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Holding Title Without Contactual Agreement
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On Sept 21st 2006, I Michael D. Walker paid the balance in full, on my
car title loan that I had taken out against my vehicle, at Midwest Title Loan (Sun Trust Capital Markets, Inc.); 3751 79th St., Chicago, IL 60652 [Contact person- "James"
773-735-5501]. At the time that I made my payment, I was in
Indianapolis, IN and I utilized my debit-cash card, which is NOT a
card, to make that final payment. Shortly thereafter, I received a
confirmation receipt from the card company stating that Midwest Title
Loans had been paid. I also received from Midwest Title Loan's
corporate office [Contact person; "Dot" 800-324-4061] confirmation that
the card transaction went through with no discrepancies. On Sept. 26th
2006, I went to Midwest Title Loans, Inc. located at 3751 79th St. and
was told that they would give me my car key back, but would hold my
title for a period of (3) weeks against my will. I was NOT informed at
the time of the transaction, that there would be any (3) week
imposition made upon me because I was utilizing a debit card
transaction. If I had I been told this, I would have made other payment
arrangements. Midwest Title Loans, Inc. failed to inform me that they
would be retaining my title, without GOOD CAUSE, after the payment had
been made and credited to their accounts. On the contract between
SUCH A WITHHOLDING OR PENALTY IMPOSED on the customer when using a
debit/cash card to make payment to close out one's account. They freely accepted my card without making any statement what-so-ever. Therefore,
I want my title released now and appropriate actions taking against
Midwest Title Loans, Inc. and all others that unduly imposed such
sanctions such as this on their customers, who are citizens of the
of Illinois.

No on-Line Bill Pay for Consumer Loan!!!
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FLORIDA -- SunTrust consumer loans a joke. Can't even make payments on-line. Also can't call them past 5:00! Limited website. Bank must not have funds for computer support. Another bank going belly up, I suppose.

Suntrust takes money without your consent
By -

Suntrust pulled over a thousand dollars out of my business account saying I owed them for a over draft line of credit. They claimed I refused to make a payment plan with them which was untrue. I have no money for payroll this week because of this. I already had one foot in bankruptcy & thanks to there actions I now have no choice but to file bankruptcy. I offered to make a payment plan if they would replace the money in the account for now & they refused. I explained to them if the business goes in to bankruptcy they will not get the rest of the money I owe them but still they refused. Thank you Suntrust for helping yet another small business go belly up in this failing economy. THANKS FOR DESTROYING MY COMPANY SUNTRUST !!!

SunTrust disrupted my business.
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have had business and personal accounts with SunTrust for 4 years and was using my both accounts in every day business operations.
They have made a nice Christmas present to me a couple of days ago: closed my both accounts without warning!
This effectively stopped my business. Wire transfers I scheduled, did not go out, incoming wire transfers rejected, money transfers were rejected, debit auto pays were rejected and so on!
No consideration for their customer AT ALL!

Nobody could explain anything on the phone - just dumb repeating of one phrase: " your accounts were closed and you will receive the checks for the balance soon". Finally, I found out that the reason for closing was the incoming wire originating from one of my clients in university in United Arab Emirates. Some idiot obviously decided to earn points with the management " fighting terrorism" and my business was easy target.

Awful Uncaring Credit Card Company
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Asked Suntrust/FIA Card Services to bill me later in the month, because of most commitments at the beginning. With interest only 1.99% received a bill, much earlier (around the 7th) than the expected date of the 15th or 16th, was late only once during nearly 6 years, because of this incident. The payment was most likely less than a day late. Interest was immediately raised to 8.99.

After car inspection, the Conicelli Auto Dealership, charged more than $700.00 for a so called failed State Inspection the State Inspection Report hand-written in pencil for relatively new car. Called Suntrust and asked them not to process the bill until review, they ignored my request. Due to our financial crisis we're all facing lately using the Card for gas and food, asked them to roll back the 8.99 interest, they immediately refused, taking nothing I'd expressed into consideration.

Very Poor Customer Service
By -

I went into a Suntrust bank today to complete an online application and make a deposit and was not treated with professionalism, and the customer service is very poor. I intend to close my account and will never do business with them or recommend them to anyone, it looks like they have a very bad reputation already.

SunTrust Tactics Ridiculously Aggressive
By -

I agree with several other consumers as far as the tactics used by SunTrust bank. My elderly parents receive harassing collection calls and notices daily because a vehicle they co-signed for is being driven by their grandson who is in the Army. He is often stationed overseas and can't always make payments right away. We've explained this but they continue to pursue collection in a rude and aggressive manner.

Missing Deposits to my SunTrust Checking Account
By -

ATLANTA, GA 30341, GEORGIA -- Since Nov 4 I have deposited a toatal of $4625 to my checking account and Suntrust has failed to credit any deposit. In the course of 23 days, Suntrust has seemingly lost everything. The first deposit on Nov 4 being $2300, the second on Nov 20 being $2325. I have made the first deposit via night depository, the second deposit at the ATM branch in two separate brances and both deposits have failed to have been credited.

Collection process- Suntrust
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have been getting collection calls (at work) on my auto loan account for the last few months....and my account is not even past due!! Suntrust (or their call center in India) calls me the day after the grace period for my auto loan pmt ends. The customer svc rep wants to know when to expect pmt & how it will be paid (by mail, at bank, etc.). On my bill, it has an "on-time" pmt amt & a "late pmt" amt. If I choose the "late pmt" amt and pay the fee of $25 before the 30 day billing cycle is up, I don't think I should have to endure these harassing calls. I have never missed a monthly pmt! When I pay after the grace period, it only benefits Suntrust financially. Why are they calling & pestering me?! It's infuriating. I called a customer svc rep to request that they stop calling me and his response was that Suntrust was "a little different" than most banks with regards to collection policy. He said they were a lot more aggressive than most other banks. I've had auto loans with many other financial institutions over the years and not once have I had them call me when the pmt was one day past due. Suntrust is ridiculous!! I'll be sure not to use them for financing on the next car, house, or anything I buy....and I'll be letting everyone I know about their harassing collection tactics.

Trying to close a checking account
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I no longer live in Florida, and Suntrust is not in my new state. So my choice for closing an account is to go to a Suntrust branch travel to a state that has Suntrust branches) or mail a letter with a $20.00 fee asking them to close my account ( I've already removed my money by writing myself a check and depositing in a new bank).

So basically I have to pay them for the privilege of closing my account. They can't do it over the phone, on line, via fax. What a rip off.

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