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Taurus International
16175 NW 49 Avenue
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
800-327-3776 (ph)
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Taurus 941 Ultra Lite snub nose .22 magnum
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Here's my complete ordering experience with Taurus: After ordering it from Taurus, I picked up my new model 941 Ultra Lite snub nose .22 magnum and brought it home and gave it a good oiling. I was proud of my new gun until I noticed that the front site doesn't line up with the rear site. The rear site being at 12:00 and the front site being at 11:57. This only says one thing. THE BARREL ISN'T SCREWED ALL THE WAY ON OR IT WAS TURNED TOO FAR! Also, the slide that releases the cylinder doesn't always work. At times it slides forward and allows me to open the gun and at times it won't slide forward no matter how hard I push on it.

I have to bring the hammer back a few times before it will allow me to open it again. I have read a ton of threads about Taurus' customer service and how they really suck, but I'll say this, when I called Taurus, I was only on hold for around 30 seconds. Then, a man answered and I explained the problems I was having with my gun. He was very polite and informed me that Taurus would have FedEx pick my gun up within 24 hours and they would either fix the problem or replace the gun. I was shocked! I expected them to act as if they didn't care at all, but to my amazement, they actually cared a lot about the problems I had encountered with my new Taurus.

I was polite to them and they were very courteous in return. They said my gun will be returned to me within 2 - 3 weeks. (I should have noticed these problems with the gun at the gun shop, but I was kind of in a hurry. I gave it a quick look, but I didn't look at it as well as I should have.) OK, so I went to the gun store to pick up my new replacement 941 Ultra Lite. It only took them one week to get a new gun sent to me. This time, everything on the gun was tight. Aside from the few scratches in the finish, it was OK. The problem I had with it this time is that THEY SENT ME A GUN WITH THE WRONG FINISH!!! It's supposed to be matte stainless.

Instead, it looks gray. The trigger, hammer and cylinder release button are all matte stainless, but the frame, cylinder and barrel are all gray, almost a green color. It was very ugly! I called Taurus and they told me that some matte stainless finishes are darker than others. That's bull! I've seen thousands of guns with the matte stainless finish and none of them looked like this. Also, I told the guy on the phone (the expediter for Taurus) that if he owned a car dealership and I walked in and ordered a new white-colored car from him that was already there on the showroom floor and told him to have it ready for me the following day.

And I came to pick it up the following day and the paint had been changed to green and there were scratches on it, should I just accept it 'as is' and forget about it? NO! I want what I ordered! So now, they are telling me that the gun is going in front of a 'review board'. The last gun that had the 'off' front site went in front of their so-called 'review board' as well. They replaced it with this gun that has the wrong finish AND scratches. He also told me that when gun parts are delivered to them from Brazil, they often have scratches on them. I asked him why they don't fix the scratches before sending guns out to customers.

He replied with, "I agree with you on that one." Taurus International is a JOKE! Now, I'll probably be sitting here waiting for another month to see what kind of surprise they send me next. The only company I will buy from in the future is Ruger. They make the sturdiest revolvers on Earth. They may be expensive, but most of the time, you get what you pay for. I just got off of the telephone with Taurus FOR THE 50TH TIME! They informed me that they will be replacing my 941 Ultra Lite .22 magnum once again with a new one. Keep in mind, I HAD TO SEND IT BACK TO THEM TWICE ALREADY!

The first time I returned it, they sent me a letter which read, 'We are returning your revolver to you. A part has been replaced and the gun has been test fired. All is in working condition.' Upon receiving the firearm, the first thing I noticed right out of the box was, they had fixed the tiny scratches in the finish that were on the frame, but while they were supposedly fixing what else was wrong with it, they added around ten scratches to the cylinder! Then I checked the barrel and the front sight was STILL NOT LINED UP WITH THE REAR SIGHT! The barrel still wasn't screwed on all the way or it was screwed on too far again!

Either way, this gun was definitely a LEMON! I called them and told them about it and I sent it back to them the very next day. Again! After three days, I kept calling them and they would continue to tell me the same thing - "Your firearm is going in front of our 'Review Board' to see if it can be fixed or needs to be replaced." Why the heck would they tell me it was fixed the first time they returned it to me when clearly it wasn't?!?! On the repair slip, it stated that a part had been replaced, but they didn't even list which part!

They also kept telling me that there was only one manager in the factory and it takes three managers to have a complete meeting of their so-called Review Board. A week later, I talked to them again and they said the gun had gone in front of their Review Board and that it was going to be replaced with a new one. The very next time I spoke with them they told me that the new gun was pulled and was all ready to be shipped, but they cannot ship it at this time due to the fact that their inventory is in the process of being checked. I had to wait months before it was even sent to me.

(Keep in mind, it's been since June 17, 2011 that I first picked-up the first gun from my local gun store.It's now February 2012.) Before all this took place, I was also planning on purchasing a Raging Bull .454 Casull from Taurus, but now, I have my 'sights set' (pun intended) on a new Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .454 Casull. Needless to say, I will never buy another Taurus! If they would have fixed the problem the first time I returned the gun, I may have thought about it, but not now.

It seems like, from what I've gone through and read about Taurus, is that they put all their time into their larger bore guns (.357 and up) and they really don't care much about their smaller bore (cheaper) guns. What they need to do is start caring about their customers, no matter what size or the cost of the firearm they are purchasing from them! I called and spoke with Taurus' expediter over the telephone and I told him I was done with Taurus and that I wanted my money back. He said they would gladly return my money, but he wanted to know if there was any way at all he could make me happy with a Taurus.

I was only joking, but I said, "Yeah. How about sending me a .454 Raging Bull?" He said he couldn't do that because it was much more expensive. Sarcastically I said, "Well, how about a .357? After all this, I think I deserve one." To my surprise, he said he would send me a brand new .357 model of my choice. I ended up asking for the 605 model matte stainless model with a 2" barrel. Did everything go smoothly? NO! When I received this gun, I noticed that the crane was slightly bent and didn't line up perfectly. I called them again and explained the problem. I had to send that gun back to them as well!

FINALLY, they sent me a new .357 that had no problems. A few tiny scratches here and there, but I wasn't about to send this one back to them. FINALLY, almost everything is right with a Taurus gun! When I put the gun in full-lock-up mode to check for any play in the cylinder, there is absolutely none from front to back, but there is a little bit when I tested it for circular movement of the cylinder. If I want that fixed, I'll go to a gunSmith. It's now 2014 and I have read that Taurus has recently overhauled their staff and they now have a new CEO so maybe things are better with them, but I will not be dealing with them again.

I'm just happy to have the .357. I still want a snub nose .22 magnum so I guess I'll opt for the S&W 351PD. Ruger doesn't make .22 magnum in a snub nose model. The only bright side to this entire ordeal is, when I was going through all this, a guy from Taurus called my local gun store and had them fax a copy of their FFL directly to him so I wouldn't have to put yet out another $30.00 for their paperwork.

(Taurus did not yet have my local gun store in their records, so I definitely would have had to fork-out another $30.00 for this transaction that takes less than ten seconds to complete.) Until you hear from other people that have RECENTLY dealt with Taurus, take my advise and STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS YOU CAN!

Warranty Repair
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- In May of 2009 I purchased a Taurus 444 revolver from Bud€™s Gun shop. As usual, Bud€™s service was great. After signing for the gun from my FFL transfer agent, I noticed it has a cosmetic problem with the bluing around the barrel, so I immediately returned it to Taurus as a warranty repair€ unfired. That's when my problems started. Over the course of four months I called Taurus repair department and requested status. For the first two months they told me it was pending repair, during month three the story changed to, we 're waiting for a replacement from the factory.€

Finally, during the end of month four I received the replacement gun; however, when I open the box I noticed the gun looked very used. Bluing was worn and scratched and in some places missing. Tired of the hassle and waiting, I took the pistol to the range for testing. The first six rounds fired fine; however, when I fired the next three rounds, the cylinder on the pistol locked up and the hammer would not pull back. I finally discovered if I moved the cylinder with my left hand I could pull the hammer back, if I did not move the cylinder with my left hand, the hammer would not pull back. I immediately unloaded the gun as it appeared the cylinder was not lining up.

I then took six expended rounds and loaded the cylinder. After pulling the trigger once, the gun locked up again. Fearing I had a defective gun I did not attempted to fire it again I did not what to find out what a misaligned 44 magnum round would do to my hand and face. The next day, I called Taurus and said I was on my second defective revolver and would they please expedite the repair. I was now five months down the road after purchased a new gun and still did not have a gun that operated properly. I guess it was not much of a surprise when the customer representative acted like they'd never talked to me before.

Here is the bottom line: Taurus has a very poor customer service department and an even worse quality control problem. I paid over $500.00 dollars for this gun. I know they are shipping new guns to dealers, so they have new pistols in stock. They need to take care of their customers first with guns that actually work and make sure they get what they pay for. Because if this incident I will never buy another Taurus gun and that€™s very unfortunate, customer service is one area that can easily be fixed and usually at very little cost. I still do not have my gun...going on six months.

Bad Customer Service
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I sent a rifle in for repair. I used the on-line form for faster service (was told later by a representative that the form was not used by Taurus.. so why do they have it on their website?). First problem, I got several different dates by different reps on when my rifle was received by Taurus. There was an issue with the physical address of the dealer who shipped it and the only way I found out was by calling Taurus.. no one contacted me or the dealer. And Taurus is not a toll-free call and can have long wait times for a representative to answer. After weeks, I got that issue resolved by faxing a second FFL license to them (don't know what they did with the first one).

Then call after call until finally I was told the gun should have been repaired by now. Then I was told it was listed as non-repairable and an "expediter" was to call me.. no phone call. I called back numerous times and was told they would "e-mail" the "expediter" to call me.. no phone call.. then I finally got through to the expediter on my dime again. I was told the gun was not repairable. Since this was the first time I shot it, was obviously a manufacturing defect. I was asked if I wanted a pistol or revolver to replace it since this model rifle was no longer made.. and Taurus USA only has pistols and revolvers.

I chose a pistol and. 38 caliber. I was then told to look at the model 85's on their website and chose one I liked.. and that there were pearl grips, wood grips, etc. I chose one and called back.. left a voice message to the expediter on his extension. Days went by and I called back to make sure he got my choice. He said he didn't get to read his e-mail yet, even though I told him it was a voice message.. and this was 3 or 4 days later! Then I was told the model I wanted wasn't available. He did have the same type, but w/o the pearl grips. I had a list of several models I liked and asked about those.. he said the only one he had available was the one he told me.

So why did he have me go and chose from all the ones on the website? He could have given me the model #'s of the ones I could chose from instead! OK.. now it's a done deal.. they will replace my rifle with this pistol.
But now it is weeks later and I still have not received a pistol! I called and was told they didn't know when one would ship out. In the meantime, I find out from my local gunshop owner that he had sent a pistol back to Taurus for repair and forgot about it until the owner asked him. When he called Taurus, he was informed the pistol was not repairable and was destroyed.. but no one from Taurus bothered contacting him or the owner!

And a replacement will be sent sometime, but right now they are busy supplying their distributors! This tells me I may have to wait a long time for my replacement. I've searched the website and can't find a name of a company president to write my complaint to! I'm going to be doing some web searching now to see if I can find someone who has control over this company. The gunshop owner told me he could only get the "expediter" (same one I have) but was told this expediter had a boss, but was not available to talk to him!

Warranty - Not Very Good - Customer Service - Worse Still
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I Bought a Taurus Titanium snub nose. 38 special. Ran about 400 rounds and then the thumb release button for the cylinder broke. Sent weapon back to Taurus for warranty and after one month they determined the gun could not be fixed and would send me a new gun. When I received the replacement, it was a used gun that had been fired and never even cleaned. There are numerous nicks and scrapes around the gun and the handle does not fit flush. Calling customer service is a waste of time and the person that answers the phone is of no help at all. I would never again purchase a Taurus firearm.

PT 709 Slim
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I have a long history dealing wit Taurus Customer Service, and up until last year, it was a great one. I purchased a new PT 70p9 Slim, and it came with one mag. I took it to the range and I was more than pleasantly surprised... GREAT TRIGGER. I asked my LGS to get me three or four mags for it, and he laughed. He told me they were unicorns, meaning no one has actually seen them. I then drove to 4 other LGS's, same thing. I then spent hours, days, weeks, months and now a year online... A YEAR. I have been on no less then 30 backordered wait lists, no luck at all. I have called Taurus, sent letters, and even blogged. No luck no mags.

I then got on their Facebook page and a Customer Service weirdo kept messaging me asking where I lived, the serial number, my address, phone number, where I bought the gun, how much I paid, over and over. Still no magazine, no suggestion where or how to get one, etc... BEEN OVER A YEAR... I am still trying... WEEKLY... This gun is worthless without mags... and it was purchased as a CCW...

I can't even give it away as everyone knows there are NO mags available for it, and it looks like there NEVER WILL BE. I own more than 15 of their guns, mainly revolvers. [going to] go back to Smith once I sell them all... What kind of company does business like this... slight delays understandable...this is insane...

Faulty Product / Lousy Customer Service After The Sale
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Returned a Judge for repair. Almost impossible to get a response for months then, they say owners with the problem my weapon had will be have the whole weapon replaced. So far, I guess that is the excuse they used to keep you from complaining it has been over a year now. Probably don't care because of near record sales from gun control talk. Spend a few dollars more and stay away from Taurus as far as I'm concerned.

Taurus PT709 Slim 9mm Handgun
By -

I purchased a Taurus PT709 9mm Handgun from Gander Mountain, Houston, TX, and have had several problems with the gun from day one. Misfires, in fact when the gun would heat up it would not fire at all. Also, there is a "rub" on one side of the slide were the round enters the chamber from the clip. I returned the to gun to Gander Mountain, who sent it back to Taurus for a warranty repair. When I went to pick up the gun, Gander Mountain wanted to charge me $40.00 for shipping and handling. I told them to keep the gun, it was not even worth $4.00.

The Sales Person said I should sell the gun, I informed him that I would not even give the gun away. I have a KalTec 9mm, a Springfield XDM 9mm and a Glock 19 9mm, and have never had any problems with any of these guns. I will NEVER buy another Taurus product again. I purchased the gun on a recommendation from a Sales Person at Gander Mountain.

Buyer Beware
By -

I recently bought my 3rd Taurus revolver. A Judge Blued UL. One of the reasons I bought the gun was because it claimed to be 22.4 ounces. It's not, it's almost 3 ounces over and that's what a full load adds when you carry. After numerous calls to the company I started asking for names, and ** and some others I didn't get the name of weren't real pleasant and could not satisfy my curiosity about the weight of the Judge. Their attitude is the real problem.

I like my Judge and it is a must here on the farm. There is no better snake or rodent gun out there. If it wouldn't cost me any money I would send this back and demand a Judge that weighs 22.4 ounces. If these folks were in the coffee business they'd be broke. In my opinion it's false advertising.

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