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Scam artists
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Rating: 1/51

WORLD WIDE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We applied for a mobile home remortgage (after asking the representative from TD bank if they handled them and he said yes). We went through the process, dealing with a very ignorant Kimberly **. We paid the $470 for their appraiser to go out. They turned around right after that and said they don't handle mortgages for mobile homes. Why charge an elderly man on fixed income a $470 charge if you knew in the beginning you didn't do them? They claim they didn't know it was a mobile home yet we sent them the deed, title and description of the home. What a ripoff this bank is.

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Rating: 1/51

USA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We asked if they did mobile home refinancing and they said yes. We went through the process, they charged $470 for an appraisal and then said they didn't know it was a mobile home and denied the loan. So now a 70 year old man is out $470 and it could have been avoided. They also have the most ignorant people working there. Kimberly **.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SUMMIT, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I set up a TD Bank account for my 15 year old daughter. They gave us a pin, and after a few weeks, my daughter got around to using the card, which didn't work. I took it to the ATM and it didn't accept the PIN we were given. So I went to the teller who said she wasn't authorized to help me with the PIN problem. So then I waited in line for the desk people -- a woman and a man who were both occupied with customers. I was #2 in line. I waited and waited and waited.

Finally I called the customer service line. My daughter spoke with them and after a few minutes, they decided they couldn't help her because she wasn't able to verify her last transaction (she told them there were no transactions as the account had been set up just a few weeks earlier). So that was a dead end. So we continued to wait and wait for the desk people, who continued to be buried in their computer and barely even speaking to the customers they were serving. Then I back up to the teller, and asked for the last transaction, which after a few minutes, she indeed verified that it was the account setup deposit. She gave me that exact amount.

So, I went back to my daughter's position in line for the desk people, and of course there was no change there. She called the phone line again, and after running through that gauntlet again -- this time with the amount of the initial deposit -- she was informed that the representative STILL wouldn't help her. She either had to see the branch personnel or have a new PIN mailed to us. We chose the latter but continued to wait in the branch for the desk people. Now I'm pretty pissed off. We waited to the 30 minute mark, and there was still little sign of any progress/life/intelligence or anything else happening at the desk. Complete inertia. Like watching paint dry.

I got up, Marched over to the man (the branch manager) and told him I would be back tomorrow to close our account. He tried to stop me or apologize and I said "too late, see ya". Then I turned around, and as I was about to March out of the branch, I realized there were EIGHT other customers standing in line behind me to see the desk people!! America's most convenient bank??? If there were ever an open-and-shut case of false advertising! Geesh!

Harassed by TD Bank by Phone
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Rating: 1/51

WINNIPEG, MASSACHUSETTS -- I've never had issues with paying for my TD Visa in the past, but this year has been difficult. My husband and I have actively been searching for work with no luck and had to use our credit cards to live on. I just received a letter from TD that I can no longer use my credit card and that a retailer has the right to cut it up in front of me, if I try and use it. I also have been plagued by TD calling our home at least 25+ times a month, and every Saturday between 7:30-8-30 am! NOT COOL! I've had my TD Visa for over 10 years, and because I haven't been able to make a payment in a few months, this is how I'm being treated... despicable.

Once my husband and I are back up on our feet, I will be switching banks because I don't deserve this crap they're giving me. I'm fed up. No compassion at all... If anything, they've heightened my stress level by +10 from their harassment. I hope that they lose every customer they have. They don't deserve to be in business, if this is the way they treat their long term customers.

Incompetent Loan Officers Abound at This Bank.
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Rating: 1/51

PUTNAM, NEW YORK -- Went for a loan at this bank in NYC. Lost all essential documents the first week. Asked us to resend. Got mad at them but did it anyway. Found out one of the loan officers took our confidential information home with them. Found out about this when she called us from her house to say she found the packet and heard a baby crying in the background. They talked about each other incessantly. Stuff customers are not supposed to hear. I don't like her, this one doesn't know what they are doing. For that alone, I would never bank here. It's too big. They just don't care.

TD Bank Decision to Eliminate Quicken Caused Me to Leave
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Rating: 2/51

TINTON FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- I've been with TD Bank for 10 years. I use Quicken to pay my bills. In May TD Bank decided to block Quicken access in favor of their bill pay, which just doesn't work for me. I have 3 checking accounts and one savings account.

  1. It doesn't show my FUTURE balance, so I have to re-enter in Quicken to determine how much money I need to provide in each account.

  2. It doesn't track my expense categories (for taxes), Quicken does.

  3. Since I have to continue to use Quicken to track expenses, I have to re-enter all transactions in Quicken (2nd time is undesired extra work)

  4. When it updates, TD bank doesn't match all my Quicken transactions, so I often have to correct the TD entry in Quicken (a 3rd time dealing with the same transaction - certainly not desirable)

  5. It doesn't allow enough time to make notes, I get logged off and have to re-start the entire TD session (Quicken doesn't log me off)

  6. I have to pay all TD bills in one account, then the 2nd account, and then the 3rd (Quicken allows me to pay bills from any account in any order.)

After trying to get satisfaction, the net result is that both local and regional TD Bank management didn't/couldn't/wouldn't do anything. Chase Bank allows the use of Quicken direct connect and I'm moving all my accounts over there!!! They were very pleased I'm joining them.

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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, MAINE -- Upon review of my account, I saw that I had a pending charge that would over draw my account, so I went to the local branch at 8 am and deposited enough cash to cover plus a bit more. Before leaving the branch office, I got a printed receipt showing a positive balance. The next day, I checked my balance to find a $70.00 overdraft fee had been posted, putting me in the negative again.

I called customer service, and was told they would not reverse the fee. I said that was totally unfair as it was in pending charges, I had a paper receipt, etc. Still no. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Who told me she would not reverse the fee, even though I deposited cash. She also informed me that if the account remained negative for 10 days more, they would post another $20.00 fee. I was LIVID. My employer doesn't offer direct deposit and it will be about 9 days before I'm paid again. I'm looking for another bank...

Horrible bank I would suggest never doing business here!
By -

MARLBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Back in June of 2010 we purchased an official bank check through TD Bank to pay an out of state bill. Our check never reached its destination and upon waiting the 90 days TD Bank told us we had to wait. We filled out the appropriate paperwork. We were told immediately that the money was pending in our checking account. We waited an additional two weeks only to find the money still pending and unavailable to us. We then called the Marlboro, MA TD Bank branch and they told us they would instead send us a check in the mail. We waited yet another two weeks and no check came.

At this point we decided to go to the branch ourselves. We were addressed by the bank manager who told us they were doing all that they could to help us. Again another two or so weeks go by and at this point we decided to involve the OCC. After about a month of the OCC doing all they could to help us we were told the money was yet again pending in our account so the OCC closed the case. Three weeks of the money pending and still funds were not available. We went back to the Marlboro branch and dealt with a new bank manager who gave us a TD Bank Visa gift card claiming the full refund was on the card.

We left the bank proceeded to the store only to find out there was a zero balance on the card. We drove back to the bank and the manager acted surprised there was no money on the card. We called the Visa card number on the back of the card from her desk and had the representative there tell her there was NO money on the card. She acted almost put out and told us she'd have to "investigate" where the money went, as if it just got up and walked off the card. We spent every day during the month of December going to the bank and being lied to. We were even told to call the card daily in which we did only to have the same outcome.

We have dealt with almost everyone who works there and it seems as if they're all trained to tell you the same thing. "We'll look into it and call you back" and yet they NEVER call back. Or you get "we're doing all we can to help you" and when asked specifically what they're doing to help, they cannot answer you. These people are liars and crooks who feel they can take your money at any time and charge fees whenever they want, yet if they owe you money you'll get the run around and lied too far before you get your money back.

We at this point have involved the OCC (AGAIN) and every other company that will listen. This now isn't as much about the money but more about the principle of things. If we can help out at least one other hard working person who has a family to support and can't afford to spend five months begging and pleading for their own money only to be lied to and treated awfully then all our hard work will have paid off!!! Do Not Do Business With This TD Bank!!!

TD Bank - Inept and Unethical
By -

BEAR, DELAWARE -- I have a home equity loan with Commerce Bank. When TD Bank bought Commerce, my nightmare began. I had my loan set up for biweekly automatic payments. This was fine under Commerce but shortly after TD Bank took over, I started getting late notices. I couldn't figure this out since the payments were being deducted from my account every two weeks.

I contacted TD Bank and was told that my payments had been incorrectly posted as principle only, showing as no interest paid. They admitted this was their mistake, but had not explanation for how it happened. They said they would fix it but by the time they did, they had reported me as delinquent to the credit bureau. I called back to tell them they needed to rectify this and they said they would turn it over to the person who handles errors with the credit bureau. Imagine, they have an employee assigned full-time to fix information they've erroneously reported on their customer's credit bureau file.

I was supposed to receive a call back in a few days but never did. Of course they would not give me the contact info for the person who handles rectifying the erroneous info being sent. After speaking to several more people at TD Bank over several months, I got nowhere. The next thing that happened was they just stopped deducting my loan payment from my account. When I called to ask why they said TD cannot process biweekly payments, only monthly automatic payments. I said it would have been nice if I had been told this. They said they had mailed notices out but I read every piece of mail from my bank and I never received this notification.

When I spoke to someone in the loan dept. she said that it was because in the computer switch over (remember when the bank couldn't process anything for 3 days???) from Commerce to TD, several loans were just "dropped off" and mine was one of them. So the whole "we notified you" was a load of crap.

At this point I cancelled my automatic payments and said I would just make the payment myself each month. So each month I go online and pay my loan electronically. However I suddenly start getting notices that I'm a month behind. I look at all my payments which are current, call TD again, and they can't explain it. So in order to not have my loan looking like it's behind, I make an extra payment. For 6 months I have been doing this. Each month I go online and my loan shows "no payment due" for the current month and the next payment due the following month. But I make a payment anyway, just to be safe.

Then in October, I suddenly see almost $800 deducted from my savings account. Under the column that describes what it's for it just says my name. I immediately call TD Bank and no one can figure out why this money was deducted from my account. The CSR gets her supervisor and they still can't figure it out. So they call my local branch.

The local brank says it's for my home equity loan!! I tell them I am not set up for automatic payments, the amount they deducted isn't my loan amount, and my next payment isn't even due until November! Their answer is they will "research" it and it will take 10-15 days. In the meantime, they won't put my money back in my account. I am freaking out at this point. So they transfer me to the loan dept. and I speak to **. He promises to expedite the research and have the money back in my account in 2-3 days but says I should call on Wednesday to make sure it's there.

I check online on Wednesday and the money isn't there. I call the loan dept. and speak to ** who is rude, condescending and totally unhelpful. She says all she can do is put it in for research and it will take 10-15 days. I reiterate that TD has taken my money with no authorization and I want it back. ** said no. I told her that ** said I would have the money back that day and she didn't even want to look up the notes on my account to verify this. She finally did and said ** only put in the notes that he would expedite the research process.

So I said "then ** basically lied to me." She refused to comment and just kept repeating that she would put it in for research and it would take 10-15 days. I was ready to scream. But instead I asked to speak to a manager. She just keep repeating her mantra "I'll put this in for research. It will take 10-15 days." She said this about 5 times ignoring everything I was saying.

I kept insisting on talking to a manager and she finally put me on hold. After a very long wait a manager, **, came on the line, apologized and said I would have the money back in my account that afternoon. Amazing! However, he said I would need to write a letter saying I no longer wanted automatic payments deducted from my account, and I would have to fax or drop it off since they needed my signature.

I repeated several times that I did not have automatic payments and hadn't for almost a year. He said he understood but said it was showing in their records that I was set up for automatic payment since January 2010. I then asked why, if that was the case, in 10 months, a payment had never before been deducted from my account. I also asked why they would deduct a totally different amount that my loan payment amount, and take it out a month before it was due. He couldn't explain but said I would need to drop the letter off in order to prevent this from happening again.

I replied that it was amazing that they hadn't needed my signature to set me up for automatic payments that I never requested, and could take random amounts of money out of my account with no explanation, but they needed my signature to stop doing something they did without my authorization in the first place!! I also told him that my very next step would be to transfer this loan to another lender and close all of my TD Bank accounts. But the story doesn't end here.

The money wasn't in my account that afternoon, or the next morning. I called TD Bank again and was told that it had to be in the "overnight run" and it hadn't been submitted in time the previous day. Funny, since I spoke to them at 10:30 am! The woman I spoke to, **, was very nice, helpful and professional. She is an anomaly in the TD Bank world but I am grateful for her help. The money finally went back into my account. I gave them the letter with my signature. Even though it aggravated me to have to write a letter to ask them to stop something I never asked them to do, it was easier to just write the letter and (hopefully) avoid another problem.

And by the way, now they're telling me my Oct loan payment is due, even though their online system says a payment isn't due until November. Do the Three Stooges own this bank? Commerce was bad, but TD is ridiculous.

Used to love it, what a change, run while you can
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I used to be the biggest fan of TD Bank. Opened my account with them 10 years ago or so! Got all my family to transfer money there and recommended it to everybody. Commerce WAS the best and the most convenient bank. Never had Any problems with them and WAS in love with their customer service. That was back then, good old times. Lol. When it became TD, I did some research and it looked like it was going to get better. TD was one of very few banks which pulled their investments out of all mortgage mess that country going through - oh god was I wrong?

All started with overdraft fee of $35. They repeatedly lie to me that they send new rules & regulations out to me and I will get it any day. I canceled my overdraft protection back in 2001 (it's a checking account not a credit card is my philosophy), but the very first month they introduced $35 overdraft fee.

They let through 9 bogus internet transactions in the raw to go through and charged me $35 each time (looks like bankers and hackers working together now), not to mention that in 10 previous years I used my card 5 times (if that) over internet and supposedly I had some anti-theft protection from TD (I know that because most of the times I travel from NJ to Fl I had to call them to get gas, it wasn't going through), but if they making money all protection goes to hell I guess!

I asked them why I have an overdraft protection when I canceled it long time ago, their representative told me, that as I favor they gave it to me so my mortgage payment check wouldn't bounce!!! What a BS! So they made a note on my account in front of me not to let any payments through unless there is money in there! Then, just to make sure I went to different branch, and the confirmed that the note was made.

Guess what, month later I was negative $1.99 because of some internet transaction again. Of course that famous computer glitch took my $850 deposit, for some miracle I didn't throw away receipt (they should have advice people that week to keep their receipts and say we have a problem not "our computers temporary off line"). On top of that, for 1 year and 3 months I couldn't get my statements send out to me.

I called and requested it 8 times over the phone, and 4 times in person in 4 different branches - NOTHING. All that coasted me tons of time, money orders (while they investigate), and most important millions of nerve cells. But the last drop in the cup was when my mother receive her statement last month, she noticed $3000.00 deposit through branches ATM (which wasn't made by her), then two days later $3000.00 withdraw (which wasn't made by her).

When she called, representative told her that one of her family members must have got a hold of her bank card. When she said it's just her and a cat, TD representative got angry and told her to call police if she wishes (I wish she did), when she got supervisor on the phone, she told her that as a favor they can try to investigate. I don't see that most convenient BS commercial any more, I guess even TD bank themselves don't have the balls to say it!!!

P.S. Closed all my accounts there, refinance my car with someone else. I don't know if TD Ameritrade representative will talk me into staying with them. Capital One looks pretty well as a bank, just compare their interest rate for checking TD Bank-0.25% Capital One-1.3% Wow, what a difference.

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