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Make You Pay For New Equipment When Old Was Already Broken
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Rating: 1/51

USA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- You need to read this if you are or have experienced difficulty with your phone and you would like a replacement. (And you didn't drop it in the toilet or down the stairs.) Ratings: Customer service: Lame duck reps that have no power...don't even bother speaking to them. (A+ very nice and willing to transfer you.) Tech support: Not really technical and have no power...pass these folks up unless you want them to tell you to reboot and rebuild your phone, because that will solve your problems. (C good speakers but still have very little knowledge of the actual phone or power over solving complex issues.)

Escalation department: Dense (F - futile attempts at reason). If there were a way to place less than one star I would. Let me tell you of my issues and yes they are mine! I chose, of my own free will, to move from another carrier to T-mobile because of the price and incentives. It has been the worst move I've ever made and has cost me clients and more money than I saved switching. I joined T-mobile's ranks as a user in november 2011 (a little over 8 months ago) and since then it has all been downhill, let me expound a little:

Step 1. I chose to take a plan that allowed me to pay for a phone monthly instead of taking a payment plan with a higher monthly fee because I change phones regularly for development purposes and want the best on the market. With a standard contract plan I would have been paying more per month and would have to had paid top dollar for a new handset each time I changed. I chose the htc sensation because it was newer and pledged tech that many other phones did not carry. I paid over $400. The phone started crashing, rebooting on its own, and otherwise not functioning after about a month. T-mobile can corroborate my complaint with their notes.

Step 2. I chose to have the smartphone replaced using my insurance through T-mobile where they send the same phone (new to me but refurbished) so as to test the theory that the phone is defective and not that actual model/operating system. After reading through countless forums, I found that thousands of individuals were having the same issues and had encountered similar results in working with T-mobile...they were sent a replacement sensation and/or offered a lower functioning phone for exchange.

When I received the phone, as per the tech support member's instructions, I didn't load any apps on the phone because they said it was more than likely an app that was causing the problems with the phone. #1...Why in the heck (no, I try not to swear...but I'm sure someone here would be willing to do if for me!) would I purchase a $400 smartphone and not be able to load apps on it! And these apps are Google designed and published. Way to go T-mobile.

Step 3. The problem persists...so the second phone immediately has issues, many of which were the same issues I was already encountering with the previous phone...shutting down in the middle of browsing, inability to use the phone when plugged into a wall outlet or computer (couldn't unlock it and the selection of areas on the phone would randomly select other items not clicked on).

Step 4: Call T-mobile tech support...again. By this time (today, July 26/2012) I have called T-mobile over six times about the issues and each time they tell me something different. Today destroyed my patience and turned me into a raving lunatic! Not really, but sort of...this time I spoke to customer service, tech support, and the escalation department (they send you here when you threaten to leave) and none could or would even consider helping me. All I want is a replacement for the model that I have that actually works!

I'm a customer is good standing, I pay my bill each month, I only expect the phone I buy from a cellular company to work...is that too much to ask? It's like buying a new car and driving down the street only to have the engine blow up! Would the car company say..."oh, we don't build that engine, we only build the car around the engine and if the engine blows up, it's not our fault!"

Step 5: Options laid out by T-mobile for me to get a replacement phone with smart capabilities. Really, this is what they told me, "purchase a new phone or take one that is dumb!" That was their solution! Omg(osh), I could have figured that out all by myself! They even told me that they know the htc sensation has issues with the android operating system and that htc is working on a fix...oh yeah and has been for close to six months. Meanwhile the sensation isn't made anymore and the problems persist. So my options became as clear as can be...sell my phones for a couple hundred a piece and get the heck away from T-mobile as fast as my wallet would allow.

Parting thoughts: Take sometime before considering T-mobile because they swear they test all phones in use on their system, but don't you think they would have caught a phone like the sensation that has had so many issues if that were true...maybe it is no.

Customer service at its WORST!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW MEXICO -- I am very disappointed with how I have been treated by T-mobile customer service in financial care, customer relations & customer care. The responses to my letter inquiries appear to be a form letter with my name inserted. I have asked repeatedly in writing and on the phone to be able to discuss my personal issues specifically. I am fully aware of the early termination policy and am disputing much more than just that. I find it impossible to believe that after all this time I can't speak to a live person in customer relations. I have previously stated that I have been a good standing customer for over ten years always paying on time.

Since April I have been treated like I am a stupid person unable to understand the policies, a scammer-criminal and as though I do not have the financial means to pay the balance. I am a college educated and consider myself very intelligent. It has never been an issue of whether I am able to pay the balance as I have a well above average credit score and always pay my bills on time. As for being treated like a scammer or criminal – almost funny since I have no criminal record whatsoever – If I wanted to scam or not pay I would do just that if it was my nature.. I simply just wanted to be heard and treated fairly.

Last Tuesday I spoke to a female representative. In our conversation she was extremely polite and let me tell her my whole side of this dispute. She apologized for my unhappiness and stress over the dispute. She put me on hold and came back to advise me in these exact words “within 3-5 days you will have an account balance of zero”. I said so after the holiday weekend this will be over and I will not receive any more calls. She said for my piece of mind to call the automated # for financial care and verify the account balance cleared. I was so relieved after talking w/ ** that T-mobile was able to come through and resolve this issue.

This morning July 10, 2012 when I called the automated info said the amount of $222.30 was still owed. I was once again very upset with T-mobile at this news. I connected to financial care and was treated again as though I was not able to pay the amount.

Today I spoke to a very rude staff member in customer care who used a demeaning tone and raised voice to me when I was explaining my issues (this attitude and demeaning tone seems to be a characteristic of most of the T-mobile staff). I brought up the conversation w/ ** and was told I must have misinterpreted her information. He finally after a lengthy amount of time transferred me to his supervisor (previously in call said there was no one to be transferred too).

The supervisor continued to treat me unfairly in the same manner as the care representative. After a lengthy conversation of which nothing was resolved the supervisor terminated the call hanging up on me. Another example of being unfairly treated by customer relations. I find it ridiculous that all I was told is that Hazel would be talked to about being more careful about misleading customers in the future. For the record I was not mislead as I wrote her exact words down and had her repeat them last week. I feel that T-mobile should follow through with what their staff member tells a customer not just send out another form letter with my name inserted.

I paid the past due amount this morning. I still hope T-mobile will surprise me and come through with contacting me with compromise to this payment but am not expecting it. I do not even expect the letter I wrote to them today to reach intended recipient. All I have wanted is to speak to someone live and be truly treated fairly. I imagine whoever opens the mail at T-Mobile will either share for a laugh with co-workers or throw in trash.

I am a good & honest person and do not want to deal with this anymore as it has been very stressful, demeaning & overall a waste of time. I truly regret ever becoming a customer & will never recommend T-mobile to any friend or family member.

9 Customer Service and 2 Tech Support Complaints
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I have been a T-mobile customer for about 15 years which will end tomorrow. I expect a certain amount of poor service from mobile phone carriers just given the way the industry is run, but what I have experienced the last month is outrageous. My Iphone 5s was stolen which I reported on 8/3. It had 1,000 pictures of my 11 [year old] daughter on our first trip to europe together. We had returned a few days earlier before the phone was stolen. In a last ditch effort to locate the phone, T-mobile told me I could go through my account, which for some inexplicable reason I was locked out of. IT gave up after trying to fix it for 5 days. Tech failure #1.

Although the phone was still live when I reported the theft, for an additional 2 days or so, t-mobile told me there was no way to backup my pics, unless the auto backup feature was on, which it was not. This was false. A few days later, a friend suggested I check with apple and was told that if t-mobile had given me the correct information the pictures could have been backed up as long as the phone was still on which it was when I spoke with them. Tech failure #2.

When I reported the phone stolen, and before t-mobile transferred me to technical support, I asked for and was told I would get a call back for phone replacement as I carried insurance. This never happened. Customer service failure #1.

I called on 8/23 to inquire about my phone replacement and was told I would not be transferred because the account was a few days late. I disputed the charge, given that I had no phone for 3 weeks but was given no choice to pay it. CS even refused to transfer me to complaints and the insurance dept. Customer service failure #2.

When I paid the bill, I was told that I had not reported the theft to the "insurance department." I was told there was no record of CS promising to have some call me, and I learned for the first time that no effort had been put into replacing my phone. Customer service failure #3.

When I was transferred to the insurance department, I learned that in fact it is a separate company that is not part of T-mobile. Customer service failure #4. The woman I spoke with was helpful, but was unable to confirm there would be a callback number on the email she said she would send me in regard to replacement.

After going through all this, I called and filed complaints against customer service and tech support. That was yesterday. I was told these issues would "be escalated" and an executive from Albuquerque would contact me by 5pm cst today. That didn't happen. Customer service failure #5.

Today, I chatted online with a representative who made it clear to me that no action had been taken on my complaints, although she confirmed I been promised a call by 5pm, which had already passed. Customer service failure #6.

In fairness, the woman I was chatting with told me she would have a supervisor call me. I objected because that was not what I was promised, and I knew this would be more of the same. The supervisor did call a few moments later but told me she had no knowledge of my complaints and would need to get up to speed. I told her to get up to speed on the file and call me back. She agreed, but did not do so. Customer service failure #7. I insisted the woman I was chatting with online give me the name of T-mobile's counsel. I was given the corporate address with a phone number for customer service. Customer service failure #8.

I called the number given and waited the typical time to get through voice mail. I voiced my complaint that I had not been contacted by the Albuquerque executive and the information regarding counsel was clearly a smoke screen. She gave me a proper address but refused to give me a phone number. Customer service failure #9.

When taking these issues in the aggregate, it is clear that T-mobile is set up to avoid giving internal departments even the most basic authority to resolve anything. I was perpetually directed to other departments and put on hold for hours over days trying to resolve this. The executives allegedly running this company should focus more on by actually running it and less time trying to sell it in order to obtain their golden parachutes which they clearly have not earned!!!

Nicest Reps... But Also The Most Clueless!
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Rating: 2/51

QUAKERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- When I first got T-mobile, loved them. Seemed like great rates and great customer service. When I decided to move to Canada to be with my fiance, that is where things got really complicated. T-mobile won't even work in Canada. So I would have to get an unlock code to be able to use a Canadian carrier on my brand new phone.

The FIRST time I called for the unlock code, no problem, I would get it in 1-14 days. Okay. I got an email the next day saying that I need to pay my phone bill (that I didn't even receive a bill for yet). Fine. So I paid it off and requested a SECOND time to get the unlock code. It went fine. The second email said I need to pay off the phone. Jesus Christ! Why didn't they tell me that the first time!? So I called in and paid off the phone and requested for the THIRD time the unlock code. The third email I got said I needed to pay off the last bill. Very confusing since it wasn't even on my online account.

So the FOURTH time I called in, they told me I didn't need to pay any more money because I had a credit of $279.38! YAY! Although nobody was able to give me a straight reason as to why I had a credit. I requested the unlock code again! I waited a few days and never got it. So I called for a FIFTH time asking about the status of the unlock code. They told me I cannot request for an unlock code until the last bill is up on September 18th. UGH! So I had to wait another 2 weeks without a phone. VERY UPSET. And this lady told me I had a credit of $238.36.

So I called on the 18th for a SIXTH time and requested the unlock code. I asked about the credit and they said I could not get the $238.36 back until October 4th. I asked her if it would automatically be put back into my bank account and she said no, I would have to call again on the 4th.

So here we are. Today is October 4th and I just got off the phone, for the SEVENTH time with a customer service representative and supervisor. They told me I owe $67!!! I called in order to get refunded $238.36 and they tell me I would not be getting anything back, I actually have to pay $67! I was FURIOUS! I refused to pay anything else so luckily the supervisor made my balance 0. But Then where the hell is my $238.36!?!

The Supervisor was barely able to explain it to me. It was an issue with the system that said I had a credit of 238.36 and it just finally balanced out on the 24th. So I was told by THREE representatives that I would get a refund and now when I call the get it after having to wait a month for it, I'm told I WILL NOT BE GETTING ANYTHING BACK!

T-Mobile has some the nicest, most empathetic customer service reps... BUT THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING! In one month, I must've spent over 12 hours trying to work with the customer service department. They made my already difficult move to Canada 10x worse! Especially since I couldn't use my phone for over 3 weeks!! Very polite service team but VERY STUPID!!! Beware!! If they ever tell you something positive, it's probably them making a mistake!

They'll Rip You Off!
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- The worst possible company. The worst customer service ever. Would never RECOMMEND these guys to anyone. Stay away from them!!! Thieves and liars with very bad attitude of people working for them. This being said from customer they lost 5 yrs later. They milk your money slowly.

First they overcharged me few times, for messages I sent and I had unlimited plan... later for minutes I overused with is fine. Here and there they would slip few buck for this or that. I didn't care I was too lazy to switch to someone, had few friends with them and hated to deal with their customer service so I'll peacefully just pay whatever. Well, they figured it out and used it well.

Last year I took my boss's daughter to Europe, she was 3 yrs old. They froze my account for 3 months. I went to State and Monroe location to speak with the manager of the store. I asked particularly what the fee was for doing it, he said it's FREE. Then, I asked to pay any bill, or fee I might have since I knew I'll get back from Europe with no money. I told him I do not want to be back and bill waiting for me for God knows what. He said "pay the last bill, that's all". I did it. Last thing I strictly requested to have cell in function day before my arrival to the airport so I can inform kid's parents we are fine, etc...I came back, phone DID NOT work. I went through hell because of that.

Anyway, called them and they said I got to pay $75 reactivation fee plus some bill they pulled out their ass saying billing cycle begun, when I paid the last bill and I asked that the manager before I left.I paid it all to have my phone back! I finally decide I'm done. Canceled my contract May 25th 2013. Gave them address to send last bill plus cancellation fee. Paid my previous bill that would came every 13th of the month.

Month later I called to see why am not getting any bill. Representative called ** tried to convinced me I canceled my contract on Jun 20th instead of May 25th. Thank God, I had all info down, time and everything of my cancellation date. However, once I put her in corner and she spoke to FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT she told me they'll fix the issue and call me back in next few hours. The issue was I got charged $407. They charged me $97.04 the last bill. That was OK as I said I'm paying on 13th and I assumed that fee was for the new billing cycle. I agreed to that fee. Then, I agreed to pay $200 cancellation fee as well.

I don't know whose lunch was left unpaid since they found $110 extra for me to pay. I paid $300 and since am leaving for Europe I did not pay those charges of 100-something bucks. I did not spend those. Explanation was of course "new billing cycle begun" already once you paid your last bill. It's funny, since in total I spoke with 4 people today and I swear to God they all have different stories. At least they could have make them sound the same.

I'm done with them, stay away people! STAY AWAY. I'll write review on every possible site they even mention T-mobile, inform all my friends/family here and in Europe, since I paid my price other people shouldn't! They do not deserve to have customers at, all. Do not deserve to be bought from AT&T, they do not even have a contract any more. A lot of unsatisfied customers left behind, a lot of people they didn't care to keep. Very bad way to do business.

Stay Away From T-Mobile
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- I was unhappy with Verizon two year contracts, so I decided to give T-Mobile "no contract" service a try. The truth is that if you get a new phone with Tmobile you are locked in with them too. Anyway, I was foolish enough to fall for their advertising and decided to give it a try. You can cancel before 14 days, they told me. Well, after 11 days of dropped calls or no calls and static in service areas on their map, I took the phone back and canceled my service.

Then they tell me there is a restocking fee for the phone. Now I'm out about 78.00. They tell me that the phone service was pro rated and I won't get another bill. The 78.00 covers the restocking fee and service charges prorated. A couple of weeks later I start getting collections calls from T-mobile. They were giving me different amounts and stories. I owed 125.00 more, they said, then it was 75.00 more, then 35.00. The amount kept changing.

One woman told me they were charging me to transfer my phone number. It was my number for the last 11 years, and I only had service with them for 11 days! I transferred that number to them from Verizon. Or they tell you can cancel and try their terrible service, don't do it. I gave them a chance and got charged almost 130.00, so far for 11 days of service that didn't work 20% of the time.

I went back to Verizon with my tail between my legs, and learned that if you buy a phone outright, you don't have to sign a contract. T-mobile is deceptive because you are still locked in for two years because you have to pay for the phone. Other companies pretend to give you the phone free. It's never free. Either way, the experiment wasted a lot of money, and Verizon has the best network hands down. T-mobile sucks. I wish it wasn't true, but it is.

Terrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years. During that time I have had them disconnect my phone when I called in to activate a phone for another line. I have had several coverage and billing issues. The worst is that I was lied to in order to be signed to a new contract. I called T-Mobile in January because I was having problems with my phone and I was close to renewal. I asked if there was anything they could do for me since I had been with them for so long.

The girl I spoke to exclaimed that she could give me the Samsung III for $10.00 as long as I signed up for another 24 month agreement with all of my lines. I advised I wanted to make sure that one of my lines did not have a contract as I planned to disconnect it and I also advised that I wanted to be sure that when my husband's phone came up for renewal I would be able to get a discounted phone for him as well. I was advised that I would be able to get him the same phone I have for $189.00. I explained that if it was not possible I did not want to sign another contract. Again I was assured it would be done. A month later I got a bill for $900.00.

I called the company to find that I had been charged full price for my phone and that the girl never noted that she had only charged me $10.00 but they went ahead and gave me the credit for the phone that I was promised. I again verified with them that I would be able to get the promo price for my husband's phone when his phone came up for renewal. I was again told that I would. I called again the next month to make a payment over the phone and again I asked another representative was it noted that my husband's line would get the discount. I was told yes.

I called back this month because his phone is eligible for upgrade this month to ask what date I could upgrade his phone for discount pricing. I was told they no longer do discounted phones and that I would have to put a down payment of $249.00 and pay $20.00 a month for him to up upgrade. I was livid and asked to speak to a supervisor who also informed me that they would not honor what they told me but she would allow me to pay $180.00 down that day and pay 20.00 a month thereafter.

I explained that was not was I was told originally and that I wanted the deal that was offered to me. She would not budge and told me I could do it that day but could not guarantee it would be available to me after that date. I filed with the BBB and I spoke to my attorneys who wrote them a letter. Still to this day I have not heard back from them.

I called today and spoke to a supervisor who had a nasty attitude that advised me she could ask her manager to release my other lines from contract so I would not say they were forcing me to stay in contract under false pretense. She got her manager to release the other line out of contract but my husband's contract is not out until June. So he is now stuck with a phone that freezes up on him and no options. T-mobile does not care about their customers at all, it is all about the money. I have been a loyal customer for 7 years and they basically gave me the finger. And to top it off they still left me in contract so I have to go to court to be let out of this agreement.

Deplorable Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Long story short: Walked into local T-Mobile store with two AT&T phones and unlock codes, asked about their Monthly 4G plans. I was promised that since the AT&T phones were smartphones with 4G capability, I could get 4G service. Successfully unlocked both phones. Successfully activated both phones with new T-Mobile SIM cards (took multiple phone calls and multiple visits to the store, but got it done). I PRE-PAID $60 for 1 month of Monthly 4G for each phone, plus $10 activation for each phone, total $140.

AT THE STORE, I checked both phones. Everything worked fine, except 4G. Then and only then, I was told by the agents at the store that web browsing would probably have to remain at 2G levels, because these particular AT&T phones had some hardware lock from AT&T that the unlock procedure could not remedy. Ported both my phones back to AT&T, went back to T-Mobile store, to get refund. The phones had been active on the T-Mobile network for all of 3 hours. T-Mobile agent says, "No refund."

This is NOT "buyer's remorse." I did not "change my mind" - a specific feature was represented as available, and only after I paid, it turned out to be unavailable. This is not a "coverage issue either: Other, T-Mobile phones, get 4G performance in the same area, in the same store. ONLY AFTER I PAID it turned out that there was in fact a T-Mobile web page that listed compatible AT&T phones that would deliver 4G, and neither of my phones was on that list. So, if someone had advised me of that before the purchase, I would not have made the purchase. Clearly, a refund is due.

Wrote to T-Mobile Customer Relations. There is no email address or phone number for T-Mobile Customer Relations, only a P.O. Box in Albuquerque, NM. Received response that clearly demonstrates they did not read, or did not understand, my detailed explanation of the above.

I would have, in the future, replaced my phones with T-Mobile-branded phones, and would have loved to use their service for many years, with our without a contract, but they seem to believe it's worth throwing that away over $140. Seriously misguided people. Contacting my State Attorney General.

They Will Lie to Get You to Sign a Contract
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Rating: 1/51

I have personally been with T-Mobile for over 5 years. Let me start by saying they used to be a credible company and I very rarely had problems with the service and prices. Since I have switched to a smart phone the prices have skyrocketed. I cannot get my bill down past 85 dollars a month and I don't even have unlimited minutes.

Recently I went into a T-mobile store trying to get a better deal on my rate plan, the representative told me he could get me into a value plan if I signed another contract and they were having a special and they would not be charging a migration fee which was somewhere around 200 dollars, so I signed the contract. Well when my bill came it was 358 dollars so I went back to the store because they could not help me over the phone because I was told by the representative I would not be charged the fee.

I went in and the manager was very professional and took care of the charges without a problem, and even reverted my contract back to what it previously was. So very recently I looked at my bill and saw it was almost 100 dollars and seeing as my girlfriend pays half of that for the same services only she uses prepaid T-Mobile I called trying to get a better deal. They transferred me to some kind of account specialist who told me I could be put onto a classic rate plan of 500 minutes, unlimited text and data with my insurance for only 67 dollars a month if I signed a 2 year contract. So I agreed to the deal, and today I looked at my bill and it was 158 dollars.

I looked at the billing details and came to find out they took away my unlimited messaging which I never agreed to because I use text messages a lot. So to sum things up they gave me back my unlimited messaging for 10 dollars more a month and reverted the overage fees but now I am stuck in another 2 year contract, and my monthly price is virtually the same maybe 5 to 10 dollars cheaper.

My advice to anyone is before you sign that 2 year contract look into prepaid. You get more for your money and won't have to pay a cancellation fee if you want to go somewhere else, yes the phone isn't free but you can find a good deal on a decent phone. Trust me it will be cheaper in the long run. Just watch out for these guys and their contracts - they will lie to your face to get you trapped in them, and then they keep trying to get you to sign more and more.

The Squeaky Wheel...
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Rating: 4/51

READING, PENNSYLVANIA -- We have had a contract with T-mobile for 9+ years now, starting with just 2 phones then by 2005 going up to 4 phones on their family plan. We've had a good deal of trouble in the past 3 to 4 years with billing, costs of services and problems that T-mobile's own customer service operators have caused by not listening, not being properly informative, and just general laziness on the part of their customer service.

Here's a few ways that we got the problems fixed. First, my husband started the plan and even though we were both at the kiosk in our local mall, they put all His information on the plan, so if I had a question or He needed me to call due to his not being able to while at work, they refused to speak to me as I was not on the plan. Solution: a simple one, all I had to do was to have my husband call as soon as he got home from work, ask for a customer service supervisor and put my name on the plan as a person who could do everything he does.

Second, there were billing issues now at least 7 times where fraudulent companies billed us for things through our T-mobile account. This was basically due to my mother-in-law going on the Internet and giving out her cell phone number to places, mostly through FaceBook.

Solution: another fairly simple fix, once again my husband had to get on the phone with a customer service supervisor to get the problem fixed. Since HE was not the person who activated the charges, they were bound by their own contract to reverse these charges and to block Her line from ever making them again. He also had an interesting conversation with his mother which I won't repeat as I'd have to leave a lot of "bleeps" because of how he explained it to her...whew...

Third, and our most difficult problem to date: Our daughter truly wanted one of those smart phones and when she found out that T-mobile Was letting current customers get the phones with only a 2 year upgrade and a full rebate for the over $300 of course he did this for her. He was assured at the time by the store sales associates that he would get a full refund on his money. So far it's been more than the 8 weeks promised and we did not get the refund.

So, our daughter went to the store to find out what was going on, as that's where we bought (a free phone?) this phone. Now they're telling us that the paperwork, which was extensive, for the rebate through their own company, was completed incorrectly, but they won't give us a copy of the paperwork, and the problem on it is the numbers that the personnel at the store had to have put on it.

I'll tell you this much. In the earlier 2 incidents my Husband Had to be the one to call because he does NOT get intimidated, but the csrs (customer service reps) at T-mobile do. He will stay calm, until he feels that he must yell, and when doing that he'll do it with the first few customer service representatives that answer the phone, as they will be the ones who will block him from the customer service supervisor, and they will also be the ones who can't really do anything for him.

Once they list him as an Angry Problem Customer and get him on with a Supervisor, he'll be calm, explain how much we pay for service with them, also explain how Loyal we've been to them and how many of our friends and family we've gotten to switch to them for their own plans. THEN he will do everything and stay on the line forever until he is assured to get his money back.

Basically with T-mobile or any other cell service, cable company, movie rental place, home phone service...etc. "the Squeaky Wheel Always gets the Grease"...meaning that the loudest, most angry, and most immovable person will always Win out over these companies.

I know that there are people out there who will say, "Yeah, but that will never work for me" but it really does work. It would probably work just as well for a woman, any other woman, but I lose my cool too easily and being someone who worked Customer Service for most of my life until I had to go out on disability from the severe pain I have (I have a Chiari II malformation - which was diagnosed way too late to help much). I am extremely hard to please as it was ME who was "kissing the butts" of other people for so many years, at my employers' requests. I'm just not one of the women who can get this to work.

Anyone can get their problems, legitimate problems, resolved if they make themselves enough of an annoyance, and that means keeping at the customer service personnel the same day, not giving in and thinking you'll call back at a different time or date. As a former Customer Service Person, I know that you just have to stick with the issue and NOT give in, and eventually the situation will be resolved to your satisfaction. Customer service, good customer service is what makes the world go around right now, so no company can truly afford to have bad customer service, though sometimes they do try.

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