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Nothing but a SCAM
Posted by Slbailey on 05/20/2008
45014, OHIO -- I called in to inquire about a bundle package with Time Warner Cable and the rep was very nice and after 45 minutes she set me up with a bundle consisting of select on-demand channels, in state phone service & road runner light PLUS HBO, Cinemax & Showtime free for 6 months & free installation all for the wonderful price of $65.43 a month... well of course I took that package! Then came the tech's out to the house... 4 of them mind you and after 3 boxes and a bunch of bull they told me I have to have a new line ran. OK so a few days later and another 1/2 day off of work this tech came out and said my line was fine I just had a bad box 4 boxes later I am up and going with cable. I received a bill in the mail in the amount of $163.42... ummm I thought it was to be $65.43? I call and was told that the rep I had was new and I am to pay for the movies she told me was free, installation that she told me was free and all of the other charges on the bill and that the package she set up for me does not exsist! WHAT??? My digital phone was to activated on Friday and that didn't happen so I give them another day.... nothing I call on Sunday (Mother's day) and I have to stick around the house becasue they are sending a tech out because the modem is bad. Needless to say I missed going out to dinner with my children. Now today they have took my box and disconnected my phone and I still have a big fat bill that I will not pay... Oh the supervisor was kind enough to credit my account for $20.00... PLEASE is this really how you do business. I trusted their company and employess to provide me the service I was told I would get. Would someone honestly cancel service with their current provider if they didn't think they were getting a better deal? I'm fighting this and have turned them into the Better Business Bureau and I am seeking legal counsil. If I did business this way at my job... I'd have no JOB!

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Posted by Michael on 2013-06-28:
Funny how they always blame their "mistakes" on new employees. I've heard that from my own experience and other people before.
Posted by Mr. Olivo on 2013-07-21:
There is no worst company in the US than TWC, worst yet nobody nor BBB nobody trying to help us customers.
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Billing problems
Posted by Jokena on 10/30/2007
RICHLAND, INDIANA -- I call to get cable hooked up. I've had their internet for 6 months now. Not to many problems with it after getting the first few bills straightened out. I made the mistake of setting up a auto pay for the internet through them. It was never started and then they tried to stick late fees on me, but that was in the first two months. After that I didn't have a problem until yesterday. WOW it was a huge one. I tried to hook up to their cable and found out I am showing as delinquent on my bill. Which was crazy to me since I have my bank take it out of my account for me. I did a quick check on my account online while I had time warner on the phone. I discovered that I showed I paid that bill 5 days before it was do......taken out of my account grant you!!......

The lady at Time warner told me that all I had to do was send them a copy of my bank statement and all would be good. YEAH RIGHT!!!......I went a step farther and had my bank send them a copy of what is a called a webshot. Time warner rejected it saying that it didn't prove that I had paid them. My bank was very supportive telling me that they would try everything to help me get this cleared up. I called my bank a few more times only to find out that time warner had excepted the webshot for another person the very next day......BUT NOT MINE!!!!

The person I talked to at Time Warner told me that they would get back to me and follow up with me very quickly. I said how quick?.....He replied next Monday. Well I was talking to him on a Monday. So since when is a quick time 7 days? I was just in shock with that!!!! When I asked to talk to his boss I was told that they weren't in.... how typical!!!

I'm now rethinking my change from DirecTV to Time Warner......Is the money savings worth this every month?
Jo Ann
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-31:
Double check with your bank to be certain that they are sending your money to the correct account at Time Warner. I had a problem with my bank because they sent my auto insurance payments to someone else's account. It was one number off.
Posted by llb34 on 2007-10-31:
Not worth the $$ or time wasted. GET OUT NOW!!
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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by Tuke on 08/02/2007
ENCINO, CALIFORNIA -- We have had the worst experience with Time Warner customer service.

We needed to change our plan from just internet and basic cable to include also a phone service. At the same time we found their package called All the Best which we have decided to opt for. To get this installed they scheduled a guy to come in over a week from then between 1 and 4 pm, which I guess is typical? As annoying as it is to have to wait a week. We figured fine let it go they are busy.

The date finally comes and 3 pm hits so my wife calls them to see if the guy is still coming, which they assured us he would be before 4 pm. At 4 pm we call them again and they assured us that the guy would be there shortly. Around 5:30 we call them again and they say sorry the guy can't make it we have to reschedule, give us some reimbursements etc. While we are doing all this annoyed on the phone the guy shows up finally. (Makes you wonder how much the support people on the phone know, apparently nothing they just BS you all day long to shut you up.)

Then the guy starts installing all the new services when he gets a call from his boss, apparently they have a problem with another customer so he needs to go for 30 minutes to deal with that. He leaves his equipment behind as he assures us he will be back.

1.5 hours later we decide time to call support. They tell us that the guy is not coming back and we need to reschedule etc, which this time we refuse to listen to and after about 30 minutes going back and forth on the phone with the customer support trying to get them to understand that the guy left his equipment and our current service is not even working the guy finally comes back. (Again support has no clue what is going on with the field people.)

The guy gets everything hooked up, and we check everything, seems like phone and internet are finally working properly. However we do not have the cable package we had ordered. The technician informs us that his orders do not say anything about the new cable lineup thus there is nothing we can do and we have to call Time Warner to get it figured out.

We call customer service again, and they tell us they can schedule a technician to come two days from then between 1 and 4 pm. Which we are extremely annoyed about, but apparently there is nothing we can do about it (by now it is 9 pm) so we accept.

Two days goes by and it is 1:07 pm, my cell phone rings with "Private Number" which is what my apartment buildings down stairs front door shows up as so I answer. I hear some fumbling and then the phone hangs up. After few moments the phone rings again with "Private number" again, I answer and hear nothing again except fumbling, I figure it is the technician at the front door so I hit the key to open the front door. Just because I felt something weird might be going on I get my shoes and walk down stairs, there is nobody at the door, so I figured must have been someone else as any number that the caller ID can not fetch shows up as "Private Number". After all you would think that if the front door was giving problems the technician would call the home number on the account to see if they can get hold of someone, which is my cell phone.

An hour goes by and my wife gives me a call after she has landed from her flight and apparently the technician has left a voice mail on her cell phone stating that he was here and that he could not get hold of anyone in the apartment. After this I give a call to customer service yet again, assuming that they can just dispatch the guy back to my building the same day as it is only 2pm still well within the 4 hour time that the technician was supposed to show up. However I am given the same run around. Now I have a time for the technician to come install it tomorrow between 9 am and 7 pm (yes anytime during the day). My other alternative according to the guy is week from now because according to them "it is not their fault nobody was in the apartment when technician came by". Which baffles me as out of any number the tech should have been calling it would be the number on my cell phone not the one on my wife's and of course the front door is our fault if the technician doesn't know how to speak to the telephone headset on it as those haven't been around that long... even though he did figure out how to dial my apartment form it.

Now I already know that I will not be able to be here all day tomorrow, however I am hoping that they show up at a time when I am there. (Although I am sure that this will not be the case.)

Thanks Time Warner for the worst customer service experience of my life so far! I would not wish my worst enemy to have you as the cable provider. Now I have to go research who I can switch at least the phone and internet to, unfortunately I am not allowed to install satellite TV on my apartment building so I will be stuck with Time Warner for that.
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Posted by slammer on 2007-08-12:
DO NOT GET PHONE SERVICE -AND DUMP EVERY LAST BIT OF SERVICE YOU HAVE FROM TIME WARNER - They are the most incompetent company I have ever dealth with. I had cable and internet. I decided to switch my phone also. Started in May with my order. This is the nutshell version - trust me you don't have time for the full version. They schedule 3 weeks out and tell us we need to have someone home all day. They call day before - oops - we don't have your number released from your old company yet. Gotta reschedule for 2 weeks out. Call day before again - oops we still don't have number...reschedule 1 week...oops no show...we call...they say hmmmmm... your not on the books...can't reschedule you until July 18....July 6 our old phone service stops NO PHONES!!!! call Time Warner..."sorry nothing we can do still July 18 until install...but we DO HAVE YOUR NUMBER PORTED NOW"...Fed up so asked TW customer service rep to explain the procedure for securing my phone number IF I decide to not use TW after all. She puts me on hold and comes back telling me she went ahead and canceled my order....I never told her to cancel!!!! She puts me on hold again and then says oops my mistake we still do not have your number ported!!! I call Verizon to ask them get them establish new Fios, internet, phone, etc. They confirm my number is ported with TW and advise best to go ahead and get TW to establish service first so I can resecure my number then switch. Call TW to reorder my phone service...Speak to Carley at TW "ohhhh sooooo sorrry I will STICK with you for the entire process to make sure you are taken care of...never heard from her again!!!!They reschedule for August 8. It is now 30+ days with no telephone in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 8 tech shows...oops we can't install...we don't have your number released. IT was all I could do to stop from driving my #$%$@$%$%@#* car through the front door of the TW CEO's house. End of story...I canceled every last service I had with TW- canceled phone order, internet, cable. I have new FIOS from Verizon and I am ordering new phone with Verizon...may not get same number...Thanks for nothing Time Warner...you suck.
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Transcript of chat session on Sept 10th
Posted by Beancity187 on 09/11/2012
UTICA, NEW YORK -- This is a transcript of the chat session I had with TWC when I tried to obtain digital adapters for my TVs per their letter I received in the mail the same day:

User Michael_ has entered room

Analyst Karen has entered room

Thanks for contacting TWC Ordering Service home of the best Triple Play offer. What service can I set up for you today?

Trying to get two digital adapters per letter I received in the mail today. After going online to do this, I got a popup saying digital adapters aren't available for my account.

I understand your concern.

Ordering the tuning adapter is available with our customer care department.

In any case of disconnection while transferring this chat session, please have their phone number for your reference 207-253-2222

Will there be anything else I can assist you with?

No, that should do it. Thanks

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable Online Ordering Service. Have a great day!

Karen>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Paola has entered room

Analyst Karen has left room

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable, Home of the Best triple play offer. My name is Paola how can I help you today?

Trying to get two digital adapters per letter I received in the mail today. After going online to do this, I got a popup saying digital adapters aren't available for my account.

I would be more than happy to assist you, but you have reached the Ecommerce Sales chat. Please let me transfer you to customer care.

Great, can't wait to get the email transcript of this chat session.

I've been chatting now for about 15 minutes, and still haven't gotten the right person for the job.

Yeah, I understand but I can not help you with that Sir. Please let me transfer you. One moment please

Also, I can provide you with a phone number that you can call Sir,


Sure, then I can hold another 15 minutes...thanks

Your welcome

Paola>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Paola has left room

Analyst Pamela has entered room

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Pamela. Please give me a moment while I access your account.

Hi! Mr. Joynt, how are you doing today?

Trying to get two digital adapters per letter I received in the mail today. After going online to do this, I got a popup saying digital adapters aren't available for my account.

As I see that, you have been transfer to the East NYC department and hence, I do not have the access to your account.

I apologize for this, but I need to escalate this chat to the appropriate department.

Please stay connected, while I escalate your chat to the appropriate department.

You're the fourth person I've been forwarded to. What is the problem there!!??

Pamela>Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Analyst Jasper has entered room

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is Jasper. Please give me a moment while I access your account.


Thank you for waiting.

How are you?

Analyst Pamela has left room

No too good.


How may I assist you?

You're my fifth Time Warner chatter. Trying to get two digital adapters per letter I received in the mail today. After going online to do this, I got a popup saying digital adapters aren't available for my account.


I will try my best to resolve your issue.

I have checked your account.


What precise message you have got in your email.

Please copy paste it here.

As stated before, "I received in the mail today." Not email, MAIL. I can't copy and paste US Postal Service mail.


The mail from Time Warner states that some channels are being moved to digital only, and to receive these channels without a box I will need digital adapters. Thats why I am in this chat session.

Honestly, I don't have adapters information.

In this case, you have to contact to our Local office they will take care of this they are the dedicated team who take care of this.

I will provide you the contact details.

Why does Time Warner send out mail with a procedure that doesn't work? If you are trying to frustrate your customers, and drive them to Direct TV - you are succeeding. GOODBYE.

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Posted by Josh on 2012-09-11:
Wow, That is bad. I think you should mail this to TW, I bet you'll get free service for a year.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-09-12:
Sounds like the script for a bad sitcom.
Posted by Ray on 2012-12-19:
It's really terrible! I truly agree with you, Michael. Time Warner is the WORST cable company with the the WORST customer service reps that I've ever had, even though I wasn't too unhappy with them in the 90's up to the age of DVR. I just had my most bitter experience with them last night when I called to ask them how in order to free up space on my DVR I could back up my favorite shows on a flash drive since my DVR box has a USB port. Their answer was that TWC has disabled the USB ports. So I asked them why then I was unable to even save those shows on my VCR. So after at least ten minutes of talking nonsense and saying things irrelevant to my question and constantly repeating the words "DVD player" which I kept correcting her she finally told me that I can never record any programs on my VCR because of Time Warner's measures to protect its rights over its DVR contents. I'm so upset and disappointed that I'm really really considering leaving Time Warner for good and joining Verizon FIOS. Before the DVRs came into market I was able to record any shows that I liked on a VHS tape with no hassle. TWC talks about its rights over those programs as if the company itself produced them. They are so arrogant that they can't admit that they are nothing but a broadcast company and nothing more. I hope one day major networks like CBS, NBC and ABC will all ban Time Warner.
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Are these guys for real?
Posted by Godstxgirl on 11/10/2007
BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- After reading other's experiences with TWC, I think bad service must be their mission statement.

Brief synopsis.
Home phone and internet went out on Friday,Aug 30. Called them (waiting about 45 min on cell)

Set appointment for next Tuesday (their first available day) at 4PM. 4PM-5PM waited and no one appeared. Called TWC, waiting on cell phone again (using minutes) almost an hour and was told "he is on the way".

At 9PM, called back (again long cell phone wait) and was told that "You have been bumped until tomorrow".

Explained that I work (and actually show up at my job) and set appointment for 3PM.

Wednesday, went home at 2:30.....waited until 3:30 and no one appeared...by the way, never a call letting me know. Called them (you already know the long cell phone wait part) and was told that I had called back and re-scheduled it for September 19th.....2 weeks away. When I asked when I supposedly called and why I would have wanted to wait for 2 additional weeks, no one knew and I was hung up on. Called back (waiting an additional 40 minutes) to be told that they were busy and had been calling my home number and leaving a message and I didn't call back.

I told them that this was impossible as (stay with me here TWC)...THE HOME PHONE WAS NOT WORKING!!!!!

Finally on Thursday (almost a week later), my husband came home and a TWC van was at our house....still no phone calls...we just got lucky!

Technician said it was the modem (their equipment) and he would be back to fix it. You can guess how this worked out. About a week later, we did have internet and home phone service restored.

NOW....called about 10 times asking how the credit for days without service would be adjusted and was always referred to a supervisor who never called me back. Wrote letter to Dallas main office....no response.

Finally, someone called us at home to let us know that our bill was ONE MONTH overdue. Explained our problem and that I was trying to rectify the bill. TWC person said they could credit us $4.95....yes FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETY FIVE CENTS for the 2 1/2 weeks, cell phone minutes, days taking off work, no service! When I complained, she said..."Well, we don't have to do anything." Took my $4.95 and paid bill in full.

Next month's bill....can you guess how much the
"late charge/administrative fee" was????? $4.95!!!

If there was ANYONE else to use...believe me, we would. If you can....AVOID THESE PEOPLE.

Oh and no way to contact them on their website....only the never answered customer service line. Saw in our local paper that TWC was cutting customer service reps and consolidating into one area. Wonder what that one lack of customer service rep for SouthEast Texas will do now?
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Posted by SLong1120 on 2008-02-23:
I've been there, well kind of. My phone service went out for about 2 days and I went through about half of the 700 minutes my husband and I share just trying to get some answers. TWC most definitely needs to step up their customer service because this is ridiculous.
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Worse Customer Service
Posted by Offalycute on 02/22/2013
They constantly increase prices and decrease quality. They showed up for an appt 5 hours late. They really don't care about their customers and they sub contract out all their work.
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Undue effort for promised $100 "gift card"
Posted by Kmac10016 on 06/18/2009
The Short Story:

• After putting me through over seven months of effort, more than fifteen phone calls, and a tremendous amount of aggravation, Time Warner/Saveology (subsidiary of Elephant Group, Inc.)/Private Network Communications, Inc. could not even provide the full $100 that they promised when I signed up for their Fios “Triple Play” promotion. In the end, I only received $93.50.
• Ms. XXXX at Private Network Communications has not returned my calls thus far.


• Almost all of the people that I spoke to (below) were very polite. This was such a drawn out series of lapses and inactivity that it seems unfathomable to me that overall, it was simply an issue of incompetence or indifference among staff level employees. Is Time Warner/Saveology (subsidiary of Elephant Group, Inc.)/Private Network Communications, Inc. actually making a good faith effort to honor and issue all of the “gift cards” due to Time Warner’s customers or is something else happening here?
• When Time Warner outsources, they need to take some responsibility for the actions of the organizations that they hire.
• Does Time Warner effectively have a monopoly in NYC? Personally, I have no other option for cable television services.
• On the gift card instruction sheet provided by Saveology, no mention is made anywhere of “Private Network Communications” although they perform most of the customer services and administrative functions regarding the “gift card”.
• Many of the calls that I made to Saveology have not been documented.
• I spelled the names of all employees phonetically; they may be misspelled.

The Long Story:

1. On 10/12/2008, I signed on for Time Warner Fios “Triple Play”, and was promised a $100 Mastercard gift card.

2. On 11/16/2008 I completed and mailed the “Time Warner Cable Promotion Redemption Form” in order to receive my $100 Saveology gift card. The form indicates that a card should be received 16-18 weeks after all qualifications and subscriber obligations are satisfied.

3. On 2/2/2009, I spoke to Jennifer at Saveology, requesting the status of my $100 gift card. She informed me that I did not use the proper rebate ID in completing the redemption form, and instructed me to add the proper rebate ID to my copy of the form, and fax it to Saveology.

4. On 5/8/09 I requested the status of my card from Jenel at Saveology. Jenel informed me that they did not receive my faxed, corrected, redemption form in February. When I stated that I have the successful fax confirmation, she again stated that the person who receives all faxes was not able to locate it. She asked me to fax it again, and told me that she would call me back to confirm that they had received it this time.

5. On 5/8/09, after not hearing back from Jenel for a several hours, I called Jenel myself, and she confirmed that she did receive my corrected redemption form. Upon my request, Jenel stated that since they have been delinquent in processing my card, she was willing bring my redemption form to her supervisor in order to expedite it more quickly.

6. On 5/28/09 I requested the status of my card from Deedee at Saveology. Deedee stated that my redemption form was in fact escalated to a Supervisor on 5/11/09, but that no progress had been made. Deedee stated that she did not know what the issue was or why the Supervisor had not acted since receiving the form on 5/11/09. Deedee volunteered to look in to why my card had not been processed and call me back on 5/29/09.

7. On 6/3/09, I attempted to call Saveology five times using the “Offer Redemption Center” phone number provided on the Redemption form of 1-877-405-5035, but each time I receive a message stating that the phone number is out of service.

8. Again on 6/3/09 I finally reached Saveology by calling a phone number on their website, once again to request the status of my card. I reached Amy (ID#191) in Customer Service, and requested to speak to Deedee. I was told that Deedee was having lunch. I explained my frustrating situation to Amy, and Amy stated that if she could put me on hold for a few minutes she would find out as much as she could about my situation from her colleagues. Within five minutes, Amy discovered that my card had indeed been mailed to me in March. When I asked why nobody else at Saveology could figure this out for me, Amy did not have an answer. Amy provided me with the name and phone number of the person at the company who is responsible for issuing the cards. Amy did not know the name of the company who had this responsibility.

9. On 6/3/09, I spoke to the Executive Vice President of Private Network Communications. He informed me that a card had been mailed to me in March, but that it did not have any charges against it. I told him that I did not receive the card. He confirmed my name and address, and said that I should have my card within 7-10 days.

10. I received the card with its instructions in the mail on 6/10/09.

11. On 6/11/09 I attempted to activate the card through the automated menu, but did not have the required PIN number to do so. The instruction sheet that the card came attached to indicated that the PIN number should be on the instruction sheet, right where the card had been attached, but there was no such number printed. I reached a customer service representative who was able to activate the card anyway.

12. On 6/12/09 I attempted to make a purchase with the card, but apparently any use of a debit card requires a PIN number, which I did not have.

13. Also on 6/15/09, I called Saveology for help, read my card number to the customer service rep, and they told me that my PIN number would be right behind where the card was attached on the instruction sheet. I told them that no such PIN number was printed, so she transferred me to “Cardholder Services”, which is part of Private Network Communications, Inc.

14. After reading my card number to Robert, at Private Network Communications, told me that my card actually did not have a PIN number, and needs to be used as a Credit Card, as opposed to a Debit Card. When I explained to Robert that my card has “Debit” printed on it, and the instruction sheet indicates that I should have a PIN number, he apologized, but offered no explanation of what may have gone wrong.

15. Also on 6/15/09, I successfully made a $79 purchase using the Saveology card as a credit card.

16. On 6/16/09 I attempted to make a purchase using the remaining balance on the card. I attempted to make the $21 purchase using the card first as a credit card, then as a debit card. Both times, the card was rejected.

17. On 6/17/09, I spoke to Jenel at Saveology and explained that the previous representative that I spoke to transferred me to Cardholder Services in an attempt to help resolve the issue of my remaining balance, but I cannot reach anyone there because the automated menu requires a PIN number, which, in my case, I do not have. Jenel told me that there was nothing that she could do because Cardholder Services is handled by an entirely different company.

18. Also on 6/17/09, I called Saveology again, and reached Casandra. I explained my dilemma about the remaining balance on my card, as well as the fact that I do not have a PIN number. Casandra was able to provide me with a different phone number for Cardholder Services which does not require a PIN number.

19. Also on 6/17/09, unable to reach anyone in person, I left a voicemail for XXXXX XXXXX (spelling?) at Private Network Communications, using the phone number given to me by Casandra. In my message, I explained the issue about the remaining balance on my card, and asked her to call me.

20. On 6/18/09, I left a second voicemail for XXXXX XXXXX at Private Network Communications, asking her to call me. I tried to reach Ms. XXXX five different times by phone between 6/17/09 & 6/18/09.

21. Also on 6/18/09, at a store, I was able to determine that there was actually only $14.50 remaining on my card, and that was why the $21 purchase had been rejected.

22. After all this work to obtain my “gift card” and to actually get it working, Time Warner/Saveology/Private Network Communications had only given me a $93.50 “gift card”, not the $100 actually promised.

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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-18:
Kinda like DirecTV with their current promotion...sign up your friends, give them your a/c #, you get 100.00 and they get 100.00...watch the Benjamins pile up...yeah right!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-06-18:
You are definitely a persistant person, and good on you too. How many people would have just given up, and HAVE just given up?

I think in general the America public is tired of being taken for a ride for rebates...good review.
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The Worst Company I've Ever Dealt With
Posted by Dlnguyen on 05/06/2008
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- I had previously had trouble with Time Warner before when I was a cable customer. I canceled my service, and because of their practice of billing for the coming month, they still owed me money for one month. They sent it to my old address, and I had to call numerous times to get my address successfully changed. 2.5 years later, I still have not received my refund. In fact, they no longer have a record of my account.

In Jan 08, I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend, and our only option for DSL was Time Warner, unless we got a land line. I decided to give them another chance. Their internet connection was so bad that I couldn't pick up the signal even though I was right next to the modem. My computer picked up our neighbor's unsecured network, but not our own network that we were paying $45 a month for.

We cut off our service that month, and they assured us that we would be getting a refund because of the forward-billing that they do. Instead of getting a check, every month I kept getting a new bill with a growing balance. Each month, I would have to call them and speak to an idiotic customer service representative who did not know what was going on. They would try to convince me that I did not in fact cut off my service, and that I still owe them money. I would have to point out to them that it was not possible for me to be a customer when I returned my modem months ago. At this point, I would hear an "Oh, let me talk to my supervisor." The customer service agent would come back on after putting me on hold, tell me it was their mistake, and they would cut off my service immediately, and I should no longer get a bill. Each time I would fall for it because I believed that it should not take a company numerous tries to shut off service to one customer. But then each month, I would come home to a growing bill.

The second to last person I talked to actually looked through my account and said once again that I never cut off my service. All the calls that I had made before were logged down as "bill inquiry" and "general programming". When I once again pointed out that I returned my modem in January, he "talked to his supervisor" and offered me a $40 credit to my bill, which was a ridiculous offer because Time Warner is the one who owes ME money, not the other way around. I said that I could not accept that offer, after which he talked to his supervisor again, and agreed to wipe my balance clean. At this point, I was willing to accept a loss because I do not ever want to deal with this company again. This is of course conditional on the fact that they would finally shut off my service. I wanted to talk to his supervisor, and was put on hold, at which point I was hung up on.

I had to call back again, and go through the whole process again, and finally got someone who said that all the previous customer service reps had tried to cut off my service online, when they actually needed to send someone to my apartment to cut off the cable manually. He promised that it will not happen again, but we will see next month if I get another bill or not.

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Posted by beanbagbritches on 2008-05-10:
You may want to take your receipt, showing where you returned your modem, to your local TWC office & have everything handled at once. Here's hoping your billing issues get resolved soon.
Posted by i_hate_time_warner on 2009-01-08:
Funny, I literally just got off the phone with this useless company for the same reason! I had cancelled service back in March 08, and was owed $ but to date, have not received anything. I made multiple calls, just like you, and was given the same run-around song and dance.. "oh, we apologize and a check will be sent to your forwarding address on file with us, although it will take 4-6 weeks to process". Mind you, I was stupid enough to go with them again at my new residence, and they can cash my checks in 2 days!

The previous time I called them in December 08, I was given a confirmation number to reference the status of them repaying me the $, but lo and behold, today when I called and gave the representative the confirm number, it was not found!!! I mean, did the last rep just make some number up to make me think that progress will actually be made this time around? I hate this company with a passion. Thinking of cancelling my current service but then, I'd definitely get jerked on getting the $ due me AGAIN.
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Service / Connection
Posted by Ogre on 10/10/2007
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Time Warner is by far the WORST cable company I have ever dealt with. The amount of problems with internet and cable connections, service, installment, and 24 hour telephone assistance is UNREAL!!!!! I have called about a problem with my internet connection, and they told me their system was having problems. How can we depend on service, when the company itself can't even run their own system. This has happened several times. this company is incompetent, and needs to be destroyed.

Time Warner is a worthless, useless waste of time. And possibly having the worst service of any company in the history of the United States.

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Posted by almaV on 2007-10-15:
There are so many words I would like to say, which would probably get my comment deleted.

But the edited version is this. HOW IN THE WORLD IS TIME WARNER STILL IN BUSINESS. Sporadic and slow internet service, USELESS Customer Service!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to wait over three hours four call back's because i got "disconnected" this weekend. I'm pulling my hair out in frustration because there is no other choice for Broadband. I'm trying desperatly to convince my husband to move to a VERIZON area (My whole family lives in a VERIZON area and they LOVE VERIZON) I think I almost have him convinced.

I'm a pretty patient person but I swear if there's another outage, another anything I'm egging the Time Warner Office!!!!!! Not really but I can fantasize about it...
Posted by llb34 on 2007-10-31:
Posted by i_hate_time_warner on 2008-09-29:
Its because these jerks are a monopoly for the most part so they do what they want.. like withhold credit due to a customer for 6 months for a closed account when i moved (only $37)... stupid me, i actually had no choice but to go with time warner at my new place, and let me tell you.. they do at least one thing well and efficient.. CASH YOUR CHECKS! i literally would mail my check on a Monday, they check would clear by Wednesday. But no, these idiots keep telling me it takes 6-8 weeks to process a credit to an account and cut the check.. what, are they using stone tablets and a hammer and chisel, ala flintstones style??? unbelievable.. i agree, time warner needs to be destroyed.
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false advertising!
Posted by on 06/24/2002
SANANTONIO, TEXAS -- I am very upset at Time Warner in San Antonio. It appears they do not honor their committments. I called on the 15 June with a service problem and was scheduled an appointment between 8-12 am. The support rep stated clearly that it if the tech is not at my house the account would be credited $20. Well the tech did not show up so I called Road runner at about 12:30 and complained. They said he could be out in an hour or so since I am the next one on the list but since I had a doctors appointment ( 100% disabled) I could not be there in the afternoon. They said my account would be credited. So I schedule another appointment for 24 June between 8-12. Sure enough the tech was late, not arriving until 12:20 hours. He changed a cable out side and put a new splitter in the attic. He said I shouldn't have any more problems and as he went out the door he left no work order or anything, other than the physical items he installed. So I call Time Warner in San Antonio and talked to billing rep named Lisa. She was rude and put me on hold for over 15 minutes. She said they would credit me for the 24 June, but not the 18 June. I told her this not correct and violation of their policy. She said they no longer have a record of my appointment. So I talk to the guy in the tech department and he remembers me. Looked at the charts and admitted that they screwed up. Mentioned that he could credit me for about 10 days non usage since they screwed up. I told him that is not acceptable and I wanted the money that was guaranteed. I can not believe Time Warner could engage in such poor business practices and not honor their promised and guarantees. If I do not resolve this issue by this afternoon I will contacting the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General's Office, and file a disability discrimination complaint. Those reps appear to think it is funny putting people on hold and disconnecting them, well I don't!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-06-24:
I'll be frank. You will be 100% wasting your time with any BBB or Attorney General contact. These organizations are not looking to deal with these kind of complaints.They will do the obligatory paper shuffle between you and the cable company, but they are there to protect outright fraud and could care less about this credit dispute. All you may do is tee off the cable company. Then you will see what bad service is.
Posted by synnep on 2004-11-20:
Next one on the list? LOL My husband works for TWC as well as myself. There is not a "next on list or within an hour". There is no way to judge how long one trouble call will take.
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-05-10:
If the tech isn't there on time, call for your credit. Otherwise, you will lose out on the $20 guarantee. Trust me.
Posted by Gonendunit on 2008-09-03:
The FCC informed me that complaints about Time Warner in Texas should be directed to their local franchising authority. Time Warner WILL NOT give you this information. I tried repeatedly and all I got was refusals and false information. I finally wrote to my State Representative and found that it is the TEXAS PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION. They have formal complaint forms. Use one... I sure did. Maybe if enough of us complain something might get done. Time Warner sorely needs a reality check.
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