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T-Mobile Review

, Editor | Updated November 12, 2018
My3cents Rating: 3.6/5.0

T-Mobile is a cell phone provider that offers voice, messaging, and data services through its network. It is the third largest wireless network in the United State and has more than 65 million customers.

Among consumers, T-Mobile plans are well known for their low costs and high data caps. T-Mobile family plans have also proven popular, letting large families save a lot of money by bundling their cell phone service together.

T-Mobile coverage is strong across the country, making it a good choice for the majority of Americans. If you like bonuses, T-Mobile is a good phone carrier to use. The company regularly gives special benefits to its customers. For example, T-Mobile subscribers can get free access to Netflix on their phones, TVs, and tablets.

If you want to know more about this popular wireless network, read on the see our full T-Mobile review for 2018.

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T-Mobile Plans and Cost

Most cell phone companies have a huge variety of plans and it can be very difficult to wrap your head around the nuances of each one. T-Mobile plans are very easy to understand. In fact, there’s really only one T-Mobile plan to explain with a few add-ons to consider.

T-Mobile Plans

T-Mobile’s flagship plan is its unlimited plan. You get unlimited talk, text, and data. No caps or limits to worry about. The only caveat is that once you use 50GB of data in a month (a huge amount for anyone but the most aggressive users), your internet access may be slowed down.

You can even use your unlimited texting and data when you’re abroad.

T-Mobile plans for seniors have the exact same features as the standard T-Mobile unlimited data plan, just at a lower cost.

T-Mobile One Plus is an add-on service that you can sign up for if you want to get more out of your phone plan.

T-Mobile One Plus offers the same features as the unlimited plan, with the following additions:

  • HD Streaming on your phone
  • 20GB of mobile hotspot data at 4G speeds for your laptop and tablet (unlimited 3G data)
  • Double the speed when you’re abroad
  • Free in-flight WiFi through Gogo WiFi
  • Voicemail to text transcription
  • Name ID for unknown callers

T-Mobile Costs

T-Mobile does its best to keep costs down. You can get the best deal when you bundle your service with other peoples’ service.

Number of lines Cost per line Total cost
1 $70 / month $70 / month
2 $60 / month $120 / month
3 $40 / month $120 / month
4 $35 / month $140 / month

Adding T-Mobile One Plus service costs $15 per line per month for each line unless you’re adding One Plus to every line on your 2+ person plan. In that scenario, the cost is just $10 per month.

Our Review: The Deep Dive

T-Mobile is a great, low-cost phone carrier that nearly everyone should consider.

T-Mobile Features

T-Mobile’s best feature is its unlimited data plan. Your data is truly unlimited. Even if you hit the 50GB prioritization cap, you can continue to use data, albeit at lower speeds. You’ll never be blocked from accessing the internet. T-Mobile add-ons like T-Mobile One Plus just add more benefits and T-Mobile deals like free Netflix just make the deal even sweet.

T-Mobile Coverage

T-Mobile’s coverage has improved significantly in the past few years. You can get great 4G service nearly anywhere in the United States. The company’s website even features a coverage map you can view to see where you’ll be covered.

T-Mobile Customer Service

T-Mobile’s customer service is known for being responsive and easy to work with. You’ll have little trouble getting help with a phone call or a tweet.

Cancelling T-Mobile

If for some reason, you want to cancel T-Mobile, it’s easy enough to do. Simply call T-Mobile’s support phone line or visit your local T-Mobile store. You don’t have to worry about high-pressure tactics to keep you subscribed.

T-Mobile Reviews

T-Mobile’s reviews from other reviewers, such as the Better Business Bureau and Yelp, are good. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like the company’s coverage or customer service.

Benefits: Truly unlimited phone plan that just gets cheaper as you add more people to your contract. Get regular freebies for being a customer.

Drawbacks: Service is expensive for people who don’t bundle service with friends or family.

The Bottom Line: T-Mobile provides great phone service and truly unlimited data. If you use your phone on a regular basis, it’s hard to go wrong with T-Mobile.

Consumer Reviews

Posted on 02/11/2020

My brand new iPhone 11 does Not work. It will not charge anywhere in my Apt but charges perfectly anywhere else. Most times I open my iPhone it is on camera and takes photos of me without any prompting from me. I have bought app 5 phones in the last 5 years and they have All been hacked. I was told this by several tech geniuses since 2016. I was told by 2 people that the Government threatened them if they would not help them spy on me. I have never been formally accused of anything and I have been told that what the Government is doing to me Is Against The Law!!!!

I just want the public to know that the Govn. Spies on us without warrants all the time. Apple iPhones are supposedly known for being safe & hack proof. They lied to us. Mine was bugged & hacked by the Govn. With the help of both Apple & T Mobile The Government has also bugged my apartment and car. They are the real criminals here. I just want you regular law abiding citizens & trusting consumers to know the phone companies (Apple & T Mobile especially) are lying and spying on you without a warrant.

Posted on 12/16/2018

EUGENE, OREGON -- I made the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile as to lower my bill. T-Mobile had wonderful customer service starting with my initial phone call. Got me set up and shipped everything to me, was hassle free. Due to life circumstances I had to move pretty quickly after starting my services, no problem! Except I had no service where I now lived, not even a peep. So I called, was again treated with wonderful service and they sent me a zone expander. It arrived in a timely fashion, and was easy to set up. However it didn't work for my area, so still had no service.

We are talking over a month of not being able to use to the service I was actively paying for. So I call again, lady is super nice and says, I can return all the equipment, and be compensated for the month I didn't have service. FANTASTIC! I really felt like they wanted to help! Although that meant I was leaving their services, I still highly recommended them to anybody who lived in town, and could use the services. Fast forward a few months I'm back with Verizon when I get a phone call from a collection agency saying I owe my final bill, before it hits my credit. (The one they were supposed to comp since I don't have service).

No biggy. Must of been a mistake. I'll call them and get it all sorted. 20+ phone calls later I get told that they can't pay it as it's no longer held with T-Mobile and is now in the collection agencies hands. WHAT! You mean to tell me you never once call about a balance? Send a bill? An email? Then send it to collections, even though you said you'd pay it!? Not a single person since this incident has been in any way helpful, all basically saying too bad so sad. Where is the follow through? The accountability? Anything? It really sucks because I did enjoy the customer service at first and had recommended them so highly. I had 3 of my friends switch over within 3 months. Never again T-Mobile, never again!

Posted on 07/31/2018

OHIO -- 8 days after buying a new phone the screen went black and when it come back on you could still hear alerts but could not get the screen to come back on so I called a representative and they told me no problem. The phone can be replaced and it should be covered. So they mailed me a new phone and I am return mailed back the phone to them. And then a few weeks later I noticed this extra $150 on my bill and I called to find out what it's about and it's because the phone had a crack in it so it's not covered.

I tried to explain to them that the phone did not have a crack in it when I mailed it to them and it's possible that it happened during shipment and they tell me that because there's no damage to the Box that they cannot say that the damage happened during shipment. So basically they're calling me a liar and then I sent them a damaged phone which I did not. There was no damage to the phone when I mailed it to them and now I have to pay for 2 phones when their phone stopped working after 8 days. I am completely disgusted and upset and I will never deal with T-Mobile again after my contract is up.

Posted on 06/24/2018

Paid $75.00/month for unlimited data and only got 200 megabytes because T-Mobile has no cell towers in this area. Called and representative said he would switch me to their $25.00/month plan with no data. That was late May. On June 9th I switched service to AT&T. On June 19th T-Mobile bills me another $75.00 (takes it out of my account). Call and they say they couldn't switch during the billing cycle. Yet they have charged me $75.00 for the UPCOMING billing cycle! So T-Mobile has charged me $150.00 for 2 months of "Unlimited" data service and I've gotten a total of 200 megabytes of data! I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO T-MOBILE!!!

Posted on 09/28/2017

I went to T-Mobile store to buy a family plan. They told me they closed my old account and open new one and it did not happen after 3 month. They give me 500 bill that I owe them for plan it already canceled. This what they told me. After this I was already with them in new plan so they charge me extra money. When I called asking why they keep telling me they change my plan without telling me they taking 50 a month. Made my bill went to 200 without asking or telling and if I want cancelled this plan. I owe them almost 450 dollar so whatever I do I must keep paying them whatever.

Posted on 07/18/2017

NEW JERSEY -- Since I started to use T-Mobile services they've put me in a situation that I was needed to contact them to resolve numerous customer care related problems. They've made so many mistakes (not just a couple, but maybe about 10!) and it took hours (literally for 6 months being with them I've spent totally more than 40 hours of my life over the phone) and extra money which I lost being with them. The first goal was to switch from AT&T and Verizon to save money. At the end, I've lost hundreds of dollars. I was with Simple Mobile, AT&T, Verizon - they never had so many miscommunicating stupid mistakes as T-Mobile! Don't switch to T-Mobile - SAVE YOUR money, time and health!

Posted on 07/05/2017

ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS -- This is the worst telecom company. I do not recommend anyone to share with them, even if they offered you a free line, because then they will steal you by deceiving you and take unwarranted amounts from the start. I do not have an international communication service.

From the start, when my son played on the phone and made an international phone call, even though I am not a subscriber to the international call service, they added $134 to the monthly bill. When we contacted the customer service, they never helped us and also offered to share with them and take iPhone 7 is free to give them your old phone. This offer all lie with them, and after they did not pay socialist the full amount of the company and the old was Verizon and the old company Talaptna to pay $ 200 increase because the company did not T-Mobile pay them the full amount.

Posted on 11/30/2016

CALIFORNIA -- So first things first... T-Mobile made an unexplained charge to my card. Then when I called to inquire about it, not one person could explain the reason for such a charge. I have never missed a payment, and do not have any outstanding handset charges. Ever. T-Mobile customer service being the reason I chose to buy unlocked every time.

Then, the representative had the gall to call me back and demand why I left bad reviews for their inability to assist me. I was then instructed that for some reason, T-Mobile, a TELECOMMUNICATIONS company, needed me to FAX and ONLY FAX my documents.

It is ridiculous that any of this occurred in the first place, and they don't even have the decency to acknowledge that the burden of proof should be on them! So my not insignificant amount of money (easily a month's rent in some states) has been tied up for more than 2 weeks. T-Mobile should start paying me interest for this involuntary "loan" that I have been coerced into giving them. Why there is still a monopoly on this service is beyond me. I would give 0 stars just to see how low their ratings can go.

Posted on 04/27/2016

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- Poor customer service. Had trouble hearing b/c of their background noise and they give me that constant irritated sigh b/c they think I'm deaf. I ordered 4 lines!! 3 new phones!!! I ended up with 3 'new' (looks like the box was opened several times) and 3 sim cards. Called them and told them to pull up the recording I had with the representative b/c I said 4 LINES AND 3 PHONES!! They keep saying they don't have access to it. Instead of helping me, their only solution was to add a line.

I relied on the original price b/c that is what I was quoted. Almost the same price as my previous provider if I add a line. Telling me an extra 7 days or I can go to a store to retrieve a sim card. None of which should have happened if the order was done correctly. I planned it well so I wouldn't be charged for two providers. They didn't do me any favors, no free shipping, nothing. So I couldn't continue switching the family's old numbers to the new phones b/c I had to consult with the family.

We decided to continue with T-Mobile just b/c we invested so much time and apparently we still save only $5. Third time around I had my sister call, no luck. For some reason they couldn't complete the order and on their screen they have to call me again the following day to confirm the sim card. This is ridiculous. Being transferred from one person to another just to have nothing resolved. Lastly the guy at the T-Mobile store said sim cards are free, yet my receipt shows that I'm being charged $20 for each line.

Posted on 02/11/2016

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I lost a phone on which I had insurance. Had been a customer for over 10 years and after filing the claim for the lost phone, I was denied for purely frivolous reasons. Excuse given the description circumstances surround the losing of the phone did not exactly line up with what was said to person while filing the claim and what was written on the form that was submitted. The phone was lost period and I had insurance period. I was given the distinct impression that they had no intention in paying the claim and were looking for an excuse not to do so. T-Mobile insurance is a fraud, a scam.

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