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Horrible bank I would suggest never doing business here!
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MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Back in June of 2010 we purchased an official bank check through TD Bank to pay an out of state bill. Our check never reached it's destination and upon waiting the 90 days TD Bank told us we had to wait we filled out the appropriate paperwork. We were told immediately that the money was pending in our checking account. We waited an additional two weeks only to find the money still pending and unavailable to us. We then called the Marlboro, MA TD Bank branch and they told us they would instead send us a check in the mail. We waited yet another two weeks and no check came. At this point we decided to go to the branch ourselves. We were addressed by the bank manager who told us they we're doing all that they could to help us. Again another two or so weeks go by and at this point we decided to involve the OCC. After about a month of the OCC doing all they could to help us we were told the money was yet again pending in our account so the OCC closed the case. Three weeks of the money pending and still funds were not available. We went back to the Marlboro branch and dealt with a new bank manager who gave us a TD Bank Visa gift card claiming the full refund was on the card. We left the bank proceeded to the store only to find out there was a zero balance on the card. We drove back to the bank and the manager acted surprised there was no money on the card. We called the Visa card number on the back of the card from her desk and had the representative there tell her there was NO money on the card. She acted almost put out and told us she'd have to "investigate" where the money went, as if it just got up and walked off the card. We spent everyday during the month of December going to the bank and being lied to. We were even told to call the card daily in which we did only to have the same outcome. We have dealt with almost everyone who works there and it seems as if their all trained to tell you the same thing. "We'll look into it and call you back" and yet they NEVER call back. Or you get "we're doing all we can to help you" and when asked specifically what their doing to help they cannot answer you. These people are liars and crooks who feel they can take your money at anytime and charge fees whenever the want yet if they owe you money you'll get the run around and lied too far before you get your money back. We at this point have involved the OCC (AGAIN) and every other company that will listen. This now isn't as much about the money but more about the principle of things. If we can help out at least one other hard working person who has a family to support and can't afford to spend five months begging and pleading for their own money only to be lied to and treated awfully then all our hard work will have paid off!!!!!!! Do Not Do Business With This TD Bank!!!!!!!
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raven2010 on 01/03/2012:
God grief!!!!
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TD Bank - Inept and Unethical
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BEAR, DELAWARE -- I have a home equity loan with Commerce Bank. When TD Bank bought Commerce, my nightmare began.

I had my loan set up for biweekly automatic payments. This was fine under Commerce but shortly after TD Bank took over, I started getting late notices. I couldn't figure this out since the payments were being deducted from my account every two weeks.

I contacted TD Bank and was told that my payments had been incorrectly posted as principle only, showing as no intereste paid. They admitted this was their mistake, but had not explanation for how it happened. They said they would fix it but by the time they did, they had reported me as delinquent to the credit bureau.

I called back to tell them they needed to rectify this and they said they would turn it over to the person who handles errors with the credit bureau. Imagine, they have an employee assigned full-time to fix information they've erroneously reported on their customer's credit bureau file.

I was supposed to receive a call back in a few days but never did. Of course they would not give me the contact info for the person who handles rectifying the erroneous info being sent. After speaking to several more people at TD Bank over several months, I got nowwhere.

The next thing that happened was they just stopped deducting my loan payment from my account. When I called to ask why they said TD cannot process biweekly payments, only monthly automatic payments. I said it would have been nice if I had been told this. They said they had mailed notices out but I read every piece of mail from my bank and I never received this notification.

When I spoke to someone in the loan dept she said that it was because in the computer switch over (remember when the bank couldn't process anything for 3 days???) from Commerce to TD, several loans were just "dropped off" and mine was one of them. So the whole "we notified you" was a load of crap.

At this point I cancelled my automatic payments and said I would just make the payment myself each month. So each month I go online and pay my loan electronically. However I suddenly start getting notices that I'm a month behind. I look at all my payments which are current, call TD again, and they can't explain it. So in order to not have my loan looking like it's behind, I make an extra payment.

For 6 months I have been doing this. Each month I go online and my loan shows "no payment due" for the current month and the next payment due the following month. But I make a payment anyway, just to be safe.

Then in October, I suddenly see almost $800 deducted from my savings account. Under the column that describes what it's for it just says my name. I immediately call TD Bank and no one can figure out why this money was deducted from my account. The CSR gets her supervisor and they still can't figure it out. So they call my local branch.

The local brank says it's for my home equity loan!! I tell them I am not set up for automatic payments, the amount they deducted isn't my loan amount, and my next payment isn't even due until November! Their answer is they will "research" it and it will take 10-15 days. In the meantime, they won't put my money back in my account. I am freaking out at this point.

So they transfer me to the loan dept and I speak to Matthew. He promises to expedite the research and have the money back in my account in 2-3 days but says I should call on Wednesday to make sure it's there.

I check online on Wednesday and the money isn't there. I call the loan dept and speak to Kelly who is rude, condescending and totally unhelpful. She says all she can do is put it in for researach and it will take 10-15 days. I reiterate that TD has taken my money with no authorization and I want it back. Kelly said no. I told her that Matthew said I would have the money back that day and she didn't even want to look up the notes on my account to verify this. She finally did and said Matthew only put in the notes that he would expedite the research process.

So I said "then Matthew basically lied to me." She refused to comment and just kept repeating that she would put it in for reserach and it would take 10-15 days. I was ready to scream. But instead I asked to speak to a manager. She just keep repeating her mantra "I'll put this in for research. It will take 10-15 days." She said this about 5 times ignoring everything I was saying.

I kept insisting on talking to a manager and she finally put me on hold. After a very long wait a manager, Nick, came on the line, apologized and said I would have the money back in my account that afternoon. Amazing! However, he said I would need to write a letter saying I no longer wanted automatic payments deducted from my account, and I would have to fax or drop it off since they needed my signature.

I repeated several times that I did not have automatic payments and hadn't for almost a year. He said he understood but said it was showing in their records that I was set up for automatic payment since January 2010. I then asked why, if that was the case, in 10 months, a payment had never before been deducted from my account. I also asked why they would deduct a totally different amount that my loan payment amount, and take it out a month before it was due. He couldn't explain but said I would need to drop the letter off in order to prevent this from happening again.

I replied that it was amazing that they hadn't needed my signature to set me up for automatic payments that I never requested, and could take random amounts of money out of my account with no explanation, but they needed my signature to stop doing something they did without my authorization in the first place!!

I also told him that my very next step would be to transfer this loan to another lender and close all of my TD Bank accounts.

But the story doesn't end here.

The money wasn't in my account that afternoon, or the next morning. I called TD Bank again and was told that it had to be in the "overnight run" and it hadn't been submitted in time the previous day. Funny, since I spoke to them at 10:30 am!

The woman I spoke to, Marie, was very nice, helpful and professional. She is an anomaly in the TD Bank world but I am grateful for her help. The money finally went back into my account. I gave them the letter with my signature. Even though it aggravated me to have to write a letter to ask them to stop something I never asked them to do, it was easier to just write the letter and (hopefully) avoid another problem.

And by the way, now they're telling me my Oct loan payment is due, even though their online system says a payment isn't due until November.

Do the Three Stooges own this bank? Commerce was bad, but TD is ridiculous.
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tnchuck100 on 10/24/2010:
Yep, it's time to do whatever it takes to divorce yourself from these incompetent bozos. Your story is about as bad as it can get. Good luck.
Venice09 on 10/24/2010:
I was thinking Three Stooges even before I read it in your last paragraph. The lack of competency is really frightening. These banks have to realize that the customers suffer consequences when mistakes are made and no one can seem to fix them. It's dreadful.
ok4now on 10/25/2010:
Dump these toads now!! What a poor excuse for a bank treating a good paying customer like this. It's a shame that you can't contact the credit bureau and lower their rating for such horrendous treatment. With the current low interest rates you shouldn't have a problem getting another loan where they appreciate your business. Good luck.
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TD Bank Bungles Wire Transfer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ST ALBANS, VERMONT -- I want to warn all small businesses that TD Bank is a terrible place to do business. I am a small business owner. In December 2011 I was contacted by a very reputable multi-national corporation wanting me to do some work for them. I was thrilled to say the least, this was an opportunity of a lifetime for a small company like mine.

I accepted the proposal with the understanding that the company only pays vendors outside their country via wire transfer and they have a net 30 day terms policy. I had no problems with those terms. The company requested that I get a copy of all information for an International Wire Transfer from TD Bank, on their letterhead, which I did. They provided me with that letter on January 25, 2012. I submitted the letter to my client the same day.

I was told there was a wire transfer processed in the amount of $7,500.00 on March 16th. I began calling my bank and inquiring as to the process and when I should expect the money in my account. I was told that it would take a minimum of three days but no more than 5 days. The following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I contacted the bank again and was told the wire was not in the system. Each and every time I spoke with TD Bank Customer Service, which was almost daily, I asked the employee if they would kindly confirm that the information I was provided in January was correct for this wire transfer, and every time I was assured it was correct.

On Monday, March 26th, 10 days after the wire was submitted, I still had not received the funds. I called the bank and spoke with customer service and this time when I asked to confirm the information I was informed that the letter I received in January was in error, that they had provided me with the incorrect bank name and the incorrect bank address and the incorrect routing (ABA) number. This infuriated me and I immediately contacted my local bank branch to find out how this could be the case. They apologized but there was nothing they could tell me.
I have spent the last 8 hours of this day trying to get the correct information. My local bank representative contacted the International Wire Transfer division of TD Bank and was given different information than I was given in January and different than I was provided on the 26th. After many hours of phone calls I received another letter from the bank with new information but not before the local bank representative I was dealing with stated "It scares me to death to send this to you because I don't know if it is correct!". How is a person supposed to have faith in this bank?

I have asked to be contacted by the bank manager but he has not returned my calls. I have no way of knowing where the $7,500.00 is or when it will appear in my account. My client has requested new information from the bank to resubmit the wire transfer but I don't know what their procedure is in regards to this situation. I doubt seriously they will take my word that I do not have the money and TD Bank can not confirm to anyone where the money is or when it will be returned. After all this I called customer service just as a test and asked if they could tell me what the process is to do an International Wire Transfer and I was given the same information I was provided in January. I later called the International Wire Transfer Division and they provided the same information.

That would mean if the information I was provided in January was correct then the money should be in my account. If I ask where the money is they tell me it was never sent to the bank because I have the wrong information, but when I try to confirm the information they tell me more often than not that the information I have is exactly what I need. So I then ask OK, then where is the money and the cycle starts all over again with them telling me the money was never transferred because I have the wrong information. They can not possibly have it both ways, either the information is correct and they have the money or the information is incorrect and I need new information.

There is nothing I can do because nobody at TD Bank knows the answer, or if they do they prefer to keep it to themselves. I am beyond frustrated and as soon as I resolve this situation I will be changing banks very promptly never to return to TD Bank, America's Most Incompetent Bank.

I sincerely believe that the only reason this has happened is because of the incompetence and laziness of TD Bank employees and customer service. They were and are too lazy to pull a piece of paper out and read whether the information I am reading to them is correct. What a mess!!!
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Skye on 03/27/2012:
Are they telling you the wire transfer confirmation is wrong?

If the money was truly wired, then it should be there. I understand you're frustrated, but something seems suspicious to me, regarding the person who supposedly wire transferred you the money. Just a feeling I'm getting.

If your bank cannot prove the money is there, and the person who wired you the money cannot, can the money be sent to you via Western Union?
BigAl on 03/28/2012:
Several years ago I transferred a large sum overseas. It was supposed to take 24-48 hours. It ended up taking 21 days. My bank did everything it could to find the problem and correct it. Basically there are so many "hands" that the money must go through and so many data entries must be made that clerical errors due to numbers being transposed or inadvertently omitted are common. When there is an error--everything stops and the money (or actually transaction)is placed in limbo until the error is rectified. Nobody wants to take responsibility for money going into the wrong account. It is sometimes very hard for the bank to locate at what point the transaction went haywire. It is a flawed system that will be hard to improve upon given current world government involvement in international money transfers.
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NOTHING Is Right at TD
Posted by on
I have been a TD Bank customer for more than two years. But I won't be much longer. They have screwed up my three accounts so many times, that it has become nearly a full-time job staying on top of it all. 20 minutes in one branch with seven staff and only two customers to make a simple deposit. Yucking it up and personal talk was more important than my deposit. Then when I left, I discovered she shorted me by $1,000. Back in for another 10 minutes. A simple check order started in early January, Went to the branch. Two sets of checks -- one for business and one personal didn't arrive after five weeks. Back to the branch. They called. No one could find one of the orders. The other order was found but the checks were not. Three days later the business checks arrived, Still no personal checks. Order those again and tell the manager I will pick them up at the branch. Then the manager informs me that the first set was at the branch for eight weeks, sent thereby mistake. The next call is that set three has arrived at the branch and they would be overnighted to me. They were. Then, 11 weeks after all of this started, the second set shows up in my mailbox. Meanwhile, amidst all of this confusion I made a big error. I paid a major bill out of the wrong account and overdrew it. TD loves this. They sent me a notice in the mail five days after the first overdraw. First time I knew about it. They brag about their technology and customer service but obviously intentionally slow down onj overdraws in hopes you will keep overdrawing so they hit you for $35 a clip. Sure, my mistake but they certainly took full advantage of it and made over $200 on the error.
Then there was the $%K trust account I opened for one of mu children. 75 cents monthly interest paid; $12 monthly fee. Took three months to figure out they pur us in th wrong account - had a $10K minimum.
Twof the last three months my online credit card payments (from checking to credit card transfer) did not register. $35 a pop for late payment. Just happened again today!
I could go on. But you get the picture. If, in fact, TD does stand for Toronto Dominion, I suggest that they go back to Canada and stiff their own people.
And, for all of this excellent service, they abolish their rebate of fees for use of other ATM's make us pay the other bank's ATM fees. So the use of a non-TD ATM just jumped from sero to five dollars or more. Found out two weeks after they changed the program and, of course, got hit with all of those fees.
ENOUGH, TD! I hope to hell that Congress investigates you and the rest of the croooks who run our banks. Congratulations on your earnings!
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cartier on 07/25/2011:
I had the same experience with the bank; the bank manager was involved with altering financial data and account structures. I was missing a lot of maoney.. I went into three branches to request bank statements and records and they refused to give them to me. One of the managers in Lexington produced ten pages and none of the checks or deposits. She then told me not to call any of the employees or to go into any of the branches. They have a legal dept. in Maine .. I think they are incredible jerks and they have gotten away with this for a long time.. I also think that they are not very well qualified in their jobs. They seem to make quite a few mistakes and I think they need a more comprehensive investigation on them and their business practices.
cartier on 07/25/2011:
I had the same experience with the bank; the bank manager was involved with altering financial data and account structures. I was missing a lot of money.. I went into three branches to request bank statements and records and they refused to give them to me. One of the managers in Lexington produced ten pages and none of the checks or deposits. She then told me not to call any of the employees or to go into any of the branches. They have a legal dept. in Maine .. I think they are incredible jerks and they have gotten away with this for a long time.. I also think that they are not very well qualified in their jobs. They seem to make quite a few mistakes and I think they need a more comprehensive investigation on them and their business practices.
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Their so-called account reviewed courtesy cost us over $600 in overdraft fees
Posted by on
CONNECTICUT -- So my husband has had the same TDBanknorth account years before they were TDBanknorth and once we got married I was added to the account about 3 years ago.

We have been having money problems for about the past 6 months as I am sure many other people are as well. And we have overdrawn a couple times in the past 6 and we took care of the problems it was our fault and we paid the fees. We own up to that, but this last time was unbelievable.

I do online banking and usually when we have the money in there but its still unavailable they don't send the check out until the money is available. So I had deposited close to $1100.00 in my account on a Saturday, mind you I still had around $400.00 in my account.

Monday came I went online a sent out a check for our mortgage for about $1000 and there was about $500 available at the time w/ about $1000 still pending. So thinking their going to wait to send it out like they always do and not wanting to forget to send it out all I sent it out.

Next thing I know I have $350 in overdraft fees w/ about $300 in overdraft fees still pending. I call the bank to try to figure out what is going on and I got the rudest women ever but she was being rude in a snide condescending way.

She explained to me that when I sent that check out, someone from the bank reviewed my account and as a "courtesy" to me sent out the check before all funds were available. So in other words they took all the money that was available and some that wasn't and sent out a check, so all my and my husbands small debit purchases such as maybe $2.00 for a coffee kept racking up an overdraft of $35 each while there was still money in the account but unavailable.

So when it got down to being $123 in my account they whacked us w/ a $210 overdraft fee, then another $140 and like I said before $300 still pending in overdraft fees.

I asked the lady if someone had actually reviewed my account than they would have seen we have been having troubles for months and have overdrawn a couple times this year already, so why would they extend this courtesy now that they never extended before for such a large amount of money? And she couldn't give a good answer besides that it was my account and my fault and this was a courtesy they extended to us.

And I asked again why was this so called courtesy never extended to me before now and that all my checks weren't sent out until all funds available? And she gave me the answer that she doesn't know who held my checks for me before but they were not supposed to and I argued no one held them that it was always just done automatically online.

And then she rambled on how it was a courtesy that they did that and it was my fault again. I said I didn't want their so-called courtesy, that it was costing us money we don't have right now. And for the final time I heard that it was a courtesy the bank had extended and it was my fault.

So we went down to the bank to speak to someone in person. We got a regular bank teller and she told us that this was a complaint that they have been receiving a lot lately, and she listened to our story and told us that she could not help us out it was up to her manager. So we asked to speak to the manager and the manager would not speak to us right then and there. So we were told to go home and the manager would contact us by phone.

So we asked if they could do something to freeze the account, close it or something because we just didn't have the money for this. The teller than added up a total for us of what we would've actually overdrawn at this point if the courtesy was not extended to us. The total was about $40.00...They wanted to charge us over $600.00 for $40.00.

So we leave and about an hour later we receive a phone call from the manager saying she was not willing to help us out, and that if we did not pay the overdraft fees it will keep getting higher.

My husband pleaded w/ her that this was insane that a so-called courtesy is costing us this much money that we just don't have, it was double what we spend on groceries in a month for a family of 4. That we would pay some of it but we couldn't afford to pay that.

She then told him not to pay it and let it go to collections. And that if we tried to bring this to court we would never win. We don't want to go to court!! We just want them to work w/ us that's all. And so my husband asked how he could get a hold of her manager and got the response that she would just agree with her. And he said he didn't care he wanted to speak to her and she said she would have her call us.

We were never made to feel like we were such scum before in our lives. We are not bad people to be treated this way. We are a hard working family who has fallen on tough times just like so many others right now. And we were willing to try to give them some money but they wanted every penny that we don't have. This is still sitting as unresolved.

After we had talked to her my sister-in-law called to ask about Christmas and my husband explained what was going on. She then told us how she had a checking account w/ them and a savings account for overdraft protection w/ $200 in that savings account. She overdrafted by $20 one time and they never took money from the savings that was for overdraft protection and charged her $200 in overdraft fees!! And they refused to reason w/ her as well, and once again said that if tried bringing it to court she would never win. So being as frustrated as she was knowing she probably would never Win if she brought it to court and it would end up probably costing her more in the end, she had closed her account and moved to a new bank.

I don't understand how they can get away w/ stuff like this!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/12/2008:
um... I don't get your complaint. The paid the check that YOU issued. It overdrew you, and they charged you. The alternate would be that they returned the check that you wrote, and charged you for an overdraft. You also admit to using your debit card for trivial purchases when you didn't have available funds. How is that their fault?
You might want to consider cutting up the card and dealing strictly with cash and paper checks. The rest of the concept seems to have eluded you.
If this was a first time occurrence, the branch manager may be willing to refund you some portion of the fees.
Seasons Greetings
tnchuck100 on 12/12/2008:
Ken, why is it so hard for you to understand? It's not the one or two overdraft fees that are being complained about. It's the legalized theft by forcing an unwanted "courtesy" so as to produce the absolute maximum fees possible.

Yes, the OP made a mistake. But BofA took that mistake and parlayed it into a fee bonanza and then even has the audacity to call it a "courtesy".

It stinks like yesterday's diapers.
tnchuck100 on 12/12/2008:
Edit capability was gone instantly!

Correction: BofA should have been TDBankNorth. But, it does fit BofA as well.
yoke on 12/12/2008:
tnc, the op wrote the check, why is that the banks fault. IMO it was not a courtesy, they were doing what the OP wanted, otherwise why write the check.
tnchuck100 on 12/12/2008:
yoke, you too. Why can't so many of you see it's not a one item issue. Try to re-read my previous comment. It only requires a small amount of intellect to understand. I'm sure you can manage it if you try real hard.

Banks are taking an unfortunate situation (mistake, if you will) and inflicting as much additional misfortune on the customer as they possibly can.

I must assume that many of you must be employed in some manner by the banking system. That is the only logical explanation for defending the bank and being so ultra-critical of these poor people posting the bank complaints.
yoke on 12/12/2008:
chuck, I get what you are saying, but in the same resepect banks are doing what they are supposed to do and that is pay the checks/debits as they come in. The OP admitted she did not have the funds for the mortgage when she wrote the check and was upset that the bank put the check through. How was the bank to know that the OP had many other checks.debits out there.
Anonymous on 12/12/2008:
Chuck, you let your blind hatred of banks overwhelm you. Were you traumatized by a bank as a small child? The fact of the matter is that the poster is a member of the take-no-responsibility generation.
Listen to what she says... she wrote the check against insufficient funds. Not a mistake, irresponsibility. She then goes on the use a debit card to buy coffee...all the time not having a clue what's in the account.
How is this the bank's fault?
There was a time when after your third overdraft, a bank would close your account. My criticism of banks would be that no one does this anymore. I think that if one cannot manage an account like a responsible adult, the bank would be doing them a favor by taking the account away. But then again, based on the number of complaints about credit lines being reduced, I think the complaints would probably bring this server down.
Anonymous on 12/12/2008:
I say bounce the checks and decline the cards. No room for complaining. No money in the account, no transactions will process.
Anonymous on 12/12/2008:
Speaking of BOA, my husband deposited $600 CASH to them, this morning, at about 10:10 this am. Guess what? I can't pay bills because they put a hold on the CASH deposit!


Anonymous on 12/13/2008:
Seriously MM??? Did they note the hold on the receipt? How long are they holding it? That is insane!
tnchuck100 on 12/13/2008:
Ken, the issue I am trying to get across and you keep ignoring is the banks dedication to maximizing the number of fees charged by their creative accounting.

Explain, in a logical manner, why you think it is right for the bank for the bank to impose 7 NSF's when only 1 transaction caused the problem.
yoke on 12/13/2008:
chuck, what you are ignoring is that the banks would not be charging ANY fee's if the people have money in their account. It is a snowball effect when one transaction can lead to 7NSF. It may not seem fair, but that is life. People are making it sound as if banks have just started to do this. Banks have been charging for bounced checks for at least 30 years (that is how long I have had a checking account).
madconsumer on 12/13/2008:
keep a positive balance, and this won't happen.!! see very easy to do.

so many bank haters, no wonder, and I am glad, they are not with my bank!!
tnchuck100 on 12/13/2008:
There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Yes, there are NO fees if you never overdraft. But people do make mistakes. Why should the bank take an unfortunate situation and make it even worse. Not only worse but as bad as they possibly can. Not because they are required to, but because they can.

It is banking GREED. If the little guy makes a mistake...kill him if you can.
yoke on 12/13/2008:
chcuk, the OP did not make a mistake. The OP knew the funds were not there and wrote the check anyway. How is that the banks fault? The OP gambled and lost.
tnchuck100 on 12/13/2008:
yoke, wake up and smell the coffee! The OP screwed up, yes. The issue here is not fault. But justify why the bank should have an "off with his head" penalty. I'm talking about fair, not legal, not whose at fault.

Just for the sake of argument how much can the customer charge the bank when the bank IS at fault?

I really don't think you (yoke), madconsumer, or KenPopcorn have grasped the issue here yet.
tnchuck100 on 12/13/2008:
AlleyS, no. I just understand the situation.
Nohandle on 12/13/2008:
I have a former employee of Wachovia working at my office now. I questioned her Friday about this practice. She told me any deposit after the cutoff on Friday is not actually deposited into the customer's account until after the Monday cutoff. More profit was made from these fees than anything else.

One thing I really found of interest was she told me the bank tellers were not to offer this tidbit of information...a customer of Wachovia can request his account have a hold if funds were not available. No courtesy overdraft and no charge for that option. She told several customers she especially felt sorry for to speak to the branch manager and have that option placed on their account. Different banks, I realize, but wonder if this is little secret is available at all banks?
Anonymous on 12/13/2008:
I have to agree with Chuck. What's happening here isn't about being charged a overdraft fee. I have no issue with someone being charged for an overdraft, kind of a reminder that it's a losing proposition if you care to repeat it. This is about the bank PIGS manipulating balances, deposits AND drafts in a way to turn a $10 (just for example) problem into a $500 problem, and the PIGS are getting away with money man....if the investment scams ain't working, then bend over and grab your ankles, 'cause they've found another way to rape ya.......thank you sir, can I have another????!!!!!
yoke on 12/13/2008:
chuck, it is obvious that you have a problem keeping a positive balance in your accounts and want to blame everyone but you. In this case and this is the case we are debating the OP knew the funds were not there and did it anyway. Why someone would want their mortgage check to bounce is beyond me. She was assuming the bank would bounce the check and it would only cost her one overdraft. She gambled and lost.
tnchuck100 on 12/13/2008:
yoke, give it up. You obviously do not possess the mental aptitude to see this for what it is. It is also obvious you are not comprehending my comments. And just to let you know I do not not any negative financial issues at all. Your inability to understand my comments does not make it obvious that I cannot keep a positive balance.
DigitalCommando on 12/13/2008:
I agree with Ken and Yoke about the responsibility aspect, but what is really at the heart of the matter here is how the bank reacts to the problem and with regard to that Chuck is absolutely right. (some) banks have learned that a large revenue stream can be obtained by some creative manipulation which allows them to obtain funds over and above what would be considered 'fair' to any normal person and whose rates in comparison, would make a loanshark blush.
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Loan Application Mishandled
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LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I am the general partner of a Limited Partnership formed in Massachusetts. On April 11th, nearly six weeks ago, I was told about a loan program by clerk at TD Banknorth in Lexington, MA. The branch manager, Matilda Topalli, was out, so the clerk put me in touch with a loan manager at Concord who explained that the Partnership would be eligible for this particular program and that I should get the paperwork from the Lexington Branch when the manager returned. A couple days later I returned to the branch, met face to face with the manager and got the forms.

I explained that the Partnership was planning to use the money as a revolving line of credit. I also discussed my schedule, and that I was leaving the country to visit my sick mother in Japan and needed to finalize this very quickly so I could make my flight reservations. I told Matilda that I would need to travel with two of my children on June 21st based on school schedule and my need to see my sick mother and wanted to have this completed well in advance of that date or else I wouldn’t start the process at all. At the time tickets from Boston to Tokyo were available at just less than $900 apiece. Matilda told me that the application would be simple, that two years’ of the partnership tax returns would be needed and that once this was in place approval would be quick. I thanked her, took the forms and went home.

I returned in a couple days with the forms along with the prior year’s tax returns for the Partnership. The 2006 returns had not be finalized so I couldn’t provide those yet, but at the manager’s request I prepared an income and expense form for business. I was assured that the loan application would take “2 or 3 days to process” once it was at underwriting, and that the underwriters would let me know if any other information was required. I also had to get attested Power of Attorney and various Partnership paperwork couriered to me from my attorney and speed up the filing of the 2006 taxes.

At this point I believed that the application would be sent to the underwriters without the 2006 taxes for initial processing, that I would get a response before the end of April with approval contingent on receiving the finalized tax returns and any other additional information the underwriters might require. As a result, I expedited the taxes (getting my accountant to interrupt a golf vacation to Bermuda) so that I would be able to get the loan finished one way or the other by mid-May.

About a week later I received a call from the manager asking for additional information leading me to believe it was for the underwriter. I took in the 2006 Partnership return. She also asked me to fill out the application again since she had had me sign incorrectly. She was confused about my role as individual, partner and power of attorney. I signed the papers again and gave them to her. Again, she told me that it would take “2 or 3 days” to hear back.

Last week (5 weeks after this started) the branch manager called yet again and told me to come into the bank to sign the application a third time. I was shocked. When I got to the bank I saw all my papers there – apparently the application had never been sent to the underwriters at all! I asked her for the underwriter’s name so I could contact him or her, and she told me she didn’t have that with her, but would give it to me the next day.

Worried, I called TDBanknorth headquarters and asked for underwriting to confirm the status of my application. There was no record whatsoever of my having applied for a loan. They had never heard of me or the partnership. I then called the main office to complain about this. I spoke to Diane Wheeler, assistant to Wendy Suehrdtedt, Senior Vice President and explained the situation. Later I got a call from someone claiming to be a loan officer who told me that the partnership was not eligible for the program in question, that the branch manager had not realized this because her old bank had such a program. Then our call got dropped, so I caller back the caller ID and was shocked when the phone was answered by yet another BRANCH OFFICE. The person I was talking to wasn’t a loan officer at all, he was another branch manager (Matthew McGuire, AVP, Branch Manager) trying to bale out the manager in Lexington and lying to me outright about his position in the bank. When I pointed this out to him he said that in fact I was not eligible for the program and that I should not be getting this other manager in trouble.

Later I received yet another call, this in response to the complaint I made to the headquarters in Maine. John Mulvey told me that he was instructed to get in touch with me. But it quickly became apparent that he had no idea of the history of what was going on and had not been in contact with anyone involved, so he was no help whatsoever.

Now flights to Tokyo are nearly $2000 a seat because of the delay in purchasing, I have no loan even in process and am convinced that the manager, through incompetence and neglect failed to even ask me the right questions. Besides the aggravation and costs associated with getting the paperwork done, I am out over $3000 in increased travel costs. Had she simply sent the application to the underwriters I would have had a response one way or the other and been able to make my plans accordingly. Or, if I truly was not eligible I should simply have been told this. Based on the program description I got in writing from the bank I think the Partnership does qualify, but at this point I believe people in the bank are simply trying to cover up for the incompetence of its manager. My summer schedule is ruined, my cost of travel more than doubled and I am furious at being misled and deceived about the processing of my application.

TD Banknorth was incompetent in dealing with my application, they deceived me as to the time it would take to get an answer, failed to file the application in a timely way, and tried to cover up their mistakes when it came out that the application had never been forwarded to the underwriters. This never would have happened at Boston Federal Savings prior to its acquisition by TD Banknorth. They have reduced staff, increased hours and failed to train or supervise their employees. While I blame the branch manager, I blame the senior officials at TD Banknorth even more. I am shocked that to this point I have gotten no explanation for what happened nor any sort of apology for the bother, inconvenience and harm this has done me and my business.

Banks are supposed to be trustworthy. It should be criminal for them to misrepresent themselves in phone calls. I provided detailed, highly personal information that I would never share except when required for this application. I was misled, lied to and let down about this. I was put to a great deal of effort for nothing.
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User Replies:
grandma005 on 05/25/2007:
Why did you not just charge the tickets on a credit card? Banks are not trustworthy. Read all the reviews on banks. You should have had a backup plan(credit card). You could have paid the credit card off after you received the loan.
rhondam718732 on 05/25/2007:
Blaming the increase on airline travel on the deal gone bad is not right. How were you justifying using a partnership line of credit for your own personal travel?
wildboar on 05/26/2007:
granda005, rhondam718732 and JayD: I'm sorry to have given the wrong impression. Of course I will buy the tickets with my credit card. The problem is that I need to be in the States to sign any paperwork associated with any loan, so our plan was: 1, apply for loan; 2, get response within 3 days as to whether we qualify and get a firm schedule for the closing of the loan paperwork; 3, book my travel based on that schedule so I can finalize the loan prior to departure. The bank manager promised me a response in that short time, so I held off on making my booking until I heard from them, then she failed to even file the application with the underwriters or to inform me of that. The loan proceeds themselves have nothing to do with buying tickets. Is that more clear? I am upset because I have been unable to make plans since they have lied to me about how long it would take to get me an answer and I have delayed my other plans waiting for that answer. Thanks for your comments
cartier on 07/25/2011:
I had a major problem with that bank and the same bank manager. Someone altered financial data on a transfer of funds and switched accounts around. It was the same individual that you mentioned. They gave me the runaround and were not cooperative in this. I think they are incredibly incompetent and rude and don't know what they are doing. Same bank and same manager. They now won't give me the bank records. Banks are ridiculous and they have horrible employees. Sen the complaint to one of their managers on a higher level-- if they get enough of them; they might recognize that they have a problem.
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Used to love it, what a change, run while you can
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NEW JERSEY -- I used to be the biggest fan of TD Bank. Opened my account with them 10 years ago or so! Got all my family to transfer money there and recommended it to everybody. Commerce WAS the best and the most convenient bank. Never had Any problems with them and WAS in love with their customer service. That was back then, good old times lol. When it became TD,- I did some research and it looked like it was going to get better. TD was one of very few banks which pulled their investments out of all mortgage mess that country going through,-oh god was I wrong. All started with overdraft fee of $35. They repeatedly lie to me that they send new rules & regulations out to me and I will get it any day. I canceled my overdraft protection back in 2001(it’s a checking account not a credit card is my philosophy), but the very first month they introduced $35 overdraft fee, they let through 9 bogus internet transactions in the raw to go through and charged me $35 each time (looks like bankers and hackers working together now), not to mention that in 10 previous years I used my card 5 times ( if that) over internet and supposedly I had some anti theft protection from TD ( I know that because most of the times I travel from NJ to Fl I had to call them to get gas,- it wasn’t going through), but if they making money all protection goes to hell I guess! I asked them why I have an overdraft protection when I canceled it long time ago, their representative told me, that as I favor they gave it to me so my mortgage payment check wouldn’t bounce!!!! What a BS !!!! So they made a note on my account in front of me not to let any payments through unless there is money in there! Then, just to make sure I went to different branch, and the confirmed that the note was made. Guess what, month later I was negative $1.99 because of some internet transaction again. Of course that famous computer glitch took my $850 deposit, for some miracle I didn’t throw away receipt ( they should have advice people that week to keep their receipts and say we have a problem not “ out computers temporary off line”). On top of that, for 1 year and 3 months I couldn’t get my statements send out to me. I called and requested it 8 times over the phone, and 4 times in person in 4 different branches-NOTHING. All that coasted me tons of time, money orders (while they investigate), and most important millions of nerve cells. But the last drop in the cup was when my mother receive her statement last month, she noticed $3000.00 deposit through branches ATM(which wasn’t made by her), then two days later $3000.00 withdraw(which wasn’t made by her). When she called, representative told her that one of her family members must have got a hold of her bank card….! When she said its just her and a cat, TD representative got angry and told her to call police if she wishes ( I wish she did), when she got supervisor on the phone, she told her that as a favor they can try to investigate…….

I don’t see that most convenient BS commercial any more, I guess even TD bank themselves don’t have the balls to say it!!!

P.S. Closed all my accounts there, refinance my car with someone else. I don’t know if TD Ameritrade representative will talk me into staying with them. Capital One looks pretty well as a bank, just compare their interest rate for checking TD Bank-0.25% Capital One-1.3%
Wow, what a difference.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/01/2010:
Maybe filing a complaint at might be a good idea.
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Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I set up a TD Bank account for my 15 year old daughter. They gave us a pin, and after a few weeks, my daughter got around to using the card, which didn't work. I took it to the ATM and it didn't accept the PIN we were given.

So I went to the teller who said she wasn't authorized to help me with the PIN problem. So then I waited in line for the desk people--a woman and a man who were both occupied with customers. I was #2 in line. I waited and waited and waited.

Finally I called the customer service line. My daughter spoke with them and after a few minutes, they decided they couldn't help her because she wasn't able to verify her last transaction (she told them there were no transactions as the account had been set up just a few weeks earlier). So that was a dead end.

So we continued to wait and wait for the desk people, who continued to be buried in their computer and barely even speaking to the customers they were serving.

Then I back up to the teller, and asked for the last transaction, which after a few minutes, she indeed verified that it was the account setup deposit. She gave me that exact amount.

So, I went back to my daughter's position in line for the desk people, and of course there was no change there. She called the phone line again, and after running through that gauntlet again -- this time with the amount of the initial deposit -- she was informed that the representative STILL wouldn't help her. She either had to see the branch personnel or have a new PIN mailed to us. We chose the later but continued to wait in the branch for the desk people.

Now I'm pretty pissed off. We waited to the 30 minute mark, and there was still little sign of any progress/life/intelligence or anything else happening at the desk.

Complete inertia. Like watching paint dry.

I got up, Marched over to the man (the branch manager) and told him I would be back tomorrow to close our account. He tried to stop me or apologize and I said "too late, see ya". Then I turned around, and as I was about to March out of the branch, I realized there were EIGHT other customers standing in line behind me to see the desk people!!

America's most convenient bank??!?!? If there were ever an open-and-shut case of false advertising! Geesh!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/03/2013:
This does sound ugly. My only comment is that usually PIN issues can't be handled in person - I have on multiple occasions had to wait for a financial institution to mail me a new PIN.
olie on 08/04/2013:
I understand your frustration. But what if you'd been one of the customers who was dealing with desk personnel?

For all you knew, these people were trying to take out mortgages or do some complex transaction. Would it be nice if everything were solved in 5 minutes? Sure. I'll bet those customers would have liked that, too.
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Staff/mismanagement/financial mishandling
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TDBANK/LEXINGTON: VERY RUDE STAFF WITH VERY POOR KNOWLEDGE OF FINANCES AND INABILITY TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR MISTAKES. I had a transfer of funds from another financial institution of an IRA-- bank manager made a mistake and the money was put into a money market. It came from an insurance product.. I had a few other large deposits. The IRA was for a substantial amount of money. The lawyer was instructed to tell the bank to set up business accounts. They totally messed up my tax situation and asset base as well as trying to cover up what was going on in the bank. One manager tried to blame the other. They refused to deal with my financial representatives. Quite a bit of money was misssing from the accounts. The accounting did not add up. they have refused to give me my bank records and refused to discuss what happened in there. I was told that the bank is not releasing the records. They are incredibly rude as well as inexperienced and seem to all cover for each other. These were large transactions. The staff does not know what they are doing. I think the branch manager changed the account structures and that they were involved with some security transactions that I was not being told about. For people who have money and retirement accounts; I would recommend a professional money manager and to stay away from banks-- in particular this bank.. THEY SEEM TO HAVE CREATED QUITE A SITUATION IN THE ECONOMY AND WITH CONSUMERS WITH THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES. They also seem to get away with this -- where, people with jobs in other companies are held accountable for their actions and have to have qualifications for the job. The burden and the responsibility is always placed on the consumer and not on them. THE CURRENT MANAGER IN THIS BRANCH did not give me my records and I was represented by an attorney who I instructed to write a letter to the IRS explaining what they did. Her experience in business and work history is mediocre. They lost a substantial amount of money due to the economic environment and their ignorance. They are very small people; they do not have money; they do not have any experience in asset management or financial matters. Banks in general have fallen short of the mark in this current economy and people should look for alternative means and companies who are more professional and educated.
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User Replies:
Steve on 07/25/2011:
Please contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and file your complaint with the Problem Resolution Office. You can start the process online at their website.
trmn8r on 07/25/2011:
I got lost in what actually happened due to the opining on the economy and banks and other companies.

Over what period of time did this happen? Were these just a collection of accounts, or was a TD Bank rep actively managing them? Were all the accounts closed and you no longer bank there? Is there money missing? How much on a percentage basis is missing? What reason was given for not releasing records?

I have used TD Ameritrade, and have a relationship with an investment advisor. They have third party companies that will manage my investments for a 1-2% fee. I haven't had any issues.
cartier on 07/25/2011:
I HAD RELATIONSHIPS WITH INVESTMENT COMPANIES AND TRANSFERRED A CHECK INTO TD BANK FROM ANOTHER COMPANY. THE BANK MANAGER PUT THE MONEY INTO A MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT AND THERE WAS MONEY MISSING FROM THE BANK.. I ASKED FOR THE BANK RECORDS AND THEY WON'T GIVE THEM TO ME. I HAD ALSO PAID A LAWYER ANDS AN ACCOUNTANT TO SET UP BUSINESS ACCOUNTS. They mismanaged the accounts and would not talk to the lawyer or the accountant. Now; I have had to hire another lawyer to deal with them. they have no explanation as to why they won't release the records. They caused me a big tax liability since that check came from an ira distribution .. they would not cooperate in resolving this -- they deflected the problem to their legal dept. after I paid the acct. 12k and the lawyer in Lexington about 20k. The assets were not allocated properrly because of the economy.
cartier on 12/15/2011:
does anybody else have complaints about this bank? I still do not have my bank records.. The bank is having a lot of problems with lawsuits against them for fraud and has problems with employees,, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS BANK-- very poor business practices and incompetent staff.
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Mismanagement and Mishandling of Financial Accounts
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LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Experience with Td Bank Lexington branch---- staff very deceptive and misleading business practices; refusal to turn bank records and statements to me after they created a major problem by deliberately manipulating money transferred into bank from an insurance contract coming from another financial institution. Someone in the bank altered the account structures and caused tax problems by transferring the funds into a money market account. I had made two large deposits into the bank and had hired financial people-- attorney and an accountant -- to structure the accounts and to also set up business banking. Not one business account was set up. The second branch manager lied and covered up for the first. I could not get a straight answer from them as to what they did with the money and a lot of lying and coverup went on. They have refused to turn over the bank records to me andthe new bank manager in Lexington came up with three pages of statements, not including the large deposits and what happened to the money. They clearly were manipulating the truth and refused to sit down to correct this costing me more money for the lawyer who they refused to communicate with. I then discovered that the lawyer had the bank records as well a sthe accountant and that the branch manager then made a statement that no one subpoened the records. There was q lot of money missing from the accounts. The branch managers seem fairly uneducated with very little financial or business experience. The branch manager blatently lied about this and will not produce the check from the annuity company. I believe that there was collusion going on and that one month after I had deposited another check for 69k into the bank; I was told by the second branch manager that there was 72k in the bank. They have caused a lot of problems with the IRS after the branch manager would not speak with my accountant to resolve this. I also asked her why no business accounts were set up after they were paid to do this-- lawyer and the accountant-- and the response was I don't have an answer for that. Y were avoiding the issue and seem very much concerned with protecting themselves rather than engaging in ethical business practices and serving their customers in an honest way. I have found bank employees to be not qualified, mediocre education, none of them business owners or experience with dealing with high net worth people. They then twist this and refuse to release the bank records. I think that the banks have come under a lot of scrutiny for good reason and have been causing business owners and other individuals a lot of problems. This bank screwed my money up and also my business costing me money with a lawyer and an accountant and seem very unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. They are also very rude and unaccommodating to fix problems caused by them.
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User Replies:
Jay on 07/20/2011:
If I understand this correctly you have hit the triple-play here. An incompetent bank, lawyer and accountant. All three appear to be dedicated to extracting money from you justly or unjustly.

Find a new attorney and sue all of them. Understanding of course finding a lawyer that will sue one of their own may be difficult.
cartier on 07/24/2011:
PepperElf on 07/25/2011:
Did you pick this lawyer out or did the bank pick him/her out for you?

I would suggest retaining your own lawyer.

Though... I am a bit confused as to how you found out the emails and altered data. If you have concrete proof of that you may want to include that in your presentation to your own lawyer.
cartier on 07/25/2011:
I had a complex business situation going on -- also, involving a high profile divorce case with some prominent people. I went to their offices-- the accountant and the lawyer and demanded the files and records. THE WOMAN IN THE BANK TOOK A LARGE CHECK FROM AN IRA AND THE ACCOUNT WAS CONVERTED INTO A MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT. The lawyer and the accountant were instructed by me to set up business accopunts at the bank and failed to do so. I found out the lawyer had the bank records as well as the accountant and sent emails that they told me to deposit the second divorce check into the bank. I was in Atlanta for a month checking out the job market and came back and the bank manager told me there was 72k in the bank. She also denied knowing the financial company that the first check came from.. I retained a new lawyer and had a meeting with him and showed him the emails. The other lawyer is dodging him and stalling that he does not have the files ready. If the bank manager was stating that no one released the records; the ? is what information she had that she would not tell me and what was their involvement in this. I walked into another branch and requested all the records including copies of the checks and was told they would give them to me. One week later, the manager in Lexington called me and said she had the records. There were only ten pages of statements and no copies of the checks so an accounting trail could not be followed. The manager in Lexington told me that the bank was not releasing the bank records to me. I have called the Globe and channel five. They were costing me money with the lawyer and the acct. and now won't release the records. In addition; there were not any business accounts set up. One manager in another city stated she thought it was a real mess. I have a lot of emails between these people and the lawyer in Lexington who was up to no good. I hired the accountant-- not him-- I paid him directly. The new lawyer is going to the other lawyer's office.., I told him to report them to the bar.. No one figured out exactly what happened in the bank and why bank employees did this. There is another compalaint on this website about the same bank and the same bank manager. I think there is more to this banking issue and the economy than people have been aware of.
Steve on 07/25/2011:
Please contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and file a complaint ASAP. You can start the complaint online at their website,
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