social relationship than because I thought it was a good idea. It had all the earmarks of a pyramid scheme and red flags were going up but I was in an awkward position and felt what could the harm be to use their gas service. I felt pressure to sign up another family member who also felt it wouldn't really be a big deal to have a different gas provider. Boy were we wrong!

My family member called right away to say she thought the billing was very expensive in comparison to her old provider, I was paying around 50-60 a month so I felt alright about the service. The bill crept up and up. I started getting bills for 150 then finally 245. I called and it turned out they raised my therm rate to the variable and I was paying a month to month of just over a dollar/therm. My fault I guess I must have missed that. I called to change the therm rate and the locked me into a year long contract at about half what I was paying, the operator said, "this should make a big difference in next month's bill."

We'll next month I was still billed at a dollar per therm, I called and was told that although I was locked in for a year it would take them two months (two billing cycles) for them to process my rate change. Now I was stuck paying a dollar per therm for 4 month (December, January, February, March). My bills were huge and although I kept calling they were still "processing" my therm rate change. Really?

My bill for March showed very high consumption compared to all my other usage, I wonder if it was an "estimate" which they are allowed to do if they "can't read the meter." I can't know for sure but it seems like more than a coincidence that there was so consumption the last month of the high rate. So, my bills got very high and we got behind, they shut off our gas for being $86 behind. I never saw a final termination notice or anything stuck to my door, just all of a sudden no hot water.

I called and paid them $100 the next day, still no hot water. I called them back and found they had not scheduled a reconnect even though they had received payment online. I was told they could get my gas reconnected by Monday (gas was turned off Tuesday night). I was floored that they shut off service for $86, no one knocked on my door to ask for payment, and it is so punitive that they have my family living with no dryer or hot water for 6 1/2 days. When I think of all the payments I have made to them for very moderate gas usage it is just horrible.

Again, a day after I paid them they had still not even scheduled a reconnect with Atlanta gas light, so if I hadn't called how much longer would I have been made to wait for service for the lousy $86 (which they had received in spades for the two extra months of overcharging me). Horrible experience, I feel so ashamed I put my other family member through this as she has had loads of other trouble with her bill from the beginning.

As Indifferent as They Come...
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- This the worst customer experience of any service, bar none, I have ever experienced. From navigating their website, to speaking with people directly. The indifference oozes from these people. Their employees have all the passion for helping people of an IRS employee. For months I attempted to get my bill's due date moved two days later, so I can pay it on the day I get paid. It was a simple "help me give you money," kind of thing. Not rocket science.

This a pretty common, simple request any utility provider will accommodate. But not for these people, this is like asking for China, or to move a continent. It took five months to accomplish this, meanwhile I'm getting late charges every month that I have to contend every month. Each time the excuse is "it's an automated system... it does that when you don't pay the whole bill every month." Yeah people, get my bill right and I'll pay the full amount. Pretty simple.

One time I asked them to reverse an automatic debit because it was grossly off and I couldn't afford to pay them twice that month. They said they couldn't do that, and to call my bank. OK fine, so I did it through my bank. A month later I called them up to inquire about what was the 2nd or 3rd "accidental" disconnects (which they charged me for, mind you) and they asked me if I'd like to pay my $330 electric bill for my 1100 sq ft apartment.

Apparently, when rejecting a payment through your bank, their system blacklists your payment method. Now each payment gets rejected every month. It's either this, or pay their $2.95 payment over the phone fee every month, on top of their ridiculous charges. I'm not destitute, but it's the principle.

So I cancelled the service August 30th, and knew I still had a last invoice. So I found out it was two; one for my regular bill, the other for a reconnection I got charged for they were supposed to wave. So once I learned that my last payment was rejected (Sept 18th) I send them a check. I look online to see if it was received, and it was credited to my account.

So I call to make payment arrangements, and the kid on the phone tells me they received my last payment on Oct 1st, and sent me to collections on October 15th, and kept pushing me to call the debt collector. I asked his supervisor what would happen if I walked across the hallway (there in my business complex) and made a payment, and he said it would still be in collections with a zero balance with the other company until I pay it through them.

So after 14 years of paying my bills on time, I now have a mark on my otherwise perfect credit, all because I was dumb enough to give this company my business. This company has absolutely NO desire to work with, accommodate, or even provide reasonable service to their customers. Biggest mistake I've made in a long time. This is the worst company to do business with, hands down.

Horrible service ridiculous charges
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- Horrible service worst company ever do not make business with this scammers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POOR Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- First, as someone said: They are a typical energy company UNTIL you have a problem. I've been using Stream Energy since 2008 without issues because I've never had a problem. On 11/22/16, I requested to move my service from one address to another. I called back in on the same day to correct the address and was assured by the representative Jose that he would update and "not to worry". Well it turned out I had plenty to worry about!

On 12/23, I got a bill for my new apartment and an apartment that I never lived in and that bill was twice the amount of the apartment I actually live in. Once discovered, I called into Stream Energy and encountered the rudest, non-listening, most aggressive representatives supervisors and managers -- Diego, Evelyn, Meagan -- that no paying customer should encounter. Not only did they tell me that I've lived and have been paying for a unit that I've never lived at for one year, they refused to take an incident report and have it investigated to remove the charges as it was in my opinion "a company error."

I have since then contacted the PUC, BBB and Attorney General for TX and will write review after review about how HORRIBLE their behavior, willingness or ability to provide quality customer service to the public has been. What I have learned is NOT to expect much from these type of companies and you won't be disappointed! They are POOR listeners and problem solvers and seek only to throw the blame on the consumer to avoid doing their job. What's amazing is they violated their own rule of "a consumer can't have utilities at two locations in their name" yet they were willing to bill me for just that? If I could give the a ZERO, know that I would have.

Military and Veteran's Sisters and Brothers Stay Away
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Rating: 1/51

RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- I am a United States Navy Combat Veteran. I proudly served in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield onboard the USS JFK CV-67. I suffer from PTSD, MST and a long list of other elements including an Oxygen Tank. I am hardworking dedicated husband and father of 10 who back in 2014 lost my positions as Director of Operation for an IT company. Due to my qualifications it took me almost a year to find employment. During that time we lost everything and ended up homeless. During this time an associate of mine does business with Stream and sponsored me to join the business so now I am a dedicated team member .

I since have started our transition with support and stability and have the ability to function back in today's society. I am on a fixed income and I have explained to the sales representative. I have also explained this to them on 3 different occasions, not one I was given instructions as to proper protocol. Every time I am paid I pay my bills so my services have been interrupted 3 times and I have to explain the same story. Finally I was informed of the proper protocol in regards to fixed incomes.

So on 7/13/2016 my services were disconnected so I contact Stream energy and express my concerns and that I am paid on the 15th. "Could you please give me an extension until then?" Their reply was "I am sorry. There is nothing we can do." Well it is 100 plus degrees outside and I have disabilities that need energy. I was told they couldn't help us out. This was heartbreaking to me along with the representative having a aggressive tone. So I clearly asked to speak to an Executive Level Manager and I was told I would have to email customer service. So my reply was "Why I am talking to you now?" So I mainly felt abandoned and my concerns were null and void.

I explained to Stream's Customer Services Supervisors whom I couldn't understand due to a language barrier, that there are 2.8 million plus veterans and "Imagine the impact this letter would have on your bottom line." And this guy's reply was "I am sorry. There is nothing I could do to help." So I reach out to different resources like churches and other organizations and I was told "We do not conduct business with Stream Energy." So if our Community doesn't support them I will no longer support them as well.

Billing Issue
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Rating: 1/51

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- Stream Energy is like any other electric provider until something goes wrong. I was a long time customer without any issues. However, the first time I had an issue I realized how little this company cares about its customers. As I do every time my contract expires, I search for better rates.

Around 13 Jun, I tried to see if a better rate was available at Steam Energy for long time customers but only what was published was available. So far no problems, I also asked when my 2 year contract expired and they indicated the 1 July. At least that is what I thought at the time. I called in June since I received several emails and voice messages indicating my contract was about to expire. Well you guessed it, I cancelled on 5 Jul based on the information provided but my contract actually expired 1 Aug and a $250 fee was charged.

Given all that I figured I would be able to work with the company to come to some consensus since they are the ones telling me my contract is expiring, but who am I kidding. First, I had a real difficult time understanding the agents I contacted but it was always the same scripted answer, the fee was legitimately applied. I think when I was on hold they just went for a coffee break because I always got the same answer.

The lesson here is do not sign up with Stream Energy if you think you will ever have any reason to contact customer service because they are there just to frustrate you. Absolutely don't make any decisions based on what they tell you, read the contract if you can find it after 2 years. I blame myself for not reading the fine print but I blame Stream Energy for its lack of understanding especially since they Lead me to cancel early. Also, I had a great rate, my current rate is much higher so I did not cancel for my benefit. It was only due to the incorrect info provided by customer service or lack thereof.

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