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I Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate them... They Are So Difficult to Communicate With
Posted by Curiousgeorge00 on 03/21/2012
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- All I had to do was switch my apt address to another apt (in the same complex) and it has been a headache ever since. First I had 2 light bills, they never canceled the first one b/c they don't transfer services Idk.. then they changed my service plan (That was ridiculously priced) for no reason.. all I wanted to do was change my address!!! and when I called to fix that idk what they did but eventually I had 3 accounts with them... then I called again and it was finally fixed except they charged me an early termination fee and a start up fee... so I called again and they finally fixed it... but it shouldn't take me calling wasting at least 5 hours total of my life trying to explain to different people whats going on and why they messed up.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-03-23:
You might find this website useful: https://www.oag.state.tx.us/consumer/complain.shtml
Posted by mlh513 on 2012-06-09:
First question: did you contact your incumbent utility to report your move? Stream Energy has nothing to do with your bill. Remember, you have to deal with the incumbent to get things straightened out.
Posted by Virginia on 2012-07-18:
Stream Energy has the worst customer service ever. I was billed for service on a house we sold that the buyer had paid! After talking to them, writing letters, and emailing, they told me no problem, there would be no charge. Then two years later Stream turned me over to a collection agency. Called numerous times, talked to four supervisors - FOUR! no one can assist me because the account has been sold. Collection agency can't change anything unless the original company tells them to change it. What a racket! Don't sign up for Stream!
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Reconsider if you are considering Stream Energy
Posted by Knowlesm34 on 12/28/2011
This company proceeded to cancel our natural gas delivery because we made a complain to the Georgia Public Service Commission. If you ever consider using them, then reconsider.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-30:
Did they send any explanation for the cancellation?
Posted by awhilliard on 2013-07-08:
Sounds like childish bully behavior to me. How else do they stay in business. Bullies from the get go @ every level. No, no. No!
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Outrageous bills
Posted by Angry Lady 3 on 01/24/2011
I want to say I am very angry as I got a bill in Jan 2011 for 247.00 and current rates was 1892 then received a bill in Feb 2011 and the bill double to $367.00 and the current rate was 886 how is this possible.

I would not recommend anyone to use this company as they are scammers and not worth it the long you are with them the higher your bill goes up.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-01-24:
I think I would need to see the printed bill to determine the problem.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-24:
Is this an electric power bill? If so, the rate per kilowatt-hour is what you would be concerned about. Should be something between 7 cents and 25 cents, for example. Neither of the numbers 1892 or 886 makes sense to me.

Double $247 would be $494, a lot more than $367. Differences from month to month can be if your rates change (rare), difference in usage, or due to an estimated bill one month.

A few more details are needed to understand your complaint, I believe.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-01-24:
I think what is trying to be said is that 1892 was used for the first bill at $247.00 while 886 was used for the second bill at $367.00. I think what may have happened is that the $247 payment did not hit the account yet, which is why they show $367 total as being due. The invoice would be $120.00 by itself though. When I did some quick math, the numbers were close, so I figure that is what happened.

Although I'm not sure how you received something in Feb 2011 when it's still January 2011.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-24:
Steve - I believe what you are suggesting is that if usage is assumed to be the same in two months, and the "rates" shown result in the bills shown, AND the first month was not paid, the numbers make sense.

I am inclined to agree, based on the numbers, with you. I have an additional one - the 1892 and 886 are really $.1892 and $.886 per kwh. That is a LOT of assumptions, but you made the numbers fit. I have to ask why the rate would plummet more than 50% from one month to the next.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-01-24:
The usage are the two different numbers given, 1892 and 886. So I did $247 divided by 1892. From there, I multiplied the answer by 886. The answer was $115.67. That $115.67 + $247 = 362.67. It's off by a little more than $4, but I believe is close enough to be what happened.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-24:
Wow SteveWiginowski I'm impressed. Awesome insight.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-24:
Oh, I see. The OP said "rate," and I got hung up on that because in your analysis it isn't - it is the number of kwh used. Sure, it results in the same conclusion since you are multiplying an equal unknown by the same number. Good work!

This would imply the OP simply didn't realize the previous month's payment was not credited. The $4 could be the late charge - surprised you didn't suggest that with your superior insight (:
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-01-24:
I really should have thought of the late charge. With all of the invoices that I see daily at my job, and the late charges added in. I don't know how I forgot about that. I must have been thinkin too mathematically. If it is a late charge, my recommendation to the OP is to call up the company and ask them to waive it. Many companies will waive it.
Posted by olie on 2011-01-24:
Our electric jumps after Daylight Savings Time begins in November. It stays dark later in the morning, so we need more lights when we get ready in the mornings. It gets dark earlier, so we have to turn on lights earlier.

If you used holiday lighting, that would explain some of the extra usage.
Posted by awhilliard on 2013-07-08:
Don't do business with people you have to sign a contract with and you can't communicate with. and when friends ate always trying to hook you, are they friends?
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Stream energy :(
Posted by J.j on 01/16/2011
My family have been with this company for two years with no problem. We have never missed a payment since we have been with the company, until recently during the Christmas holidays we fell behind 160.00 and they cut our lights off. We tried to explain to customer service and the guy did not want to hear it. I can see if my bill was outstanding of 300+ dollars, and I would understand why!.My wife and I retired from the armed services and this never happen to us. I would not recommend this company to anyone.......160.00 do you believe that.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-16:
I know it's terrible they cut your power off, but you have to see it from their side. They gave you electricity, and they expect to be paid for it. When you started to fall behind, did you call them and try to work out a payment schedule? It's not personal, it's business.

Are there any agencies in your area, that help people who are having issues with being able to pay their electric bill? It might be something to look into.
Posted by FlitteringFirefly on 2011-01-16:
I can believe that. If you don't pay your bill, no matter how small you think it is, they will cut your power off. It is not the fault of the power company that you failed to pay your bill.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-01-16:
What if every customer were to fall behind $160, How could the power company stay in business? You contracted to pay for the electricity you used and then didn't pay. The company can fully expect to get paid for sevices rendered. While I thank you both for your service to the country, it has no bearing on this matter. I was a deputy sheriff, and no one has ever gone out of their way to thank me or give me anything above and beyond what any other citizen gets, I don't ask for or expect any special treatment. My old commission card and a buck and a half might get me a cup of coffee, and my badge might get me arrested for impersonating, but I served with pride.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
Most power companies can arrange a payment plan for you if your behind. Its up to you to work with them and take care of your bussiness.
Posted by old fart on 2011-01-16:
I can't believe thaey cut you off for a lousy $160.
During the winter Consumers power works out an arrangement you can afford..
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
I have only turned on the heat once this month doesn't get to cold here its in the 70s today. Last months electric bill was $20.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-16:
You didn't pay your bill... You say you would understand if it had been $300, but how did you come up with that number? I am grateful for your service to the country, but what bearing do you believe it has on this matter?

You say you spoke with someone - have you arranged to pay and get it turned back on?
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Stream Energy customer service saved our Christmas
Posted by Hannagirl on 12/27/2010
This is my first time ever commenting about a company. I was so pleased by the excellent customer service I received at a time when I needed it the most. A week before Christmas I lost my job because the transmission went out on my car, therefore I wasn't able to pay all my bills. A customer service representative actually listened to me and helped save Christmas for me and my 3 boys. If it had not been for this act of kindness we would have had a miserable holiday. Since I've been with them I have been treated with respect and dignity. Compared to my previous service provider this is a good company and I would recommend Stream Energy to anyone looking to switch.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-12-28:
Nice to hear about a company service rep working with a customer for a positive result.
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Looking For A Better Solution
Posted by COSTUMER JUDGE on 11/06/2010
Hello again, this time I like to share a few recommendations for the next time you dial the customer service number on stream...

First of all we everybody know from the beginning that you need help, and always for security purposes we need to verify the customer information, so for the next time calling, if you say "you already know who I am, you don't need to check my information" honestly THATS WRONG and you are loosing your time it is the procedure and is part of our job, imagine that you are with the doctor, and you jut say "you already know, I'm sick give me those pills" without letting the doctor work. verifying customer information helps to update an old phone number, email or anything else AND be sure that nobody wants to access your personal information, a representative is taking care of the account and he need to keep all in order.

Now, only the account holder or the spouse is authorized to dispute something on the account, if you are the friend WE ARE SORRY we can only give you basic information and thats it.

Sometimes the boyfriend is calling very upset, trying to defend his girlfriend or his uncle, screaming and not letting talk, thats not the solution, we want to solve the problem inmediatly but most of the times we need to look deeper on the account, SOMETHING IMPORTANT HERE!!! the only person who knows the consumption is YOU as a customer, every time that you call we need to search, and based on the training and experience along with techology (of course it is different from a representative to another)we can see whats going on, sometimes it is really hard even for us, honestly if you say "WHY MY BILL IS SO HIGH?" is basically because you used more electricity or you have an estimated invoice (about estimated ill talk about it later)

Is better for you (and me) if we all get informed about how much electricity is using the new flatscreen TV, the AC cooler, the fridge or maybe we had a party last weekend with loud music all night...i don't know
and I don't care we need to pay what we used, sometimes I can't buy things for me because of my bills, this is normal and of course irritating most of the times.

Remember, by producing electricity we are using wind, water and solar resources and there is some gas emisions on the excavations, those ones are affecting so much our planet, if your paying more for electricity is because WE NEED TO SAVE ELECTRICITY SO WE CAN SAVE OUR PLANET or at least for a little bit more, this is the KEY.

If somebody read this, I remind you this is only to be informative and is not under stream energy, I'm sharing my experiences focusing on help only.

I do apologize but somebody needs to say things as they are, because bleve it or not I care about it.

Good bye, take care everybody

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Posted by leet60 on 2010-11-06:
I wonder if you will comment on whether Stream Energy, paid, out of pocket, for their own power generation facilities. Almost EVERY power generation facility, as well as a large percentage of the transmission lines on the grid, were paid for by TAXPAYER dollars - that's right the customers paid for it.

Perhaps you should keep that in mind when your company decides to "estimate" usage rather than get off their behinds and actually read the meter.
Posted by COSTUMER JUDGE on 2010-11-08:
Actually, who reads the meter is centerpoint, oncor, american electric power (central and north) and texas new mexico power, they have the rights to estimate invoices, and of course they are supposed to send a corrected invoice always, i understand how inconvinience can be, actually some costumers state that they are switching because of this,without taking in consderation that who reads the meter is the same company.

This happens to me one day...

a costumer call because she/he had a contract and she was complaining because she paid $180 previous balance and now she is paying $ 200 she state that just because she had a contract she is supposed to pay the same every month, and certainly it is true but only the rate.

1.- Contract is just for RATE (price per kilowatt hour in cents it can be different depending on service area, and average usage not monthly consumption)
2.- Consumption is always depending on costumer

now a lot of costumers call disputing fees o charges on their bills...i recomend you to check on the back where it says "EXPLANATION OF CHARGES" before you call, then if you cant understand or something is wrong ok we will be more than glad to assist you (just a recomendation)

Remember all this is just to help and make things to be faster and easier, unfortunately a lot of information cant be revealed here but any cuestion you can call.

oh and by the way PLEASE the next time calling please be sure that you are dialing to stream energy, not reliant or txu nor dominoes pizza

Take care good bye
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Unreasonable service disconnect
Posted by Shockedcustomer on 10/29/2010
DALLAS, TEXAS -- my opinion of Stream Energy has been radically altered all due to actions by Stream Energy. I awoke this morning to find my electricity service disconnected. After the initial shock and realizing this should not have happened.., for I had paid last months bill on time and the present month bill due date was still days ahead, I called their customer service. In summary my service was disconnected because of approximately $112 they claim I owed from the previous month! When asked why this was not stated on last month bill or the present bill I had in my hand, nothing was said!! Thus I have decided after almost 3 years of service with Stream Energy, I am in the process of finding a new energy service! I cannot believe that for $100 they would have the audacity to disconnect my service! So long Stream Energy I am through with you.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-30:
They never said it was a mistake or said they'd send you a corrected bill? That would be a good reason to go with someone else.
Posted by mlh513 on 2012-06-09:
Even though this is an old comment I am compelled to comment because information like this is completely false. Stream Energy CANNOT TURN ANYONE'S POWER OFF!!! The only provide the electricity. The incumbent utility shut off the service.
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Worst of the worst!!!
Posted by Strmenergysucks on 10/28/2010
TEXAS -- This is the worst power company ever! I have lived in various States and had never had a problem with disconnection and interruption of service. These scam artists will disconnect your service if you don't pay it within 3 days of your invoice arrival. I don't recommend this company not even to my worst enemy. Just change my service provider an will NEVER ever go back to them! I guarantee that if I could get a cent for every complain to this company's customer service, I would already be a millionaire.

Also, there's not one worth customer service agent working at this company. They must have very weak hiring process and expectations! Sign up with them and you'll remember my review...
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Con Artists
Posted by Lynnn on 09/17/2010
DALLAS, TEXAS -- My mom has a contract with them. They are horrible!! They claimed that we wrote out 2 hot checks, which is not true!! I called for my mom to get to the bottom of this because her bank stated they never sent the checks through!! So, a supervisor gets on the phone and asks me to fax the bank statements to prove there was money in the bank at that time and I did!! I called back and they claimed I never faxed the information!!

Then, another supervisor tells me I don't have to fax anything, they will investigate it in three to five business days and let me know if they are going to credit my moms account or not!!You see, they charged her twenty five dollars per check plus an extra 5% on her next bill.

For now on, we pay only using a debit card therefore they can't say the money was not there. I will be so glad when her contract ends!! Worst customer service ever!!
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Posted by awhilliard on 2013-07-08:
I am amazed @ the unprofessional audacity of those asking for information to which they have no right ~seriously? Send me a copy of your bank statement to prove you have $ in your account?
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Stream Energy Is A Joke!
Posted by Jennski on 07/29/2010
PO BOX 192746, TEXAS -- Things happen and we get behind so I usually pay my bill 2 days after its due (usually payday), but EVERY month I receive a disconnection notice that is dated ONE day after my bill is due. and most of the time I have already mailed payment. GIVE ME A BREAK. the disconnection notice is usually set to take place 14 days after it was originally due. on the disconnection notice they will state "to call if you need to work out a payment plan or make other arrangements" well I did and guess what - they said they can not help me set up an alternative option or a payment plan because I have had more than 3 disconnections in 12 months. well no $$$$, you send me a disconnection a day after its due I wouldn't have had time to even pay it late! this is the only electric provider that I have had this problem with! when I was with reliant I would get 2 months of a bill before they disconnected. I don't even go into that long of default anymore. I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER recommend signing up with them. they only care about making their money its not about customers.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-29:
So the complaint is about a company that won't let you go longer without finding you in default. They can't work out a payment plain because you've already been disconnected 3 times within the last 12 months. And jennski is upset because, somehow, the company wants to make money.

Got it.
Posted by BEJ on 2010-07-29:
I think you are angry at the wrong person/company. You state that you are consistently late with your payments to them. What do you expect them to do? They are in the business to make money and they supply you with electricity on your promise to promptly pay them.
Posted by SaMoore on 2010-07-29:
Are you sure that you're not a month behind in payment? It seems the most likely scenario.
Posted by jennski on 2010-08-02:
as i said "EVERY month I receive a disconnection notice that is dated ONE day after my bill is due." no "helpful" i have not been disconnected i have receieved a disconnection notice because as stated before i got a notice one day after the original due date. my bill is due on july 16th i receive a disconnection notice "date of notice" on july 17th - disconnection by july 30th. i am not in default but ONE day. thats okay with you? reliant gives you a notice of payment not received before threating to turn of your lights. BEJ - i am late ONE DAY!! lol you should apply with them, you think like they do.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-02:
How many days do you think is a fair number to be in default before they disconnect you?? You didn't pay by the due date, they notified you of that and gave you another 14 days to pay. I think that is more than fair, imo.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-02:
I read this review and even before looking immediately knew it was a company in Texas. How's that deregulation working for ya lone star state?

In Oklahoma where utilities are regulated one doesn't get cut off the day after the due date and we also pay a lot less for our juice. I'd tell ya to choose another electricity provider but in Tejas all the providers are vultures.

Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-02:
@Stew....I know you saw this but the OP didn't get cut off the day after the due date. They were given a notice that day and then given another 2 weeks to pay. Fair I think given the payment history of the individual, wouldn't you say??
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-02:
Judge as they say 'fair' is in the eye of the beholder. In my eyes one should be at least 30 days late before receiving a cut-off notice. Also you got to remember in states like Texas an electricity service cut-off in the summer can and has resulted in death. So no in this case I don't think it's fair.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-02:
Fair enough. lol. But as you say, fair is subjective. And with the OP's admitted history of disconnects and routinely paying late, I think 14 days is fair. Agree to disagree, I guess.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-02:
When they send the disconnect notice out is irrelevant. The part that matters is when they "actually" disconnect the service. I agree with Stew that 30-days sounds fair enough, but with the deliquent history of the OP, 14-days should be considered a gift!
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