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Warranty Repair
Posted by Hoghunter on 09/28/2009
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- In May of 2009 I purchased a Taurus 444 revolver from Bud’s Gun shop. As usual, Bud’s service was great. After signing for the gun from my FFL transfer agent, I noticed it has a cosmetic problem with the bluing around the barrel, so I immediatley returned it to Taurus as a warranty repair…unfired. That's when my problems started. Over the course of four months I called Taurus’s repair department and requested status. For the first two months they told me it was pending repair, during month three the story changed to, “…we’re waiting for a replacement from the factory.” Finally, during the end of month four I received the replacement gun; however, when I open the box I noticed the gun looked very used. Bluing was worn and scratched and in some places missing. Tired of the hassle and waiting, I took the pistol to the range for testing. The first six rounds fired fine; however, when I fired the next three rounds, the cylinder on the pistol locked up and the hammer would not pull back. I finally discovered if I moved the cylinder with my left hand I could pull the hammer back, if I did not move the cylinder with my left hand, the hammer would not pull back. I immediately unloaded the gun as it appeared the cylinder was not lining up. I then took six expended rounds and loaded the cylinder. After pulling the trigger once, the gun locked up again. Fearing I had a defective gun I did not attempted to fire it again…I did not what to find out what a misaligned 44 magnum round would do to my hand and face. The next day, I called Taurus and said I was on my second defective revolver and would they please expedite the repair. I was now five months down the road after purchased a new gun and still did not have a gun that operated properly. I guess it was not much of a surprise when the customer representative acted like they’d never talked to me before. Here is the bottom line: Taurus has a very poor customer service department and an even worse quality control problem. I paid over $500.00 dollars for this gun. I know they are shipping new guns to dealers, so they have new pistols in stock. They need to take care of their customers first with guns that actually work and make sure they get what they pay for. Because if this incident I will never buy another Taurus gun…and that’s very unfortunate, customer service is one area that can easily be fixed and usually at very little cost. I still do not have my gun...going on six months.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-09-28:
I've had one problem with a small tarus auto and they took care of it.
If the dealer you purchased it from does some good volume with tarus, I would speak to them about contacting tarus on your behalf.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-28:
Good idea jkt...
Posted by Starlord on 2009-09-28:
I have heard that Taurus has had some minor problems with quality control, but if you are the one who gets a bad firearm, it is not a minor issue, but a major one. I agree, have Bud's deal with Taurus. As jkt said, if Bud's does very much business with Taurus, they will wish to keep him happy, so he will not be tempted to quit carrying the Taurus line. Good luck. Personally, I would rather have the Springfield Armory XD-M 40. Since I do not plan on hunting elk or moose with a handgun, especially in the Miami area, I have no need of a .44 magnum.
Posted by gunsmith on 2010-04-01:
I had a similar problem with thi fly by night operation. My father-in-law had a 441 44 special that only was rifled on half of the barrel. the other half was not touched. We returned it for rebarreling, to find out they did not make this anymore. 4 months went by, then I called the President of Taurus. He sent my Father-in-Law a 44 Mag, 4 inch ported, that he never liked. The President said it came from his desk.
It shoots well, but has a sloppy cylinder, and times up poorly. No oversized cylinder stops are available,and the grips fit poorly.
I would never reccommend anyone to buy a Taurus. They are into TURN AND BURN.
Posted by Johnny Yuma on 2011-06-10:
I just bought a new Taurus revolver Model 608 8 shot 357 matt stainless. Out of the box it was having cylinder lockup problems. The dealer sent it back and a month later I get it and it has the same problem, the cylynder/trigger locks on three out of eight shots. It seems to dry fire fine since it came back from Taurus, but firing factory rounds reloads or whatever, it still locks up, really frustrating. Now $600 in a new revolver and I'm sending it back the second time and another month to get it back. I've bought lots of guns over the years and Taurus is really disappointing with their quality. I'll never buy a Taurus again unless they fix it right this time.
Posted by Don on 2012-01-12:
Several years ago I bought a Taurus revolver in .22 LR. It's been unfailingly reliable and incredibily accurate to the point I often carry it instead of my 9mm on the theory that one in the right place is better than ten all over the place. I guess I should have quit while I was still ahead. Several months ago I purchased a Taurus 905 revolver. The firing pin was striking so far off center that every 4th or 5th round failed to fire. I sent it back to Taurus and it took almost a month to get it back. I put half a box of ammo through it and the CYLINDER FELL OFF!!! Their warranty repair guy had stripped out the threads in the screw hole that holds the cylinder on and put deep tool marks into the frame while he was at it. I asked Taurus to replace it, as they'd ruined by brand new gun, but instead they figured it was okay to slop it back together with bushings. Back to Taurus it went. They lie about everything and customer service is rude beyond words to describe. After over three months Taurus still has the gun, with no apparent intention to make it right, and I'm out almost $400. Maybe you'll get lucky like I did on my first Taurus, and maybe you won't. It isn't worth the risk. If you don't get lucky, you'll find Taurus is so far beyond sleezy there are no adequate words to describe them in a public forum.
Posted by csmd99 on 2012-05-08:
Taurus Warranty / Unless you just bought the gun you can forget free repairs / they want you to send them the gun overnight from Delaware that is $60.00 / the alternative given was to buy the parts and fix it myself / so the parts cost about $25.00 plus $4.95 shipping / I bought the parts against my will / The Taurus Warranty with the shipping charge now has a deductible / the shipping cost based on where you live to me is the same as a deductible / No more for me
Posted by mark on 2012-06-06:
Bought multiple new Taurus handguns in a very short time period, and kicking myself in the @ss now i didnt buy a Ruger or S and W. Last one i bought had defects right from opening box, sent back after all the bs and about **3 MONTHS LATER ** STILL NO GUN , and the new one they sent Me about 2 weeks ago was was unuseable, and being sent back! I will never buy another one, and for those who do GOOD LUCK!
Posted by Debi on 2013-01-24:
I purchased a Rossi .357 mag brand new in box. Which is made by Taurus. The revolver was locked and of course no key in the box I never even got to shoot a round off. I returned it to the store where I purchased it. They sent it in for repair and I am getting the same run around by customer service. First they tell you we are working on it now they say it can take up to 6 weeks. I want my money back. I will never purchase any thing else from Taurus
Posted by Ms Wallace on 2013-06-08:
Bought Tarus Slim 9mm 5 months ago. Returned for repair and still NO gun. Do they ever get parts in ? Talked to customer service and was told the part was in now checking on status "waiting on parts." His words "parts on bench ready to assemble and take to firing range to test fire". This has taken way to long and I will not buy a another tarus. Model TFS34776.
WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM? The gun would lock up and I had real problems taking my test CHL. Not only did I Look like I could not shoot, I felt silly. The first couple weeks it fired ok but for a new gun it should have proformed
Posted by Mike on 2013-06-29:
I have a Judge 513 45/410/454 Casull. The Cylinder keeps jamming up on me, not sure why. I took the Revolver in to be fixed. The gunsmith advised me that I might not get my Pistol back from Taurus. That the last revolver he sent in to Taurus he didn’t get back. Taurus deemed it unserviceable and destroyed it. They didn’t fix it and no money was offered, the pistol is just gone, the customer has no gun. I told them not to send my gun in, that I would find another way to get my gun repaired. I’m not sure what to do now. Just passing on my experience, I still have the broken revolver. I can see Taurus customer service doing this, and if they do what recourse do I have. I don’t want to lose my gun because Taurus doesn’t feel like fixing it.
Posted by julie on 2014-02-10:
I bought a new revolver..........first time out it jammed and I sent it back for repair. it came back with little marks around the cylinder like a vice grip had been used. I called and they were going to send a label........didn't get the label so I called back and I was told this time that the gun came in that way..........the box was all trashed and came back with tape to hold it together............this was a brand new gun and had been taken out once where it failed to work.............I am so angry that now this is my fault, according to them...........NEVER will I buy anything from Taurus again.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Bomar on 07/14/2009
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I sent a rifle in for repair. I used the on-line form for faster service (was told later by a representative that the form was not used by Taurus.. so why do they have it on their website?).

First problem, I got several different dates by different reps on when my rifle was received by Taurus. There was an issue with the physical address of the dealer who shipped it and the only way I found out was by calling Taurus.. no one contacted me or the dealer. And Taurus is not a toll-free call and can have long wait times for a representative to answer.

After weeks, I got that issue resolved by faxing a second FFL license to them (don't know what they did with the first one).

Then call after call until finally I was told the gun should have been repaired by now. Then I was told it was listed as non-repairable and an "expediter" was to call me.. no phone call. I called back numerous times and was told they would "e-mail" the "expediter" to call me.. no phone call.. then I finally got through to the expediter on my dime again. I was told the gun was not repairable. Since this was the first time I shot it, was obviously a manufacturing defect.

I was asked if I wanted a pistol or revolver to replace it since this model rifle was no longer made.. and Taurus USA only has pistols and revolvers. I chose a pistol and. 38 caliber. I was then told to look at the model 85's on their website and chose one I liked.. and that there were pearl grips, wood grips, etc.

I chose one and called back .. left a voice message to the expediter on his extension. Days went by and I called back to make sure he got my choice. He said he didn't get to read his e-mail yet, even though I told him it was a voice message.. and this was 3 or 4 days later!

Then I was told the model I wanted wasn't available. He did have the same type, but w/o the pearl grips. I had a list of several models I liked and asked about those.. he said the only one he had available was the one he told me. So why did he have me go and chose from all the ones on the website? He could have given me the model #'s of the ones I could chose from instead!
OK.. now it's a done deal.. they will replace my rifle with this pistol.
But now it is weeks later and I still have not received a pistol! I called and was told they didn't know when one would ship out.

In the meantime, I find out from my local gunshop owner that he had sent a pistol back to Taurus for repair and forgot about it until the owner asked him. When he called Taurus, he was informed the pistol was not repairable and was destroyed.. but no one from Taurus bothered contacting him or the owner! And a replacement will be sent sometime, but right now they are busy supplying their distributors!

This tells me I may have to wait a long time for my replacement.
I've searched the website and can't find a name of a company president to write my complaint to! I'm going to be doing some web searching now to see if I can find someone who has control over this company. The gunshop owner told me he could only get the "expediter" (same one I have) but was told this expediter had a boss, but was not available to talk to him!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-14:
Good luck with your claim. I used to own a Taurus 9mm many years ago. I wasn't impressed with the quality. Back in the day, they sold Brazilian-made knock-offs of existing gun designs, so I got what I expected. Don't know if they've moved up a little...doesn't sound like it.
Posted by mark on 2012-06-11:
Bought multiple new Taurus handguns in a very short time period, and kicking myself in the @ss now i didnt buy a Ruger or S and W. Last one i bought had defects right from opening box, sent back after all the bs and about **3 MONTHS LATER ** STILL NO GUN , and the *new one* they sent Me about 2 weeks ago was was unuseable right from opening box, and being sent back! I will never buy another one, and for those who do GOOD LUCK!
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Faulty Product / Lousy Customer Service After The Sale
Posted by Ervin.maier on 05/28/2013
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Returned a Judge for repair. Almost impossible to get a response for months then, they say owners with the problem my weapon had will be have the whole weapon replaced. So far, I guess that is the excuse they use to keep you from complaining it has been over a year now.

Probably don't care because of near record sales from gun control talk. Spend a few dollars more and stay away from Taurus as far as I'm concerned.
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-05-29:
Just read a review about the Judge. Very impressive for a 5 shot revolver. Excellent stopping power but is this the best weapon of choice in a fire fight or home protection? I don't think so.

I have 30 years of law enforcement experience and have been professionally trained on numerous weapons. Glock, Sig, S and W, H and K and Taurus. My personal preference is the Glock 23 Gen 4. This is a 40 caliber with a 13 round clip. Glock supplies 2 additional clips for a fast reload. Preferred ammo is Federal Premium Hydra-Shock. Excellent home defense and an easy carry weapon. Check it out.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-05-29:
ok4now> Glocks have magazines not clips. A glock 27 would be a better carry weapon especially with a larger capacity back up magazine. LE purchases of Glock provide 3 magazines but regular customers should check how many magazines and what capacities come with their purchase. Since the OP is in Miami there is no problem with your suggested choice of ammunition but some states have restrictions on what ammo is allowed. Consumers should check their appropiate state laws. As you stated the Judge is a poor selection for CC.
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Warranty - Not Very Good - Customer Service - Worse Still
Posted by Texxanguy on 04/18/2012
FLORIDA -- I Bought a Taurus Titanium snub nose. 38 special. Ran about 400 rounds and then the thumb release button for the cylinder broke. Sent weapon back to Taurus for warranty and after one month they determined the gun could not be fixed and would send me a new gun.

When I received the replacement, it was a used gun that had been fired and never even cleaned. There are numerous nicks and scrapes around the gun and the handle does not fit flush.

Calling customer service is a waste of time and the person that answers the phone is of no help at all.

I would never again purchase a Taurus firearm.

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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-20:
You can bring this to the attention of the attorney generals office at http://myfloridalegal.com then click on 'Quick Links' > "File a Complaint" at the right on the opening web page.
Posted by mark on 2012-06-11:
Bought multiple new Taurus handguns in a very short time period, and kicking myself in the @ss now i didnt buy a Ruger or S and W. Last one i bought had defects right from opening box, sent back after all the bs and about **3 MONTHS LATER ** STILL NO GUN , and the *new one* they sent Me about 2 weeks ago was was unuseable right out of the box, and being sent back! I will never buy another one, and for those who do GOOD LUCK!
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Taurus PT709 Slim 9mm Handgun
Posted by Jnixontx43 on 09/16/2011
I purchased a Taurus PT709 9mm Handgun from Gander Mountain, Houston, TX, and have had several problems with the gun from day one. Misfires, in fact when the gun would heat up it would not fire at all. Also, there is a "rub" on one side of the slide were the round enters the chamber from the clip. I returned the to gun to Gander Mountain, who sent it back to Taurus for a warantee repair. When I went to pick up the gun, Gander Mountain wanted to charge me $40.00 for shipping and handling. I told them to keep the gun, it was not even worth $4.00. The Sales Person said I should sell the gun, I informed him that I would not even give the gun away. I have a KalTec 9mm, a Springfield XDM 9mm and a Glock 19 9mm, and have never had any problems with any of these guns. I will NEVER buy another Taurus product again. I purchased the gun on a recommendation from a Sales Person at Gander Maountain.
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Posted by ok4now on 2011-09-17:
There's a reason that Taurus sells so cheap, they are junk. Do yourself a favor and buy a Glock. Major police depts throughout the country have tested the hell out of this gun and it is dead reliable. I was in law enforcement and carried a Glock 17 which I was extensively trained on. This is my gun of choice and the one I use for home defense. Sixteen in the clip and one in the chamber, bring it on.
Posted by bored_housewife54 on 2011-09-17:
I'm looking at a hand gun for sport shooting. Will keep this review & reply in mind when deciding!
Posted by Starlord on 2011-09-18:
While Glock is a good gun, I feel it is way over-rated. I had one at one time and was not happy with it. My main complaiont was that the magaziens would not drop unless you spent a lot of time sanding them and keeping them coated with lubricant. The Glock is a European gun with plastic magazines, and the European philosophy on magazines is different than ours. I currently carry a Springfield Armory XD-40. I consider it to be the best carry gun for an experienced shooter, as it is almost exactly like using a DA revolver. I have yet to have a misfire, stovepipe or any other malfunction. I originally considered the SA because of an article in a gun magazine (the other kind,lol). The writer purchased two SA guns and submitted them to the same torture test that Glock claims it uses. With the exception of a couple of very minor parts breaking, both pistols passed the tests with flying colors.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-09-18:
To the OP, I have known many people who have Taurus firearms and are extremely happy with them, just an observation. To bored, check out the SA line. The XD(M) line has several compact pistols in 9mm or .40S&W you might like.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-09-19:
SA is an excellent choice and a well made reliable weapon. I would actually choose this over a SIG or S&W. While both have a strong following the extra weight, complexity and additional parts lower its score. Example: The Glock fully stripped down has about 30 plus parts. The S&W has 90 plus parts. This increases the chances of a failure. I have put several thousand rounds through my Glock. I have never had an issue with the magazines not dropping during timed range qualifications. This is not a contest where my gun is better than yours. Glock, S&W, SA, SIG are all fine guns where you won't make a mistake if you buy one. It all comes down to personal preference.
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Buyer Beware
Posted by Bobca on 12/04/2009
I recently bought my 3rd Taurus revolver. A Judge Blued UL. One of the reasons I bought the gun was because it claimed to be 22.4 ounces. It's not, it's almost 3 ounces over and thats what a full load adds when you carry. After numerous calls to the company I started asking for names, and Leo, Melody, Cliff and some others I didn't get the name of weren't real pleasant and could not satisfy my curiosty about the weight of the Judge. Their attitude is the real problem.
I like my Judge and it is a must here on the farm. There is no better snake or rodent gun out there. If it wouldn't cost me any money I would send this back and demand a Judge that weighs 22.4 ounces.
If these folks were in the coffee business they'd be broke. In my opinion it's false advertising.
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Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-12-04:
I can't see that 3 ounces really makes that much difference and I would be happy to take it off your hands for you. Just one little problem, I am in California and they won't let us have them here.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-12-04:
Fair complaint. Poster bought the gun based on the specific weight specs and it turns out to be heavier. Assuming he is correct, a review like this does let others interested in the model know there may be a variance on the specs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-04:
ummm I dont know much about guns, but I assume that the gun weighs that empty, without any bullets in it? It would obviously become heaver when you add ammunition??
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-04:
technically yes, but you're talking about a revolver. you only have the added weight of 6 bullets. hat's not a lot of extra weight.

but if the weapon's weight isn't right it really is important. the weight of the weapon will affect your aim, the recoil, how easily you can unholster it, and how easily you carry it once it's been unholstered.

When i did security training we had red plastic 9mms to train with. One of our instructors always made a point that the heavy fake gun was hers only because it was weighted the same as a real 9mm. (The others were much lighter)

simply put if the OP has trained extensively with a gun that's weighted at 22.4, then switching to one that's weighted 25.4 will be awkward.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-12-04:
Pepper, the Judge holds 5 .45 Colt or .410 shotgun shells. I was a sheriff's deputy, shot on the pistol team, am a certified Range Master, Range Safety Officer and Basic Marksmanship Instructor, as well as being an amateur gunsmith. Three ounces is not going to affect the performance of the gun in any way, and if three ounces is that big a deal, maybe the OP should get a derringer, they are much lighter than the Judge. I have carried everything from an S&W .38 P&M to an XD-45. and would have no trouble qualifying with just about any decent gun on the market. With all due respect, I believe the OP is making a mountain out of a molehill, and I would ask why he has not written Taurus to get an explanation of the difference, although I have a theory. Taurus, like any manufacturer is constantly getting information from Research & Development, and are constantly upgrading the items. Perhaps for safety or other considerations, three ounces of material was added after the advertising was printed. This is definitely NOT false advertising. Why are people so quick to see evil intent when a much more logical explanation is likely? Everyone makes mistakes, that is why they put erasers on pencils. If the OP makes a mistake, do we see him/her as an evil-doer? Of course not, but a company is evil if you find a small difference somewhere. Lighten up, switch to decaf.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-08:
a 5-shooter? still a revolver yes?

good info star.

actually i was thinking if i ever got a gun i wouldn't mind trying a colt 45, just because i know it's harder to use. but it's got stopping power.

i've only used the 9mm and 12 gauge so far - good old military service weapons.

hmmm wonder if there's a good range around here. not that i can afford a gun right now but it wouldn't be bad to know how to handle
(tho no the crime where i live is ... very light, i just like knowing how to shoot properly)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-12-08:
+10 star
Posted by Starlord on 2009-12-08:
The .45 ACP 1911A1 is an excellent pistol, with all it's variations. It is not really difficult to control, which I could prove to you in about 15 minutes if I could teach you personally. I used to shoot Combat, where the stages simulated, as close as possible, actual police shooting cases. We had a 12-yr old we called 'Fly' who handled Ol' Slabsides like a pro, and he weighed maybe 95 lbs soaking wet with rocks in his pockets. I currently carry a Springfield Arms XD-45, and it has two safeties. A grip safety like the 1911, but much easier to work, and a Safe Action trigger like Glocks, but made of steel, not plastic. This is not a novice's gun, but it fires just like a double action revolver, draw and fire. No safeties to play around with and forget, under stress, how it works. My wife has a nice little stainless Rossi five shot .38 special with Pachmayr grips, 2" barrel. I would hate to ever have her mad at me, as she is a dead-on shot.
Smith& wesoon, I understand now has a seven shot .357 magnum, and there are several .22 LR revolvers on the market with up to nine shots, I believe. Best wishe and Happy Holidays to you and yours. I hasten to point out that Ol' Slabsides served our military for many more years than the Beretta, and more and more of our troops are wanting the return of the .45 ACP. You might tell I am not a 9mm fan, but there is an old saying, "Everyone to their own tastes," said the lady as she kissed the cow. :-D
Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-12-08:
Get yourself a .22 popgun if your worried about the weight.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-12-08:
star, the ACP is a good carry handgun though on the large side. I personally carry the Desert Baby Eagle .45 or my 27 Glock in .40 when I am in town. My "throw away is a Keltec 9mm that I carry when I travel. I shoot IDPA for fun and a great way to keep your senses tuned.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-08:
This is like the people who complain about a CPU stating 40 GB but shows only 34.5 yada yada.
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