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T-mobile Bills Customers for Text Messages Never Used
Posted by Wmcmullin on 12/14/2005
MT. MORRIS, MICHIGAN -- T-mobile billed me (and probably others too) for text messages I never used. I don't even know how to use the text messaging feature. Once I did get in a text message from T-mobile, and they charged me for that message too! I called and asked to block that feature, but they said they cannot remove it. Customers shouldn't be charged for a "feature" that we have no control over. Anyone can send a text message to us, and we'd have to foot the bill. This is outrageous! I am canceling my service. If they charge me the $150 early termination fee, I will not pay it.
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Posted by KateM on 2005-12-14:
Oh come on. Most companies charge 2 cents to recieve a text message- if you're so hard up that you cant afford 2 cents them maybe you shouldnt have a cell phone. Oh and canceling with them and not being charged is a pipe dream. All the terms and conditions are stated in your contract and you agreed to it obviously or you wouldt have the phone. And no matter what company you go to you're going to incurr charges or text messages whether you want the feature or not. If I were you I would happy that being charged 2 freaking cents for something was the biggest problem of my day.
Posted by Jitterbean on 2005-12-20:
You can go to tmobile.com and go into your account and set filters to exclude txt messages. Any txt messages from tmobile is not charged. If you use instant messaging make sure you log out when you leave tzones or you will be charged for txt messages. While logged into tzones you can IM all you want but if you don't log out of you IM every IM you receive after that could be added to the acct. I hope this helps
Posted by Voice of Reason on 2006-02-01:
Text messaging costs .05 per incomming or outgoing message currently. The reason the feature can not be turned off is that it is one of the basic ways T-mobile communicates to customers changes regarding thier service or upgrades to the system etc.

As stated in another comment, you can set a filter for spam text msg on the web site.

You are never charged for a text message from T-mobile. System generated messages are free. If you have an ALERT set (on the website) that would be charged as a regular text message.
Posted by The bad wing on 2008-08-07:
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Coverage and Customer Service
Posted by Muggins on 07/01/2005
BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA -- T-Mobile makes me furious! I moved to a new place right in the heart of their professed coverage area, and the coverage was pathetic to nonexsistant for about a 5 block radius around my house. The coverage was so bad that many calls didn't go through, other calls were dropped, and I had to stand in one spot in my living room in order to get one or 2 bars of shaky coverage. I called and complained, and they said they realized there was a problem. They said they would try to "tweak the towers" in my area to make it work better. Nothing improved, and when I called back they again said that they knew there was a problem, and they planned to fix it sometime in the next year. As you might assume, I had a year long contract. So that basically meant that I would have pay them a whole bunch of money for nothing. They said that I could pay their early cancellation fee or stay with them and get my 6th month free. I tried to argue that they should waive the cancellation fee because they were breaking the contract since I didn't have coverage in their professed coverage area. They were unyeilding. They kept repeating irritating catch phrases like, "I'm sorry that you feel that way, but..." and then telling me again that I was screwed. Every time I've talked to them on the phone, they act like robots. When I asked to speak to the manager, she would tell me the exact same phrases as the sales person. And when I tried to go higher than the supervisor of the call center, they first told me that there was no one higher than them and then gave me an address to write to. All of my interactions with them have been completely infuriating, and I will be very surprised if they are in business much longer. I will finally be rid of them in August. I can't believe what a racket they are running and how much of my money they have effectively stolen by charging me for a service that they did not provide.
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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-07-04:
I can't imagine they would "tweak the toweres" to make your service better. How did they plan on doing that one?
Posted by MelissaM187 on 2005-07-16:
I have T-Mobile and I envy you for the two shakey bars in your living room! I have to go outside to use my phone. I called and told them this and they told me it was because of interferance with my satellite dish. Funny how my sister's Cingular phone doesn't have this problem....
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Dropped Calls That T Mobile Can't Fix and Lies About Fixing
Posted by Mbudde on 06/25/2013
DENVER, COLORADO -- Don't sign a contract with T mobile. T mobile merged with Metro PCS. This caused a massive technical overhaul that T mobile was not able to handle. File a complaint with the FCC at 888-225-5322. Zero will connect you to a person who is far better at customer service than Tmobile.

For the last 6 months, my calls drop immediately and constantly. I have called T mobile to "troubleshoot." Each time Tmobile promises my problem will be fixed. They reset the phone, changed SD card, sent me a replacment phone, sent an email to go to the Samsung KIES website and nothing has fixed the dropped call problem. Tmobile should tell the truth that they are experiencing a network issue. It is not the phone and Samsung should be angry that Tmobile is blaming Samsung. I have been a Tmobile customer for over 9 years.

The problems started after the merger and after I signed a contract to add 2 lines for a family plan. Tmobile customer service won't help & requires a written fax or letter to customer realations. The FCC is monitoring the problem. Your FCC complaint will help!

Additional proof that Tmobile is the problem, is that my Verizon phone works everywhere that the Tmobile phone does not work.
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Posted by Disgruntled TMobile user on 2013-07-05:
Everything you have said is exactly what I have experienced and complaining/their trouble shooting with them does not work. I will call the FCC. Hopefully, they can do something. With my phone connection, I have to go into other rooms of my house for coverage. They just want to replace my sim card or replace my phone. Been there, done that.
Posted by ecuador on 2013-08-04:
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Horrified & Held Hostage by T-Mobile
Posted by Q_nubian on 04/24/2013
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The Following Complaint was sent to T-Mobile Corp office & Customer Care. Promises were made but not keep. Here is the complaint: At approximately 12:40pm, I spoke with a customer service representative named Edward (whom I could not clearly understand due to his ascent) when I explain what was promised to me from store #7704 manager Jason. He put me on hold (did GOD only knows what) but returned to the phone stating that he notice that a reduction in the migration fee was to occur but he could not do it because the account notes were inadequate. Edward stated that there was not enough information noted in the account and I must return to the store for the promised to be honored. Because I could not believe what I was hearing and thought maybe I was not clear, I requested to speak with a supervisor. I was place on hold again for approximately 6-minutes.
Finally at approximately 12:59pm Supervisor Lester came to the phone and repeated, I must return to the store if I wanted the reduction in the migration fee!
Supervisor Lester spoke with me and his accent was no better than Edward’s but we managed through the call. He repeated what Edward stated – return to the store if I want the promised reduction in the migration fee!
I did not understand why he could not assist me! Even when I explained that I am a long time customer of T-Mobile and he should be able to contact the store and clear up the matter. Supervisor Lester told me NO! I must do it myself.
Please know, at this point, I am very frustrated because it is Sunday afternoon which is family time in my home. I have four children, two of which are toddlers; the others are teen-agers who have commitments for school thus could not babysit. Therefore, I had to locate a babysitter and drive approximately 30 minute from my home back to T-Mobile Store #7704 ….This is when the situation goes from bad to absolutely horrifying - I was held captive in store# 7704 for approximately 1-hour and 10-minutes!!
I arrived at the store at approximately 2:03pm, I am sure you are aware that the stores have camera’s thus this can be verified by checking the store cameras. I spoke with Justin E (store clerk) about the lie customer service representative Edward then supervisor Lester had told me about the account notes were inadequate and the migration reduction could only be given by the store! Well, Justin went into the account and read all the information with the representative’s name that authorized the reduction. Now I am even more upset! When I inquire about Jason (store manager) I am informed he is off but should be in sometime Monday but unsure of the exact time. This upsets me more and I request a full-refund of the all items purchased in the store. Justin tells me well he would need to speak with Jason and proceeds to call him. I could only hear one side of the conversation which was-- she is upset and wants to return all items including the phone (which was paid in full). Then Justin tells me the only compensation Jason could offer me was $20 for my inconvenience but the store does not bear any responsibility in customer service errors. I explained I do not care and I want a full refund! This is when the situation goes from a few minutes delay to 1-hour and 10 minutes detainment!! Justin calls back to Jason and states she wants a refund and I do not know how to do a refund…………..

After sitting and standing there in the store (which the cameras will show) for over 1-hour, several calls to Jason (who had promised to come into the store but NEVER appeared), another store representative (Brandon) started the refund process which Justin cancels and sends Brandon to take care of other customers, Justin eventually process the refund but its incorrect, again after 1-hour and10-minutes finally I receive my full-refund! Then I am released to leave with my funds and copies (which I had to request) of all documents!

This horrifying experience of being lied to by customer service, being held hostage by store# 7704 representative Justin at the request of store manager Jason, the additional expense of babysitting and finally being denied my family time is absolutely horrifying!! My family and I have been T-Mobile customers between 9-11 years and have spent on average for approximately 5-years $200 per month. This horrifying seizure/detainment was unnecessary and illegal! If this is how T-Mobile treats long term customers of 11-year then I am very terrified to experience treatment at 15 years! I can take my business to another company that will appreciate and respect my business and honor requests in a reasonable timely manner!

Considering this exploitation and hostile behavior, I am due compensation and an apology! Therefore, I am requesting that T-Mobile simply waive the monthly charges of $408.87, conduct an investigation, and provide me with an apology immediately!
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Will not cancel my contract even though I can't get service where I moved
Posted by Ohnomj5 on 11/14/2012
ARIZONA -- I have been a T-mobile customer for 6 years, never late or missed payment. I moved and the location can not get good reception, in fact almost no reception. T-mobile refuses to let me out of my contract stating that they can not guarantee service everywhere and I should have looked at their site map before I signed a contract. I am suppose to know where I am going to move someday before I sign a contract. If I were you I would not sign a contract with T-mobile. When I finally get this settled I will never buy with T-mobile again.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-14:
When I first got a cell phone I went with T-mobile. I couldn't get reception everywhere but my house. No big deal since I had a land line. I just chalked that up to a learning experience and switched to Verizon when my contract was up.

I don't think T-Mobile is in the wrong here. How were they supposed to know that you were going to move or where you were going to move to? I'm sure they'll let you out of your contract if you pony up for the ETF.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-11-15:
Almost all major wireless carriers will consider if you have ANY reception in an area that the area has coverage. They will use this excuse to deny cancellation without an early termination fee.
Posted by mercedesangel on 2012-12-11:
Last year in December I switched my phone from AT and T to T-Mobile. Since my conversion to T-Mobile, I have had lots of problems with cellular service. Problems I never had before when I was with AT and T. I know it shows that I have been a customer with T-Mobile for the last 5 years. However that phone number, 281-935-4685, is my son’s. He is a teenager and he has had the same problems but being a teenager and not having cell service at home is not a big deal for me. He is a teenager and on the phone enough and not being able to use it at home was not a huge concern for me and he did not pay the bill and during that time I was not with T-Mobile and did not have those issues.
With that said. I am asking that you release me from my current contract with T-Mobile for all three phone numbers, 713-502-8826
Posted by Teresa from KC.... on 2013-05-31:
I also have been a customer with tmobile for 15 years since the company was voicesteam. i have moved and they refuse to let me out of my contract. i am now filing a complaint with the state attorney general. My advise...this is illegal for them as a business to charge you for a service that you are not getting.
Posted by heres how to get out on 2013-10-06:
File your complaint through the FCC.gov. they have to respond to your complaint. I've had service issues with another carrier did the FCC thing I've never had a problem since I did that two years ago. I'm still with the same carrier. And its prepaid vm USA
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Young America TMobile Rebate Scams
Posted by Former Young America TMobile Employee on 02/09/2009
YOUNG AMERICA, MINNESOTA -- I am a former employee of Young America who does Rebates for T Mobile. Recently there has been 6 of us fired for asking questions to our SR. HR person and our supervisor leads as to why we are denying so many people for their rebates and we all felt that this rebate thing was a huge scam!!! About 24 hours after asking such questions we we're all terminated from employment. We all that worked there we're taught denial codes and many different strategies to make it so people would not get there rebate money. Many would get denied for no reason at all and keep denying their rebate until it had been so long the offer expired and they could not get their rebate money. If 1 denial would get reprocessed and tell the customer it would be another 4-6 weeks for reprocessing, a different one would follow that letter later on until the consumer would give up.

[no legal solicitations please]

Former Employee Young America T Mobile
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-09:
There are many postings online about the scam dating back to 2006, maybe earlier. Question for the OP: is the attorney to help people get the rebates or to compensate former employees? I'd like to see a response here.

For those who have had the rebate denied the best advice I've seen is to take your copy of the rebate materials to the store the phone was purchased from. Many reported getting credits to their account. Another way is to directly contact T-Mobile.
Posted by Mnpink on 2009-02-10:
I am not the employee that wrote the posting but I am included in the law suit. I am one of the employees that was wrongfully terminated because I was asking too many questions and stirring up the pot. We are doing this for both reasons. There is so much fraudulent information the rebate center gives out, something needs to be done. We were taught to do this. If there is any information that can help this case, it would be greatly appreciated. The week I was terminated 1-22-09, we were told a mass amount of unqualified letters went out to customers and we were to tell them "our system is going through and reprocessing them and you'll receive your rebate in 7-10 business days." This was a complete lie!!! Young America Corporation is the dirtiest company I've ever worked for. I believe t-mobile doesn't know a lot of what goes on because any rebate uncashed or not issued is money in Young America's pocket.
Posted by Former Young America TMobile Employee on 2009-03-12:
MNpink who left her comment about Young America Tmobile scams on rebates....I am a former also employee of Young America and I believe I worked in the same call center as you, yes I agree this is the dirtiest company I ever worked for as well they have frauded alot of customers out of their money!!! I did not get terminated I just QUIT!! I could not stay working for a company that does this and they keep getting away with this fraudjalent activity how does TMOBILE stay in business I do belive they are aware of this Young America rebate scam they just don't care as long as they get money in their pockets as you say.....they will keep on scamming their customers. After I quit I did call the better business bureau and the attorney generals office hopefully someone will stop this.to all the customers out their Reprocessing your rebate is Young America and Tmobiles way of saying you will never receive your rebate money!!! We that worked their no the scam very well!! Good luck to Mnpink on your case against Young America/Tmobile. If I can help I will gladly give up information against this company and their scam!! Former Young America Employee
Posted by Redragonz on 2009-04-06:
I've been with T-Mobile for the past 7 years. I upgraded my phone on July 01, 2008 with a new 2-Yr contract with the promise that I am eligible for $50.00 mail-in rebate for the new phone, Motorola RIZR Z3. I mailed in the rebate form along with the SKU label on July 08, 2008. So far, no rebate...no response of any kind from T-Mobile. On both occassions that I called into their Rebate Center at tel: 1-877-311-8853, they always tell me that they never received my rebate form and now the rebate has expired since the form must be postmarked by September 30, 2008. How can that be?? Even if I had given the mail to a postman on a donkey, he still would have made it from California to T-Mobile's Rebate Center in El Paso, Texas within 3 weeks most!!! But what do I know...I'm just the FOOL who sends in his payments every month...THIS REBATE THING IS ALL A SCAM...DON'T FALL FOR IT!!! Still have all my paperworks to prove to any stubborn consumer still hoping to get a rebate from T-Mobile.

Bill N.
E-Mail: bill@unisourceelectronics.com
Posted by Longtime YAC Employee on 2009-04-19:
I also worked at the YAC/Tmobile call center. I quit because it looked like they were deliberately scamming people out of their rebates. I wasn't surprised to find out that a number of employees got fired for complaining about their unethical practices. I knew if I complained I would be fired. I also worked at YAC before the jobs went overseas and I saw things that appeared to me to be illegal and would definitely result in consumers not getting their rebates. What they are doing at the Tmobile call center is absolutely unethical and should be investigated. How can companies give consumers the run-around and keep money that rightfully belongs to the consumers?
Posted by MNEmployee on 2009-05-08:
I worked in YAC's Mankato, MN call center from 1998-2002.I see they're just as disreputable now as they were back then. I was fired for "insubordination"-which was a lie.
Posted by LittleGene on 2009-07-14:
We pay federal taxes for these products and services. Why haven't our federal and state attorney Generals been jumping down T-Mobiles throat and demanding accountability in order to continue to do business in our states? There are plenty of other companies willing to step up. Laws need to be revised. When my subscription ends, I probably will go back to a land phone and my employers phone and stop pretending I need to be contacted immediately. My life pace will be a lot easier, even if pay phones no longer exist in most strip malls and gas stations. Everyone else has cell phones and discounted services for emergency calls if I really asked nicely. HMMM:).
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Disable Text Messages - Sort Of
Posted by Gryphon on 02/09/2008
Shortly before the lawsuits regarding T-Mobile's text messaging service were announced, I started to receive some stock spam texts. Calling T-Mobile, the representative told me that I should "send an email to the address in the text telling them to stop, and they will."

I had already forwarded the messages to the abuse@ address of the domain in question, and tried to resolve the email addresses. Of course, they were invalid. When I informed the representative of this, and that sending random emails to spammers is a good way to let them know you are really real, she got slightly defensive and muttered, "Well, it has worked for me." Sure.

Anyway, T-Mobile allows you to set up filters to stop certain types of messages. These filters are buried somewhere in your account settings - I can't remember exactly where at the moment. I added a filter that said "If subject of text (doesn't equal) "some 50-character long string of symbols" then discard."

I just hit keys at random until the buffer they provide for the filter keyword was filled up. So far, no new messages. Of course, this also gets rid of any real messages you may want to receive, but I purchased my pre-pay phone for emergency use only and don't care about text messages.

I have to point out that the representative was friendly and willing to give me information, as incorrect as it was. I think it goes without saying, however, that you shouldn't take T-Mobile's bad advice about getting rid of spam texts.
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Fraud, Fraud and More Fraud... Please read & beware
Posted by Sammyzn23 on 02/07/2008
My story started with my wife getting me a Black Berry Curv through T-Mobile (my cell provider). I received the phone right before we left town for Christmas. 3 days later I realized that I didn’t like the phone and I tried to take it back to the T-Mobile store on MacArthur Blvd. in Las Colinas, I was then told that I had to send it back through mail.

When I finally was able to get the address to mail the phone back it was already at the 11th day of my 14 day trial period and the rep told me as long as the post mark date was within 14 BUSINESS days from the date you received it, you WILL receive proper credit to my account. I mailed the phone with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION on the 13th day which happened to be Jan.2nd, 2008.

On Jan.27th, 2008 I received my bill only to see that I am still being charged for the phone I had already sent back 3 weeks earlier. I called to investigate and was told that they could not help me without a tracking number, which I had but couldn’t find because I was moving, I continued to call every other day to see if the returns department had credited my account??? IT GETS A LOT BETTER I PROMISE JUST KEEP READING.

I was told that my package was NEVER received and that there is no way to contact the National Returns Center and that I didn’t have proof or confirmation of delivery, they thought I was bluffing about having a tracking number but I actually had it with when I called today Feb. 6th, 2008, when they looked it on the USPS site where it shows that it was delivered on Jan. 4th, 2008 they told me that the reason I will not be receiving a credit is because they received the phone on the 15th day after I had received it even though it was actually the 13th business day which I was advised initially. They were adamant about telling me that they could not credit my account the $267 I am owed, I told them to then give me back the device they received on Jan.4th, 2008 ( YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THE RESPONSE I GOT, WHICH WAS) “we CAN’T send it back to you, we don’t even know where it is it would have been sent to the manufacturer” so I said then give me the credit if you are not going to send the phone back to me and their response was…”Sorry we can’t do that because you didn’t return the phone within the 14 days” my response was “so what you are going to bill me for the phone that I sent back already and have proof that you received it AND keep the phone and sell it to someone else???

This is fraud??” they continued to repeat that they can’t credit the account, can’t send me another phone because they have already sent it once, and they can’t locate the phone that I sent back and that I had to pay the $267 for the phone that THEY now have!!! And when I threatened to cancel my service after having been a loyal customer since 1999 (since it was Arial communications) they said that because I got a discount on the phone they automatically extended the contract for 2 more years and that they will charge and additional $200 on top of all of this mess…I realized then that this was not going to go anywhere positive or even remotely fair.

T-Mobile is so fraud that they won’t give the legal department contact info but no worries, I already have an appointment tomorrow with Fox News channel 4 and I am preparing all of the documentations of the calls, receipt dates, shipping, names and dates of contacts and already working though my lawyer to file a complaint with the state and carbon copy every local news agency to expose this fraud company.
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Posted by sabletaz on 2008-02-07:
They should of given you 30 days instead of 14, like Sprint and ATT does.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-07:
What I don't get is that you waited until the 13th day to send it back. If you realized you didn't like the phone 3 days into using it you should have sent it back then. Not waited. I think that since you did return it, albeit a little later than you should have that they should at least give you a credit for the phone. You did uphold your end of the agreement.
Posted by Sammyzn23 on 2008-02-07:
I recieved the phone on Dec 22nd, left town for Christmass, got the phone on the 25th as my gift by the 28th I did not want it, took on the 29th to a T-Mobile store and was told that I have to call customer service for the return address which took 2 days to get. That put me at the 31st of Dec. everyone was closed on the 1st of Jan and I sent it back on the 2nd, I was told that I had 14 business days to send the phone back, I sent it back on the 10th business day actually and now they are saying that it is 14 calender days and they are claiming that we recieved the phone on the 20th and not the 22nd which is not true. BUT you guys are focusing on 1/2 the issue...the AMAZING THING IS THAT they refuse to give me credit back for the phone that they have recieved(and I have the proof) and they refuse to send it back to me to use it, so they have my money and the device and I am frankly screwed!!! does anyone see the problem here??
and yes Sabletaz I totally agree that it should be 30 days coz 14 days is sometimes not long enough as you could see my case..
Posted by Principissa on 2008-02-07:
I guess you didn't read what I wrote then.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-02-07:
You have 14 days from the date you ordered the phone, not received it. I sat down with a calendar to figure this out, so please bear with me. I used to work for AT&T doing this and I have also sent back a phone to T-Mobile before, I actually called them on the 14th day to tell them that I am sending the phone back and I wasn't charged anything. I take it you received the phone about 2 days after you ordered it, what does there computer say, the date that you ordered the phone will automatically populate at the time of the order, you really need to find that confirmation number.

Also, I always make a copy of the order off of the computer, so if there is any problem I can refer back to it. If you ordered the phone on the 20th and sent it back on the 2nd, that is 14 days right there, although the date that you called and requested the return labels should be used.

Once/if the phone is received back at there warehouse and it shows in there computer, you will then be able to reorder another phone, you might even be able to once you are able to produce the tracking number, they did for me. The phone is actually your responsibility until they receive it, did you send it insured with signature requested? The retail prices of phones are to expensive to not be insured, or to trust snail mail with, and a signature request would ensure the date when the phone was received and signed for.

Contacting the media will probably not produce the results that you want, since what there computer says is usually all the evidence that is needed, unless you can produce your own that backs up your case. T-mobile's lawyers are very good at this kind of thing and eventually the cost of them dragging this out will outweigh the actual retail cost of the phone. Good luck.
Posted by Steffanut on 2008-05-07:
T mobile policy is that you have 14 days from reciept of the phone to return it, except in California, not just a T mobile policy but state laws.
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T-Mobile Customer Service Is Horrible. Do Not Trust Them!!
Posted by Rvhilton on 05/05/2006
AKRON, OHIO -- I started service with T-Mobile a year ago (May 2005. I immediately had issues with call clarity, dropped calls and many "dead zones". However, my main dispute with T-Mobile did not begin until February of 2006. The ringer on my phone and voicemail worked intermittently. I was not aware of this until friends began asking why I had not returned calls in addition to receiving an email from a potential employer saying they were sorry, but they could not get ahold of me after multiple calls and the job was awarded to someone else. I had to contacted customer service three times to get the situation resolved. I could not make them understand that my phone not ringing or retaining voicemails was a MAJOR ISSUE.

Finally, T-Mobile agreed to send me an exchange phone, AT NO COST. Uh,they lied. The phone was in perfect physical condition. No cracks, breaks, scratches, nothing!! T-Mobile sent the replacement phone with packing materials to send back my defective phone. I sent the phone out the day after I received my replacement phone to assure they received it within the time allotted because I did not want to be charged a $300.00 restocking fee. Well, I got my online bill on May 4, 2006. I was charged a $100 fee because they claim the phone screen was severely damaged when they pulled it out of the package. The phone was in no way damaged when I sent to back to them. If the phone had been damaged, I would have purchased a phone from Ebay for far cheaper than $100.00, and had service hooked up to that phone.

I spoke with three people in customer service, all of which gave me different stories as to why I was being charged the $100 and how it was a "non-disputable claim" because "their people had paperwork indicating I destroyed the phone". I asked to see the documentation and photos of the so-called destroyed phone, and they told me they did not have any photos or proof of the damage, but they knew THEY did NOT do it, so it had to be me or the postal service. YES, THE HAD THE NERVE TO BLAME THE POSTAL SERVICE!! One customer service representative told me to go to the post office and demand they pay the $100.00 fee. Are these people stupid?? Why would the postal service pay for something like that? The phone was not damaged, period. All the customer service representatives would say was "I am following the policy and procedures of T-Mobile and I cannot do anything else to help you in this manner". I heard that line so many times I knew what they were going to say before they said it. Oh, I was told by one representative that he would give me 100 free minutes for me to drop the issue. I told him "NO", that i wanted the money credited to my account. I told them I wanted to speak to someone higher up. I was told that I cannot speak to anyone higher up because THEY don't even know how to get ahold of them (WHAT????), that I can only FAX them with my dispute.

So, I did. Well, I contacted them to verify that my complaint reached the mysterious customer relations department, but it seems that they never got it. One person told me it would take two months to resolve, and that they would be taking the money out of my online account anyway, and another told me i would get a call in 24 hours, and then another told me i would get a call in 72. Which is it??? I was also told that customer relations will take the word of the workers in the warehouse, and I have no case because its "nondisputable". I asked the customer service representative how I was going to hear from the mysterious customer relations people regarding my complaint. Now get this, THEY ARE GOING TO TEXT MESSAGE ME WITH AN ANSWER!!

How unprofessional is that, I will get a text message telling me that I am going to have to pay for something I did not do! I then asked what I do once I get the "text message" if I am not satisfied, and she said that is as far as I can go, and I will just need to pay the bill, in full. I HAVE TO PAY FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT DO. I DID NOT CRACK THE FACE OF THE PHONE, THE PHONE WAS NOT PHYSICALLY DAMAGED. THE RINGER AND VOICEMAIL DID NOT WORK!! Once my contract is up, all my family members and friends will go elsewhere. DO NOT USE T-MOBILE. THEY ARE LIARS, CHEATS, SCAM ARTIST!! BEWARE.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-05-06:
I guess you are not going to be happy at all. All wireless providers follow this procedure when there is a warranty dispute.
Posted by perplexed on 2006-06-03:
I feel your pain. They are horrible!!!
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Posted by Driza on 09/18/2005
READING, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been in contact with the FCC and it has been advised to file a complaint with T-mobile. I just never knew how dirty this company can be.
First, I do not get a signal in my home. How can I be held to a contract where I can't even use the services? Then I was involuntarily extended. Then my contract ended and I forwarded my number to a new carrier, I was still hit with $138 bill for nothing. The company has these policies and you feel like you are talking to someone brought up in another country. I decided to file a small claims lawsuit against these people. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND T MOBILE TO ANYONE.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2005-09-18:
It states in your contract that service is not guarenteed everywhere. You had 14/15 days from the start of service to decided if the service/phone works where you want it to. You do not give any info on the contract extention. If you purchase a phone at a discount, accept certain promos, there are a few reasons why the contract would be extended, and there will be nothing signed, it is usually done verbally. This is also in the contract/terms and conditions. T-Mobile doesn't prorate bills. If the service was cancelled one day after the end of the billing cycle, you will be charged for the full month. This is the way most, if not all, wireless companies work. You may or may not get something out of this, since you cancelled the service, they may try to give you something but usually you will have to give something in return. Everything you are complaining about is in your contract. You did read your contract, didn't you? I doubt it.
Posted by rainy on 2005-11-20:
You didn't have coverage at your home? Did it not occur to you to cancel within the buyers remorse period, which is 14-30 days depending on which state you live in. Sounds to me like you didn't read your contract, now you want T-Mobile to take care of your stupidity.
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