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Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- After AT&T finally p*ssed me off for the last time I decided it was time to change providers.

I called Time Warner Cable the first of August and asked about how much basic TV and Roadrunner turbo it cost me, the woman over the phone told me it would cost me $72.66 a month. The woman took my personal information street address, social security number, that kind of stuff and, told me how would I like to pay for that over the phone or in person. I told her I would like to do it in person so I can pick up the equipment, she said no problem. After that it was about 12 o'clock we both hung up and I went out to eat with family.

It was 2:58 when I get up front at Time Warner Cable to talk to a person about getting the service and everything. The woman over the counter said that she saw everything was set up and all I would have to do is pay my first month for the service in advance and a deposit. I told her I talked to a woman over the phone and she said nothing about the deposit. The woman over the counter replied with they couldn't check my credit because I have none and that there would be a $50 deposit up front with the first service in advance, so the $72 became $123 before they would establish my service.

I paid it and she gave me the modem for the Internet. Now that's when I asked her when would it be turned on and she replied later on today if not Friday. She said for more accurate time description I would need to call the 1866 number and ask for more details.:

I got home and hooked up the internet modem and hooked up all my TVs and nothing was working. I called Time Warner Cable and they told me that there's a service appointment set up for Friday at 5 o'clock. I told the man over the phone thank you and have a good day. He told me the same and then we hung up.

I was home all day Friday and no one came out to my house. I called Time Warner back and I was told that there was no appointment for Friday that I would have to schedule one for Monday. I said okay now I got to go all weekend without any service, what a drag. I setup a service appointment for Monday and the woman over the phone to be an all day thing from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. And that the service technician could drop by anytime in between those two times, I said wow very accurate timing. Everything was set so we part our goodbyes and we hung up.

Was home all day Monday again no one came out to my house, shocking. I called Time Warner right before the calling center closed they told me I was still within the appointment time and can a rudely asked me not to call until tomorrow. I called Time Warner Cable Tuesday and they tell me the service appointment was set up for 11 to 12 that Tuesday, and they told me that no service appointment existed for Monday, I was just flat-out confused.

Around 11 o'clock there is a white Ford F 150 parked beside the utility pole across the street from my house at the neighbor's house. The truck had bags of potting soil in the back and a trailer attached with a large ladder in the trailer. He climbs the pole messed around with something for about 15 minutes got his ladder put it up and then left. My service still wasn't working.

Wednesday nothing else happened. The pole for the cable is in my backyard and no one touched it and my service still wasn't working so I called Time Warner back. The woman over the phone didn't tell me that could have been the cable man to hook up the service but she said that she didn't know for sure and in fact a service technician did report that he did hook up my cable but it wasn't. I told the woman over the phone I was getting pretty upset about this that she said that she scheduled appointment for tomorrow in between 11 and 12 for Thursday, she told me that that was the earliest appointment I could get on Thursday and I told her that it would have been exactly one week that I paid over $100 for the service that I'm not getting. She apologized, we both said goodbye I hung up and wait until Thursday. Boy was I mad.

The technician called directly at 11 and said is around the corner and we'll be there in about 10 minutes. Well he showed up 30 minutes later. I told him what happened about the other guy across the street he said he didn't know either. In my backyard he'd looked at the pole and told me it wasn't hooked up, I told him it wasn't hooked up. He climbs the pole and 60 seconds later all the TVs started working and the internet started working too. He asked me did I have any other problems and I told him no. I got the internet registered and it was working completely and so he left.

Time Warner Cable also informed me that I paid for service days I didn't get and there's nothing that they were going to do about it. That was a weeks worth of service I paid for down the drain and on top of it they charged me $50 for the service call to come to hook up my service that was supposed to be done right the first time. Right now I haven't brought that to their attention so it's still on my bill. If they decide to remove it or not I'll make sure to update this to let you know what happens.

Other than paying for service for a week that I didn't get, getting the runaround, lies and other stuff I have to say just watch with the sign up with these guys. Now that the service has been turned on I've been using it for a couple days and TV fine the internet is blazing fast and I think I'm paying a pretty good price so I'm happy for now

P.S Time Warner Cable Informed me if I left that my $123 for not be refunded it would go to a credit towards my bill First. A bill that I never got.

But what Time Warner Cable is trying to tell me about my $123 that they would keep it even know I left and never had any service.

Update 8/28/13 2:32 pm

Today Time Warner Cable has charge me $45 extra to install internet which they didn't and charged me an extra $30 for an "Easy Connect" follow up fee. I don't understand those two charges, but, together they add up to a whole month of service and I was told by representatives that they were first time customer charges and there are no way out of them.

I've already paid them a $123 in advance and now they're demanding $147 has my first bill, I don't know what these people are up to, but they're just downright CRAZY!

Also another thing is driving me wild they're charging me full price for my turbo internet, no promotional pricing nothing, this is how they treat new customers now I see why they only lose them.

I don't even have enough to pay the $72 myself my brother pays half of it and I pay the other half and together we can't pay $147.62. well then again it should have been a red flag that everyone in my neighborhood has AT&T U verse I'm the only one with Time Warner and now I know why.

The Internet is still fast the TV still reliable no issues but it's just too much start up fees. They are just trying to rip you off.

Once again I'm going to attempt to call them and ask them to remove those two fees or lose me as a customer.

Update September 9th 2013

Today I finally had those 2 charges for installation removed off my bill. after I called Time Warner Cable and talk to the first employee who was very rude to me he told me that there was no way out of the two charges, he refused to listen to me and I told him about my story about the first technician not showing up, and the second technician did what the first technician should have done in the first place. and he told me that the $45 fee was for someone to physically come out into my house and hook up my modem themselves, and that the $30 follow-up connect the is where I hook it up myself but didn't do it right and they have to send somebody out to do it right. but that's two charges shouldn't be together, it was so called hooked up by a professional then why was I charged because I didn't hook it up right, that's what I didn't understand.

He was being so rude to me and wouldn't listen to me then I ask to speak to his manager I had asked four times before I finally got transferred. once I got his manager his manager listen to me for about the first minute and then told me he would remove the charges on
there was no battle or arguing with his manager he just remove the charges right off my bill.

I've already paid my bill for this month switch with $68.50 for some reason. I have everything on.

I'm happy everything was resolved and I can continue being a Time Warner customer, but I would have been even happier if none of this ever started.

In the near future I plan to buy my own cable modem and save $7 a month of the finance fees that they charge for their modem I will post information to let you know how that goes, and I plan on downgrading my internet from turbo to standard. I'll let you know how that goes too.

For Now I'm happy with the service and I'm happy with the price.
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User Replies:
Dee Jay on 02/04/2014:
This story is almost identical to what happened to me except I only have internet. If they weren't the only cable internet provider in my area, I wouldn't be with them.
ray on 08/16/2014:
terrible service,when contacting their call centers for help you are dealing with idiots,their system of doing business is lousy.cant say it strong enough.their lousy.
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Transcript of chat session on Sept 10th
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
UTICA, NEW YORK -- This is a transcript of the chat session I had with TWC when I tried to obtain digital adapters for my TVs per their letter I received in the mail the same day:

User Michael_ has entered room

Analyst Karen has entered room

Thanks for contacting TWC Ordering Service home of the best Triple Play offer. What service can I set up for you today?

Trying to get two digital adapters per letter I received in the mail today. After going online to do this, I got a popup saying digital adapters aren't available for my account.

I understand your concern.

Ordering the tuning adapter is available with our customer care department.

In any case of disconnection while transferring this chat session, please have their phone number for your reference 207-253-2222

Will there be anything else I can assist you with?

No, that should do it. Thanks

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable Online Ordering Service. Have a great day!

Karen>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Paola has entered room

Analyst Karen has left room

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable, Home of the Best triple play offer. My name is Paola how can I help you today?

Trying to get two digital adapters per letter I received in the mail today. After going online to do this, I got a popup saying digital adapters aren't available for my account.

I would be more than happy to assist you, but you have reached the Ecommerce Sales chat. Please let me transfer you to customer care.

Great, can't wait to get the email transcript of this chat session.

I've been chatting now for about 15 minutes, and still haven't gotten the right person for the job.

Yeah, I understand but I can not help you with that Sir. Please let me transfer you. One moment please

Also, I can provide you with a phone number that you can call Sir,


Sure, then I can hold another 15 minutes...thanks

Your welcome

Paola>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Paola has left room

Analyst Pamela has entered room

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Pamela. Please give me a moment while I access your account.

Hi! Mr. Joynt, how are you doing today?

Trying to get two digital adapters per letter I received in the mail today. After going online to do this, I got a popup saying digital adapters aren't available for my account.

As I see that, you have been transfer to the East NYC department and hence, I do not have the access to your account.

I apologize for this, but I need to escalate this chat to the appropriate department.

Please stay connected, while I escalate your chat to the appropriate department.

You're the fourth person I've been forwarded to. What is the problem there!!??

Pamela>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Jasper has entered room

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Jasper. Please give me a moment while I access your account.


Thank you for waiting.

How are you?

Analyst Pamela has left room

No too good.


How may I assist you?

You're my fifth Time Warner chatter. Trying to get two digital adapters per letter I received in the mail today. After going online to do this, I got a popup saying digital adapters aren't available for my account.


I will try my best to resolve your issue.

I have checked your account.


What precise message you have got in your email.

Please copy paste it here.

As stated before, "I received in the mail today." Not email, MAIL. I can't copy and paste US Postal Service mail.


The mail from Time Warner states that some channels are being moved to digital only, and to receive these channels without a box I will need digital adapters. That's why I am in this chat session.

Honestly, I don't have adapters information.

In this case, you have to contact to our Local office they will take care of this they are the dedicated team who take care of this.

I will provide you the contact details.

Why does Time Warner send out mail with a procedure that doesn't work? If you are trying to frustrate your customers, and drive them to Direct TV - you are succeeding. GOODBYE.
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User Replies:
Josh on 09/11/2012:
Wow, That is bad. I think you should mail this to TW, I bet you'll get free service for a year.
clutzycook on 09/12/2012:
Sounds like the script for a bad sitcom.
Ray on 12/19/2012:
It's really terrible! I truly agree with you, Michael. Time Warner is the WORST cable company with the the WORST customer service reps that I've ever had, even though I wasn't too unhappy with them in the 90's up to the age of DVR. I just had my most bitter experience with them last night when I called to ask them how in order to free up space on my DVR I could back up my favorite shows on a flash drive since my DVR box has a USB port. Their answer was that TWC has disabled the USB ports. So I asked them why then I was unable to even save those shows on my VCR. So after at least ten minutes of talking nonsense and saying things irrelevant to my question and constantly repeating the words "DVD player" which I kept correcting her she finally told me that I can never record any programs on my VCR because of Time Warner's measures to protect its rights over its DVR contents. I'm so upset and disappointed that I'm really really considering leaving Time Warner for good and joining Verizon FIOS. Before the DVRs came into market I was able to record any shows that I liked on a VHS tape with no hassle. TWC talks about its rights over those programs as if the company itself produced them. They are so arrogant that they can't admit that they are nothing but a broadcast company and nothing more. I hope one day major networks like CBS, NBC and ABC will all ban Time Warner.
billy j colello on 08/29/2014:
This is the worst company ever. I'm paying 189$ a month for cable internet and alarm ""my internet never works or it works at half the speed I'm paying for I'm constantly getting over billed "and when i call costumer service i literally am on hold for hours and after holding that long they simply disconnect your call with out fixing your issue"""they also Bill a month in advance"paying for service never used don't sit well with me ""my advice ""go with any one before time Warner """"""
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Debacle In Getting Business Cable Internet Service Transferred
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PLANO, TEXAS -- To Whom This Matter Concerns:
I am writing to detail the egregious experience i’ve had in trying to transfer my Time Warner Cable internet service to my new business location. I am due to open my doors on August 1, I am currently training staff – for which I need to access Webinars, and I still have no internet service at my new location.

Until the last approximately three weeks, I’ve been content with the TWC business internet service i’ve had since 2010. Now, due to the debacle your company has created for me, I’m making plans for 24 months from now to dump this service option as soon as my contract is over.

Timeline details:
Tuesday, July 15th: I spoke to Lorena [Snip] about transferring my Internet service from my business at 1702 N. Collins Blvd, Ste 161, Richardson, TX 75080 to 609 W 15th Street, Ste 200, Plano, TX 75075.
As she was taking the order, she suggested I also use TWC phone service. In the conversation, she said I’d be able to keep the phone and fax number I’ve had since January, 1998. As AT&T assured me they couldn’t port those numbers, I asked Lorena if she was sure about that: she insisted TWC could do it. So, I had her write that into the order, and I cancelled my AT&T order.
Friday, July 18th: I called to see when my order would be installed (having called several TWC numbers before I got to the party who could help me. I spoke to Evelyn in Order Management (? Not sure of name of department). Evelyn told me that the order had not been processed, as there was a problem with the phone portion of the order, and that only Lorena could help me with the resolution. No one bothered to call me to tell me about this!?!

I pursued resolution to this problem for approximately two hours, talking to various people. Frustrations included, but were certainly not limited to: Lorena’s phone always went to voice mail when I called, and I couldn’t leave a message as the mailbox was full; I sent emails to Lorena but got no response; I waited for long times on hold (up to 31 minutes and 37 seconds); people often transferred me to Lorena’s unanswered phone and full mailbox – so I had to call again and wait on hold.

I finally reached Evelyn again (she was helpful both times) and asked to speak to her supervisor for help. Her supervisor told me that, while they wouldn’t know for sure until the order was processed, it looked pretty certain that TWC couldn’t port the original phone numbers, and that once the order was processed, the installation would take 7-10 business days.
I told her I needed to cancel the phone order and just go with the internet transfer. (I would have cancelled the internet, too, except for the exorbitant cancellation fee.) Again, I was told that ONLY Lorena could help me with the cancellation.

I asked to speak to Lorena’s supervisor, Rudy [snip], received his phone number and was transferred to his line. Voicemail #1
Finally talked to Lorena, who cancelled the phone and said she would send me a new contract for internet only.
Monday, July 21st: Received the new contract from Lorena.
Called Rudy . Voicemail #2
Morning: Called Order Management to get Rudy ’s supervisor. Called Andy [Snip]. Voicemail
Tuesday, July 22nd: Morning: Called Rudy . Voicemail #3
Afternoon: Called Rudy . Voicemail #4
(Between Friday and Wednesday, I left four voicemails, but called MANY times, always getting his mailbox.)
I spoke a Rudy, who told me he would expedite the order.
Wednesday, July 23rd: Morning: Received a call from Rudy, who told me the order was in progress.
Called Order Management to see when the service would be active. Spoke to Debbie (helpful) who told me there was an error in the order, so it was on some sort of hold.
Called and called Rudy – always getting mailbox.
Called and spoke to Andy [Snip], Rudy’s supervisor, who had apparently just received my voicemail. He began to attempt to solve problems behind the scenes.

I spoke to Rudy in a long conversation. He tried to assure me that this experience with TWC was not usual. He also noted that the voicemails going unanswered were due to internal phone system problems: not very reassuring to a prospective phone customer. I felt like I had dodged another bullet by cancelling my phone order!

Thursday, July 24th: Rudy called and told me I would hear from someone that day about installing the service, although he couldn’t give me a definite time.
As the day progressed and I still hadn’t heard from anyone, I called Rudy several times. Mailbox. Finally got him on the phone, and I was told that he was working with the department that could expedite the order. But apparently, the protocols of that department were obstacles he had no authority to bypass.

Prior to that conversation, someone called my husband’s cell phone to set up my service on July 29th. This date is unacceptable! And I still can’t fathom why someone would call my husband, when I had made clear to everyone I spoke to what my contact number is!

I expect at this point, I will have no satisfaction in getting internet prior to Tuesday, July 29th. I’m not at all sure it will happen then, as I’ve lost all confidence in what most of the TWC representatives have told me.
I just need to bide my time for what will seem an interminable contract period of 24 months, before I can gleefully dump TWC. I can, however, tell everyone I know – and I will! – that they should run like the wind away from TWC. And I will gladly write as many online reviews as I can find, steering people away from such a poorly functioning company – or at least a poorly functioning, but pivotal department.

If I ran my business the way this department is apparently run, I wouldn’t BE in business. It escapes me how TWC can survive with such entrenched problems in your business rules and structures. It seems like it might be a good idea to spend less money in advertising – which I see everywhere! – and more time and money in keeping customers happy. Happy customers do the advertising for a good business.
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Mistreatment of Their Customers,disgusted by Their Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a customer with Time Warner ever since they took over Continental cable. Since the beginning, we have had an ongoing problem with tileing and freezing of the picture on our T. V.
The typical process for me is….I call for a technician to come out and they always have fixed the problem doing something out in the box at curbside. Then after six or so months, the tileing and freezing begins to build back up again. Oh by the way, each tech has a different lie as to why I am having this problem.
This “new way” of Time Warner is….. that when you make an appointment, there will be an automated call the night before and if you are not there to answer that call, then they will….. CANCEL….the appointment …..WITHOUT…..letting you know. That leaves the customer sitting home waiting for a technician to show up that is not coming, like our time is not as precious to us as your time. This has happened to me several times. This is…. NO WAY….to treat your customers and is wrong, wrong, wrong and a sure way to lose customers.
Then to add insult to injury, this last time I had to call in for the “same problem” I had another no show of the technician. Called back “again” for another technician to show up and usually the second time you make an appointment, they will actually show up, but only if you answer the phone an hour before they come out. If you miss that call for any reason, throwing trash outside, going to the bathroom, they will not leave a message to let you know its them, they just won't show up. Why would anybody want to stay with a company who treats us this way???
Then a tech did show up, and after staring at my TV for a few minutes (don’t know what that did) he said that the problem must be out in the street, and that he was not a street tech and I was told that he would send out a street tech the next day and hook up to my cable and screen for two hours to see if he could catch the problem. They never did this before. Why would Time Warner send out a tech that could not fix the problem which I told them before that the problem has always been in the street and that is where they have always fixed the problem in the past? I was told that I did not have to be here for that. I was here anyway just to see if one would actually show up…..he did not.
I called back and said that I was still have the tileing problem and freezing and was told that they would send out yet another tech. The techs name was ----- and I felt that he was the first guy to be honest with me and gave me some instruction as what to do to get to the bottom of this ongoing problem. He told me that if these things did not work, then to call back and ask for him so I don’t have to keep explaining the problem to new techs. I did just that as the problem still was not fixed. I talked with a girl named ----- who completely ignored me when I told her that I need ----- to come out. She said that she could not guarantee ----- would be the one to show up. I told her, then don’t bother having someone other than ----- come out as I would not open the door and it would be a waist of his time and mine. Her response to me……. “have a nice day Ma’am.” Then I called back to speak to a supervisor and got someone named ----- whose title was escalation specialist, whatever that means. He was sort of laughing at the problem, but told me he would see to it that ….. came out and then proceeded to ask me to call the next morning at 8:00am to make sure that----- was coming out. I told him I would, even though I did not think I should have to do that. I spoke to a man named ----- who put me on hold for a minute or two, then came back and promised me that ----- would be out that same day between the house of 3 and 4:00pm. Guess what happened……----- DID NOT SHOW UP, some other tech showed up instead. As I told -----, I sent him away. Another day wasted of mine through no fault of my own. Time Warner, would it have really been so hard for your employee tell me up front which day ----- can come out instead of playing these games with your customers. This is the last straw for me. At this point I am willing to go to any other service despite their own set of problems. I will not stand to be treated disrespectfully and lied to and laughed at and ignored by any company, yet alone putting up with the same problem for years. I WAS willing to stay with you even though you could not seem to fix the problem. As long as I could have six months of no tileing and freezing, I was willing to live with that. But your customer relations is getting worse and worse by the day.

It is sooooo funny to me that after an appointment is made the employee will say that I will be getting a call to see how I was treated by that person. You are more interested in how polite your employee was on the phone than actually hearing if they have fixed the problem and the frustration and lies the customer had to go through to get the problem fixed. I will not be fooled that you care by making sure the employees are polite on the phone, that is only a part of the problem. And I am not getting any of these calls that the employee says is coming my way.

I am left feeling that Time Warner no longer cares about the customers who keep them in business. I have been laughed at by your employees, I have been ignored by your employees, I have been lied to many times by your employees…… I am tired, very tired of being treated this way by the Time Warner Company. You do not run your business honestly, you treat your customers as if we have no alternative to switch to another service. We do, and I will. My husband and I are currently searching for a new service.
Yes, every cable company or dish service has their set of problems. It is not the problems that bother me, it’s the way I am being treated by Time Warner that is getting “me” (a long time customer) to switch to another service. I am really surprised that Time Warner is still in business the way you run your company. Its not right the way you treat your customers! You might want to think about changing the way you do things before you lose anymore long time faithful customers.
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Billing Issue
Posted by on
I'm not sure if this is the correct spot to put this, but, iI saw the issues with Time Warner in L. A. and thought they might like to know how TWC is treating their disabled customers here in Texas.

I got service with TWC Internet 4 months ago and am very satisfied with the speeds etc, however, I had to pay over $130.00 to get my service installed, now, 4 months later after paying on time etc they tell me I woe a bill of $285.00 from 2006, after I spend all this money to get the services.

here is a copy of a message I sent to TWC after they refused to let e pay the debt out, even after this letter, they still refuse to allow me to pay it out now I will loose my account August 18th of this year.

I have had TWC Internet service at this address for about 3 or 4 months now, and paid $135.00 that's plus deposit because of my credit and installation fees.

I have paid on time $46.53 EVERY MONTH 2 DAYS BEFORE THE DUE DATE, but was called by the fraud department yesterday and told I owe a bill of $285.00 from the year of 2006.

I told the lady I don't remember it but if I owe it I would be happy to pay it, but she is not willing to work with me, I kindly asked her to assist me and spread the amount over like 6 or 7 payments that I could include with my regular monthly payments.

I am on 100% disability and can provide proof if need be. thing is I cannot afford to pay $285.00 by August 18th of this year as my monthly income is only $500.00 a month plus what little I make working on web pages on the internet, I do this to provide myself and son with food and to purchase my medications that I need to sustain myself, such as Diabetes, P. T.S. D Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and severe anxiety & panic disorder, high cholesterol & triglycerides, Mediation for my prostate and Bladder.

I am more than willing to take care of this bill but PLEASE help me, work with me on spreading the amount over the next 6 or 7 monthly payments, if Not I will loose my internet connection and the only other source of income I have besides disability, besides that, this is the only means I have to stay in contact with family members in several different countries.

I will be happy to work for TWC Internet, I have don't DSL Tech support, Road Runner, Dell Hardware etc tech support in the past,, I am open to posting TWC services banners on my web sites etc, anything to get your company to help me.


I can prove my disability status, I can prove all of the medications I have to take and I can also prove that my bill can be paid on time.

I Can and am willing to give you prof on all of this.

Just PLEASE help me with this, I BEG OF YOU!
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by texrevmike (2 comments) July 15, 2011 6:58 PM PDT
So after their refusal I sent this message to All TV News investigative channells and several news papers in this areas Dallas Texas

My name is Rev. Michael O'Connor Sr,

I am a 45 yr old mentally & partially physically disabled male being treated for P. T.S. D - Bi-Polar disorder & a severe Anxiety / Panic disorder, plus numerous other health issues, I have been on disability for 3 years now.
I am having an issue with Time Warner Cable, I have had my account with them for about 3 or 4 months and have paid on time each time.

in 2006 I started getting ill and couldn't keep my account with them and now after this long and me keeping this account current they are telling me I owe $285.00 from 2006, and if I do not pay by August 18Th that they will close my account until I pay the full amount.

With my income as it is, I cannot afford to pay this all at once, it will even be hard if they'd allow me to do it on payments but it would be doable, I asked for them to spread it over 7 payments and they said they cannot do that. they want it all or I loose my account.

I depend on this internet account to work on web pages for a friend of mine in Houston, and as a way to supplement my income, my disability check after $200.00 child support is taken out for a child I have never been able to see in Florida is $512.00, my current wife and I are separated and I give her $200.00 mthly to help take care of my boy because he is there part of the time, now I am left with $300.00 a month, my rent in a very small 2 room garage apt is $450.00 mthly, I am on Medicare. Medicaid & a Medicar advantage plan and have to take 9 different medications a day.

which is not really much since I have a good drug plan, but, this connection affords me to purchase my medications by doing various things on the internet.

This also provides me to help buy the things that my 8 yr old son needs, cloths, Shoes, supplies etc.

also, my elderly aunt assists me with $200.00 monthly to level out my bills.

I am on food stamps as well.

however, without this internet connection, I am as good as sunk.

Can you people please try to take this into consideration and PLEASE try to help me with this? I beg of you. it may not seem important to you but could mean near devastation for me, it is also my only source of social interaction, but without this, I am in a losing battle.

I am a former Reserve Police Officer & Former U. S Army.
I have created a group on Face book, PLEASE go to see it and ready the document attached to it.

Face Book Group

Face Book Document

My friends are all supportive as I have a friend base on Face Book of almost 5000, and 5200 I know that I game with periodically.

PLEASE HELP ME in any way you can! just maybe this wi help me, I am physically & mentally unable to work a normal job like so many others, I do not want pity, I just request a little bit of help.

God Bless you with whatever decision you make in regards to this.

Rev. MichaeL a. O'Connor Sr

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Cwazychicken on 07/15/2011:
I hear ya, it does bite having a low income, I myself am on disbility as well. However, On issues like this, if you owe from a long period of time, I would think that they send it to collections and you have to pay collections in order to get it back and not the cable company itself (probably a reason they won't work with you, or at least that's how it was for my mom when she wanted to pay her cable off and they said they would not take cash and that she would have to mail it to collections).

If you must pay it all, isn't there a way you can (if you have to), loan from a family member or take a small loan out and then pay the loan off for a few months til its paid? I know the interest bites on loans but unfortunately, not sure what else will help in this situation. Either lose your other source of income and communication and that would not be good.
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Unethical contract and threats
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I contact Time Warner Cable to connect a home-based business/personal internet service. My residence was zone both residential or commercial. I resided there and obviously requested residential service as it was almost half the cost of business service & that I would be using it for mostly personal. The percentage of business use in the residence was less than 30% of the total square footage.

Time Warner refused to provide residential service and claimed they would only offer business class service with a 3-year contract, and a difference of $82 (residential) vs $162 (business class) per month for internet.

After installation, the installer handed me a slip for me to sign agreeing that service was connected. I had no idea that the slip I was signing was for the 3-year contract. I had hoped to negotiate the contract on my account after connection. After connection, I tried to discuss this contract with a representative on the phone. He was quick, vague, told me the contract was my only option, they only offered 3-year contracts and mentioned NOTHING about termination fees.

After closing my account 9 months later and early, due to economic downfall of my industry and inability to cover my monthly personal and business expenses, I was informed that I owed them over $3000.00 for future service per my contract. I disputed this and informed the representative that I was unaware of an early termination fee and to please explain it to me. The representative said he would "settle my account" and I would be invoiced for a lesser amount. I waited for an invoice. One never came.

Twenty two months later, in early February 2011, I received a letter from CMI collection agency stating I owe "their client" $633.33. I contact CMI asking what this is for, and they stated Time Warner sent my old business account to collections. I asked CMI representative why Time Warner Cable did not make attempts to collect the outstanding balance they claim I owe FIRST, or send me an invoice, and the representative could not answer that question. I disputed and sent CMI a letter asking to settle, as I was told back in April 2009 that Time Warner would agree to settle my contract. I am not capable of paying this in full at this time.

I received a letter from CMI, simply stating Time Warner does not settle accounts. No additional documentation I asked for was provided (ie. final invoices or their attempts to collect). I disputed a second time and stated I would seek legal action and CMI threatened they would "purposely damage my credit" if I did not pay in full immediately.

I feel coerced into an unnecessary lengthy business contract and threatened by CMI's claim they will purposely damage my credit. I find sending a consumers account to collections, regardless if they owe or not WITHOUT their knowledge or offering an opportunity to be informed of status of their account, is unlawful. Why should Time Warner be allowed to dictate whatever settlement "amount" they want? Especially since their rates have reduced since 2009.

They will never receive a dime for this "early termination fee", and these contracts should be against the law.

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Ytropious on 03/15/2011:
You will be using their internet for business purposes at some point, yes? Then why shouldn't they force you to have business class? If you have a legal business you are running out of your home your SOL I'm afraid. Business is business.
momsey on 03/15/2011:
Of course if you have a debt and it's in collections and you still don't pay it, your credit will be affected. If you originally were told that you owed $3,000, and the bill is now $633, then it seems clear that there was some settlement reached.

They should have sent you an invoice for the bill before sending it to collections, so that is a valid complaint.
localgod on 03/16/2011:
A+ again, Y! Business is business, and not residential.
bob932304 on 03/16/2011:
"I had hoped to negotiate the contract on my account after connection." Contracts are normally negotiate BEFORE a service of any type is provided, not after.
Ytropious on 03/16/2011:
TWC does not negotiate. Most large companies don't haggle for a lower price! Haggling is for flea markets if you ask me. Also good luck on not paying that early termination fee. You signed the contract. Contract law doesn't have a "your honor I didn't read before signing" clause. You're going to be paying it or you're going to have bad debt following your around.
Alan on 12/22/2013:
Time Warner engages in underhanded business practices. I installed their service in my business two years ago. Last month I was forced to close my office after over 25 years. When I went to disconnect the internet and phone service I was hit with a whopping bill of over $4000 for payment as if service had continued throughout the contract term. This, despite the fact we had specifically negotiated a clause in our contract for a and 175 early termination fee.

They claim that a subsequent contract was signed, the officer of the company does not remember signing that, it is all done through on line electronic signatures. While he had the first contract in his email, there's no additional emails with a further contract. The new contract mysteriously has the and 175 early termination fee language removed. Their representative tried to claim this must have been an oversight but they still insist upon full payment.

The next thing they told me was priceless. In order to negotiate with them, they simply must have a disconnect sent in which means I have to sign a termination agreement agreeing to pay the entire amount. I contacted my attorney and decided to tell them I am willing to pay the $175 otherwise they can sue me.

Time Warner is an underhanded company and should be exposed for what they are.
Vinniew on 01/19/2014:
Call back and say that you will contact the pubic utilities commission in your state and file an informal complaint. If this doesn't get results then do it. If you need to escalate, file a formal complaint.
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Undue effort for promised $100 "gift card"
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The Short Story:

• After putting me through over seven months of effort, more than fifteen phone calls, and a tremendous amount of aggravation, Time Warner/Saveology (subsidiary of Elephant Group, Inc.)/Private Network Communications, Inc. could not even provide the full $100 that they promised when I signed up for their Fios “Triple Play” promotion. In the end, I only received $93.50.
• Ms. XXXX at Private Network Communications has not returned my calls thus far.


• Almost all of the people that I spoke to (below) were very polite. This was such a drawn out series of lapses and inactivity that it seems unfathomable to me that overall, it was simply an issue of incompetence or indifference among staff level employees. Is Time Warner/Saveology (subsidiary of Elephant Group, Inc.)/Private Network Communications, Inc. actually making a good faith effort to honor and issue all of the “gift cards” due to Time Warner’s customers or is something else happening here?
• When Time Warner outsources, they need to take some responsibility for the actions of the organizations that they hire.
• Does Time Warner effectively have a monopoly in NYC? Personally, I have no other option for cable television services.
• On the gift card instruction sheet provided by Saveology, no mention is made anywhere of “Private Network Communications” although they perform most of the customer services and administrative functions regarding the “gift card”.
• Many of the calls that I made to Saveology have not been documented.
• I spelled the names of all employees phonetically; they may be misspelled.

The Long Story:

1. On 10/12/2008, I signed on for Time Warner Fios “Triple Play”, and was promised a $100 Mastercard gift card.

2. On 11/16/2008 I completed and mailed the “Time Warner Cable Promotion Redemption Form” in order to receive my $100 Saveology gift card. The form indicates that a card should be received 16-18 weeks after all qualifications and subscriber obligations are satisfied.

3. On 2/2/2009, I spoke to Jennifer at Saveology, requesting the status of my $100 gift card. She informed me that I did not use the proper rebate ID in completing the redemption form, and instructed me to add the proper rebate ID to my copy of the form, and fax it to Saveology.

4. On 5/8/09 I requested the status of my card from Jenel at Saveology. Jenel informed me that they did not receive my faxed, corrected, redemption form in February. When I stated that I have the successful fax confirmation, she again stated that the person who receives all faxes was not able to locate it. She asked me to fax it again, and told me that she would call me back to confirm that they had received it this time.

5. On 5/8/09, after not hearing back from Jenel for several hours, I called Jenel myself, and she confirmed that she did receive my corrected redemption form. Upon my request, Jenel stated that since they have been delinquent in processing my card, she was willing bring my redemption form to her supervisor in order to expedite it more quickly.

6. On 5/28/09 I requested the status of my card from Deedee at Saveology. Deedee stated that my redemption form was in fact escalated to a Supervisor on 5/11/09, but that no progress had been made. Deedee stated that she did not know what the issue was or why the Supervisor had not acted since receiving the form on 5/11/09. Deedee volunteered to look in to why my card had not been processed and call me back on 5/29/09.

7. On 6/3/09, I attempted to call Saveology five times using the “Offer Redemption Center” phone number provided on the Redemption form of 1-877-405-5035, but each time I receive a message stating that the phone number is out of service.

8. Again on 6/3/09 I finally reached Saveology by calling a phone number on their website, once again to request the status of my card. I reached Amy (ID#191) in Customer Service, and requested to speak to Deedee. I was told that Deedee was having lunch. I explained my frustrating situation to Amy, and Amy stated that if she could put me on hold for a few minutes she would find out as much as she could about my situation from her colleagues. Within five minutes, Amy discovered that my card had indeed been mailed to me in March. When I asked why nobody else at Saveology could figure this out for me, Amy did not have an answer. Amy provided me with the name and phone number of the person at the company who is responsible for issuing the cards. Amy did not know the name of the company who had this responsibility.

9. On 6/3/09, I spoke to the Executive Vice President of Private Network Communications. He informed me that a card had been mailed to me in March, but that it did not have any charges against it. I told him that I did not receive the card. He confirmed my name and address, and said that I should have my card within 7-10 days.

10. I received the card with its instructions in the mail on 6/10/09.

11. On 6/11/09 I attempted to activate the card through the automated menu, but did not have the required PIN number to do so. The instruction sheet that the card came attached to indicated that the PIN number should be on the instruction sheet, right where the card had been attached, but there was no such number printed. I reached a customer service representative who was able to activate the card anyway.

12. On 6/12/09 I attempted to make a purchase with the card, but apparently any use of a debit card requires a PIN number, which I did not have.

13. Also on 6/15/09, I called Saveology for help, read my card number to the customer service rep, and they told me that my PIN number would be right behind where the card was attached on the instruction sheet. I told them that no such PIN number was printed, so she transferred me to “Cardholder Services”, which is part of Private Network Communications, Inc.

14. After reading my card number to Robert, at Private Network Communications, told me that my card actually did not have a PIN number, and needs to be used as a Credit Card, as opposed to a Debit Card. When I explained to Robert that my card has “Debit” printed on it, and the instruction sheet indicates that I should have a PIN number, he apologized, but offered no explanation of what may have gone wrong.

15. Also on 6/15/09, I successfully made a $79 purchase using the Saveology card as a credit card.

16. On 6/16/09 I attempted to make a purchase using the remaining balance on the card. I attempted to make the $21 purchase using the card first as a credit card, then as a debit card. Both times, the card was rejected.

17. On 6/17/09, I spoke to Jenel at Saveology and explained that the previous representative that I spoke to transferred me to Cardholder Services in an attempt to help resolve the issue of my remaining balance, but I cannot reach anyone there because the automated menu requires a PIN number, which, in my case, I do not have. Jenel told me that there was nothing that she could do because Cardholder Services is handled by an entirely different company.

18. Also on 6/17/09, I called Saveology again, and reached Casandra. I explained my dilemma about the remaining balance on my card, as well as the fact that I do not have a PIN number. Casandra was able to provide me with a different phone number for Cardholder Services which does not require a PIN number.

19. Also on 6/17/09, unable to reach anyone in person, I left a voicemail for XXXXX XXXXX (spelling?) at Private Network Communications, using the phone number given to me by Casandra. In my message, I explained the issue about the remaining balance on my card, and asked her to call me.

20. On 6/18/09, I left a second voicemail for XXXXX XXXXX at Private Network Communications, asking her to call me. I tried to reach Ms. XXXX five different times by phone between 6/17/09 & 6/18/09.

21. Also on 6/18/09, at a store, I was able to determine that there was actually only $14.50 remaining on my card, and that was why the $21 purchase had been rejected.

22. After all this work to obtain my “gift card” and to actually get it working, Time Warner/Saveology/Private Network Communications had only given me a $93.50 “gift card”, not the $100 actually promised.

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MSCANTBEWRONG on 06/18/2009:
Kind of like DirecTV with their current promotion...sign up your friends, give them your a/c #, you get 100.00 and they get 100.00...watch the Benjamins pile up...yeah right!
BokiBean on 06/18/2009:
You are definitely a persistent person, and good on you too. How many people would have just given up, and HAVE just given up?

I think in general the America public is tired of being taken for a ride for rebates...good review.
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Nothing but a SCAM
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45014, OHIO -- I called in to inquire about a bundle package with Time Warner Cable and the rep was very nice and after 45 minutes she set me up with a bundle consisting of select on-demand channels, in state phone service & road runner light PLUS HBO, Cinemax & Showtime free for 6 months & free installation all for the wonderful price of $65.43 a month... well of course I took that package! Then came the tech's out to the house... 4 of them mind you and after 3 boxes and a bunch of bull they told me I have to have a new line ran. OK so a few days later and another 1/2 day off of work this tech came out and said my line was fine I just had a bad box 4 boxes later I am up and going with cable. I received a bill in the mail in the amount of $163.42... ummm I thought it was to be $65.43? I call and was told that the rep I had was new and I am to pay for the movies she told me was free, installation that she told me was free and all of the other charges on the bill and that the package she set up for me does not exsist! WHAT??? My digital phone was to activated on Friday and that didn't happen so I give them another day.... nothing I call on Sunday (Mother's day) and I have to stick around the house because they are sending a tech out because the modem is bad. Needless to say I missed going out to dinner with my children. Now today they have taken my box and disconnected my phone and I still have a big fat bill that I will not pay... Oh the supervisor was kind enough to credit my account for $20.00... PLEASE is this really how you do business. I trusted their company and employess to provide me the service I was told I would get. Would someone honestly cancel service with their current provider if they didn't think they were getting a better deal? I'm fighting this and have turned them into the Better Business Bureau and I am seeking legal counsil. If I did business this way at my job... I'd have no JOB!
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Michael on 06/28/2013:
Funny how they always blame their "mistakes" on new employees. I've heard that from my own experience and other people before.
Mr. Olivo on 07/21/2013:
There is no worst company in the US than TWC, worst yet nobody nor BBB nobody trying to help us customers.
Dawn on 04/30/2014:
The most awful customer service I have ever had. From a hold time of over 2 1/2 hrs talked to 7 different people. Got disconnected, and finally had someone tell me they could downgrade me as I asked and it would start at my next billing. This morning I woke up and my cable was gone, internet not working so I called again, this time just to cancel, and again was put on hold. This time I was told the change would not take place until my billing. But they already removed my cable and shut the internet off. (They were not to touch the internet). I'm so glad I'm finally done with them and will never be there customer again.
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I Chose Better
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Rating: 1/51
CANTON, OHIO -- After 4 years of mediocre service, I finally had enough. I won't complain about their IP service, I never had any issues with it and it was actually very good service. My cable TV was another issue. After they first installed it, the picture would freeze, then black out. Sometimes changing the channel would help. Sometimes turning the box off and then back on would help. Sometimes, it would just black long enough that I gave up and did something else. I had multiple techs at our home that couldn't find any problems at all, even though the screen went black right in front of one of them. After changing multiple Oregon Scientific boxes to no avail, one of the techs hooked up a Cisco box that seemed to help quite a bit. It didn't entirely fix the problem, but it did help enough that the screen would only pixilate or black out for a few seconds. And that's how we've watched TV for the last 4 years.
Time Warner is one of those companies that has no problem jacking up prices at least 10% every year. At the beginning of this year, they raised our $142 cable bill to $157. Then a couple weeks later, they sent a letter by mail saying that, "since you are a valued customer, we won't raise your bill this year". About a month after that, they raised our bill by another $5 with no explanation. It really makes you wonder if the company is really that incompetent or if they're just screwing with you because they can.
The biggest issue that I had with Time Warner is their billing department. I had recurring payments set up on my credit card. I decided I wasn't going to use the credit card anymore. I got online, canceled the recurring payments, and requested paper billing through the mail. Next month they charge my card again. I get online and see that I'm still set up for recurring payments and paperless billing. I thought maybe I screwed up. I changed it again. Next month they charge my card again. I get online again and see that I'm still set up for recurring payments and paperless billing. Now I'm irritated. I call customer service (overseas) and tell the lady about the problem and she assures me that it has been taken care of. I told her I wanted my payment refunded to my card and to send me a paper bill and I'd be happy to pay it. She said no problem. No refund ever came. I recorded that phone call. I called my bank and filed a dispute on the charge. Time Warner sent a bill (through email) for half my bill. I paid it and figured they would straighten it out. Next month they charge my card again. Now I'm livid. I contact customer support through chat. I recorded the chat session. I tell them the whole situation and that I want all my credit card information deleted from their system. He assures me that they don't have my card information on file anymore, that it had been deleted. I take my family on vacation for a week. I get home to a letter in the mail stating my account is delinquent and that my service would be shut off in three days. The next morning, two days early, my cable and internet is shut off. Keep in mind I had never been late or missed a payment in the four years I was with them. I checked my account and they were showing that I owed over $400. My last attempt to rectify the situation was to go to one of their service centers and deal with someone in person. The lady working told me that my bank refunded their charges when I filed a dispute over it and that was why my account was delinquent. That didn't explain the $400 bill or why they shut off my service when I had just paid the full bill from them (even though it wasn't correct) two weeks prior. I tried to explain why I filed a dispute and she just kept saying that was why my account was delinquent. It was like trying to reason with a tape recorder that just kept playing the same recording over and over. I gave up. After another half hour, we had my bill corrected to that day. $94. I paid it, returned the cable box I'd brought with me and told her I wanted receipts for the payment, for the cable box, for the remote, and that I wanted something in writing that I wanted my service terminated as of that day. I thought I was done with them. Not quite. They charged my credit card again. I had to call my bank and have them close my account for fraudulent charges. We went without cable and internet for about two weeks before we could get AT&T U-Verse installed. I couldn't be happier with their service. Everything about it is much better than Time Warner right down to the remote control. I chose better service and a better price. Still waiting on my replacement credit card. Thanks for everything Time Warner.
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They Would Not Be Accountable For Their Mistake!!!
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Rating: 1/51
GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN -- I receive my statements on-line, which is an email saying its ready, but I don't log into the site and look at them. It is the same amount every month. Also being a busy summer, I briefly scan my checking account and confirm balance and know my TW is set up auto pay. Well I happened to check it just yesterday 8/21/2013 and saw the balance was over $600. I had a heart attack. Thought how could this be, and how do I still have working cable and internet? I went and traced back my checking account and sure enough they have not taken out a payment since April. (I pay $116 a month). I of course an so frustrated thinking I was paying all along and now I have yet another bill to add to my pile! My expiration date had changed in May, so why didn't they call me by June to tell me I am past due? The few other auto pays I have set up contact me a month prior to expiration, as they should if they want to get paid and appreciate the auto payment process.

I pick up phone and call them. 1st person somewhat understands, but I said, I would really like to talk to someone because this is not entirely my fault and I cannot just pay $600 in full right now! He says he has to transfer me to billing. Well I get Collections on the phone. They state, I must pay $475 immediately. I again state, It is not that I don't want to pay it, but I am asking for some help here, because this is not totally my fault. And for the 3rd time, I am the ones calling you, being honest and informing you of your defected system and the issue it has caused! She says I must have to talk to customer care then as she is only a collections department and if I am not making a payment she cannot do anything.
Guy number 3 on the phone, basically says the same thing and I say, I just want to talk to someone who can work this out for me. I have been a loyal customer for over 4 years, paying monthly on time always! I state, I can pay $300 in two days, but I would like to know what I am getting in return for your fault. He says well it looks like they won't shut you off until next week. After an hour later, I said, fine, I will call back Friday and make a payment.

I get home during tornado warnings and storms and guess what? NO TV or Internet! I was furious! I call and talk again to three different people and one a supervisor. They are now saying after I said I will pay $300 now if you turn my TV back on. Again the whole thing that this is not my fault and I have always paid and would not have called you in the first place if I wanted to stop paying! They tell me now at 8:00pm that I can only pay with Cash or cashier check! WHAT? Where do I do that at 8:00PM! I said that is it, I am so done and this is absolutely ridiculous, how I am being treated for no reason at other than being honest and make the first attempt to fix an issue at hand! Had I not even called, I wonder how long before they would shut me off! I have dropped them, DISH is coming tomorrow and I will be paying a personal visit to return DVR and modem and let them know, they now will not see a dime of what I might owe in free Cable service, because of how they treated me and have no customer care service at all!! I also have 2 friends who dropped them today and I will work on at least 7 more! Do the math TW!! How much money are you going to be out now?

I should go to Netflix or Amazon Prime Broadcast and streamline everything for free, but until I am ready to go that route, I know one thing! Time Warner will never be used and I will make it an effort to exploit them in every way!
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