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The Worst Company I Have EVER Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I have done business with many companies in my life, but never had as bad an experience as I have had with T-mobile. Back in November of 2011 my husband purchased a USB Broadband 'stick' for Wifi access from T-mobile. We used the plan that you pay as you go month-to-month. From the beginning, it was too slow. My husband would have to call them continuously to have them check into it. It was not the speed they advertised. (It was hardly better than the dial up we used to have). After endless calls, they would fix it and the speed would be better. But then it would get slow again after a short time online.

This went on for the entire year until Sandy hit New York in October of 2012. Our service became very erratic and spotty. Within a few days, in early November, we lost internet access completely. Then the real trouble started. Apparently, the storm knocked something out and they did not know how to fix it and their explanations became more and more bizarre.

We got varying stories from them. It ranged from the problem being a flood, to it being a fire, to not knowing what the problem was, to it being a problem with our USB 'stick' (they said the stick was not registering on the network and we needed a new Sim card), to them having to repair an antenna, to having to build new antennas, and finally, that we had service but were just not using the system correctly, or that our operating system was not compatible (this was after a year of having service and using the system properly, and my husband is a computer specialist).

They promised to reimburse us for the 30 days we paid for and could not use. Then they issued an additional credit. They told us to go to the northern Bronx 20 miles away for a signal, but we could not get a signal there. When we told them this, they said to go to Connecticut!! Can you imagine that we were paying for wifi access in our home and they were telling us we needed to go out of state for a signal. We did go to the Bronx, but we decided Northern Connecticut (a three hour drive) is just too much for computer access. So our dead computer continued.

As if this wasn't bad enough, each time we called, they set up a ticket for our problem, and we found out that these tickets were disappearing from the system, so each time we called, we had to explain all over again the long list of problems to a new representative. Since we could not use our own time, and certainly not the additional time they had "credited" to us, we finally asked for a refund.

Apparently, there is an even more insidious system when you are asking for your money back. We spoke to so many people it was mind-boggling. After switching us from person to person, each time it was switched, it became more garbled. When I got my landline back it was the same thing, so it was not my cell phone. The voices, once transferred, were garbled and unintelligible, and some were rude, seeming to take delight in our frustration and pleas for help. You would repeat your problem and account number over and over and they would invariably reverse the numbers or say they did not hear or understand you.

Meanwhile, you could hear very little of what they were saying until you could hear absolutely nothing. At the end of it all, they would switch us one last time, which then disconnected completely and with no options but to call back and go through the whole thing again. They knew most people would get frustrated and give up, which is what they were counting on.

We had also complained about the stick a while ago so when this occurred, they told us we had to go to a T-Mobile store, which we did. They checked it out and said (of course) that it was fine. When they started to say that we had access when we did not, we invited a T-mobile technician to our home so that they could see for themselves that there was absolutely no access. They refused. My last call was yesterday. The same exact drill. No refunds are given.

Then, "OK, we will issue you a refund but you have to speak to a "refund specialist" - an ** on the other end of the line that gets paid to give you as much grief as possible. And then to another "refund specialist" and then another. Each time you transfer, the connection is worse than the previous until neither you nor the person at the other end can hear a thing. And then you are disconnected.

I am mad at myself for wasting so much time with them. I have now gone to the Attorney General for my state and to the credit card companies. Do NOT look for a solution with this company. You should report them to as many agencies as possible until this consumer fraud is exposed and they are made to pay for all they are doing to customers.

Ps. when we went to them a few weeks ago for a refund of the USB stick (since they off and on said it was the problem) they refused, saying that we purchased it in October 2011 and was out of warranty. That was a lie, and we verified with our credit card company that we made the charge on November 2011 (and received it three days later). We were still under warranty, but they refused to acknowledge it and said we charged it in October, 2011.

They are not only incredibly deceitful, but also incredibly stupid, since the date of purchase can so easily be verified by the credit card company. I am sure there were other things I have not mentioned, but this is the gist of it. If you value your money and your sanity, stay away from T-Mobile.

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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- Account Number **. Phone Number **. My Contact number is **. Primary Account Holder is **... to speak on the account is.. **....** has the **, the number in question to be turn off. In July of 2011, I was paying my bill by phone. The customer service told me about a new family plan that would save money, so I changed over. He told me everything that I already had would just roll over to the new plan.

From the beginning there were a lot of mistakes on his part. I made so many calls back to T-Mobile, because my phone wasn't working. I had lost my text messages as well as my picture texting. He had made such a big mess out of everything. Then as he repair the 918--number the problems begin with the 520. She wasn't able to text, he also made my broadband stick for my Internet phone line where my Internet wasn't working for weeks.

I called T-Mobile every day or two, to fix the problem. If that wasn't enough mistakes, when my bill came, it was over 9,00 dollars because of the mess up and had me paying all types of things. If you would just read back through all of the notes on the account please, it would indeed enlighten you.

Now I was told I could drop off ** line in April. Now when I just called them, it's July 2013. She no longer needs the phone. She had the phone because she was going to college out of state, but due to family matters she had to return back to California ASAP.

I can't understand why I've been done in the matter. I have been a very faithful customer. I don't feel I should have to pay to have the line turn off. I didn't make the mistake. You don't have very smart people working there, if they're giving us the wrong information just to make points. If you have any questions for me you can reach me at **.

I would like to stay on with T-Mobile, but not if I'm not treated with the respect I deserve.

Worst Company Ever! This Is a Big Scam! It Is Not T-Mobile!
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Rating: 1/51

One day this sales person ** comes to my office and says he is working for T-mobile and he offered us a good deal on five lines. We were hesitant at first and we asked him a lot of questions, but he gave us answers we wanted to hear (later I found out he was lying). He said we would have 14 days to try the phones and service and if we didn't like it, we could return them at no charge. He also promised to have out cancellation fees from AT&T waved. So we signed up. And that is when the nightmare started.

** said we would receive the phones in 2 day and we got them in 10 days. Then it took them one week to port our old numbers to these lines, and by the time we could actually use the phones, we were already beyond that 14 day risk-free period. He also lied to us that we can use wi-fi calling with this phones, but it turned out the Iphone5 didn't have that feature.

So one of the people decided to cancel his line and called the customer service (we were given a specific phone number to call with questions and concerns and were told not to call T-mobile directly). They said it will be a fee of $600 dollars. We asked them if we could avoid the fee if we ported that number back to AT&T and get a replacement number for that line from T-mobile. They said we wouldn't get a fee. A week later I got a bill for $400 dollars for Breach of contract.

When I called them, I was transferred to the collection department manager **. He was very rude and unhelpful and he asked me to give him specific details like the name of the person I spoke to last time and the date. I didn't remember that and he said if I was calling with accusations then I should have known that information. Not to mention he was raising his voice to me. I asked him if he could listen to the recorded conversations and he said: "I will not do that, because they are a lot of conversations".

The other problem we had was with the cancellation fees with AT&T. As I mentioned before we were promised to be reimbursed for them, so I sent them by AT&T bill that showed fees for $750 dollars. Then I called customer service to make sure I will be credited for that amount. They told me they have a limit, so I'll only get $600 dollars but I have to wait 4 months for that.

Then I spent like 45 min arguing with an agent about that and then he transferred me to a manager. He was pretending that he was checking something on my account, so another 50 minutes later he said "we can't do anything, call T-mobile". And that is when I realized that they were not T-mobile. They are an independent company that only finds customers for T-mobile and they don't know what customer service is. They don't care if you will cancel the service, because they will charge you $600 dollars.

Rob You Blind!
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I called to try to upgrade a phone line to the Galaxy S 4g phone for my daughter's phone for free. A representative informed me that there would be a cost of over $150 on an upgrade of that line but that I had another phone line they could upgrade without the fee and that they could get me an rebate of a month's service if I went ahead and agreed to 2 years contract on all 5 of my phone lines. I made the representatives know that this phone would be used on my daughter's line not on the line that they were actually upgrading.

Then I also ordered a new line again telling the representative how the phone (another Galaxy S 4g) would be used on a different line as the new line would be for my elderly Mother that wouldn't have a need for the technology this phone had to offer. They were very friendly on this call. Two days later I called to see about transferring the web on my line to my son's line. I was informed the price would increase as my line was grandfathered in and so even though it was the same account they were not able to allow the same service to a different line on my account.

Today when the phones were to arrive I called to have the web services transferred to the lines I needed them on for the new phones and I was informed that those services would have to be on the lines for which the new phones were ordered, which were lines that were not going to be using the services.

So I then told them that I would cancel my daughter's line and transfer her number to the one upgraded as she would like to keep the number she has had since we started with T-mobile over 5 years ago, the representative stated that I had agreed to a 2 year lock on all 5 of my lines by a rebate of the amount of less than one month's service and so I wouldn't be able to switch the phones and services as needed but offered to add web to my daughter's existing line.

Meaning that 4 of 5 of my lines would all have web with only 2 using the service as well as the cost adding a minimum of an additional $15 per line as only old phones support the $10 a month web and for the $15 you only got 2 mb of usage and if you went over there were steep charges so I would need to monitor her usage or pay the price.

I ended up telling her I wanted to cancel everything and I would send back the phones in which again I was informed that until they receive the phones I was still under contract and billings remain in place. I will be rejecting the delivery today when they arrive at my home and will be cancelling all my lines as soon as they are up by contract by the end of this year.

Be careful as they are sneaking in the 2 year contract by giving you a reduction in your bill by $5 a month or as a rebate when there is a cost associated with a new phone. I believe this is to bring as many T-mobile customers over to AT&T when they sell out in December. VERIZON HERE I COME!!!

WARNING: Do not trust the Sales People!
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I have been with T-Mobile since I've had a cell phone, probably about 11 years now. What I've experienced when dealing with the customer service is scary to say the least. EVERY TIME I've ever renewed a plan the representatives have lied to me about what exactly I am getting. It's quite amazing the number of times they've done this. They will tell you a number of things to rope you in to renew or sign up for new plans. In the past I've been given what I thought were set plans, set monthly charges, the list goes on. Every time I go through the motions I always find out that I have been schemed.

When my last 2 year agreement finally ended I felt it was time to play hard ball. I told them that under no circumstances would I agree to lock myself into another one their policies. So they offered to keep me on regardless, on what I was made to believe were my terms. They said my monthly fees were going to be lowered by about $15 and that I was getting a number of additional services. I asked the service representative over and over to confirm the services and fees which he did reassuringly at least ten times on the 40 min plus call. Though he would not give me a confirmation number which should have raised some red flags.

After the call ended, I made sure to call right back to confirm the new plan and of course 90% of what the representative told me was a straight out lie. The new representative told me he never heard of such plans and it ended up that they also added a data fee that I had no interest in which I would have been charged an additional $20 each month if I didn't catch it that day. My monthly statement only went down $3 and my services were cut in half!!! There was no way to get in touch with the representative who promised me the moon and I was written off once again. Luckily this time I'm not locked into anything so I could finally just split and go with another provider.

They have continually done this to me in the past. They promise one plan and lock you into another and there is NOTHING you could do about it until the 2 year term is up. The best bet in dealing with T-Mobile is to record all phone conversations when negotiating a contract. This way you have proof. I know it's a headache but it is so worth your time when considering the pitfalls of dealing with these corrupt sales people. This has happened to me three times, don't fall victim to the same schemes. These guys really suck.

T-Mobile Indifferent to Jeopardizing Senior Citizens by Forcing Internet Transactions as Only Choice
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Rating: 1/51

ACROSS AMERICA, WASHINGTON -- I have been a loyal customer with T-Mobile for just short of a decade. Recently, I had a problem and T-Mobile followed up with a phone call to review their service and to garner feedback if it was satisfactory. My biggest mistake was participating.

The representative took the opportunity to pull a fast one. When I mentioned that I had never got anything from T-Mobile, not so much as a free phone during my contract time and I was fed up with the service. She said she would arrange a loyalty reward of a discounted phone as they would hate to lose me. HA HA. It ended up with one of T-Mobile reps calling a secondary phone I pay for a family member, and leaving a voice mail which compromised my personal information. Did T-Mobile care, NO!!

My account was to be adjusted to lower my payments on a newer and better plan and I added another line. I was offered a 25% discount on a new phone as well. At the end of three separate 1 hour conversations, only then was I told that she needed my email address in order to finalize the changes. Now in more than 10 years I have not given T-Mobile an email address, all changes were always done over the phone. However, this time she insisted that she had to have an email address to make any transaction to my account. I knew this was not true.

As a senior citizen who has had a major problem with identity theft, and been the victim of scams, I told her I did not use the internet, and I would prefer to go into one of her outlets, provide my ID and that way give confirmation that I authorized the changes. She said it could not work that way. I sad that it was sad T-Mobile is forcing senior citizens (I am almost 80 years old), to compromise their security. I had already told her of some of the problems I suffered with identity theft, even before she asked for my email address.

Now T-Mobile will say that they have one of the most secure systems, so did the bank that screwed up causing the identity theft and thousands of stolen dollars. I explained that though T-Mobile may be secure, my computer and email would be the weak link, and I was not willing to risk that. She said she could not help me.

But then a few days later I got a text saying the changes had been made to my account. So I called, curious to know how that could occur. I was told that only part of the changes had been made, my plan had been partially changed, but nothing had been done about sending out the new phone, or switching the line. Mind you, all of this was done simply by my word over the telephone.

My question was, if you can do part of the changes how come you could not do all of them? I felt bamboozled and said so. No one could give me a good answer why T-Mobile was insisting that they could change my account partly but not do the entire deal. The representative then hung up on me after talking down to me as if old age makes me an idiot. Her name is ** and she works in T-Mobile's loyalty department, and need I say she is the worse patronizing motor mouth one could ever have the misfortune to encounter. She was hollering through anything I tried to say, impolite, rude and far too full of her own crud.

My older son called on my behalf (he has permission to make changes to the account), however, this time he was not allowed. They insisted I had to call in with the last four digits of my social and everything would be done as it was already set up. However, once I called in, it was a different story.

The representative ** had added $27 dollars to the phone, and still insisted that I had to give an email address. She spoke to me as if I was begging them and that she was doing me a favor. I told her, I was not the one who raised the subject of the new phone, it was offered to me as a loyalty reward. She insisted the price had gone up (within 5 days). That T-Mobile was doing me a favor and she did not have to honor the discounted phone. In addition she also tried to sell me insurance on the phone.

I told her I was not interested in insurance, realizing she was looking to squeeze as much more money as she could out of me. She then returned to needing an email address to complete the deal, though she had said earlier in the conversation that she would waive it. That is when she hung up. I thought she would call back, but it was the next day, I got a call from my relative telling me about the message she had left on his phone with compromising details of my account.

Of course, no one would put me through to a manager or supervisor to file a complaint, and from what was read to me in the notes ** wrote, she made it sound as if I was a crazy old woman trying to make T-Mobile give me a discounted phone. That I'd asked for a discounted phone'. Not even bothering to mention it was offered to me. Though the representative who read **'s notes to me said it was against company policy for any representative to contact anyone but the primary party on the account, or leave messages that could compromise financial and private information, I still never got to speak with a manager or supervisor to make this report directly.

T-Mobile no longer calls me since then to check on the quality of service either, effectively wiping out any change I could make a complaint. My account is still extra high as they reverted it back to the original plan where I pay for any pictures or images sent per item. My blood pressure rose so high from all of this stress, that I could not manage the switch I had planned, to rid myself of T-Mobile. So I wound up paying for another month.

It has been the most stressful and nasty experience. T-Mobile has no respect for senior citizens and makes no provision or allowances for their needs. Rather, the rude ** females like ** are allowed to jeopardize our safety and violate our privacy with no consequences. If someone like this ** could be in T-Mobile's loyalty department and get away with treating a loyal customer and senior citizen so poorly, this company needs to be out of business.

This country really needs more competition in the mobile department. Legally, senior citizens should not be forced to conduct business via the internet. There are a million reasons why. If T-Mobile really wanted to improve its service it should seriously look into feedback like mine and provide proper choices to seniors.

Misrepresentation of phone prices in stores
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Rating: 2/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- T-Mobile has been difficult to work with through customer service for any resolution. I went into the store when my contract was expiring on November 23, 2011. I had information with me from Verizon with their plans and fees for an iPhone to compare to the smartphones and plans at T-Mobile. I am a single mother of two special needs children, so our budget is very important for our family and I needed to consider value.

The customer service person told me that I should renew because the phones were the same price... Verizon offers the iPhone at 199.99 with a 2 year contract, and the T-Mobile representative said their HTC Sensation would be 199.99 and the plan would be much cheaper than Verizon per month as well. I resigned with him for another 2 year contract in store.

Now, I received a bill stating payment "3 of 21 for $15". I called T-Mobile customer service to explain there is a mistake and that I purchased a phone for $199.99 with a 2 year contract renewal. The representative told me that the phones are $499.99 and that I paid in store a "down payment of $199.99 and still owe $270 to payoff my phone at $15 per month via statement for 2 years". I was shocked! I would NEVER have invested $500 into a cellphone!

The representative told me to go back to my local store and see what they could do. I did so the following day and the employees were not helpful. They just said call customer service and stated that I bought the Sensation when it just came out and no one in the store actually knew the price of the phone!

They also showed me their bold price signs by each phone and said the $199.99 is a down payment NOT price of phone with 2 year contract. The price is very large and bold on the tags next to each phone, BUT very tiny print under each price says down payment, and in even finer print much lower on the tags, it states two plan options and the full retail price of the phone. BE SURE TO READ ALL THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU SIGN A CONTRACT!

I am appalled at T-Mobile for misleading advertising, sales and contracts. I would never have considered purchasing a phone for $499.99 anywhere. This was my first upgrade to a smartphone and data plan, so I came from a free Gravity 2 with my first T-Mobile 2 year contract at Costco in 2009. That was reasonable and HONESTLY EXPLAINED to me at the time of purchase. This renewal was underhanded, misleading and inappropriate. The T-Mobile attitude is no resolution and basically that the 2 year contract is signed and binding.

I will not renew with T-Mobile again based on this experience. They would charge me $200 to leave my contract now, so I am stuck for 18 months paying full retail price for a phone I was told was "199.99 with my renewed 2 year contract just like Verizon"... NOT TRUE!

I would rather pay more at Verizon for honest representation and upfront plans, than ever go through this again... I hope anyone looking for an economical break really compares the plans and reads the fine print before signing on or renewing with T-Mobile. Our family was definitely taken, and don't you think T-Mobile could or would remove the $270 balance on a misrepresented phone or downgrade our phone to one that fits our budget and IS what we asked for initially? Then, to add insult to injury, the customer service reps on phone and in store, were trying to add services which cost more per month to us!

From my experience, T-Mobile is all about the short-term sale not longevity with clients and customer satisfaction. Sad. I would like to take this problem higher up in T-Mobile so they realize they are losing good customers, and so this does not happen to others. I have always overpaid my monthly statements and been a great customer. There is no reason to mislead and treat customers with a cold shrug of the shoulders and a " too bad, you signed the contract" attitude with no recognition or resolution to the problem. Thanks.

Part 2: To add to this review, I would like to notify others that I contacted T-Mobile customer service AGAIN and spoke with a supervisor who suggested that I go back to the store where I purchased the phone/plan and speak with that store manager for my second visit to resolve this issue. I called and left a message because the store manager, **, was on another line. He never even had the courtesy to call back to resolve anything.

Next, I have to find a regional manager for help, and then up to the corporate level. The amount of time, frustration and energy it takes to reach a person who actually cares is unbelievable. This is all taking time away from my special needs children as well... all for a misrepresented phone. T-Mobile is not a good place for customer service from our family's experience. They back the legality of their contract, the sales employee and not the customer. Your needs are not their concern once you have signed on for another 2 years. You are stuck so be sure you know exactly what you are getting into and ALL THE FINE PRINT.

I was absolutely told by their salesman that my htc sensation phone would be "the same $199.99 as the Verizon iphone I was looking at plus a cheaper monthly plan..." Now, 3 months later, my discovery on my invoice that I was sold a full retail 499.99 phone on a payment plan is considered my fault! The phone supervisor said I should have called sooner and that I am out of my grace period, so he could not help.

So, I owe $270 on a phone and $200 to get out of a contract, or I am stuck with T-Mobile for another year and 9 months. What a great way to treat customers who always pay bills on time and have been most honorable! Buyers beware... No resolution in sight to date for us. :(

Horrified & Held Hostage by T-Mobile
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- At approximately 12:40pm, I spoke with a customer service representative named ** (whom I could not clearly understand due to his accent) when I explain what was promised to me from store #7704 manager **. He put me on hold (did GOD only knows what) but returned to the phone stating that he notice that a reduction in the migration fee was to occur but he could not do it because the account notes were inadequate.

** stated that there was not enough information noted in the account and I must return to the store for the promised to be honored. Because I could not believe what I was hearing and thought maybe I was not clear, I requested to speak with a supervisor. I was place on hold again for approximately 6-minutes. Finally at approximately 12:59pm Supervisor ** came to the phone and repeated, I must return to the store if I wanted the reduction in the migration fee!

Supervisor ** spoke with me and his accent was no better than **'s but we managed through the call. He repeated what ** stated – return to the store if I want the promised reduction in the migration fee! I did not understand why he could not assist me! Even when I explained that I am a long time customer of T-Mobile and he should be able to contact the store and clear up the matter. Supervisor ** told me NO! I must do it myself.

Please know, at this point, I am very frustrated because it is Sunday afternoon which is family time in my home. I have four children, two of which are toddlers; the others are teenagers who have commitments for school thus could not babysit. Therefore, I had to locate a babysitter and drive approximately 30 minute from my home back to T-Mobile Store #7704…This is when the situation goes from bad to absolutely horrifying - I was held captive in store# 7704 for approximately 1-hour and 10-minutes!!

I arrived at the store at approximately 2:03pm, I am sure you are aware that the stores have camera's thus this can be verified by checking the store cameras. I spoke with ** (store clerk) about the lie customer service representative ** then supervisor ** had told me about the account notes were inadequate and the migration reduction could only be given by the store! Well, ** went into the account and read all the information with the representative's name that authorized the reduction. Now I am even more upset!

When I inquire about ** (store manager) I am informed he is off but should be in sometime Monday but unsure of the exact time. This upsets me more and I request a full refund of the all items purchased in the store. ** tells me well he would need to speak with ** and proceeds to call him. I could only hear one side of the conversation which was-- she is upset and wants to return all items including the phone (which was paid in full).

Then ** tells me the only compensation ** could offer me was $20 for my inconvenience but the store does not bear any responsibility in customer service errors. I explained I do not care and I want a full refund! This is when the situation goes from a few minutes delay to 1-hour and 10 minutes detainment!! Justin calls back to ** and states she wants a refund and I do not know how to do a refund...

After sitting and standing there in the store (which the cameras will show) for over 1-hour, several calls to ** (who had promised to come into the store but NEVER appeared), another store representative (**) started the refund process which ** cancels and sends ** to take care of other customers, ** eventually process the refund but it's incorrect, again after 1-hour and 10-minutes finally I receive my full refund! Then I am released to leave with my funds and copies (which I had to request) of all documents!

This horrifying experience of being lied to by customer service, being held hostage by store# 7704 representative ** at the request of store manager **, the additional expense of babysitting and finally being denied my family time is absolutely horrifying!!

My family and I have been T-Mobile customers between 9-11 years and have spent on average for approximately 5-years $200 per month. This horrifying seizure/detainment was unnecessary and illegal! If this is how T-Mobile treats long term customers of 11-year then I am very terrified to experience treatment at 15 years! I can take my business to another company that will appreciate and respect my business and honor requests in a reasonable timely manner!

Considering this exploitation and hostile behavior, I am due compensation and an apology! Therefore, I am requesting that T-Mobile simply waive the monthly charges of $408.87, conduct an investigation, and provide me with an apology immediately!

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I have been interested in upgrading my Blackberry since last year. I opted to wait for the new Z10. I signed up for updates and patiently waited. During the wait I became impatient and frustrated. I called customer service and was offered a Note II at a great price. When I agreed and tried to purchase it like all my other phones. I was told I now had to pay full price and could not do what I had done before. I call back a couple of weeks later to purchase the phone and now the phone is out of stock.

Last week I'm at a BestBuy and see the new Z10 and a Blackberry representative She explains it's the nationwide release that everyone should have it. That she'd be more than happy to sell me a phone through AT&T. I tell her no thanks, going to stick with T-Mobile. I go to your store, and once again you don't have it. I call customer service a couple days later, and again you don't have it.

On March 26th I get an email saying phone is available. I call customer service and ask if it's online only, or also in stores. "**" says stores and that she will be glad to check. We pick a corporate store and she calls for me to check stock, at your Dadeland Mall store ( Dadeland Mall (1301) 7535 DADELAND MALL STE K4050 MIAMI, FL 33156. 305-668-0050).

She calls me back and says she spoke to store, and they have them in stock. I change my schedule around and head to the store immediately. When I get there, two reps attempt to help me. Young guy checks my account and calls girl over, who claims to be the manager. Neither one of them decide to give me their names, neither one of them was wearing a name tag.

They both go on to ask me who called me? When I tell them no one called, I called customer service. They proceed to tell me that the stock they have is for "their customers" and they cannot be selling phones to other stores. I explain I'm not from another store, that I called customer service, and last I checked I was a their customer. Manager says "they didn't speak to me" I go on tell them to look at my account and the tenure. That I've been a customer for over 10.5 years.

Apparently that meant absolutely nothing to them, and I am told they "cannot sell me a phone, because I'm not on their preferred list." I become irate and tell them that was BS and ridiculous. When I ask for the manager's card, she gives me a blank generic store card and refuses to give me her name. I call customer service and specifically tell the representative that I was livid and would do my best to contain my anger and not use every expletive I could think of. I slip one word in and she tells me she understands but to keep calm. Looks at the notes, and ask me for info on the store.

She agrees with me, what I was told was ridiculous. That if customer service sends a customer to a store, they should be able to sell me a phone. Puts me on hold and calls the store. When she comes back on, she now has "**" on the line. He says "it was ridiculous to turn me away, just come back to the store and he will take care of it." Now all of the sudden, they can sell me a phone? I slip another expletive (**). That I was not going to do that.

At this point because of their inadequacies, I had wasted two hours of my day, and as a consultant that gets paid by the hour. I had now lost more than what two phones cost me. That I should have been sold a phone when I was there, not given some excuse that "I was not on their preferred list" "**" goes on to tell the representative on the phone, "just hang up on him".

At this point I become even angrier because I cannot believe his audacity. Where has your customer service gone to? I hang up on the representative to gain my composure. Few minutes later I call back your support to get names of the reps and your representative once again gives me the run around. I am beyond disgusted. Is this how a loyal customer with such tenure gets treated? This entire incident was a complete lack of respect for my time, and years spent with the company.

Lied to Get Me to Sign 2 Year Contract. Sending a Booster Then Canceled Order. I'm Stuck!
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I am begging for help! I'm sorry about the length of this and I'm hoping someone can help and tell me how to deal with T-Mobile. I've been a loyal customer for several years and I had wonderful cell service until June 2011 when I moved and service was non-existent.

I could not make calls inside my home, use the internet or send a text message. All phone calls had to make while standing outside by the street often in the rain or snow or in the heat. The first time I called I was told they would test the signal and asked me to go inside. I told them the call would drop if I walk inside. I walked in and the call dropped. I went outside so they could call back. This went back and forth several times.

My next phone call I was rudely told T-Mobile doesn't guarantee I will get service inside my home. I have a child that is home alone and I had several instances where he needed to contact me and could not. I got him a phone for this reason so he could reach me in an emergency. My son has several months with zero usage and my phone usually less than 100 minutes, maybe a 100 text and some internet service. None of these in my house. I complained a couple time but was treated poorly each time and being told they don't promise service will work. I let it go because I knew I was within my 2 years of the contract and would get out then.

On September 11, 2012 I called to cancel my contract and request information on porting my cell phone numbers to another company because thankfully my contract was up. I spoke with ** about porting my number and we talked about how bad the service had been in my home.

He proceeded to convince me to let your company send me a booster. I declined. He kept telling me give it a chance because if I didn't like it or it didn't work I would send it back within 20 days and the contract was void. More than once I told him I don't want to do this and I was a little upset the reps on all the previous calls treated me poorly and essentially said “read your contract, we don't promise our service will work in certain locations.”

He said he understood and apologized for the calls with other people. I told him I want to make 100% sure before I agree to do business with T-mobile again that I can get out of the contract because I am not paying over $125 a month for two phone lines that I can't use at my home. He assured me this would be the case. He made me go through the phone prompts agreeing to a contract. I assume (or assumed) the rest of our conversation was also recorded??

The next day I got an email saying the booster was canceled. I immediately and was told it wouldn't work where I live and will block neighbor's signals. I immediately called about the booster and they said because I also told ** there was a something between the walls separating my town-home and my neighbors when it was actually just walls separating the units. I was locked into another two years of unusable service. There is a garage on one side and something between the walls on the other side which is why the booster order was canceled. I'm sorry this probably doesn't make much sense.

After a tearful night and realizing I must me the stupidest person on the planet to get screwed over by T-mobile I got furious. Hopefully they give ** a big raise. He earned it. As I work in a customer service and am appalled at the sleazy way they do business. Is there anything I can do? I ported my numbers to another company and cannot afford to pay the termination fee and cannot afford to have a big ding on my credit, more important I REFUSE to give them a dime. I feel tricked and ashamed that I was so dumb to get duped like this.

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