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Worst Experience
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Rating: 1/51

FLORENCE, KENTUCKY -- Worst customer service experience of my life!!! When service was being installed the technician went to an incorrect address on my street before finding my location, he set my account up under the incorrect address and a completely different name. I never received a bill so I called Time Warner on September 7th and entered my phone number, the automated system told me my bill was due on September 6th and I paid the minimum amount due to stay current thru the next billing cycle (Oct 6th).

On September 27th I came home and service was shut off, I called and spoke to a tech this time who asked my name, when I told her she said they had the account under another person's name, she then asked my address and it was incorrect, my account was under the first address the tech went to. They had completely messed up my billing cycle, instead of being due on October 6th I was told my correct billing date was September 25th and to turn my service back on I had to make a payment that day. I was livid and asked to speak to a supervisor (Ashley) who was very rude and dismissive and actually put me on hold for 30 minutes to just hang up on me.

I call back immediately and I'm transferred to Brian in customer service who basically says he apologizes for their mistake but I still have to pay again for my service even though the mistake was on them. I told him that I would not pay twice in the same month when they had all of the information wrong, and put me on an incorrect billing cycle. After arguing and getting nowhere I told Brian if they would not fix this I wanted to cancel my service. He responded with "okay I'll transfer you now". This took 2 hours of my day and I got nowhere, Ashley and Brian were extremely rude and dismissive!

My fiance called back before I ended my service and spoke to another supervisor who was very nice and immediately restored our service for no fee. I would not recommend getting service with this company. They are incompetent and do not take care of their customers.

HORRIBLE! Don't Keep Promises! Emotionally Drained Trying to Get Resolution. Still None.
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Rating: 1/51

HENDERSON, KENTUCKY -- I was promised a specific rate for my cable and internet service - good for ONE YEAR (Norman ID # ** - promise made on 4/16/15 - supposed to be good through 4/16/16). I have been grossly overcharged. Once I realized how much and how long they've been overcharging me, I called customer service LAST FRIDAY.

After the first representative (Victor ID # **) told me that was a "fairy tale" (thanks for making me feel valued, Victor!) AND after I talked to THREE MORE representatives, and still hadn't gotten resolution, I was told by Philnesia, ID # **, that a supervisor would be informed of all the specifics of my complaint (so, you know, I wouldn't have to tell my story a FIFTH time) and was told said supervisor would call me back within 24 - 48 hours. That was SIX DAYS ago and I'm still waiting.

Not wanting to go through the hassle of phone calls AGAIN, I thought, maybe I'd try chat to at least put it back on the radar that I was STILL WAITING for a call from a supervisor. So, on chat, I was told I would get a call in a couple of minutes. And I did! But... NOT FROM A SUPERVISOR! Instead, it was from YET ANOTHER representative that wanted me to - YES, you got it - tell them AGAIN what my issue was because this person had no idea!

When I asked AGAIN, to simply let me speak with a supervisor, I was told they could not do that without me telling them all the specifics AGAIN. I refused to do so and hung up the phone, thinking surely to God by now, with all those "recorded phone calls" and notes of 4 separate representatives AND a chat "record", that a competent supervisor could surely read/listen to those transcripts and call me back prepared to discuss how they could take care of me, their "valued customer" as they kept calling me. Hahaha.

So, I went back to answer my chat representative who had asked me if I had received my phone call, and when I told him, yes, but NOT FROM A SUPERVISOR, was told he would "escalate" me to another team member - still not a supervisor, even though, I have said time and again, I'm not going over all of this again, unless it's with a supervisor.

So, this 2nd chat representative (how many representatives is that now? I've lost count! 4 on Friday, 2 on chat, 1 on a return call - SEVEN! Wow! They sure make it easy to get things taken care of! But wait... It's still NOT taken care of!), this escalation specialist proceeded to tell me that if I wanted to speak to a supervisor, I WOULD HAVE TO CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE TO REQUEST that.

Hahaha - Haven't I already done that? SIX DAYS AGO?! And am I still waiting? YES! So, WHY would I waste my time calling AGAIN - to tell my story AGAIN to... how many people this time? To be told I would be called back? Like they called me back after my request last Friday? Like they kept their promise of the same rate for ONE YEAR (which lasted all of 5 months before eventually going up nearly $50 a month?)

This company does NOT keep its promises. Nor does it care about its "valuable" long-time customers. Time Warner Cable - you can keep the $260 you have overcharged me, but you will not ever get another dime from me. Add that up over another 10 or 20 years and see how much money that loses you. But, yeah, I know - I'm a "valuable" customer that just needs to call customer service again and talk to another 7 or so representatives so they can make more (empty) promises!

Thanks for nothing but unkept promises and giving me the runaround. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Say goodbye to this "valuable customer" and you can count on me telling EVERYONE I can exactly how this played out. And guess what? That's a promise I WILL keep! We'll see if we can end you up on the top 10 WORST customer service lists this year!

Horrible Product and Service
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, MASSACHUSETTS -- A day of expected relaxation turns into a day of anger directed at Time Warner Cable. I've had cable TV for about fifty years. I've had internet service since it was created. I have never seen a product with as poor quality as TWC. The only thing worse than the TWC product is TWC support.

I have a second home in Portland, Maine. I decided 30 Mbps internet utilizing video (network apps, NetFlix, sports apps, etc.) and basic cable would be sufficient for a second home. My friends in Portland warned me TWC is brutally bad. They recommended FIOS. They said I'd get rid of TWC by the third month. They're wrong. I'm getting rid of TWC after one month.

It's beyond my comprehension, 30 MBPS broadband service can't support video without buffering. In another home 5 Mbps from a competitor supports video no problem. In less than a month I've made several service calls. I detest having to be the fingers for customer service people (keyboarding) in an attempt to fix problems. And to this point none of the problems have been fixed.

Are your customer service reps trained to blame my equipment? The TV is new. The TWC approved cable modem is new. The iPad and the Apple TV are less than a year old. It's maddening to have them blame my equipment. Today my cable TV was flashing/blinking. It's the third problem in less than a month. I guess the plus would be at least this time the cable worked even though it was next to impossible to watch.

I called customer service today. I had to get obnoxiously angry before they would agree to send someone out tomorrow (Sunday). I shouldn't have to get my blood pressure up to receive adequate service for a product I'm paying for. I've already had to run out to bars to watch games (and spend money) when I expected to relax at home.

Today I expected to watch the Army-Navy game. The cable reception blinked too much to watch. Tonight I expected to watch the Celtics game via my iPad and AirPlay to Apple TV. It's buffering too much to watch. So my entertainment tonight is to write and complain about horrible TWC product and service. I told the customer service representative if the TWC person isn't at my house by noon to fix the problems I won't be here. I'll be stuck in a bar all day watching football spending money I don't want to spend.

Unfortunately FiOS is not available on this block. If your person can't get here by noon and fix the problems tomorrow I'm throwing your product out. I'm going to get Red Zone broadband and purchase a Slingbox to receive cable from my other home. I figure 30 MBps broadband service from any vendor but TWC should be adequate.

TWC is causing me to waste money. I'm tired of it. I'm at the point where if you offered me free service for a year I wouldn't consider it a good deal. A product that doesn't work adequately and I have to fight with the customer service people to get a service call does not have a value worth holding onto. Even if the service call fixes the problems TWC has been such a poor experience I'll have a "we'll see" attitude regarding the problems being fixed. The fixes don't seem to last more than a day or two.

Salesman, Aaron, Outright Lied About the Fee for the Services I Ordered.
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Rating: 2/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- As with other reviewers, I finally had enough of AT&T U-verse. I called the toll free number to check prices for TWC. I first spoke with Freddie. Told him I need to think about it and call me back on TUE. He simply sent an installer to my home. I had not ordered the service yet! He didn't call back, so I called again and spoke to Mark with a list of all my questions, and needed time to consider. When I called back to place my order, I got Aaron, March 14, 2015, 6:20 PM. Each of these sales men were very nice, well mannered, patient with my questions.

After I told Aaron exactly what I wanted, he put me on a brief hold, came back with a price but one of my must haves wasn't on the list. We went back and forth looking for a plan that included everything I wanted: 2 DVRs, HBO, Showtime. Aaron said "you're going to happy with this. Here's what I'm going to do for you: 2 DVRs, Showtime, HBO, and Epic for $142.74 plus tax, no installation fee or activation fee." I asked him "what if my old lines don't work for some reason after my AT&T installation?" He said "at most it would be $19.95 per TV". I wanted to know how much my total monthly payment would be, including tax. He told me "$171.86". I said "OK" and we set up the date.

The installer came and I had to pay the first month's bill and installation fees before he left. Well, the bill went up because HBO wasn't included in the work order. The installation fee was $24.95 per 4 standard play TVs. I had to call customer service right then to get it back to the $19.95, but they couldn't do anything about the added fee for HBO. Chris at customer service said she would 'escalate' it, someone would listen to the recording of my and Aaron's conversation and someone would get back to me.

Later that night I tried to record a program on one of my DVRs, would not work. Another call to customer service, I was told that my price was for one recordable and one play back only DVR. (Aaron never mentioned this fact) Time Warner uses the term 'whole house DVR' very freely. I guess they assume most people have only 2 TVs. I received a bill for the first month and installation fee a few days later (remember I paid it at time of installation). They hadn't given me credit for the overcharge for the standard TVs.

Another phone call. I was suppose to retain the phone number I have had for 30 years. They changed my phone number, another phone call. They did give me my old number back after a few days. My next bill included a charge for a 'phone number change'. Another phone call. In the meantime I had been calling every few weeks about the escalation. I spoke with Jules, Patrick, Jaylen, and Sophie. Each of them assured me that they would listen to the recording and get back to me. I haven't had a call and this is May 11. My total monthly charge is $195.04, about $24 more than Aaron quoted to me.

Insufferable, Unreliable, Unavoidable
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Rating: 1/51

JAY, MAINE -- In this area, you don't really have a lot of choice when it comes to providers. Around 4/10/15, I became aware that I was moving into a new apartment across town. Around the time that everything was being signed, I was informed only two ISPs actually provided to this complex. Time Warner was one of the names I recognized, and in my previous household, they had throttled me and overcharged for speeds we weren't reaching.

For whatever reason, I decided to go with it, and called them to set it up around 4/25/15. After about 15 minutes of arguing with the computer representative, going around in circles, I somehow made contact with a human representative. They were kind and courteous and informed me that the jacks in the new location were live and that they wouldn't charge me for installation, and would instead mail me the router and coax cables if I so desired. I agreed, and proceeded to set up their autopay service with my primary bank account. A family member in the area offered to drive me up to the location and we could pick up the router in person.

When I arrived, I was informed I'd have to pay the first month in advance. That's alright by me, I figured, and reached for my wallet to pay the $40. They charged me $52.49 at first for the first month due to "various fees" and then proceeded to withhold the router from me until I paid an additional $50. When asked why, they explained that they required a deposit on the router. I explained that the previous representative stated otherwise if I set up an automatic payment service, which she said was correct.

However, for whatever reason, the previous representative took my information, told me everything was set up, and then proceeded to cancel that part of the ticket without warning. Autopay was on my account, but was not completely set up, therefore shafting me out of another $50. I tried to argue that we could set it up now and was met with the response "We are not authorized to set up autopay on location. You'd have to do that over the phone with Sales."

I was livid, but I was busy, so I scornfully paid it, took the router, cables, and left to continue my day. 5/2/15 comes around and I'm finally actually moved in, and I begin to set up my internet connection. The router blinks for over nine hours, never once connecting to the internet. Furious, I asked a neighbor if I could borrow her connection for the evening, and she allowed it. I theorized that the jacks either weren't actually on and I was lied to, or that I was given defective hardware.

The next morning, after trying all the jacks in the unit, I was still without connection. I called Time Warner and was transferred around from person to person, asking each just to talk to the tech support. I was on the phone with these individuals attempting to explain my situation and being passed around between departments like a beach ball. I spent several hours just trying to talk to someone in tech support and was transferred from some Australian-sounding woman in North Carolina to a Brooklynite working in Sales. He was the most helpful individual I spoke to, as he registered my number to my account for me, and transferred me directly to tech support.

Tech support lied to my face and told me that the external and internal jacks were all live and that they were getting readings from them. However, they could not ping my router, nor could they remotely reset it. They explained that the following Thursday at some point between 7A and 9P, real nice timing, someone would be around to help diagnose and resolve my problem. Fortunately, at around 7:30 that Thursday morning, I was awoken by my doorbell being rung by a helpful and friendly individual who helped me troubleshoot everything. We sat around at each jack trying to get the router to work until he eventually went out the back and checked their connection. They hadn't been on in the first place.

Another 35 minutes of troubleshooting them all, we devised that the router itself was also defective. We spent nearly an hour on the phone with various representatives, trying to set everything up as he called from department to department, trying his hardest just to get me online. Afterwards, he informed me that, due to it being a fault on the company's behalf, I would not be charged for this service. I thanked him and he offered to play Counter-Strike with me sometime once I'm online.

Back on topic, I've found the internet to be spotty, unreliable, constantly cutting out or resetting itself, and overall infuriating. Speed drops at random points in the day from 15M down to about 200kbps on a good day. Sometimes, it stops and I get errors until I physically restart the hardware. Eventually, as in a few days ago, as of 6/4/15, it leveled itself out for the most part, and only restarts at around 2:30 in the morning, likely as a refresh or to download firmware updates. This has been my only salvation since the maintenance.

Yesterday morning, however, I received a bill for my service, noted at $82.97. I was charged twice for the free repair that I watched the maintenance worker mark as complimentary on his device when he closed the ticket. In short, this provider nickel and dimes with terrible service, terrible customer support, and then expects you to come crawling back. And I'm the idiot that did.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I hope to be able to give TWC ZERO stars! For the second time, they have cut our line and capped it off BY MISTAKE! We have the internet/phone/cable bundle. So for 2 days, we were without any service. To make matters worse, when I called to get a tech out here asap, they said the first available appointment was 2 days out!

What? A company that large, should surely have enough technicians, or even contractors to send one out to what I would consider a SERVICE PRIORITY! After escalating my request for immediate customer service and speaking with a supervisor, I was given an appointment for the following morning. Still not acceptable. But, hmm, how did an appointment suddenly become available?

When it became apparent that TWC had cut our lines (a neighbor witnessed it), I immediately called back. When the person on the phone realized it was THEIR fault that I had not service, he called the dispatcher and was able to schedule an appointment within an hour. Again, hmmmm, NOW you can send someone out after realizing it's your company's fault. But, don't get your hopes up, because this company rarely keeps it's promises.

No technician showed up. Not only that, but one phone number for TWC said they were closed for the day. So I take to their "online chat" to see if they can locate the missing technician. No one came on the chat line either. Not only do I work from home, and have lost revenue, but, we had to use up our cell phone data plans as well.

The technician finally showed up the following morning, as originally planned and was completely dumbfounded. He had NO RECORD of the disconnect of service for our address, or any one in our neighborhood. I kept saying that this has happened before and it needs TO STOP! He quickly reconnected our service and was very sympathetic and professional. Poor soul, has to work for such a terrible company!

Over the years, we have had numerous, random outages with the phone and internet, weak signals, slow internet, modem change outs, DVR box changes, etc. Recently, after paying for our ever increasing bill, we were given an upgrade to Whole House DVR for less than our current plan. We were told we would have the ability to record 4 shows, doubling our current capacity. After installation, it still only has the ability to record 2 shows simultaneously. Total false advertising.

The paying public needs to take a stand against this giant company and quit being victim to its unethical practices. We need to demand change and contact City council members, the FTC, or any other watchdog organizations. We deserve better.

The Worst ISP I've Ever Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- My roommates and I had used TWC for some time until they ended up screwing us over with a deal they offered us but did not back. They offered to negate our fee for moving the service from one location to another, but did not back up their offer after we did it, trying to charge us for all the expenses they promised to negate. Months of arguing (and leaving for AT&T [much better]) lead them to seek a collection agency on my roommate in charge of the payment.

Long story short, TWC does not care about their customers OR have any spine to back their promises. They care only for their money and nothing less, but what else do you expect from an oligopoly? If you're reading this, please save yourself the hassle and choose someone else. They are a 1 star company at best. You have been advised.

They Lie, Jack Up the Price Just to Rip You Off.
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Rating: 1/51

CEDAR PARK, TEXAS -- When we moved to our new home about 4 years ago, Time Warner offered us Cable and internet services. We told them we don't need TV cable service as we pick up our TV channels via air/antenna. They insisted and convinced me whether we want or not a TX + Internet will cost less than just Internet. I remember the sales person saying, it will be like a free service.

Anyhow when we watched the TV with their cable service the picture was terrible and less clear than the antenna. We never watched TV through their cable service. Then the next year, the bill went higher as they said the promotion is expired. Then the next year it went to $92 per month and when I called, the same story: the promotion is expired. Then I look their website and found out they offer the same Internet service for $35 to everyone. Then I called and asked them to cancel my TV cable service that we never even used.

They send a technician to cut off the cable, but they jack up my internet bill to $50 per month plus $10 Internet modem rental. Before their bill was not reflecting this rental, just a package. The internet modem is $30 online and I already ordered one to return theirs.

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Rating: 1/51

LAGRANGE, KENTUCKY -- 6 months ago, TWC representative promised us a $150 gift card for upgrading our service. I thought wow! It was to be sent within 90 days, after said 90 days I called to check on the status. You guessed it, no one had heard of this. The representative promised she would call me back as soon as she got it straightened out. 3 months later still no call! I called again yesterday, and again had to recant the entire ordeal with yet another representative. To which left me on hold for 20 mins!

When he finally got back on the line he stated that he had reviewed the notes and could see where we were to get the Visa card in the value of $150 but he couldn't authorize it. He would have to transfer me to a supervisor. I had no time to be put on hold for another half hour, so they where to call me back. You guessed it no call back! AT&T U-verse is looking better each day. DONE with TWC. They aren't honest, and customer service is horrible!

Misleading Offer!
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Rating: 1/51

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- I had received a flier from Time Warner Cable (TWC) regarding their latest offer of $89.99 for TV, Internet & Home Phone services. When I spoke with their representative Mr. **, he took my full address details and checked about all the TV channels that my family was interested to watch. Other than their standard package, I had requested for an International channel package, which according to him will additionally cost us $39.99 per month. This should add up my total to $129.98 before taxes.

Instead of that, he added some multiple things like two set up boxes, broadcast fees, DVR rental etc., which normally should be built in a standard package, and brought up my total to $181.50 before taxes. This is just a rip off and no special offer or an incentive to switch over to TWC. Such offers should be screened by consumer courts before they are sent out as they are grossly misleading. I never expected this from a company of the stature of TWC. I was more disappointed when Mr. ** never showed any eagerness to have me as his customer and negotiate on any charges. This was not at all very welcoming. I am highly disappointed.

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