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, Editor | Updated November 12, 2018

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Posted on 12/04/2015

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- T-Mobile is the only company that made me want to write a review so bad. Sales people are trained to lie. Phone promo with no pay guarantee is a pure scam since they won't accept the return even within the 14 day guarantee. Customer service is disorganized, untrained to handle situations as evidenced by countless transfers, lots of calls, and endless explanation to get to the right person. It seems like they're trained to not believe you when you tell them you want to talk to someone in a particular department. Too much inconvenience to deal with for a very spotty coverage, very limited "unlimited" data, and the slowest server I've experienced.

Posted on 11/06/2015

I have been a customer of T-Mobile for over 9 years. I called a month ago to cancel service, because where I am moving to, there is no service. They turned my phone off the next day, but they are still billing me. I called customer service, and they said my phone was still active, but it was not. I was on a prepaid plan and had 4 days left in that billing cycle. Will never do business with them again.

Posted on 10/11/2015

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I wish I could give less than one star for this company. T-mobile is the worst experience I had. They charged me for no reason more than they should. They never said that I will be charged extra for any changes I made, they just charge as much as they want. Just received the bill of $255, for a single line. I called them and they said I made international calls. It's unbelievable. Bad customer service, no respect, no responsibility! I had a lot of issues with T-mobile for being charged more, for no reason. I am changing this phone company and I don't wanna hear about it. Never ever again!

Posted on 08/20/2015

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- My wife was a customer at Verizon and the bill was always very high. T-Mobile had this plan that they would pay you out of your contract to sign up with them (DON'T BELIEVE IT). She did and filled out the paperwork but was never told she had 60 days to return it. In the meantime, she had to go to the hospital. Now, Verizon is billing her for over a thousand dollars and T-Mobile refuses to pay, which they have the worst service available.

The company has no and I mean no integrity on their part to customers. RUN FROM THIS COMPANY if you know what is good for you. I'm not a big fan of Verizon, they are high in their service, but at least you have no problems in getting service. As I said, RUN FROM T-MOBILE!

Posted on 08/09/2015

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- CELL PHONE ACCOUNT THEFT - NOTHING T-MOBILE CAN DO. I had my identity stolen and my T-mobile account hacked and my phone was cloned. I changed the password multiple times and I was assured by them that the account could not be re-accessed without the password. The ID thief not only continued to access my phone and re clone it with a sim card but sometimes he did it in less than 10 minutes. This was a business line for me and I had it tied to many of my accounts and was important to me.

Finally after about the 5th time he stole my line I reluctantly canceled the line, only to find that the ID thief ported (moved the line) to his own account right out from under my account's nose. I don't understand how it' s legal to take somebody's phone line without their permission. T-mobile said that there is nothing they can do to get it back. This isn't just the loss of a line because they are now using my old phone line to try to take out new accounts and impersonate me to further make fraudulent charges in my name. This person obviously knows this system well and is a serial fraud. T-MOBILE CANNOT SECURE YOUR PHONE.

Posted on 08/05/2015

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Do not get T-mobile. They make things seem easy and guaranteed until something goes wrong within their system, where they then want you to pay for their mistakes! I have been a T-mobile customer for the last 2 years and paid them more than 300 dollars a month for my three lines. I had their jump upgrade program and attempted to use it to get the iPhone 6 plus that I have now, upgrading from the 5c. The upgrade they performed in November was not recorded as a jump plan, so they continued to bill me for a phone that I didn't have, on top of my other lines.

Come May of the following year, I found this out, so I called to have the issue resolved when I was told [it would] be taken care of and I'd be credited back for the money that I've spent on a phone that I didn't have. When I received my June, it was half of what it usually is and I was told the problem was solved. July I paid my bill as usual.

Now it is August, and I have a mysterious 200 dollar charge on top of my normal bill. I called to ask what this was and they are telling me it was a fault within their system when they credited my bill, the credit should've went to my "account." So they are saying I have to pay this amount or they will shut off my service. When I ask to speak to a manager, I am placed on hold and transferred to another colleague. I'm sick of their runaround and want nothing to do with them any longer. And when I tell them this, they threaten to bill me for all the phones on my plan, even if I ship them back to them. This is ridiculous. They want me to pay for their mistake!

Posted on 03/29/2015

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I went to a local T-Mobile store a week ago. My contract with AT&T was up and I was looking to switch because I wanted to try to save some money on cell service. They offered a plan that was a little bit cheaper but not by a whole lot. Anyways, I asked for the iPhone 6 plus and the women helping didn't want to go to the back and get me a new phone so she grabbed one off the shelf behind her. Little did I know, it was not the plus version, but still looked bigger than my previous iPhone 5. They set everything up and I went on my way.

I work for an HVAC company and do a lot of traveling all over the state. In that one week, I had more dropped calls, people that couldn't understand me and times Siri couldn't take any requests, that I have ever had. What kind of savings is $10-20 a month if you can't use the main features of the phone? I need good coverage because of how much I travel. When I discussed the issue with the manager of T-Mobile, he asked if I had data roaming turned on. I thought to myself, isn't that for when you're out of the country? Then he told me that he had AT&T but only because he was on a grandfathered plan that gave him unlimited data.

Ironically, T-Mobile has unlimited data and obviously gives discounts to their employees, so that statement sounded like pure BS. When I went to the AT&T store I spoke with someone who had previously worked for T-Mobile. Bottom line is, why get a top of the line phone with a ton of features, if you don't have the coverage to utilize them when you want to.

Not to bash T-Mobile but if you don't move around and generally stay in the same area they cover, you're ok. However if you want someone that is reliable all the way around, go to AT&T. I was sorry I ever left. Again, what is the point of saving a little money if you can't use the phone to it's full capabilities.... Sorry T-Mobile, I need good coverage!

Posted on 03/20/2015

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Everyone else that has Verizon, AT&T or Comcast can be standing in the same room as me and have a good connection signal and I will not. This happens often and in multiple areas. I am the only one who cannot connect to the internet or make phone calls. Additionally, numerous T-Mobile customers (including myself) are having difficulty receiving text messages where duplicates will be sent, text messages will come late or not at all. DO NOT USE T-MOBILE! THEY SHOULD NO LONGER BE IN BUSINESS!

Posted on 03/07/2015

DYER, INDIANA -- I purchased a defective USB cable from the Dyer, IN store and returned for a refund. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate my receipt but didn't expect any problems as the members of staff who sold me the product were there on my return visit. I also assumed that an international tech company like T-Mobile would still have a record of any recent transaction. The store manager, John ** was not only uncooperative and unaccommodating as he flat out refused to grant the refund, he was also egregiously rude and antagonistic. I managed to find my receipt and when I presented it he still refused to refund my $16.

He took great delight in showing off to his subordinates with his rudeness by telling me "I had my receipt all the time and just didn't feel like looking for it." He also told me he wasn't going to refund my money unless I said "please". As I was leaving he told me from now on I should shop somewhere else. Excellent advice actually that I absolutely follow. You should too, if respect, customer service and being treated like a human being matters to you. Apparently it doesn't to T-Mobile.

Posted on 01/25/2015

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I've been having billing problems with mobile since I decided to add another line. I was told it was $80 for two lines. Next thing I know the bill is $96 and some change. When I asked I was told it was fees and taxes. Why I wasn't informed by three different associates I had previously discussed with, I have no idea! Fast forward nine months later in looking up my bill to pay and it's $103!!

I called immediately (because I already had angst about the taxes and fees that were for some reason never mentioned) and was told by a completely useless representative that the secondary account holder who doesn't pay the bill or has access to make changes called T-Mobile and added 3gb more of web for $10 a month. I asked why I wasn't told and how he was able to make changes and the representative told me that all he knows is "only you can decide who has access to your account and can make changes". Ok I didn't make any changes so do you mean me singular or both of us plural? And he said "T-Mobile cannot change your billing without your permission".

This confused me to the highest level because I asked him if the account password was used and he said the person called from the secondary line to change it. I know because I made sure to state it to the associate who helped me at the store. Often times when I called customer service too I would ask. None of my questions were being answered so I had to hang up on him and call back to speak with someone with better English. I also noticed that the English spoken by these reps are often hard to understand making me believe the jobs are being outsourced.

The lady I finally spoke with said basically the 1gb that the secondary account holder was using finished and he was sent a promo to add 3gb more for $10 and he agreed. Please note this change was made with a party that didn't have access to change my billing and when it happened it was added to my bill and T-Mobile NEVER informed me of this change so I could cancel it immediately! How this happened is beyond belief and the representative is making me pay for it stating the 3gb was used so I have to pay. I will be shopping for a new cell phone company immediately.

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