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Changing Rates and Ridiculously Expensive
Posted by Browneyed_drummer_girl_2010 on 01/21/2014
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- My husband and I live in a small one bedroom apartment. We go to college and both have jobs so we are rarely home. During the month of December, we were gone constantly, we do not have kids or much other reason to be home other than to sleep. We were gone for over a week and a half from our apartment, kept our heater/air conditioner off along with all the lights. Our bill was $200. Even though we were rarely home, we froze our butts off half the time we were there because we feared having a high electric bill. We are poor, and barely make enough to pay our bills, when I talked to one of the customers support people, he told me that their meters are working and that we used that much electricity. They were not willing to work with us or listen to what I had to say about not being here the majority of the month. This is not the first time this has happened either. It seems like the electric bill keeps going up every time we sign a new contract. This will be the last contract we sign with them.

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Stream Is Run My a Group of Rich Pricks
Posted by Gd58 on 10/24/2013
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Turned power on for a friend in 2004 using Stream. He paid the bill for at least 5 years, he broke his leg had to move out to his moms in a different state. I called Stream told them the situation and gave them a forwarding address so I could pay the final bill. Got the bill and paid it. One month later I get an early termination bill for 250 dollars. Tried to resolve it but got no ware ever though we fulfilled the contract.

Now it is still in collection, they will never get a dime out of me! I will not advice anyone to do business with this company.
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I Called to Change to Stream as My Electric Provider
Posted by Rgmljones on 06/18/2013
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was given 72 hours to stop the service if I chose to. Within 12 hours I called to have the transfer stopped and was given a MVO # to confirm the transfer be stopped.

Eight days later I was informed by the current service provider that it had not been stopped. I received a bill from the current provider and when I called to pay the bill I was informed that I was no longer a Reliant customer. I was given a confirmation number from Stream that the service had been terminated within 12 hours of activation. No one I spoke to could effectively speak English and I was not informed that the termination had not gone thru with Stream. After 5 phone calls of more than 30 minutes per call the deactivation was finally done. Ridiculous!

Thank God for Reliant!
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Watch out for BOGUS early termination charges!!!
Posted by Johnstan1 on 12/20/2012
DALLAS, GEORGIA -- Stream Energy customer NON-service is the worst. I got a deal for a good fixed rate for a year. I called their customer NON-retention line and they would not even try to match it. Their rate is their rate. Just deal with it. So I did.

My contract was up in late August. I switched to a new provider effective October 1st. They billed me $100.00 for early termination! After calling customer NON-service, I paid the portion of the bill that excluded the BOGUS early termination charge. They were supposed to drop the charge within 48 hours. So I forgot about it.

Then in early December I received a collections letter for $100.00 to Stream Energy. Needless to say, I went ballistic. They had not dropped the charge as promised. They had not sent me a bill showing the BOGUS early termination charge as still due. They simply called in the attack dogs. More stellar customer NON-service!

I called customer NON-service again and read them the riot act. They finally dropped the BOGUS early termination charge as showing due on their billing web site. I also demanded that they contact their attack dog and cancel their collection effort. I have yet to hear any more from them but it has only been a few days. If anything gets posted to my credit score pertaining to this, they will be sorry. Stay tuned.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-20:
Stating they were, "supposed to drop the charge within 48 hours" doesn't specify if they agreed to drop the charge. Demanding and agreeing are two very different things.

You've also suggested that the early termination is no longer showing on their website. This, again, doesn't absolutely mean they no longer consider the early termination fee valid.

With respect, I'd come to a consensus with them as to whether the early termination is, in fact, owed. I wouldn't approach someone reading them the proverbial 'riot act'. It will just put them on the defensive. Instead you might try requesting they show you the agreement whereby you owe the early termination fee. They'll be able to produce it or not.

The early termination may, in fact, not be legitimate. But if it is, with respect again, I'd suggest getting it paid. By the time the debt goes to collections, you generally have late payments, interest and the collections fee added on. It's far better to get the amount paid quickly then let it grow into something far more larger. Once it's reported to the credit agencies, you'll find it more advantageous to pay rather than be charge greater interest on other lines of credit or be declined for anything requiring said report.

Best of luck and, please, let us know how things turn out.
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Dishonest Company
Posted by Shiraz on 06/21/2012
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I switched from Stream Energy to Georgia Natural Gas in February, as I was paying 3X more than GNG. I received a bill in March - paid it full, again in April paid it in full eventhough I was already paying GNG, and realized that Stream has simply made up the therms, and that the bill was fake - and hoped they would go away. Well no, in May I received another bill (remember I have no service with them from Feb and am paying GNG since March) I call and tell them that this is impossible as I do not have service with them for close on 3 months, after getting no joy decided to pay the bill and warned them that I would report them to the regulators if they sent another "fake"bill - I just received a June bill....

It is impossible to have a conversation with anone from Stream other than the customer "dis"service desk who can only see what they are reading off their screen that is clearly fake.

How do we get Stream Energy investigated for dishonest billing.

Anyone thinking of joining Stream - don't. They will continue billing you and sending a fake therm reading months after you are getting service from a different provider.
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Posted by Andy on 2012-06-22:
They will continue to send fake bills as long as you continue to pay them regardless of how often you tell them to stop. Stop paying bills you do not owe, make sure you have the proper documentation to prove of when you ended service and dispute all bills from that point. Do not pay them another dime.
Posted by snowman01 on 2012-09-20:
shiraz, I've been a stream energy customer for many years and have never been over billed. in fact, I have called their customer service with questions that technically have to do with my local electric/gas company that delivers the energy to my house and they have always been courteous and helpful...

They arent the #1 Direct Energy company in the World by being deceitful...its cause they are the best...Thank you Stream Energy for your consistent service and attention!
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Worst customer service I've ever experienced
Posted by Gigi58 on 05/14/2012
After two miserable years, I've finally left Stream Energy and am now battling with them over my credit balance. I've never had such an ordeal with any company, but especially a utility.

This is the WORST company I've ever done business with. Their customer service reps are ineffective and talk in circles without actually resolving anything. Once they got ahold of my credit card, they made unauthorized charges to it which took hours of my time and months to resolve. They do not answer their online 'contact' form (even though the promise is made to respond within 24 hours; I've NEVER gotten a response from submitting that form) and their billing department does not take phone calls from customers.

SO -- you're at their mercy as to whether your issues ever get resolved or not.

I believe that they are counting on a 'set-it-and-forget-it' mentality ( i.e. you sign up with them and never bother looking at your bill or comparing marketers ever again because you forget about it) and they continue to rake in the bucks on your bill. Trying to get out of your contract is an ordeal.

RUN, do not walk, away from this company and find someone else to supply your gas!
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Poor customer relations and billing and collection practices
Posted by Palmerdls on 04/19/2012
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Stream Energy arbitrarily changed my account to not send me a billing by mail even though I did not authorize this change and had received paper billings by mail for the approximate 7 years I had used Stream power. When I finally got someone on the phone to discuss the matter, they were rude, could scarcely speak with any intelligence, promised to fax me a copy of my current bill and abruptly hung up on me. A second call by me gave the same result. Also, they did not fax me the promised statement. Stream is very aggressive when soliciting new customers and will promise anything, but afterward, contacting them and communicating is impossible. They are rude, dishonest and are miserable to deal with.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-20:
You can file a complaint with the Texas utility commission at http://www.puc.state.tx.us click on "Consumer' at the top left of the web page and also at https://www.oag.state.tx.us/consumer/complain.shtml
Posted by Joe on 2012-04-20:
Have you recently created an online account on their website??? then you should verify the personal settings at Profile>>>View recurring information... there should a marked option that says "Do no mail me printed invoices".... when creating an online acount, that setting is marked by default, but you can change it over there.... and whenever you call again CS, request a supervisor.... they can maybe waive the late fees if you explained them what happpened, or request an agent to send a ticket to esscalate the late fee dispute to have them credited on your account
Regards... Joe (Houston, 77023) actual stream customer
Posted by Andrea on 2012-08-09:
I am having the same problem in GA with Stream. They disconnected our service after I paid my bill through their online portal. I was given a confirmation #, but it did not register in their system and they turned off my gas with out any notice. Their customer service reps (and I use that term loosely) are a joke. They can barely speak understandable English and give the wrong information. When I confronted them about due process in shutting off service, I was told they called me. I am at home all day and no call was made. This company is Horrible and I cannot wait for the contract to finish in 5 months. If you are looking at service through them, my advice is to look elsewhere and do it quickly. Customer Service is a JOKE!!!
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Very Disappointed
Posted by Missdenea81 on 03/28/2012
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I was a customer for over a year and in the process of moving. I called Stream Energy JUST to transfer my electricity. After I got to a 3rd representative I was then told about a "new" policy that makes me start my enrollment over meaning new account number and EVERYTHING. She then said the policy started on the 20th of March and the public knows nothing about it until it's a service they need. After all my info was put in the system again, I was "REQUIRED " to pay a $250.00 deposit for something I already have, just needed it to be transferred!!!!!! Watch out people, because I think they are trying to get over on people....I'm switching my service and it won't be with them EVER AGAIN!!!!!! # Total RipOff

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Posted by BigAl on 2012-03-28:
They probably started this "new" policy in order to secure security deposits. You did not mention if your deposit would be returned after a years service if there are no late payments. If your deposit will be returned after 1 year I would not get too upset. If it will be kept indefinitely I would look for other providers.
Posted by Joe on 2012-04-20:
That policy has been recently discontinued.... you can now call them back, and they will still do a telephonic enrollment with you, but with no deposit... or you can switch to a different REP and they cannot charge you a CANCELLATION FEE since you are Moving out....
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Reconsider if you are considering Stream Energy
Posted by Knowlesm34 on 12/28/2011
This company proceeded to cancel our natural gas delivery because we made a complain to the Georgia Public Service Commission. If you ever consider using them, then reconsider.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-30:
Did they send any explanation for the cancellation?
Posted by awhilliard on 2013-07-08:
Sounds like childish bully behavior to me. How else do they stay in business. Bullies from the get go @ every level. No, no. No!
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Stream energy :(
Posted by J.j on 01/16/2011
My family have been with this company for two years with no problem. We have never missed a payment since we have been with the company, until recently during the Christmas holidays we fell behind 160.00 and they cut our lights off. We tried to explain to customer service and the guy did not want to hear it. I can see if my bill was outstanding of 300+ dollars, and I would understand why!.My wife and I retired from the armed services and this never happen to us. I would not recommend this company to anyone.......160.00 do you believe that.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-16:
I know it's terrible they cut your power off, but you have to see it from their side. They gave you electricity, and they expect to be paid for it. When you started to fall behind, did you call them and try to work out a payment schedule? It's not personal, it's business.

Are there any agencies in your area, that help people who are having issues with being able to pay their electric bill? It might be something to look into.
Posted by FlitteringFirefly on 2011-01-16:
I can believe that. If you don't pay your bill, no matter how small you think it is, they will cut your power off. It is not the fault of the power company that you failed to pay your bill.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-01-16:
What if every customer were to fall behind $160, How could the power company stay in business? You contracted to pay for the electricity you used and then didn't pay. The company can fully expect to get paid for sevices rendered. While I thank you both for your service to the country, it has no bearing on this matter. I was a deputy sheriff, and no one has ever gone out of their way to thank me or give me anything above and beyond what any other citizen gets, I don't ask for or expect any special treatment. My old commission card and a buck and a half might get me a cup of coffee, and my badge might get me arrested for impersonating, but I served with pride.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
Most power companies can arrange a payment plan for you if your behind. Its up to you to work with them and take care of your bussiness.
Posted by old fart on 2011-01-16:
I can't believe thaey cut you off for a lousy $160.
During the winter Consumers power works out an arrangement you can afford..
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
I have only turned on the heat once this month doesn't get to cold here its in the 70s today. Last months electric bill was $20.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-16:
You didn't pay your bill... You say you would understand if it had been $300, but how did you come up with that number? I am grateful for your service to the country, but what bearing do you believe it has on this matter?

You say you spoke with someone - have you arranged to pay and get it turned back on?
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