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The Hartford Does Not Value Their Customers
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Rating: 1/51

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been with the Hartford for 15 years. I had a problem with a payment going through due to my Debit card being replaced with a new card. I paid it on the 2nd of February. I was not aware that the old Card number was on the site. The payment was not honored due to the change.

My policy was canceled immediately because of this misunderstanding. When I called the Hartford on the 19th of February to reinstate after I got a letter from them dated February 11th they would not reinstate unless I paid the full balance for the whole year of close to $500.00. I asked if I could make a payment or even half of the amount. They said "No" because I did not contact them soon enough. Remember the letter was dated the 11th of February which means it still needed to be mailed so the 13th or 14th it would have arrived. So 7 days or under is the time frame that you are supposed to contact them I guess.

I have never had an accident or any problems. Always paid my bill - again customer 15 years. In the past if there was a problem with a credit card it was no problem to reinstate and take the monthly payment (which happened once before a few years ago). Lucky I had a credit card or else I would have not been able to reinstate the policy and been left without insurance.

This is totally unreasonable as I started with the policy because of AARP thus Hartford deals with older people who may not be able to contact them in the time frame of under a week due to illness or family illness plus most older people are on a fixed income and may not be able to pay the whole year off.

I don't know what happened with this company. They used to be caring & helpful but not anymore. They are now nothing more than another greedy insurance company that cares more for profit than for people. Needless to say after this and when my policy is up for renewal I will not be continuing with the Hartford and will not recommend anyone else to do business with them.

Did not discuss the policy when went through AARP for insurance
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- In 2007 we switched over to Hartford to get cheaper rates and never once did they explain that our deductible is based on a percent of the home value. Well there is no way that I would have agreed on this which they know would be turned down. So what do you do with policies when you get them in the mail after talking to the seller, you put it up in a safe place until needed. Well we all know Hurricane Ike hit us here in Houston 2 weeks ago. The house fared well but took off the shingles on on side of the house.

I called and reported the damage and it took almost 2 weeks to get an adjuster out and over the phone before he got here told me I had a 5% deductible which was in the amount of $7,900.00 leaving them paying me just over $600.00 total. Well I was furious and got on the phone and spoke with (won't say his name) that didn't know anything. He told me I had a choice of percents when the policy was written. He was belligerent, and rude. He put me on hold and when he came back he told me in this entire coastal area there is no choice, it's 5% of the home value and that's the way it is and they don't have to tell this when selling a policy.

I have called around to other insurance companies and all they could do was laugh saying it is standard to have a 2% deductible. Not 5%!! The bad thing, AARP recommend Hartford. Do you know how many of us live from day to day on fixed incomes in our senior days. Do you know how many belong to the AARP? Millions!! This deepens the pockets of the Corporate office from the CEO, of the Hartford and without the seniors of AARP, they won't get their yearly bonuses all the way down.

To hell with the senior citizens just trying to make it until they die. I have switched insurance companies and I hope this wakes up all you other seniors before you get the screwing I did. Cancel Hartford and get some quotes on different companies. Change now! I just received a call from the VP of claims saying they looked at the transcript of the conversation that they taped when the policy was sold. (Now get this, I was told earlier there was no record of the call because it had been a year and all the sudden up jumps a tape saying the 5% was discussed but not what the 5% was for.)

Anyway he said they were not making any adjustments because she had agreed to 5%. You would have to be BRAIN DEAD to purchase a $7,900.00 deductible policy and my wife is a school teacher and very intelligent person and very tight with our money. I have now dropped the insurance from the AARP insurance program with the Hartford Insurance Co. I now have a 1% policy and 2% for wind paying less with State Farm on deductables. We also switched our cars over to State Farm as well and the whole policy was cheeper than Hartford for which they are supposed to represent the elderly with AARP. SHAME ON YOU HARTFORD, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY INSURANCE COMPANY OUT THERE!!!

Avoid This Company if You Value Your Sanity!
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Rating: 1/51

MANCHESTER, TENNESSEE -- The Hartford has to be the worst company that I have ever dealt with. My local agent switched us to The Hartford without prior knowledge or our approval on January 1, 2012. The rates were absurd but it was too late to switch due to my escrow account already paying out before we even were given a quote. In the beginning of October 2012, we received a notice from The Hartford that they had randomly inspected our home and that due to slight curling of the shingles, our home was declared a hazard.

We were given 2 weeks to have a roofing contractor to come evaluate and repair our roof and provide evidence that the work had been completed otherwise our policy would be cancelled. We hired a roofer and he said that we had hail and slight wind damage and should file a claim. By the time a claim's representative came out to inspect the roof, the 2 week deadline had passed and I notified the underwriting department of our progress. My roofer quoted a $4800 price to replace the roof... The Hartford sent a check for $870 and once the roof was completed and evidence provided, sent another $2600.

So we were bullied into this new roof, to replace a non-leaking 14 year old shingled roof. Fast forward to the end of November and what happens? We receive a non-renewal notice from The Hartford due to not repairing the hazardous roof! Phone calls were made and nobody within their arrogant staff was willing to even listen to our problem and certainly not try to find a solution to the main concern of non-renewal due to hazards showing up on our file as we go to find a new policy holder.

It took me calling them out on Facebook to even get an employee to listen, but they still didn't get this garbage removed from our file.... just the standard hired "apologizing and butt kissing" employee. I want to save anybody considering The Hartford from the stress and maddening situations that come with being their customer. I will be airing my grievances on any forum possible as well as contacting the Insurance Commission about their shoddy practices.

"Losing the paperwork"
By -

To disclose, I work for an insurance company who's short term disability benefits are administered by The Hartford.
On Halloween I was jumped by some drunk idiots outside a bar while trying to catch a cab. Luckily for me, the police witnessed the entire incident and chased the perpetrators 4 blocks to arrest them.

However, it was not conveyed from the officers to the EMTs the nature of the attack. I only learned a week later when the detective called me to ask if I had remembered being kicked in the head which I had clearly had no recollection of. To make matters worse, the ER techs only stitched me up and didn't even bandage me, let alone treat me for the stage 3 concussion I was eventually diagnosed with. It took me weeks to get a specialist's appointment, and it took the doctors at the concussion clinic 6 weeks after the incident to establish that I needed time off and that my condition was regressing.

The Hartford doesn't seem to agree and tipped their hand to me on the 17th or so call still making an issue that I worked for almost 6 weeks after the incident, and has denied my claim twice -- not because they think my condition is not legitimate, but citing paperwork not yet received and losing doctors reports. Not helping me is that my doctors don't use e-mail and are very hard to reach.

Considering my condition left me in a space cadet state where I was misplacing my house keys on a regular basis, I'd say the Hartford is currently doing a pretty good job of exploiting me trying to get me frustrated and give up, since they can't really deny me any other way.

This probably could have been handled better if the EMTs and the ER treated me for a concussion but leave it to a for-profit insurance company to try to exploit the situation. And since I work for one, I'm not oblivious to what can happen in the industry. I'm on Round Three of sending them doctors paperwork -- let's see what happens this time!

Consumer Beware of The Hartford
By -

Beware - I am on short-term disability; no question that I am unable to perform my job due to Carpal Tunnel. I was told by employer (Wal-Mart) to file with The Hartford, as they had me take a Leave of Absence until my doctors would release me back to work.

I filed, Attending Physicians Statement sent into them. Keep checking on the claim; it is pending. Then I hear it is being denied "as no medical records, proof of tests, medication or treatment" were sent into them. Well... guess what? The state of MO has HIPA laws which require The Hartford to request, in writing, my authorization to release the documentation to them. It is a form they must send into me or my doctor's office. After they had denied it, I brought this to their attention. They did fax over the authorization request, I signed it so the clinic and doctors could send the required info to them.

I took 3-4 days for the medical staff to obtain all of the information and send it out; which was at the very end of January. While it is still in the mail. I am still hearing, via their voice messages all this time, that my claim is still denied; not pending, mind you. I spoke to two separate people about this and they said, don't worry about that; it will say denied until we get the records. Lo & Behold, I get a letter, dated Feb. 1, 2007 from them, which was mailed out to me while my medical info was being sent to them; and the letter denied my claim because they had no medical backup so I was determined able to do my job.

Hey, the attending Physicians Statement clearly stated "Unable" to Lift, "Unable" to carry, "Unable" to do repetitive motion "Unable" to drive.... my own employer will not allow me to work, knowing my condition; yet The Hartford say I am able to. Plus, it is their mistake the forms needed to get my backup; which I do indeed have, were never sent in.

I faxed a letter asking them to contact me, today, and of course, in their normal manner; I have heard nothing. Here I am; no money since end of December; can't work; in physical and now mental pain. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY! THEY ARE CHEATS AND LIARS. I was a Claim's Manager for years and this is not how you keep costs down; at the expense of people's livelihood.

Denial of my claim based on the case worker's prejudice
By -

My worker's comp claim was denied, I strongly believe, because the case worker that was assigned to handle my claim was prejudiced. When I called to make my claim about my work injury, this lady's attitude was really rude, she was "talking down" to me the moment she heard my accent. I've been an American citizen for many years. Throughout the 20 years of my family and I living in the land of the free, we have plenty of "experience" in being prejudiced against because we are not born here.

I'm fluent in three languages including English. However, this case worker from Hartford workers compensation didn't return some of my few calls when I called with questions regarding my claim. (She was rude and hateful in her answers to my questions when she returned a couple of my calls.) She ignored most of my few past calls except this morning when she returned my call to tell me that she denied my claim. This claim agent has done this for one month, stringing me along. I have filed all the paperwork she asked for.

I believe that she already made the decision to deny my claim from the beginning of the claim process. She told me from the first phone conversation that I would get the least amount of money, she constantly, tried to "put words in my mouth"; statements that I was not making, she was "talking down" to me, like I was some illiterate foreigner; to state that she was rude is an understatement. I haven't been this disrespected in a while.

Overall Very Good, But Very Expensive
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Rating: 5/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Introduced to the Hartford by AARP. When first insured by The Hartford, premiums were low and very competitive. Whenever I had claims they were prompt and their selected auto collision repair was excellent with only one disagreement (broken windshield from hailstorm was not included in the hail damaged body work; ten years ago, I still have a broken window because they wanted a second claim filed.) All other storm and collision damages were promptly and equitably paid without much effort. I rate The Hartford a 4.9 of 5.0 on claims resolution. Premiums however are now just about backbreaking so I am changing insurance companies.

No Communication After a Minor Accident
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- In late 2010, I inadvertently backed into and dented the plastic from bumper of another car. The dent was about 5 inches long and maybe 1/2 inch deep. I was at fault. The owner of the car I hit got it repaired to the tune of $770.00. Because I was without insurance at the time, (I am insured now) I was liable for the cost. Rather than contact me, the Hartford sent the claim directly to a debt collector in Florida.

I finally paid off the $770.00 and have the final receipt. If the Hartford treats everyone this way, no contact, then it is no wonder that they have the highest premium rates I have seen. I was seriously thinking about moving all my insurance needs to them, car, house and contents. But, after this experience, I do not even want to drive by any of their offices, much less go to them for insurance.

Hartford Giant Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51

After a quick review of a recent billing of my homeowner's policy through The Hartford I find out that the yearly policy amount has more than doubled. I am from Ohio and I knew something was up as compared to other policies from other companies. I am also in complete agreement with others who think the AARP is taking a large cut from these insurers. I am now paying in one yearly billing to another company for more insurance coverage than I would have paid through Hartford in one quarter coverage. This is a scam and have even thought of turning them into the BBB.

Definitely not for the employee!
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I work for the world's largest retailer. I got the flu in November but still came to work through the holidays. After New Year I couldn't keep up anymore. I went to the doctor on January 5th,2010. I decided the best thing for me to do was to take a leave of absence since company policy states that after calling out for three consecutive days you must take a leave of absence. I continued to go to the doctor on a weekly basis since I was not getting better with the medicine I was prescribed. I filed a claim for short-term disability with the Hartford.

After five doctor's visits and four different diagnosis codes, my claim was denied. Since then I am still ill, have been to the emergency room, the urgent care center, a new doctor and now to see a specialist. Is the Hartford crazy? What part of my illness do they not get? I've been paying into short-term disability for years and can't get my money now that I need it. There's definitely something wrong with this system and it needs to be corrected. I am filing an appeal and will get a lawyer if need be!

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