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Horrible Reception and Connection Can't Receive Text Messages
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Everyone else that has Verizon, AT&T or Comcast can be standing in the same room as me and have a good connection signal and I will not. This happens often and in multiple areas. I am the only one who cannot connect to the internet or make phone calls. Additionally, numerous T-Mobile customers (including myself) are having difficulty receiving text messages where duplicates will be sent, text messages will come late or not at all. DO NOT USE T-MOBILE! THEY SHOULD NO LONGER BE IN BUSINESS!

Horrified & Held Hostage by T-Mobile
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- At approximately 12:40pm, I spoke with a customer service representative named ** (whom I could not clearly understand due to his accent) when I explain what was promised to me from store #7704 manager **. He put me on hold (did GOD only knows what) but returned to the phone stating that he notice that a reduction in the migration fee was to occur but he could not do it because the account notes were inadequate.

** stated that there was not enough information noted in the account and I must return to the store for the promised to be honored. Because I could not believe what I was hearing and thought maybe I was not clear, I requested to speak with a supervisor. I was place on hold again for approximately 6-minutes. Finally at approximately 12:59pm Supervisor ** came to the phone and repeated, I must return to the store if I wanted the reduction in the migration fee!

Supervisor ** spoke with me and his accent was no better than **'s but we managed through the call. He repeated what ** stated – return to the store if I want the promised reduction in the migration fee! I did not understand why he could not assist me! Even when I explained that I am a long time customer of T-Mobile and he should be able to contact the store and clear up the matter. Supervisor ** told me NO! I must do it myself.

Please know, at this point, I am very frustrated because it is Sunday afternoon which is family time in my home. I have four children, two of which are toddlers; the others are teenagers who have commitments for school thus could not babysit. Therefore, I had to locate a babysitter and drive approximately 30 minute from my home back to T-Mobile Store #7704…This is when the situation goes from bad to absolutely horrifying - I was held captive in store# 7704 for approximately 1-hour and 10-minutes!!

I arrived at the store at approximately 2:03pm, I am sure you are aware that the stores have camera's thus this can be verified by checking the store cameras. I spoke with ** (store clerk) about the lie customer service representative ** then supervisor ** had told me about the account notes were inadequate and the migration reduction could only be given by the store! Well, ** went into the account and read all the information with the representative's name that authorized the reduction. Now I am even more upset!

When I inquire about ** (store manager) I am informed he is off but should be in sometime Monday but unsure of the exact time. This upsets me more and I request a full refund of the all items purchased in the store. ** tells me well he would need to speak with ** and proceeds to call him. I could only hear one side of the conversation which was-- she is upset and wants to return all items including the phone (which was paid in full).

Then ** tells me the only compensation ** could offer me was $20 for my inconvenience but the store does not bear any responsibility in customer service errors. I explained I do not care and I want a full refund! This is when the situation goes from a few minutes delay to 1-hour and 10 minutes detainment!! Justin calls back to ** and states she wants a refund and I do not know how to do a refund...

After sitting and standing there in the store (which the cameras will show) for over 1-hour, several calls to ** (who had promised to come into the store but NEVER appeared), another store representative (**) started the refund process which ** cancels and sends ** to take care of other customers, ** eventually process the refund but it's incorrect, again after 1-hour and 10-minutes finally I receive my full refund! Then I am released to leave with my funds and copies (which I had to request) of all documents!

This horrifying experience of being lied to by customer service, being held hostage by store# 7704 representative ** at the request of store manager **, the additional expense of babysitting and finally being denied my family time is absolutely horrifying!!

My family and I have been T-Mobile customers between 9-11 years and have spent on average for approximately 5-years $200 per month. This horrifying seizure/detainment was unnecessary and illegal! If this is how T-Mobile treats long term customers of 11-year then I am very terrified to experience treatment at 15 years! I can take my business to another company that will appreciate and respect my business and honor requests in a reasonable timely manner!

Considering this exploitation and hostile behavior, I am due compensation and an apology! Therefore, I am requesting that T-Mobile simply waive the monthly charges of $408.87, conduct an investigation, and provide me with an apology immediately!

Nicest Reps... But Also The Most Clueless!
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Rating: 2/51

QUAKERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- When I first got T-mobile, loved them. Seemed like great rates and great customer service. When I decided to move to Canada to be with my fiance, that is where things got really complicated. T-mobile won't even work in Canada. So I would have to get an unlock code to be able to use a Canadian carrier on my brand new phone.

The FIRST time I called for the unlock code, no problem, I would get it in 1-14 days. Okay. I got an email the next day saying that I need to pay my phone bill (that I didn't even receive a bill for yet). Fine. So I paid it off and requested a SECOND time to get the unlock code. It went fine. The second email said I need to pay off the phone. Jesus Christ! Why didn't they tell me that the first time!? So I called in and paid off the phone and requested for the THIRD time the unlock code. The third email I got said I needed to pay off the last bill. Very confusing since it wasn't even on my online account.

So the FOURTH time I called in, they told me I didn't need to pay any more money because I had a credit of $279.38! YAY! Although nobody was able to give me a straight reason as to why I had a credit. I requested the unlock code again! I waited a few days and never got it. So I called for a FIFTH time asking about the status of the unlock code. They told me I cannot request for an unlock code until the last bill is up on September 18th. UGH! So I had to wait another 2 weeks without a phone. VERY UPSET. And this lady told me I had a credit of $238.36.

So I called on the 18th for a SIXTH time and requested the unlock code. I asked about the credit and they said I could not get the $238.36 back until October 4th. I asked her if it would automatically be put back into my bank account and she said no, I would have to call again on the 4th.

So here we are. Today is October 4th and I just got off the phone, for the SEVENTH time with a customer service representative and supervisor. They told me I owe $67!!! I called in order to get refunded $238.36 and they tell me I would not be getting anything back, I actually have to pay $67! I was FURIOUS! I refused to pay anything else so luckily the supervisor made my balance 0. But Then where the hell is my $238.36!?!

The Supervisor was barely able to explain it to me. It was an issue with the system that said I had a credit of 238.36 and it just finally balanced out on the 24th. So I was told by THREE representatives that I would get a refund and now when I call the get it after having to wait a month for it, I'm told I WILL NOT BE GETTING ANYTHING BACK!

T-Mobile has some the nicest, most empathetic customer service reps... BUT THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING! In one month, I must've spent over 12 hours trying to work with the customer service department. They made my already difficult move to Canada 10x worse! Especially since I couldn't use my phone for over 3 weeks!! Very polite service team but VERY STUPID!!! Beware!! If they ever tell you something positive, it's probably them making a mistake!

Terrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years. During that time I have had them disconnect my phone when I called in to activate a phone for another line. I have had several coverage and billing issues. The worst is that I was lied to in order to be signed to a new contract. I called T-Mobile in January because I was having problems with my phone and I was close to renewal. I asked if there was anything they could do for me since I had been with them for so long.

The girl I spoke to exclaimed that she could give me the Samsung III for $10.00 as long as I signed up for another 24 month agreement with all of my lines. I advised I wanted to make sure that one of my lines did not have a contract as I planned to disconnect it and I also advised that I wanted to be sure that when my husband's phone came up for renewal I would be able to get a discounted phone for him as well. I was advised that I would be able to get him the same phone I have for $189.00. I explained that if it was not possible I did not want to sign another contract. Again I was assured it would be done. A month later I got a bill for $900.00.

I called the company to find that I had been charged full price for my phone and that the girl never noted that she had only charged me $10.00 but they went ahead and gave me the credit for the phone that I was promised. I again verified with them that I would be able to get the promo price for my husband's phone when his phone came up for renewal. I was again told that I would. I called again the next month to make a payment over the phone and again I asked another representative was it noted that my husband's line would get the discount. I was told yes.

I called back this month because his phone is eligible for upgrade this month to ask what date I could upgrade his phone for discount pricing. I was told they no longer do discounted phones and that I would have to put a down payment of $249.00 and pay $20.00 a month for him to up upgrade. I was livid and asked to speak to a supervisor who also informed me that they would not honor what they told me but she would allow me to pay $180.00 down that day and pay 20.00 a month thereafter.

I explained that was not was I was told originally and that I wanted the deal that was offered to me. She would not budge and told me I could do it that day but could not guarantee it would be available to me after that date. I filed with the BBB and I spoke to my attorneys who wrote them a letter. Still to this day I have not heard back from them.

I called today and spoke to a supervisor who had a nasty attitude that advised me she could ask her manager to release my other lines from contract so I would not say they were forcing me to stay in contract under false pretense. She got her manager to release the other line out of contract but my husband's contract is not out until June. So he is now stuck with a phone that freezes up on him and no options. T-mobile does not care about their customers at all, it is all about the money. I have been a loyal customer for 7 years and they basically gave me the finger. And to top it off they still left me in contract so I have to go to court to be let out of this agreement.

Rob You Blind!
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I called to try to upgrade a phone line to the Galaxy S 4g phone for my daughter's phone for free. A representative informed me that there would be a cost of over $150 on an upgrade of that line but that I had another phone line they could upgrade without the fee and that they could get me an rebate of a month's service if I went ahead and agreed to 2 years contract on all 5 of my phone lines. I made the representatives know that this phone would be used on my daughter's line not on the line that they were actually upgrading.

Then I also ordered a new line again telling the representative how the phone (another Galaxy S 4g) would be used on a different line as the new line would be for my elderly Mother that wouldn't have a need for the technology this phone had to offer. They were very friendly on this call. Two days later I called to see about transferring the web on my line to my son's line. I was informed the price would increase as my line was grandfathered in and so even though it was the same account they were not able to allow the same service to a different line on my account.

Today when the phones were to arrive I called to have the web services transferred to the lines I needed them on for the new phones and I was informed that those services would have to be on the lines for which the new phones were ordered, which were lines that were not going to be using the services.

So I then told them that I would cancel my daughter's line and transfer her number to the one upgraded as she would like to keep the number she has had since we started with T-mobile over 5 years ago, the representative stated that I had agreed to a 2 year lock on all 5 of my lines by a rebate of the amount of less than one month's service and so I wouldn't be able to switch the phones and services as needed but offered to add web to my daughter's existing line.

Meaning that 4 of 5 of my lines would all have web with only 2 using the service as well as the cost adding a minimum of an additional $15 per line as only old phones support the $10 a month web and for the $15 you only got 2 mb of usage and if you went over there were steep charges so I would need to monitor her usage or pay the price.

I ended up telling her I wanted to cancel everything and I would send back the phones in which again I was informed that until they receive the phones I was still under contract and billings remain in place. I will be rejecting the delivery today when they arrive at my home and will be cancelling all my lines as soon as they are up by contract by the end of this year.

Be careful as they are sneaking in the 2 year contract by giving you a reduction in your bill by $5 a month or as a rebate when there is a cost associated with a new phone. I believe this is to bring as many T-mobile customers over to AT&T when they sell out in December. VERIZON HERE I COME!!!

Stay Away From T-Mobile
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- I was unhappy with Verizon two year contracts, so I decided to give T-Mobile "no contract" service a try. The truth is that if you get a new phone with T-mobile you are locked in with them too. Anyway, I was foolish enough to fall for their advertising and decided to give it a try. You can cancel before 14 days, they told me. Well, after 11 days of dropped calls or no calls and static in service areas on their map, I took the phone back and canceled my service.

Then they tell me there is a restocking fee for the phone. Now I'm out about 78.00. They tell me that the phone service was pro rated and I won't get another bill. The 78.00 covers the restocking fee and service charges prorated. A couple of weeks later I start getting collections calls from T-mobile. They were giving me different amounts and stories. I owed 125.00 more, they said, then it was 75.00 more, then 35.00. The amount kept changing.

One woman told me they were charging me to transfer my phone number. It was my number for the last 11 years, and I only had service with them for 11 days! I transferred that number to them from Verizon. Or they tell you can cancel and try their terrible service, don't do it. I gave them a chance and got charged almost 130.00, so far for 11 days of service that didn't work 20% of the time.

I went back to Verizon with my tail between my legs, and learned that if you buy a phone outright, you don't have to sign a contract. T-mobile is deceptive because you are still locked in for two years because you have to pay for the phone. Other companies pretend to give you the phone free. It's never free. Either way, the experiment wasted a lot of money, and Verizon has the best network hands down. T-mobile sucks. I wish it wasn't true, but it is.

Changed My Bill Without Permission
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I've been having billing problems with mobile since I decided to add another line. I was told it was $80 for two lines. Next thing I know the bill is $96 and some change. When I asked I was told it was fees and taxes. Why I wasn't informed by three different associates I had previously discussed with, I have no idea! Fast forward nine months later in looking up my bill to pay and it's $103!!

I called immediately (because I already had angst about the taxes and fees that were for some reason never mentioned) and was told by a completely useless representative that the secondary account holder who doesn't pay the bill or has access to make changes called T-Mobile and added 3gb more of web for $10 a month. I asked why I wasn't told and how he was able to make changes and the representative told me that all he knows is "only you can decide who has access to your account and can make changes". Ok I didn't make any changes so do you mean me singular or both of us plural? And he said "T-Mobile cannot change your billing without your permission".

This confused me to the highest level because I asked him if the account password was used and he said the person called from the secondary line to change it. I know because I made sure to state it to the associate who helped me at the store. Often times when I called customer service too I would ask. None of my questions were being answered so I had to hang up on him and call back to speak with someone with better English. I also noticed that the English spoken by these reps are often hard to understand making me believe the jobs are being outsourced.

The lady I finally spoke with said basically the 1gb that the secondary account holder was using finished and he was sent a promo to add 3gb more for $10 and he agreed. Please note this change was made with a party that didn't have access to change my billing and when it happened it was added to my bill and T-Mobile NEVER informed me of this change so I could cancel it immediately! How this happened is beyond belief and the representative is making me pay for it stating the 3gb was used so I have to pay. I will be shopping for a new cell phone company immediately.

Horrible Customer Service and False Advertisement
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Rating: 1/51

So I recently switched from Verizon (who regardless of what people say have excellent customer service) to T-Mobile and let me just say that since I've been with them I've had nothing but horrible customer service. It took me 5 tries to switch to T-Mobile. I talked to three different people who told me I needed an activation code for my SIM card (which I didn't) and then told me because I didn't have one I'd have to purchase a new one, even though the one I got with my phone was a brand new sim card.

This made me mad because here I am trying to switch to you and I'm being treated like crap. You can't port your old number regardless of what they say because they'll tell you you need more than you actually do so they bully you into getting a new number. Which fine, I got a new number and activated my service, no big deal. Then I see all over the website and multiple articles as well that T-mobile is now offering free music streaming that won't count against your data.

Oh wait but this is actually false because there's only ONE plan that offers this but they don't bother to tell you this anywhere and when you call them out on it rather than being understanding and sympathetic they want to sit there and have a full on argument with you and come up with multiple excuses as to why you're wrong and they're right. Not to mention they told me that because I had a no credit plan that I don't get free streaming music. But on the website under the no credit plan it clearly states that you do qualify for Music Freedom (which is what they're calling this so called free streaming). Perfect customer service in my opinion.

There's even an article on from the CEO that music streaming is now free and nowhere does it specify that only certain plans are free. On their website under EVERY plan and EVERY data package there's a little bullet that clearly states that music streaming is free for certain apps including Pandora and Spotify. I am so extremely disappointed with T-Mobile.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to T-Mobile and switched from AT&T yesterday and had to go back and pick up a phone for my son - the same model I have - its voice quality is poor and for doing business, it isn't good enough and I wanted to get a different phone for myself. The representative today said, "Oh, it's good enough." He listens to phones all the time - I explained about being an audio engineer and he said it's OK.

I asked to talk to his district manager who was there yesterday and he refused to put him on the line but talked to him like I wasn't there - after asking to speak to him 3x's and he refusing I took my stuff and got in a yelling match with him.

I called customer service after I left and they talked me around and someone said they would call me back by noon. It didn't happen. I called executive offices - talked to Stephanie, she said district manager won't be there till Sunday and I had to wait or go back to the same store and talk to the same guy and exchange it. I said the phone is still there, I will simply go to another T-Mobile store and choose my phone. She said no, I had to go back to that guy.

After a long argument trying to go to a store where the district manager was, she said no, have to wait to see him till Sunday or go back to the same character I dealt with this morning. I can't go to another store, so eventually she said there will be another person there later and that I still have to go there. I asked to speak with her boss and she said no one higher than her. Everyone has a boss - it means that they have no care at all whatsoever about their customers - just sell then screw the customers. Problem is they are all like that or they have terrible connections.

Contracted "Collectors" Don't Play by the Rules!
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Rating: 1/51

PINE HILL, NEW JERSEY -- My older sister is on a very low fixed income. A couple of years ago she was given a combination of medications that affected her memory and left her confused at times. It took about three months to recognize how the problem affected her financially. She overpaid some bills, double paid others and forgot to pay a few. Needless to say, this ended up destroying her credit which up to this point had been pretty good.

One of the bills she forgot to pay was her T-Mobile bill so they canceled her account (three phones), charged her a $200 early termination fee per phone plus charged her for two months of service after they had canceled her account. The total was over $900. It went to a collection agency and I negotiated on her behalf and a price of around $695 payable by check over a period of six months was agreed upon. When the monies were all paid, the collection agency refused to send a letter stating the agreement was met satisfactorily.

Now T-Mobile has contracted a second collection agency and they are telling my sister that the money she paid to the first collection agency didn't count as it was paid by check and not automatically withdrawn from her account, and they are asking for the full amount over $900, which she doesn't have. The question should be asked if T-mobile regularly seeks out senior citizens so they can suck them dry using underhanded methods and counting on their confusion to take advantage of them.

I would advise everyone who is a senior citizen or who knows of one using T-Mobile's services to never renew their accounts and to get away from them as soon as it is legally possible. Corporations such as this are able to get away with this legalized form of extortion because we, the consumer, allow them to walk all over us. We have the power people, and we need to stand up to these bully companies and let them know we mean business. There is power in our wallets and if enough people leave because of their unfair business practices, they will eventually get the message!

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